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Zincum Metallicum - Appendix symptoms - T.F. Allen

Zinc, Zincum, Zinc.

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HPUS indication of Zincum Metallicum: Varicose veins

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Zincum Metallicum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.






(No. 1 to 12, from Hahnemann, Chr. Kn.) 1, Hahnemann; 2, Franz; 3, von Gersdorff; 4, Hartlaub; 5, Hartmann; 6, Haubold; 7, Lesquereux; 8, Nenning; 9, Rückert; 10, Rummell; 11, Schweikert; 12, Staf; (13 to 21, from Franz, Archiv. f. Hom., 6, Part 2, p. 188); 13, Hahnemann, from external use of preparations of Zinc; 14, Fr. Hahnemann; 15, Rust's Mag., 21, 563, effects on an apothecary of inhaling the dust when making the flowers of zinc, ill for three weeks; 16, Robol in Samml., aus Abh. f. pr. AErzt., vol. vii, p. 449; 17, Reil, Mem. Clin. Fasc. 4, pr. 5, exp. 2; 18, Hart, Diss. de Zinc, 1772; 19, Loeske, Abh. von Aus. Arzn., 1754, p. 484; 20, Dr. Scherer, in Struve's Triumph; 21, Dr. Goodsir, Edinb. Med. and Phil. Comment.; 22, Hahnemann, ibid., effects on himself and others of long-continued holding of zinc plates between the hands (Perkinismus); 23, Schreter, New Archiv. Hom., vol. iii, p. 187; (24 to 32a, from Wernek, Hygea, 14, 481, fifteen persons had no results from 4 grs of the flowers); 24, effects of 6 grs.; 25, doses of 8 grs; 26, a man, aet. twenty-four years, took every two hours doses increasing by 1 gr., so that he took 21 grs. in twelve hours; 27, Wernek took repeated doses of 4 grs.; 27a, same, took 7 grs. in the morning, increasing the dose every two hours, so that he took 57 grs. in the hours; 28, a woman, aet. twenty-nine years, took 2 grs. every two hours, for three days, 36 grs. in all; 29, a woman, aet. thirty years, took every second days a dose of 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, and 11 grs; 30, a girl took 2 grs. in the evening; 31, B., aet. twenty-seven years, took 4 grs. (first day); 5 grs. (second day); 31a, same, took 6 grs., and after two days 8 grs; 32, M., aet. twenty-six years, took 4 grs. in the morning; 32a, same took doses of 6, 7, and 10 grs. at different times; 33, Dr. Elfes, Rust's Mag. 1 (Frank's Mag., 1), effects of the vapor; 34, M. Shueler, Journ. de Méd. (Christison on Poisons, p. 389), effects of a very large dose; 35, Dr. Sigmond, Lancet, 1837-8 (1), p. 884, an apothecary's apprentice filled the laboratory with smoke in preparing flowers of Zinc; 36, M. Blandlet, Journ. de Méd., 1845 (Lond. and Edind. Med. Journ., 1846 (1), p. 153), effects on brassfounders exposed to vaporized Zinc; 37, OEst. Med. Woch., 1847 (A. H. Z. 74, 117), effects on workers; 38, Reboulleau, ibid., observations on workers and on himself; 39, Landouzy and Maumené, Gaz. Méd. de Paris, June, 1850 (Lond. and Edinb. Med. Journ., 1850 (2), p. 182), effects of the dust upon workmen employed in twisting galvanized wire; 40, Dr. Bouvier, Compte de l'Acad. des Sci., May, 1850 (ibid.), a man, aet. forty-two years, was employed in barrelling oxide of Zinc; 41, Cattell, Brit. Journ. of Hom., vol. xi, 1853, p. 173, Zinc metallicum; 42, same, Zinc oxydum; 43, Pereira, Month. Hom. Rev., vol. vi, p. 23, effects of the oxide on a healthy subject; 44, Dr. Greenhow, Med. Times and Gaz., 1862 (1), p. 227; effects of the fumes of Zinc on brassfounders; 45, Robert T. Cooper, M.D., Month. Hom. Rev., vol. xv, 1871, p. 392, symptoms in a Zinc engraver, aet. thirty-six years; (46 to 49, from J. Heber Smith, M.D., New Eng. Med. Gaz., 1871, p. 333); 46, effects on two girls of drinking water, brought through seventy feet of galvanized iron pipe; 47, additional symptoms in the younger girl, aet. five and a half years; 48, effects on a brother of same, aet. thirteen years, fatal; 49, symptoms observed in other patients; 50, Boston Journ. of Chemistry (Hahn. Month., vol. vi, 1871, p. 436), effects on a man and his wife of drinking water brought through a galvanized iron pipe; 51, ibid. (Hahn. Month., vol. vii), symptoms in a lady from a similar cause; 52, Dr. Leo Popoff, Berlin Klin. Woch., 1873, No. 5 (Brit. and For. Med.-Chir. Rev 1873 (2), p. 254), symptoms in a man, aet. thirty-six years, who had been a brassfounder for twelve years; 53, L. W. Berridge, Am. Journ. Hom. Mat. Med., New Ser., vol. iv, 1874, p. 125, took 10 glob. cm. (Fincke) at 10.25 A.M.; 54, same Mr. H., took 200 (Lehrman); (55 to 57, from J. W. von Tunzelmann, M.D., Brit. Journ. of Hom., vol. xxxii, 1874, p. 610, effects of drinking well-water containing 58 grs. carbonate of Zinc per gallon); 55, a young lady, who three months before had been cured of diplopia, languor, etc., which were the effects of drinking water impregnated with lead; 56, sister of above, who had been cured of rachialgia running into incipient paraplegia, which also was the result of drinking lead-water; 57, The mother of the above; 58, Dr. Michaelis, no effects from 2 grs. daily, afterwards took repeated doses of 3 to 6 grs.



An element.

Preparation, Triturations of Titanium Metallicum the metal.

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