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Zincum Metallicum - Chest symptoms - Clarke

Zinc, Zincum, Zinc.

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HPUS indication of Zincum Metallicum: Varicose veins

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Zincum Metallicum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Constrictive sensation around the chest, with pain in the chest, as if cut to pieces.

Dull stitches in r. side of chest.

Stitches in a spot in l. side of chest, with feeling as if corroded and bruised.

Tightness in evening, with pressure in middle of sternum; small, rapid pulse.

Spasmodic dyspnoea.

Sensation of emptiness in the chest.

Chest loaded with mucus.

Pressure at chest.

Tensive pain in sternum.

L. intercostal neuralgia agg. by motion; fatigue; at times with palpitation.

Sticking beneath l. breast.

Tearings in chest.

Shootings in chest, esp. in region of heart.

Burning sensation in chest.

Pain beneath costal arches.


Palpitation of heart, with or without anguish.

Irregular movements of heart.

Shocks in heart and intermittent palpitation, with suffocation.

Tension and stitches in the praecordial region, agg. by violent expiration.

Stitches at apex.

Sudden, spasmodic, bursting sensation about heart.

Feels as if a cap were over heart; spine affected.

Violent pulsations in blood-vessels during heat.

Rapid pulse.


Pulse small and rapid in the evening, slower in morning and during the day.

Pulse at times intermitting.


Difficult respiration and oppression, with pressive pain in the chest, esp. in evening.

Shortness of breath, caused by flatulence after a meal.

Roughness and dryness in throat and chest, esp. in morning and after dinner.

Hoarseness; with burning in trachea as if chest filled with mucus.

Frequent tickling in region of larynx.

Discharge of black blood when hawking.

Cough, with oppression.

Violent cough.

Cough, with stitches in the head.

Dry cough also at night, with violent stitches in chest and feeling as if it would burst.

Cough, with expectoration of viscid mucus, followed by a sensation of coldness and excoriation in chest as if it were raw.

Cough, with expectoration of blood, burning sensation, and pain as from excoriation of chest.

Debilitating, spasmodic cough from tickling in larynx, extending to middle of chest, with expectoration of yellow, purulent, blood-streaked, tenacious mucus, tasting disagreeably, sweetish-putrid, metallic; or of pure blood in morning or during day.

The cough is agg. after eating, during rest, sitting, standing, from milk, sweets, spirituous liquors, during menstruation.

Child grasps genitals when coughing.

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