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Zincum Metallicum - Chest symptoms - T.F. Allen

Zinc, Zincum, Zinc.

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HPUS indication of Zincum Metallicum: Varicose veins

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Zincum Metallicum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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The left lung seems affected,

Much mucus is loosened from the chest by hawking,

Roughness and rawness in the chest, with heat and sweat, at night (after thirteen and fourteen days),

Great anxiety in the chest,

Anxiety in the chest, which disappears in the evening, with headache (after thirteen days),


Oppression of the chest (first day),

Oppression of the chest, in the morning,

Oppression and pressure upon the chest (after seven hours),

Oppression of the chest, with cough,

Tightness in the chest,

Tightness of the chest, on walking in the open air, as if constricted by a hand transversely across it,

Tightness like a constriction about the chest, with pain in it as if cut to pieces,

Tightness of the chest, two evenings in succession, with dull sticking and pressure in the middle of the sternum, with small rapid pulse (second and third days),

A feeling of constriction or tightness of the chest,

Tensive pain in the chest,

Pressure on the chest,

Pressure in the whole thorax,

Pressure, here and there, upon the chest and back,

Cramplike pressure in the chest and pit of the stomach,

Pressure upon the chest, as from rheumatism and incarcerated flatus,

Pressure upon the chest, in the morning, at the right extremity of the left clavicle (tenth day),

Pressure upon the chest coming up from the pit of the stomach, relieved by eructations (eighth day),

Pressure upon the chest, extending into the throat, as if a foreign substance were rising up,

Frequent pressive pain in the chest (first two days),

Pain in the chest, especially in the right side, as if the blood were forcing its way into the finest vessels in the lungs,

Pain in a small spot in the upper part of the chest, as if internally there were a sore bruised spot,

Sensation of cramp in the chest, thence it extended to the stomach and abdomen, 7 to 8 P.M. (after fourteen days),

Pinching and twinging pain in the chest, from time to time,

Pinching pain in the chest at intervals, with qualmishness, in the morning (second day),

Dull tearing pain in the chest, above the pit of the stomach (eighth day),

The chest symptoms are aggravated by motion, when she lifts or takes hold of anything with the hands,

Front and Sides.

A feeling of weakness and burning in the sternum (after a few hours),

Tightness in the middle of the chest, beneath the sternum, in the evening,

Pressure upon the upper part of the sternum, or upon the lower portion of the chest, after eating, for a long time (first and second days),

Sticking pain on the sternum,

Sticking and tightness in the middle of the chest, during and after inspiration,

Stitches in the middle of the sternum, at times on stopping, so severe that he cried out, at times followed by painful pressure deep internally, extending up into the throat,

A stitch in the upper part of the sternum, extending into the left lumbar region, with a fear of stooping, in the morning,

Dull stitch beneath the sternum, while eating,

The ribs of the whole left thorax painful and very sensitive to touch,

Burning in the right chest (second day),

Burning on the right chest, as if in the skin, extending to the back,

Burning in a small spot on the chest, in the right side, near the pit of the stomach, and also above the left nipple,

Burning in the left chest,

Tension, bruised pain, and stitches in the whole right side of the chest,

Pressure like a rheumatic drawing just beneath the clavicle near the shoulder-joint,

Intermittent pressing outward and drawing tension, here and there, in the left chest,

Pressure in the left side, or here and there over the whole chest,

Pressure on the left clavicle,

Tension and drawing in the left clavicle,

Pressure and sticking in the left side of the chest,

Tearing pressure in the lower portion of the left chest,

Tearing in the right upper ribs, almost in the back,

Tearing in the right chest (eleventh day),

Pinching pain in the forepart of the right chest, followed by stitches in the right hypochondrium, extending to the praecordial region, with long-remaining bruised pain in the part,

Dull Stitches in the right side of the chest,

Stitches in the right side of the chest, at times on turning the body to the right, or after dinner, followed by pressure, or alternating with stitches in the right groin and side of the abdomen,

Constant pressing stitch in the right side of the chest, especially aggravated by violent expiration,

Sharp stitches deep within the right chest,

Dull stitches on the right short ribs (seventh day),

A stitch beneath the right nipple,

Stitches in the left chest, at times very violent,

Stitches in the side, at night (after eight days),

Stitches in the region of the left ribs opposite the pit of the stomach, with ulcerative pain when pressed and whon not, in the evening,

A stitch in the left side of the chest on moving the arm,

Stitches in the left chest, in the evening while standing, with bruised pain in the spot,

Sticking pain in a spot in the left side of the chest as large as a hand, with a feeling as if the part were corroded and bruised,

Dull stitches in the upper part of the left chest (fifth and sixth days),

Stitches beneath the heart, like pleuritic stitches, in the evening,

Sticking in the left thorax, with painful sensation in the left nipple,

Sharp sticking tearing in the left chest (after ten days),

A very acute stitch in the left clavicle,


Feeling of distension in the left mamma,

Left nipple very painful and sensitive,

Violent pressing pain in the right mamma,

Pressing sore pain about the right nipple,

Pressure beneath the left nipple (second day),

Fine sharp drawing about the left nipple, with sore pain when touched; which soon became pulsating,

A stitch beneath the right mamma,

Sticking beneath the left breast,

Stitches in the left mamma, dull and painful, in the morning,

Around armpit

Tearing stitches in the chest beneath the axilla, followed by a sore feeling in the part,

Dull pressing sticking and tension in the chest beneath the right axilla (seventh and ninth days),

Sharp pressure in the right chest near the axilla,

Tearing in the left chest beneath the axilla,

Painful pulsating throbbing in the left chest, by the axilla, at noon,


Pain in the chest as if beaten, while riding in a carriage,

Pain in the left pectoral muscles, as if beaten or sore,


Very violent stitches in the chest, when walking in the open air, extending up to the left side of the neck, with very difficult breathing, for several hours,

Sticking in one spot in the chest on deep breathing,

Violent stitches in the left side, aggravated by breathing, better on stretching out,

Respiration and chest are unusually free and easy,

Respiratory troubles,

Respiration very heavy and deep,

Respiration is tighter than usual (first day),

Respiration through the nose stopped, as in severe coryza,

Respiration through the nose impeded, with apprehension and oppression,

Respiration oppressed and difficult,

Difficult respiration especially in the left lung,

For twenty-four hours, severe croupy condition, with symptoms of paralysis of the cervical muscles,

The workers gradually suffer from asthma and other chest troubles,

Accumulation of mucus in the larynx and posterior nares, with obstruction of both nostrils, and with nasal speech,

Accumulation of mucus, causing tickling in the larynx,

Tickling on the larynx, together with sticking in it (third day),

Frequent acute tickling in the region of the larynx (third day),


Weakness of the vocal organs while talking loud,

Hoarseness, with burning in the trachea,

Hoarse, as if the chest were filled with mucus,

Cough and Expectoration.


An incessant tendency to cough and spit,

Cough and oppression,

Violent cough,

Cough, with stitches in he head,

Cough, which does not permit him to sleep the whole night, with sticking in the chest, and slight thirst (after twenty-two days),

Hacking cough, but seldom with persistent rawness in the throat, in the evening,

Tickling cough very fatiguing during the day, worse at night,

Short cough, caused by tickling beneath the sternum (fourth day),

Dry spasmodic cough,

Frequent dry hacking cough, without pain,

Dry cough in the evening, with heaviness on the chest, which disappears after lying down, in the evening,

Dry cough frequently woke her at night during the menses,

Dry cough, with violent stitches in the chest, and a feeling as if it would burst; she could only breathe and talk with difficulty (Gr.),

Suffocative cough; a tickling irritation takes away the breath,

Cough and expectoration,

Raising a large amount of mucus of a milky color,

Obliged to expectorate all the time, and the mucus has a disagreeable metallic taste,

Thick purulent expectoration by coughing days and night (after eighteen days),

Expectoration of tenacious mucus like old catarrh, with cough, and after expectoration a sensation as though it were hollow and cold in the chest,

Bloody expectoration when coughing,

Bloody expectoration, with dry cough, with burning and sore pain in the chest, morning and evening, always before and during the menses,

Expectoration of bloody mucus by coughing, preceded by stitches in the side (after forty days),


Heart and pulse


When the second proving occurred, a severe pain in the region of the heart was experienced, with a slight swelling externally, and great tenderness over the cardiac region,

Pressure, spasmodic tension, and heaviness in the heart,

Cramplike feeling in the heart and lungs,

Tension and stitches the praecordial region,

Stitches above the heart, in the evening (twenty-fourth day),

Sharp stitches in the praecordial region, aggravated by violent expiration (ninth day),

Heart's Action.

The first cardiac sound was hoarse and rather prolonged,

Impulse of the heart increased, like palpitation,


Momentary palpitation (after eight hours),

Frequent momentary palpitation,

Frequently recurring palpitation,

Frequent palpitation without special anxiety (after two days),

Painful palpitation, and a stitch with every beat of the heart,


Pulse more rapid (72, 79, 85) in the evening; at times with a feeling of increased warmth,

Pulse tense, accelerated, irregular, hard,

Hard pulse,

Pulse small and hard,

Slow pulse, easily compressed under the finger,

Pulse slow, very feeble,

Pulse 40 and intermitting,

Pulse wiry and irregular, averaging 112 per minute,

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