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Zincum Metallicum - Eyes symptoms - Hahnemann

Zinc, Zincum, Zinc.

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HPUS indication of Zincum Metallicum: Varicose veins

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Zincum Metallicum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Pain in the eyes, as if they were pressed inward.

Pressure above the right eye, quickly arising and painful, with a sensation as of pressing down in the lids.

Pressure on the eyes toward evening.

Very frequent pressure on the eyes.

Constant pressure in the left eye in the evening.

Pressure on the edge of the left lower eyelid, near the inner canthus.

Violent pressure in the right eye and in the temple.

Painful pressure in the right inner canthus, with redness of the conjunctiva.

Tensive pressure in the right eye, as if rheumatic.

Pressive tearing in the left eye.

Shooting tearing in the eyes and in the head.

Fine, shooting tearing in and above the left eyebrow.

A tearing stitch above the left eye and at the same time in the umbilical region.

Fine pricking as with needles in the lower right eyelid and in the left upper eyelid.

Pressive shooting in the right eyeball (3d d.).

Cutting pressive stitch in the right eye (1st and 6th d.).

Itching of the eyes (5th d.).

Itching on the edge of the left upper eyelid.

Severe itching in the left eye, going off by rubbing.

Frequent tickling in the right eye, as if dust had penetrated into it (aft. 4 d.).

Biting of the left eye; it goes off by rubbing.

Biting in the inner canthus of the right eye, going off by rubbing.

Pricking itching in the lower part of the left eye, and below it on the cheek.

Itching of the eyes with a sore pain, especially in the right eye, in the evening.

Sensation of soreness in the inner canthi (9th d.).

Sensation of soreness on the right upper eyelid.

Soreness of the outer canthi, with a biting pain.

Burning and soreness, with photophobia, in the eye in which there is lachrymation especially in the evening, while it is agglutinated in the morning.

Constant burning in the eyes, in the afternoon.

Burning of the left eyelid, as if it was too dry.

Much burning in the eyes and lids, in the morning and evening, with sensation of dryness and pressure therein.

Pressive burning, especially in the left eyelid, while reading.

Inflammation and redness of the conjunctiva of the right eye; the inner canthus suppurates; in the evening and night, the eye is most painful, as from sand therein, with frequent lachrymation; also the upper lid is red and swollen, toward the inner canthus.

Violent inflammation of the eyes, without photophobia (during the menses).

Lachrymation in the morning, on awaking, as also in the open air.

Profuse humidity about the eyes by day; in the morning they are closed by suppuration.

The inner canthus is agglutinated in the morning, with a pressive, sore sensation (aft. 13 d.).

Quivering in the left lower eyelid.

Quivering in the left eyeball.

Twitching in the arch of the left eyebrow (very soon and aft. 2 h.).

Great restlessness and unbearable pain in the left eye, often attended with great weakness in the head (aft. 6 d.).

The eyes are wearied (continually).

Morbid sensation of weariness in the eyes.


Failure of the eyes, with lachrymation and burning, after dinner and frequently while writing, for fourteen days.

The eyes are immovable (they fail), with absent mindedness.

Obscuration of the eyes (aft. 34 d.).

Dim and misty appearance before the eyes, in the morning after awaking.

Flickering before the eyes.

Yellow, blue and green wheels before the eyes, with cachectic appearance and sleepiness.

Fiery flakes fly in great arches before the eyes, when looking up into the sky.

Dread of the sunlight, attended with dim and lachrymation eyes.

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