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Zincum Metallicum - Fever And Chill symptoms - T.F. Allen

Zinc, Zincum, Zinc.

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HPUS indication of Zincum Metallicum: Varicose veins

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Zincum Metallicum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.




Chilliness, with nausea,

Febrile chill over the whole body,

Chilliness and coldness of the whole body,

Rigors, trembling of the limbs,

During the menses, chilliness all days,

Chill after dinner, lasting till evening,

Chilliness on waking, in the morning, in bed,

Chilliness in the forenoon; frequent rising of heat, with redness of the face, in the afternoon,

Shaking chill, from 4 to 8 P.M., on lying down, without subsequent heat, sweat, or thirst; even in bed she was unable to get warm for a long time yet he sleep was sound,

Chilliness for a quarter of an hour, while writing, with a sensation as though a foreign stony hard substance were in the throat, with constant yawning,

Constant chilliness, with increased internal warmth,

Chill, which disappears in the house, creeps over her immediately on going into the open air,

Chilliness, followed by febrile symptoms, over the whole body, with chilly creeping and drawing through the whole back,

Constant chilly feeling, with general sick feeling,

Violent chill, lasting till evening (after one hour), followed by nausea, eructations, and accumulation of sour water,

Shaking chill in the evening, on taking hold of anything cold; also shaking chill by itself, so that she was obliged to lie down, after which it disappeared,

Creeping chills over the whole upper and lower part of the body,

Great sensitiveness to cold, especially in the tips of the fingers and in the feet,


Sensitiveness to the open air, in the afternoon and evening,

Severe shiverings,

Violent shivering, with intense headache,

Shivering, with shuddering nausea,

Shivering, continuing for two or three hours, and followed by cold sweats, or more frequently the sweating is preceded by flushes of heat and violent febrile reaction,

Shivering discomfort, like a premonition of a storm,

Shivering from a penetrating wind, not from cold,

In the evening shivering, sometimes succeeded by an indistinct hot stage, but always by profuse sweating,

Shivering in the evening, so that he could not get warm in bed for a long time,

Shivering in the open air, which disappears in the house, in the evening,

Temperature in the morning 96.8°, in the evening 91.9°,

External parts are easily frozen in slight cold (lobules of the ears, tips of the nose, etc.),

Cold nose,

Frequent febrile shivering down the back, for five days (after three days),

Creeping chills over the upper and lower abdomen,

Shivering on the scrotum, with shrivelling of it,

Shivering as in gooseflesh in the scrotum and neighboring parts,

Coldness of the extremities,

Hands and feet, cold,

Hands cool (after eight hours),

Awakened at night by coldness of the feet (after thirty-six hours),

Cold feet in the evening lasting a long time, in bed (eleventh day),



Fever followed by perspiration,

Febrile flushes, with sudden crying out to be fanned, and thirst,


Flushes of heat (after half an hour),

Feeling of heat in the whole body, especially in the back, where she thought that she would perspire; not of the feet,

Heat of the whole body, especially of the head, with redness of the cheeks, without external heat,

Feeling of heat, with coldness of the forehead, in the evening,

Heat and thirst, with cold skin, over almost the whole body, in the evening,

Almost burning heat in various small places, while sitting, for example, between the thigh and abdomen, on the sides of the lower abdomen etc.,

Heat in the evening, after lying down, with anxiety all night,

Increased warmth of the whole body, with sweat in the axillae,

Increased internal warmth, not perceptible externally, in the evening after 6 o'clock,

Increased warmth coming on soon in the company of others,

Increased warmth of the whole body, only a feeling of coldness in the abdomen, in the evening,

Agreeable warmth, with slight perspiration over the whole body, in the afternoon,

Increased warmth of the whole body, except of the feet, as if sweat would break out, in the afternoon,

Heat in the head, in the evening, and after two hours chilliness,

Heat in the head in the evening, with redness and increased warmth in the cheeks,

Feeling of heat in the head, with redness of the face,

Violent heat in the head, so that the eyes burned, three evenings in succession (after ten hours),

Heat of the face, without headache, with cold body, all the forenoon,

Heat of the fingers, immediately followed by heat about the throat and in the face, with redness of the face, soon followed by a sensation of coldness in the nape of the neck,

Burning and heat in the soles, in the evening,

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