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Zincum Metallicum - General symptoms - Hahnemann

Zinc, Zincum, Zinc.

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HPUS indication of Zincum Metallicum: Varicose veins

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Zincum Metallicum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Rub a piece of pure metallic zinc on a whetstone under distilled water, in a clean porcelain bowl.

the gray powder deposited on the bottom is dried on white blotting paper, and one grain of it is used to prepare the dynamized preparations of zinc, in the same manner as with other dry drugs, in the manner described at the conclusion of the first part of Chronic Diseases, but with a greater number of succussive strokes than is indicated there.

Indisposition to work and to walk.

weakness of memory. constant muddled sensation of the head.

gloominess. sore pain in the head.

humming in the head. pain of the hairy scalp, as if festering underneath.

baldness. dryness of the eyes.

amaurosis, with contracted pupils.

paralysis and closing of the eyelids.

buzzing in the ears. looseness of the teeth.

painfulness of the teeth when chewing.

sore pains in the teeth.

salty taste in the mouth, after eating bread, pressure in the stomach with nausea.

tensive pain in the sides of the abdomen.

inguinal hernia. constipation.

soft and liquid stool.

involuntary discharge of stool.

itching on the anus. tenesmus of the bladder, when he wishes to urinate.

involuntary urination, while walking.

the urine cannot be retained when coughing, sneezing and walking.

continuous erections by night.

seminal emission during coitus is too rapid.

the menses come too soon.

painful menses. during the menses, inflation of the abdomen.

leucorrhoea. Coryza. cough.

tensive in the sternum.

palpitation. palpitation with anxiety.

irregular, spasmodic movement of the heart.

shocks of the heart, arresting the breathing, intermission in the heart-beats, causing the breathing to be arrested.

pains in the sacrum. pains in the back.

drawing pain in the arm, of long standing.

sensation of dryness in the hands, in the morning.

the fingers go to sleep in the morning, while rising.

stiffness of the ankle-joint after sitting.

painful chilblains on the feet.

insensibility of the body.

sensation of coldness in the bones.

exostosis. in the morning, a feeling of not having slept enough, sleepiness.

desire to sleep after meals.

the sleep at night, full of ravings.

frightful dreams. talking and screaming in sleep.

tendency to perspire by day.

nocturnal perspiration.

Too violent an action is moderated, but only for a short time, by a solution of Camphora camphor; (sometimes by smelling of a preparation of Ignatia ignatia); but the greatest moderation is effected by smelling of a preparation of Sulphur sulphur.

To the observation as to the peculiar symptoms of zinc. given in no 2 of Vol. VI of the by the Doctors , .; , .; , .; , .; and , .; as well as by Councillor, Baron , ., I have added my own observations as well as those of a young learned man from Switzerland, ., and those of the Doctors , ., .; , ., and also the later observations of the above mentioned Councillor, Dr. Baron von Gersdorff, who has done so much to further the homoeopathic art of healing. The symptoms marked are from the well-known anonymous prover in the of Doctors and. Hahnemann's own contribution to the pathogenesis of Zinc consists mainly of the 753 symptoms to him in the first edition, which from the preface we may gather to have been observed on patients taking the 18th dilution. Those of Franz and his five associates above referred to were obtained mainly from provings with the 1st trituration. The sources of the rest (save Nenning's) are unknown.

Nausea, with choking and with vomiting of a bitter, slimy fluid, and lastly of the ingesta, with impulses of coughing, with a sensation of warmth, especially in the abdomen.

perspiration, chilliness running over the arms, shaking of the body, empty eructation, hiccups, rumbling and pinching in the abdomen.

stooping forward while sitting diminishes the nausea.

but on sitting up straight, on moving and on pressing upon the abdomen, nausea and vomiting at once return (aft. 10 min. till aft. 3 ½ h.).;.

, only discharged in pieces, with pressure and clawing in the anus.

Attack of fever, daily several times, returning in the forenoon and in the afternoon.

chilliness and shivering, flying heat all over the body, violent trembling of all the limbs, extreme sick feeling even to fainting.

qualmish taste, while the morsel swelled up in the mouth.

sensation of emptiness in the stomach, severe beating all through the body, short, hot breath.

very dry mouth, hot and dry hands.;.


Where the dynamized preparation of zinc was homoeopathically suitable, it also removed, if given in proper doses, the following ailments, if present

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