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Zincum Metallicum - Generalities symptoms - T.F. Allen

Zinc, Zincum, Zinc.

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HPUS indication of Zincum Metallicum: Varicose veins

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Zincum Metallicum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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So weary in the morning on waking that he thought he could not rise,

Weariness, frequent yawning, and great exhaustion in the whole body,

Tired in the evening,

Lassitude, prostration, and pains in the limbs,

Leucorrhoea preceded by cutting colic, with constant yawning,



Constant yawning,

Frequent yawning, all day (first day),

Much and frequent yawning, with and without sleepiness, even in the morning or evening,

Yawning and constant inclination to yawn, in the forenoon, after a good night's sleep,

Feel drowsy most of the time,


Sleepy, in the morning,

Sleepy, and indolent, immediately after dinner,

Sleepiness, with spasmodic dulness of the head, without being able to sleep,

Constant desire to sleep, even in the morning; he could scarcely keep awake,

She is unable to keep awake, about 2 P.M., and sleeps at her work; disappearing in the open air,

Falls asleep late in the evening, but sleeps soundly,

Much sleep,

Deep, exhausting sleep, with many dreams,


Sleeplessness, ,

Almost total sleeplessness, at night, followed by heaviness, in the morning.

Falling asleep prevented by mental activity,

Falling asleep late in the evening, but wide awake early in the morning,

Frequent waking at night on account of anxiety,

Woke on back (second night),

Waking about midnight from vivid dreams, with a feeling of great heat over the whole body, without being warm, without sweat, with a feeling of dryness and without thirst, in obliged to uncover the arms and limbs,

She frequently woke during the night, with anxious dreams of water and of drowning (first days),

She woke frequently at night, could not sleep after 5 A.M. (first eight days),

Frequently awakened by frightful dreams (first night),

In spite of great sleepiness he awoke frequently at night, with violent palpitation and screaming, from anxious dreams of thieves,

Frequent waking at night, with difficult falling asleep again; anxious dreams towards morning,

Frequent waking, without apparent cause, at night (after five days),

In the evening, mind very active, which prevents his falling asleep, early (eighth day),

Night restless,

Sleep very restless, full of dreams,

Sleep restless, with dreams of fire, of fleeing, etc., followed by perspiration,

Night restless, talking in sleep, waking after midnight and perspiring profusely,

Restless night; he awoke screaming, as if delirious, as if geese were biting him,

Restless sleep, she could sleep only a little at night, but slept long in the morning,

Slept badly, and was often disturbed by violent headache and painful cramps in the calves of the legs,

Sleep agitated and unrefreshing, with occasional nightly perspiration,

Uneasy sleep, with anxious dreams (fourth and thirty-third nights),

Uneasy sleep, with many vivid dreams; a feeling of weariness, in the morning on waking,

Uneasiness during sleep, after midnight; he awoke much too early, with great weariness, and a feeling as though the eyes lay deep in the head,

Sleep at night frequently interrupted; the night seems very long,

Very uneasy sleep, with frightful dreams,

Very restless sleep, full of fantasies and thoughts, upon which he was obliged to reflect (first night),

*Starting from the night's sleep with involuntary jerking in the left lower extremity (fifth day),

In the evening, immediately after lying down, she rises up in bed, talks unintelligibly, with short tremulous respiration,

*Unconscious starting during the night's sleep, during the menses,

Loud screaming out at night in sleep, without knowing it,


Sleep, with many vivid dreams,

Much dreaming, with mental excitement, and talking about midnight about his dreams,

He dreamed all night, woke many times, and was very weary in the morning,

Vivid dreams made the night's sleep restless,

Vivid dreams after midnight, so that even in the morning they were before his eyes,

Sad dreams (second night),

Anxious dreams,

Heavy anxious dreams (after three days),

Anxious dreams, the anxiety of which continued after waking,

Dream as though she were being strangled, and in the morning after waking fear lest a man who strangled her would return,

Dreams of corpses and horses, which changed into dogs under him,

Disgusting dream of being smeared with human excrement (after two days),

Vexatious, or quarrelsome or sad dreams,

Reveries during sleep,



Moist surface,

Very profuse sweat,

Profuse perspiration, while walking, in the open air (after nineteen days),

Perspiration towards morning, followed by gradual disappearance of the symptoms,

Increased perspiration during sleep, towards morning (second day),

General perspiration towards morning,

General perspiration, with disappearance of all symptoms (fourth day),

Cold sweat, often preceded by great heat,

Cold sweat, preceded by flushes of heat,

Perspired easily on the head and hands,


Profuse nightsweat (after thirty-three days),

Nightsweat over the whole body, especially on the lower extremities, several nights in succession (after three days),

Nightsweat all night, with heat, cannot tolerate any covering,

Sour sweat, with fine sticking itching over the whole body,

Sour-smelling sweat,

Hands very sweaty,

Profuse sweat on the feet, of a bad odor; he walks the feet sore,



Great emaciation,

He presented an emaciated feeble appearance, the face wrinkled and bluish,

Paleness of the mucous surfaces, with disappearance of the subcutaneous cellular tissue, and atrophy of the muscular system, much more marked on the right side in the face as well as in the limbs,

Much visible twitching of the body and face (after five day),

Visible jerking in both arms and hands (after sixteen days),

Twitching and jerking in various muscles,

Twitching in various muscles,

Muscular twitching, here and there, in the body,

Long-continued trembling, as from chilliness, after every slight emotional excitement,

Stretching of the body and limbs, with pale, sunken face,

Great inclination to stretch arms,

On waking in the morning, for about ten days, there was entire inability to move the head and limbs, with extreme sensibility to contact over the whole surface. After about an hour, this paralytic state improved enough to permit walking, but with a staggering uncertain gait, and a marked tendency to fall to the left side,

Heaviness in the morning,

Feeling of heaviness in the body and weariness in the lower extremities, in the morning in bed, as after too heavy sleep,

Dulness like slight nausea, with a tremulous feeling in the chest, headache in the forehead and diminished intellectual power, so that he could not understand what he was reading, two hours after dinner,

Is obliged to lie down during the day,

Great weakness (third day),

General physical weakness for three weeks,

General weakness, more marked on the right side,

Weak an indolent, especially in the lower extremities, in the morning,

At first, while walking increased vigor and great lightness; afterwards great weakness through the whole proving,

Sudden, faintlike weakness while standing, so that she could scarcely reach a chair,

Body weak and prostrate, frequently after dinner, at times with tremulousness and heaviness of the head,

General debility,

Prostration, etc.

Prostration of the whole body,

Great prostration and weakness (after twelve hours),

General exhaustion all day, sleepiness, a version to noise, and yet difficult hearing, a dreamy condition, as after a sleepless night, together with shivering and cold creepings, like a cold after perspiration,

Feeling of languor, with aching in the lumbar region,

General lassitude and sensation all over as if beaten,


Faintness, unconsciousness, almost without pulse,

Frequent fainting, several times daily, followed by prostration and general numbness,

Decrease of sensibility to touch; tickling on the contrary, was more quickly responded to than in the normal state,

Sensation of swelling,

Sensation of general trembling, without trembling,

Every slight emotional excitement causes internal trembling,

The pain at times seems to be between the skin and flesh,

When I lie down I am numb all over; I fear apoplexy,

General internal discomfort,

Painful feeling of the whole body, relieved by rest,

Uncomfortable feeling of pressure and pressing upon the inner walls of the trunk, as though the whole body would be forced asunder, without trace of flatulence, rather caused by the nerves, worse in the right than in the left side,

Cramplike pain, here and there, in the muscles,

Jerking through the whole body during sleep, at night, and at noon (after thirty-two hours, and second day),

Sticking, here and there, in the body, in the evening,

Sticking-cutting pain in the whole right side,

Violent throbbing through the whole body,

Wine aggravates nearly all the symptoms, even though they seem to have been relieved by Camphora Camphor,

Wine and Nux Vomica Nux vom. aggravate and reproduce the symptoms, especially the uneasiness at night, and the constipation,

Most of the symptoms appear after dinner and towards evening,

Most of the symptoms come on while sitting and during rest, but less during motion and in the open air,

Better on awaking,

She feels better in the morning,

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