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Zincum Metallicum - Genitals Etc symptoms - Clarke

Zinc, Zincum, Zinc.

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HPUS indication of Zincum Metallicum: Varicose veins

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Zincum Metallicum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Pressing, stinging, and soreness in the kidneys.

Pressure in region of l. kidney.

Stones (gravel) of kidneys and bladder.

Retention of urine when beginning to urinate.

Sitting with legs crossed, bending forward, and cannot pass water, or but very little, and feels as if his bladder would burst.

Can only pass urine (which she must do every hour) while sitting bent backwards.

Hysterical retention of urine (with vision of a golden shower on looking up.)

B. Simmons).

Excessive desire to urinate, also at night.

Violent pressure of urine on the bladder.

Painful emission of urine.

Involuntary emission of urine, esp. when walking, coughing, or sneezing.

Frequent emission of a clear yellow urine, which afterwards deposits a white, flocky sediment.

The urine becomes turbid, like clay-water, after standing.

Sanguineous urine.

Burning sensation during and after emission of urine.

Acute drawing in forepart of urethra and in penis.

Incisive pains in orifice of urethra.

Discharge of blood from urethra after painful micturition.


Testes retracted, swollen, painful.

Drawing in testes and along spermatic cord (one or the other testicle is drawn up).

Pain as from excoriation in scrotum.

Contraction of scrotum and shuddering in that part.


Pruritus vulvae; causes masturbation.

Itching of vulva during menses.


Orchitis; from suppressed otorrhoea.

Strong sexual desire, with difficult or too speedy emission.

Permanent erections at night.

Emissions at night, without lascivious dreams.

Easily excited; the emission during an embrace is difficult or almost impossible.

Flow of prostatic fluid (without any cause).

Great falling off of hair of genital organs.

Hands constantly on the genitals.

The child grasps the genitals when coughing.

Sensation of bearing down towards the genital organs.

Nymphomania of lying-in women, with great sensitiveness of the genitals.

Hands constantly on the genitals.

Irresistible sexual desire at night; desire for onanism.

Leucorrhoea with much itching; pain in l. ovary, only amel. by menstrual flow.

Varicose veins of external genitals, with fidgety feet.

Profuse falling off of hair of genitals.

Varices during pregnancy; stagnation of blood in l. leg.

Tendency to miscarry.

Puerperal convulsions with suppression of (chronic) eruption.

Suppressed lochia; nymphomania.

Pain as from excoriation in nipples.

Suppressed secretion of milk.


Complaints coming on while the menses are absent, but feels perfectly well during the flow suffers much pain, particularly in ovaries, will lie so as to press on the affected side, and dangling the limb will swing it about, patient can't keep still.

Menses flow more at night.

Menses too early.

Discharge of large clots during the menses.

Menstruation too late.

Catamenia premature; suppressed.

Suppressed menstruation with painfulness of the breasts and genitals.

Catamenia retarded.

Spasmodic colic on appearance of catamenia.

During the catamenia distension of the abdomen, cuttings, and pressure towards abdomen and loins, with great heaviness and lassitude in legs; cough.

Leucorrhoea of thick mucus (bloody mucus; excoriating after menses), sometimes preceded by pains in abdomen.

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