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X-ray - General symptoms - H.C. Allen

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of X-ray in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



If Bernhardt Fincke had never given the homeopathic profession anything but his proving of the X-ray, his name, too, would be held in grateful remembrance by posterity, for its possibilities in the cure of many of the most obstinate of chronic diseases appear almost limitless.

When the sycotic or syphilitic virus is grafted on a psoric or tubercular diathesis.

when from the paucity of presenting symptoms it is almost impossible to be certain of the predominant diathesis, in consequence of which the best selected antipsoric, Calc Carb Calcarea, Medorrhinum Medorrhinum, Psorinum Psorinum, Sepia Sepia, Sulphur Sulphur, Syphilinum (Luesinum) Syphilinum, or Tuberculinum Tuberculinum, fails to relieve or to rouse the overpowered vitality to a sufficient degree to throw off or bring to the surface the predominant toxine, the X-ray bids fair to be our curative remedy.

Every physician who has had even a limited experience in the treatment of the toxic effect of the X-rays on either a bone or soft tissue will not need any proof of its deep-seated character and the extreme difficulty under any form of treatment of arousing the overpowered vitality and effecting a cure.

An X-ray burn, so-called, whether of the bone or skin, is almost impossible to heal, and despite the best efforts of the ablest practitioner, the best treatment known to medical science of the present day, is often fatal.

Here is a field of action in which the potentized dynamic remedy bids fair to be unrivaled, for there is no known homeopathic agent, either crude or potentized, that in its primary action is so deep-seated or long-acting in results.

Neither is there any known agent that will more surely suppress and render incurable many chronic diseases as this, or none which better illustrates what Shakespeare said so long ago, that "Fools rush in where angels fear to tread, or where

There is no therapeutic agent that so often cures, and so often fails where we think it ought to cure, in its empirical use, as this. If when its empirical use has roused latent vitality and restored suppressed symptoms we could correctly observe and interpret them, and for them find the similimum, what possibilities lie in the future?

As maintained by Hahnemann, Hering and Fincke and demonstrated by the work of the Austrian Provers' Union, the dynamic potentized drug is the chief factor in both proving and healing. Like Magnetis Polus Australis and other imponderabilia, electricity and the X-ray are both capable of potentization, and the potentized dynamic remedy is just as superior to the crude drug as Aurum, Lycopodium Lycopodium, Silicea Silicea or Sulphur Sulphur.

A very able description of the discovery of the X-ray by Professor Roentgen was given in the Homeopathic Physician (March, 1896), by Dr. Walter M. James, and concluded with the words

"Why should not the homeopathist seek to procure a proving of the effects of the X-ray upon the animal economy of the human being? An inviting field is there opened up to the experimenters of our school. May it soon be cultivated!"

March 27, 1897. A drachm vial filled with absolute alcohol was exposed to a Crook's tube in operation for half an hour, and then brought up to the sixth centesimal potency. With this smallest globules were moistened and the vials containing them presented to the members of the Brooklyn Hahnemannian Union, which met the same evening in regular session.

Of course everyone was curious of trying the new remedy and took a small number of globules on the tongue at once, and lo! it began to reveal its existence immediately, and during the two hours of our being together a number of symptoms were observed, which were at once announced and taken down by our diligent Secretary. Some of the members from that time have been seriously affected, that they would not for any consideration try any more of that mysterious power.

The following is a narrative of its action upon the several provers, being perfectly healthy up to that time, which lasted from the beginning to two months. The action reveals not only new symptoms, but also hunted up many old ones.

If it is assumed that glass is opaque to the X-ray, it was not so in our case, for the alcohol in the vial was certainly affected by it, as the result of the provings show.

If the X-ray penetrates certain tissues of the body in order to make the condition of the opaque organs, such as the bones and foreign bodies contained in the body, visible, it also shows its penetration into that invisible interior of the human being, which is under the dominion of the life-force.

Dr. Alice B. Campbell one of the provers, said

"Dr. Fincke presented each of us with a bottle of the X-rays, and said "It is a sample, you can take a dose." Each of us took a dose. I thought it was such a low potency that it would not have any effect, and that was the reason I took it. We did not know what it was going to do. I took just the one dose."

I was in the best of health and spirits when I began to use the X-ray; was a healthy girl, never had a doctor until pregnancy.

and turning the head nearly produces convulsions. The pain is more severe behind the ears, the mastoid process. A sickening grating is heard between the bones of the cervical spine on turning the head. Skin behind the ears red and sore to touch.

The grating is heard and felt in nearly all the joints, especially the shoulders.

toe pains are steady, but at times will appear in sharp "cricks", then in streaks down the course of the nerves worse by moving the head on pillow at night is agony. Sometimes the pain is relieved on keeping perfectly quiet, again gentle motion relieves.

Have read all the stiff neck symptoms in Lippe, Hering, Raue, T. F. Allen and other works; the indicated remedy has failed to give me slightest relief.

Dec. 1, 1906. Last three days left side of head and neck pain intensely and constantly, at times paroxysms of cramping pain in cord, from left shoulder to head, and sharp shooting pain in head, back and above left ear. Cords feel too short. Only relief I have is in walking the floor. Skin is so sore, cannot bear the slightest touch, though hard pressure relieves for an instant. I am nearly mad with pain. (Dr. G has said frequently in the last month that he was afraid that I was getting too much X-ray; I thought not, although I thought is very queer he could not relieve my pain).

Jan. 9, 1907. Have taken no X-ray treatment since Nov. 23rd. Have not been out of the house for six weeks. Suffered torture four weeks at every motion of head, neck or shoulders. The neuralgic pains were torturing, and the best selected remedies had little or no effect. Spigelia Anthelmia Spigelia partially relieved severity of pains, but they appeared on the right side of head and neck, yet never left the left side for an instant. Atropin relieved the right sided pain for 24 hours, but neck and shoulder are still lame. I now have no severe pain, if I lie still on left side of face and body, but am unable to lift head from pillow without taking my hands, and then only by a slow circular motion.

I can sit up or stand for 15 or 30 minutes, and then clutching, shooting, aching pains begins behind left ear, and in muscles of left side of neck, and I must lie down on left side, and in a few minutes am free from pain. The stinging, contracting of the muscles relieved, but the pain in back of head is still persistent. Massage, at times, has given slight relief, at other times the slightest touch is so painful that if cannot be borne. Heat relieves the pains at times, but Arsenicum Album Arsenic does not.

Jan. 14. Improving some.

yesterday could lie with a much higher pillow, first time in six weeks. Should be able to bear the pains, could the darting, aching, clutching pain in the bone behind the left ear, which makes its appearance every time I sit up over twenty minutes, be relieved. The stinging, contracting pain is better, and notwithstanding all the suffering from the last few weeks, I do not look as if I had been ill.

color good and gaining weight.

The tumor is breast is softening some, and decreasing in size.

The X-ray treatment was always the very lightest possible, and never once colored the skin red, although tanning it very brown. Took it at first but once a week.

the effect being so good, applied it every third or fourth day. The first pain I had was a slight stiffness of neck on left side. In March it was only felt on turning in bed at night.

increased slightly and gradually until Nov. 1st.

though I had one severe paroxysm of pain in right side of neck in May, relieved by hot applications, which still give some relief at times. Sitting in the hot sun shining on my neck gives some relief. Have suffered intensely of late from flushes of heat, similar to those I had During climacteric.

better afternoons and evenings. The back of head at times seems perfectly well next moment cannot bear slightest touch or lift my head from the pillow without great pain on both sides in muscles of neck.

1. Dr. B. L. B. B., after one dose of X-ray 6 cent.

A magnetic thrill in right hand extending up forearm, immediately.

No particular symptoms the next day.

Next morning awaked earlier than usual by dull aching in the left side of occiput, and immediately in left sacro-iliac region, then on posterior aspect of left thigh and calf, a dull ache. These pains extend from above downward, not severe, lasting fifteen minutes.

In afternoon suddenly a sharp ache in left side of occiput on a small area. This occurred two or three times at intervals of some hours without regularity.

After that in the course of two or three days a trouble which he had once before, a catarrhal condition of inflammation of rectum with discharge of mucus, slightly bloody, after action of bowels.

Corns on soles of feet more sensitive that formerly, consisting of thickening of cuticle, and sometimes a little pin-head depression which does not scale off.

2. Dr. Miss Alice B. C., after one dose X-ray 6 cent.

A feeling on the external orbital margin as if it might be an ache, immediately.

Buzzing in right ear with pressure extending to temples.

Bearing down of eyelids.

Woke with headache next morning, continuing at intervals during whole day.

A pressing across forehead, with a miserable feeling generally as though going to be sick.

Sleepy with headache.

Bloody mucus from nose.

No appetite for anything, only sweet pudding or cake most tolerable.

Aversion to meat.

Heaviness and fullness in lower abdomen after eating small quantity.

Uneasy feeling in lower abdomen at intervals like fomentation, as though diarrhea would follow.

Most distress after midday and evening meal.

Abdomen distended with full feeling.

(Pulsatilla Pulsatilla, which a year ago helped for months a train of symptoms, had only very slight effect).

Drawing gnawing in the region of appendix as though inflammation were beginning.

Sensation in right lower abdomen as though bubbles were forming and wanting to burst (relieved by Taraxacum Taraxacum for twenty-four hours).

Flatulence with ineffectual desire for stool.

Seven days after taking the medicine was roused out of bed at 4 A. M. with desire for stool, and complete evacuation of immense quantity followed by nausea and vomiting, profuse sweat.

Colicky pain in right lower abdomen, sometimes extending behind hip, and retained urine.

Tenesmus vesicae continuing for twelve hours to 4 P. M., when the urine came freer.

Vomiting ceased though colic-pains remained for twelve days.

Moving worse pains especially on right side of abdomen, which seemed to adhere to the walls, feeling as if being torn off.

Had to keep a large towel-pad between abdomen and thigh to support abdomen and prevent the excruciating pain.

Ate nothing for three days.

Thirst for cold drinks, though nothing tastes good.

Tongue thickly coated.

Breath foul.

Only snatches of sleep during these twelve days, always followed by terrible mental depression, did not want to answer questions, did not want to see anybody nor speak to anybody, misanthropy.

Chills as soon as beginning to sleep running up back, preventing sleep.

Dreams of distressing nature. Recurrence of a dream that used to trouble her many years ago. This dream was repeated at wide intervals over twenty years ago. Now it came every night for five times.

Seven days from beginning of the attack had a return of renal colic with vomiting, continuous nausea, cold sweat and retention of urine on left side.

A clutching pain from kidney to bladder that never relaxed for four hours, causing the wildest demonstration of agony, ghastly face, blue rings around sunken eyes, violent trembling, frightful restlessness, cold sweat, urine retained in ureter, giving a perfect picture of Tabacum Tabacum which also relieved the symptoms.

As soon as the pains in the ureter relaxed, the urine seemed to fill up the bladder and then passed without pain.

Some spasm remained and was relieved by Cantharis Cantharis in five minutes.

(He had something like this before, about a year ago, by all means not so severe, a mere strangury).

Varicose veins inside of knees and legs, with swelling and soreness (after years returned).

The palms of the hands, which were rough and scaly and bleeding at times, became entirely smooth during proving. Healing action. After that the hands went back to former condition while general health improved.

Prostration for a long time.

During the continued action of the X-ray she suffered so much that for some time she had to take medicine to counteract it. All these symptoms have been thrown out.

3. Dr. John B. C., March 28th, 1897, took X-ray 6 cent., three doses in globules ten minutes apart.

Five minutes after second dose.

Sensation of fullness of head with slight full feeling in both ears, worse in right ear.

Feeling in head and nose as if coryza were about to commence, with some slight desire to sneeze.

Sense of pressive fullness starting from posterior prominence, of vertex in a straight line to bridge of nose, followed by fullness in entire vertex extending to bridge of nose.

Tingling in both arms as of an electric current, or as if asleep.

Intermittent, slightly burning rheumatic-like pain in right carpometacarpal articulation extending from index-finger up outside of forearm.

Aggravation of fullness over vertex worse along centre to nose, worse stooping.

Dull pain in right sciatic nerve, worse on walking.

Wandering pains in chest, sticking in character, worse on right side.

Sticking pains in different parts of head and face.

Rheumatic pains in different parts of head and face.

Rheumatic pains in front of right thigh.

March 29th. Bad taste in forenoon.

Disagreeable fullness of head all morning, with bland coryza and stoppage of nostrils.

General tired and sick feeling.

Symptoms gradually increasing in severity after noon.

Headache gradually extending to frontal region, worse in centre of forehead.

Sense of pressure in centre of forehead.

Dull headache in morning, worse stooping and after rising.

Symptoms all intermittent in character, they have all returned.

Sensation of Sulphur sulphur-vapor in nose, with much sneezing.

Aching pain across top of head, coronal suture, on blowing nose and after it.

Pain in dorsal region.

Sulphur Sulphur-vapor sensation in throat and nose.

Intermittent noise as of deep steam whistle in left ear, and ringing in head.

Mental processes not clear; writes wrong words in letters.

Stitching pain in right upper chest, going through to upper part of scapula.

Rheumatic pain in left wrist and forearm.

Lame and stiff in back.

Aching whole length of spine.

Chilly while undressing in warm room.

March 30. Constant ache in vertex, worse on waking, also worse coughing, sneezing, motion or head low.

Rheumatic twinge in last two phalangeal articulations of index and middle finger for a short time in forenoon.

Appetite diminished.

Nose stopped, worse on left side.

Throat painful on swallowing.

Sense of painful lump about left tonsil, worse swallowing.

Very vivid lewd dreams repeated night after night.

Dreams of strife, busy dreams.

Sleep not unrefreshing, though apparently dreaming all night.

Remark of the Prover. This medicine resurrects old troubles that have been long dormant, and remedies that formerly helped have little, if any, effect against the renewed difficulty. In five provers old symptoms were brought to light. In some cases the symptoms had been absent one year, some six, twelve or even thirty years.

May 24. No appetite for breakfast (an old symptom absent for years).

Re-appearance of an old slight pimply eruption on left side of forehead.

Persistent exhaustion and languor; this last was marked and not attributable to spring.

Return of a slight eruption on outside of lower legs, burning when scratched, worse after scratching (absent for months).

Observation of the Prover. It seems this medicine might be used in three ways

1. To develop old troubles or those which might become latent from any cause including suppression.

2. To develop acute symptoms already present as against its own pathogenetic phenomena.

3. As an antipsoric somewhat like Sulphurp

4. Dr. Miss C., March 27, 9 P. M., one dose X-ray 6 cent.

An indescribable sensation in esophagus, immediately.

Pain in right side of head above temple.

Palpitation during evening, causing cough.

Pulsations greatly diffused and violent, provoking an exclamation which was repressed, accompanied with a desire to walk in open air, and entirely relieved by lying down.

Before going to sleep, dull pain in upper jaw on right side.

Scraping pain in lateral incisor, worse by noises and jarring of cars.

March. 28. After waking at daybreak next morning sensation in dorsal region of spine, as if its convexity were anterior and drawn far forward, lasting but a minute, and followed by a very uncomfortable feeling in that region, lasting a much longer time.

In morning after rising and before eating, a cough caused by an irritation in larynx, accompanied by a pain in right side just above crest of ilium; eating relieved cough, but side felt bruised when bending, or jarring, or pressing it.

Red, smooth eruption on right side of face.

Sore pain in cartilage of left ear, felt when pressing it, later in right ear.

March 29. Pain darting upward in region of left ovary, when sitting, walking or standing.

March. 31. After eating at noon, a sensation of a long and narrow foreign body lodged in pharynx, unmoved by swallowing, worse by swallowing. After this passed away, pharynx felt hollow and sore on deglutition.

Sharp pain at apex of heart, better by lying on left side.

Had always heat and swelling of feet in spring which is better now.

Healing action.

5. Dr. St. C., after one dose X-ray 6 cent.

Threatening headache, pressure through temples, immediately.

Aching of extensor muscle of forearm, going up to shoulder.

6. Mrs. E. C., after one dose of X-ray 6 cent.

Drawing, aching discomfort in right thigh through hip and knee down, through toes, immediately.

Sciatic pain in right hip.

Palpitation of heart.

In less than a week began to cough, with tearing sensation in bronchi, hoarseness, palpitation.

Chilliness on moving or from draft.

Eyeballs sore.

Lame and sore all over.

Wave-like sensation as if would break out in perspiration.

Stools green though normal in consistency.

Teeth covered with a gray-green deposit.

Menses dark green one day.

Second day of menses violent sick headache, pulsating pressure outward in forehead as if bursting, vomiting, pain relieved by hot water application.

Phlegm of greenish hue causing cough in crawling up.

7. Dr. L. M. Lfont, after one dose of X-ray 6 cent.

Drawing in and heaviness across brow approaching nose and resting there.

Ears more clear from ringing and from dullness of hearing than for many years. Healing action.

Rheumatic pains in right wrist and arm.

Headache across brow and a different pain in temples.

Eyelids feel sleepy and heavy.

Tingling like pins and needles in left hand.

Improvement of hearing continues.

8. Dr. F. H. L., after one dose of X-ray 6 cent.

Tingling in right hand, immediately.

Pain across brow over bridge of nose.

9. Dr. Miss R. After one dose X-ray 7 cent.

Lower part of both legs asleep, tingling feeling as if from electric battery increased in right, immediately.

A feeling as if some one were drawing icy hands over the thigh downward aggravatingly slow. (Return of an old symptom twelve years ago after a nervous shock which did not return for five years).

Three years ago proved Uranium nitrate. Up to that time had never missed a regular menstruation, but it has been irregular ever since. Had not menstruated for six months till after taking X-ray, when it was almost prostrating.

Three or four days previously felt from waist down as if bursting and wanting to hold herself up, with distention and weight in abdomen relieved by flow, violent, profuse, without pain. Flow lasting seven days.

Mental condition upset, felt as if she would like to kill somebody.

Heavy pressure on vertex as from a hand (old symptom absent a year).

10. Mr. Davis S. took one dose X-ray 6 cent. 1897, March 28.

Next day mental irritability.

Trembling all over.

Body tired and exhausted.

Pain on right side of head passing around base of brain to left ear, followed by paralytic numbness.


Powerlessness of limbs.

Slightly sick of stomach.

A sensation of hyperaesthesia or nervous concentration in bridge of nose.

Sore feeling across loins as after a heavy cold.

Fullness in ears, worse in right ear, worse by inserting finger.

Pressing outward in ears.

Sensation as of a cool drop of sweat going down left side of spine.

Sense of contraction across middle chest.

Chills going down back, followed by paralytic feeling in right cheek.

Muscles feel soft subjectively.

Tongue felt dry, rough, sore, scraped.

Soreness in small of back.

Sleepy and unable to sleep for some hours after retiring.

On rising in morning expectoration of considerable mucus.

Generally worse in open air.

Nasal discharge thin.

Mentally irritable.

Headache and soreness worse toward afternoon.

Mental and physical aggravation markedly pronounced toward evening.

Bitter taste.

Pain in left temple, worse at 8 P. M.

Contraction of chest at night, relieved by belching.

Slight electric current sensation in left side of tongue and face, passing over and disappearing on right side of face at 8.25 P. M.

Much expectoration of tough lumps as large as finger's ends, whitish like gelatine, raised easily.

At first had desire for sweets.

The sleeplessness, which was getting constant and troublesome, seemed to be relieved permanently by a bottle of Pabst Malt Extract.

May 1st. Drowsy at night when sitting up.

Drowsiness leaves the instant he lies down, so he cannot sleep.

Reappearance of many symptoms which occurred during an attack of inflammatory rheumatism, twenty-five years ago.

Painful bulging of left chest over the cardiac region.

Sensation in right eye as though bulging.

Right eye sore to touch.

On closing eye in dark sees old women's and old men's ugly faces.

A paralytic sensation extending from spine down left leg.

Twitching internally in various parts of body.

All symptoms worse towards evening and at night.

On inside of left knee sensation in different spots, painful as if hairs were being pulled out, worse on walking, better on rubbing and scratching.

Sexual desire lost.

Raising of jelly-like mucus, worse in forenoon, tenacious and tough.

Grayish expectoration.

While lying on left side, heart-sounds keep him awake.

Goes to sleep on right but wakes on left side.

Symptoms better after Belladonna Bell. or Aconite Acon. for a short time, better from ale, which puts him to sleep.

Sleepy during day.

Waking frequently at night from no apparent cause.

Spell of feverishness, perspiration and weakness.

On straining at stool, a sore sensation in nates.

Rheumatic-like fever in trunk, pain steady and dull going steadily from trunk to legs and finally to heels, worse left knee, worse stepping on heel, on underside.

Head feels empty as though scraped out, worse at night in bed.

Can't hold things in left hand, being powerless or clumsy.

All symptoms worse in bed.

Third day after taking.

Slight nose-bleed on left side at 4.30 P. M.

Sensation of swooning at times during day and night, feeling like dying.

Rheumatic pains in limbs (an old symptom of rheumatism resurrected even to an old soreness in heels).

Soreness worse in legs and arms and around heart, dull and constant.

No hunger, goes till he feels faint, can eat plenty but does not enjoy it.

Frequent urination, worse after getting into bed.

Testes relaxed, impotent feeling.

Pressure in small of back as from congestion about kidneys.

Sharp stabbing pain in left temple, which staggered him, followed by clearing up of mental functions the heart immediately felt this impulse.

Left chest bulged out (like enlargement of heart in old rheumatism twenty-five years ago).

A sensation in left side as if fingers pressed the cartilages in, followed by sensation as though something broke inside, with temporary relief.

Sensation of drops of water trickling down on inside of chest.

Wind around heart, flatus and flatulence as though diarrhea would commence.

Unnatural lewd or disgusting dreams, occurring on several nights, or several times in one nightp

Mind and Disposition

Mental irritability.

Clearing up of mental function after sharp stabbing pain in left temple staggering him, the heart feeling the impulse immediately.

Mental depression after snatches of sleep for twelve days.

Mental processes not clear, writes wrong words in letters.

Mental condition upset during profuse menstruation, would like to kill somebody.

Misanthropy during renal colic, did not want to answer questions, did not want to see anybody or to talk to anybody, being completely prostrated

Compare the Calcareas, Causticum Caust., Hep Sulph Calc Hepar, Med., Nat Mur Nat. mur., Psorinum Psor., Pulsatilla Puls., Sili., Sulphur Sulph., Thuja Thuya., Tuberculinum Tub., for its power to reproduce old or suppressed symptoms and conditions Act., Lilium Tigrinum Lil., Laccan., Platinum Metallicum Plat., Sepia Sep., Pyr., for nervous reflexes and neuralgic conditions from ovarian of uterine irritation.

Agaricus Muscarius Agar., Curare Cur., Tar., Zincum Metallicum Zinc., for irritation of the cord, spinal reflexes, neurasthenia.

electric storms, thunder storms, Agaricus Muscarius Agar., Med., Natrum Carbonicum Nat. c., Phosphorus Phos., Psorinum Psor., Rhododendron Rhod., Sepia Sep., Silicea Sil., Syphilinum (Luesinum) Syph., Thujap.

Extreme tenderness to the slight touch, hot and cold waves and flashes, warmth, tingling, pricking, throbbing, stinging, crawling, boring, and horning sensations, as if the parts were on fire and contained bugs and other living things, feelings as if the anatomical structures were being removed from one position to another.

all of these sensations are proportionate to the depth of the inflammatory process.".

Case of Dr. John B. Campbell. A patient for three years has gout, which is the summing up of a history of suppressed chills. He got X-ray 30th cent., which seems to have helped him somewhat. Swelling of legs and knees disappeared, after being present for weeks. Some of the pains were better, 1897, March 29th, 230 P. M., took X-ray 30 cent., one powder.

at 5 P. M., the second no symptom at 1 P. M. The third, which produced little itching. At 10 P. M. took a hot bath with some improvement, and 11 P. M. the fourth powder, all of the 30 cent.

Seven days after taking medicine roused out of bed at 4 A. M. with desire for stool and complete evacuation of immense quantity, followed by nausea and vomiting, profuse sweat, pain in right lower abdomen, retained urine, vesical tenesmus continuing for twelve hours, till 4 P. M., after which urine became freer, vomiting ceased.

colic pains remained for twelve days.


If Constantine Hering had never given the homeopathic profession anything but his admirable pathogenesis of Lachesis Lachesis he would have been remembered in gratitude for all time by the homeopathic world.