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X-ray - Generalities symptoms

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HPUS indication of X-ray: Fatigue

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of X-ray in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Kept awake by heart's sound while lying on left side.

Sleepy with headache.

Only snatches of sleep during these twelve days, always followed by mental depression, during suffering from nephralgia.

As soon as she begins to sleep, chills running up back preventing sleep.

Sleepy, but unable to sleep for some hours after retiring.

Sleeplessness constant and troublesome (relieved permanently by a bottle of Pabst Malt Extract).

Drowsy all night while sitting up.

Drowsiness leaves the instant when lying down, so cannot sleep.

Goes to sleep on right side, but wakes on left side.

Symptoms worse when getting into bed, worse after sunset.

Profuse perspiration on getting into bed, keeping him awake.

Sleepy during day.

Waking frequently at night from no apparent cause.

All symptoms worse in bed.

Frequent urination, worse after getting in bed.

(Symptoms better after Belladonna Bell. or Aconite Acon. for a short time; better from ale, which puts him to sleep).

Dreams of distressing nature.

Sleep not unrefreshing, though apparently dreaming all night.

Awaking with a headache lasting all day.

Recurrence of a dream which used to trouble her many years ago.

(This dream was repeated at wide intervals over twenty years ago; now it came every night for five times) Dreams of strife, busy dreams.

Very vivid lewd dreams, repeated night after night.

Unnatural lewd and disgusting dreams, occurring on several nights and several times in one nightp

General Symptoms

General tired and sick feeling.

Persistent exhaustion and languor, not attributable to spring.

Lame and sore all over.

Trembling all overp

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