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how to recover from over -masturbation side effects after quitting it?65how to recover from over -masturbation side effects after quitting it?4


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You are a good person to want to help people stop the bad habit of masturbation, which in the U.S. we prefer to call self-abuse. I am 69 years old and have seen the bad effects of this habit in my own life, such as memory loss and lack of energy. Those who think self-abuse is good will some day suffer and regret it. The problem is a drug addiction. When a man or woman masturbates, a hormone called oxytocin is released in large amount into the brain. It is more powerful than heroin and is easy to get addicted to. So stopping self-abuse is giving up a drug addiction. This problem is everywhere, and there is no easy way to stop once you start. Do NOT start young, such as until you are over 20 years old. If the habit is indulged one or more times a day, for 2 weeks, eat no meat, or milk or milk products (cheese, et cetera). Eat no sugar. Exercise for 3 hours a day, with some hard exercise (running maybe) and light exercise (working in a garden or cleaning house or whatever). Do this for 2 weeks and you can break the addiction to Oxytocin. Then to be a vegetarian as a lifestyle is best since meat causes a craving or desire for self-abuse. A man will think impure thoughts of women while masturbating. We men should remain pure in our thoughts.
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SunMountain 2 years ago

Sir what is husk? I don't know tell me please
m:zubair last year

What is hust
abhishek2604 11 months ago

Abhishek & Zubair

It is called Ispaghol or Psyllium husk (Hust is just due to spelling mistake)

youandme123 11 months ago

Dear sir don't think on problem think on solution tell us what should we do to recover the body from weakness thanks.
Ajmal1 10 months ago

True Sir
Dead_body 9 months ago

Anyone actually recovered from over-masturbation? Any success story?
raj18 8 months ago

Nat.mur 1M or 50M .. only 4 drops .. once only .. No more ..
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healer21 8 months ago

what is Hust????
rakib417 7 months ago

raj18 7 months ago


In my view, some people masturbate because they have excessive sexual desire. It is called nymphomania. Porn materials act like fuel to this. So, unless you decrease your excessive sexual desire, you can not stop masturbation. There are some good remedies in Homeopathy which can help to moderate the excessive sexual desire, and bring it to a normal level.

If your problem is not so serious, and if you have developed it recently, you can use simple remedies like Origanum Majorana 200, Bufo rana 200, Nux vom 200 (never use two remedies together).
If your problem is deep-seated, serious, and if you are suffering from it for a long time (i.e. if it is a chronic problem), you need an anti-miasmatic deep-acting remedy. Such remedies are Staphysagria, Phosphorus, Hyoscyamus Niger (never use two remedies together). Choosing a correct remedy is important. If you can't choose the appropriate remedy for you, then you are unlikely to solve your problem.

STAPHYSAGRIA: Staphysagria patients are excitable, easily aroused to anger. "Indifferent, low-spirited, dulness of mind after onanism." the sexual desire is greatly increased, loss of memory, hypochondria, shyness, face sunken, abashed look, nocturnal emissions, backache, weak legs, relaxed organs. Useful in the bad effects of masturbation or sexual excesses (Kent).
Staphysagria personalities cannot tolerate injustice caused to themselves or others. They however do not stand up against this (probably because they are introvert or weak). Staphisagria-personalities get ailments from rudeness, anger, indignation, grief, mortification, sexual excesses and tobacco. They endure physical consequences caused by suppressing their anger (unexpressed anger). Read more at http://www.herbs2000.com/homeopathy/staphysagria.htm and http://www.realmagick.com/6926/staphisagria/ (Anja Heil). They are melancholic, irritable. Because of their bashful nature, they can't directly look at others' face while talking.

PHOSPHORUS: sexual excitement. He uncovers his person without any shame and seeks to gratify his sexual appetite (Farrington). Sexual excitement is great in both sexes, going to the extent of satyriasis and nymphomania. Frequent erections in men, and sexual thoughts entirely beyond the patient's control. Erections in spite of efforts to control passion in young men. Shamelessness, approaching insanity. ─Very strong sexual desire, with constant wish for coition (Clarke). Phosphorus, he wins everybody’s heart. He is affectionate; Returns affection; Mildness; Wants to attract people; Happy from his life; Hypocrisy; Adulterous. Lycopodium & Platina Gets the job done by bullying. Phosphorus Gets the job done by love and affection (girilal).

According to Dr. R. N. Biswas, Phosphorus patients get quick erections at the slightest excuse. Such patients have erections as soon as erotic thoughts come in their minds. Even slight touch causes erections.

HYOSCYAMUS: one great characteristic is "suspicion". Another feature of the Hyoscyamus insanity is "uncovering". Nymphomania; lascivious mania; lies naked in bed and chatters. ─Suspicious. ─Desire to run away from the house at night. ─Fear of being betrayed or poisoned. ─Talks more than usual. ─Jealousy (Clarke). It is as if some diabolical force took possession of the brain and prevented its functions. It causes a perfect picture of Mania of a quarrelsome and obscene character. Inclined to be unseemly and immodest in acts, gestures and expressions. Very talkative, and persists in stripping herself, or uncovering genitals. Is jealous, afraid of being poisoned (Boericke's Materia Medica).

According to Dr. R. N. Biswas, Hyoscyamus patients suffer from erectile dysfunction i.e. he has difficulty in getting erections (opposite of Phosphorus). If anytime he gets erection, it is only for a while; the next moment speedy emission occurs and it becomes relaxed. And due to this impotence (inability), he becomes quarrelsome.

I you have a sophisticated weapon in your hand but you don't know how to use it, then it is of no use. Similarly, if you don't know how to get benefited from homeopathic medicine, then it is worse than useless. Some very important rules are (i) never use two remedies together for the same purpose (e.g. two remedies for acidity); (ii) never use any remedy too frequently (i.e. on a daily basis). Taking a remedy too much than necessary causes irreparable harm to our health.

To start with a 200-potency remedy, whether simple or deep-acting, you can follow dr. kadwa’s style: 3 doses at 12 hours gap and then waiting for 12-15 days. For example, if you start on Saturday, take the 1st dose at Saturday morning, the 2nd dose at Saturday night, and the 3rd dose at Sunday morning (ONLY 3 DOSES; NO REPETITION). Then wait for 12-15 days to give the medicine time to work, and to see how the medicine affects you. After 15 days, if you see that the remedy suits you well but the problem still lingers, you can take 2/3 more doses, each at 7-10 days gap. If the problem still lingers, then take a single 1M dose.

The fact is that if your problem is chronic, deep-seated, and miasmatic, you need higher potencies (10M meaning 10,000; 50M meaning 50,000) to eliminate it. Such higher potency doses are always taken as a SINGLE dose. For example, if you select and take Staphysagria 1M and see that the remedy works well for you but the problem is not totally clear, you then can take Staphysagria 10M after SUFFICIENT GAP. if you see that Staphysagria 10M is working for you but the problem is not still totally clear, then after 30-40 days, you can take a single dose of Staphysagria 50M.

Maintaining sufficient gaps between doses is very important. Roughly, after a 200-potency dose, you should maintain 7-10 days gap. After a 1M dose, wait at least for 15-20 days. After 10M dose, wait at least for 30-40 days to give the medicine time to work. And after 50M, wait at least for 3 months. Please remember that the more a remedy is deep-acting, the longer the gap should be.
Please note that PHOSPHORUS is a very deep-acting remedy. That’s why, the gaps between doses must be more than noted above, rather double, I’ll say. And, it should be taken at the direction of a qualified physician.

Note 1: In this write-up, the words 'remedies' and medicine' have been used interchangeably. Both mean the same thing.
Note 2: This write-up is for educational purpose. It can not substitute professional advises.
Aromatic 7 months ago

really grt and true story I also destroyed myself by this habit.
i could not grow in height because of this
no muscle weak bones weak eyesight

everyone should stop this as soon as possible
ankit199kumar 4 months ago

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