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Cellulite. Anyone can help me?

Hi everyone!

Please, I would like to receive advice from any one willing to help me.
I’d like to get some advice on how to get rid of cellulite.

I have never had cellulite up to 33 years. Now I am 39.
Even though it is not an advanced case, it does bother me a lot. I eat really heathy.

I guess it’s happening because I am getting older.
I realize I am losing some muscle mass progressively.
So, my first question is: in this case would an homeopathic medicine help me?
Or should I just get some herb to stimulate testosterone?

When I press my leg, I can see it. Sometimes it does appear without pressing it on the butt.
But it’s getting worse in the last 6 years.

Even doing the same amount of exercise, I don’t have the same amount of muscle anymore.
I guess I am getting flaccid.

I am really sensible when taking homeopathic medicine. One drop has always been really powerfull for me.
Some doctors, after knowing how I respond to homeopathy, even advice me to only smell the medicine.

That’s why I am here today. A doctor have advice me to take silicea 200ch, 2 times a day, during 7 days. I would take it if he knew all the things I am explaining here. But for many reasons, I wasn’t able to do that.

Normally I take 30ch as the highest potency for me, and normally I take only 1 single drop for month or week. One time when I a doctor found it was really the right medicine for me, he advice me to take, 200ch but it was not good for me. I got depressed between other bad effects. But the same medicine on 30ch is really good for me, so he advice me to take 1 drop every other day, but at some point, I have to reduce it because it was too much.Now I only take it when I need it.

I would like to know how to procedure in this case. As I respond so well to homeopathy, is it really necessary to take silicea in this potency and so many times?

Also, is silicea the right medicine for me?

I have a tendency to have hypothyroidism which I have been successfully controlling with reiki and acupuncture.

I take china 30ch every month for menstrual cramps and heavy flow (and it’s wonderful!)
I take conchiollinum 12D for my knees. I have chondromalacia.
And iodum 12D cause I have it missing it in my organism.
I also have a tendency to lose hair, which I’ve successfully treat with chamomile tea applied locally. Every time I wash my hair I leave it for 15 minutes. And it has also an hydration effect.

I am a musician, very sensitive person, I have strong emotions. Don’t like injustice. Like to be nice to people. And find it really important to always have a smile on my face, always transmit good energies to other people and make every place I go, a better place. I really appreciate my humor (I am always laughing a lot!)and how it transform places.

I am really enthusiastic, anxious, always in a hurry. I have frequently angry explosions which I am trying to control it.
I am insecure. Feel really different from other people (if you know that television series called friends, I have a lot in common with Phoebe).

Like juicy fruits, vegetables, cereal, grains, alcohol. I always get better after strong exercise. Love taking shower. I feel really happy before a thunderstorm and really sad on the sunset.Sometimes I think the full moon has a bad effect on me, but I am not sure.REALLY NOT SURE. IT IS JUST A GUESS.

Don’t like too much sun. Feel really depressed when it’s too hot. Love the countryside, mountains, waterfalls.I like to sweat.

Love to be always busy (that’s a very strong characteristic) if I am in vacation, only amuzing me, I also like to have a busy schedule. Not having anything to do, is not good for me, makes me sad.

I am really happy when I have lots to do. Work a lot is not a problem for me. I like to be busy. But I also like to treat myself. I like the rewards myself with alcohol, good time, good meals and like to be relaxed.

I am methodical. I put myself in a position to do lots of things by myself before being with someone else. It happens so I can feel acceptable, beautiful, professionally good.
I am thin, but if I don’t do exercise at least three times a week I feel fat, I feel dirty or poisoned. I feel as my sweat is able to clean me. (Maybe it is the effect of thyroid?)

Discouragement, laziness and fear persecute me sometimes, but most of times it’s due to sensitive reasons. Some bad energy, I don’t realize, bad news, inability to deal with bad people, things like that. When it happens (which is a lot! I have to realize it, because it take me some time to realize what is going on. Than I pray and get better).

I normally dont get what people are talking about,not because I am stupid, but because I always think in millions of possible meanings for what they are saying. So I need extra explanations. I guess it's part of being to creative, and having no prejudice at all. I never hink in a tradicional way. That is another strong characteristc. I dont like traditions. I support people being and leaving anyway they want to do it. I am very liberal, very free, very questioning of rules and won't accept anything that doesn't make sense to me.
I live my own rules.
  abcjoana on 2015-12-06

This is an internet forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
zincum met 200 for oversensitivity to homeopathic medicines.
mnaari 2 years ago

Hi. I really appreciate you help.

But I first need to know if silicea is the right medicine for me. If not, there isn't reason to take zincum met, right?

But thanks, anyway.
abcjoana 2 years ago

Sorry for prescribing zincum met 200 you should use 30. here is the reason from a book.
"Some patients react to the treatment very slowly and will likewise respond to slow acting remedies, but the patients whose symptoms progress rapidly will find the faster acting remedies work better. Some patients are very sensitive in reacting to the treatment. In such patients, instead of improving the patient’s condition, the Homoeopathic remedies can actually produce the poisonous effects of the substance from which they are derived. Whatever medicine is given, it will produce corresponding symptoms. For this reason, one should prescribe the medicine with great care and should give it in low potency. At the same time, it is important that the hypersensitivity of the patient should also be treated. There are three possible remedies to decrease hypersensitivity: Belladonna, Nux Vomica and Zincum Metallicum. Zincum Metallicum is the most sensitive type of medication. It can be so sensitive that the patient may not even tolerate a low potency. For this reason, such a patient should first be given Zinc which will then make the body react to other medicines in a proper way. Zinc should be started in a low potency of 30"
mnaari 2 years ago

I don't know about silicea. I would rather recommend combination of phytolacca decandra 30 and cholestrinum 30 after treating sensitivity.
mnaari 2 years ago

This information you wrote:
"In such patients, instead of improving the patient’s condition, the Homoeopathic remedies can actually produce the poisonous effects of the substance from which they are derived." Is exactly what happens to me!

Just so you know, I've tried nux long time ago and the effect was so terrible that I still remember it. I am afraid of taking nux. And yes! I am really sensitive, not only with homeopathy.

I will try zincum.
But I have a question for you.

I am a singer and once I took phytolaca for tender breast before period (which now I am cured) and it didn't worked and I lost my voice. Badly. I remember I used a lower potency such as 6ch. I am afraid of taking it and again experience discomfort on breasts.

Also, I know phytolaca is an anti-inflammatory but isn’t it going to act better on breast and throat? Does it have action on legs and butt?

What is your opinion on calcarea fluorica and calcarea carbonica for cellulite?

Reading about cholestrinum I realized I should have told you that I had hepatitis, that's why this medicine is the right for me? Because my livers don't work properly?

Also, do you think this is related to low testosterone, because of my age? Less testosterone meaning less muscles and more fat?

I really appreciate your help a lot! A lot! I am just being careful.

abcjoana 2 years ago

Start using zincum met 30 one dose daily for senstivity.
and Carduus Marianus Q 10 drops in 1/4 glass of water thrice a day for liver.
mnaari 2 years ago

THank you for this precious help.

For how long should I take zincum?


abcjoana 2 years ago

Because I know this medicine as sibilium marianum (not cardus marianus) I didnt recognize it at first.

But I do take it regularly. Not every day, but I can take it every day from now on.

But I don't think it is the key to my problems. I really wanted to know about silicea, calcarea fluorica and calcarea carbonica.
abcjoana 2 years ago

"In Calcarea Carb, the muscles feel flaccid. The disarrayed body associated with flail muscles and obesity will benefit from Calcarea Carb if given over a period of time. Calcium deficiency in the body can be treated by homoeopathic potencies of Calcarea Carb. In Calcarea Carb patients, sometimes on standing up suddenly, their leg muscles cannot bear the weight of the body and they fall down. In the case of low blood pressure also, it is difficult for a person to stand up suddenly. Calcarea Carb is useful for the treatment of weak muscles due to lack of calcium."
mnaari 2 years ago

"Homoeopathic potency of Calcarea Fluor is the best remedy to dispel the hardening of the muscles.
In Calcarea Fluor patients, spurs form over the surface of the bones, and the veins become tortuous and knotty. The uterus loses its tone and tends to sag downwards. The nails become ugly. Hard lumps form in the breasts of women.
Calcarea Fluor is useful in the treatment of haemorrhoids that are not only heavily swollen but also hardened. Similarly, if the thyroid gland is enlarged and hardened like a stone it can also be treated with Calcarea Fluor."
mnaari 2 years ago

A few of the homeopathic treatments useful in the treatment of cellulite

Regulates hormonal activity and improves venous disorders, circulatory disorders of the lower limbs.

Antimonium crudum
Thick-set, gluttonous, grumpy, with a thick and white tongue. Suffers from gastrointestinal disorders and has a tendency to belch. This is a medication that controls the appetite and improves gastrointestinal conditions.

Fucus vesiculosus
Stimulates circulation and enables the breakdown of fats.

Post-menopausal women with elevated levels of TSH (T3 and T4 are normal). They are usually pale, feel the cold, suffer from constipation and widespread cellulite. This homeopathic medication improves the cellulite and swelling associated with the menopause. They are individuals who have a tendency towards obesity.

Ignatia Amara
A great regulator of the neuro-vegetative system, a nerve soother. It is suitable for women who are sensitive and nervous who are calmed by distractions. They eat to alleviate distresses and eating increases when they are nervous, which in turn helps them to be less aggressive towards others. They have a tendency to eat chocolate and eat in order to offset frustrations. They lead a sedentary lifestyle.

Nux vomica
Calms nervous tension and improves digestive disorders (flatulence, constipation…). Nux vomica is brought about by eating excessively.

Phosphoricum acidum
Is caused by an intense and sudden sadness, grief or exhaustion caused by an excess of intellectual exertion. The person usually sleeps during the day. Reduces swelling and alleviates anxiety.Terrain Medications against cellulite

Natrum sulfuricum
Are heavily-built, fatty individuals with a predisposition to be overweight. Their tissues have been infiltrated by cellulite, mainly in the abdominal area, the buttocks and thighs. They are sad and depressive, with a pale complexion and a bloated face. This homeopathic medication will ease the elimination of liquids and is specific to liver and biliary tract conditions.

The subject is overweight, rounded, ebullient and happy with life. He is always too hot. He is convivial, happy, polite, outgoing and sociable. He is usually hyperactive.

Calcarea Carbonica
The subject is usually short, wide, with a flaccid, large abdomen (tyres), slow at work, constant, sweats easily and dislikes heat. This homeopathic medication reduces a bulky abdomen, decreases excess cholesterol and improves metabolic disorders. They are ebullient individuals with a tendency towards obesity and cellulite.

Thuja occidentalis
Against localized cellulite and also for women with certain hormonal imbalances. It has affinity to the lymphatic system. They are individuals with a “lollipop” body type, with truncal fat and very slim extremities. They have a propensity to develop cellulite.
The Thuja treatment is, in most cases, a background treatment for cellulite. It helps to reduce the size of the abdomen and helps to ease digestion.
mnaari 2 years ago

this was some information. i have found on internet.

Zincum met 30 should be used for 2 weeks daily a dose.
mnaari 2 years ago

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