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HomeoDr: middle child stutter

Hi there. I feel like a pest asking you for help with the whole family, but I'm just so impressed with your help.
So if it's OK I'd like to ask for a remedy for the middle child, Kody, who is almost 3 years old.
I'll link a couple other threads I have on him to give you some background on him.
Here was a thread from when he was a baby. Never did find a remedy that seemed to fit him. http://abchomeopathy.com/forum2.php/422435/
Here is another thread from more recently. I don't feel we really got onto the right remedy here either. I kind of gave up thinking maybe homeopathy just isn't for him. http://abchomeopathy.com/forum2.php/422435/

He is my worrier. He has a lean build, a bit below average for height and weight (25th percentile), slightly yellowish skin,dark blond hair, blue eyes. Long eyelashes and attractive face. Likes to be cute and endearing, but gets very upset when things don't go the way he had in mind. Sulphur helped some, but I don't feel it's a 100% fit, perhaps a combination of Sulphur and something else?

Right now the chief complaint is he is stuttering. Normally he sometimes does a tiny bit of stuttering that didn't seem to be a problem. Recently I spent the night away from home with the baby, and Kody had a hard time falling asleep with me gone. Apparently the stuttering got much worse while I was gone and is still bad now. It takes him a lot longer to get out what he wants to say. I can tell he is concentrating hard, trying to overcome the stutter and say what's on his mind. He is normally a very articulate child for his age (older brother is too).
He is very afraid of bugs, especially slugs and earthworms, but also spiders, flies and bees too. I believe any bug that came near him would scare him. He will burst into tears and wail and cry when a bug gets near him.
He seems to have bad dreams at night, and other things scare him, like shadows or a curtain blowing or any number of things.
He does not like milk or any of the almond/soy etc drinks that look like milk, but will eat it cooked in meals (for example Alfredo sauce on noodles which he loves). He loves black beans and almonds, both of which aggravate his chronically loose stools. He seems to prefer starchy foods.
  alaskamom on 2016-04-27

This is an internet forum. Posts are not from medical professionals.
Let me study his previous case.i will get back to u tomorrow..

homeodr 2 years ago

Take your time, I'm not in a rush. Thanks so much. It's a bit extensive so don't feel like you have to get back to me right away.

alaskamom 2 years ago

I just noticed I posted the same link twice above in reference to previous threads. Here is the second link, from more recently. (The first link is from when he was a baby.)


alaskamom 2 years ago

Please answer following questions -
1) Other than bugs and flies what other fears does he has? How does he react when he gets scared of something? (does he cry, run away or something like that)
2) If you don't mind can you email me a video that show the way he stutter? If not possible to send then no problem
3) What would you do to make him feel better when he is scared of something?

homeodr 2 years ago

1) When scared, he stands in place, calls for me and then starts crying and wailing. He never runs to me, despite me telling him many times to just come run to me if he's scared. He seems frozen in fear and just sits or stands wherever he was and just cries/wails. The way he wakes up at night reminds me of this, being almost unable to ask for what he needs or wants, instead just crying (sometimes half asleep), and we have to ask him, "Are you hurting? Did you have a bad dream?" etc to determine what's wrong. If we just ask "What's wrong?", he will just cry or answer, "I don't know".
2) I got a good video of his stutter and will send that after it uploads.
3)When he's scared I run to him and pick him up, and carry him away from the bug. Or if in the car, stop and get rid of the bug. Usually he calms down within a few minutes when the source of the fear is removed. But he still needs comforting and being held for a few minutes until he settles. He pretty much always wants me, and takes longer to calm down with Dad.

alaskamom 2 years ago

Also I forgot to add that, the Sulphur seems to have cured his problem of cold hands and feet. He doesn't seem to take a chill as easily and will just as often, complain of being hot as he will of cold. Still, when he says he's hot it's after running and playing or when it's too warm in the room, so I wouldn't say it's excessive. I think really it's just that I dress him still under the assumption he'll be cold and many times, he doesn't need the extra layer. He seems to have normalized in temperature.

alaskamom 2 years ago

I see I forgot to answer what other things he's afraid of. He's afraid of noisy machinery, and though he's fascinated with big trucks, if he's near one while the big diesel engine is on, he'll react much in the same way as with bugs. I recall being with my husband at the fire department checking out a new tanker truck, and Kody was all eyes until they decided to make the ladder go up in the air. The noise and the unexpectedness of the ladder rising freaked him out.
He also seems to need an orderliness in his mind, or else gets anxious.or perhaps because of his anxiety he tries to instill order. It's not so much with toys and cleaning, possibly because I'm not a super clean person myself, but more with how he expects things to play out. I always try to explain to him in detail what's going to happen or where we're going or doing next because I perceive he has a need to know. He fights snap decisions and doesn't like to "hop to" if we suddenly want him to say, go downstairs or put something away. I think he doesn't like his train of thought interrupted.
He has a lot of little anxieties sometimes it seems, for example always warning me about closing the basement trap door (it's very heavy) to watch my toes. And saying "be careful" to his brother about things. He will often burst into tears if he spills his drink. Yesterday I was looking for my glasses, he thought he had played with them and that they were in the toybox. I was frustrated in my search and upended the toy box on the floor---he burst into tears and said "Don't break your glasses." He also insists I put my glasses on when I first wake up, and closes cupboard doors behind me.

alaskamom 2 years ago

Something else I was reminded of this morning. He sometimes seems to read my thoughts or know things before I do. For example, yesterday we were leaving the house in the car and I felt I should buy some more motor oil at the store. A couple of seconds later, Kody tells me we need to buy oil for the car. I hadn't said anything aloud and hadn't even mentioned car oil for several weeks.
Sometimes he will tell me "the baby's awake" when I haven't heard a peep from the baby upstairs

alaskamom 2 years ago

Oops, hit send by accident.
Anyway I'll go check on the baby and sure enough, he's awake and just quiet. Not sure if that means he has ultra-acute hearing or a 6th sense. But the motor oil thing he couldn't have heard anything out loud.

alaskamom 2 years ago

Oh, and that sort of thing doesn't happen often, at least not often enough to really catch my attention, just once in awhile.

alaskamom 2 years ago


After reading Kody's case, I came to two remedies - Pulsatilla and Stramonium.

I guess Pulsatilla was given to him prior but it didn't seem to have worked well.

I would go with Stramonium, as it is the one of the effective remedy for Stutter speech.

Just give one dose of Stramonium 200C - add 2 pills or 1 drop in 2 teaspoons of water, give 1 teaspoon to him.
Report back in 5 days.

Let me know if you have any questions or concern.

homeodr 2 years ago

All right, I have that one on hand. I think we tried it also when he was a baby but I'm not opposed to trying it again.

alaskamom 2 years ago

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