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Migraine with visual aura

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For stress memory and concentration try:

Vata:ashwagandha , shankhpushpi and vacha

Pitta:Brahmi, jatamansi


All above are medhya (nervines and nootropics)

Teupne on 2017-02-24

best explanation by Teupne.
hope you understood.

[message edited by 0antivirus0 on Fri, 24 Feb 2017 14:08:04 UTC]

0antivirus0 on 2017-02-24

I am very happy with both of you helping me.
i truly believe in the power of herbs and love them. i know chinese herbs very well but nothing about ayurvedic medicine.

i looked at my prakriti and for my daughters on various websites but i find the results not the same.
sometimes i am vata pitta. sometimes pitta vata. same for my daughters.

also do you answer question about how you are today or before?

i have 2 daughters with different issues
one is apparently pitta 43 vata 38. she can be very stressed and perfectionist and competitive. very bad PMS (cries, is depressed before periods and when tired and when it gets dark). she gets panic attacks at night. she gets acne. she refuses to take naps when tired and then she gets worse and worse. i would like to give her something for her to relax. she is very dedicated and helpful to others but is insecure and shy and can get very angry when stressed. maybe Guduchi???
what is your advice? or any homeopathy?

2. the other daughter is only 16. she can be lazy, cannot focus for long, forgetful, likes to sleep a lot but still wakes up tired,
she is smart but does not do her work on time. she is a procrastinator. does not talk much. is happy on her own but she is only motivated by friends to do something otherwise can stay inside for a week! does not have any kind of discipline. it has always been like this. stubborn. she has many allergies. always sneezing. always sick with a cold, large glands in neck, she feels tired all the time. she has scoliosis and 2 knee surgeries. i would like to help her with her focus and fatigue.
i did prakriti for her. seems like kappa 52 pita 33 vata 14. but results change depending on websites.
would ashwaganda help her?

thank you for your dedication. i am very grateful.

nanou on 2017-02-24

[message deleted by Teupne on Sat, 25 Feb 2017 12:03:24 UTC]

Teupne on 2017-02-24

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what homeopathic remedy for
PMS, emotional, sad (esp evening), swollen breast, sometimes acne around chin (big cystic. one or 2 pimples)
girl aged 18. acne on forehead (red and white small pimples) wosr with stress and chocolate (?)
serious organized perfectionist easy stress when deadline or pressure, sensitive, hard working, shy and difficulty communicating in a group she does not know but ok she she knows people and feels accepted. wants to be loved. feels easily rejected, can be jealous and envious. helpful and sensitive to people's needs. can get depressed esp when tired in evening. gets panic attacks at night when under pressure. as a chid bedwetting until age 11/12 with multiple times a night. fear of rejection and abandonment. possessive with mother. difficult relationship with father. wants to prove to father that she is intelligent and can achieve that is why she woks hard. proud and sentivie to what people thinks of her. wants sito please. difficult to say no. dependant emotionally but independent and responsible in life (daily tasks, disciplined). fear of the dark!!! fear of death very strong (cannot talk about it, fear of death of people she loves,,,she starts crying when taking about it). fear of doctors hospitals illnesses, contamination, strong fear of vomitting ! tall, dark curly hair, athletic, likes sweet after meals. tires easily when under pressure and stress. cannot relax (refused to nap even as a child)
thank you for your suggestion

i wanted to give igantia but not sure.

nanou on 2017-02-25

i am going to make a separate post for my daughter.

nanou on 2017-03-01


I have taken what you suggested for my night sweats and heat waves during night and palpitations.
no change at all.
still heavy night sweats every day.
still left ear ringing and dizzy spells
headache when too tired and poor memory and poor focus

do you have any other homeopathic remedy for hot flashes at night and night sweats, again last night hot flashes and drenched in sweat and somewhat bait scared for 10 seconds and also a bit sad for 10 seconds. then go back to sleep, then happened again, all night sweat even morning on waking up. during the day nothing

still taking guduchi and aloe vera

nanou on 2017-03-20

i took sepia 15ch and lachesis 15 ch for 3 nights to try. just finished.

nanou on 2017-03-20

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tell in percentage,

intensity and frequency of headache=

0antivirus0 on 2017-03-21

no migraines (but it is no unsual as thy don't happen often)
headache like tight band temples neck forehead and confusion : maybe twice a week. usually stays 3 days in a row depending on fatigue. always comes after too much work (physical)or stress and night sweats. i would say maybe improvement on headaches in general but the problem is night sweats are really real bad. mattress is wet, all night till i wake up in morning. next day i feel exhausted, dizzy, confused.

nanou on 2017-03-21

something important to add

i "exercise" twice a week :
one hour weight lifting usually not too hard
two hours walk in the woods

after the gym it takes me at least 2 or 3 days to recover. night sweats are worse and fatigue much worse that is why i have to keep exercise low but i need it for my mental sanity.
i have ALWAYS done a lot of exercises since childhood. now i have to keep it to basics and it sometimes is frustrating because i would love to do more and be more active but my body does not follow. nest days i am short of breath, dizzy, ear ringing...as if about to faint.

nanou on 2017-03-22

you exercise that is good, even i tell my patients to do little exercise but i am most lazy i doing.

ok now i will recommend metal therapy for you, please arrange simple copper ring with size for right hand ring finger and a copper coin, remind me once you arrange then i will tell further steps.

0antivirus0 on 2017-03-23

This thread continues beneath the following ad.
i took sepia 200 for 3 days.
night sweats stopped for 10 days but i got sick during those 10 days. bad sore throat and no voice, just a bad virus, interestingly i did not have any night sweats while i was fighting the cold.

night sweats came back. i took again sepia 200 for 2 days. then i developed genital herpes today, sore groin, achy, headache, very tired and er ringing. i m expecting my periods tomorrow maybe.
what do you think.
i would like to focus on homeopathy mostly
thank you for your help

nanou on 2017-04-18

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