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Hello 0antivirus0 : could you take my case

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Respected 0antivirus0,

I need constitutional miasmatic treatment to cure anal fissure, eczema, frozen shoulder, anxiety and all problems I described in my 1st report AND case taking form answers.

Today again anal fissure bleeding is back. Please help me with homeopathic remedy to cure anal fissure.

My eczema is spreading everyday. Please help me with homeopathic remedy.

I have anxiety and fear. Also side effects of anxiety meds. Please help me with homeopathy remedies.

Please read my report I posted yesterday. Also please read again my 1st case taking question answers. I am sure you will come up with a classical miasmatic homeopathic remedy.

Please note in almost all illness I report frozen shoulder (adhesive capsulitis), skin problem dermatitis, skull burning sensation related anxiety and anal fissure ...what is common is INFLAMMATION.

Please look at the time line of the illnesses :: 1st: anxiety 20 year old problem >> 2nd toe nail malignancy and removal of toe ..2 year old problem >> anal fissure 1 year problem >> skin dermatitis 5 month old problem -- frozen shoulder 6 months old problem.

We need to go to the root of the problem and homeopathically solve the problem, superficially this problem can not be solved. This is a chronic illness with probably one root cause and is manifested in many symptoms and many illness name.

Best regards.

Detail Oriented
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detail oriented last year


take PHOSPHORUS 30c liquid, 2 drops in a tablespoon water, 3 times a day for 2 days,

{if buying pills then 3 pills, 3 times 2 days, chew it, do not swallow with water}

do not eat or drink anything 30 minutes before and after medicine,


feeling calm=
good sleep=
proper energy level=
self control=
confidence level=
freshness on waking up=
love and affection with others=
mental freedom or freshness=
pain during stool=
blood during=
skull burning=
eczema improvement=
any other change you felt=


0antivirus0 last year

throw away the things you kept in north east direction.

as you were drinking yellow water now together dring Dark green water with it. you will find great improvement in 43 days.


0antivirus0 last year

Respected 0antivirus0,

one )
you wrote:
THIN PLASTIC and keep it for some hours in SUNLIGHT, drink this water, do this daily.
as you were drinking yellow water now together dring Dark green water with it. you will find great improvement in 43 days.
My question 1 :
do I make two glasses of water? one using yellow paper Another using green paper
two )
you wrote :
ok take a light yellow paper, put some wheat grains over it, sprinke some yellow turmeric powder over wheat, keep this paper in north east direction of your sleeping room, keep it untouched, whole process to be done on any thursday evening.
you wrote:
throw away the things you kept in north east direction.
My question 2: Are you asking me to clean up northeast corner of the room and only keep "grains with wheat and turmeric"
three )
Arrange a BRASS METAL PIECE of weight APPROX 7.2 GRAM for medical astrology.
Answer of 3) ...Can I get instructions how to do it.
Best regards.

Detail oriented

detail oriented last year

Respected 0antivirus0,

Review of Nat mur 30c action:
First time when I took nat mur 30c on Feb 24th and Feb 25th I had bleeding 3 days out of 15 days. Second time when I took Nat mur 30c on March 10th and March 11th I had bleeding 1 day out of 9 days. I think Nat Mur 30c did very well.
We should not expect a 30c potency remedy working for longer days.

But Nat Mur was not helping in skin dermatitis problem. This skin problem is spreading and inflamed, it is really hurting me. And there are other symptoms I described before in previous postings.

Phosphorus :
You have prescribed Phosphorus 30c, I will take. BUT
I have taken Phosphorus in the year 2006, 2010, 2015 different potencies 30c, 200c and 1M. It never worked, although Phosphorus mind symptoms are close to mine.

Best regards.
Detail Oriented
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detail oriented last year

ok then do not take phosphorus

tell in percentage,

tearing of anus skin and bleeding while passing stool=

please try to understand i am concentrating on your MAJOR problem, just do what i say, i am professional, keep patience.

0antivirus0 last year

Respected 0antivirus0,

Please focus on two problems more.

Skin problem and anal fissure.

Skin problem is spreading and increasing in diameter, it has to be controlled and cured.

There are three locations I have this skin problem. one) collar bone area right side(6 months old)... two) shoulder area right side(two months old) three) chest area, very small (1 month old).

The skin problem of collar bone was present before surgery of malignancy in toe.

All the three skin problems I have is NOT malignancy.It is inflammed dermatitis as confirmed by biopsy. It has a pink ring border just like ringworm.

I informed about my skin problem in more details in my report few days ago.
Second problem is Anal fissure:

Anal fissure is breaking of anus skin while stool passing.
Please do not not mix up anal fissure with other disease.
Many people think anal fissure is pilesor fistula. That is not correct.

To control anal fissure I take proper diet that produce soft stool. I also take homeopathy remedies to control anal fissure.

There is NO % to describe success of homeopathy remedy.I pass stool once a day. There is one of two results, it will bleed when I pass stool or it will not bleed when I pass stool. I gave you which day there was bleeding which day there was no bleeding.

Out of last 25 days I had bleeding 5 days. This should not be expressed in %.

Because Reason 1) remedy action fades away after few days, Reason 2) remedy action is not strong enough not to have bleeding when diet is not the best for soft stool. etc etc.

Always think before you prescribe I had toe nail melanoma and 5 months ago it was surgically removed. There is no malignancy in my body in the last 5 months. But all these disease (anal fissure, dermatitis, frozen shoulder) with NO malignancy started before my toe surgery.

Currently my body is malignancy free. But you need to protect my body, skin and nails for such dangerous disease.

My anxiety problem is 20 years old. Most the symptoms related to that is from long term intake of anti anxiety medicines (Symptoms : Uncontrolled thoughts of accidents AND skull burning sensation)

If you think you want to talk to me for 5 minutes, you can email me your skype id or mobile number to my email id
I speak bengali and english and can understand hindi.

ur.chicago.scientist(at) gmail.com

or just click my id = detail oriented you will find my gmail user id in the profile

This way nobody will know your address or number except me.

Best regards..

Detail oriented
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detail oriented last year

Respected 0antivirus0,
I could buy brass around 7.2 grams. It is in form of screws. I bought a packet of two screws each weighing around 7.2 grams.
Best regards.
Detail oriented.
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detail oriented last year

please upload a small picture of affected skin area only

0antivirus0 last year

Respected 0antivirus0,
Uploaded skin photo of collar bone area.
Inflammed area indicated by red arrows.
Best regards.
Detailed Oriented.

detail oriented last year

Respected 0antivirus0,

Uploaded photo of skin problem in the previous posting. This forum allows very small KB photos, the clarity of the photo is not good because I had to reduce the size / pixel. If I get a email id I can send a better picture.
Tried to upload in google this will give better resolution

click on this to get better resolution photo >>> https://photos.google.com/album/AF1QipP3ZtmSFhvDO0KVj9T6eOSq...
Best regards.
Detail oriented
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detail oriented last year

has natrum mur helped you in anxiety ??

0antivirus0 last year

Respected 0antivirus0,
It is not anxiety. Those symptoms are from long term intake of anti anxiety allopathy medicines. That is a iatrogenic illness. it is called https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Benzodiazepine_withdrawal_synd.... Benzodiazepine withdrawal syndrome.

Symptoms are 1) uncontrolled thought accidents - bones breaking - blood splattering 2) skull burning sensation 3) fear 4) uncontrolled thought of images of deformed faces.

Symptoms have changed over the years.

This time after taking Nat mur 30c these symptoms are not bad. But sometimes I am feeling bad.

Actually Nux vom 30c or nux vom 30c followed by ars alb 200c clears these above mentioned symptoms for around 2 months, then I am okay for 2 to 2.5 months.

This time before i started your nat mur 30c i took nux vom that is why i am still okay. But sometimes I am feeling bad. i think it is not an curative effect of nat mur 30c.

These mind problems will be there as long i do not taper benzodiazepine to zero.

I am suffering from this spreading skin inflammation problem. Please protect me from nail brown streaks turning to nail melanoma, currently still i am malignancy free. In the last 14 days I had anal fissure bleeding one day, need to keep up this in future.

Best regards.
Detail oriented
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detail oriented last year

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