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PLEASE SAVE MY LIFE!! PCOS, pigmentation, hirsutism, coarse chin hair, weight gain

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am 27 yrs old female, married staying in USA. I have hirsutism and pcod.
I am suffering with pcod form past 10 years. Doctors suggested me to take birth control pills for 3 months to reset my periods after some months they came back to normal.
I have tried taking ayurvedic medicines for year my pcod was under control, periods were regular. But it didn't cured my pigmentation and unwanted hair problem.
After stopping to take the medicines. periods are again irregular once in 3 months or once in 6 months.
Checked out myself to a doctor here, they are suggesting me to take birth control pills to reset the cycle.
I want to lead a normal life.
I have thick hair growth on chin and upper lip, now it is spreading to neck area too, its getting coarser day by day.
I am loosing my self-confidence day by day.
Preventing myself to go out and be social.
I tried shaving, epilation, waxing, laser hair removal.
By doing this i have scarred most of my chin area, nothing worked.
Please help me, I cant even explain my pain of being like this.
Please save my life !!!
Please suggest me a remedy.
  Brujau on 2017-03-18
This is an internet forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
1.what is the size of pcod in usg report before ayurveda and after it?

2.describe about yourself bywhich we can get coorect medicine which get speedy cure

first of all we have to cure pcod..its cause of your hair problem.once its in the background,..we cant just cure hair growth alone..

3.how is you menses now? its nature,pain,with constipation?

4.how is you stool and urine? frequent /not satisfied?

5.leucorrhea or white discharge?

6.thyroid normal?

7.are you irritable/sensitive/sad/weeping easily?

8.how was you first menses or menarche?

9.any other complaints ?
drthoufeequebhms last year

Sorry for the late response.
I had been waiting for my blood report.

Q1. what is the size of pcod in usg report before Ayurveda and after it?

I have lost those reports while moving from India to USA.
Here is the ultrasound scanning report I have taken in USA.
“PROCEDURAL TECHNIQUE: Real-time pelvic ultrasound evaluation including
transvaginal imaging is performed.
FINDINGS: The uterus measures 6.9 x 3.8 x 4.2 cm. The endometrial stripe
measures 0.4 cm.
The right ovary measures 3.2 x 2.6 x 4.7 cm. The left ovary measures 3.3 x 2.6
x 3.1 cm. Flow is demonstrated in both ovaries.
No fluid is noted in the cul-de-sac.
Unremarkable pelvic ultrasound.”
This USG has not been checked by a OBGYN.

They radiologist in USA said that my uterus is Inclined, I don’t know what that means
Were as in India radiologist told me that, I have some water bubbles in my ovaries.

Q2. describe about yourself by which we can get correct medicine which get speedy cure?
first of all we have to cure pcod, its cause of your hair problem. Once it’s in the background, we can’t just cure hair growth alone.

I am Indian women with height 5.3”, weight 74kg, Age 27yrs, Married, No kids, Fair complexion, Fun loving Individual.
I used to have my Problem with my periods from my 10th standard either they used to be continuous for months together or they will skip a month comes alternatively.
But in my 20’s problem became much worse.
My periods were never regular. One every 2/3 months. I used to get my menstrual cramps sometimes but I have not seen any Spotting.
I am controlling my diet and doing regular exercises and yoga to maintain my weight it hardly goes down to 2 kg’s. After that it never goes down.
Sir, I will easily be losing my patience, easily get Irritated and making myself undergoing a lot of thinking process even for small issues.
Most of the times even in my sleep my brain thinks, most of the time I get up very Tired from my sleep Instead of refreshed.
I am forgetting lot of to do things, this is what making me concerned. 27 yrs. old and forgetting things which normal people can do without any effort.

Q3. How is your menses now? its nature, pain, with constipation?

I never had any constipation sir.
If I am dehydrated then I will have some constipation, otherwise it is normal.
My periods are never regular, my flow is not how it used to be in my teen days.
Flow is Scanty, Dark/ black color and dry blood and it last only for two days after that I don’t see anything.
I will have normal menstrual cramps if I get my Period.

Q4. How is you stool and urine? Frequent /not satisfied?

Urine: Pale Yellow color/ normal and satisfied
Stool: Normal and satisfied

Q5. Leucorrhea or white discharge?

I have normal white discharge

Q6. Thyroid normal?
There was no thyroid detected in my past lab reports

7. are you irritable/sensitive/sad/weeping easily?

I am easily irritable and lot of mood swings; Sometimes I feel like crying just for no reason, always Feel depressed and low.
Previously I used to be a very Sportive and strong women, but now I can see a lot of change in me.

8. How was your first menses or menarche?

My first menses good, getting cramps on the day before my periods and the flow used to be good/ satisfactory

9. any other complaints?
Sir, this is regarding The Intercourse. I feel Myself very dry. My husband also feel the same. I don’t feel like enjoying it.

I am attaching you my blood work that has been done 16th March.
Kindly Show me a way to cure myself.
Brujau last year

When is your last menstrual period?

When you are sad how do you feel when someone gives you consolation? Feel better or worse?

Any pain or discomfort like backache or pimples occurs before menses? 2 days or 1 week before menses?
drthoufeequebhms last year

Hi Sir,

My last period was on march 15 2017 and before that the period was on sep 2016(6 months back)

My backaches before and in between periods.

When I am sad and someone consoles me I will burst into Tears.

Thank you for the questions.
Brujau last year

final questions for clarification:

1.do have special and excess craving for salt?

2.do you have broad shoulder than your hip like that of males?

3.how is your voice?

4.any particular dreams?

5.any long lasting greif?

6.easily weeping or only when some asks about your complaint?

7.frequent headache during day time,on exposure to sun heat?

8.which weather do you tolerate well? hot or cold.whic is intolerable makes you sick

[message edited by drthoufeequebhms on Tue, 21 Mar 2017 06:09:41 UTC]
drthoufeequebhms last year

No problem sir.
I will answer all your questions

final questions for clarification:

1.do have special and excess craving for salt?
No sir.
I don't carve for any salt.
I like eating spicy dishes.
Most if it will be non veg.

2.do you have broad shoulder than your hip like that of males?
Yes sir I have broad shoulders than my hip.
Since now i have gaining weight my hip part also increased.

3.how is your voice?
My voice is normal sir.
May be deepened.
I cannot say.

4.any particular dreams?
I think I have have sleep paralysis sir.
My brain will be awake and how much I struggle to wake up from sleep my single muscle doesn't move.
I don't know if it means something.
I get this thing every now and then.
I have dreams Like I am falling down.
Sometimes nightmares about my loved ones being in bad situations.
My husband says I talk in my dreams.

5.any long lasting greif?
No sir.

6.easily weeping or only when some asks about your complaint?
Only when someone says anything or when I am disturbed.
But not all the time.

7.frequent headache during day time,on exposure to sun heat?
Headache when I am very much exposed to sun.
Other times i don't have any headaches

8.which weather do you tolerate well? hot or cold.which is intolerable makes you sick?
I stayed in both hot and cold weathers.
Now i have been used to cold weather too.
I have never been sick other than this ongoing PCOD problem.

One more information sir.
I became LAZY.
When I work, I will make sure it is complete and perfectly done.
If not I will keep it pending till the last sec.
My cognitive skills are getting effected day by day.
Keeping a to do list even for basic tasks.

Kindly help me sir.
Brujau last year

1.your educational qualifications?

2.are you indifferent to your husband or family to those who you love best?

3.any other discoloration in face or anywhere?


[message edited by drthoufeequebhms on Tue, 21 Mar 2017 15:03:21 UTC]
drthoufeequebhms last year

1.your educational qualifications?
I have done bachelor's in mechanical engineering.
Worked for 5 years in india as a Mechanical engineer.

2.are you indifferent to your husband or family to those who you love best?
No sir.
I love my family, I love my husband.

3.any other discoloration in face or anywhere?
Discoloration in the chin and jaw line and neck, due to hair growth.
Remaining area of is of the same skin tone.
Discoloration in underarms, elbows, inner thighs.

I like participating in it.
I never had any aversion or lost interest in it.
Sometimes I feel dry while doing it and we try to use some lubricant for it.
[message edited by Brujau on Tue, 21 Mar 2017 16:11:55 UTC]
Brujau last year

Ok here is your prescription:

1.thuja 1M 1dose (3pills)on first day.
2.next day onwards,natrum mur 30 tds for 10days And oleum jac 3x 3tablets 3times(if its 1grain sized tablet) daily for 10days.(if its 3grain sized .take 1tablet 3times.)

It needs few months of treatment to cure complete.
Along with medication you should perform waxing...externaly..

drthoufeequebhms last year

Hi Sir,
Good Morning,

Thank you for Helping me out with my issue.

I want to explain my understanding of the medication.

1st Day:
Thuja 1M pellets 3pills

2nd Day:
Natrum Mur 30 + Oleum Jac 3X for 10 days.

after 10 days should I have to repeat the cycle again ?

1st Day
Thuja 1M

2nd day
Natrum Mur 30 + Oleum Jac 3X for 10 days.. so on.

Sir, where to find oleum Jac 3X it is not available in the website?
is there any alternative to it ?
and sir can you suggest any cream to apply externally for Hair growth ?

Once again Thanks for helping me.
[message edited by Brujau on Wed, 22 Mar 2017 07:02:30 UTC]
Brujau last year

sorry tds means 3 times a day

take natrum mur 30 3 pills 3 times daily from next day after thuja 1m

just google seach below cream :

drthoufeequebhms last year

Sorry Sir ,

I have Edited my Post again.
Just reply with a simple yes if my understanding is correct for repeating the cycle after 10 days.
Brujau last year

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