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Seeking treatment for my boy with Pervasive development disorder-Not Otherwise Specified

Is there any one who is specialist on PDD-NOS or ADHD and wish to take the case of my 12 years no verbal boy who is suffering from the above mentioned development disorder?

  marwan on 2017-07-03
This is an internet forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Please provide details - background information of the disorder, family history, behaviour; how disease has progressed over time, how it started, etc
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Zady101 11 months ago

Hello Doctor Zady101!
Patient details have given below as you requested.
Patient mother had miscarriage once before she gave birth the patient and was tensed about the next pregnancy, whether it will success or not.Atlast,she gave birth a boy(patient) in 8months which was pre matured and by c-section delivery and suffering from “Oxygen deprivation at birth”.Doctor rushed to transfer him to another medical center(as there was no facilities to support his problem)which was one hour away.
Everythings went fine till he reached 2 ½ to 3 years but few things like not pointing things and not bubbling(but pronounce few words directly like papa ,mama , kaka ,give , no etc) but slowly he started to avrese pronouncing those words which he can and dislike if asked to do so but he does only whenever he is in dire situation(like if he got angry or extremely need something or some one suppose to beat him).
He never pointing things instead pull some one’s hand to show,He is polite or lazy? if he need something then he will ask some one to give by pulling his or her hand to show but he will not take the thing himself first although he know wher it is but if asked to get it himself the he will take or will try to get.Throw away things what he does not like. Touching and rubbing his private part very frequently when he is anxious or excited. He always did it when his anxiety was very high or he is very excited. e.g. suppose he did not get what he has demanded then he gets very mad . First he will try to hit me or his mom by scratch with his nails or holding and puling hair then hurt himself by hiting his head by palm of hand if his demand is not meet,got angry,irritated,will jump or lay on bed,cover his head with clothes and cry. He will not ask for food(main meal) but got wild(angry) when the time passed and he is hungry.seems he know the time(if I tell him that I will bring you outside for play by afternoon and he will approach me by afternoon) although do not know to read clock. he will start to pampering to some one by kissing when he pleased or he need something from that person he think and push away soon after.Feels guilty if he know he did something what was not right.Some time he feels shy in front of strangers or things he did what is shamefull but generaly he is shameless, like when he get naked in front of people etc.some time he lough in the air or seems without cause but I think there might have cause but never cry without cause.He does not feel pain much just some irritation.even if his finger or some where else cut and start bleeding he do not know but if he has stomach pain he will not cry but press his stomach by hand and band his body. Could not touch or hold him with out his willingness/does not like to be touched or cuddle.He does not like strangers.He is jelous,impatient(if ask something he will reopeatedly comeback or stay for moment only).Like bright things and colour light. Sensitive to smell/sense of smell is very high,smell every food/drink before consume, does not like smell of smoke,rotten things and will block his nose with fingers when passes through places where,even when he is in toilet. Do not affraid of thunders/not conscious . Affraid of being in narrow space. Does not like to put something around his neck, if it is winter and we bring him out side,put muffler around his neck and he will pull to remove it.Does not like to wear socks and does not like to wear sandal or shoes for long time,like to be bare footed and like to rubing his feet in any rough space or clothes. Always like to rubbing rough surface, Like dust/dirt/sand/powder(like powdery or granules like things) and rub on his hand,arm and face only but not eat. Loves to play with glitterd things, water,granules and sticky things.Like to touch any bright things.
Does not like to eat any fruits but only banana a bit.Always like to eat meat,does not like fish or vegetable but like raw vegetable or leaf of tree.cravings for highly sweet food(like jalebi),carbo hydrates(like potato chips,pop corns which should be spicy),carbonated cold drinks.most of the time like to eat his favourite things even soon after his meal.Does not like hot food or drinks.Does not like milk.Most of the time retain urine for long time. whenever cough/loughing causes the urine to spurt.Always constipated,very big and yellow color stool,gurgling sound in his stomach .
He loves music but his sensitive to certain noise/sudden noise/extreme high noise. Like to listen music but his favouarte but noise and shouting like sound does not like.even when I speak to some one over phone in a shout voice he will feel irritated and some time put his hand over my mouth to stop me or when he go to out side and there are acute sound from car horn cover his ear with hand.Constantly moving his foot and foot finger when at rest or sleep.
He shifts places constantly, he is very hyper active, runs from room to room never stays still, he climbs stair but afraid when to come down screaming from fear and refuse to come down,like to ride swing and rocking chair.love to play with water too.Take bath many times a day in summer like now but in winter does not like.does not like to touch his body parts or trimming his hair is very tough.He is not conscious about his dress or color only comfortable what he needs.He likes perfume very much which has good smell.
He has no fear about things like dog,dark,thunder but about height and i think ghost(some time he went to toilet and look at the ventilator window and affraid and if i close the window then he is fine) and if some one like to beat him.
He is a left sider as he like to eat and prefer to do things with his left hand.Like to cover his leg(not feet and feet should not be coverd)with anything like towel,blanket.
He prefer to sleep on either side but mostly on right. Does not like to sleep and specially at day even he is sleepy,most of the time wake up early around between 3:00am---4:00am and sleep again by 6:00 or 6:30am. usually he wakes up very irritable and by 10 to 10:30 he is fine.he has bed wetting most of the time.
Avoid isolation by any means even can not take a good picture of him,some how he understand when taking picture and will move his face or go away.He like to arrange things(if something fall down or displaced by him and he will put it in place). Aversion to work(mental/physical).I am confused about his memory as there are things he can remember for long time but simple things he could not.Like-pepsi,cocke,7up or jalebi he can remember for unlimited time but if ask about his head,leg,hair or book he do not.He has absent minded,lack of attention and concentration.
He has dry skin and Stretch marks on belly,thighs and on arms. Sweating his head and neck when in sleep and his pelow become wet.He can not tolerate hot,constant perspiration need two fan or will ask to be in a cooler place,like go to shoping mall where has air condition.He is easily catch by cold.
He has given baryta carb 6c 3times daily for one month and later baryta carb 30c once daily for one month,at the same time kali phos 6x 3times daily for two months.
He is not under any medication alopathy(never) or homeo.currently in a special school.he is twelve years now and his Blood type is AB+.
[Edited by marwan on 2017-07-05 09:54:16]
marwan 11 months ago

Does he sleep on his abdomen?
Zady101 11 months ago

No sir!Mostly he sleep on right side or left side very rarely sleep on his back but for few moments but never on abdomen.He love to travel,love to play out side,feels very happy when we bring him out side either travel or for play. I think he is very immotional and got hurt very easily.One day i brought him to a shoping mall i left him and started to search for itemns i will buy he was excited to be there,expressing his feeling, started to enjoy by bit jumping on floor and loughing.A sales girl come and ask him(in a low voice tone) why you are doing like this(sales girl do not know about him)
.I understand what may happen and rushed to him.I found that my boy is sat on floor and started to weep by covering his face with his hand.
sorry for telling so many things you did not asked but thought these might help you to find the right remedy for him.
[Edited by marwan on 2017-07-05 13:07:49]
marwan 11 months ago

Stramonium 30C

Dissolve 2 drops in 3 tablespoons water in a disposable cup, stir a few times and drink. Do this ONCE. Update me after 2 days

Send me a mail with the thread link when u reply
[Edited by Zady101 on 2017-07-05 13:10:00]
Zady101 11 months ago

Should he take the medicine in the morning and before meal?I do not understand what you mean by send me mail with thread link.Is that i will send you e-mail and send you the reply here too?

[Edited by marwan on 2017-07-05 14:30:32]
marwan 11 months ago

Sorry to disturb you again.But i felt to let you know all symptoms he has.During sleep he must keep bodily touch by any means with his mom or me and if not found some one then will wakeup.He afraid when he is near wider space of water like pond,river or big water pass.when at night he intake not enough water then it will cause him to wake up any time during night,will go to toilet for urination and soon after start to cry (like crazy)hold his penis,try to urinate again but no urine there,I understand it is due to lack of water intake and there is burning sensation(as I have the same problem)we let him drink plenty of water after hour he calm down .it happened several times and last time I used 2 drops of cantharis mother tincture in a cup of water and let him drink,within 15-20minutes seems he releived from pain as he is no longer cry,it is very hard to understand a nonverbal boy.

marwan 11 months ago

Ok, I got your feedback and Stram seems to be working.

But first give him Cantharis 30 twice a day for 2 days

2 drops in 3 tablespoons water in a disposable cup is one dose
Zady101 11 months ago

Is that i will give him Cantharis 30 morning and night for two days?
Do you need his pict to understand more about his problem?
[Edited by marwan on 2017-07-08 20:19:26]
marwan 11 months ago

Hello Doctor Zady101!
I have sent you mail with the update of my boy.Do you received it please?

marwan 11 months ago

I think I did not receive the mail. Can you send again
Zady101 11 months ago

Sent you mail this morning.wish this time it will not miss.

marwan 11 months ago

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