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Lack of self confidence when facing authoritative/dominant people? Page 3 of 2

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Dear Doctors,

I will describe my case in two parts: Before Baryta Carb,silicea and sympathum Q overdose and After Baryta Carb,silicea and sympathum Q overdose

I was overdosed continuously for 45 days with symphathum Q 10drops morning and evening, silicea 12x 4 tabs/3 times/day and baryta carb 200c 3 drops/3times/day.

From that day(Dec2010) till this day, my life has been hell. homeopathy does not have any side effects is what I was told so I never thought this will have so much effects on my life till this day.

Before Overdose part(my childhood problems) :

1. I used to bleed from nose whenever I spend excess time in sun.
2. I was having constipation. I cannot have bowl movement for 3 days. I used to get lot of headache if I don't have bowl movement.
3. Whenever I listen to any song, I only used to enjoy the music and never get to the lyrics part. i have to repeat so many times to listen to the lyrics and I cannot get to the lyrics.
4. I cannot understand complex logical sentencses. Example: He is son of your mother-in-law's father's son-in-law. I dont know even if that example is good but decoding such logics in short time is not possible to me. I have to sit and go very slow to unravel it.

5.There was a shyness whenever I visit new people and especially with females even till today. No confidence in meeting women. I was brought up in boys school till my graduation, can you believe it?

6.I used to get angry with people who manipulate me.Right before my marriage, the thought that the women I marry will sleep with somebody and come into my life used to tear me apart. what if such a bitch comes into my life.Day in and Dayout, for 3 years,I used to get lot of angry. But luckily I married a godly women and I am happy now.

7. very sensitive to electromagnetic radiation. I used to get lot of anxiety after watching TVs especially computer monitors.

After Overdosing:

1.Delusions of criticism.
2.Delusions of superiority. If I see any stage performance, I will image I am doing that.
3. Aggravtions of the above with cold and right after eating.
4. I am suffering from mild lower ventricualr hypertrophy.
5. I have pain in the head of penis which prevents me from having intercourse. Its been 6 years of marriage and we still don't have intercourse only outside sex. According to chinese medicine, the head of the penis corresponds to the heart region.
6. My breaths are small and fast.
7. The pulse starts in the lower base of the heart and I can feel it across left nipple, left arm and the back part of the head. I have to tuck my back part of the head into pillow while I am in lying position.
8. I have diabetes, non-alcholic fatty liver.
9. I can feel the pulse in the back spine behind my heart region.
10.The above sensation get amplified with using wifi in mobile and standing before mobile towers.

I conclude my solar plexus in not functioning properly. I defninitely know this but homeopathy does not treat according to chakras.

If you can read the materia medica of baryta carb, silicea and symphathum, you will defenitely accept all these symptoms. they are imprinted on to my constitution.

Only God has helped me swim through the pain all these 6 years. hope he will smile at me soon.

MAG MUR best describes me. It gives me lot of relief. I was told its my constitutional remedy. It actually solved most of my constipation, high belly fat etc.

Please doctors attend my case.
I am homeopathic prover which makes choosing the dose very tough.


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ganapathi1 11 months ago

In one sentence I will tell what is my problem.

I don't know it's pulse or palpitations. The moving sensation at the left base of heart is very fast and synchronized in back of head, center of stomach, and through out the left arm.
Secondly I can't have penetrative sex as the head of my penis pains and it is the biggest problem.

which of baryta carb, silicea and symphathum Q created this state ?

Hope this helps

Thanks Dr. jawahar for your interest.
[Edited by ganapathi1 on 2017-08-12 15:47:37]
ganapathi1 11 months ago

I am not a qualified homeopath. I am learning. But I assure you of good treatment. If you have benefitted pls continue. In case you need help it is there. Do you need MY help? We can start then.
jawahar 11 months ago

Hi Dr.Jawahar,

I took one dose of camphor 200c and saw huge change. Even after 3 days one thing did not go and it was huge source of trouble.

Dichrotism is the word finally I found to correctly label my problem.

Problem 1 : Violent palpitation, reverberating in head, with labored breathing. Palpitation from least exertion. Throbbing all through body.

Problem 2: Pain in the head of penis so I cannot do penetrative sex.

For the above

I took one dose of Belladona 200c(It is listed as antidote to baryta carb) to address this problem :
For the first 1 hour of taking, the problem 1 was gone. But there was aggravation of emotions.I don't know how but I lost control and fought with brother. I could not bear this medicine. Problem 2 also got better.

I quickly took one dose of Nat sulp 200c as it was mentioned as antidote to large doses of baryta carb(200c/3drops/3-times/day)

Now I am doing very good.
Problem 1 (Dichrotism.Violent palpitation, reverberating in head, with labored breathing. Palpitation from least exertion. Throbbing all through body.) is significantly decreased with no aggravation. My mind is very cool.

But Problem 2(Pain in the head of penis so I cannot do penetrative sex.) still remains.

Am I going in the right direction?

I am using 200c potencies to antidote.is it correct?

Can camphora 200c be used along with Nat sulp/Belladona 200c?

hope someone will guide me correctly.

ganapathi1 11 months ago

I appreciate your knowledge and degree of detail. I regret it is so confusing for me. If you want my help please state your current problem specifically and most briefly. We'll try to understand your past when time comes.
For your penis problem pls start ARGENTUM NIT 200C. Take one dose , wait for 3 days and report.
One problem at a time, starting with the worst. Maybe we can identify connected symptoms, but then we'll take our time.
jawahar 11 months ago

Dear Doctor Jawahar,

so many thanks because someone want to listen so patiently.

First we will solve the major symptom and go to Penis Problem. because its very very tough for me to leave even one day like this.Please understand me.

I will explain my problem now very simply in my own words other than using homeo lingo.

******* Problem statement******

It all starts in the chest region/Center of heart.Easily felt on the back of spine behind the heart.

It the heart beat(I am not sure of using the word pulse).It could be pulse in your terminology.

this heart beat is so strong and so fast.

SO STRONG that I can feel it in the center of brain and does not allow me to think at all. It moves my brain to and fro. Just like heart is beating , so is my head.It creates confusion. It does not allow me to connect to my inner being. It does not allow me to concentrate. It does not allow me to process emotions at all so there is lot of emotional baggage left behind to resolve since 7 years.

SO STRONG that it creates a violent palpitation, goes up chest and all the way into my left arm. I can feel that heart beat mostly in my left elbow region very clearly. Same is felt in the left knee joint and left foot palm. I can feel my left foot palm so hot.

Now coming to FAST, beat is so fast that i cannot catch my breath. I cannot meditate at all. the act of fast breathing is being forced upon me. the breath is small. I do take deep breath every 2 minutes.

This whole act makes my brain and left arm so hot that I have to sleep because I am exhausted.

Baryta Carb, silicea or sympthathum Q must have put me on this state.


this post of explaining to you has made things very clear to me about the reasoning behind my condition. thanks for repeated enquiry.

Dear Doctor, kindly tell me what is your thought on this instead of prescribing the remedy. I can give you so many details which will change the remedy you choose.

Apart from this above major problem, I have few more
1. Penis Problem as you already know.
2. The frustration problem which will outburst into anger. Once I take a sip of LivAid, all are gone for 4 days and again all are back and again I take LivAid. Its just liver problem.I have taken a dose of Nat sulp 200c and all are gone for now.
3.I have diabetes.around 200 reading.
4.I have mild lower ventricular hypertrophy.

Eagerly waiting for your reply.
[Edited by ganapathi1 on 2017-08-17 06:06:33]
ganapathi1 11 months ago

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