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Urgent Dr Thoufeeq!!

I will work on this..please fill in the below questionnaire where you have not described in your post.

1. Age: 41
2. Sex: female
3. Built up:obese/moderate/slim slim
4. Complexion: fair,dark wheatish
5. Occupation: warehouse worker
6. Single/married: married
7. Country: USA
8. List out all your PROBLEMS with its since how long,which part is affected,which side,what you feel during complaint etc:in an order(which came first then which came?
I have been suffering from Anxiety and depression from the last 25 years
I get anxious and tensed when I hear a bad news and sad news.
I don't want to take any allopathic medicine as it is not beneficial for me.
When I am too tensed it's hard for me to sleep.
My husband just came back from back home after 5 years. I thought he would be a great help to me financially but its been 3 months he is not doing anything. Its hard for me to manage expenses in that case for 3 of us.

a)Worsening factors for each complaint (eg:-by pressure,what time,heat,cold,season,food,eating,after
sleep,by sweat,,by stooping,after stool & urine,after bathing etc.?)
ANS: any bad news specially related to me and my family gives me anxiety. I don't like rainy season. I like sun outside. I like to stay warm, neither hot nor cold.

b)When Its Better,for each complaint (eg: by pressure,what time,by heat, by cold, any season,any food, eating,after sleep,by sweat,after stool & urine ,after bathing etc.?)
ANS: I feel better when I see any hope of cure. I feel little better after stool, as I urge to go when I am tensed.

9. Mind:sensitive/angry/sad/weeping/fear of/anxiety/shy etc.,memory,desire company,grief,lewd etc.
ANS: i am furious all the time. I express my frustration by anger. I yell all the time.
I do not cry even if I am sad. J like company of at least one person. I don't like to talk to many people. Usually I am quiet but my mind is not. I have too much thinkings inside my mind. I am a shy person. Lately I am getting nervous talking to people. I have hatred towards my husband as he is a procrastinator and lazy boze, he doesn't have confidence to do anything at all. He fights like a child with my 8 years old daughter. He gives me lots of tensions

10. Thermal:which weather do you prefer hot or cold? Which is NOT tolerable?
ANS: i prefer warm and sunny weather. I don't like rain and clody days.

11. Frequent or occasional nausea,vomiting to any food,headache,gas trouble,leucorrhea(white discharge-females) ,dandruff,hairfall etc.explain if any
ANS: i have a gas problem. Sometimes gas gets stuck inside stomach for long time which is painful. I have frequent headaches and head congestion, and burning inside head.

12. Stool:regular/quantity/frequent desire/satisfied/bleeding?
Regular but I urge to go 2-3 times when I am tensed. Less in quantity.

13. Urine: regular/quantity/frequent desire/satisfied
ANS: regular. Normal quantity

14. Menses: regular,how many days,frequency of cycle,any complaints before or during menses like pimples,backache,white discharge,pain in abdomen,legs etc.,irritability,constipation,diarrhea,nausea etc?
ANS: regular

15. Sweat:profuse,scanty,offensive,stains
ANS: little sweat, has smell but not strong.

16. Sleep:satisfied/disturbed?particular dreams?
ANS: sleep is okay but when I am tensed, I wake up frequently

17. Appetite: how often,quantity,satisfied?
ANS: less in quantity but okay

18. Thirst: how many glasses ?how often?
ANS: not thirsty. May be 2-3 cups a day.

19. Cravings:salt/sweet/sour /milk/egg/meat/veg/fruit/vinegar etc.
ANS: no cravings of food

20. Aversion: salt/sweet/sour /milk/egg/meat/veg/fruit/vinegar etc.
ANS: I like salt than sweet. I like chicken

21. Intolerant foods if any which might be your favorite or not.
ANS: i hate squishy food. I don't like taking soups.

22. How is your sex life?no desire/premature ejaculation/no erection/painful sex?
ANS: no desire while tensed. Not satisfied with sex life.

23. Do you have diabetes/BP/Cholestrol/thyroid etc Done any surgey ?
ANS: don't know. I had c section during my daughter's delivery

24. Do you have any skin complaints-itching,warts,rashes,discoloration etc.?
ANS: itchy skin.

25. List out all medicines you have taken till now and its result
ANS: i have taken Ignatia Amara 200 c 5days ago as there was a death in the family. It's helping me good but I have head burning and congetion because of the lack of sleep and too much thinking.
I was too tensed before, while I heard the news but it lessened now because of the remedy.

26. Any other things which you think it make you unique from others ..
I talk very little and think a lot. I am apprehensive. Think always negative

Please help me calm down my nerves. I have a huge burning congestion in my head. Which bothers me a lot. I want to get rid of hatred and anger.

Thanking you
  dr toufeeq1 on 2017-08-10
This is an internet forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
it seems i have prescribed you remedies before ..but i lost the connection later..can you copy paste your last medications

drthoufeequebhms 11 months ago

Yes Dr Thoufeeq,
I contacted you before too. It was about 1 and 1/2 months or so. But I lost my password and had to write everything again. But my current situation has been changed a lot. My husband is here with me now and he's giving me lots of extra tensions by not working and not making any money. I can't afford and support all 3 of us. Everyday I am too tensed because of his lack of confidence and lack of interest on getting any jobs. He makes excuses.
And also few days ago my Aunt passed away. I was too tensed and sad before but I am 30-40% better in that regard after having 2 doses of Ignatia 200. But I still have congestion and suffocation and stressed out feeling. It's bothering me a lot currently.

Please help me.
dr toufeeq1 11 months ago

Could you please state your problem with me too? Pls state your problem as briefly as possible- your problem as you FEEL or experience it physical, emotional. We'll take more details as we go along.Address me by my name.
jawahar 11 months ago

Dr Thoufeeq please respond!!

I am feeling so stressed out with my current situation and
I am having so much of head congestion and head burning. Too much hatred and anger inside me.

I am sighing a lot too. Feel like shrtness of breath. I am feeling tired mentally.
Two things are bothering me currently:

Missing my Aunt who passed away recently. (I took 4 doses of Ignatia in 15 days of time, before I wrote to you. )

And hatred towards husband because of his attitudes and egos and lack of his confidence on doing anything. I am feeling like only I am working hard and he is just relaxed staying home(eating, watching TV and sleep).

Please respond asap as per your convenience . I appreciate your help.


I found out the earlier posts. Please see

sorry for late reply.As this is month of ramdan,i will be busy ,cant always check here for follow up.you can click on my name for my contact details for further follow up.

as of now,

take phosphorus 200c 3pills in one morning,not daily. along with kali phos 6x

report changes

drthoufeequebhms on 2017-06-08
Thank you for your reply Dr Toufeeq,
Ramadaan mubarak !! Sorry to bother you.
I appreciate your help despite your busy schedule.

Will take Phosphorus and Kali Phos as per your advice.

God bless you.
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dr toufeeq on 2017-06-09
Hello Dr Toufeeq,
I sent you an email too stating my condition after taking Phosphorus and Kali phos .
I haven't got any reply yet. Please help me.
I am stressed out again. My head is burning. The remedies helped me about 50%
For the first 2-3 days. But I am again stressed out, irritated and frustrated. My head is congested.
Should I take Phosphorus again ? Please advise.
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dr toufeeq on 2017-06-16
repeat phosphorus 200c again

and report back
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drthoufeequebhms on 2017-06-21
dr toufeeq1 11 months ago

have you repeated phosphorus again?

what was the change after that?

drthoufeequebhms 11 months ago

reply to my above quiery

meanwhile take 1drop each from following bach flower remedies: WILLOW,BEECH,IMPATIENS,HOLLY AND STAR OF BETHLEHEM into half glass water..take this regularly 4 times daily

FOR YOUR HUSBAND,IF POSSIBLE FOR HIS CHARECTOR(which caused you this trouble).give 2 drops from the following bach flower remedies into his water bottle( 1 litre)..one sip or 2-3 teaspoons atleast for 4 times daily.. if taken in excess will not cause any side effects

drthoufeequebhms 11 months ago

Hello doctor Thoufeeq,

I Think I took Phosphorus again but no significant improvement I saw. I have a very weak memory, I don't remember all the effects now.
The Bach Flower remedies are so expensive here doctor, I can't afford them. I am sorry.

Could you Please suggest some homeopathic remedies for my current stress. I am feeling so suffocated and dizzy as well because of taking too much tensions.
I have some 200c potency remedies at home

Lac Canninum 200 ck
Ars Alb 200ck and 1m
Nux Vomica 200
Stramonium 200
Staphysagria 200
Belladonna 200
Pulsatilla 200
Colocynthis 200
Nat Mur 200 ck
Bryonia 200 ck
Thuja Occidentalis 200ck
Gelsemium 200 ck
Anacardium ORientale 200 ck
Calc Carbonica 200 ck
Sepia 200ck
ARnica montana 200 ck
Rus Tox 200
Aconite 200 ck and 1m
Phosphoric Acid 200
Lycopodium 200
Argentum Nitricum 200
Calc Phos 200
Cammomila 200
Ruta Galv 200
Lithium Carb 200
Mag phos 200
Aurum Mat 200
Ignatia Amara 200
Kali Phos 6x
Kali Brom 200 ck
Nat Mur 1m
Colocynthis 1m
Lithium Carb 1m

Please suggest asap as this head congestion is giving me so much trouble.
[Edited by dr toufeeq1 on 2017-08-12 15:34:37]
dr toufeeq1 11 months ago




drthoufeequebhms 11 months ago

Thank you

I took Ignatia 200.

1st two doses (night and morning doses)about 18-20 days ago
2nd two doses(night and morning doses) 8 days ago.

I am feeling suffocated and shortness of breath currently. Head is so heavy and burning. Less complaints about husband (because he brought home some money this week from somewhere) and less anxiety about the death of my aunt after I talked to my cousin (her son) last night. He didn't seem as tensed as I was so I felt relieved.

I really can't take it when someone i know, is suffering from any pain or agony. I feel suffocated and I put myself in the place of that person.

I am not sure whether it's because of all the tensions I took lately, the shortness of breath ( as if somebody is choking me or some heavy thing is on my chest) heavy headedness are the consequences OR is it the aggravation from the remedy.

Please suggest
[Edited by dr toufeeq1 on 2017-08-14 22:37:39]
dr toufeeq1 11 months ago

take natrum mur 200c 3pills once for one day..not daily

take 2drops each from following bach flower remedies:
impatiens,willow,holly and star of bethlehem into half glass water 4 times daily

report feed back after 15days

drthoufeequebhms 11 months ago

Hello Dr Thoufeeq,
How are you doing?

I had a dose of Nat Mur 200 as per your suggestion 11 days ago. I gradually was feeling better. Thank you so much.


Shortness of breath improved by80-90%, No heaviness on the chest. Anxiety decreased by 70-80%. Stressed out feeling improved by70-80%.
Heaviness in head decreased by 60-70%. Hatred towards husband improved by 50-60%. Feeling of agony by the death of my aunt got better by 60-70%.

New things experienced: experiencing dull burning pain and heaviness around uterus area since last week, eventhough its not my Period time. It was intense at the beginning but slowly improved. (My period starts on 6th. )There was a Dull burning pain on both eyes during that time. But little heaviness around uterus is still there. My back is hurting.

This morning I was so fatigued as soon as I woke up. My head is heavy. Feeling lazy to do things.

Please suggest.

Thanking you.
dr toufeeq1 10 months ago

Dr Thoufeeq,
Please help.
I am having a very bad backache and fatigue. I don't feel like doing anything or working. My head is heavy. My body is aching. Feeling weak, mentally and physically.
Whenever I am not feeling well, I get scared of having a serious health problems, eventhough it's just a minor headache or so.

Please help.
dr toufeeq1 10 months ago

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