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Malaria & Homoeopathy

I was just in west Africa and successfully treated many people for malaria. I am looking for grants to return and continue this work. I need more time to do follow-ups and catagorize the remedies used in the two different regions I visited. Is anyone else out there doing similar work - treating malaria with homoeopathic remedies?
  adjoa on 2006-09-01

This is an internet forum. Posts are not from medical professionals.
I don't have any answers for you, but would you be willing to share what remedies you tend to use or what particular issues you run into there? Thanks!

Daisy43 last decade

I treated about 30 cases of malaria and used 9 different remedies. As you know, there is no particular remedy except the one called for by the patient's symptoms, but what I noticed is that there tended to be regional types of malaria. The coastal people suffering from malaria tended to require certain remedies and the inland sufferers tended to have a different grouping of symptoms thus a different set of remedies. I haven't charted out all my data yet, but Ars was the most used remedy for the coastal type and Nat-m was mostly called for with the inland/northern region sufferers. Although, there were other remedies such as puls, ip, sep, etc. As always, getting the patient's particular symptoms along with some generals and mentals is the key to finding the appropriate remedy.

adjoa last decade

That's interesting, adjoa, thanks!

Daisy43 last decade

question for daisy43 - I've been reading some of your replies and am wondering where/what you've studied - your understanding seems 'similar' to mine.

adjoa last decade

Yes...the homeopathic medicine for Malaria is :

China Q <br>or
China 30c...

to be administered frequently.

Very effective....takes away shivering and brings down the fever. Also revives the patient's health.

Other homeo-meds can be used side by side depending upon symptomology.

Best wishes,
Pankaj Varma

PANKAJ VARMA last decade

adjoa, I'm not a homeopath, just a lay person with a great fascination in classical homeopathy. My limited knowledge is self-taught (books and internet). I see a homeopath for chronic issues and I'm learning what I can about acute and first aid treatment (for myself and my pets).

Also, from the standpoint of public health policy, it is very discouraging that my country (USA) is overall so skeptical about such a fine and relatively affordable system of health care. So, your work on malaria caught my eye.

Daisy43 last decade

'Also, from the standpoint of public health policy, it is very discouraging that my country (USA) is overall so skeptical about such a fine and relatively affordable system of health care.'

Sadly this is all too true, though one can easily see the reason why. The big pharmaceuticals have been very successful at convicing the general public that drugs is the only viable and scientific option. The reasoning is flawed but it's seemingly very hard for Americans to understand this. It isn't that one method is right and the other wrong. There are conditions for which drugs are helpful at least as a temporary palliative, and conditions for which homoeopathy and other natural rememdies work better.

For example, I cured a case of chronic asthma for which I was on steroids for 14 years by taking merely apple cider vinegar (and being otherwise careful with my diet). Whenever I began to wheeze I took some ACV and the wheezing went away. After only a few days Iwasn't taking steroids or any ohter durgs anymore. Believe me, it was that simple.

But try telling that to the big pharmas. They'll simply dismiss it out of hand, even though most of their drugs are discoveered by University students doing research projects.

Or put it this way: how will they make money from my simple remedy? They can't, since it's just too easy for any Tom Dick or Harry to manafacture, and it can't be classified as a prescriptive drug so that it might be retricted to manufacture by themselves. So they seek to discredit it.
And actually, homoeopathic and other such remedies have it over drugs in that they'
re generally non-toxic and can help to effect much more permanent cures.

Simonc last decade

Thats it !!!

That is why so many Americans are suffering....and the big pharmas are trying to influence the governments in Asia also to impose 'their rules' in the marketplace.

So much anti-people activity.

PANKAJ VARMA last decade

Absolutely, PankaJ!

Sadly I think they might be successful for a long time to come. It's a simple but sad truth that 'he who has the gold makes the rules.'

But that shouldn't stop the genuine healers like yourself from continuing to assist humanity. That's a very worthy occupation (among the worthiest), that has my highest admiration.

Simonc last decade

Thanks !!

PANKAJ VARMA last decade

seems like my post got away from me.

I originally posted on this site to find other classical homoeopaths who are/were working with malaria. One reply stated that China was 'the remedy'. In my five years of schooling, I've never come across any statements in the classical texts that claim any remedy for any disease, because homoeopathy does not treat disease per se, it treats individuals that are sick/out of balance as indicated by their specific/individual symptoms. With my work in West Africa, I found that even with malaria, each person had their own unique stamp on the 'disease' - therefore utilizing only one remedy would not have been as effective. I used about 10 different remedies in varying potencies and had exremely effective results. I usually only had to dose the patients once(two cases needed the next higher potency of their remedy). China was used for 1 patient out of the 32 patients I treated - I used it because based on the patient's symptoms, I repertorized to it.

adjoa last decade

adjoa, if you haven't already, you could also ask the homeopaths at hpathy.com and otherhealth.com. Gina is a classical homeopath who has worked with malaria in Indonesia. Some others may have had experience with it as well.

Daisy43 last decade

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