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sleep bruxism in 9 yr old
Hi, Our son is 9 and has sleep bruxism for a long time and found out recently that homeop
ariesboy 2018-05-20
3   anuj srivastava 3 days ago

Long term masturbation side effects
Hello I'm currently suffering from masturbation side effects. I'm a 32 years old
humble1 2018-06-20
1   anuj srivastava 3 days ago

Daughter not talking
My daughter is 31 months old.she is not talking. Always want mobile for YouTube viewing. A
anuragfed 2018-06-20
2   anuragfed 3 days ago

unbearable sexual desire
SUBHAJIT 2018-04-23
12   SUBHAJIT 3 days ago

Pcos with heavy bleeding every 15 days
I have pcos with heavy bleeding in every 10-15 days with sharp pain in both ovaries. I had
Gitanjali1 2018-06-19
4   anuj srivastava 3 days ago

No menses! Plz help
Last month in April I took allopathic medicine to stop my menses bcuz I was going for pilg

Meera1 2018-05-20
27   anuj srivastava 3 days ago

Joepapthy -- using a 600 ml bottle instead of 500 ml
Hi everyone, I went to joedelivera.com to ask for a remedy for my condition. Dr. De Liver
hahnemann1 2018-06-18
4   simone717 4 days ago

34weeks pregnant Insomnia and persistent heartburn
Hi, I was wondering if there is anybody more classically-minded in the ways of homeopathy

rom109 2018-01-10
176   maheeru 4 days ago

Hi i recently have fissure operation.i fill pain n burning while passing stool.have starte
Riya3 2018-06-19
6   Riya3 4 days ago

Brain Tumor
Dear, I'm Tusar from Dhaka, Bangladesh. I had a Brain Tumor which is removed by surge

tusar1 2018-03-11
15   tusar1 4 days ago

2.5 Years old- Had mild fever- Lot of coughing- Aversion to fluids
Hi, My daughter had fever one week back(11th June), had given "Bellandona 200 potenc
PriyaPaul 2018-06-18
3   anuj srivastava 4 days ago

penis pr dane
mere penis pr dane ho gaye h lal colour ke or pure body me jln hoti h mene allopathy ilaz

Farhan3 2018-04-06
18   Farhan3 4 days ago

Suffering from nightfall and Oversensitivity of penis for several years
Hello Doctor, I am 18 years old and I am suffering from excessive nightfall.In the past fe

Baki 2018-03-30
44   Tui 5 days ago

Sexual Desire
Someone Please Suggest Me a Medicine which stops my sexual desire due too very high sexual
IbrahimWaqar 2018-06-17
6   Tui 5 days ago

speech regression in 3 year old
i posted in this forum about mu daughter and got a suggestion of medicine but it has not w

Umeedalam 2018-04-04
36   Umeedalam 5 days ago

Osteoarthritis in the right knee
Hi, I would really appreciate some help. I have osteoarthritis in my knees, specifically

ticatee 2018-03-28
29   Tui 5 days ago

Pseudotumor Cerebri issues
Seeking remedy for pseudotumor cerebri/fluid imbalance/headaches. I have been suffering fr

bsparks 2018-04-15
26   Tui 5 days ago

Schizophrenia and digestion,dipression
Sir I m suffering from schizophrenia from last nine years.in2009 due to some reasons I wen
kumar8 2018-06-18
3   anuj srivastava 5 days ago

Vertigo, migraines, depression, lethargy
Hello, I live in NYC, very busy. I am from Australia and want to move back there. I am get
Lindasaffioti81 2018-06-18
1   homeo_helper 5 days ago

Gastritis and stomach ache and acidity plz help
Zuif 2018-06-18
1   anuj srivastava 5 days ago

Difficult to start urinate please suggest me medicine
I am unable to start urine. Very difficult to start. I lay down on earth to start urine I
rajanvikash 2018-06-12
10   anuj srivastava 5 days ago

Pain after tooth extraction
Hello, i had upper right six extracted 8.5. and one root was left in and they surgically
lony29 2018-06-14
3   anuj srivastava 5 days ago

Please help -- anxiety, depression, cognitive impairment, loss of libido
Hi everybody, I am new to homeopathy. Over the last month-and-a-half I've been advis
hahnemann1 2018-06-14
3   hahnemann1 5 days ago

help me
hello, i am khawar my age is 26 doing masturbation from past 10 years. my symptoms are: to
khawarsid 2018-06-17
5   Tui 5 days ago

treatment of pad
madni66 2018-06-17
1   0antivirus0 5 days ago

enlarged prostrate vol 104 cm - dr kadwa, dr murthy etc
Hi Doctor, The last week have been suffering from severe paints. I am a 60 years old male

pimathew 2017-08-19
90   kadwa 5 days ago

Dr kadwa please help
Age 33 i difficult to start urinate.very poor urine stream and litil bit.i put my hand on
rajanvikash 2018-06-16
1   kadwa 5 days ago

Thuja Occidentalis(1000CH) 1M
Thuja occidentalis 1M. Can any one suggest the right dosage of Thuja 1M. I have Ganglion C
ashawthama 2018-06-15
1   kadwa 5 days ago

Sexual exposure
I am a male 31 years old. I had a sexual exposure 3 years back which was protected vaginal
rk264 2018-04-28
9   kadwa 5 days ago

Glaucoma and cataracts
I am 60 yr old female with glaucoma which is under control and cataracts in both eyes(rig
ldegeneste 2018-06-16
1   Tui 6 days ago

heavy respiration on exertion
could somebody help me : my husband has some issues with his breathing especialy on effort
coni 2018-06-17
1   Tui 6 days ago

any diabetic cure
any diabetic cure reported in any book or journal by homeopathy

mazhariihr 2014-03-06
21   skmangal 6 days ago

Swelling in neck
My father diagnosed with meningitis and he is on attending medicine. Now he got swelling i
Owti 2018-06-17
1   0antivirus0 6 days ago

Excessive Coughing
My daughter has had excessive coughing for a couple of weeks. She has swollen tonsils and
malica98 2018-06-17
1   anuj srivastava 6 days ago

Severe obsessive compulsive disorder
I have extreme obsessive compulsive disorder .even I can't take antidepressants I thi
earth 113 2018-04-25
12   earth 113 6 days ago

congential ptosis
Sir, I have congenital ptosis in my right eye. I am taking homeopathy medicine drop. can u
gaurav111 2018-01-31
2   Gaurav5 6 days ago

Brain Fog, Chronic Fatigue, joint pain, feel v cold always
Please advise me for my symptoms below: 1)Brain Fog : I cannot remember much now. Forget t

Jess1 2018-03-24
16   Dr R Basu last week

Attention - Dr Maheeru : Unmotivated,lethargic,AngerRages, Defiant Depressed Teen
Dr. Maheeru, Seeking your help. Quite desperate to get my child help. My son in class/gr

Jess1 2018-03-24
13   maheeru last week

Masturbation Addiction
I am 21 year old and I suffer from masturbation Addiction since last 7 years. I can't

Flop 2018-04-09
22   Dr R Basu last week

Fungal/yeast infections.. would anybody please take my case
Hi I am 22,female. I had an infected belly button few days back which the doctor told was
Miserable 2018-06-02
9   Dr R Basu last week

Chronic fatigue
Hello sir I am 23 year old male. 4-5 years back i used to masturbate a lot and as a resul

baniya 2018-06-01
27   baniya last week

Infertility since 7yrs.one tube removed. P
Indrani Kachhap 2018-06-14
6   Dr R Basu last week

Help for teen with Asperger's
We have looked for years for help with my son who has Asperger's. He's made a l
mom2maxeab 2009-09-18
3   Ellehan last week

Wisdom tooth pain
Hi, I am experiencing periodic pain on my right wisdom tooth. It extends to my head, caus
Flowers1 2018-06-15
3   anuj srivastava last week

Plea for urgent help , Dr. Kadwa.
Respected Dr KADWA I am suffering from chronic diseases for last 12 yrs . This has almost

kksingh 2018-03-11
19   kksingh last week

Anal fissure healed but still pain in hip and burning while passing stool
Hi, I am 37 years Male. I was having anal fissure 2 years back. It healed but soon afterw

utk400 2017-08-24
45   0antivirus0 last week

Sleeping Problem at night
I could not sleep at night. I have so much tension for my family. I have to take Trika 0.5
dmitra59 2018-06-10
10   Tui last week

Severe Stammering! Please Help!
I have a list of diseases that i have been struggling with for a very long time. The most

lover.boy 2018-04-03
19   anuj srivastava last week

Remedy for chronic Nightfall/wetdream
Dear doctors, I have been suffering from nightfall for past 6 years. The usual frequency
aarjuna 2018-03-10
10   Tui last week

Hieght increase
Hi I'm 21 years of age and my hieght is 5'6 ft in order to gain hieght I purchas
Rudy 2018-06-15
no replies yet

Dr Reva V- needs help with Fibromyalgia
Hi Dr. Reva V, I have fibromyalgia. I have inflammation on my body with pain all over. I
libra18 2018-06-12
4   libra18 last week

i did some heavy lifting and started having water leak mostly and lately urine leak. I was
anjupolsani 2018-06-14
1   anuj srivastava last week

Unintentional chronic regurgitation heart burn
I am suffering from regurgitation ever since I can remember. I thought it was normal till
Vishalpraveen 2018-06-15
1   anuj srivastava last week

Genital Warts during Pregnancy
Hello, I am currently 31 weeks pregnant. I discovered genital warts at around 24 weeks an

Elka 2017-11-26
71   maheeru last week

pme & ed
Hello sir, I am 27 years old married man from india. I masturbated from early age but at
sunderleo 2018-06-11
1   Dr R Basu last week

Silica 6x
Hey I gave to my son silica 6x for developmental delay for two weeks 2 pills twice a day.
Argie1 2018-05-24
10   maheeru last week

crackedmuscles com/liva-derma/
hyperpigmentation. Anti-oxidants such as L-ascorbic degree of acidity (Vitamin C) offer yo
Marcedren 2018-06-14
no replies yet

To Recover from Over Masturbation Effects
Sir Mai kunal shaw 24 years from kolkata Mai (10 month pehle ) Bahoot Masturbation karta t
Kunal123 2018-05-28
8   anuj srivastava last week

I have ibs like Symptoms. Loose bowels on waking and abdominal pain later in day. Feelin
SJF1503 2018-06-14
3   Dr R Basu last week

regarding nightfall and premature ejaculation
sir my friend named dibya a strong stout and healthy man having good phisique and height a
vedvyas 2018-05-08
8   Dr R Basu last week

Child's constipation
My son is three years old. He is always constipated. Every fourth or fifth day only, he pa
Irshad1 2018-06-14
1   Dr R Basu last week

Had the test to show there is ureaplasma and have pelvic discomfort and infertility. Are t
tina3 2012-03-01
6   shashank1235 last week

Dr. Kadwa, Sorry to disturb you again
Dear Sir I have been taking as suggested by you Nux 30, Sulphur 30, Causticum 30 and Thuj
sandy3 2018-06-06
5   kadwa last week

REF ATT Kadwa 9 Dose Complete - Advice
Dr Kadwa, I completed the ninth treatment as advised by you and have not seen improveme
john doe1 2018-06-13
1   kadwa last week

Can someone suggest for blackheads and scars
I am a boy of 18. I am having too many blackheads on my nose and acne around my cheeks .
Uirke 2018-05-21
6   kadwa last week

Urgent: Dr Mohla / Kadwa—Right knee problem in my son
Hello Dr Mohla, My son, 8 years old has been suffering from acute pain in right knee area
venus0743 2018-06-07
6   kadwa last week

Arnica and Lycopodium alternate
I am having muscle tightness and therefore I am taking Arnica 30. I started with 200 last
kalegaur 2018-06-13
1   Dr R Basu last week

height increase after 33
i want to add extra 3 inch to my height. is thr any medicine to add extra 3 inch. I am do
saurav_rani 2018-05-31
9   Reva V last week

I gve my son 2.5 years the vaccine varicella and after that he is sick all the time. I wou
Argie1 2018-06-07
7   Argie1 last week

Dr Kadva , Reva V - Headache and Weakness from Sunlight and heat .
Sir , My Girlfriend is 23 years old . She is very very thin and very tall . weight - 48 ,
Oujejoo 2018-05-29
7   Reva V last week

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