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Secondary amenorrhea and pcos
2017 i dignosed with pcod since then I tried homeopathic medicine but didnot worked so I t

Sky_123 2018-08-06
26   Sky_123 3 days ago

Dental abscess
Hi. Am 65 & retired. I have a dental abscess underneath the jaw on left mandible direc

mork 2018-06-01
57   mork 3 days ago

How to get chubyy cheecks or filled cheekbones.I am very skinny through face.only want to

Mehak1 2018-08-09
13   Mister.4 3 days ago

Hi, I am 34 years old female. Recently I have been diagnosed with Psoriasis. I have a smal

Hemorrhoid Sufferer 2018-06-12
19   anuj srivastava 3 days ago

irregular bowel movements hard and sticky stools
please send me some remedies for my daughter . she is 2yr 10 months everything is fine wi

ridhimaawasthi 2018-07-20
55   anuj srivastava 3 days ago

pain all over the body
GENDER:male Age: 54 Complexion: normal Weight:85kg Height: 168cm OCCUPATION: farme
chandra kumar 2018-08-10
9   Tui 3 days ago

9 year old with autism
hi I am new to all of this and recently began to see a homeopathic doctor for my 9 year o

jbh8182 2018-07-11
33   jawahar 3 days ago

Bed Wetting 7.5yr old boy
I would greatly appreciate some assistance with my son, he has seen a Homeopath who origin
soph 2018-08-09
11   Tui 3 days ago

Anal Fissure - Please help with the case
Hi, I have had anal fissure issue since last three years. It gets cured and then again I

nishantgoswami10 2018-07-09
14   jawahar 3 days ago

Bugs bite... itching... marks... 2 years old baby
my son almost 2 years old is having bug bites on his leg, the marks are hard and dark in c
fizspace 2018-08-12
2   jawahar 3 days ago

Whooping Cough
My son who is 12 has whooping cough and I'm looking for some guidance on what to give

TiredMom1 2018-08-02
20   Mister.4 3 days ago

Teeth enamel deficiency yellow colour sensitivity and erosive
I have been suffering from the mentioned ailments for the last 2o years. I tried calcerea

Kushing 2018-07-28
15   Kushing 3 days ago

Lichen planus
I have dark spots on my legs which started with small red bumps. Then to my inner arms and

bidki 2018-08-11
14   anuj srivastava 3 days ago

Unwanted Facial hairs
Hi my name is Amrita.My age is 21.Weight-56kgs n unmarried.Sir i m getting hairs on my fac
Amrita Khan 2018-07-12
9   anuj srivastava 3 days ago

premature ejaculation
I need some help with my problems Age 35 . Male symptoms 1. premature ejaculation ( 1
speed123 2018-07-30
3   Mister4 3 days ago

Bartholin Cyst- 1.8 years old - painless
1.Age-32(female- having one 6 yrs baby) 2.Problem - Bartholin cyst- No Pain 3.Age of cyst-
mangalore 2018-08-12
1   anuj srivastava 3 days ago

Need to lower creatinine.GFR 12
Hi I have a very high creatinine 3.55 and urea 22.i have been a kidney patient for over
angie100 2018-08-05
4   angie100 3 days ago

Shy bladder :(
Hello, I am 35 yrs old male suffering from shy bladder since I was 13, so that makes me u

Lavi 2018-03-14
43   Lavi 3 days ago

Bed wetting
Respected doctor My son is 10 years old. He suffering from bedwetting he is deep sleeping
Fenkoaqui 2018-07-28
6   anuj srivastava 4 days ago

Belladona overdose or not
My 3.5 yrs child has hyperactivity and cannot speak in sentences. He just uses 1 or 2 word
Dalia123 2018-06-27
12   Dalia123 4 days ago

SMALL remedies?
I keep reading and trying to learn from complaints and prescriptions. Some doctors on this
jawahar 2018-08-12
1   anuj srivastava 4 days ago

problem itching, swelling, redness
i have problem since last 3 year, 1)every summer 2) when heat little bit increase in my
typeo1978 2018-08-05
7   jawahar 4 days ago

cartilage issue in knee
my age is 26 ,my cartilgae in knee has been reduced , is there any medicine which regenera
suyash1 2018-08-10
4   jawahar 4 days ago

Stress , anxiety , indigestion, low libido , fatigue
Hello Dr Reva I am male 34 years old lean built I have been in stress from long time ,
amandeepsingh 2018-08-11
no replies yet

Dr Basu Dr Reva please help
Respected doctora I have been consulting dr Meheer for my daughter's condition and he
Umeedalam 2018-08-11
no replies yet

speech regression in 3 year old
i posted in this forum about mu daughter and got a suggestion of medicine but it has not w

Umeedalam 2018-04-04
57   Umeedalam 4 days ago

Blood sugar levels
I am 69 years old. From 2016 Sep my blood sugar levels are noticed. It was 130/160. Using
bhavanarayana 2018-02-15
12   bhavanarayana 4 days ago

No menses! Plz help
Last month in April I took allopathic medicine to stop my menses bcuz I was going for pilg

Meera1 2018-05-20
58   anuj srivastava 4 days ago

Dr Reva V- needs help with Fibromyalgia
Hi Dr. Reva V, I have fibromyalgia. I have inflammation on my body with pain all over. I

libra18 2018-06-12
16   Reva V 4 days ago

Infra red sauna
Does anyone know if an infrared sauna antidote homeopathy?
Brittany 2018-08-10
2   Brittany 4 days ago

igna 2018-08-09
6   igna 5 days ago

Magical homoeopathy
I have seen a lot of people who are taking a lot of homeopathic medicines at a time.. This
Mister.4 2018-08-08
8   jawahar 5 days ago

Multiple problems
My Mother is 61 and has multiple problems, Request your help in prescribing the best medic
SM24 2018-08-11
4   SM24 5 days ago

breast enlarge ment

megha1 2018-07-03
34   jawahar 5 days ago

PLzzzzzzzz Most Urgent "Sperm Report and Medicine if any please"
Dear Doctors, Here is my sperm report received yesterday Sperm Count: 45 mil/m
atharkhan185 2018-08-10
1   Mahfoozurrehman 5 days ago

Kind attn of Dr. Maheeru. I am the CKD Patient.
Dr. Maheeru. I am the CKD patient M.Srinivasa who e-mailed all my details, and you were k

Srini3553 2018-06-14
28   Srini3553 5 days ago

multiple gall bladder stone and want to increase breast milk
My age 37 yrs . Currently diagnosed by multiple gall bladder stone . Can I taken Ricinus
diwyam 2018-08-10
1   homeo_helper 5 days ago

Dr kadwa plz help
Mujhe left kidney me stone ha 19mm ki aur ct scan me peshab ruka hua aur puj obstruction a
verma007 2018-07-24
8   verma007 5 days ago

best pathology labs in delhi ncr
Pathology labs play a crucial role in diagnosis as well as treatment of any disease becaus
jiyoindia 2018-08-10
no replies yet

Dear Doc, i am 30 years old male suffering from prostatitis since last 9 months. Below sym
faheem1 2018-08-10
2   faheem1 6 days ago

Hypersexual Disorder in lady
Need help of lady age 38 - Symptoms of Hypersexual Disorder
star1452 2018-08-10
6   star1452 6 days ago

Ipecacuanha 30 dose
my 9 month old son have cough issue. can i give Ipecacuanha 30 to him. please guide me dos
adnanhameed 2018-08-01
3   Reva V 6 days ago

Acid reflux, gerd
I am 35yrs old female, have hypothyroidism I take 100mcg does from past 10yrs. I want hel
17jo05 2018-06-22
4   jawahar 6 days ago

Hypersexual Disorder in lady
Need help for lady having Symptoms of Hypersexual Disorder Age 38
star1452 2018-08-10
no replies yet

turbinate swelling
hello m rohan gaikwad. m 24 years old m suffering from deviated septum and turbinate hyper
chinna_thala 2018-08-09
2   anuj srivastava 6 days ago

Severe Armpit Odor after sweating
Hello expert honorable doctors. This thing started 6-8 months ago even n winter , Every

calmlife 2018-07-12
21   anuj srivastava 6 days ago

Excessive masturbation since 12 year old now i am 21
i had very bad history about my past masturbating since 10 year old, was so healthy at my

igna 2017-06-15
17   igna 6 days ago

Could a trained homeopathic dr please take my son’s case?
I am new to this forum and have posted in the past. My son is almost 10 years old and has
jbh8182 2018-08-08
6   simone717 6 days ago

Returning UTI - Cantharis & Sepia did not work out-Please help
I would appreciate if any one could help, I am a 28 year married female.4 years ago (afte

Honar 2011-01-17
25   DianeS 6 days ago

problem related to brain
saz8581 2018-08-09
1   anuj srivastava 6 days ago

back pain
jaya kumari 2018-08-09
4   jaya kumari 6 days ago

Dr. Kadwa Help A Lady
Dear Sir My sister in law, 49 has been suffering from tremendous knee pain for about 2 ye
sandy3 2018-08-07
1   kadwa 6 days ago

For Dr Kadwa only, please
Hello Dr Kadwa, Please help this mother. Age: 42 (a mother of a 9 year old) Location

Dr Kadwa only 2018-02-25
39   kadwa 6 days ago

my 4 and half year old have stomach pain
my son has stomach pain since friday only one time he vomit in the saturday morning no dia
imran655 2018-08-06
2   kadwa 6 days ago

Red rash on the back baby
Hi everyone, I have a 4 months old baby and yesterday gave her 10 pellets of staphilococci
Dididecho 2018-08-04
3   kadwa last week

frequent urination
23 years old female , frequent urinaion, some times do not old urine some times burning in
anupama1 2018-08-09
9   anuj srivastava last week

Dear Sir My son is very active( 9 years old). We always get complaints from school for hi

gopal18 2018-07-06
24   jawahar last week

Bursitis / Tennis Elbow
Does anyone have suggestions for bursitis/tennis elbow? I could not find my specifics in

tshallow74 2006-04-05
36   Aikidoka last week

Delayed reaction with Belladonna
Per the advice of our homeopathic doctor we began my 9 year old son who has autism, adhd a
jbh8182 2018-07-23
12   maheeru last week

Itchy rash still persists after 2 weeks
I am 51 years old woman, I suddenly developed a rash all over the body a couple of weeks a

magicwand 2018-08-04
25   magicwand last week

consent pain in right abdomen 2 years and more burning sensation
hallo myself sheela age 46 feeling pain right side abdomen pain. i have three surgiers
sheela2 2018-07-30
2   simone717 last week

consent pain in right abdomen 2 years and more burning sensation
hallo dr anuj shrivastva thanks for suggesting nux vom merc and calc i have a great r
sheela2 2018-08-07
2   simone717 last week

My husband (age 28 years)is suffering from sinusitis from last 18 months.Also he is having
Mehak1 2018-08-07
4   Mehak1 last week

Perioral dermatitis
I need specific homeopathic medication for my perioral dermatitis that just will not go aw

Chrissy92 2018-07-25
20   anuj srivastava last week

Gerd and Frequent motion
I am suffering from GERD from last 2 years.Feeling heartburn sensation ,nausea after takin
Mehak1 2018-08-08
1   Tui last week

Severe obsessive compulsive disorder
I have extreme obsessive compulsive disorder .even I can't take antidepressants I thi

earth 113 2018-04-25
20   Tui last week

Masturbation and sex since 14
Hi sir I have come up to this forum with lots of expectations. I am 23 years male who star
Oirsoorp 2018-08-06
5   Mister.4 last week

hypothyroidism - anyone that can help
please, anyone that can help. I have hypothyroidism and I took 10 doses of lycopodium 200

sacha1 2018-04-08
23   sacha1 last week

Urgent Potency Advise
Hi, I just moved to London from India and I am having a lot of trouble finding a remedy,
Buink 2018-08-07
3   Buink last week

my wife get itch and red bumps
my wife gets red bumps start with itch then red bumps mostly on legs and arms she has to t
imran655 2018-08-08
1   anuj srivastava last week

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