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Dr Kadwa please help me.
I am a 49-year-old male, 5ft 5” and weight 80kg. I am a low immune person. I have be
din1 2017-06-24
1   homeo_helper yesterday

Vertigo ..
Dear doctors my wife is having vertigo problem since two days. She feels like bed is rotat
skmangal 2017-06-25
1   homeo_helper yesterday

FOR DR.NAWAZ - Perianal abscess returns :(
Dr. Nawaz, It is with great fear I return to this thread nearly exactly one year from
purplecat44 2017-06-23
1   nawazkhan yesterday

burning in urine and feeling uncomfortable always
pain continously in lower side of penis it drops after urinate
iramnaushad 2006-11-26
5   tanveer112 yesterday

Early discharge problem.
i have early discharge problem since age of 14 yrs. i masturbate a lot in my life.now i am
amit16 2017-06-23
2   amit16 yesterday

Weak erection and premature ejaculation
Dear Respectable Doctor, I am 52 years old. I am facing sexual trouble for weak erection
Erekurefi 2017-06-23
2   Erekurefi yesterday

nil sperm
i am suffering from azzospermia i reported my semen test but no sperm seen in the sample.
krishnay27 2011-07-19
3   manoj5 yesterday

Nil Sperm Count OR Azoospermia Homeopathy Treatment
Homeopathy is succsessful treatment for nil sperm count or Azoospermia. HOmeopathy medici
homeopathyonline 2012-05-23
3   manoj5 yesterday

premature ejaculation
hello i am from INDIA I AM 35 YEARS OLD and married and have problem of premature ejacula
AMIT18 2017-05-06
12   drthoufeequebhms yesterday

please help drthoufeequebhms
Hello sir, please help for my wife for back pain problem she has ceasar operation befor

mariz 2017-05-13
27   drthoufeequebhms yesterday

Patulous Eustachian tube
Hello all! anything for this condition? I got it from a flu recently and i'm kind o
Juju83 2017-06-17
3   Juju83 yesterday

Anticipation anxiety and weak erectile
HI, I search some my symptoms on the abc homeopathy Remedy Finder and answer was ARGEN
y_munib 2017-06-23
2   y_munib 2 days ago

Acid Reflux after taking Azythromycin Antibiotic
My wife took 6, 250 mg pills of Azythromycin for 5 days on June 2nd. She had a sinus infe
declan 2017-06-23
3   simone717 2 days ago

Congenital Ptosis
Dear Doctors, I am a 25 years old boy. I have a mild ptosis in my left eye from my b

Chandan4 2017-04-22
41   Chandan4 2 days ago

need remedy for irregular menarche
hello doctor I need help for my 12 years and 9 months old daughter.she got her menses sta

afskarimymail.com 2017-03-30
61   afskarimymail.com 2 days ago

need help for spasticity
hello my son is 7 1/2 years old. his right side of body is week and spastic.can not stan

afskarimymail.com 2017-03-31
52   afskarimymail.com 2 days ago

BXO help needed
Ive been diagnosed with this and the remedy is - circumcision - which I am not looking for

john 65000 2003-11-12
38   Midwest2017 2 days ago

sneeze, runny nose, watery eyes since age 12
Hi there ...Would really really appreciate if someone can figure out the problem and rea
javed5 2017-03-13
10   javed5 2 days ago

CO2 to Recover Between Workouts
My physiotherapist prescribed transdermal CO2 therapy between workouts to help recover an
Jondonson 2017-06-23
no replies yet

Language delay/ possible autism
Hello. My daughter just turned two and is not speaking yet, lines things up, dosen'
hellogoodbye1 2017-06-20
5   akshaymohl 2 days ago

Can anyone please tell me if homeopathy can cure baldness?
My hairline has receeded only on my right side of the head and at the corners of my temple
Uenkoo 2017-06-23
no replies yet

Erectile dysfunction
I am 43 yrs old male,married. I m suffering from erectile dysfunction for last 5 yrs. I ha
setprav 2017-06-23
1   akshaymohl 2 days ago

Hair Loss, Hair thinning & M Pattern Baldness
Hi Dr. Joe I have read many post of Hair Loss . Can you help me out too for my hair probl
kolrahul 2017-06-23
1   HealthyWorld 2 days ago

Can a dr of homeopathy help? - Bipolar disorder (manic depression)
My husband is bipolar . It hurts, he can say very nasty things when he has a manic epis
bluesky77 2017-06-21
2   bluesky77 2 days ago

Acne and Acne Scars
I was hoping someone could help me deal with acne breakouts and scarring. I am 28, have
hrs123 2011-05-05
2   YudaTama 2 days ago

High triglycerides and Calcium carbonicum
Dear homeopathic doctors! I am male 39 and had high triglycerides and a Homeopath pre
psi 2017-06-20
2   psi 2 days ago

Facing nightfall problem.
Good morning sir I myself Harsh kumar from bihar I m facing Nightfall problem since 5 ye

harshkumar7711 2017-01-25
79   alpha97 2 days ago

Dear Sameer Vermani, please continue to help, thank you so much.
Dear Sameer, I did as you asked, but realized it's easier for you to keep finding th

EliSka 2017-01-11
96   EliSka 2 days ago

Erectile dysfunction
Hello forum. Im 24 years male and I could note that I have ED. I have this problem since

arun_zion 2011-05-13
81   john8998 3 days ago

Dr Rishimbha or Nawaz Khan whoever is available for my poplys, cyst case
I Saw my gynacheologist due to untimely abnormal bleeding between Anyway, I got paps f

Nitz7 2015-11-20
362   Nitz7 3 days ago

Cold sores
I have been getting cold sores for about 2 years now. Can someone let me know the best r
mjvhome 2017-06-20
4   homeo_helper 3 days ago

lymphodema and gastric symptoms
I have struggled with lymphodema for several years now. Over a decade. It was initially th
JadeK 2017-06-22
1   homeo_helper 3 days ago

Hi I have been operated once from an anal fistula but it seems to be recurrent every now a

jricur 2003-09-22
4872   purplecat44 3 days ago

Dr kadwa please help
dear doctor Kadwa I am 35 years old married having 3 child. suffering from premature eja
xain 2017-06-22
no replies yet

Non-stop Menstrual Bleeding
Please help me I am having non stop mebstrual bleeding,its about 6 months now I went to th

sarahsarah 2009-03-25
17   Puempou 3 days ago

Klebsiella P 30x and 100x
Hello - I am looking to purchase Klebsiella P 30x and 100x. Does anyone know where I can
magicandmiracles1 2017-06-22
no replies yet

Vitiligo in 10 year old Boy
Hello Doctor and Experts, My 10 year old Nephew is suffering from vitiligo from the a

nadeemawan 2017-03-06
26   nadeemawan 3 days ago

Height growth
Hi, my daughter is soon turning 16. I'm worried about her height, she is 4'8&quo

Susan2 2017-06-18
14   Susan2 3 days ago

Severe PMS, Hormonal imbalance and endometrium polyp
Hi, I have endometrium polyp and pms symptoms while ovulation time. I also have mid cy
sharmavinpri 2017-06-22
1   0antivirus0 3 days ago

Liver & Digestion help
This is for a friend... Patient is tall and slender. Chills running up and down, most
arathi 2017-06-13
5   0antivirus0 3 days ago

Need urgent help-Early discharge problem
i am 36 yrs old and having early discharge problem since age of 14 yrs. i ejaculate within
amit16 2017-06-22
no replies yet

high blood pressure cure permanently try it now – Dr. Deoshlok Sharma
Keep your BP normal and Avoid your Heart attack and Kidney failure “high blood pressur

deoshlok 2007-03-26
170   binay kumar 3 days ago

Overactive bladder
Hi All. It's my first post here. I have been researching net for ayurvedic and hom

Lyorion 2008-02-03
24   tanveer112 3 days ago

lft sgpt & sgot
hello, i got test report today Lever function test: SGPT 193 u/l SGOT 152 u/l pl
munirshad 2011-11-26
9   Baabzz 3 days ago

Microcirculation and CO2
Has anyone heard about the effect of medical grade C02 on the tiniest blood vessels in yo
Jondonson 2017-03-28
2   KLinthisbih 3 days ago

Short cervix at 20 weeks of pregnancy
Hi . My last period date was 25th January 2017 . I had my Tiffa scanning done today an
amazingsoul 2017-06-19
1   kadwa 4 days ago

viginal itching
my wife is suffering from vaginal itching the very next day of inter course. the same is e
chandracm8 2017-06-19
1   kadwa 4 days ago

Cavities and Bruxism (grinding)
Hello, I'm a 36 year old male with a lot of teeth cavities that seem to sometimes
paul1980be 2017-06-19
1   kadwa 4 days ago

Dr.kadwa please help
I am male 25 years. my nipples are puffy everytime, it comes to its normal position (norma

abhay111992 2017-01-13
29   kadwa 4 days ago

Please help Dr Kadwa
I am 21-year-old female in London, just finished university and looking for jobs or furthe
jus1 2017-06-18
3   kadwa 4 days ago

Long school hours causing Physical and mental exhaustion, tiredness and sleepiness
Can homeopathic doctors please confirm if I can give Kali Phos 6x cell salt for followin
vjhos 2017-06-17
3   kadwa 4 days ago

nose blocked and sinus
I am RajeshBabu(Age 40) suffering from sinus. I am taking Kali Bichrome 200c(once morning)

elururajesh 2017-02-17
57   elururajesh 4 days ago

Compulsive eater
Hello, I am a woman 41 years old, overweight with bad asthma . I cannot stop eating it
tillixxi 2017-06-22
1   homeo_helper 4 days ago

Loud Hissing in Ear
My grandfather is 78 and has a loud hissing in his left ear. According to other people and
CK123 2017-06-21
1   homeo_helper 4 days ago

Post Orgasmic illness P.O.I.S
i dear DRs I am suffering from this illness for more then 10 years,and it is ruining my
Spartak 2016-02-16
2   javed5 4 days ago

Premature Ejaculation and other
Hi there, I have suffered from PE for as long as I have been sexually active (approx. 2
Thedude 2017-06-20
1   Thedude 4 days ago

Testicular tumor
My age is 22 yr, weight 55 kg I was diagnosed with testicular tumor on right testicle one
Megsj 2017-06-19
1   simone717 4 days ago

Lycopodium allergy
I was prescribed 3 tabs lycopodium 30 once a day and had every negative side effect in t
Granny70 2017-06-21
1   simone717 4 days ago

Allergic Rhinitis from 7 yrs, Asthma from 2 years
History :- In 2011 got cough . Took Antibiotics and other medicines for it for two to thr

Veet_manan 2017-05-08
61   0antivirus0 4 days ago

is this homeopathy?
Respected Doctors, I am looking for a advice. I was having the problem of premerure eja

advice2 2016-08-10
63   advice2 4 days ago

weight, hair loss, anxiety, lack of motivation and confidence
Hello! I'm Sil . This is gonna be a long read. Please be patient and thank you in ad
ijinzu 2017-05-24
4   drthoufeequebhms 4 days ago

Hi I have come across Arnica 6c wet dosage for gerd . Just want to know they after mixi

Sweety3 2017-05-15
22   drthoufeequebhms 4 days ago

Hello Dr Thoufeeq
How are you doing ? Could you please help me with my problems? Age: 41 Height: 5'

dr toufeeq 2017-04-22
44   drthoufeequebhms 4 days ago

Hypertension and Tinnitus
My blood pressure became high about 6 years ago. I am now 58 years old. It now averages an
SevenFeathers 2017-05-14
10   drthoufeequebhms 4 days ago

Stretch Marks
I have been reading that Thiosinaminum has been indicated in the treatment of stretch ma

Megan 2005-01-29
18   Haleigh 4 days ago

Diabetic & cystic acne
Hi there, I'm 21 years old and have had cystic acne and starting since about puber

73CT73 2006-04-22
35   QuiinHome 5 days ago

Fissure Reattack after taking Sulphur30, Graphites30 and Arsenic Album200
My father had fissure before 1 year.. He was treated on this forum by Dr.Nawaz and he was
ankit111 2017-06-18
3   ankit111 5 days ago

low testosterone, Premature ejaculation
I am 27 years of age and I am married. I have been masturbating since from 17 years of age
Ulla 2017-06-21
1   HealthyWorld 5 days ago

What are the real benefits of CO2 therapy/carboxytherapy?
Hello everyone, I've been hearing a lot about CO2 therapy and the good it does to
tinytimmie 2017-06-21
no replies yet

Lack of self confidence, please help
I am a very low confident person. I want to do a good/change job but I am so scared. I get
Wierc 2017-06-03
6   Wierc 5 days ago

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