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Experienced classical homeopathy practitioner please
This is my 5th post here . Previous four posts have yielded nothing. Two homeopaths only m
abezbaruah 2017-08-18
no replies yet

Advice on the best remedy for relationship anxiety
I would appreciate advice on the best remedy to help with relationship anxiety this manife
FelicityB 2017-08-18
1   akshaymohl 2 days ago

Nat Phos 6x
Hi there, Can any one advice which dose I can administer to 11 weeks old baby with silen
Loredana1 2017-08-17
2   Loredana1 2 days ago

required doctor advice
hello doctor i want a help my age is 27, and i was used to masturbating for long time du
dev singh 2017-08-06
3   dev singh 2 days ago

Query for regarding causticum dose.
Hi I am 37 years old. When I was 12 I had eczema both in my hands and feet.I was treate

Tish 2017-08-17
16   Tish 2 days ago

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
been suffering from carpal Tunnel syndrome since I began with the menopause . women i
Ebi 2017-08-18
1   Reva V 2 days ago

Leaky gut with colitis and bad digestion
Hello, i have had stomach disorders for almost 3 years now. I underwent some controls and
franky1996 2017-08-17
3   Reva V 3 days ago

Dr.kadwa please help for sweating problem
doctor I'm 20 yrs age..i am sweating to much when I out of home ..please help
aryan_chatz1 2017-08-15
3   homeo_helper 3 days ago

plz help for brian problum
I am 30,my entire body and brain nerves are not feeling anything.and brain nerves are burn
bobby3 2017-08-17
1   akshaymohl 3 days ago

Clogged left ear - eustachian tube inflammation
I am a 28 yr old male diagnosed with a left ear infection . One night I suddenly develope
Irjork 2017-07-31
5   Irjork 3 days ago

Deviated Nasal Septum
Dear Dr Kadwa I am from pakistan,lawyer by profession age 37 male suffering with deviat
Imranniazi 2017-08-17
no replies yet

Deviated Nasal Septum sleeping disorder
I am suffering with deviated nasal septum and taking medicine lemna minor tp cure the s
Imranniazi 2017-08-17
no replies yet

Dr kadwa pls reply i m suffering from cronic girdiasis for 5 years
Varun4195 2017-08-17
no replies yet

Fulminant Hepatitis A
Hello, Start of May, I had fulminant Hepatitis A (ALT was at 5000) . Took 2 months o

syria 2017-07-12
41   Reva V 3 days ago

Hello , I am a 45 year old female. 7days now I have been experiencing chills and sweats.
Fatigued 2017-08-05
7   Fatigued 3 days ago

Wart like bumps on my chest (pic)
Have had these warts on my chest for about a year now. And they seem to be slowly mult
aby123 2017-07-21
12   aby123 3 days ago

Breast tumor
My female dog have large tumor in her mammary glands....I have been giving her homiepathic
Shifali 2017-08-17
2   Nikkie 3 days ago

Having very tight calf muscles and burning at knees in morning
Hi, I am 36 year old male. For last 3 weeks I have been having very high burning in kne

ramaswamy01 2017-01-05
20   ramaswamy01 3 days ago

kidney stones
How to treat Right kidney stone (5.5mm) With lycopodium 1M for male 27 year old. Als
Ali25 2017-08-13
7   Ali25 3 days ago

Need professional answer about sulphur 200ck!!
My 15 year old daughter was suffering with an extrmely itchy dry rash about 4-5 inches in
turquoisewaters 2017-08-16
1   Reva V 3 days ago

Seeking treatment for my boy with Pervasive development disorder-Not Otherwise Specified
Hello! Is there any one who is specialist on PDD-NOS or ADHD and wish to take the case

marwan 2017-07-03
25   marwan 3 days ago

Pain in knees due to osteoarthritis - To Dr Kadwa
My mother, age 68 years, weight 70 kg has osteoarthritis since several years now and she

vjhos 2017-07-26
28   akshaymohl 3 days ago

Open pores.. anxiety.. Help! Help! Help
Patient ID: female:26 Please answer the following questions in a descriptive manner aft
Mourz 2017-08-17
1   Mourz 3 days ago

Right shoulder
Dear Sir I am Nadeem ,60 yrs of age from Islamabad Pakistan About three months ago I lif
mnadeemkh 2017-07-26
11   mnadeemkh 3 days ago

Dr Kadwa......please help on allergy sinusitis
Need help .....suffering from sinusitis and breathing problem Hi Doctor, I am 35
bhelpu 2017-07-23
11   kadwa 3 days ago

subserousal fibroid of size 15cm
Hi , I have a subserousal fibroid of size 15cm.I dont have much symptoms .But it is very

udita.yadav 2017-07-05
21   kadwa 3 days ago

Chronic Diseases and Homeopathy
I am quite new to the homeopathy world and have been updating myself with new stuff on reg
novicehomeo 2017-08-17
1   kadwa 3 days ago

Probable scabies in 10-month-old infant
My husband was diagnosed with scabies 10 days ago and was treated internally with ivermect
ttflutegal 2017-08-16
1   kadwa 3 days ago

Puffy eyes and festoons
I have a prblm since last month. Under the right eye or upper cheekbone swelling. Some tim
Arijit3 2017-08-15
2   kadwa 3 days ago

This is the question for all of Educated and honored Homeopathy Masters. my endoscopy c
ketavmodi 2017-08-16
1   kadwa 3 days ago

aggravation from sulphur 200ck? help please
My 15 year old daughter was suffering with an extrmely itchy dry rash about 4-5 inches in
turquoisewaters 2017-08-15
1   kadwa 3 days ago

pruritis....treatment gone wrong ?
SHRUTIPALS20 2017-08-15
1   kadwa 3 days ago

What is meant by 1 dose?
Plz explain that how many drops are there in 1dose of Lycopodium 1M ...
Ali25 2017-08-15
1   kadwa 3 days ago

tobbeco dropping
Hi Dr. My self vishal I wann dropping tobbeco consumption. I was use use daily 6-7 times.
vishal8 2017-08-15
1   kadwa 3 days ago

Request Dr kadwa to prescribe: 9 months old cough, phelgam and constipation.
Hello doctor, request you to suggest medicines for my 9 months old son for the following a

Nehaaadya 2016-04-05
25   kadwa 3 days ago

Dr. Kadwa, please your especial attention required
Hi, I have a question regarding physical relation with an old age lady where male is 40 a
Peer G 2017-08-13
3   kadwa 3 days ago

Lack of self confidence when facing authoritative/dominant people?
Hi, If I approach any women and she puts me down, I feel insulted and cannot take it.

ganapathi1 2017-07-09
29   ganapathi1 3 days ago

Acanthosis Nigricans
Is there a cure or treatment for this? I am having pigmentation of the skin on my neck, ar
kiran_km2005 2005-07-15
11   jyotimehr 3 days ago

fistula (anal fistula) - the badguy
Dear New Patient, Welcome to this thread! As you already know that Anal fistula, we

nawazkhan 2011-01-05
4742   boyd888 4 days ago

Breast reduction
How to decrease breast size within 15 days?
Iche 2017-08-16
2   Nikkie 4 days ago

Dr. Kalwa need help for frequent urination please
Hello Doctor, I hope you are doing well, I had a UTI in March beginning that got tre

Ishabing 2017-07-20
27   maheeru 4 days ago

bacterial vaginosis again
Again me, 35 years old female, with bacterial vaginosis , more symptomps on thread forum2
elviriux 2007-01-31
5   User716461 4 days ago

Incredible fear and anxiety after sex
I had been dealing with severe clinical depression and seeing a homeopath for 4 years. M
Quail Neer 2017-08-09
12   Quail Neer 4 days ago

weakness of nervous & heart
I am zaka, 40 years old. 3 years ago, I get married with an old lady age 60. In the start
Peer G 2017-08-10
5   Peer G 4 days ago

Pain in Coccyx
1. Describe your main suffering? State the correct location of pain or suffering. My m
sinusman 2017-08-15
2   sinusman 4 days ago

Girdiasis with ibs
Hi i m suffering from girdiasis for 5 years can anyone suggest me best remedy for me my sy
Varun4195 2017-08-16
1   Varun4195 4 days ago

suffering from navel displacement
i am suffering from NAVEL DISPLACEMENT from the past 6 years and it has taken its place on
shergill88 2014-02-23
11   harishgarg 4 days ago

Child Out of Control
I hope someone can help me with my five year old son, his behavior has been very difficult
sej 2017-08-13
3   sej 4 days ago

azoospermia of testicular failure
Sir my age is 25. Height 5 ft 11 inch. Weight 82 kg. Unmarried.from 2 years I was having p
harry250513 2017-08-16
no replies yet

Teeth grinding in sleep
I can hear my teen daughter grinding her teeth at night. She is also prone to anxiety, a
turquoisewaters 2017-08-16
3   turquoisewaters 4 days ago

Pain in Anus after stool
hi i am having pain in anus after stool. 1.stool is hard. 2.pain is very actue whic
sameergupta1 2017-08-15
7   jawahar 4 days ago

Please need your 5 minutes.
HI to all . I am suffering anxiety, high bp, Heart arrhythmia , sleep disturbance IBS

saml 2017-07-08
45   saml 4 days ago

ear blockage for two weeks after cold
I am Male 40 Year. I had cold and cough three weeks back. for past two weeks no cold and
singhlokesh 2017-08-15
1   HealthyWorld 4 days ago

Treatment for PCOS ....... Dr. Nawaz Khan plz help
Earlier I had posted about " no periods for 4 months". Your homeopathic medicine

dips 2017-06-17
29   dips 4 days ago

All doctors please help pain since 6 month
Dear All Doctors, Please help for my mother she is in pain since 6 month we have consul

mariz 2017-07-15
13   0antivirus0 4 days ago

saliva/water in the mouth during sleep
Age 43, height 5ft.6', weight 65 kg I. My problem is under:- When I slept lot of

kumar_rakesh4 2017-06-07
31   kumar_rakesh4 4 days ago

hyperpigmentation -buttocks & back of thighs
Can someone please suggest me some remedy for my problem. Age:24 Sex- Female About 2-3
antaraa2003 2006-01-23
6   AlmaNewton 4 days ago

my cat is 10 years old. his eyes r not in the center sometimes I can see a little white
penny3 2017-08-03
8   Reva V 4 days ago

cat's inflammation
Hi, I have a cat who is 10 years old. A few years ago her lower jaw was inflamed and th
penny3 2017-08-05
6   Reva V 4 days ago

is this homeopathy?
Respected Doctors, I am looking for a advice. I was having the problem of premerure eja

advice2 2016-08-10
66   advice2 4 days ago

ACL s/o sprain / Partial tear
HI, This is my first post. Actually I have two issue but want to ask 1 st issue.2 yea
IamKunal 2017-08-03
9   IamKunal 5 days ago

seek classical homeopath
seek classical homeopath to suggest me the treatment 1. Name Rajiv Bakshi 2. 56 years

Niiev161 2017-07-20
25   Niiev161 5 days ago

excessive sweating
hi, doctor i m 32 years old. i m facing this problem last 10 years. sweating too much wh

kalyan24 2016-03-11
62   akshaymohl 5 days ago

Oily scalp and hairloss
Hi, I'm 22 years old and im suffering from extreme hairloss , my family has MPB but
sensesx 2017-08-12
8   sensesx 5 days ago

Homeopathic remedy for intense skin itching for daughter 18 months old
Hello, This is my first time posting here. My daughter is 18 months old and she gets in
RahulK1 2017-08-14
3   RahulK1 5 days ago

FOR DR.NAWAZ - Perianal abscess returns :(
Dr. Nawaz, It is with great fear I return to this thread nearly exactly one year from
purplecat44 2017-06-23
2   moni1 5 days ago

Weight gain & feeling bloated
Several years ago I was diagnosed with fibroidsn i'm in my late 40's and perimen

theseasidegirl 2017-05-03
20   simone717 5 days ago

Help with Molluscum
Need your help. I am 53 year old female. I have attached the image of my forehead, which I

suna711 2017-07-26
16   suna711 5 days ago

Homeopathy/Antibiotics compatibility
Hi guys, I have to start a homeopathic treatment next week, but I also need to take ant
rahman_hope 2017-08-13
6   jawahar 5 days ago

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