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I have palpitations It misses 6 or 7 beats in a minute Could you please suggest a reamdy A
alishahryar 2016-09-17
1   nisha301 last year

Two year back I fell down from wooden stairs. Spondylthesis in 10-11. Very difficult to ta
Shibu2 2016-09-16
2   Shibu2 last year

Suggest medicine for stammering
Hi, I am 26 year old guy. I tried speech therapy for a year but it didn't worked. I s

vicky321 2015-12-11
13   Niashibe last year

hypo thyroid (tsh=5.62, t3 & t4 normal)
I can consider your case but you need to give many answers, copy the questions list in not
pradeephyp1 2016-09-16
1   pradeephyp1 last year

Flat black mole on nose
Sir i have flat black mole on my nose. Its of a small size and developed approximately 10-
Mazmaz 2016-09-17
1   Mazmaz last year

storing remedies
Hello, I read a lot that you shouldn't store remedies near electro-magnetic fields, i
fiona12 2015-05-09
6   graemeav last year

toothache during prgnanc
Hello, I am 8 months pregnant and I am experiencing a toothache. Is there a safe homeopath
Anastasia1 2016-09-17
1   Anastasia1 last year

plz prescribed for delayed menses
I'm 33 female, my periods been delayed for 2-3 days usually and last time they were o
Sadaf1 2016-09-13
2   nawazkhan last year

white hair
im 32 and getting white hair also its becoming thin.each hair follicle is very thin.lot of
Ramya1 2016-09-14
6   Ramya1 last year

Silica and Scars. What is Silica? What are Acne Scars???
Skin covers the entire surface of our bodies and protects our internal organs from the har

kuldeep 2005-03-09
647   noel last year

bladder stone
hai i have stone a size of 3.80 cm in my bladder i have used some homeo medicine like berb
javed anjum 2016-09-16
5   DrKulkarni last year

Bed Bugs
Dear Dr. I am facing Bed bugs problem if their is any homeopathy remedy to get rid off th
asim_ashoo 2016-09-16
no replies yet

freckles in eye
hello, how do you remove freckle like brown pigments from the white of the eye?
noel 2016-09-06
11   noel last year

my brother is having cervical dystonia from last 4 month
Please help to cure... His head tilted n to the left shoulder..
Zerdaifou 2016-09-16
1   0antivirus0 last year

Autism - vocal stimming - sensory issues
I really appreciate for reemdy advise to stop vocal stimming and sensory issues for child
Edix 2016-09-16
1   0antivirus0 last year

can tribulus terrestris be used for curing mastuburation ill effects
I'm getting nightfall excessively 8-10 times a month.This started as soon as I left m
akas0758 2016-09-16
5   radhey1504 last year

Cervical dystonia Advice
My mother is suffering form cervical dystonia. She tried everything like botax treatment a
Claraviolet 2016-05-09
2   Zerdaifou last year

how to diagnose BPH (Benign prostate Hyperplasia) or enlarged prostate
Doctors please help me to make it cLear If I have BPH .If some test or ultrasound exists f
akas0758 2016-09-15
4   radhey1504 last year

senior doctors your help and experience is needed
I'm recently diagnosed as UTI(E coli) with colony count 100000cfu/ml and also jaundic
akas0758 2016-09-16
4   akas0758 last year

improve acne scar texture
hello, I have researched this forum for improving acne scars and my research shows arnica,
noel 2016-09-15
3   DrKulkarni last year

Ankle pain and swelling after viral fever
I am facing ankle swelling and pain after recovered from viral fever but still i have ankl
sumit9121982 2016-09-15
2   HealthyWorld last year

Dark line on my stomach
Could someone please tell me as to why i have this dark line on my abdomen and dark area a
ucsher11 2016-09-14
1   radhey1504 last year

OCD, Derealization, Panic, Existenial Crisis...please help!!
Hello, I have severe (at least I think it is severe) OCD accompanied with derealization an
Aislynnmarie 2016-09-12
9   0antivirus0 last year

Flu Nosode
Anyone know when the flu nosode for 2016/17 will be available ANYWHERE! Flu is already goi
Arnica7 2016-09-15
2   Arnica7 last year

I need help with a order?
I recently placed an order yesterday morning and I have not heard from abchomeopathy since
dwest2419 2016-09-15
no replies yet

Invisible biting bugs or parasites living under my scalp
Hi, I have invisible biting bugs or parasites living under my scalp. They travel in and o

SweetLeaf 2013-06-24
94   Ouch last year

Why do we need to take multiple pills/drops?
I never understood why (with homeopathic remedies being energy medicine, not physical) we
siltsunrise 2016-09-15
1   DrKulkarni last year

Vaginal infection doesn't go away despite treatment
Hi! Despite several treatments I do not feel completely cured. Raw feeling in the vulval r
Flower3 2016-09-15
4   anuj srivastava last year

Genital warts
Hi! I would be grateful if someone could help me, I am 36, I have cauliflower like warts o

Ebonyadamore 2016-09-05
15   Ebonyadamore last year

Hello Doctors I have PE problem I m going to get married very
khankkhanjigmail.com 2016-09-14
1   radhey1504 last year

Hypo Thyroid (Hashimotos)
Dear Doctor, Good evening I am suffering from Hypo Thyroid ism from November 2013. In nov
Pradeep Kumar1 2016-09-15
2   radhey1504 last year

i have been suffering from nightfall.what can i do
nripen1 2016-09-15
1   DrKulkarni last year

IBS or something else ?
Hi, I need treatment for my gut issue. Last year in November I got side effect of an anti-
Loishui 2016-09-15
1   DrKulkarni last year

Premature ejaculation problem plz any well experienced doctor to treat my problem
Hello, doctor i am suffering from premature ejaculation i am going to marry within 4 Month
Ranasavio 2016-09-11
4   Ranasavio last year

Are antidote effective after 1 year also ?
I was having acne problem so i took overtook lycopodium200. Nearly for a week (2-3 drops i
baniya 2016-09-12
11   radhey1504 last year

Ok I did smell camphor today as you prescribed but i donot feel anything as of now. If ca
baniya 2016-09-14
1   radhey1504 last year

Attn Dr. Nawaz Khan
Poonam2 2016-09-15
no replies yet

Experienced Doctor Help Needed
I am a 26 years old male. Recently conducted Tests of Cholestorol and Liver Functioning Te
patientneedhelp 2016-09-05
6   kadwa last year

Baby reflux
Looking for remedy advice for an 8 week old baby Baby was in hospital for 8 days after bir
frankie112 2016-09-14
3   DrKulkarni last year

Very weak errection, excessive pre cum and pre mature ejacualtion
I'm a 50 year old man 5"10 and weighting 175 lbs. Had spinal surgery in T-11 6 y
Djranman65 2016-09-12
3   kadwa last year

Urgent kidney pain in back
age 34 sinlge .. three years urine in continues prob,,, six month back take urine test an
123maria 2016-09-09
9   nisha301 last year

Is it really Homeopathy on ABC?
I am a beginner on ABC. I thought Homeopathy was all about Rubrics and Symptoms.On going t
radhey1504 2016-09-14
2   DrKulkarni last year

I had allergy when i am 14 year old .now again it came after 9 year.i am taking allium cep

msdfan 2016-08-30
14   DrKulkarni last year

Malassezia Pachydermatis / Itchy Dog
Has anyone used this remedy on a yeasty dog? My dog is itchy, smelly, with brownish waxy g
listensister 2016-08-11
12   anuj srivastava last year

headache,heaviness,anxiety,fatigue,unable to concentrate
Can take acid phos .....would it help....or any other prescriptions and advisable dose of
akash3 2016-09-14
1   akash3 last year

Global Developmental Delay/ASD
Hello all, I hope someone here can help guide me in the recovery process of my 2 year old
consciousliving 2015-05-28
5   Maverickmom last year

Lycopodium Clavatum
I have taken one dose of Lycopodium Clav 30C, about 8 weeks ago, and seeing good improveme

Silent Storm 2009-07-13
14   RizAsk last year

Urgent : Two weeks chick - bitten by cat
I have put some turmeric on the bitten spot. Please suggest medicine immediately for this
agriz 2016-09-14
1   anuj srivastava last year

after vaccination,aliments after
3 Thuja occidentalis -- High FEVER or diarrhoea following VACCINATION. 3 APIS MELLIFICA
nisha301 2016-09-14
no replies yet

Brain Stroke
My wife has got a brain stoke about 20 days ago. After treatment in hospital she is now at
romi.02sify 2016-09-13
1   DrKulkarni last year

Repeated Strains
I have been incurring daily repeated strains of the back, especially the paraspinal muscle
biovanguard 2016-09-13
1   DrKulkarni last year

plz help for sagging breasts
Plz prescribe for sagging breasts to make them hard and firm.
Sadaf1 2016-09-13
no replies yet

leuchoria, sagging breast, painful menses
I'm 33 years old, single. I'm experiencing painful menses, and pain in thighs du

Sadaf1 2016-06-16
39   Sadaf1 last year

colour coplexion
my girl baby of 2 years old. her colur is not fair , please suggest for improve colour f
shyamraj 2016-09-13
2   DrKulkarni last year

use of mother tincture parallel to antibiotics
I'm suffering from jaundice and using chelidonium q and kalmegh q.Now urine I went fo
akas0758 2016-09-09
12   akash pratap last year

Warts on ring finger and penis.
I am having warts on ring finger nails last five years and now two warts appeared on my p
aadi1 2016-08-28
3   anuj srivastava last year

masturbation and white hairs...
due to overmasturbation 5 times daily since 3 years..mh 90% hairs get white ....my age is
harry250513 2016-05-06
3   harry250513 last year

Chalazion Treatment
I have to second the apple cider vinegar it actually works.Im based in London so I was luc
Minda 2016-09-12
no replies yet

snoring, tiredness, low stamina, chalazion on upper eyelid
Hi, can you please suggest me for something for really bad snoring during Sleep sometimes
seekremedy 2016-03-11
7   Minda last year

huge chalazion and my wedding is in one week
Please help me anyone I have 2 chalazions one in my left eye and one in my right eye. bot
Wafaa.N 2016-07-31
4   Minda last year

heavy pain in joints
Doctor suggest to my wife bryonia alba for joint pain s suggest there is some side effect
Manoj Dutt 2016-09-12
2   DrKulkarni last year

Chikungunya virus!!
Hi, My wife is infected from chikungunya virus and somebody told me about the Eupatorium
Manoj Dutt 2016-09-09
6   Manoj Dutt last year

Mother suffering from knee pain since 20 years
Dear sir, My mother whose age is 69 years is suffering from knee pain since 20yrs. She is
Akash Sinha 2016-09-12
1   DrKulkarni last year

Piles Problem
I'm suffering from piles problem. I have doubt abt this problem but from the last 4-5
drai05 2016-03-08
12   drai05 last year

Eid Al Adha Mubarik
AOA, I would like to pray and wish all Muslim Members of this Forum a very happy Eid today
nawazkhan 2016-09-12
no replies yet

numb circular path on right arm
hii, my right hand arm has a circular path where i feel no sensation even pin could not g
Beautmukesh 2016-09-12
2   gavinimurthy last year

Help for male infertility
Hello Drs., I recently posted my answers to fitness here.Since he is not available on he

Kamal1 2016-09-04
13   Kamal1 last year

Diabetic neuropathy
Sir, my wife 55 years is suffering from above disease since last 3 months. Her glucose lev
sharmap101 2016-09-12
1   kadwa last year

Erectile dysfunction no hard erection
i am 30 yr male and i masturbating regular but no hard erections i smoke and i dont havr f
Sim 2016-09-07
3   kadwa last year

Swelling in cast . Kind attention Dr Mahfooz Dr.Srisri
I had an accident driving a scooter and sustained tibia plateau fracture. It's a litt
homeolearner 2016-09-09
8   nawazkhan last year

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