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Dear Dr.Kulkarni plz help & help me not to be addict of alleaopathy.
i am male, age 41, weight 86kg, height 5'8'' 1. Describe your main suffer

filza 2016-10-28
82   DrKulkarni last year

Hello everyone, I am a 28 y/o male who has been suffering from anxiety, noticeable interna
WitheringAway1234 2017-01-04
8   WitheringAway1234 last year

Can antim crud alumina and pulsatilla can be taken togethet
I want to know whether these medicines can be taken together.
gudiya123 2017-01-07
1   kadwa last year

Erectyle dysfunction and digestive problems
Dear Dr.Kadwaji, Asper your prescription I have taken Sulphar200 and Nuxvomica 200 for th
roynayak67 2016-10-03
5   kadwa last year

Palmoplantar Hyperhidrosis
Which medicines should i take to get relief from hyperhidrosis in palms & feet as earl
Sd1994 2017-01-05
1   kadwa last year

ferrum met
I am going to take this for muscle tear to my bicep. I'm not going to have surgery. s

bugler 2009-08-22
25   AshishJain last year

Frozen Shoulder (Shoulder Impingement/Periarthritis of the Shoulder)
I had righ shoulder impingement. It is now cured and I have 100% motion restored. Just whe
rsdhar 2016-12-05
12   kadwa last year

urine incontinence
Hello i am male 60 year old suffring from urine incontinence for 3 years. day time Goin
davind1 2017-01-08
1   telescope last year

Is there any remedy available for aspergillosis
Hi, I am asthmatic, suffering from asthma from the age of 13. from the age of 17 I used to
prashantaset 2016-12-28
7   kadwa last year

Need homeopathy treatment for parasites giardia(lamblia)
Hi , I'm 18(male).I live in Ukraine.I was diagnosed in september this year with giar
Nurmagedov4567 2017-01-08
1   homeo_helper last year

Severe Depression
I had posted here before. My main physical symptoms are hormonal imbalance (hirsutism), di
wannabehealthy 2017-01-08
1   wannabehealthy last year

Lac maternum in India?
Hi, where can I find Lac maternum 1M in India? Its not there here in Bangalore. Thanks

ramheight6 2016-11-15
66   simone717 last year

touching genitals in sleep
Hi, My daughter has seizures and he is under the care of a homeopath, SHe is currently us
Jane77 2016-12-23
3   sameervermani last year

Dose for acne
I am years old . I am severely suffering with acne by searching in google i found homeopa
Teja 2016-12-30
6   Teja last year

Cell Phone Radiation - help yourself with Phytolacca 30
RF radiation from cell phone is severly oxidizing (burning) your body. Whether you want it

Reva V 2012-08-20
28   simone717 last year

sexual fantasies HELP
My problem is quite long but please read and help me out. I born in the divided family wh
anonymous2 2017-01-05
1   deoshlok last year

Seeking help for Staph infection at Semen
Hi Dr, Need urgent help for stpah infection at semen. Its at heavy growth stage. Problem f
araghyagmail.com 2017-01-06
1   deoshlok last year

Ischemic Heart disease-Reply ASAP
My father is 66 years old and is suffering from ischemic hear disease.His ejection fractio
chithraravindran 2017-01-06
1   deoshlok last year

plz help.. need long strength and more hair on head
My friend has thin hair on her head. But she needs more, strength and long hair. She speci
deep09 2017-01-06
1   deoshlok last year

2.5 y.o. miserable toddler
It seems my 2.5 yo has begun the "terrible twos" and making the rest of the house hold str
AYoung 2017-01-08
3   telescope last year

Attn: Murthy Lichen Planus
Mr.Murthy, Thank you for looking into the case. I just noticed today. Tiny bumps are all

HelpwithLP 2016-10-20
41   HelpwithLP last year

Persistent Cold
hello everyone, I am in desperate help with regards to my daughters health.She is 12 year
AK110 2017-01-06
2   AK110 last year

Dr Livera please help my mother
Hello Sir, My mother is 70 years old. She is having rheumatoid arthritis and pain in her
sachinbankar 2017-01-07
3   simone717 last year

Lower back pain
hello sir .. i m comfused about my disease and no doctor could help.me.in this :( act
asad3 2016-12-30
10   asad3 last year

Is Ruta Grav 6c available sugarless?
My friend with glioblastoma cannot have sugar. Is Ruta Grav 6c available sugarless? For a
ronurb3gmail.com 2017-01-07
1   gavinimurthy last year

excessive masturbation
I am 29 and i have been masturbating since i was 13. I have all the bad effects of excess
uday1 2016-12-27
9   jawahar last year

Dr. Sameervermani (Psoriasis patient Needs Help)
Dear Sameer I am a patient of psoriasis for last 25 years and have discovered this forum
MasoodAhmed 2017-01-01
1   MasoodAhmed last year

Soft erection amd premature ejaculation
Sir i m going to be married in one month. My problem is premature ejaculation and soft ere
Alee123 2017-01-06
1   HealthyWorld last year

premature ejaculation
sir was start masturbation from the age of 13 now suffering from premature ejaculation. i

as1 2016-11-23
49   Alee123 last year

Kidney Stones problem
hi I am 34 yrs male. I am suffering from both kidney stones problem continuously. on of my
2   HealthyWorld last year

4 years old doesn't listen
I know it's somewhat normal for a 4 years old not to listen and I would have been kin

bluesky77 2016-12-07
40   bluesky77 last year

White Beard
Hii Doctor, I am 33 years old male, my beard is turning white year and year, first grey ha
arydreamer 2017-01-05
3   HealthyWorld last year

Homeopathy Side Effects in my case
Hello everyone, I've been taking Ignatia for like 10 days together with some mixture

newone 2016-05-13
71   akshaymohl last year

Is this homeopathy safe?
I am concerned about residiual heavy metals that lasted through the dilution. http://www
taidan 2017-01-05
3   sameervermani last year

erictile dysfunction
hello doctor i am 30 year old male having problem of erictile dysfunction , done lot of

puneetkamra22 2016-10-21
21   puneetkamra22 last year

ANTIVIRUS ATTENTION - please help- pcos weight, hirsutism, hair-thinning, skin tags, insulin resistance,Acanthosis Nigricans
I am a female, indian , 5 ft tall and 195 pound of weight. I have had PCOS all along my li
Swati028 2017-01-05
1   Swati028 last year

Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors emotional numbness
Is there any homeopathic remedy which can releases emotional numbness caused by Selective
earth 113 2017-01-05
3   simone717 last year

male pattern baldness from front sides
dear sir/mam i am suffering from MPB on front side since 2014. my hairs started falling fr
ankit2 2017-01-04
1   jawahar last year

how to use medicine
How to use Lycopodium 1m for impotency and weak erection of penis and PE ???
Shemul 2016-12-20
7   Shemul last year

Chronic Lyme, parasitic infestation diognoses
My scalp is on fire & feels electric! Its Being tugged in 24/7 and I have large bald
Ouch 2017-01-04
1   kadwa last year

Profound difference between 1M and 1MK?
I had taken a remedy in C200 which had helped greatly for a few weeks then stopped working
wannabehealthy 2017-01-04
1   kadwa last year

Penis pain
Hai..Pls any body help me out..im having penis pain since two months which i noticed after
Shaik Munvar 2017-01-03
1   kadwa last year

prostate enlargement and erectile disfunction
I am 58 years male, have enlarged prostate, urination is not free and facing erctile disfu
sashijagadish 2017-01-03
1   kadwa last year

Please help me with Diverticulosis
I went for colonoscopy and doctor found Diverculities ( multiple medium sized pockets in s
sumitc 2016-12-31
3   kadwa last year

Postpartum Depression
I have given birth 10 weeks ago and am now starting to feel symptoms of postpartum Depress
Elttrut 2016-12-30
2   Elttrut last year

Toddler with constant chronic post nasal drip
Good afternoon everyone I have a 26 month old who has had a chronic post nasal drip causin
Trsiel 2017-01-04
1   homeodr last year

Nephrotic Syndrome For 2Yrs Baby
My Baby is of 2Yrs Old since her 1yr she is suffering from NS and Hyper Thyriod. Initially

Oadidgou 2016-11-14
23   Oadidgou last year

help for my cat!
Hi everyone! I have a 5-year-old male cat, who lives indoor. He started rubbing his chin
mcv 2017-01-03
2   HResearcher last year

Practitioner Review Sites?
Hello, does anyone know of a resource to find reviews of homeopathic practioners? I'd
HResearcher 2017-01-03
no replies yet

Scanty periods
Hi , I am 35 yrs old and has been facing the problem of scanty periods with dark blood and
Shalmath 2016-11-07
7   Shalmath last year

Baby developmental delays/ motor delay
Opinion needed from multiple Doctors Baby boy, about 10 month age, Was born under weight,
hhraja 2016-08-27
12   maheeru last year

Penis pain
Hai any body pls help me out..i started penis pain 2 months ago after two incidents..First
Shaik Munvar 2017-01-03
1   simone717 last year

doctor kadwa plz help me
sir asad here.. i m really tired of running after doctors,homepaths and Herbalist but nob
asad3 2016-12-20
4   simone717 last year

Sleep disorder after taking calc flour and arnica
Hi guys, I took calc flour30 and arnica30 3 times a day for 2 weeks. 3 drops each. It h
mystic90 2016-12-25
8   simone717 last year

Lumber spondilosys
I have back pain for the last one year, I took Mag Phos, Cal Phos and Kali Iod. It gave me
sashijagadish 2017-01-03
1   telescope last year

Requesting treatment for Uterine Fibroids
Dear All, I have two large fibroids in my uterus and the doctor is suggesting partial hyst
Chandra2017 2016-12-27
5   nawazkhan last year

Attention: Dr. Kulkarni
Hello Doctor, I have experienced hair loss on my head in patches and increasing over the

mikekhan 2016-10-10
32   DrKulkarni last year

To any any doctor at this forum
I need any suggestion for my daughter's problem. she is 3 now. she was 2+ when her ey

Hannah Hannah 2010-12-12
59   telescope last year

Tickling sensitive cough after a cold
Hi - I have got over a bad cold, but I have a lingering cough. My trachea is very sensiti
TimLondon 2016-12-31
1   kadwa last year

chest pain when fold in 90 deg
my son age 15 year .he feel ches t pain in midle point during fold in 90 degree.and alway
Shouthie 2016-12-31
1   kadwa last year

Asthema, Cold and cough remedy
I have asthema, I get cold very frequently. I get cold even if I expose to cold air. When
RIslam 2016-12-30
1   kadwa last year

Cough 4.7 year old
My child(17.4 kg) is having fever since last 5 days. And now since yesterday he is coughin
vidhaan 2016-12-30
1   kadwa last year

My grandson 4 yrs old had psvt and had to undergo RFAblation please suggest a remedy so t
Deep 2016-12-30
1   kadwa last year

22 to3 mm stone total 30 to 40 nos. in gall blader
Sir, My wife aged 37 yrs having 2 to 3 mm dia stones total 30 to 40 numbers in gall blader
deepakniku 2016-12-30
1   kadwa last year

Memory & Concentration problem
Age 21 weight - 54 height - 5.3 While reading book i can't stay focused. After readi
nikhil003 2016-12-21
4   kadwa last year

Squint vision
My Right eye lazy and a very slightly squint I visit a eye specialist he tell me to used
suman10 2016-12-04
5   kadwa last year

FREQUENT URINATION and urine comes out before reaching to washroom
Dear dr kadwa my mom problem is she is unable to control urine, urine comes out before rea
zemy2007 2016-12-09
7   zemy2007 last year

PLEASE HELP Any cure for Diverticulities
I went for colonoscopy and doctor found Diverculities ( multiple medium sized pockets in s
sumitc 2016-12-28
4   simone717 last year

Dr Deoshlok Sharma-please help,Retinal detachment with type 1 diabetes
Hello dr, I lost vision of my right eye. I had gone for two retinal surgeries where the p
aqua4284 2016-12-27
9   simone717 last year

wrinkles on face
Hi i have wrinlkes on my fore head and under eyes . Please suggest any homeo medicine for
Ana2 2016-12-29
9   simone717 last year

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