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weakness in muscles, tears in ligaments
I am writing on behalf of my sister who is facing a lot of problems emotionally and physic
jatan 2005-11-21
2   last decade

thick mucus from nose
i have a thick mucus coming out my left nostrial for long time time now. the mucus is gree
ghmptt 2005-11-19
3   last decade

severe sleep apnea looking for answers
I posted last night but aplogize as I don't know where it went. hmmmmI am wondering i
wendypape 2005-11-22
no replies yet

Binge eating
Hello! I´m 19 years old, I was bulimic for 5 years, now I keep bingeing but I only t

susantrek 2004-09-19
141   last decade

Q re Prophylacic use of Influenzinum
My question relates to an issue brought up in a different thread about the proper use of B
Daisy43 2005-11-21
2   last decade

Extremely Itchy Scalp, HELP
My scalp has increasingly become more itcy, extremely so. I'm using gentle baby sham
Karrot13 2005-11-21
2   last decade

My mother is having allergy and severe itching thru out the body
dear allPlease help my mother who is having allergy due to taking medicine for ear imbalan
sarada 2005-11-22
no replies yet

My infant constantly sick with colds because of mold in apartment!
My 11 month old son has been constantly sick with colds since we moved into our apartment
veralucia 2005-11-21
4   last decade

Teenager unwell since failing exam - please help!
My cousin is sixteen years old and has recently failed a dancing exam, and it has profound
rooty28 2005-11-21
2   last decade

Severe bloating
Hello,I am having couple of challenges and was wondering how homeopathy can help me. I ha
sammytvm 2005-11-22
no replies yet

please help: low acidity need remedy instead of betaine hydrochloride (HCL)
Hi, I have low stomach acid and I would like to know what is a homeopathy remedy for inste
roberta 2005-11-14
2   last decade

Joe De Livera- nat phos 6x for children for gastric trouble?
i was anxious to know if Nat phos 6x cause reduction in weight in young children below 2 y
ravin707 2005-11-22
no replies yet

bumps in the throat- scared :(
Well, I am a worry wart anyway, so its probably nothing! Over a year ago I've had the
Kashley 2005-11-21
no replies yet

Crazy hormones and agnus castus
Hi everyone,I'm seeing a homeopath to help me come off the pill after six years. I de
rooty28 2005-11-10
2   last decade

On Oct. 21, I had a small surgery on my right upper breast (on my shoulder level). There w
aidacrc 2005-11-21
2   last decade

Boston Office Space for Rent
Re: Office Space for RentDear Sir or Madam: My name is Dr. Michael Chartoff. Im the owne
Dr Mike 2005-11-21
no replies yet

could we discuss miaisms ... how they block the cure... if many are present which are to b
cornelius 2005-11-21
1   last decade

Cystic Fibrosis
My daughter is now 6 ½ years old child. She has cough, mal-absorption of fats and
T.K.R. SETHURAMAN 2003-05-28
2   last decade

7-year-old cat after surgery
My 7-year-old cat swallowed a needle and thread (my brother had used and let them on a nig
aidacrc 2005-11-21
no replies yet

Medorrhinum overdose
My son is six years old and he was having problem with Bed wetting and mild Asthma. A loca
arana 2005-11-20
2   last decade

8 month old with sleeping problems
I have an eight month old infant who until recently was sleeping quite well. For the past
melissa40 2005-11-21
4   last decade

Nasal Congestion- Pls help
I have nasal congestion which makes me sound like whinning when I talk. What remedy should
mameyo 2005-10-31
11   last decade

plz help me for the problems i am in
Assalam o alakum! My age is 27, and my height is 5.11. My weight is just near to 60 k
Ali Faisal Khan 2005-11-17
7   last decade

left eye swollon and red
Dear alli have swoon red eye for more than 10 yrs now. in 94 after a lot of diagnose Dr in
hasan99 2005-11-19
2   last decade

Talking about it will not harm
Many people have reffered to doctor Beek as the most helpful alternative towards their dis
Alexthink 2005-11-20
no replies yet

Eye infection
I am looking for a rememdy for the following symptoms:1. Left eye affected only2. Redness
sgraci 2005-11-20
3   last decade

cramps in calf muscles
Hello I am new member to the forum and seek guidance from the experienced homeopaths of th

realvirgo 2005-10-22
33   last decade

Dr Deoshlok, i need your help
I'll be very brief in this first post. My son is eight years old and is only 125cm ta
yunni 2005-11-20
2   last decade

Prostatitis and my final fight
HiI´m 23 years old and a sufferer of prostatitis since three years. This condition h
Swede 2005-11-12
9   last decade

Any homeopath here experienced in treating Sarcoidosis
I would like to know if any of the homoeopaths here has had any case of sarcoidosis of the
yogeshnagpal 2005-11-19
1   last decade

pls tell me the solution of white hair problem
can u tell me any medicine to control white hair..my 50% heads hairs are white and it is i
ilu732000 2005-11-20
1   last decade

problem of white hairs-help pls
hi,pls tell me any medicine to control white hairs..day by day the numbers of white hairs
ilu732000 2005-11-20
1   last decade

advice needed
Can somebody please tell me if homeopathy can help in the problem i have: my son is 8 year
yunni 2005-11-19
5   last decade

Low semen count ,Male infertility , Varicocele
I am 30 years old.I have varicocele in my left testis (vein diameter:3.9mm)with no pain.my
Alireza 2005-11-17
1   last decade

Dear Patient For good prescription Please follow this rule
Your Single sentence of your complain will not help us to give a good suggestionRead caref
deoshlok 2005-11-20
no replies yet

help no improvement
i was prescribed sulphur 30 ch 3X day-5 drops for depressionit has been 5 weeks and still
Mahatma 2005-11-19
3   last decade

fever after vaccinations
My 4 month child has a fever after her shots. My friend told me to give her Thuja (but i
tiptoe 2005-11-19
1   last decade

joe,sajjad,erika,pankaj,sabra pls help
Dear all,I am a 28 yrs old female.for the past 2 yrs i have noticed that a black spot deve

fatso 2005-10-05
20   last decade

to;dr sajjad
doctor as u have diagonosed with slaix nigra Q for stopping semen leakage,can stopping mas
shoota 2005-11-19
2   last decade

vaginal beta strep bacterial infection
I have been diagnosed with a vaginal beta strep bacterial infection. I was treated with a
debbie76 2005-11-16
4   last decade

lichen sclerosis
I have been suffering from ls for a number of years although it was for a long time wrongl
stacey 2005-11-19
no replies yet

pre/post laparoscopic surgery questions
I am scheduled to have a laparoscopic surgery and wonder if there are any homopathic remed
jokie80 2005-11-19
4   last decade

History of Homeopathy in Pakistan
Before independence, during British rule, Homeopathic, Unani and Ayurvedic act was passed
Dr SS 2005-11-19
1   last decade

Dr sajjad-any other precutions?
tnx for suggesting me sir..i will take yr priscribed medicine..should i hv to take any oth
ilu732000 2005-11-19
1   last decade

my daughter 17 has developed hard lump on her rib right under the left breast...it is occa
dani11 2005-11-19
3   last decade

can u tell me right doses of graphites?(urgent reply pls)
i am suffering from Premature Ejaculation,somebody suggested me to take graphites to treat
ilu732000 2005-11-19
1   last decade

to sajjadakram
I read your tips for high BP on the archives and want to see if you can help me. I alread
Yoshi 2005-11-14
9   last decade

Neurofeedback vs Homeopathy
My son is a 4 year old who was diagnosed with Autistic Spectrum Disorder. He is on the hig
Kemoomie 2005-11-18
1   last decade

Swollen glands
My son in law has a problem with swollen glands under his arms.He has had it checked out b
Livvy 2005-11-18
1   last decade

carc 200
Hello,i was wondering if anyone can help me. i have been to see a homoeopath about several
l_fuller 2005-11-18
1   last decade

FEAR !!! attn : joe de livera
Hi guys I am new here and I have read the posts. Its a good service that you guys are doin
yashwant 2005-11-11
11   last decade

Sixteen year old with chronic sore throat
Hi. I am wondering how to treat my sixteen year old daughter. She is very busy at work a
joy50 2005-11-16
8   last decade

may i have an answer
what kind of docktor do i go see when i have penis infection
steve12345 2005-11-17
5   last decade

is it true once you feel better to stop the homeopathis remedy?
Hello to all,I have been taking staphsagria for 2 weeks now 1 dose a week.The first week i
sonia- taylor 2005-11-17
5   last decade

Homeopathic Remedy Ratan Hia
Ive just heard about the homeopathic remedy Ratan Hia. I would be pleased if anyone could
yogeshnagpal 2005-11-18
2   last decade

Re: Can Homeopathy Cure Diabetes? From AJAY on 2003-12-31 yes it can send me your add i
medmidas 2005-11-18
no replies yet

for joe
My friend's father in law (about 76 years old)has a problem where the spinal cord has
new2town 2005-11-18
2   last decade

Dry cough
My child has a dry cough, no cold, mainly at night.My reading came up with the remediesRum
new2town 2005-11-16
5   last decade

Need some help for an unusual problem!
My husband has an unusual problem,after doing strenuous excercises his one side of his fac
Livvy 2005-11-17
4   last decade

Erectile dysfunction resulting from radiation therapy
Hello:I am a 57-year-old male who enjoyed healthy sexual response up until receiving allop
Zorax 2005-11-17
1   last decade

Eczema on Hands
I have had a chronic case of eczema on my right hand on the pinky finger, mostly on the pa
rowleez 2005-11-17
1   last decade

Severe neck pain due to bone misalignment
My friend has been diagnosed with misaligment of the bones in the neck. Instead of having
lilunturtle 2005-11-18
1   last decade

chemotherapy and stools
hi, anyone has any idea which remedy could be suggested to a 70 year old male who has canc
Yoshi 2005-11-18
1   last decade

Can someone help me with information on an educational institution from where I can do my
2   last decade

baby with bad cough and cold
hello..my 16 month has a horrible cold with a dry barking cough. this morning after a fit
nicksmom 2005-11-07
5   last decade

Self Prescription with biochemic salts
It is true that homeopathic potencies are 100% dangerous if prescribed wrongly. I would li
yogeshnagpal 2005-11-17
5   last decade

Tingling Sensation
Over the last few days I have a tingling sensation over the right side of my head (like th
Bee 2004-05-19
9   last decade

why nasal polyps occur
My daughter is six years and we went in for homeopathic treatment.With the medicine the po
vinita 2005-11-17
2   last decade

How can i make 200c potency if only 30c is avilable
my daughter is six years old.She has been prescribed a medicine of 200c.But only 30c is av
vinita 2005-11-17
2   last decade

Insomnia and Iron Deficient Anemia
If I am taking ferrum met and natrum muriaticum for anemia can I also take a remedy for in
Mousitsa 2005-11-17
1   last decade

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