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cannot switch off
hi,my husband is having 9 hours sleep and by 2 hours of working feels tired again,he is de
taxins 2005-10-21
3   last decade

How do I make a homemade 3X remedy?
From what I can tell, making a 3X remedy out of a mother tincture should be fairly simple.
Jane525 2005-10-17
10   last decade

DOC, please help me again!
Dear Dr. Sajjad,I thank you for your evaluation of my case considering your vast experienc
ipslon 2005-10-06
9   last decade

7 week old baby - Wind
My 7 weeks old baby seems to struggle terribly with wind -he doesn't bring it up very
Jinko 2005-10-21
2   last decade

hiii i just wanna know if this pills really work if y0u think you pregnant n could kill th
lUiS WiFEYx564 2005-10-21
1   last decade

Head Cold
I get a Sinus Infection every winter and have to use an antiobiotic which takes 10 days an
crimson 2005-10-22
2   last decade

seeking info
I am going to adopt new baby is their any remedies to bring in milk to breastfeed?
lmoore 2005-10-22
1   last decade

coughing up chunks of sulfer smelling substance
I was told by my doctor that I have acid reflux 2 years ago.For or the past year I haven&#
adam123 2005-10-22
1   last decade

re-post, please help me
Hello,I was hoping somebody could help me pick a remedy for my current acne. Having no Hom
lynn07 2005-10-17
2   last decade

how to increase confidence
I really need to feel more confident in life. I recently lost my job and am looking for a
daneo52 2005-10-20
4   last decade

Nat-m caused herpes?
My mother takes any natural remedy offered to her like candy - like it'll rock her wo

Scarletpump 2005-01-17
23   last decade

Dad may have a cold...
It all started with my dad having a sore throat, and now it's worsened and he has sne
Simthumb 2005-10-21
3   last decade

persistent belching out of gas or wind
In 1999, after a month of sever flu and feverish condition, under the advice of a MD I too
topol123 2005-10-20
3   last decade

Uterine Fibroids
I am going to post this one more time. I did order the Cal Carb as was recommended by som
kbrown85283 2005-10-19
2   last decade

Constitutional Remedies
Is there really such a thing as constitutional remedies? And if so, how does a person find
Lynnas 2005-10-20
3   last decade

chronic nasal polyps
i am a 47 year old male, for the last 8 years i have been suffering from nasal polyps, i&#
micohio2000 2005-10-21
1   last decade

dermatitus outbreak all over body due to metal
please could anyone advise if there is anything mt friend can try, her skin outbreak is al
holme12 2005-10-19
5   last decade

Homeopathy in Malaysia
Can anyone tell me is there any homeopathy in Malaysia? Need to get remedy for my daughter
pritpal 2005-10-18
4   last decade

face and water weight and puffiness
Hi, recently I have face and body water weight and puffiness, I was feeling better for few
niki1 2005-10-20
4   last decade

Loss of Sexual Desire
I am a 27 yr. mother. I delivered my baby 2 years back. Since then, I have lost sexual des

shabker 2005-08-31
13   last decade

Aplastic Anemia
I read on an internet site that Aplastic Anemia is rare: it only affects about one thousan
KibitzerTriplet 2005-10-20
1   last decade

Malassezia yeast infections
How do you kill a Malassezia yeast infection? OTC creams do not work.My friend also has th
cyndi 2005-10-20
1   last decade

which to use
I dont knopw which sulphur to get for the demodectic mange in my dog can someone suggest s
Judy Mayes 2005-10-19
1   last decade

non-albican candida glabrata
Has anyone heard of this? It is a highly resistant strain of yeast which could be caused b

cyndi 2005-09-25
13   last decade

Using your Constitutional Remedy to strengthen & transform
While I am able to wrap my mind around how to use a certain remedy for a certain clear pro
Jane525 2005-10-17
2   last decade

aggravation with Schüssler's salt
I would like to know: is it possible to have aggravation with Schüssler's cell s
voxpopuli2 2005-10-19
4   last decade

Avian Flu
If Avian Flu strikes Sri Lanka where I live, I shall use Oscillococcinum 200 in the Wet Do
Joe De Livera 2005-10-17
2   last decade

Want to get degree in homeopathy...need guidence
I am a high school senior and looking for a suitable major at this time i am looking at al
rayankarkadan 2005-10-20
1   last decade

Penile discharge
I am 25 years old male, from last one year i feel semen discharge with urination which is
25maleuk 2005-10-19
1   last decade

18 mo old cold
My 18 month old daughter started sneezing yesterday and last night she slept very restless
lmhoopes 2005-10-14
5   last decade

Hi,I have an addiction to fiorial/codeine for at least a year, 6 tablets a day, I want to
lillyofthevalley 2003-09-15
11   last decade

Homeopathy for Flu?
Hello,If anyone has used homeopathy to treat the flu this winter, please take a minute to
katie 2004-03-15
2   last decade

Angry 4 month old
I have a question about my baby. He's 4 months and is still crying quite often. He st
lola11 2005-10-15
3   last decade

There is so much controversy about the acute shortage of flu vaccine over here in the US.

faqir 2004-10-27
27   last decade

My sister is 24 years old and had week eyesight(around 4-5). She is having severe headache
naushadakhtar 2005-10-19
2   last decade

Require help
I am based in Mundhwa, Pune and urgently require NATRUMMUR of the power 6X. Could anyone p
akankshaps 2005-10-19
1   last decade

Cystic Acne
I'm a 22 year old female and I've had a problem with acne since I was 18. I have
lmagnena 2005-10-14
8   last decade

Eczema in a 2 year old
Hello,My daughter is 2 years and 6 months old is having rashes on her elbow of her hands a
naushadakhtar 2005-10-16
4   last decade

I have a question.....what is phosphorous prescribed for? What are the characteristics co
confused 2005-10-16
1   last decade

Pleas, help
Please, help!Daughter is long ill, More than 4 years . Symptoms following:1.Asthenia.On
irena 2005-10-18
2   last decade

My Cat
My cat has been sneezing for over a year now, her breathing is very heavy and she is a bit
Theplaza 2005-10-18
1   last decade

Any remedies as preventative for this years Fujian strain of the flu, especially for child
maltesemd 2003-12-14
11   last decade

Q ;remedy for Tinnitus
my unclehe has a tinnitus(ringing in the ear likethe shrill chirrup of a cicada)for severa
rxlove 2005-10-18
1   last decade

From Bad to Worse !
Im sure all of you outthere are sick and tired of being sick and tired. I have been on an
JustNutz 2005-10-18
1   last decade

Orthodox Medicine Can Damage your Health
It costs too much too fight so many claims!!!!!Patients will no longer have to struggle wi
walkin 2005-10-14
3   last decade

Sudden Oily Skin
I was just wondering if anyone had any explanations for sudden oily skin? I am 29yrs old
sunrise 2005-10-15
3   last decade

solve my problem
i am male but developed too heavy chest. my chest seems more like breast of female.is ther
sagha 2005-10-13
6   last decade

gallstone-which treatments?
I have a 18mm gallstone.It is giving right sided discomfort with occasional pain,bloatedne
minibramble 2005-10-15
4   last decade

RE-POST on 16 week old with sleep probs
This is a re post for some futher advice. Since this post she has slept 2 nights for 8 ho
aurabindo 2005-10-16
3   last decade

need help with my dog she has demodectic mange severe
Hello I have a dog with Demodectic mangr or Red mange I belong to a holostic yahoo group a
Judy Mayes 2005-10-18
no replies yet

Arnica Shampoo
Is there a shampoo you recommend that has Arnica Montana in it that is good. Been searchi
dsimp1961 2005-10-01
4   last decade

Cracker Finger-Tips
For the last 3 years or more I have suffered from cracked, peeling, bleeding finger tips,
limoman 2005-09-07
12   last decade

I'm going to try using coffee to antidote some remedies,but since caffeine keeps we a
lansdown 2005-10-14
5   last decade

panic attack...can anyone help?
Hello.. .I have had panic attacks my entire life..they started in kindergarten, when I did
Amolina208 2005-10-17
1   last decade

antidote symptoms appear
I took Rhus tox and had very bad fogginess following. I could not even drive. I then ant
virginiawoolf 2005-10-18
1   last decade

question for Walkin
Hello,Thank you for responding to my previous post on my 16 week old daughter and chamomil
aurabindo 2005-10-17
1   last decade

Cystic Blemish
I have extremely sensitive skin and take very good care of it. I never fail to cleanse, t
TeaPartier 2005-10-17
no replies yet

Need help with ED and fatigue
Hi,I have an unusual problem, can anyone help? Docs have given me Nux Vomica (30x), Arseni
abcuser3 2005-10-17
no replies yet

Hello, my son 1,4 y.o. seems to have celiac diseas. We treated him from disbakteriosis, in
gulya 2005-10-11
4   last decade

Any suggestions for Bird Flu when it arrives?
How should we start preparing for the time bird flu arrives In Europe? Is someone working
conniep 2005-10-07
9   last decade

thuja 200 & psoriasis
I just came in Finland may be two months.When I was in India I was recovering almost 90%.A
tapan 2005-10-17
1   last decade

joe i need suggestion urgently !!!!
hi joe, In response to your earlier mail to me saying that my hairlosss in alopecia (
bitsmart03 2005-10-17
1   last decade

X dosages vs C dosages
What is the difference between "x" and "c" dosages? My materia medica only stipulates "X"
thebabes 2005-10-17
1   last decade

For everyone who is using this brand. Have y'all noticed anything different with the
jose07 2005-10-16
8   last decade

Abdominal Problems
Hi,Can somebody help me with my abdominal pain problems. I have frequently (every 6 month
RandyTX 2005-10-14
5   last decade

Coke and acid reflux
I get acid reflux type symptoms 8 - 10 hours after drinking carbonated drinks. Usually st
RMelton 2005-10-17
2   last decade

Lazy Eye Left Side - Help
My daughter who is five half yrs old has a lazy eye on her left eye also her left eye goes
pritpal 2005-10-17
no replies yet

Eye Sight
Can you giv me some suggestions on How to improve My Eye SightPlezz, I always work on comp
mayurshoots 2005-10-17
1   last decade

Hi Sir Can u give reason why Pimples OccurAnd what are things that we can do to avoid pimp
mayurshoots 2005-10-17
no replies yet

Cat Remedy!!!
My 11 year old cat has problems eating, chewing his food, swallowing. He must be in pain t
alexroi 2005-09-05
3   last decade

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