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Lycopodium Biotype and Hiperthyroidic
Please apologies for my medical english.I suffer from hiperthyroid from five years. I'
IIIarcopolo 2005-08-04
2   last decade

I was detected with hypothyroid 5 years ago and am making every effort to cure or find a a

geebee 2005-05-14
22   last decade

Sweet sweat & Stool while urinating
My son, 5 month old has sweet smell esp around his neck. sleeps & eats less though he'
tjalal 2005-08-04
3   last decade

Genital Warts - Vagina
I have a wart on my upper vagina. Every time i take a shower i seems to act up. Sometimes
tyrese's girl 2004-05-03
8   last decade

please help - 23 year old with arthritis
hi, i was hoping someone could read my post titled "Heavy Prolonged Period, Arthritis, Sev
Alabama 2005-07-08
9   last decade

Anxious Dog
In September, we adopted a starving street dog. He was neutered probably too young. He h
Armando 2005-08-01
3   last decade

growth on neck
I am writing on behalf of my soulmate, I figure that his unwillingness to do anything abou
shareon 2005-07-29
7   last decade

regarding spinal cord injury
Is there any possible homeopathic treatment for paraplegia following spinal cord injury??
sapna 2005-08-04
2   last decade

Strep throart and no insurance
Atleast I think its strep throat and I know if its left untreated it can sometimes killyou
dwaynedays 2005-08-04
1   last decade

All Kinds of Alopecia Areata
Please enter your experiencesabout this!
makishornet 2005-08-04
1   last decade

I had an episode of nausea last night and found my most comfortable position to be sitting
ruth45 2005-08-03
1   last decade

acne remedies during pregnancy
I have been researching remedies to take for my persistant and painful acne and have settl
bodyandsole 2005-08-03
1   last decade

performance anxiety
I am enrolled in coursework to become certified as a Pilates instructor. Testing includes
djhundred 2005-08-03
3   last decade

bad excema from carcinosin
I had taken 30C split dose of Carcinosin 3x for a miasmic block. Amost immediately after
maryo 2005-08-03
2   last decade

vitreous hemorrhage/Floaters
I am 26yrs old. 3 months ago i had a vitreous hemorrhage, since then i have had two more.
romitdasgupta 2005-08-03
2   last decade

Strange Blood Blisters On Tounge
I need help from all members of the forum about a strange problem. For so many years now
wahijs 2005-08-03
1   last decade

ch or c?
I recieved from France some remedies of potencies 5 ch and 30 ch. Does anyone know how str
Maria&boys 2005-08-03
4   last decade

need help!
OK so I realised I need to be more specific about what is ailing me:Enlarged lingual tonsi
tanya1 2005-08-03
1   last decade

Hi All, I am suffering from psoriasis from last 8 years, I have been see a homeopath from
mdrizkhan 2005-08-02
1   last decade

bromazepam and homepathy remedies
dear all,this is my first post on this forum and i hope ill get some answers from you soon
calvin 2005-08-02
1   last decade

Pregnancy and lypocodium
Hello,I've been taking Lypocodium for 1,5 years now for my knee (Sudeck atrophy). My
penica 2005-08-01
2   last decade

Lupus Nephritis
what remedies would u recommend?
misslmodest 2005-07-29
6   last decade

Pilonidal sinus
Hello I am male 33. About 10 years ago I had a operation on pilonidal sinus problem. The s
hathiams 2005-08-01
1   last decade

pimple gone haywire
What started off as a pimple on my braline, has gone to something more.Symptoms:inflammati
middy 2005-08-02
1   last decade

Adult recurring ear infection
Good morning, This is my first post. tHE ONLY HOMEOPATHIC MEDS i HAVE USED IS Similisan fo
graceabounds 2005-08-02
1   last decade

Allergic Rhinitis
I am diagnosed to be having Allergic Rhinitis recently. I have been going to a homeopathi

homeop1975 2005-05-24
36   last decade

Severe acidity
I'm suffering from following problems :1) Frequent sneezing and cold since last 5 yea

mshaved 2005-07-04
15   last decade

Jim Sheldon
Dear JimI have been reading your posts since quiet sometimes, and its been great to have y
sazim1 2005-07-29
4   last decade

Urget help required medication.
Hi all Im new to the forum and need your help please.Been very ill lately panick and agrap
pinky 2005-08-01
1   last decade

Reccuring Tonsillitis
Hi,Once again I have another bout of tonsillitis. This is now my second course of antibio

habeeba 2005-07-15
22   last decade

Urticaria ? 5 month old daughter.
Hi there,My daughter is 5.5 months old, since about 8 weeks she is suffering from some kin
Priyataurus 2005-07-28
6   last decade

urticaria ?
Hello everyone,I believe I was suffering from urticaria since the last few weeks. It appea
depress 2005-07-29
4   last decade

advice for eye , retina detachtment cataract after surgery
Dr Readers I am a photographer I suffering with eye problemsI am 55 I Am not a diabetic. I
edindy 2005-07-31
2   last decade

Bitter Taste
I am 50 yars old, residing in the Arabian Gulf area. Since long I am suffering from Bitter

kunjukb 2005-04-24
26   last decade

This is well worth a look 4 any alment
I no u might have tryed alot of cures that say they'll do a lot a cost a bomb i have
robert_healy 2005-07-29
2   last decade

What does this mean?
Hello,If you find temporary relief of your symptoms while you are on homeo medication, wha
periopatient 2005-08-01
2   last decade

Knee Problem 23 yrs Male - SYMPTOMS- what do u think doctor..?
I went for a religious around 20 km walking pilgrimage in MARCH 2005. there i started feel
adam101 2005-07-26
11   last decade

Homeopaths - lay or professional
Hello all I was just wondering how many people here on the board are professional homeopat
jose07 2005-07-31
6   last decade

LACHESIS/ Feel Safe- Can anyone help w/ dosage?
I'm wondering if anyone can help me w/ dosage, I don't want to mess this up.I ha
justagirl 2005-07-30
12   last decade

Bad Nerves Before Job Interview!
I'm trying to decide whether I should take Gelsemium or Agr Nitricum before a job int

justagirl 2005-07-29
21   last decade

please help to get rid of these.
Hi,From one month I see some thick liquid drops one or two coming out of my pennis while I
mobby_reload 2005-07-29
6   last decade

I am 19 year female suffering from LUPUS since last 4 years.Last month I started treatment

salma 2005-04-14
21   last decade

My mother has had this problem for a long time. She took homeopathy for this a long time a
jose07 2005-07-31
3   last decade

Extreme stress - acute....
Any recommendations for an acute case of stress? -Insomnia-heart racing-sweating constantl
jentoun 2005-07-28
4   last decade

Pregnancy and depression and other issues
Hi,I just found out I am pregnant with our second baby. The first one is 18 months old.
isabellesmom 2005-07-31
no replies yet

extreme fatigue and swollen limbs
hi, i am a final year engineering student and life hasnt been going too smooth for almost
xcess_denied 2005-07-30
no replies yet

Any Cure for Tan Arms ?
Hello All,I am a male of 28 and live in Arizona. As you know the arizona sun is notorious
AV8R_AZ 2005-07-29
5   last decade

I have chronic tendonitis in my left foot. It is worse with movement and is swollen along
virginiawoolf 2005-07-29
2   last decade

Epididymitis and spermatocele
I have a problem in my left testicle. It was diagnosed by physician . They diagnosed as Ep
veekay 2005-07-30
1   last decade

my 3year 9 month old daughter is suffering from allergic bronchitis from last one month. t
timpsy 2005-07-30
1   last decade

Muscle Degeneration
Can anyone tell me what are the symptoms of muscle degeneration? I have quite thin arms an
maya_hari 2005-07-25
12   last decade

Sinus Pressure - Erika?
I spoke to you abou 6-8 weeks ago about some miserable sinus pressure which I have suffere
titch 2005-07-29
1   last decade

I have taken PUlsatilla twice mixed with water. After the first dose I was doing better (
virginiawoolf 2005-07-25
9   last decade

Question for Passkey regarding infant reflux
HiThanks for taking the time to read this.I read your other post regarding infant reflux &
BDK77 2005-07-13
3   last decade

10 year old doughter with OCD
my 10 year old doughter suffering from obsessive compulsive disorder.... she is washing he
ekhan 2005-07-28
2   last decade

My eyes itch when it rains
Hello. I live in a tropical country. My eyes itch very much in the rainy season. Sometimes
anavic 2005-07-29
1   last decade

1. 298 lb, 5'5",58yr. old female2.fat distributed over body...but concentrated
currmom 2005-07-29
no replies yet

hair loss
Hello, I'm a 25 year old female who has been having problems with thinning hair for a
hloss 2005-07-29
1   last decade

7 mo. with acid reflux
My 7 mo. baby has acid refluxgerd. The doctors gave him Zantac. it doesn't seem to be
Domineko 2005-04-01
3   last decade

How to take Thuja 30c for PCOS?
After months of meeting with my homeopathic consultant and answering a series of questions
Jamya 2005-07-27
1   last decade

My brother is suffering from Ichthyosis which is by birth and as per symtoms it matches wi
aditi gupta 2005-07-28
1   last decade

Gastroesophageal reflux
Hi My 11 weeks old son is suffering frm reflux. his symptoms are-1) cannot lie down in the

cheenu 2005-07-21
13   last decade

reduced perspiration
Could anyone recommend a remedy for my reduced perspiration problem especially effecting m

Pradyumna 2005-05-11
30   last decade

Wound healing - pls help !
Could anyone recommend a remedy to assist with wound healing and skin re-habilitation/rene
carlotta 2005-07-26
5   last decade

I went to the densist last week and they check BP. She told me it was on the high side. We
jose07 2005-07-18
8   last decade

increased hunger in general
I am guessing I am in hormones over drive most of the time as I suffer with increased hun
noname 2004-05-30
2   last decade

polycystic ovaries
pt is 25 yrs. old. psychologist. polycystic ovaries. irregulr menstrual periods. pt. obes
sumi58 2005-07-24
5   last decade

Ear congestion
Hi...first time using this site so hoping somebody can help me! Here is my info:1/2 muccus
Jofromuk 2005-07-26
1   last decade

Knee Problem 23 yrs Male - MRI Report - what do u think doctor..?
MRI LEFT KNEE JOINT The study shows a 3.60 (SI) x 1.95 (RL) x 1.44 (AP) cm well de
adam101 2005-07-26
1   last decade

Boy is my throat sore
Picked this up about 5 days ago: low grade fever, evenings. Conjunctivitis - red with yell
gbernstein 2005-07-26
4   last decade

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