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Information given in this forum is given by way of exchange of views only. It is not to be treated as a medical diagnosis, and should not be used as a substitute for seeing a qualified homeopath or physician. In most cases, advice posted here is not given by a medical expert.

If symptoms persist, consult a medical professional.

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TopicPostsStarted byLast Post
Help me... Foot corn for my wife
My wife suffering from foot corn on both legs past...
11sureshjai22:53 11 Feb 17 by sureshjai
Overmasturbation side effects
Weak legs due to overmasturbation habit.. How to ...
1Gaurav44421:31 11 Feb 17 by daktersaab
many symptoms
Hi dear doctors. Im 36 year old unmarried guy.im v... [LAST PAGE]
72arsh122417:42 11 Feb 17 by arsh1224
Viral fever medicine for kid . Please help .
My son is 7 years old. Has fever 103 I am not abl...
1Bbsr116:18 11 Feb 17 by Drquest
Attn : HealthyWorld
I am deeply interested in homeopathy and have atte...
1ramakrishnan14:45 11 Feb 17 by Drquest
Anal warts gay male
Hi All, I'm a 27 yo gay guy with external...
0kristal12:15 11 Feb 17 by
Enlarged Adenoids - 3.5 Year old
My 3.5 year old son has enlarged adenoids. This ...
1sweetbhumika10:47 11 Feb 17 by telescope
Cronic constipation and witholding stool - 2,5 year old
I am looking a remedy for my daughter who is 2,5 y...
2lostgirl104:07 11 Feb 17 by bapu4
Mother suffering from chronic Insomnia
1. Age/Sex/Month of birth/Country/Climate: 60/F/...
7varunb03:35 11 Feb 17 by sameervermani
camphora and silicea
Hi, I'm taking silicea 6c twice a day for ...
1nahom102:38 11 Feb 17 by simone717
Face Warts - Dulcama, Causticum, or Thuja? 25 year old female
Hi everyone! I’ve been browsing this foru... [LAST PAGE]
21hopeandjoy21:55 10 Feb 17 by simone717
Pain in right testis
Sir my age is 33 male, from last three days I am f...
4babu123abhi16:10 10 Feb 17 by akshaymohl
Sameer Vermani help please
Hi Sameer, It was suggested I contact you for a...
6EmmLee16:05 10 Feb 17 by sameervermani
should my son stop Belladonna?
Hi, My 6 y/o son went to see his homeopath for ...
8apricot15:32 10 Feb 17 by simone717
Post Orgasmic illness P.O.I.S
i dear DRs I am suffering from this illness for...
1Spartak15:04 10 Feb 17 by bapu4
Nose blocked alternately and scanty mucus
Main problem Throughout the day one of my nostril...
1varunb14:28 10 Feb 17 by homeo_helper
Accutane and many health issues
Hello, I took Accutane when I was 17 and I am n...
7rfrfnyny12:36 10 Feb 17 by Moonpetal
need help for weight loss
I am 23 yrs old, height 5 feet and weight 65 kg. ...
1Aneeqa107:12 10 Feb 17 by Drquest
broken teeth
Over the weekend my son, while in the woods, broke...
7stj06:52 10 Feb 17 by Drquest
Digestive issues
Ever since my pregnancy I have had trouble going t...
10fitzgrl23:26 09 Feb 17 by simone717
4 year old fever
Hello, My daughter was showing symptoms of a cold...
5Mariarico20:42 09 Feb 17 by simone717
about use of Conium Mac 0/3
Sir i am pituitary macro adenoma patient i...
1gati_panda15:22 09 Feb 17 by simone717
My daughter is late in talking. 2 years & 6 months
My daughter is 2 years and 6 months old. She seems... [LAST PAGE]
18ganesh2280 12:23 09 Feb 17 by bapu4
Antivirus kind attention
Hello doc., age 26 height 5'10 weight 7...
12hp199011:08 09 Feb 17 by 0antivirus0
premature ejaculation with impotency
hi Dr. I went through is forum, and seen simila...
6chachumon09:59 09 Feb 17 by sabkamalik1
Suspecting Pandas for 6 year old Autistic Daughter - Please help
Hi, My 6 year old autistic daughter is showing ...
7healing107:25 09 Feb 17 by kadwa
Excessive yawning with tightness in stomach
For the past ten years my solar plexus area gets t...
2DiDi07:19 09 Feb 17 by simone717
Sexual problem-Urgent help needed
I m facing below probs:- But facing below issues-...
1pradeep.y198607:09 09 Feb 17 by kadwa
Pregnancy: Premature Rupture of Membrane
Hello Doctors My wife is in...
1Doman06:49 09 Feb 17 by kadwa
Dr kadwa, kindly prescribe for my daughter.
Hello Doc, We live in Bangalore which is cold 1...
5Nehaaadya05:59 09 Feb 17 by kadwa
Pulsatilla dosage for cat please
Greetings: Am hoping for some guidance for a 13 y...
11sozo05:49 09 Feb 17 by kadwa
Re. Any classical Homeopath would like to help my previous case with Evocationer – Mom seeking advice for his son’s ASTHMA
Hi, My son who was under Evocationer's tr...
9Shaki705:41 09 Feb 17 by telescope
I am having issue with depression,Anxiety,Hypertension,Sleep disorder, digesition and Impatients since 4-5 year
Hi, I am having issue with depression ,Anxiet... [LAST PAGE]
13kumar197204:09 09 Feb 17 by nawazkhan
overheated easily
My husband overheats very easily. With minimal ex...
9Iworkalday03:47 09 Feb 17 by Teupne
Short Intercourse time & Not Feeling Pleasure during Ejaculation
I am Naveed and I am 39 years old. I have two chil...
0Naveedansari18:37 08 Feb 17 by
Please help! Heel, calf and hip pain
Hi, I'm 40 years old female. I had a baby in ...
1mominisb18:09 08 Feb 17 by Teupne
Black Armpits
Hi. I am havin a cheap problem. I have my both ... [LAST PAGE]
17Parkashi16:32 08 Feb 17 by sashikanta1
Homeopathic Medicines in Jeddah
Dear Sir, May I know if Homeopathic Medicines are...
1Dr_Saheb15:30 08 Feb 17 by Drquest
Dry Cough
My mother 65yrs old had complaining sever persiste...
4nahmed6913:48 08 Feb 17 by nahmed69
children with dirty teeth
I have 2 children with teeth that are black at the... [LAST PAGE]
16carolzip11:07 08 Feb 17 by haydon123
Excess grey hair and heavy hair loss
My age is 30. From past 5 years, I have grey hair ...
10Sundar109:51 08 Feb 17 by Sundar1
Erectile Dysfunction
Hi, I am 36 years old, Currently i an suffering fr...
1Nasir201707:59 08 Feb 17 by mnaari
Hematospermia ,pain beside rectum area,tender feeling near inguinal ring,
i have been suffering from pain in the right side ...
0d3ad2307:29 08 Feb 17 by
Chronic fatigue. Anemia. Chromium issue. Please help.
Hello, I'm 39y male. From the childhood I ha... [LAST PAGE]
14tomek7705:01 08 Feb 17 by 0antivirus0
wats in anus mouth
Sir, Very small 2 wats showing in front of my a... [LAST PAGE]
26dmitra5904:49 08 Feb 17 by nawazkhan
height incease
my daughter is 11 year height. her height is not i...
1ravreet03:53 08 Feb 17 by HealthyWorld
Premature graying on hair
Hii, I am suffering from premature graying on hair...
3sandipan103:44 08 Feb 17 by HealthyWorld
Gastric, Whole abdoman bloating, Fatty liver
Hi, From past 2 years i am suffering from Fatty L...
7Naren218:51 07 Feb 17 by simone717
ED problem
My friend is suffering from ED since last 3 years,...
0shekhar192018:01 07 Feb 17 by
anxiety & loud burp
Hi i am anup male 40 from london since last 15 mon...
2anupagarwal17:53 07 Feb 17 by Teupne
discharge nasal thin watery then thick and again thin now
Thin discharge right nostril with sneezing- took ...
1Smav194917:03 07 Feb 17 by simone717
Lycopodium for Acidity/GERD
I have been prescribed Lycopodium by my doctor a...
12Sun15:44 07 Feb 17 by simone717
High blood pressure with high pulse rate
my wife is suffering with high blood pressure si...
1keshavktl13:21 07 Feb 17 by bapu4
Short Intercourse time & Not Feeling Pleasure during Ejaculation
Dear Respected Doctors I am Naveed and I am 39 ...
0Naveedansari12:28 07 Feb 17 by
Chronic Sinus Pain; Pregnant- pelvic pain, sharp stabbing pains, & more
I was told I needed to consolidate my 2 posts into... [LAST PAGE]
21fitzgrl06:23 07 Feb 17 by fitzgrl
Speech delay/ screaming 3 year boy
Hello I'm desperate for help. I have a 3 ye... [LAST PAGE]
67Am12303:05 07 Feb 17 by simone717
allergic to dog saliva
need specific treatment for the protein in dog/ ca...
2jjones102:57 07 Feb 17 by simone717
Attn: Joe De Livera :Reflux in my 8 months old twins
I have 29 weeks twins (twin A and twin B) that are...
2shikha1g00:47 07 Feb 17 by shikha1g
tennis elbow
Hi, i am suffering from tennis elbow since a mon...
6arien16:43 06 Feb 17 by arien
Dr. Kadwa please help me for Night Fall or Nocturnal
Hello, Problem : Night Fall or Nocturnal. It o...
0RobertW16:27 06 Feb 17 by
Can you help me find my constitutional?
Can you help me find my constitutional remedy?...
7bluesky7715:48 06 Feb 17 by bluesky77
RA Factor
My wife aged approx 43 years is suffering from Rhe...
1shahidr10010:57 06 Feb 17 by homeo_helper
Mr. gavinimurthy Dr. Nawaz refer to you
sir below is my and husband case link was looking...
1human109:56 06 Feb 17 by gavinimurthy
Help gavinimurthy sir
Sir I want to ask you that can homeopathy cure cer...
1mariz08:32 06 Feb 17 by gavinimurthy
Attn: Gavin Murthy Sir
Respected Sir, I am 22 years old. Sir, i am... [LAST PAGE]
30tapasvi08:28 06 Feb 17 by gavinimurthy
Thick beard and moustache
Hai sir my name is Pavan age 26 but I didn't ...
7pavan11108:08 06 Feb 17 by pavan111
Severe progressive acne vulgaris all over face back head and now neck !
Im a male 22 years indian wid oily skin . Hav acn...
2Adnan307:55 06 Feb 17 by Adnan3
Nodulocystic acne
Im suffering from severe nodulocystic acne all o...
6Ramneek07:52 06 Feb 17 by Adnan3
liver and kidney badly damaged because of taking drug from one year
Sir I have been taking a drug called Sertraliune 5...
1ii_captain05:41 06 Feb 17 by kadwa
Severe depression not responding to treatment
Hello my name is Mel . This is my first time visi... [LAST PAGE]
24Mel05:38 06 Feb 17 by Mel
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