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Information given in this forum is given by way of exchange of views only. It is not to be treated as a medical diagnosis, and should not be used as a substitute for seeing a qualified homeopath or physician. In most cases, advice posted here is not given by a medical expert.

If symptoms persist, consult a medical professional.

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TopicPostsStarted byLast Post
Early satiety+Nausea+ anxiety.
Hi, I am Male 27 and underweight (only 41 kgs). My...
5vvinay16:34 09 Mar 17 by vvinay
Natrum Muriaticum Hahnemannian preparation help
Hi guys, I want to make homeopathic natrum mur...
1Esoors14:30 09 Mar 17 by Esoors
Inactivity of rectum symptom
Hi guys I was wondering what is the meaning of ...
2Esoors10:16 09 Mar 17 by Esoors
My mom has high counts of Platelets and white bloo...
3Shafqat210:15 09 Mar 17 by Shafqat2
grief, depression, disappointment
Dear Doctor! I suffer since December. The I ma...
3jozephina09:04 09 Mar 17 by jozephina
how to cure tonsils permanantly.due to which my ch...
4ridhimaawasthi08:11 09 Mar 17 by ridhimaawasthi
help dr i have impotency problem
i am 29 year oold from few month ago i saw that m...
9vishal608:10 09 Mar 17 by vishal6
Dr plz help i have Ed problem
My penis not erected when i sex with my wife I t...
0vishal608:10 09 Mar 17 by
Dr .... ed problem
I have eraction problem / Ed problem...
0vishal608:06 09 Mar 17 by
Severe HairFall
Hi Sir/Mam, Iam 25 years old. I had PCOS and Fi...
1Naazneen105:56 09 Mar 17 by Naazneen1
Anal Fistula. i want to kill this.
1. ID:Your ABC Forum Name Ahmad375 2. Age 25 ...
5Ahmad37505:51 09 Mar 17 by nawazkhan
Masterbation effects
Hello, I am encounter premature ejections and freq...
3Mayankraj04:22 09 Mar 17 by Mayankraj
please help Dr. joe de livera
full Name: jANi Sex:male Age: 42 Weight:86 kg ... [LAST PAGE]
17jani21:54 08 Mar 17 by jani
Chronic hepatitis B, treatment for permanent cure
Details, This is 37 years male, married, had bl...
8mumbai18:44 08 Mar 17 by simone717
Hepatitis B treatment and permanent cure
OMG!!!!!!!!!! I never taught i can be this happy a...
1Frankloveth12318:44 08 Mar 17 by simone717
Sweating problem
Hi, I am 22 years old (male) and I have sweating p...
2Moantza17:52 08 Mar 17 by Moantza
I m 39. 5'6". 83 kg, wheatish complexion...
1Ramabrata_patra15:37 08 Mar 17 by Mahfoozurrehman
Hi cannot sleep at night . Most of the night its r...
4Lakshmi514:08 08 Mar 17 by Lakshmi5
Dr Kadwa Please help My Chronic Eczema
Dear Sir I am suffering from eczema (Atopic ...
8nadeemawan10:23 08 Mar 17 by nadeemawan
dark circuls and dull face
hello sir, male 24 dark circuls and my face is als...
2Iorkiot09:19 08 Mar 17 by kadwa
no dvt, but ankle swelling
Hi all I recently checked my feet for DVT, but n...
1dpnctl09:09 08 Mar 17 by kadwa
4 year old - Liquid in ears
Hello, I would please like help for 4 year old gir...
2Nataliesammi09:06 08 Mar 17 by kadwa
Any dr plz help me im in trouble I have this skin ...
1Readg08:58 08 Mar 17 by kadwa
Facial hair
Hello sir i am suffering from facial hair on chin ...
1Saran108:49 08 Mar 17 by kadwa
Excessive hair
I am 24 year old female that is suffering from thi...
1Ailluengu08:45 08 Mar 17 by kadwa
my 3 year old has skin problem
Hello dr my 3 year old son,s front side of elbow j...
1imran65508:40 08 Mar 17 by kadwa
Dr Kadwa.. Partially Retroverted and bulky uterus
Dear Dr. Kadwa, My Sister aged about 30 years, ... [LAST PAGE]
28kolkata12308:13 08 Mar 17 by kadwa
Autistic boy please help dr Kadwa
Dear Kadwa, My son is 5 years of age and autist...
7attibaba07:26 08 Mar 17 by kadwa
expert dr needed in this case
I m 30years male due to long time sitting on the...
6Nitesh Kamal07:16 08 Mar 17 by kadwa
Acne become worse
Hi i am 20 years old. i masturbates 5 times a week...
3Teja06:52 08 Mar 17 by kadwa
homeopathic thyroidinum vs. allopathic thyroxin
friends, if we give homeopathic thyroidinum 3X t...
3pcthahir06:44 08 Mar 17 by kadwa
Need Urgent Help
I Am 25, Yrs male. i have chronic dysentery. my f...
6Shemul06:28 08 Mar 17 by kadwa
Allergic rhinitis
What is the treatment for frequent cough colds in ...
3ridhimaawasthi06:25 08 Mar 17 by kadwa
eye sight problem started at the age of 12 and increased day by day and now it is -7.5
eye sight problem started at the age of 12 and inc...
1proftoor05:13 08 Mar 17 by 0antivirus0
Urine dribble and PE
I am 35 male, married and having 2 kids. In past, ...
2fizspace04:57 08 Mar 17 by fizspace
Teething Problem with Kid
Hi, my 1 year boy having teething problem, uppe...
3vipinkumarseo21:44 07 Mar 17 by simone717
Healing a Burn
My 3 year old son touched a hot pan yesterday and ...
5lisbeth21:38 07 Mar 17 by simone717
Sepia dosage
I have a large vaginal cyst and after researching ...
11lisbeth21:35 07 Mar 17 by simone717
for body growth
Is argentum metallicum a good medicine and how c... [LAST PAGE]
16starboy18:36 07 Mar 17 by starboy
GALLSTONE Treatment- Predictive Homeopathy- Dr.Prafull Vijakar
Last Saturday (30 JAN 2017) I started treatment fo... [LAST PAGE]
221606818:07 07 Mar 17 by simone717
Warts on my finger nail.
I am C Roshan 31 yrs old suffering from warts ...
4roshan25317:40 07 Mar 17 by vipinkumarseo
Spot in throat exciting cough
Main Problem - a spot in back of throat somewhere...
5varunb16:25 07 Mar 17 by simone717
Pregnancy remedy help
I am currently 32 weeks pregnant and am wondering ...
2April Renee14:48 07 Mar 17 by April Renee
Please Help with Lipoma It will be helpful If I can get responce of Dr. Reva/ DR. Nawaz Khan or other Experianced doctor
I am Tahir suffering from lipoma since last 11 yrs...
0tahir1114:08 07 Mar 17 by
Can & How To Homeopathy Cure Dental (Jaw) Cysts.
Hi, I have 2 Cysts on the right-upper jaw teeth...
2SJD00111:50 07 Mar 17 by SJD001
Severe sneezing,pls help
I am suffering from sneezing/running nose since my...
4panwar_509:50 07 Mar 17 by panwar_5
Male breasts
i am 25y old male, suffering from enlarged male br... [LAST PAGE]
14orris02:19 07 Mar 17 by shemale-saundarya
POIS - post orgasmic illness syndrome
Hi, Iam 22 male and i have been experiencing fo...
5lancex6722:17 06 Mar 17 by simone717
Call for Dr.Deshlok - for Hypertension
Hello Dr. Deshlok. I have filling this on behalf ...
8shahidr10021:05 06 Mar 17 by deoshlok
Mucous('ama'(Hindi word)) in stool, colitis, bad liver ....
Constipation which stays for 3-5 days with no stoo... [LAST PAGE]
33manav_skg17:35 06 Mar 17 by ibs-mizan
there are no final results in any prescription. its really sad
really i couldn't find final cure or advise o...
0ibs-mizan16:20 06 Mar 17 by
IBS-Bloating,Gas,Gurgling and Rumbling bowel
Hello, I've had problems with my bowels sin... [LAST PAGE]
16irdgr816:10 06 Mar 17 by ibs-mizan
Chronic post nasal drip
Looking for some help please! I have had chronic ...
6Kinsmang14:04 06 Mar 17 by simone717
Unwanted hair on face,urgent help pleas
I am 18 year old female , i have excessive hair on...
0Sd199813:53 06 Mar 17 by
sex problem help me ..
hello doctor,i am suffring from ED plz suggest me ... [LAST PAGE]
13Iorkiot06:37 06 Mar 17 by Shemul
akshaymohl please tell me
Sir, Can anyone take China Q for long time due ...
4Shemul06:30 06 Mar 17 by Shemul
Cured cases on this forum
I wish to post the cured cases from this forum. Yo...
1Drquest05:53 06 Mar 17 by Drquest
Irregular Periods - Need Help
I am getting irregular period for the last 4-5 mon... [LAST PAGE]
45biswasmousumi05:39 06 Mar 17 by nawazkhan
Clots and heavy bleeding after fibroid operation
Hi Dear dr Im 39 years i had fibroid intramural ...
3Azeena105:37 06 Mar 17 by nawazkhan
loosing erection
27 yers male.week erection and premature ejaculati...
6Iorkiot04:32 06 Mar 17 by Iorkiot
Dog losing his hearing
My 13-year old male dog is losing his hearing. He... [LAST PAGE]
16Guest44413:54 05 Mar 17 by sumanngon
prescribe me best treatment
Sir I have suffering from pe.... My weight is 55kg...
1amit02912:40 05 Mar 17 by
Suffocation treatment need / ashtma
I am suffering suffocation problem from my childho...
1Nirmalya11:23 05 Mar 17 by 0antivirus0
Dr. Nawaz please help
The following additional information is required t...
0Ra_dhanraj10:45 05 Mar 17 by
Chronic Bartholin Cyst
Hello, I have been reading all the forum posts ... [LAST PAGE]
14angelaTchavez09:03 05 Mar 17 by Ra_dhanraj
Bartholin cyst
I have suffered a bartholin cyst in past 1 year ba...
3Ra_dhanraj08:19 05 Mar 17 by Ra_dhanraj
Suffering from recurrent tonsillitis
Dear Sir, I need medicine that can cure my tonsil... [LAST PAGE]
69Gockoars06:57 05 Mar 17 by Gockoars
Please help: Dr akshaymohl ,Dr deoshlok Sharma & antivirus
Weak erection and premature ejaculation: My penis ...
0faruq060206:39 05 Mar 17 by
Anal fistula
i am suffering from burning pain after boil moveme...
1Sourav Biswas106:21 05 Mar 17 by Sourav Biswas1
Nat.sulph 30x
Sir, I was advised by Anuj sir to contact SIMONE m...
5bhavanarayana23:59 04 Mar 17 by bhavanarayana
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