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Information given in this forum is given by way of exchange of views only. It is not to be treated as a medical diagnosis, and should not be used as a substitute for seeing a qualified homeopath or physician. In most cases, advice posted here is not given by a medical expert.

If symptoms persist, consult a medical professional.

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excessive sweating
hi, doctor i m 32 years old. i m facing this pro... [LAST PAGE]
46kalyan2414:03 24 Nov 16 by shyam11
post nasal drip going on 9 months now
I moved to New Mexico 18 months ago and since Marc...
3melenz4812:32 24 Nov 16 by nawazkhan
Hashimotos disease
Hi, I wonder is there any remedy which cure Has...
1snowtxt09:12 24 Nov 16 by kadwa
Recurring Aphthous Stomatitis (Mouth Sores or Chhale)
Dear Doctor, i keep suffering from Chhale or what ...
2Roy109:08 24 Nov 16 by Teupne
Can I take planting major and arum triphyllum ...
1Zameer108:49 24 Nov 16 by kadwa
Stinky...really stinky cat
I have a 6 or so year old Orange cat ,rescued fro...
1rynldss08:43 24 Nov 16 by kadwa
To Dr. Kadwa
Respected Dr. Kadwa ji, [message edited by Manoj99... [LAST PAGE]
78Manoj9908:31 24 Nov 16 by kadwa
Plz help: growth in the eyelid of my dog
Been trying to seek help since long. My dog, a gol... [LAST PAGE]
15Ruchira06:01 24 Nov 16 by anuj srivastava
Arsenicum and Ignatia
Hello, I would first like to thank anyone who res...
3rileymeagan12302:23 24 Nov 16 by rileymeagan123
Plz help ...Girl child poor performance in exams...
My brother's daughter aged 15yrs, studying in...
1sureshjai01:29 24 Nov 16 by akshaymohl
Hi there, so this is for me. If you would like me... [LAST PAGE]
84alaskamom23:54 23 Nov 16 by alaskamom
dog skin ulcers
Please help me to find a homeopathic remedy for bl... [LAST PAGE]
30rupert16:38 23 Nov 16 by sourabh16031998
Hi I am male 26yrs. Started developing gynecomas...
6rashid.af13:15 23 Nov 16 by DrManojVEDI
epididymitis right testicle
Dear Doctor, I am suffering from right testicle e...
10agnisiddhanta12:51 23 Nov 16 by siddique0786
post mammogram remedy
I had a mammogram and a call back mammogram (I kno...
2vheishman11:27 23 Nov 16 by simone717
Early Cirrhosis.
In this october, I had been diagnosed with early c...
3Xerxes10:17 23 Nov 16 by Teupne
Hi I was suggested ratanhia 200 for my anal fiss...
1Irfan505:55 23 Nov 16 by shyam11
12 yr boy with Atention Disorder (ADAH) and sleep problems.
I am looking for help for my son who suffers from ... [LAST PAGE]
23Bondre04:56 23 Nov 16 by 0antivirus0
pulsatilla for a 9 month old and a 28 month old
Hi both my babies 9 month old and 28 month old suf...
10stepsinthesand20:21 22 Nov 16 by homeodr
Sir Can anyone tell me homeopathy pharmacy supp...
0gopal1816:16 22 Nov 16 by
Why was I suspended
Dear moderator Could you please tell me why I w... [LAST PAGE]
14teupne115:46 22 Nov 16 by moderator
I have TMJ pain in my left side.I got article abou...
2Zameer114:50 22 Nov 16 by Zameer1
Lupus (SLE) and chronic Kidney disease with low blood pressure
My wife is 26 years old. she is suffering from Lup... [LAST PAGE]
16sahoque12:32 22 Nov 16 by sarwathabdul
Lack of self-confidence
Hello explorers I am very new to this site and g...
1Boak08:34 22 Nov 16 by akshaymohl
Pl help for male infertility
Hi, I suffer from a severe erectile dysfunction... [LAST PAGE]
17Sivaji108:32 22 Nov 16 by akshaymohl
Genital Herpes type 2
Hello, I am a woman looking for help with Herpes ...
1pmaudlin04:26 22 Nov 16 by shyam11
Please help - to recover from multifocus Osteomyelitis
My daughter (now 10) had one incident of Osteomyel... [LAST PAGE]
18saraguglani02:23 22 Nov 16 by yhollyr
Lichen sclerosis and thuja
Hi. I have had LS for a couple of years. I have tr... [LAST PAGE]
25BertieBeetle01:55 22 Nov 16 by gavinimurthy
Lipoma: Dr Reva plz help
I have lots of lipoma at on my hands, legs and sto...
3jdsachdeva19:50 21 Nov 16 by simone717
why was i suspended
Dear moderator could you tell me why i have been s...
0Teupne18:02 21 Nov 16 by
Alcohol pancreatitis - Homeopathy medicine.
Hi all, I am new to this forum and I have ...
2bavia116:59 21 Nov 16 by bavia1
Curious to know reason for Hairfall and Bowel Gas
I am a 28 year old man who is single and weigh 65 ...
1raamind15:44 21 Nov 16 by DrManojVEDI
teeth decaying for 6 years old
Hello: I have 6 years old daughter. She is havi...
2bilalhussain15:03 21 Nov 16 by simone717
Possible Lichen Nitidus
Hi, I went to a dermatologist but she does not tel...
2Aunirgio14:34 21 Nov 16 by Aunirgio
how i lose my money inr 26000 by dr(!) osele......
Dear viewers, I'm a patient of chronic Hep... [LAST PAGE]
13CHITRAJIT14:24 21 Nov 16 by simone717
Dear Sir Can anyone tell me the name of authent...
0gopal1813:20 21 Nov 16 by
Help... My mother suffering from fatty liver, IBS & frequent loose motion
My mother aged 75yrs, weighing 45kg, having this p...
4sureshjai13:08 21 Nov 16 by homeo_helper
My posts are not visible to me
Dear moderator Could you please look in to it a...
0Teupne12:18 21 Nov 16 by
9 months old , excessive saliva
Hi Dr givinimurthy/dr kadwa I have 9 months old ...
1Neha710:15 21 Nov 16 by kadwa
any help if bariatric are safe?
any help if bariatric are safe?...
1bariatricselect10:09 21 Nov 16 by kadwa
Scalp getting sweat during intake of little spicy food and eventually hairfall and unbearable dandruff
I have been suffering from scalp problems since fe...
1Manu509:44 21 Nov 16 by HealthyWorld
Hello. I am a 38y.o female and have suffered with ...
1p.p.kana09:44 21 Nov 16 by kadwa
lack of oxygen to the brain..in young dog..
hello.. my 2 1/2 year pointer dog has always taken...
2kippy09:37 21 Nov 16 by kadwa
Request Dr Kadwa to prescribe.
Hello doctor, request your guidance to help me ove...
11Nehaaadya09:33 21 Nov 16 by kadwa
High Cholestrol and High ESR with Diabetes and Hypertension
I'm 44m , suffering diabetes in blood, and h...
6mmubasharqadri09:13 21 Nov 16 by kadwa
Dr Mohla
Hi Sir, I hope u r doing well. My sister age is...
1busa200701:37 21 Nov 16 by akshaymohl
Should i take kali carb 1000 ?
Hi, I have been suffering with excess sweating,...
3noornadeem20:06 20 Nov 16 by simone717
My son suffering from frequent cold attact
My son age 17yr, normal complexion, veg. Having sl...
0sureshjai14:24 20 Nov 16 by
berberis Aquifolium q=1X dose
Dear i want to start this medicine for face comple...
0jhon from egypt 09:41 20 Nov 16 by
Shoulder pain
I have pain in my left shoulder for last one month...
5abha ayan06:50 20 Nov 16 by 0antivirus0
Uterus mass seen 2.5x2.9
My wife age 50 years have painfully complex mass o...
2nizamani04:11 20 Nov 16 by DrManojVEDI
Have to urinate often during night sleeping hours
Hi, i have to get up often during night to ur...
5yadvin03:06 20 Nov 16 by shyam11
persistant chalazion cyst
hi, i emailled a few weeks ago about a two year c... [LAST PAGE]
95Lboogy7802:10 20 Nov 16 by Mamaof3
Pain in neck,shoulder and hands
Dear sir, My wife is suffering from sinus.she is ... [LAST PAGE]
22Gockoars13:53 19 Nov 16 by gavinimurthy
Tired of Hand Eczema
Greetings. I have been experiencing a rash on my ... [LAST PAGE]
19superdude09:11 19 Nov 16 by DalinaJoswig
Homeopathic Remedy for Removing Water Retention
My Mother is 64 yrs old and we recently got to kno... [LAST PAGE]
96nanz_1207:29 19 Nov 16 by Songe
Hayfever Allergies
Hi, Could someone please help me with this, I w...
0Reet07:11 19 Nov 16 by
Anal fissure n piles
Have been suffering from immense pain, like a shar...
10Delhi9604:31 19 Nov 16 by shyam11
To much habbit of sexual desire and masterbation
Iam very afraid about my out of controls emotion o...
3Chinial02:09 19 Nov 16 by akshaymohl
Undigested Food
Hello, I am having the stomach problem, maybe i... [LAST PAGE]
21rockerhell13:35 18 Nov 16 by 0antivirus0
Dosage for calcarea carb.
The website Remedy Finder says I should start wi...
5Heidis13:31 18 Nov 16 by WLaChenal
Homeopathic Cult???
I'm getting the feeling there is no good way ...
4Heidis12:42 18 Nov 16 by WLaChenal
help me
Dear sir, i am suffering from left hydrocel left...
1nirajchy12:27 18 Nov 16 by akshaymohl
Dr kadwa
My reports...
0Meera111:46 18 Nov 16 by
Doctors pls help, suffering since 7 years
Hello to all, I am 38 yrs old male from Hydera...
1rajabc7808:29 18 Nov 16 by homeo_helper
Baby 10 months with awful eczema
Hi, Please could you help me. I have a 10 month ol... [LAST PAGE]
35blulilly05:17 18 Nov 16 by anuj srivastava
erectile dysfunction due to physiological problem
hello i am 31 yr male and suffering from erectile ...
4Sim04:29 18 Nov 16 by shyam11
Child waking up and carrying very much
My younger daughter age 18 months. She has fever f...
3AMINUL ISLAM03:07 18 Nov 16 by simone717
what is meant by fecal stools? it means some probl...
1Aurfadgial02:25 18 Nov 16 by gavinimurthy
BXO treatment...
Good morning, I was recently diagnosed with BXO... [LAST PAGE]
407Cloudbase00:56 18 Nov 16 by jhaha
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