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Chronic painful urticaria eruptions
Am Pradeep from Bangalore. my age is 30. having painful urticaria generating at scalp neck
chpradeep 2018-01-14
2   chpradeep last month

excessive sweating
hi, doctor i m 32 years old. i m facing this problem last 10 years. sweating too much whe

kalyan24 2016-03-11
65   kalyan24 last month

life destroying jealousy
when there is a beautiful woman in the room, crowd, or on tv i feel sooo jealous. i dont w
Iceberg 2018-01-14
3   drthoufeequebhms last month

Mercurius Solubilis, Calcarea Carbonica and Pulsatilla
Where can I get pure Mercurius Solubilis, Calcarea Carbonica and Pulsatilla without any ot
VIN 2018-01-11
2   VIN 2 months ago

Wheezing, Difficult Breathing
Hello, I have been suffering from Alergic Rhinitis since last 10 years. Since last 2-3 Ye
kanu2912 2018-01-15
1   0antivirus0 2 months ago

retinitis pigmentosa
my son suffers from poor vision in the night. his side vision is poor only central vision
rajkumarkapadia 2018-01-14
1   0antivirus0 2 months ago

Post operative swelling on finger
Hi Doctors, I had and accident injury on my right hand index finger for which i had to go
imtiyaz.ansari1 2018-01-15
2   imtiyaz.ansari1 2 months ago

Baby very lean and not feeding
My baby is not gaining weight he is 6 months and only 6 kg his birth weight was 2.76kg . H
Shalu3 2018-01-15
1   kadwa 2 months ago

Mal absorption Issue and Weight gain Problem
Hi, I am 32 years old male. 5.4 inche height and I weigh 45KG. I had some serious gas re
debdey 2018-01-13
2   kadwa 2 months ago

Pituitary Macroadenoma
80 year old age person with Finding of MRI is pituitary Macroadenoma and Right eye sudden
mdsharma 2018-01-13
1   kadwa 2 months ago

mastoid in left ear (kindly attn. Dr. Kadwa)
Sir, I am having mastoid in left ear from last 10 years. Sometime discharge or sometime in
pguri 2018-01-12
1   kadwa 2 months ago

Melasma / Hyperpigmentation during pregnancy
I started having dark spots around my cheekbones during pregnancy. They look like butterfl
Serendipity1 2018-01-13
3   drthoufeequebhms 2 months ago

Facial pain
My wife started having headache 10 yrs ago.Then started having back ache 8 yrs ago.7 years
fazl.muslun 2018-01-13
3   fazl.muslun 2 months ago

Macular degenration
hi to all doctrors i am male 35 and form Karachi Pakistan, meri problume ye he k 2005 main
dnlehsan 2008-11-03
3   rajkumarkapadia 2 months ago

3 year old with reflux
My son age three has acid reflux. We would like to treat naturally. What remedy would be b
Morningstar87 2018-01-14
3   drthoufeequebhms 2 months ago

I need help with chronic pancreatitis.
Hi I have had indigestion issues for a few years. Tests are indicating Chronic Pancreatiti
vohra27 2018-01-12
5   healer21 2 months ago

sex problem
Sir,My age is 42 yrs,Mera sex ki problem hain,jab main bibi ke pass jati hon tab mera ling
SEBA1975 2018-01-14
1   drthoufeequebhms 2 months ago

Hi All, I hope this will help the people suffering from Psoriasis. Is it good for a Psori

shiva_dba 2006-05-30
50   Raja143 2 months ago

Prescription needed
Your advice requested for following symptoms; Grey hair. At sides of head & at chin.
mc060401019 2017-11-12
4   Tiard 2 months ago

Blood in Semen
i am 27 years old. I have been suffering from blood in semen. since one week... pls... no
santu2 2017-11-15
2   Tiard 2 months ago

Anticipation anxiety
Hi, I put my symptoms to Remedy Finder and Answered was Argentrum Nitricum... should I ne
y_munib 2017-06-23
3   Tiard 2 months ago

Pneumonia in infants
I have a 2 year old son.he often suffers from pneumonia.Maybe it is such a month in which
nkdavid1 2018-01-14
1   drthoufeequebhms 2 months ago

Perianal Abscess
Hi, This is Sunil age34, I had an abscess near anal there was swelling and savior pain an
chetansunilsingh 2018-01-11
3   healer21 2 months ago

pcod, weight gain, non stop bleeding
hey, my name is jyoti. i am 21 years old. my weight is 95kgs . my periods used to be irreg
jyoti6 2018-01-12
3   drthoufeequebhms 2 months ago

Stomach Bloating and Angry Behavior
Explanation: I am a 25yrs old lady I have follwing problem from last 2 years 1. Angry B
Priti94 2018-01-14
1   drthoufeequebhms 2 months ago

Sulphur 200/2 Prescribed by Doc
Hi, I have a talk with a Homeopathy Doc and he has prescribed me this. Rx,  Sulphu
debdey 2018-01-13
2   debdey 2 months ago

Fracture Tibia nd Fibula operated
Hi I had a Comminuted fracture Tibia nd Fibula Lt..I had operation 3 wks bk. I'm havi
Stoothowrbui 2018-01-13
1   drthoufeequebhms 2 months ago

Suffering from bad effects of excessive masturbation - Dr. Kadwa, please help me.
Sir, I have been masturbating from the age of 15 years. I am now 45 years old. I am bache
sub 2017-12-28
8   sub 2 months ago

15 months old toddler vomiting
I'm looking for advice regarding choosing the right remedy for my daughter. Yesterday
Darcyflynn 2018-01-12
7   healer21 2 months ago

Mastoids in left ear (Kindly attention Dr. Kadwa)
Sir, I am having mastoid in left year from last 10 years, at present having pain and water
pguri 2018-01-12
1   healer21 2 months ago

One month old acid reflux
So i bought my one month old nat. Phos. 6x But im unsure how much to give her. Any help wo
taziachaundale 2018-01-12
2   healer21 2 months ago

Can i take Argentum Nitricum 200c daily.... ??
I have anxiety neurosis and looking for help..  can i take Argentum Nitricum 200 c dayly..
unorthodoxman 2018-01-12
1   healer21 2 months ago

Gilbert's syndrome
I have been diagonised with gilberts syndrome...bilirubin between 1.5 and 2.0. Other symp
vikram_bansal1978 2006-11-10
10   simone717 2 months ago

speech delay, delay milestones
Hello, im having some problems wiht my son he is 3 he have no spontaneous speech yet, he h
MARIPI74 2008-11-22
8   maheeru 2 months ago

alopecia areata
Hi all,I am Adittaya from bangladesh.Age 26. I am also suffering from alopecia areata last
adittaya 2018-01-11
1   healer21 2 months ago

Severe acidity with liver dysfunction
I have acidity and heartburn and head congestion ,symptoms worse at evening and night,with
Babai21 2018-01-11
1   healer21 2 months ago

Sexual problem
Dear sir. Mera name sahil h sir mane 16 age se hi bahut jyada masturbation kar Diya h. Sir
sahilgupta 2018-01-07
4   Subash1 2 months ago

Ledum for horse with Lyme
I started using ledum 1M yesterday to treat my horse who has Lyme. I noticed an improvemen
arina83 2014-05-10
8   simone717 2 months ago

iwant medicine to stop loose motions
abc51 2018-01-11
1   syria 2 months ago

Silent reflux in 5month old causing chronic congestion
Reposting the below since I didn’t get a reply from original post: My baby is 5 mon
Chinitalinda2 2018-01-11
1   kadwa 2 months ago

Dr kadwa pls reply..
This is Nayeem from kerala. I m 25 years of age. Im taking psychiatric medications (Fluvox
nayeemcity 2018-01-03
9   kadwa 2 months ago

Ultrasound Detox
Hi all, In today's world with all the ultrasounds during pregnancy, is there a detox
smitty1 2018-01-10
4   healer21 2 months ago

Severe acidity with impotence
Acidity heartburn with vertigo headache when acidity appear ,worse at evening and night ,c
Babai21 2017-12-31
2   Babai21 2 months ago

Severe social phobia, extreme fear
Hi how are you dr, I have probelm, I am suffering from severe social phobia, extreme fear
Owes 2018-01-10
1   0antivirus0 2 months ago

High potency issue
For the problem in human body 200C power is not sufficient,shall I use 1M and 10M powers o
elururajesh 2018-01-10
2   elururajesh 2 months ago

Folks & Healer21 Please help me... Mild Hearing loss and Tinnitis ( whistling in ears )
Patient name, Zafar Iqbal age, 37 years old from: Pakistan profession: Office work Market

zaffar_consfela 2017-12-14
15   zaffar_consfela 2 months ago

Masturbation related problems
I destroyed my life with my own hands and now want to rebuilt. I am 25 male. 56 wright . H
victim 2011-04-15
11   HealthyWorld 2 months ago

trapped wind and increased sexual desire - brisbane? kadwa? please help
I am writing for my wife who is 43 and has been having upper abdominal pain for about a ye
DH-Homeopathy 2018-01-04
7   Reva V 2 months ago

Re: Bleeding since and long time
Plz rply me as soon as possible as m feeling anaemic n m loosing my weight as well rapidly
Shirsouqu 2017-11-24
1   healer21 2 months ago

Silent reflux in 5month old causing chronic congestion
My baby is 5 months old and has silent reflux which is causing chronic congestion. she was
Chinitalinda2 2018-01-07
4   Chinitalinda2 2 months ago

GERD - Chest Pain and Burning
Hi gurus, I am 35 yr old healthy guy who has been suffering from GERD for 6 months. I was

monkatwork 2018-01-06
13   monkatwork 2 months ago

******Need help treating Chronic Fatigue Syndrome******
Dear Expert, I am suffering from deep muscles pain, bone pain and nerve pain as well. I f

asifkhan2500 2017-12-16
25   healer21 2 months ago

Cramps & tightening in the little finger and ring finger of the left hand
I had high blood pressure body shivering exactly one year back. It got worsened after 3 mo
Frirzui 2018-01-08
3   drthoufeequebhms 2 months ago

cyst in breast
I have cyst in left breast. also my right breast is smaller compared to left breast. can u
Joan 2018-01-09
1   drthoufeequebhms 2 months ago

Severe Hairfall
Am using Wiesbaden Q, 20 Drops in half cup water thrice a day for last 15 days for hair fa
sajid3 2018-01-09
1   drthoufeequebhms 2 months ago

platina OR platinum
good day Platina or platinum is the same or different plese reply
vkg1 2018-01-08
2   vkg1 2 months ago

cold sore/herpes on lips
I can't find my old posting concerning a cold sore, ie herpes simplex. Passkey sugges

Maria&boys 2005-04-20
19   FranceRobin23 2 months ago

Pregnant with a cold
I am 29 weeks pregnant with a cold. Symptoms: Dry throat / mouth Outer left side of neck
bluesky77 2018-01-04
6   SwapnaPalkar 2 months ago

sexual dysfunction
Sir plz can u guide me to sort out a problem...sir ek sal hua h meri shadi ko but i cant g
sana khalid 2018-01-02
5   drthoufeequebhms 2 months ago

Irregular periods
Hi i am 19 yrs old i am getting irregular periods i don't have periods for several mo
Avuiwia 2018-01-03
12   drthoufeequebhms 2 months ago

enlarged adenoid and tonsils
my son 6.5 yrs old.he is suffering from enlarged adenoid and tonsils since 3yrs.i consult
Lakshmi2 2017-12-26
5   drthoufeequebhms 2 months ago

Pcod- Dr Thoufeequebhms
Age- 23, unmarried, student Weight- 58 Height- 5ft Pcod diagnosed in last January. Irregul
Pcodtrouble 2018-01-04
3   drthoufeequebhms 2 months ago

Hello sir i am suffering from low sexual drive and erectile dysfunction I have also a pro
Prierd 2018-01-03
9   drthoufeequebhms 2 months ago

Liver problems during menstruation and cyst in right ovario
Just love to hear different opinions, how to proceed. Have been in homeophatic care almos
Susann1 2017-12-10
5   Susann1 2 months ago

Dear, I was use Lycopodium in 200 and 1M for long time, its pass 4 yearsI have stop using
mirthr60ymail.com 2018-01-08
1   kadwa 2 months ago

HLA-B27 posetive but spine not affected
I was diagnosed with seronegative spondylo arthritis 6 year ago at my age of 19 now I am 2
abhi1990 2018-01-08
1   kadwa 2 months ago

Hypothyroid and weight loss
I am 32 yr old female unmarried. I am suffering from Hypothyroidism since oct 2012. I con
Ashiash1105 2018-01-06
1   drthoufeequebhms 2 months ago

Plez. suggest to reduce urea and createnine level?
My mother has a kidney problem which is his urea is very high which is 200 and the normal
ansarul1 2018-01-06
1   kadwa 2 months ago

Graying hair problem
I am of 23. and I am having graying hair problem since last 3 years. I have had a dye on m
rajaram1 2018-01-07
2   HealthyWorld 2 months ago

att dr kadwa
Dr Kadwa, I am completing the third treatment as advised by you and have seen improvem
john doe1 2018-01-06
1   kadwa 2 months ago

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