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Iam 20 years male. i masterbate since 15 but it makes me thin and weak.also headaces,backp

Baib 2017-08-15
14   ayushgupta last month

Raised Cholesterol - need help
I have slightly raised cholesterol 6.8 - good cholesterol is 2.76 bad cholesterol is 3.86.

kohler 2017-08-03
29   kohler last month

hb count 5.6
Hi My mother who suffered from severe piles is now suffering from low HB count of 5.6. Ple
mohaliboy 2016-07-26
5   mahalingam_k last month

Cannot pee smoothly
I am having, according to my doctor, chronic bacterial infection in my prostate gland. I h
Javier1 2017-08-28
1   kadwa last month

Can Hpathy heal measles, mumps etc?
Hi, i want to avoid to vaccinate my son. Can Homeopathy can heal any childhood desease? ev
funnytree 2017-08-27
1   kadwa last month

Semen leakage
Hello,I m 28 years old married man,last 2 days after intercourse i feel that my semen leak
koolboy89 2017-08-27
1   kadwa last month

I am 75 year old. I have had constipation problem since the age of 30 but somehow I have m
bawa 2017-08-27
1   kadwa last month

Remedy for pregnancy
Is a woman have anti sperm antibody 2times more than normal level then what is the solutio
Frowdg 2017-08-27
2   kadwa last month

I suffured from vericocele grade 111
sir, before 2 month ago i felt burning type pain,irritation in my lower abdomen .but i did
srimanta100 2017-08-26
1   kadwa last month

Multinodular Goiter
About the homeopathy treatment for Multinodular Goiter
Khairul 2017-08-26
1   kadwa last month

Slighly swollen lymph node Right side of Throat
Hello, Thanks for reading my symptoms and providing help in finding a Homeopathy remedy
danzanillo 2017-08-25
1   kadwa last month

Anal Fistula
Hi to everyone - thank you to all who are helping on the forum. Could someone please help
boyd888 2017-08-28
no replies yet

Re: creatinine level fluctuations
Sir my mother suffering from kidney problem. Name- Arati panda Age- 60 Height -5.3" W
Kunja.panda 2017-08-24
1   kadwa last month

No improvement on warts
ive had warts on my chest for about a year now. i was advised to take causticum 30c (thric
aby123 2017-08-24
1   kadwa last month

Eagle syndrome issue - under left ear
Hi My cousin had an Eagle syndrome issue Had tonsils operation at age of 14 Age:32 Marr
Ahemadally 2017-08-23
4   kadwa last month

Side effect of berberis vulgaris
Why barberis vulgaris causes excessive sweating and swelling in throat....plz explain, is
Ali25 2017-08-18
3   kadwa last month

Antidote for Rhus tox
I started Rhus 200ch once a day for joint pain but started pain in my teeth,now i cant clo
athar55 2017-08-27
1   maheeru last month

breastfeeding and coughing up yellow mucus
I started with sore throat 4 days ago, soar throat stopped and then i started with a stuff
redhealsmed 2017-08-27
1   redhealsmed last month

Dear Kadwa- child seemingly weak immune
My son is 4.5 years old. He has thick light hair and recently I noticed he has cradle cap.
redhealsmed 2017-08-23
2   redhealsmed last month

Homeopathic Breast Enlargement
Homeopathic Breast Enlargement- can someone tell me is it possible to get an even mild b

zarano7 2006-08-03
136   cathrinah last month

Mental & physical problems
Hello, I suffer from few problems like stage fright, anxiety, disappointment from people,

Moonstone 2016-11-12
30   Moonstone last month

Drthoufeeq plz hlp
I am suffering from chronic pancreatits from last approx 4 year with no cause find.iam non
Ssingh 2017-08-27
no replies yet

Please need your 5 minutes.
HI to all . I am suffering anxiety, high bp, Heart arrhythmia, sleep disturbance IBS from

saml 2017-07-08
48   saml last month

My 14 year old son has developed a stammer. He repeats the first two words of every coupl
caroline1973 2017-08-26
1   Zady101 last month

Trying to get pregnant- not ovulating
Hi My periods was regular until aug2016 with 30-35days cycle. Got married on April 2016.
Janani777 2017-08-27
1   0antivirus0 last month

How to use damiama Pentarkan pkt. 40
Hi Sir, What is Damiana Pentarkan 40 used for and how can I take for better results. I h
Adnan Kareeem 2017-08-27
no replies yet

swift234 2017-08-01
22   0antivirus0 last month

13 weeks pregnant and blood sugar issues.
Hello. I am 32 yrs of age. I have four children and had a miscarriage last year. This preg
calimom 2017-08-26
1   Reva V last month

Down syndrome _ robertsonian translocation
My 2.5 year old boy having downsyndrome , past 1.5 years he is suffering from vommitings (
Vikas dwivedi 2017-08-26
1   0antivirus0 last month

Right sided complaints
I have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia for a few years now. Muscle pain, lack of sleep,
myoung2912 2017-08-26
1   homeo_helper last month

hydrosalpyx tube
hi.. my age is 27 and my left tube is hyrosalphyx, is there any treatment of my problem in
sahar1 2017-08-24
1   maheeru last month

Juvenile Rheumatiod Athritis
Hello, My six year old daughter has been suffering for almost a year and a half with Juve
moe shea 2017-08-26
5   moe shea last month

Irregular spotting before and after periods
Hello I am 36 years old and i have irregularity in my cycles with abdominal pain. I just h
Jabeen1 2017-08-24
1   Reva V last month

Anxiety, sleep apnea, depression, IBS
Hi, I am 50 year old female, suffering from ailments that bother lots of women my age. How
Satori10 2017-08-24
1   Reva V last month

Nose bleeds
For the past 10 days or so, my 11-year old daughter has been having daily nose bleeds. No
Simran25 2017-08-26
2   simone717 last month

Right shoulder
Dear Sir I am Nadeem ,60 yrs of age from Islamabad Pakistan About three months ago I lifte

mnadeemkh 2017-07-26
13   mnadeemkh last month

how to cure herpes 1&2 permanently
I have Hsv1 &2 last 3 years. How to cure it permanently
krishna reddy2 2017-04-23
12   DebbyGatte last month

What to give for my son
Hai, I have an 6year old Autistic son. I am of nat mur constitution. My son is Autisti
Binti1 2017-08-26
2   Binti1 last month

enquiries about medicine doses
many many thanks sir. to suggest me. but what can i do for my childs height. is also be
imdadalam 2017-08-26
no replies yet

Would a homeopath be able to take my case?
Hi, would a homeopath be able to take my case? If so can you send me the questionnaire to
Ad1234 2017-08-05
12   drthoufeequebhms last month

Help with Molluscum
Need your help. I am 53 year old female. I have attached the image of my forehead, which I

suna711 2017-07-26
17   drthoufeequebhms last month

Cat Allergy
Hello everyone! I am 33 and have been allergic to cat dander and saliva all my life. I a
renaissance 2010-07-24
1   MCbee last month

prostate problem i suppose
dearall, i am new to the forum and i come with a problem,having tremendous faith in homoep
wilson609 2011-11-13
12   kaulhulk last month

Right cp angle blunting show in my x ray
Actually i want to treatment for my lung have a spot on right side .i want heal this ...in
Mohammad Hasen 2017-08-25
1   simone717 last month

enquiries about medicine doses
respected sir, there is no any problem of my child . only he complained that he
imdadalam 2017-08-24
1   Reva V last month

Slighly swollen lymph node Right side of Throat
Thanks for getting some Homeopathy reference help. Please see below my symptoms and histo
danzanillo 2017-08-25
no replies yet

Penis girth problem
Dear doc It is second marriage for both of mine and my wife. I married with my 2nd wife f
Kamrul hassan 2017-03-26
8   sfp777 last month

Adrenal Fatigue remedy made me crash....is anyone familiar with this?
Hi there, After doing a meridian test yesterday i found out that i have adrenal fatigue.
shirz 2017-08-24
2   simone717 last month

Back Pain-Rhus Tox prescribed
I have severe middle back pain since last 5 months early in the morning from 3 AM onwards.
abhishek.sharma009 2017-08-25
1   maheeru last month

New Forum Issues
Anybody having any issues with the forum? If so, please post below. Or abchomeopathy.com/c

moderator 2017-05-30
15   moderator last month

sore throat
the night before yesterday sore throat started on left side, felt sore all day yesterday,
hmedd 2017-08-23
2   ayushgupta last month

8 month old baby with liver hepatoblastoma
My daughter (8 month old girl) has been diagnosed with hepatoblastoma - CT Scan found a la
ekshaks 2017-08-23
4   ekshaks last month

litework13 2011-11-20
96   Ad1234 last month

hot flashes
Will someone please take a look at my case. I am desperate. I started menopause 6 years a
winnieandco 2017-08-24
1   winnieandco last month

problem with spelling and concentration
Hello, I have a student who was born as a premature baby. She learnt to talk at the age o
Megh 2017-08-23
2   Megh last month

Mental development did not occur properly as a child what can be done to help at 35 years of age
Hello, My cousin is now 35 years old. female. She as a child suffered from pneumonia and
Megh 2017-08-23
2   Megh last month

Cystitis, uti please help, dont want to take antibiotics!
I am suffering from cystitis 10 days ago, its not in the urethra but on the bladder. The s
Sun11 2017-08-24
1   jawahar last month

High Blood Pressure
Hi i am Davinder 33 year old, i have High BP problem, BP is 160/100, upper stomach tightne
david23567 2017-08-24
2   jawahar last month

Sore Throat
Hi, I am suffering from a kind of sore throat. I have got red dots on the roof of mouth an
dips 2017-08-23
3   Nikkie last month

Urine Infection and Constipation
Dear Dr, My mother, aged 75+ has RECURRENT CHRONIC URINE INFECTION since 3.5 yrs. Antibiot
ghazal2 2017-08-24
2   jawahar last month

Tendency to weight gain , Hypothyroidsm, Bloating, slow digestion., sciatica
Hello Sir, My name is malik aged 29, height: 5.6, weight : 89 kgs i have some serious hea
Abdul malik 2017-08-24
1   0antivirus0 last month

Ckd patient
My father aged 70 years patient of high bp and diabetes. Also patient of ckd. cretinine le
Chohan1 2017-08-24
1   0antivirus0 last month

Sepia Triggered Menopause
Is it possible? I was given Sepia 1M for my backache and PMS recursively. And then It sta
OldMarry 2017-08-23
1   kadwa last month

Mouth fobrosis
Dear Sir, I am suffering from mouth fibrosis and getting treatment from my local homeopat
durgvijay 2017-08-23
1   kadwa last month

vomiting during travel
One year old daughter of my neighbour vomits whenever she travels in car. Surprising to no
skmangal 2017-08-21
1   kadwa last month

Small abscess in between the bump
That my daughter age 36 years is suffering since two years of small abscess taken place j
yogesh baijal 2017-08-21
1   kadwa last month

Brachial plexus for newborn
Hi; I want to ask for remedy suggestion for a 4 weeks baby she has a brachial plexus in h
kaya.isil 2017-08-20
5   kadwa last month

Premature Ejaculation
Dear Dr good evening... I am suffering from premature ejaculation since pubrty. To cure PE
rahul_000 2017-08-20
3   kadwa last month

Hepatosplenomegaly in newborn
My grandson with 50days have got enlarged spleen and liver.The belly is like a balloon. I
Greenpeace 2017-08-24
1   kadwa last month

Increse my hight
Hello sir my hight is 5.4 inch my age is 30 nd my weight is 51 can these medicin increse m
Zeeshan3 2017-08-22
1   HealthyWorld last month

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