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Information given in this forum is given by way of exchange of views only. It is not to be treated as a medical diagnosis, and should not be used as a substitute for seeing a qualified homeopath or physician. In most cases, advice posted here is not given by a medical expert.

If symptoms persist, consult a medical professional.

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TopicPostsStarted byLast Post
Teen Acne
My daughter is 15 years old, she has pimples aroun...
1Eve00:06 02 Mar 17 by homeo_helper
Angry and high blood pressure
Hi, I am a 38 year old male. I am feeling angry ...
5kashifkbr19:37 01 Mar 17 by kashifkbr
I have been experiencing digestion problems for lo...
7uday117:32 01 Mar 17 by uday1
chronicrunning nose & then two days latter cough starts & post nasal drip in toddler of one & half year boy
my boy sneezes every morning & evening. his o...
1Ourlin17:30 01 Mar 17 by Ourlin
GERD and dizziness post eating killing me!!!
Dr Joe, I am 33 years old female.. I am sufferi... [LAST PAGE]
17111716689215:07 01 Mar 17 by 0antivirus0
Antivirus - Please Help (Erectile Dysfunction and Pain or Discomfort in sexual and urological organs)
I am describing my symptoms and conditions as foll... [LAST PAGE]
36sadeqahmed15:00 01 Mar 17 by 0antivirus0
Chronic nasal blockage due to swollen turbinates
Hi Doctors, I am suffering from chronic nasal b...
3imtiyaz.ansari111:58 01 Mar 17 by HealthyWorld
chronic constipation
Sirs, I am 69 year old male. I am a working profe... [LAST PAGE]
13prasexclusive05:34 01 Mar 17 by jawahar
chornic kidney failure
dr kadwa hello my father age is 68 no sugar lit... [LAST PAGE]
14zemy200704:23 01 Mar 17 by zemy2007
What is Q potency - for doctors kadwa / mohla / darshini
conflicting answers by some here and on some websi...
1Oohia03:39 01 Mar 17 by akshaymohl
Help for PCL Torn ligament
Need your help. My 17 year old son was diagnosed ... [LAST PAGE]
78suna71103:36 01 Mar 17 by suna711
Nailbed Inflammation
I am 50 year old female. The nailbed of my 3 left ... [LAST PAGE]
14suna71103:30 01 Mar 17 by suna711
15 months baby-conistipation
15 months baby.she was born with umbilical chord...
5nagender nath03:08 01 Mar 17 by nagender nath
Suffering from 3 year long depression, panic and axiety. Can it be cured?
Age: 27 Sex: Male Weight:63 kg. Height: 5'... [LAST PAGE]
16Manushya01:53 01 Mar 17 by Manushya
Melbourne - Dr. Deoshlok Sharma
Dear Friends, I am in melbourne and stay for two ... [LAST PAGE]
24deoshlok21:49 28 Feb 17 by asaxena
Ferrum Metallicum 9ch dosage?
Will any tea prevent Ferrum Metallicum from work...
2DIYer21:45 28 Feb 17 by simone717
When can I switch pellets?
How much time do I have to wait until I can try F...
2DIYer21:43 28 Feb 17 by simone717
arnica in wet dose
This post is for Dr Uday Kumar and Do Joe Delivera...
10john2918:40 28 Feb 17 by simone717
can any one provide me Folliculinum 30C.
Hello Please can anyone provide me Folliculin...
0human112:38 28 Feb 17 by
Constipation, very shy and quiet 13 yrs old
Hi, I have a 13 yrs old daughter, she passes st...
1pooja_b07:58 28 Feb 17 by telescope
Boyfriend's issue
Hi, So here its is, My Boyfriend cums so quickl...
10Aisha_k21:12 27 Feb 17 by detail oriented
sexual problem dr. deoshlok help me
Is i write my problem in Hindi?...
0vishal617:42 27 Feb 17 by
Ginkgo Biloba
I would like to use Ginkgo Biloba for Tinnitus ...
0raghavanar15:52 27 Feb 17 by
Remedy for Ulcerative colitis
I am a jubinile diabetic patient and taking insuli...
5sekhardutta14:35 27 Feb 17 by 0antivirus0
I have been detected with enlarged prostate . ...
3Niiev16112:30 27 Feb 17 by Niiev161
Demylination of spinal cord
I am suffering from demylinating desease hence I a...
4manamohit08:58 27 Feb 17 by deoshlok
First time hemorrhoids, feeling miserable
Wishing health and happiness to all in the group. ...
3Nasim Ahmad08:51 27 Feb 17 by deoshlok
Bladder neck obstruction
I am 30 year and Almost a year ago March 2016 I wa...
3HHH08:51 27 Feb 17 by deoshlok
Hair not growing back since 4 years
My friend has a lot of hair thinning on the area a...
1Indrani05:36 27 Feb 17 by kadwa
Hypothyroidism with Acid Reflux and early menopause
Sir, My wife is 43 years old and has hypothyroi...
3new_novice04:56 27 Feb 17 by kadwa
Bleeding piles grade 3
Dear Sir, i have suffering from bleeding piles ...
3snayak22503:38 27 Feb 17 by akshaymohl
AYUSH Minister to inaugurate the World Integrated Medicine Forum on Regulation of Homeopathic Medicine
New Delhi: Minister of State (Independent Charge) ...
0deoshlok20:47 26 Feb 17 by
A short history of the development of homeopathy in India
Homeopathy was introduced in India the early 19th ...
0deoshlok20:32 26 Feb 17 by
‘Allergic rhinitis: Homeopathy can help’ –Dr. Deoshlok Sharma Times of India-Feb 19, 2017, 01.04 AM IST
NEW DELHI: Does homeopathy help alleviate symptoms...
0deoshlok20:26 26 Feb 17 by
Pain in right side of Waist
Dear sir I m 30years male due to long time ... [LAST PAGE]
26Nitesh Kamal19:13 26 Feb 17 by Nitesh Kamal
Epidymal cyst/ Spermatocele/varicocele
Problem: Early varicocele in left side, Spermatoce...
0Helal9216:06 26 Feb 17 by
Is there a cure for enlarged prostate in Homeopa... [LAST PAGE]
68faruqi 11:01 26 Feb 17 by Niiev161
Swelling under chin and found difficulty while chewing
I am RajeshBabu(Age 40) suffering from swelling un...
5elururajesh10:26 26 Feb 17 by elururajesh
Infertility due to low Egg count for IVF
Sir, I am 37 yr old, I have no child, As I decid...
1990389093808:12 26 Feb 17 by akshaymohl
one year plus babies-alfalfa tonic
can we give alfalfa tonic or alfalfa with ginsin...
2nagender nath06:16 26 Feb 17 by nagender nath
want to know
Which writer's Materia Medica is good to lear...
5Shemul04:24 26 Feb 17 by Shemul
chronic amoebiasis
sir mai chronic amoebiasis se pidit hu. stoo...
2Kumarbrajesh22:29 25 Feb 17 by daktersaab
9 mo baby doesn't sleep well
Hi .. my 9month boy wakes up every 2hrs at night .... [LAST PAGE]
48Ieffous22:08 25 Feb 17 by daktersaab
Plz advice med for Leukorrhea for 37 year old lady...
1kashifkbr21:29 25 Feb 17 by deoshlok
Is there a remedy or remedies protocol for emphyse...
1jstar4520:52 25 Feb 17 by simone717
gall bladder polyp
dr KADWA I M suffering from gall bladder polyps... [LAST PAGE]
25zemy200720:04 25 Feb 17 by jstar45
homeopathic medicine
which amongst SBL, SCHWABE,DR.RECKEWEG is best ,...
3smurfs17:47 25 Feb 17 by simone717
genital warts
hi . i am suffering from genital warts since o...
1kitchu17:22 25 Feb 17 by simone717
need for antidote for medorrhinum and thuja
Dear doctors, Last several months I had been us... [LAST PAGE]
17Nitish16:57 25 Feb 17 by Homeopathy1980
Premature ejaculation
Hello, Recently i joined in this forum, i am 27 ...
4Niloy116:49 25 Feb 17 by Niloy1
Antidote for Baryta Carb???
Dear Doctors, kindly tell me what are the antid...
5ramheight616:00 25 Feb 17 by Indrani
7 yo chronic bedwetter
In the symptom checker he matches 100% Kreosotum ...
1Groovygrove515:20 25 Feb 17 by 0antivirus0
Pain in left back side of eye
Hi, I have migraine . Half head pain sometimes r...
6kashifkbr15:00 25 Feb 17 by akshaymohl
Doctors please help - cellulite and cyst in endometrium
Hi doctors! I would like some help to get rid of c...
5abcjoana08:59 25 Feb 17 by jawahar
Dry cough with hoarseness
I am 34 years age, after cold or fever, i usually ...
3nagender nath08:13 25 Feb 17 by nagender nath
Remedy for bacterial infection / osteomyelitis
I am 52 years male. Due to post surgical ankle su...
5asaxena05:57 25 Feb 17 by vas
Injury marks on face
I've injury marks in face. They are dark in c...
0Meera104:14 25 Feb 17 by
pain on thigh due to injury
It is about one month now that a big and tall heav...
3moheb03:19 25 Feb 17 by moheb
Female infertility due to low egg count for IVF
Sir, I am 37 yrs old. I have no issue. As we decid...
0990389093803:16 25 Feb 17 by
Mild rash under left eye - from cold weather
Hi there, A couple months of go when the weathe...
0o_zell02:14 25 Feb 17 by
Less interest in sex
I am a 38 year male i have found that day by day i...
2kashifkbr21:49 24 Feb 17 by kashifkbr
Pain in abdomen
Age 30 Male Height 5-9 Weight 90kg Pain/Heat/...
1Malikz21:26 24 Feb 17 by deoshlok
Short Temper, Low Self Confidence, lack of Determination....
Hello Sir, my Symptoms are as follows 1.Low self...
1Zohebnawaz21:19 24 Feb 17 by deoshlok
Help with newborn acid reflux and constipation
Hi, My son is 5 weeks 4 days and suffering from...
1sszaraza21:17 24 Feb 17 by deoshlok
High sex desire.
Sir I am 24 male. I don't have any problem i...
1ii_captain21:13 24 Feb 17 by deoshlok
Injury marks on face
I've injury marks as well as acne dark spot...
1Meera121:11 24 Feb 17 by deoshlok
Sciatica disc herniation pls help
I have disc herniation lumbar region.two discs are...
3Tejvir16:29 24 Feb 17 by simone717
Dizziness for more than 3 weeks
Hi, My wife is 32 years old. She has dizzines...
1udayabaski14:40 24 Feb 17 by 0antivirus0
Dry vagina with burning and painful intercourse
Hello I been having those symptoms for 6 years nee...
12viktoryanna14:00 24 Feb 17 by jawahar
morgellons disease
trying to help someone in terrible suffering from ...
11Nurse Norina13:30 24 Feb 17 by Stirse
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