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Apis antidote??
Is there an antidote for apis please? I was taking it for allergies and it works well but
Nikky10 2016-02-13
2   Raja Arrive last year

Dr Kadwa n others doctors pl help, mom feels excessive thirst only in monring n evening
my mother 54 yr old. her blood sugar levels are- fasting- 105 two hours after meal-- 14
monny82 2016-02-21
2   Raja Arrive last year

antidote anyone?
Would anyone know what if any known antidote for a milk remedy lac-caninum is? It is my c
Pelonis1 2016-02-22
2   Raja Arrive last year

Help Needed From a Good Homeopath
Hi, I am 26 years old guy suffering from hair loss from past many years. Still alot of ha
nervousguy1 2016-02-25
2   Raja Arrive last year

Urgent help required .
Hi, Writing this mail to confirm the dose given by a doctor for my 2yr 7months old son wh
rpsweety 2016-02-23
3   Raja Arrive last year

fear of ghosts and aliens
My son is 13 yrs and he is not able to sleep alone or stay alone even in day time due to t
bhavamalinijps 2012-05-25
6   Raja Arrive last year

Sir, I am diabetic last 7 year Age 62 year and take 1 tablet of GLYCOMET-GP1 twice daily c
AshokKumarAgnihotr 2016-02-28
no replies yet

Stomach Problem for Tele and Antivirus
Dear sir I m 30years male problem- Pain in left side of stomach from 7 or 8 year. before

Nitesh Kamal 2016-02-09
28   Nitesh Kamal last year

Sulphur 30c
Have started taking sulphur 30c , for Ulcerative colitis . Day1 --dry pills ,12 hours ap
Kumaoni 2016-02-27
1   homeo_helper last year

Please help me this is my 3rd request.
0 replies Hi, I am 26 years old guy suffering from hair loss from past many years. Still
nervousguy1 2016-02-26
3   Raja Arrive last year

Feeling tired and weak all the time
Hi Dr. I am 33 years old lady, I am feeling tired all the time. Symptoms - *feeling ve
chmm 2016-02-24
4   Raja Arrive last year

Epigastric Pain, Weight Loss and Feeling to Burp
Can Iris Versicolor 200C and Ornithogalum Umbellatum 200C be taken at the same day? I wa
Vehem 2016-02-27
no replies yet

Knee Injury
My son has right knee full thickness ACL tear, partial MCL and partial MCL and edema. My o
Nayeemkhattak 2016-02-20
3   fitness last year

can i grow straight hair using homeopathy?
i have curly ,frizzy and damaged hair from birth and i really want to have straight hair,,
Ikui 2016-02-25
1   fitness last year

Homeopathy medicines to be kept at home for general fever, cold,cough headache and stomoch pain
Dear Sir, Can somebody brief about the general Homeopathy medicines to be kept at home fo
harerama9714 2016-02-26
1   fitness last year

How to reverse eczema caused by homeopathic medicine?
I had had homeopathic treatment for chronic sinusitis two years back which could not be cu
lily 2016-02-27
1   fitness last year

Wart on Nose please help img attached
Hi I am 30 year old i have a wart on nose need help to remove is it possible. img attache
ravi934 2016-02-27
1   fitness last year

Low Platelet Count & High Bilirubin
Hello Doctor, I m 36 Yrs & weight 75 KG. Recently i have check my complete blood test
mintuhowrah 2016-01-20
9   akshaymohl last year

Arthritic pains?
I had some arthritis in one of my hands diagnosed a few years ago. Two years ago we moved
Kathyw 2016-02-26
2   Kathyw last year

Please Telescope help me
Hi, I have dandruff on my facial skin under my beard and moustache. The problem aggravate
ahmedpatient 2016-02-26
1   telescope last year

Hair fall problem from Last 4 years
I am 31 year old suffering from hair fall last 4 years. My hair is very thin and also dand
jake0047 2016-02-16
3   raj057 last year

Heavy sweating while sleeping in winter season
Hi, My 3.5 years old son is sweating heavily while sleeping in winter season, plz. help wi
Khobaib 2016-01-31
6   Khobaib last year

For Dr. telescope, Dr. kadwa, Dr. nawazkhan or Dr. akshay mohal
Hell Sir, Someone told me about you and I want you to please take a look at my case. My

inodes 2016-01-29
17   nawazkhan last year

bulky and heavy uterus..
age 34 female unmarried period regular bt scanty only three day on time always downward p
123maria 2016-02-14
3   akshaymohl last year

Uncomfortable breathing, cold ,headache & digestive problems.
Dear Dr. Kadwa, My daughter (13 years of age) is suffering from following problems since
mksoni 2016-02-26
no replies yet

Hello, I am suffering from Hyperhidrosis, Excessive Sweating Hands and feet area. Is the
ashivani 2015-05-04
8   ashivani last year

Epidermal Melasma
I have had melasma since 2007, I am 40 years old now. It started 4 years after having my l
3girlsmom 2016-02-23
2   3girlsmom last year

Pilonidal cyst/Hidradenitis Suppurativa
For the last 15 years I have suffered from Hidradenitis Suppurativa. I have had HS abscess

lillybag 2011-09-14
295   nawazkhan last year

Cyst on ovary
I have 17 cm, 7 inches cyst on ovary, single cyst . no other symptoms,...pain...etc.....ca
shalini1 2016-01-08
7   shalini1 last year

Pyometra 12 yr old dog
I need your help. We took our 12 yr old 83 lb German Shepard/Husky mix to the ER vet a few
Crysam1202 2016-02-24
2   Crysam1202 last year

Please help. Suggest Medicine for gall bladder stones
I am having gall bladder stone of size 10mm, diagnosed last year during ultrasound of my a
Dinesh1 2016-02-22
5   Dinesh1 last year

Ice pick and box car scars on Face....
Helo am Lucky...am 24 year old...in my teen age...on my face deep and big acene...now my a
SinghNK 2016-02-23
2   SinghNK last year

pain in left side testicle
Sir, i have pain in left testicle from a long time but after taking a dose of pain killer
rahul5 2016-02-25
2   rahul5 last year

how to change profile name
Dear Moderator, i want to change my profile name. please guide how? regards
harerama9714 2016-02-25
1   Nitesh Kamal last year

Heavy bleeding during periods
My wife got baby on her first cesarean 7 months ago. From now every month during her month

ankit111 2015-11-29
13   ankit111 last year

Plz Help with My opposition Act for my Good
Dear Doctors, I am stuck up in a Job wherein I know things will not change and It is me w
maulef 2016-02-24
2   maulef last year

Sir, I have ear infection inside on the ear wall. I am feeling too much pain inside on t
dmitra59 2016-02-03
8   kadwa last year

anxiety pennic attack due to mastrubation
hello sir,i am 19 years and i mastrubate since 12. i was a very confident person i like to
i ahte anxiety 2016-02-17
3   kadwa last year

for dr. kadwa , dr.nawaz khan ,dr.akshaymohl very argent
sir i m suffering from very quick ejaculation before intercourse & erectile dysfunctio
Hasankhanazhari 2016-02-25
no replies yet

Prevention and Treatment of Hemorrhoids
Today I present you the results of my own research and my conclusions about the painful pr
PitterRicherd 2016-02-24
1   nawazkhan last year

White marks on Hands
Dear Doctors My mother is suffering from some kind of skin disease. The back of her both
tipukhan 2016-02-24
1   nawazkhan last year

8 month old baby with excessive burping during and after feeds.
My 8 month is on formula since he was 2 months but startting at 4 month he struggles with
Bunty4165 2016-01-25
10   Joe De Livera last year

Att: Dr. Kadwa for remedy suggestion
Dear Kadwa: I would like to know if you can take my case....here is the link:
seroquel 2016-02-24
1   seroquel last year

Ad1234 2016-02-23
1   fitness last year

Dosage for Cina or Thuja for Pinworm
Hi In sweden I can not meet a homeopath due to the strict laws here. My daughter 3,5 year
andreasnilsson81 2016-02-24
1   fitness last year

PCOD, not conceiving
Hi, I am 32 years old and suffering with PCOD problem. its creating lot of problems in my

Manjari2013 2013-12-04
54   Manjari2013 last year

My son is on homeo for ADHD/OCD, but i don't see it is working with present doctor.
azmi 2016-02-23
3   nawazkhan last year

Sir I have pain in right leg joint and my tasticale is enlarge my doctor prescribed me for
Bunti 1976 2016-02-23
3   nawazkhan last year

premature ejeculation
Hello Dr. Mt name is Rahul and I am suffering from premature ejaculation from many years.
rahul4 2016-02-22
1   rahul4 last year

age:20 sex:female rashes on bending of joints since 2years on&off.. itching increase
archithlal 2016-02-23
3   Joe De Livera last year

eczema treatment
Hi I would like to find out more about treating my eczema homeopathically. I believe ther
Weena Girl 2016-02-24
1   Joe De Livera last year

Premature hair whitening
Hello Dr Joe, I am 35 year old female and recently I discovered premature hair whitening
rosy agarwal 2016-02-22
3   Joe De Livera last year

For Infant Gerd
My 8 week old son has silent reflux. It took the doctor over a month and a half to diagnos
Khush Engineer 2016-02-23
1   Joe De Livera last year

pilonidal sinus
My husband has a pilonidal sinus just above the butt cheeks since 2-3 years.Every doctor t
Jyot Grewal 2016-02-24
1   Joe De Livera last year

3year child complaining about lower back pain
Dear sir My three year child make a jump over the body of his 10year old sister during pl
Nitesh Kamal 2015-09-25
8   Nitesh Kamal last year

Help To Quite Smoking
Hi Sir, I am doing smoking from last 10 years . But now i decide to quite smoking. By ju
himanshubaijal 2016-02-23
2   Joe De Livera last year

avoiding pregnancy
Iím a married woman for last 2.5 yrs and I have one 1.5 yrs son. I think this month I have
rash0581 2009-03-27
4   agrawal1 last year

Case Male 24 Head injury
Symptoms Injury of Head/ concussion from Sports Fears insanity Nose swollen left Skin P
Casino94 2016-02-23
1   akshaymohl last year

Have a black spot in my vision
Hello. I recently caught and noticed a black spot in my vision that apparently does not wa
dwest2419 2016-02-19
3   Nishat Parveen last year

Diabetic Constipation - Dr Deoshlok
Dear Doctors and Respected Members, My father is 84 years old. He is diabetic for last 20
scrotaldermatitis 2016-02-23
no replies yet

please help...2 years old daughter, falls sick every now and then and suffers from cold and cough
Dear Doctor, Please suggest some remedy for my 2 year old daughter.Details are mentioned
aftabuddin 2016-02-21
4   aftabuddin last year

Please check this prescription
I went to homeopathic doctor today regarding problem of hairball and baldness. He advised
Kbdutta 2016-02-23
no replies yet

flat warts on face
Hi, I would really appreciate help as i am feeling so helpless and dont know what to do!
xes123 2016-02-20
7   fitness last year

Help with Glaucoma
Hi I was recently reviewed for Glaucoma. the complain with which I went to ophthalmologist
reachoutarijit 2016-02-22
1   fitness last year

Lot of thoughts and constipation
Hi, I'm a 18 year old boy. My mind tends to be overcrowded with obsessive thoughts du

bonton 2013-10-10
78   achiever last year

Suffering with Ankylosing Spondylitis
hi i m rajesh saini from delhi Suffering with Ankylosing Spondylitis from last 4 yr any

Rajeshsaini79 2008-09-02
16   telescope last year

Sir Joe De Livera....pl help..about arnica wet dose
Sir Joe ...... i read about the wet dose or arnica 6c for daibetes. can u please tell me
monny82 2016-02-22
1   Joe De Livera last year

Any Forum Doctor Urgent help needed
-I need ur help urgently, I am suffering from back pain from last 5-6 years & its bein

aguy123 2015-09-24
66   aguy123 last year

Tiredness and Fatigue
I am 41 years old and been facing the issue of body pain daily since last 5 years now. I a

shyam3 2016-01-06
13   shyam3 last year

premature ejacuation problem
hello, i'm 24 years old, i have e great problem,, i did a lots of masterbate from 12
iqbal hossain 2016-02-22
no replies yet

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