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Information given in this forum is given by way of exchange of views only. It is not to be treated as a medical diagnosis, and should not be used as a substitute for seeing a qualified homeopath or physician. In most cases, advice posted here is not given by a medical expert.

If symptoms persist, consult a medical professional.

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TopicPostsStarted byLast Post
Height is not increasing and arm problem
Respected Doc., My Son is 10.5 Years’ Old...
11khubaib11:40 31 Jul 15 by khubaib
anal fistula
Dear Dr I had anal abscess. But now it seems to b...
9tariq.khan 11:13 31 Jul 15 by nawazkhan
endometriosis cocolate cyst
Dear dr joe. I am endometriosis patient.please h... [LAST PAGE]
14nourin10:42 31 Jul 15 by nawazkhan
skin darkness due side effect
I am 38 yr. old epilepsy patient.Taking tagratol...
0atulde2909:36 31 Jul 15 by
Sexual problem
I am 30 years old. I have mastubated daily since 1...
9sanjay143508:55 31 Jul 15 by sabkamalik1
Hi Every one I have been suffering from epididy...
1tariq.khan06:24 31 Jul 15 by tariq.khan
High Myopia for 3 years kid
Hello, My 3 years son, recently diagnosed with ...
6abhik020306:23 31 Jul 15 by abhik0203
Using Aurum Metallicum & Argentum Nitricum.
Hi! I'm using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy...
5Surreal4Real03:32 31 Jul 15 by Surreal4Real
acl tear
Hello Sir. I have suffered a knee injury while pl...
7siddharthsehra20:14 30 Jul 15 by nawazkhan
ganglion on feet
Dear doctor, my daughter aged 8, got ganglion(bone...
2mati17:58 30 Jul 15 by mati
Sex problem
Helo sir , I m 34 y marrid man , feeling problem ...
1Palash.kashyap17:15 30 Jul 15 by sabkamalik1
stone in left urter and left kidny
i have one stone in left ureter and one in left ki...
3shakeeljaan17:08 30 Jul 15 by AsadGhumman
fever from birth
4 year old male.......fever in every 1 week inter...
7razib123413:07 30 Jul 15 by telescope
Sir my mom had 2 ercp's 1st for stone obstruc...
1Farjad faisal10:32 30 Jul 15 by kadwa
Ulcer in Tongue of my 1 year 4 month male child
My 1 year 4 month child has some wounds in tongue ...
1kharka_201510:28 30 Jul 15 by kadwa
Dental caries
My daughter 2 yr old has 2 caries. I clean her mou...
1MiriamB10:26 30 Jul 15 by kadwa
99 temperature
My 4 years old son has a temperature ranging from ...
1zeigham10:23 30 Jul 15 by kadwa
Post natal weight loss
Dear Doctor, Please advice, is it safe to use P...
1klsailu10:21 30 Jul 15 by kadwa
Polycystic kidneys
Is there any specific homeopathic medicine to cure...
1nataragam10:18 30 Jul 15 by kadwa
Kadwa Sir please reply
Hello i'm male 29 years 5'5 74kg suffe...
0sunrobb09:39 30 Jul 15 by
weight gain and ear infection in 2.5 year old toddler
hello, my son is 2.5 year old. he hasn't gai...
1maheksi08:39 30 Jul 15 by telescope
diabetes v/s Joe De Livera
my symptoms for diabetes no thirst,no fatigue ,no...
9kamar07:41 30 Jul 15 by kmac73
Proriasis Head and Face
Hi I am a 36 year Old man based in India. I have s...
1danishsq04:11 30 Jul 15 by rishimba
Treatment of a patient of paralysis
In the month of june'2010 a female patient wa...
1kaushal Kishor Sin04:10 30 Jul 15 by rishimba
Dr. Kadwa please help us!
My daughter is 3 1/2 years old and she is currentl... [LAST PAGE]
18Josiekatt03:09 30 Jul 15 by Josiekatt
Sextual problems
I have some.sextual prblm.. my penis is thin and s...
1Srk momin01:57 30 Jul 15 by sabkamalik1
Mag Phos & Kali Phos.
Hi! I've been using Mag Phos & Kali...
2Surreal4Real01:45 30 Jul 15 by sabkamalik1
sabkamalik sir,Regarding ED and ejaculate problem of my husband
Hi sabkamalik sir, I am not able to type in la...
12saisimran1993 19:03 29 Jul 15 by sabkamalik1
Appetite loss, low digestion
Hello Sir/Madam, I am not feeling hungry from t...
12pheonixashes1119:01 29 Jul 15 by sabkamalik1
my dog needs help
I Have a mix lab (her mother had an accidental mat...
1Ajay malaotar18:06 29 Jul 15 by Ajay malaotar
Simone 717 - On Homeopathy
Dear Dr.s, I am Arun and I wish to le...
10Arunn16:59 29 Jul 15 by simone717
Berberis Aquifolium Ø = 1X
Can Berberis Aquifolium Ø = 1X be used in...
0Akber1975khan16:49 29 Jul 15 by
Skin allergy
i' m. suffering from skin allergy past 1...
1Pronoti13:53 29 Jul 15 by homeo_helper
Need homeopathic help
Hi, I've been having a slow decline in my phy...
12Danielwayne12:02 29 Jul 15 by rishimba
Hi I am 40 years old. I had sinusitis. I took a... [LAST PAGE]
38Gitu1111:45 29 Jul 15 by rishimba
mix lab dog having pain in left front leg...
I Have a mix lab (her mother had an accidental mat... [LAST PAGE]
14Ajay malaotar11:10 29 Jul 15 by Ajay malaotar
Skin allergy
i have skin allergy on my back. I'm sufferi...
1Pronoti09:36 29 Jul 15 by nawazkhan
Gout problem wtth emotional sensitivity
A 24 years lady, married 9 years ago , having two ...
3sno201509:32 29 Jul 15 by nawazkhan
"restless legs"
Hi, I am a 58 year old Swedish male living in Stoc...
9fanniefussbucket04:46 29 Jul 15 by telescope
Enlarged adenoids - Ag-nut
Hi, My son is 4 years old and has enlarged tons... [LAST PAGE]
13roni2202:03 29 Jul 15 by Josiekatt
Excessive hairfall and lots of clots in periods
hi. i am experiencing severe hair fall from year 2...
11haya_waheed17:46 28 Jul 15 by haya_waheed
SIR, I am 21 years old . meri height thor...
0PREM RAJ14:53 28 Jul 15 by
Hair regrowth
I have lost my hairs and my hair density has becom...
0deepakshivhare12:16 28 Jul 15 by
sperm count and motility
Sir, I have daibetis., v dont have childern pl ad...
4rama101309:51 28 Jul 15 by 0antivirus0
Doctor plz help me - Lax LES Antral gastritis : H.pylori - Negative
I have problem in stomach since 2009. the symptoms...
4nalls09:37 28 Jul 15 by nalls
Is it possible cure the knees osteoarthritis? please help someone.
My mother is suffering from osteoarthritis on kn... [LAST PAGE]
32sergel2009:23 28 Jul 15 by sergel20
masturbation and its effects. its urgent
help plz, i am 23 yr male suffering from masturbat... [LAST PAGE]
14sltnxyz08:43 28 Jul 15 by mani_jee
Fatigue similar to diabetes
I feel instant fatigue when I start to eat breakfa...
3Pat3807:13 28 Jul 15 by AsadGhumman
hip joint and knee pain

[message deleted by skylarkz on Tue, 28 Jul 20...
1skylarkz04:59 28 Jul 15 by 0antivirus0
Telescope - please help son with fever
Our son has not taken any remedies for a week now ...
3kaunhe04:16 28 Jul 15 by simone717
sperm count and motility
treatment of low sperm count an motility...
5ali furqan23:28 27 Jul 15 by 0antivirus0
Doctor, please help me determine my constitutional remedy
Dear Doctor, would you be so kind and help me det...
7Dario20:39 27 Jul 15 by Dario
Prostate (BPH)
I am 50 and have been diagnosed an enlarged prost...
2rk200216:05 27 Jul 15 by rk2002
No one replies wht the hell smoneone need u guys...
2gupil3016:02 27 Jul 15 by simone717
white spot on skin
Three white Spot on my ankle plz help [message ed...
0dabhi9914:16 27 Jul 15 by
Chronic Hepatitis C Treatment
Hello Doctors, I'm posting this query on beh...
3prnjn13:20 27 Jul 15 by telescope
devloped right testicle and curved penis due to mustrublaton
1. i'm 21 years old and my weight is 53kgs ....
2ankit kumar12:54 27 Jul 15 by pushpender
Curved Penis
Please guide remedy for Curved Penis and stregnthe...
2jetnee12312:46 27 Jul 15 by pushpender
sex karne k pehle he chip chippa nikal jata hai
m 26 year old mera lund 4inch ka ha or patla bhi h... [LAST PAGE]
22ajay0091 11:43 27 Jul 15 by pushpender
problem of mind and sexual regarding erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation
My name is deepesh. My problem is related to mind ...
0deepeshmmm11:24 27 Jul 15 by
sabkamalik1 is travelling where no network.
hi, the members whom I prescribed or any new c...
0sabkamalik111:23 27 Jul 15 by
developed right testicle & curved penis due to mustrublate
1. i'm 21 years old and my weight is 53kgs.i&...
1ankit kumar09:35 27 Jul 15 by kadwa
Delay in period - KADWA only
Hi Kadwa 30 years old female is suffering with ir...
1inamahsan09:24 27 Jul 15 by kadwa
For natural delivery after c-section
Hello, I had my baby by c-section due to no prog...
3vidrathi08:58 27 Jul 15 by kadwa
Ibs & ulcerative colitis problem pls suggest remedy
I am a male of age 40. I had a ibs problem from ag...
7Rajnah08:18 27 Jul 15 by Unique2015
varicocel:help needed
Hi, i have been diagnosed with a varicocel on m...
9ali_ahmad04:40 27 Jul 15 by 0antivirus0
Old cough and mucus in forehead
Very old problem and tried many natural remedies b...
1rajm.fbd02:51 27 Jul 15 by telescope
Weight Loss Remedy Advice
Greetings, I am a 39 year old female and have h... [LAST PAGE]
28Shazzam23:47 26 Jul 15 by simone717
22 years old Male. Underweight, Habitual to Masturbation, Suffering from Weakness, ED/ Premature Ejaculation leading to Overthinking, Depression and Anxiety. Please Help.
I am 22 year old college student,Male, 5'8, 5...
5Beinghuman19:49 26 Jul 15 by sabkamalik1
Erectile Dysfunction & Premature Ejaculation & Loose feeling Organ
I am suffering from Erectile disfunction/ Impotenc...
3sabsumon19:26 26 Jul 15 by sabkamalik1
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