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Information given in this forum is given by way of exchange of views only. It is not to be treated as a medical diagnosis, and should not be used as a substitute for seeing a qualified homeopath or physician. In most cases, advice posted here is not given by a medical expert.

If symptoms persist, consult a medical professional.

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TopicPostsStarted byLast Post
Bartholin cyst and pregnant
hi I had been havin my third b cyst for the past 6... [LAST PAGE]
26Daisy123418:33 26 Jun 15 by fitness
Nux Vomica 30c
Hello! After years of GI doctors and discomfort...
3hope049216:53 26 Jun 15 by simone717
Seminal fluid leaking when passing stools
Sir, I am male aged 42 years. I am getting whi... [LAST PAGE]
20ANETGEAR13:53 26 Jun 15 by ANETGEAR
pcos and trying to concieve
hello dr., I am sweta from Delhi and diagnosed pco...
7Sweta Aggarwal13:44 26 Jun 15 by sabkamalik1
Hereditary Spherocytosis
I have hereditary spherocytosis and underwent sple...
2bhargavab613:43 26 Jun 15 by telescope
Craze for Neatness.
My wife has craze for neatness, she will wash her ...
11cartoon12307:04 26 Jun 15 by cartoon123
Premature Ejaculation... please help
i am 24 year old male . unmarried . i am having pr...
2freaking06:58 26 Jun 15 by sabkamalik1
please save my life.. help me. (depression,anxiety and agarophobia)
Hi any kind doctor please help me out from my life... [LAST PAGE]
13Brokenman198605:56 26 Jun 15 by yogiram
Seborriac Dermatits
i am 24 year old male , in good state of health. h... [LAST PAGE]
16freaking 04:25 26 Jun 15 by simone717
eating problem cp child
Sir my daughter is cp child .she is 4 years ..she ...
1Satendra pal00:25 26 Jun 15 by telescope
I cannot get erection
Sir, I am 55 years I am having two big kids .I ha...
2sstish19:42 25 Jun 15 by sabkamalik1
Anal Fissure
Hello, My Name is Rohit Sharma. age 31. I...
2nondust19:30 25 Jun 15 by sabkamalik1
High Blood Pressure
Dear Sir, i am 36 year old and suffering from HBP...
6snaeem19:23 25 Jun 15 by sabkamalik1
Argentum nitricum for ED
Hi, My husband is suffering from performance an...
2trixx19:11 25 Jun 15 by sabkamalik1
CUPS in dogs
I have another question....my daughters dog has an...
0betsysezzz18:20 25 Jun 15 by
Doctor kadwa I beg you please save my life..
Hi doctor kadwa,I seen many people are cured by yo...
5Brokenman198618:07 25 Jun 15 by Brokenman1986
Dear Dr. Maheeru, I have been writing in this for... [LAST PAGE]
15ravikiran.cv 16:46 25 Jun 15 by maheeru
Doctor nawaz you are my last hope please save my life
Hi doctor nawaz, I posted for doctor kadwa but...
3Brokenman198616:32 25 Jun 15 by Brokenman1986
Calcium, Silica and Magnesium
I would like to start this discussion on these thr... [LAST PAGE]
13bhuptgu15:59 25 Jun 15 by simone717
Genital Warts, HPV
Dear Dr, I'm looking for a homeopathy remedy... [LAST PAGE]
14chromeroses13:38 25 Jun 15 by telescope
deleted [message edited by sabkamalik1 on Sat, 01 ...
0sabkamalik112:09 25 Jun 15 by
milk allergy and smoke allergy
I have diagnosed with a milk and smoke allergy ....
4samthakur11:27 25 Jun 15 by samthakur
Generalized Hyperhidrosis
Hi all. Seeking some advice for my hyperhidrosis ...
7Hfive09:59 25 Jun 15 by telescope
(For Dr. Rishimba) Post Orgasmic Illness Syndrome and unwanted same-sex attractions
28 year old male 1 Describe your main sufferin...
0pois198701:27 25 Jun 15 by
please help... deep and big cut in tip of penis
Good evening sir... My name is vijay lakshmi maga...
2vijaymagaji2317:07 24 Jun 15 by vijaymagaji23
Rishimba 18 month old eczema
Hi, So my baby has had eczema for quite a few mo...
7bwill1317:01 24 Jun 15 by rishimba
pilnodial sinus
sir i am suffering from pilonidal cyst last 5 mont... [LAST PAGE]
18almardu10:38 24 Jun 15 by almardu
Heart Beat is increasing suddenly through out the day !!!
Hello there, From past 10 days or so, my heart ...
10khmedia08:32 24 Jun 15 by kadwa
I want to stop chewing Rajnigandha & tulsi
I am chewing this stuff from 15years and I am not ...
1alchemist66908:25 24 Jun 15 by kadwa
Dr Kadwa ..pl help ..menstrual trouble evry alternate month
i am 33 yr old unmarried woman. every ALTERNATE...
1monny8208:22 24 Jun 15 by kadwa
depressed. due to thin problem
Patient ID: Sex:Male Age: 25 Please answer the f...
0azeemlaiq07:57 24 Jun 15 by
Dr Kadwa please Advice for Warts
I am 29, Male, Married, height 5'10", we...
0sameer32207:57 24 Jun 15 by
suffering from digestion,malabsorption sexual diseases
Patient ID: Sex:Male Age: 25 Please answer the f...
0azeemlaiq07:50 24 Jun 15 by
weak eyesight
I m 28 year old I have an weak eyesight with -7 p...
0rupgup07:30 24 Jun 15 by
Low testosterone, Nill erection, No libido
Hello I am 30 year age guy. Have indulged in exces...
7itzakb05:34 24 Jun 15 by kadwa
gout tophi
Hello everyone, I've had gout since I was 17 ...
3Bryan N05:26 24 Jun 15 by kadwa
Foot issue - 0antivirus0 please help
Hello, My husband has been having an issue around...
1Simran2503:57 24 Jun 15 by 0antivirus0
Dr Kadwa n others..pl help ..menstrual trouble evry alternate month
i am 33 yr old unmarried woman. every ALTERNAT...
5monny8202:44 24 Jun 15 by monny82
Tics/Stuttering & Foul body Odor
I am looking for someone educated to take my sons ... [LAST PAGE]
21juler1500:33 24 Jun 15 by juler15
Looking for a homeopathic dr. specialized in fertility,
Can you suggest someone? There are none in my are...
0bluesky7720:51 23 Jun 15 by
Dr. Rimshimba help with pain in hand
Patient ID: Sex: male Age: 52 Nature of work: of...
12Danial9819:48 23 Jun 15 by Danial98
child - warts on bottom of foot
Hi I have a 10 yr. old daughter that has two pl...
7kim59519:27 23 Jun 15 by nawazkhan
use of toothpaste in homeo medicine
sir Is there any guidelines regarding use of toot...
3serampore 19:03 23 Jun 15 by bhuptgu
POISON IVY and maybe pregnant! Please help!
Hi! This is second tome I have got poison ivy re...
4nikoletayu18:04 23 Jun 15 by fitness
penis problem
hi, I am 33 yrs unmarried man. I have a problem wh...
1pinku11117:54 23 Jun 15 by pinku111
Dr.David and Dr.kadwa suffering from sleep issues due to
Hello sir, suffering from block with my nose ge...
1ra8ul17:28 23 Jun 15 by ra8ul
How many remedies can you take in a day?
How many remedies can you take in a day? And how l...
1anonymousperson15:29 23 Jun 15 by simone717
Social Anxiety
I was wondering what is the best homeopathic remed...
3anonymousperson15:24 23 Jun 15 by simone717
RE: Telescope please help me
My head is always hot and burning inside the head ... [LAST PAGE]
67bobby34512:32 23 Jun 15 by telescope
Infertility: Grade 1 Varicocele
Hello Docs, My treatment for infertility was ...
7arvindharitus11:34 23 Jun 15 by 0antivirus0
Constant Body Odor
.I have horrible horrible body odor.But,It smells ... [LAST PAGE]
24gnc8809:41 23 Jun 15 by kimkim15
excessive sweating and body odor
I am a 40 yrs old married woman. My problem is tha...
2nrzafar09:39 23 Jun 15 by kimkim15
Frozen shoulders
Hi, I am 57 years old, female, and first started g...
10Mermaidmama08:07 23 Jun 15 by Mermaidmama
my life story
i strongy insist a professional assistance.. hell...
6aamir231206:46 23 Jun 15 by aamir2312
My grandma just got diagnosed b-cell lymphoma
I am reach out to anyone that can help my grandma ...
4Jmm07h15:17 22 Jun 15 by Jmm07h
Genital Warts - HPV
I am a 27 year old male suffering with genital wa... [LAST PAGE]
15abcjohn14:46 22 Jun 15 by sameer322
Severe itching in Anus of my 4 years son.
My 4 years son has severe itching in anus for last...
1kharka_201512:13 22 Jun 15 by gaintrox
Suffering from food allergies
Dear Doctors I have been living in USA for over... [LAST PAGE]
17sanjaytan11:55 22 Jun 15 by gaintrox
uric acid cure
is uric acid disorder a lifelong problem.also how ...
12andy_65_in08:08 22 Jun 15 by skv1965
bypoloar disorder.
I would also like to share my experience of By-pol...
0skv196507:54 22 Jun 15 by
Take medicine only with proper consultation.
Sir, this is only my experience with Carbolic Aci...
0skv196507:40 22 Jun 15 by
Feline Leukemia
I have a 4 year old Female Kitty Asthma since b...
5Kim.johnson03:32 22 Jun 15 by simone717
d [message deleted by timechange123 on Tue, 28 Feb...
4timechange12320:49 21 Jun 15 by fitness
Attn Simone
Hi Simone: I wanted to know if I can take Ativa...
8dolphin2219:45 21 Jun 15 by dolphin22
Gender conflict. Remedy for a girl like a boy
I'm not sure is this question constructive, b... [LAST PAGE]
13DrWifey19:02 21 Jun 15 by simone717
Lipoma and Ulcerative Collitis
I have multiple LIPOMAs over my right arm from las...
4suminder17:00 21 Jun 15 by suminder
endometriosis treatment
hello I am new to Abchomeopathy forum and i read... [LAST PAGE]
16jass10109:03 21 Jun 15 by jass101
kind of shock feeling in the chest
urgent....urgent....urgent....when i was 17 year o...
7aamir231204:33 21 Jun 15 by AsadGhumman
Low testosterone
I am 42 yrs, suffering from low testosterone level...
3sanju11104:29 21 Jun 15 by AsadGhumman
dr help me my wife is pregnant and diagonesed as low lying placenta
Dr my wife is pregnant about 20 weeks ,she is diag...
1raj2404:25 21 Jun 15 by AsadGhumman
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