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Shih tzu corneal scarring
My Shih tzu has just recovered from an eye ulcer via application of blood serum drops, ant
Keikorose 2016-07-27
1   kadwa 2 years ago

Very bad case of erectile dysfunction
Hello I have a bad case of erectile dysfunction. I have tried many things but the only one
Miky789 2016-07-26
4   hp1990 2 years ago

premature ejeculation
At the age of(13 or 14 may be) and since then masturbated at least 2 times a day. At 22 I

umar 2016-05-25
22   umar 2 years ago

Snoring in 6 mo old- Dr Kadwa, please help!
My 6 month old son has been stuffy at night since 2 weeks old, and recently, after a cold,

Jackie1 2016-05-19
31   kadwa 2 years ago

mixed astigmatism
hello sr iam from pakistan and iam 21 year old st i have mixed astigmatism in my left eye.
khan4 2016-07-26
1   khan4 2 years ago

Dr.Luc's article on pseudo-homeopathy
Dear friends, I am posting this article by one of the greatest contemporary homeopaths in

rajivprasad 2006-10-17
143   khan4 2 years ago

Memory problem-in need of immediate help
I've exam on 29th and I'm facing severe memory problem. I have been prescribed A
Sanjukta_95 2016-07-27
1   gavinimurthy 2 years ago

OCD and Social Anxiety.....
I have been taking Belladona for severe OCD,tics and social anxiety for last 4 months....T
phoenix751 2016-07-22
8   phoenix751 2 years ago

Suffering from PE.
Hi i'm 25 yr old male been masturbating since a long time. Experiencing PE (max 60 se
zikmir 2016-07-25
1   zikmir 2 years ago

Pain in penis
Good morning there . Dr I have been facing pain at the tip of the penis and some white flu
Ravi842 2016-07-27
1   fitness 2 years ago

Lax Les,Antral Gastritis,Prepyloric healed ulcer
I am suffering from severe Acid Reflux since last 2 years.I had endoscopy with showed as l
ajinkya123 2016-07-27
1   anuj srivastava 2 years ago

Mononucleosis - 16 Yr Old Daughter
Hello: Our daughter age 16 has been diagnosed with Mono by testing from her doctor. She i
Tirzah 2016-07-23
6   anuj srivastava 2 years ago

Sleep Help - Infant 8 months old
My husband and I have tried just about everything with our baby to help his sleep - sleep
mrzporter 2016-07-27
1   anuj srivastava 2 years ago

depression, fear, anxity, low confidence
age 45 unemployed, 2 children, low libido but high urge, un refreshing sleep, morning pai
Chererv 2016-07-26
7   Chererv 2 years ago

uterine fibroid
I am 46 and have been diagnosed with an intramural uterine fibroid on the posterior wall o
sara6 2016-07-26
2   vasude 2 years ago

[message deleted by souravsmile on Thu, 28 Jul 2016 07:42:52 UTC]
souravsmile 2016-07-27
1   bapu4 2 years ago

what should be frequency of Lycopodium 1M?
Hello everyone.. I had Lycopodium 1M because of some sexual problem like erectile dysfunct
deepeshmmm 2015-12-29
5   gavinimurthy 2 years ago

Sulphur dosage in chronic cases
Dr. Kadwa what is the sulphur dosage in chronic cases.because i have matched my symptoms w

faheem_bhat41 2012-02-13
50   Naveen5 2 years ago

ED & PE problem
Hi doctor, i am suffering from premature ejaculation as well as low erection, would you pl
Akki1 2016-07-27
no replies yet

Possible pudendal neuralgia
Hello, I spent about 12-14 hours of a day by sitting on a chair. From about last year I am
Miky789 2016-07-17
10   anuj srivastava 2 years ago

erectile dysfunction, pre-ejaculation
My name is zaheer n age 34 1. I have been masturbating from the age of 13-14 years. I mas
umar 2016-06-04
3   umar 2 years ago

suffering from strong Premeture ejaculation, Help before my marriage.
Dear Dr. I am 32 years male suffering from premeture ejaculation. My hight is 176 cm and w
rohitonly 2016-07-21
5   rohitonly 2 years ago

for dr. akshay mohhl or dr. kadwa
Is there any cure for venous leak in homeopathy? Due to venous leak i m suffering from ED
hp1990 2016-07-27
no replies yet

Dr. Kadwa. 10 month old refusing to eat completely for 8 days.
Hello Dr, My son suddenly stopped eating completely for the last 8 days. Hes breast fed

vidrathi 2016-07-26
18   vidrathi 2 years ago

Professional Email ID
Hello, I have some issues in mt life and I am facing it these days very badly. I need help
unknown1 2016-07-26
1   John Stanton 2 years ago

Developmental delay of 2 yrs dd
[message deleted by Sara5 on Tue, 26 Jul 2016 21:38:46 UTC]
Sara5 2016-07-26
no replies yet

Suffering from P.E
Doctor, I have been suffering from worst premature ejaculation for 18 years .my age-49 ye
Musakarim 2016-07-26
2   Musakarim 2 years ago

Severe Depression - Lack of Motivation, Enthusiasm, Focus, Purpose of life
Was diagnosed as bipolar I can sense I still have Anger. Difficulty breathing (Its like I
Sage 2016-07-26
2   Sage 2 years ago

Help for my son diagnosed with ASD
Hi my son who is 7 years old was diagnosed with Autism. Currently he is facing a lot of se
bhat_nikhil 2016-07-26
3   John Stanton 2 years ago

need suggestion son sulphur 200c
Hello, I am male 46 yrs of age from India, one month back (info found it on the internet)I
ganesh1 2016-07-23
6   John Stanton 2 years ago

head injury, feel sensation in head
My brother is 28, single, he got some injurues on head and face few months back during a f
Sadaf1 2016-07-26
2   John Stanton 2 years ago

London Consultations Pay As You Can
Hi We're looking for any homeopathic consultancy that will handle people with little
janpeter 2016-07-26
2   John Stanton 2 years ago

Veins and Hemorrhoids
I am 52 years old with normal body weight, and I eat a healthy, mostly vegetarian diet, bu
random guy 2016-07-06
6   anuj srivastava 2 years ago

post nasal drip or allergy
1. Age 41 2. Male or Female male 3. Single/Married married 4. weight 85 kg 5. Heig
filza 2016-07-18
11   anuj srivastava 2 years ago

abdomonal spasms of my wife
My wife is 78+.She is suffering from pain and spasms in lower abdomen for the past 20 year
babu1935 2016-07-26
1   anuj srivastava 2 years ago

penis enlargment
Sir, I am 18 years old my penis is 4 inch Give some tips to increase more 1.5-2 inch....
sim1 2016-07-13
2   sim1 2 years ago

Dr. Nawaz - Is this rectal pain a Sulphur proving?
Hello, I gave birth on the 31st of may. The baby was vaginally delivered. An episiotomy w

Utomp 2016-06-30
32   nawazkhan 2 years ago

high uric acid levels
my age is 45 , found the blood uric acid level is high (6.2) pl, suggest a medicine in ho
vikramN 2016-07-26
1   vasude 2 years ago

You can now add 1mages to your posts
Hi folks,You can now add images to your posts. A few things you need to know:* Images can

moderator 2006-05-08
50   centreforsurgery 2 years ago

Suffering from after effects of masturbation
Hello, I am 26 years old,I am severely suffering from after effects of Masturbation. Probl

united2go 2016-05-19
56   united2go 2 years ago

Looking for someone to take over my family's cases
HomeoDr was previously helping us, but I haven't heard from him in some time. Anyone
alaskamom 2016-07-24
2   alaskamom 2 years ago

Chronic mucous in throat
My mom is 89 years old with dementia. She has constant mucous in her throat and every day
random guy 2016-07-25
1   gavinimurthy 2 years ago

Homeopathic Job in Saudi Arab
Good Day All, I am a Homeopathy Doctor and I am currently looking for related job opening
H.Dr.Shafaqat 2014-03-03
2   mexjep 2 years ago

Multiple System Atrophy (MSA-C)
Hello Doctors, Please please advice me any medicines for Multiple system atrophy for my

Arunendra 2011-10-23
15   Cdwracing 2 years ago

Wondering if anyone can suggest a remedy to a sugar intolerance . Whenever I eat anything
Suwilko 2016-07-25
1   John Stanton 2 years ago

1. Age. 272. Male3. Single4. weight. 64 kg.5. Height. 5 feet 6 inch6. country. India (Biha
riyazahmad5 2016-06-13
9   riyazahmad5 2 years ago

I am facing constipation...... no stool for last 3 days what should I do.....??????

AKDAS13 2015-08-05
20   gavinimurthy 2 years ago

hypersensitive to chemicals, cigarette smoke, asking for Telescope's help
I am hypersensitive to cigarette smoke and chemicals in general. But anyway as I do not

evefriday 2015-05-02
185   telescope 2 years ago

Erectile dysfunction
Since the last one month, I am unable to retain erection after entering into the vagina. M
Dinesh5 2016-07-24
3   Dinesh5 2 years ago

Having multiple Lipoma on body
Sir i am from india. My age is 24 years .i have multiple lipomas on my body since 4 years.
MKJ102 2016-04-22
5   centreforsurgery 2 years ago

antibiotic causing muscle weakness
I have been given antibiotic for sinus congestion which in turn causing muscle weakness,w
fmsryp 2016-07-25
2   kadwa 2 years ago

dark circle under eyes
Please suggest some medicine for dark circle under eyes...20 years old married girl...
homeopathictreatment 2016-07-23
1   kadwa 2 years ago

Burning sensation after the stool and pain in anus like chilly type pain temporary relief
AKDAS13 2016-07-22
1   kadwa 2 years ago

Hunger & Energy become low.
Hi All, please help me if there is any doctor is available in below mention case. i am un
Aahan khan 2016-07-21
1   kadwa 2 years ago

gerd,severe breathing problem, vomiting sensation
my symptoms started after i took strong antibiotics for UTI. now its been two months and i
gargi_1988 2016-07-22
3   homeo_helper 2 years ago

dry cough & cold
dear docs, i am 37 suffering with severe cold (running nose ) from 2 days and headache.
krishna_1980 2016-07-24
1   gavinimurthy 2 years ago

Coccyx Pain
I have been suffering from coccyx pain from last 3 months. It occurs when i sit for long t
Airloo 2016-07-24
2   vasude 2 years ago

Acne on face and body
1. Age 24 2. Female 3. Single 4. Weight - 68kg 5. Height - 5'10 6. List of complaint
Ingrid3333 2016-07-24
6   Ingrid3333 2 years ago

hello Sir..I m 23 yr old with a body weight of 64kg..whenever i start to masturbate reache
Aizobeenp 2016-07-23
1   sabkamalik1 2 years ago

dog bite
hi : like 3 weeks ago my dog got a little bit out of control and bite my arm and hand / w
love and peace 2016-07-23
1   John Stanton 2 years ago

I am a 30 year old male and I have been suffering from Gastroparesis for the past 10 years
mumtazakberali 2011-05-15
3   Masslady 2 years ago

Night sweats, feeling down
I am attempting to find a remedy that corresponds to my problems that have been going on f

nanou 2016-06-13
26   anuj srivastava 2 years ago

Anyone hear from HomeoDr?
Has anyone heard from him lately? He hasn't been on the forum for awhile.
alaskamom 2016-07-23
no replies yet

Stomach ache
My son 6years old since 7months he have stomach pain frequently around umbilical region h
surya2089 2016-07-23
1   surya2089 2 years ago

Weight loss
Hi i am 21 years old. My height is 5"7' nd weight is 85kgs. I want to get rid of my b
gupil30 2015-07-23
3   vasude 2 years ago

A request for someone to supply crotallus horridus medicine to in me Nigeria
I wish to pay anybody that can bring the above mentioned medicine to me to Nigeria
San1 2016-07-22
no replies yet

dog.. age ? how active? indoor time?outdoor time? 'strangers " affect? is this in gro

John Stanton 2016-06-17
80   John Stanton 2 years ago

What is Homeopathy & Warning Signs of Incompetent Homeopaths
Please click on my username to know about me. It will help you establish the reliability o

fitness 2016-03-16
184   Rama2016 2 years ago

very urgent dr. plz
Dr. I am suffering from heavy nightfall problem.I am 21years old.when i was 18i masturbate
xyz 2016-07-22
no replies yet

hair fall, dandruff
Hello sir My age is 26 years and I am suffering from hairfall and dandruff. I used scalp
Lugopie 2016-07-22
no replies yet

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