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Nodules in Vocal Chord
My wife has Nodules in Vocal Chord. Can anyone please suggest any homeopathic medicine ??
rajiv_mehrotra 2015-08-28
1   rishimba last year

Pigmentation and poor hair growth of 18 mnth daughter. Anyone willing to help ?
My daughter was born with good complexion and gradually over the time her skin in gettin
iamcool 2015-08-27
2   iamcool last year

Question to Dr.Nawaz Khan
Dear Dr.Nawaz khan please help me & do reply my Question. What is the effe
Hussain20 2015-08-27
no replies yet

tooth trauma resulting in fistula
Hello! About a month ago, I had a bike accident resulting in a blow to one of my front
mfxclaire 2015-08-19
6   mfxclaire last year

First aid with Homeopathy
I need some help in making a first aid kit with homeopathic medicines. Can anyone suggest
Hakukale23 2015-08-27
1   simone717 last year

sever depression and anxiety
I am 33 years old male. I am suffering for depression from last 5 years. Lately it has

farrukh123 2014-09-25
103   farrukh123 last year

Chronic Dry Scalp with Dandruff Leading To Severe Excessive Hair Loss leading to thining Male Pattern Baldness
Respected Sir!!!1) Since from 16yrs of age m having an excessive dandruff problem.Now at p
sukdev 2015-08-25
6   fitness last year

Runny nose due to dust allergy
I have dust allergy . Due to this, i have runny nose (cold), nasal congestion. Sometimes
smith007 2015-08-27
2   0antivirus0 last year

Piles issue
Dear Doctor, I have a chronic piles issue but not much pain. The problem started long b
smskundu 2015-08-25
5   nawazkhan last year

Please prescribe me medicine for Premature Ejaculation.
I am 25 yrs old and doing masturbation since 13 yrs. When my penis enters in the vagina it

Anshul12 2015-08-07
47   sabkamalik1 last year

No or a little facial hair
Hello doctor , I am arsenal from India I am 26 , I have a little facial hair , small tes
arsenal2389 2015-08-27
no replies yet

Erictile dysfunction
Dear Dr. I have been suffering from erictile dysfunction since 2002. Due to masturbation.I
lovely guys 2015-08-25
2   holisticcure last year

difference b/w cydonia vulgaris 30c and cydonia vulgaris Q
Hello I got suggestion to take cydonia vulgaris 30c for micro penis but i got cydonia
vivekspim 2015-08-25
1   kadwa last year

Recurring anxiety attacks
Hi, I am 30,Female, weight 62 Kgs. Introvert by nature & shy too.My childhood has

debbie.divs 2015-07-23
15   akshaymohl last year

No reply of my 2nd Question
Dear Dr.Kadwa. Thank you for your nice and Informative reply.God may bless
Hussain20 2015-08-24
1   kadwa last year

excess hair on my body and face
hi......i am a boy and only 19 years old but i have excess hair on my face and body i am s

qadeer 2015-02-13
79   gaintrox last year

Flank and abdominal pain due to indigestion. Is it Colitis
Hello I am 38 years old male suffering from chronic constipation since childhood. Stool
khurrum 2015-08-26
1   0antivirus0 last year

degenerative disc diseases
hello,Am new here and i was able to go through the discussion on how to solve the diseases
maxiwise 2015-08-26
1   0antivirus0 last year

Only Homeopath Dr's please...
Hi there- so I had a thread a while back that I haven't updated since May, it looks l
rom109 2015-08-26
1   0antivirus0 last year

For Homeopath experienced depression treatment
Sorry, I sent it off by mistake... Not only was I not getting along with my supervisor, b
ipslon 2015-08-26
1   0antivirus0 last year

piliya & acutechronicleaver desease
sir my elder brother is suffering from juindice & acute chronic leaver deasease. ple
koshal.bajpai 2015-08-26
1   0antivirus0 last year

Problems with Infertility in male
Drs. I am Sivaji and 33 years old man having problems with erection for the past 6 years a
Sivaji1 2015-08-15
10   Sivaji1 last year

Attn. Dr Nawaz Khan please help mood disorder
Dear Dr Khan, I've been suffering with depression for 15 years due to difficulty w

ipslon 2015-08-09
61   ipslon last year

Autoimmune Disease Vasculitis
My wife is diagnosed with Autoimmune Disease Vasculitis Wegener two months ago. She had Cr
rajiv_mehrotra 2015-08-26
3   0antivirus0 last year

Bad-tempered mother
Hello, Could anybody tell my what remedy is suitable for my mother. She is so bad tem
Empty 2015-08-26
1   AsadGhumman last year

miss abortion
I am married since 2 years, after marriage my wife did not get pregnant naturally then we
mariz 2015-08-26
no replies yet

Frequent Urination because of a mixture of Anxiety and Over Active Bladder
Hello all, I am writing this post after much of disappointment that I have had to face
j0e360 2015-08-24
8   j0e360 last year

Question on switching remedies
I just finished an intro class on Homeopathy with my school and i have to say - it's
YogiMom 2015-08-25
2   YogiMom last year

Masturbation and its effect
Dear, dr. kadwa sir. Very very thnx 2 u 4 guiding me. recent i am in homeopathic medicat
sltnxyz 2015-08-25
1   daktersaab last year

Need Help to gain Weight
I am 29 years old married and have a Kid of 6 years old. I am feeling very week and also h
Musqan 2015-08-25
3   homeodr last year

use of daminaplant & ptk 40 schwabe
HOPE YOU ALL FIND THIS IN THE BEST OF YOURS HEALTH. I AM suffering from impotence/erectil
eagleeye021 2011-05-10
2   ahmadnabi74 last year

Fell from ladder - Pain in tail bone
Hello, my wife fell from ladder and after visiting the emergency she DID NOT break the bon
flashback 2015-08-24
2   flashback last year

Lipoma or adenofibroma, fatty tissues all over body
Dear Dr., My name is Neetigya, I am male, 26. I am suffering from Lipoma or adenofibrom

Neetigya 2015-06-20
16   fitness last year

Emergency/Very Urgent help from Sir Dr. Faujdar
Respected Sir Dr.Faujdar!!!1) Since from 16yrs of age m having an excessive dandruff probl
sukdev 2015-08-25
1   sukdev last year

Fatty liver , CYST IN KIDNEY,enlarge prostate
Name ASAD KHAN age 45 sex male My problems are Fatty liver , CYST IN left KIDNEY,en

asad khan 2015-07-21
15   nawazkhan last year

Lipoma all over my body
Dear Doctor, I am currently suffering from multiple lipoma over my both arms, biceps and t
sat19 2015-03-23
11   sat19 last year

Overcome from Masturbation
Im in Chennai. Im 21 aged guy. I've the habit of Masturbation for more thn 4 yrs. Man
Paven006 2015-01-03
6   holisticcure last year

height growth
my daughter is 15 years old and 4'8" only. Her doctor has said that her growth p
shellshy 2015-08-25
no replies yet

Making one's own medicine
Greetings everyone, I am facing the need to make my own homeopathic medicine, so I am
hzabe 2015-08-25
no replies yet

septal fibrosis of liver parenchyma,nodular liver liver cirhodis
Hi, In march out of shock we came to know abt my my mothers liver cirhosis when we have c
amri4546 2015-08-24
no replies yet

razazaran 2015-08-24
no replies yet

plzzz help .. piles problem
I had a case of swollen anus a month ago, it was the first time so i ignored it but it app
saurabh12345 2015-08-21
7   saurabh12345 last year

dear sir, My wife suffering frm foot ach,pain in anus.no pain during passing stool.feels
bapu.m 2015-08-24
no replies yet

my wife suffering from foot ach.she feels pain in her anus.feels weakness.sometimes diffic
bapu.m 2015-08-24
no replies yet

AWARE of BIHINT ( British Institute of Homeopathy ) online course!!!
Here is my SAD experience with Homeopathy online course... !!! please beware !!! I have j
bkushwaha 2015-08-24
no replies yet

Pony with heaves/COPD/Respiratory
We adopted 2 Shetland ponies (12 and 13 yrs old) in the spring. A bonded full brother and
green171 2015-08-22
3   Reva V last year

Question from Dr. Kadwa
Dear Dr.Kadwa Please do reply my questions 1.Why do you pres cribe 20
Hussain20 2015-08-23
1   kadwa last year

mucus in stool.gas problem.
Sir. my stool was come out with a large amount of mucus before four month and feeling g
daraasim 2015-08-23
1   kadwa last year

Persian kitty having skin infection and losing hair
Hello sir, I have a 2monthsold persian kitty which I bought 20days back. When I got her h
Khushiiii 2015-08-22
1   kadwa last year

Blood Urea and Creayinine
Mt father is 85 years old. His blood urea is 134 mg and creatinine is 3.24. It is making
chiranjiv 2015-08-22
1   kadwa last year

Facing premature ejaculation
I am married man, 28 yrs with two kids, now facing with premature ejaculation issue,as can
Zammy 2015-08-17
3   kadwa last year

Smashed Finger
My daughter smashed her finger in the garage door on Saturday (7/18). She had a lot of pai
ArtsyMommy 2015-07-23
5   akshaymohl last year

chronic fatigue/fibromyalgia
Im suffering from low back pain.hips and leg pains since a year.Doc said its fibromyalgia
aasia2222 2015-08-23
3   Reva V last year

Indigestion,Gastrics,Weakness and Protien Intolrence
Name- Mandeep Kumar Age-27 Height-5.10 inches Weight-58 kg Job-Working As Accounta
Mandeep4u 2015-08-22
5   rishimba last year

Tobacco chewing please help
IAm chewing tobacco from 10 years How to use Arnica 6c ? Please reply I read dose s
Student man 2015-08-22
10   Student man last year


04891a0330 2015-08-22
1   04891a0330 last year

Silent reflux
I think my son may have silent reflux. He's 5 weeks 3 days and since day one he screa
Lindsey851 2015-08-22
1   0antivirus0 last year

Fileria treatment
Where is best treatment of fileria in India. Please suggest me
ajitruby1985 2015-08-22
1   Reva V last year

wound in small intestine
my wife 46 year age suffering from infection in small intestine (10 cm from junction of sm
sharad.rt 2015-08-23
1   Reva V last year

functional dyspesia
I am suffering from functional dyspepsia told by doctors from 6 months.seldom vomiting aft
lavi1991 2015-08-22
4   rishimba last year

My son who is almost 17 years of age is just 5ft 6 inches tall and wants to be taller than
Neeraj66 2015-08-22
1   telescope last year

Burning sensation in stomache and bloat
1. ID - Rylani 2. Age - 39 3. Sex - female 4. Single/Married - long term relationship

rylani 2015-06-09
38   rylani last year

cold penis and ED with premature ejaculation
Hi, I am Rajesh from india. my age is 52.my penis is cold suddenly and ED problem. my

rajeshkumarpanda 2015-07-17
17   sabkamalik1 last year

Dark Pigmentation
Hi Everybody, I am a 32 yrs old male, suffering from dark pigmentation on my cheekbone
Mukul20 2015-08-19
2   Moorty2015 last year

Gastrics,Acidity,Weakness and Milk Intolerence
Name- Mandeep Kumar Age-27 Height-5.10 inches Weight-58 kg Job-Working As Accounta
Mandeep4u 2015-08-22
1   simone717 last year

cat epilepsy
My cat has epilepsy . I gave her Belladona 30 and the fits stopped. I was told in the h
noshiahmad 2015-08-21
1   Reva V last year

Urgently Reply for My Hair Problem
Doctor, I am 27 years old girl. My problem is hair fall. After po

Tuilip 2015-08-07
14   Tuilip last year

ACL Injury
Hi Everyone, My husband had a complete ACL Knee Injury. The doctors had adviced a smal
ANNRAVI 2015-08-21
6   nawazkhan last year

Grow Beard
Hi I am 28. Beard on my face is uneven and sparse on few areas. Few spots on cheeks ar
Grow Beard 2014-08-26
7   JoshuaPena last year

tmj jaw joint pain /headache migraine tinnitus / gland swelling
I am having (tmj) jaw joint pain also headache / migraine / tinnitus pain / one side par
demdeodev 2014-10-18
2   demdeodev last year

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