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Information given in this forum is given by way of exchange of views only. It is not to be treated as a medical diagnosis, and should not be used as a substitute for seeing a qualified homeopath or physician. In most cases, advice posted here is not given by a medical expert.

If symptoms persist, consult a medical professional.

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TopicPostsStarted byLast Post
6 Month Old with Weeping Eczema
My 6 month old son is suffering from weeping ecze...
5MB091014:30 16 Jul 15 by telescope
Chronic Constipation in my 2 year old toddler
hi there my two years old daughter is suffering fr...
1chultim14:06 16 Jul 15 by telescope
Burning Mouth! Please help me.
I have been suffering from a burning mouth. Most ...
3gicki04:05 16 Jul 15 by telescope
Impotency in Diabetes By Dr. Deoshlok Sharma
Impotency in Diabetes In Diabetes the impotency...
7deoshlok03:23 16 Jul 15 by ashraful76
My 3.5 years old son having cough for a long time
My son is 3 years and 10 months old. He has cough ...
4ashraful7602:53 16 Jul 15 by telescope
Itchy rash/hives after swimming and difficulty in breathing after shower
Hi! I have been swimming for the last 7 years,... [LAST PAGE]
57shivanigupta117:48 15 Jul 15 by shivanigupta1
Height Increase
Hello everyone! I want to ask if there's any...
6Fanatic17:21 15 Jul 15 by sabkamalik1

[message deleted by Moorty2014 on Wed, 15 Jul ...
1Moorty201416:48 15 Jul 15 by Moorty2014
. [message deleted by Fanatic on Wed, 15 Jul 2015 ...
0Fanatic16:37 15 Jul 15 by
I wanna hav a fair glowing skin
hello,im 18 yr old.....male....in childhood i had ...
4sahal16:06 15 Jul 15 by sahal
Suggestions And Reason
Good Evening Sir, My son, who is of 1 year(12 ...
1Hema J D15:54 15 Jul 15 by telescope
Premature Ejaculation
HEY DOC. I am suffering from this problem ma arous...
10Cruiser14:26 15 Jul 15 by Cruiser
mucus in stool
Sir , Bihar sharif me TRINGASAV nahi mil ra...
2Kumarbrajesh13:25 15 Jul 15 by 0antivirus0
Scalp psoriasis
Hi, I have Scalp psoriasis from past 3-4 year... [LAST PAGE]
21aniket.gimt08:30 15 Jul 15 by rishimba
Retinal haemorrhage
My wife was diagnosed with Typical Retinal Haemorr...
1tvrwarrier07:51 15 Jul 15 by homeo_helper
28 years old diagnosed with chocolate cyst. I am married for an year not having kids still.... seeking for homoeopathy treatment
Respected sir, I have been diagnosed with organi...
8papiya07:33 15 Jul 15 by papiya
Quick Ejaculation and emission After Kids
Premature Ejaculation and emission After Kids F...
4Veer766106:50 15 Jul 15 by sabkamalik1
simone717 - Haemophilus influenza
Hello Simone I just got a call from the ENT who sa...
6Nataliesammi04:22 15 Jul 15 by Nataliesammi
I have two questions on my mind right now. Ques...
9cartoon12303:59 15 Jul 15 by cartoon123
Simone717 / mani jee ?15 weeks pregnant - acid indigestion/reflux
I have been dealing with nausea these past few wee... [LAST PAGE]
28Nataliesammi00:19 15 Jul 15 by simone717
Extreme bloating in abdomen & and pain in right side of body
I look 9 months pregnant and my muscles hurt from ...
6LeonRussell20:30 14 Jul 15 by LeonRussell
Abdominal Issues
I have had issues with bloating for some time now....
1gphypno17:14 14 Jul 15 by gphypno
Back Acne
Last Issue...Back Acne . I barely ever get pimpl...
1gphypno17:08 14 Jul 15 by simone717
Nail Fungus
I have had nail fungus on my right thimb as well...
1gphypno17:07 14 Jul 15 by simone717
Dry Eyes
I have been suffering with Dry Eyes for 1-2 year...
1gphypno17:07 14 Jul 15 by simone717
seek remedy to cure long standing problems
hello, i am 33 yr male unmarried, since childho... [LAST PAGE]
48ahmedja15:35 14 Jul 15 by simone717
Remedy wanted
My son is 4 years old suffering from stomach inf...
3shalesh15:34 14 Jul 15 by fitness
For Simone- Regarding Evocationer
Hi Simone, Did you hear anything from Dr. David K...
2bk12314:29 14 Jul 15 by bk123
Hydrocele and cyst in left testis
Sir, From last Sep 2014 I came to know about the m...
3ppbordoloi12:01 14 Jul 15 by telescope
Dr. Khadwa can you suggest something
Dear Dr. I am 32 year old unmarried. from Previou...
2jahan858510:36 14 Jul 15 by jahan8585
Satish Pasrija
Patient has fatty lever. Therefore there is always...
1Satish Pasrija10:16 14 Jul 15 by kadwa
External hanging fleshy lump in innerthigh
Dear Doctors, Recently I developed an irritating ...
1sbmmit48710:12 14 Jul 15 by kadwa
problem of low thyroid
My wife having very low tsh level 0.03 showing in ...
1saurabh7610:10 14 Jul 15 by kadwa
Yeast infection in dogs
I have a dog that was on recent antibiotics and ha...
1betsysezzz10:08 14 Jul 15 by kadwa
grass allergy
I have been very interested in Homeopathy. I am v...
8betsysezzz10:00 14 Jul 15 by kadwa
Swollen in parotid glands
I am 30 years old men working in Germany with soft...
4khaledreza09:49 14 Jul 15 by kadwa
Gossypium herbaceum
please, i'd like to know if gossypium herbac...
1abcjoana08:01 14 Jul 15 by telescope
Blocked nose
I am 29 years I have blocked nose sometimes I feel...
9Dheeraj gupta 07:51 14 Jul 15 by telescope
thick fluid after Urine
Dear Dr, I am 30 year old. from Previous one week...
4friend8507:07 14 Jul 15 by friend85
A large Right ovarian cystic lesion
I am 20yrs old unmarried. I have got a right ovari... [LAST PAGE]
15Divya201506:12 14 Jul 15 by nawazkhan
weak eyes
Plz help me my eye sight is getting weaker...
1Usssama05:47 14 Jul 15 by telescope
Burning pain in right back ribcage, plus skin rashes.
Hello, since two months ago I have had a slight bu...
4Bondre05:24 14 Jul 15 by telescope
Asthama and suffering from premature ejaculation
Hi i have asthama, ( i have been takimg arsenic ...
1deep261203:51 14 Jul 15 by telescope
Remedy for dog losing hair
Can someone suggest a remedy to help dog stop shed...
5mc_palooza20:41 13 Jul 15 by fitness
acid reflux- restless sleep
Hi, My baby boy is 4 months old and he was diagn...
5mbordas20:40 13 Jul 15 by fitness
when should I stop taking homyipathy medicine
Hello everyone I started taking medicine Sulphur...
4deepeshmmm15:34 13 Jul 15 by deepeshmmm
Potentized Cortisone
Has anyone have any experience with this to remove...
0Joyner14:35 13 Jul 15 by
Hairloss from all over the body
Hi, I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism some 4...
3ali_ahmad14:02 13 Jul 15 by ali_ahmad
Epilepsy after brain surgery
My nephew is 29 yrs old...He had developed Rt vent...
8csouba13:42 13 Jul 15 by csouba
Premature Grey Hairs Problem
Hi, I am 28 years old male suffering from prema...
1mayankgates12:45 13 Jul 15 by mayankgates
burning uthera with irratating in foreskin
hello i am 32 year old male single I faced unbear... [LAST PAGE]
76Ritesh _Singh11:25 13 Jul 15 by nawazkhan
Best Borax potency for oral thrush? Need answer fast please!
I'm going to my local health supply store thi...
2Faolan08:21 13 Jul 15 by dpnctl
Somebody please reply,Took pulsatilla and ignatia together, please help.
Hi, I mistakenly took one dose of pulsatilla 200... [LAST PAGE]
26nobita07:14 13 Jul 15 by nobita
I suffering from lypoma last 03 years please sugge...
0ashfak06:36 13 Jul 15 by
stone in right kidney. please help!
0 replies Name: Asad Sex: Male Age: 23 years ...
9eddy9204:51 13 Jul 15 by Joe De Livera
stone in right kidney. please help!
Name: Asad Sex: Male Age: 23 years Weight: 58 k...
1eddy9204:37 13 Jul 15 by Joe De Livera
Nobody helping here. Plz anybody review my problem
I m 22 yr male. Indian boy. 2 yr ago everything is...
4Khalsaji02:22 13 Jul 15 by Khalsaji
Lycopodium new symptoms?
My homeopathic doctor prescribed me Lycopodium a... [LAST PAGE]
20Juju8301:27 13 Jul 15 by simone717
Money drops after Urine
I m 30 years old, my problem is after urine som...
0friend8501:24 13 Jul 15 by
Further Help Required from senior doctors Plz
respected DOCTOR, I follow draft of Treatment of ...
4Haris_Sohail01:23 13 Jul 15 by akshaymohl
excess hair on face and body
excuse me i have excess hair on body and face si...
1qadeer18:34 12 Jul 15 by fitness
urgent help needed for my major issue for my husband
Hi, I am 22 years old girl and marraied begore... [LAST PAGE]
16saisimran1993 17:55 12 Jul 15 by sabkamalik1
Chronic herpes 6 viral pharyngitis and new hot water throat burn
Hello!, I have a weak affect/immune system, som...
7taidan16:54 12 Jul 15 by taidan
Satish Pasrija
patient is very ambitious and want to rise in his ...
1Satish Pasrija15:01 12 Jul 15 by simone717
mental problems. please help
I have Social anxiety disorder,generalized anxiety...
5ricky000113:33 12 Jul 15 by ricky0001
Satish Pasrija
Patient is having swelling in legs. Heart problem ...
1Satish Pasrija12:12 12 Jul 15 by homeo_helper
urgent treatmnt need for HBV
plz send drug for eradication of hbsag ..that make...
1karamat06:54 12 Jul 15 by telescope
For Antivirus, help regarding mental case
I would like your help regarding my case. I will ...
9seroquel04:09 12 Jul 15 by simone717
Question about homeopathy during pregnancy
Hello all, just wanted to make sure that using the...
5alaskamom01:05 12 Jul 15 by telescope
Remedy quantity and suggestion
I want to start my treatment of , premature edacul...
0Sagar.jassal21:07 11 Jul 15 by
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