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Complimentary Medicines (Telescope, Nawazkhan)
Sirs, I need guidance on below: What are complimentary medicines? When are they used? W
cartoon123 2015-12-04
8   cartoon123 last year

My two year old has had a cough that is quite bothersome to all of us and worse at night (
caligirl 2015-12-09
6   telescope last year

cystitis, burning in urinary bladder & urethra
sir i have cystitis& burning inflammation in urinary bladder before passing urine and
khan12345 2015-11-12
7   khan12345 last year

absent menses
age 37 absent menses from 4 years

afeerairfan 2014-10-27
14   afeerairfan last year

Severe continuous hair fall, thinning hair. Which remedy; nat mur,sepia,lycopodium
I am a 33 year old female suffering from hair loss since a few years, I have tied taking v
kitkat123 2015-08-20
9   kitkat123 last year

Silent reflux
Hello- I have a two month old and he seems to be suffering from infant reflux. He is uncom
NewBaby 2015-10-21
2   Cmasters443 last year

nat phos 6x dose for 7 week old baby with acid reflu
Hi Joe. I just need some advice or suggestions on the dosage amount to administer nat phos
cbcj2014 2014-02-18
7   Cmasters443 last year

Seeking weight loss with homeopathy (telescope sir)
Sir telescope (dheeraj) As you suggested Im starting new post for weight loss for my wife
Manny0013 2015-12-09
no replies yet

Please take my case
I am 27 Year old male. I am married. I have problem related to sex. When i sex with my wif
Wiley1122 2015-12-09
2   radu_costache last year

Right ear clogged, sore finger joints, sore right eye – cold around waist and neck. Fear at 4 o'clock AM.
1. Age,sex,weight,country,occupation. 54, female, weight: 54, Sweden, teacher and transla
Moomin 2015-12-07
3   0antivirus0 last year

Dr.Reva please help
Dr.Reva, I have read your posts but I don't understand which draft to follow. There a

Jirvankar 2009-12-18
43   Engineer arif last year

suffering from balanitis
Iam male 30yrs,,,married for 2yrs and no kids yet, now..recently i have diagnosed with BA
sickpatient 2012-10-25
4   jake0047 last year

Balanitis and UTI. Male mid-40s
Would appreciate help please. I got balanitis last year. Have shown several dr, dermatolo
ricnish 2012-02-27
5   jake0047 last year

To dr.Telescope
He needs to think positive.
LovePeace 2015-11-11
10   LovePeace last year

Buzzing sound in ear
Patient Male 28yrs Am hearing buzzing sound in my right ear from past 4 months. Had seve
Kumar9973 2015-12-07
2   Kumar9973 last year

Macular Degeneration
My 82 year old mother has macular degenration in both eyes. Both are now dry. The condit

cjs2133 2015-09-04
22   cjs2133 last year

Any homeopathic remedies for long-sightedness
I went to the doctor and he prescribed glasses for my eyes due to long sightedness. I have
dwest2419 2015-12-08
4   dwest2419 last year

Dr. Showrav please help......unwanted facial hair
My wife who is 29 years old female needs your kind attention. She has very thin unwanted f
healing_soul 2012-11-27
12   maklina18 last year

Is it safe to use GHR 41 during pregnency
My wife is 26 years old and use time to time GHR 41 for her headache but now she is pregne
Muhammad Anas 2015-12-08
no replies yet

Mildly autistic child 3 1/2, speech delays
Hello experts, Please kindly help, I have a son who is around 3 1/2 years. He has alwa
suns2020 2015-12-07
2   suns2020 last year

Allergy from dust sneezing, running nose 365 days in the year
Allergy from dust sneezing, running nose 365 days in the year Hi, I am 26 years old mal
johnny rao 2015-11-28
4   johnny rao last year

Chronic Gastritis and Heartburn. Need help of some experienced Doctors.
I am having chronic heartburn from last 3 years.. Every time whatever i eat i get burning
rukhshan 2015-12-05
6   sabkamalik1 last year

Election issues and premature ejaculation
Hi, my name is rakesh and I am 33 years of age. My height is 5 ft 7 inches. Nowadays I don
pnis5710 2015-12-06
2   sabkamalik1 last year

Sexual Problem
I think my penish is small (32 years). I wanted to strength for run smooth marriage life.
sajahan_chowdhury 2015-12-08
1   sabkamalik1 last year

anxiety and stress and pounding heart
Recently a family member was dignosed with a very serious illness and is now about to go f
reba111 2015-12-07
1   nawazkhan last year

Sir Mon here..
I ahve problem of chocolate cyst in both ovaries right and left..of size 5 and 4cm respect
falah 2015-12-03
9   nawazkhan last year

attention: administrator of the forum
Sir, Members are not getting intimation emails since about last three weeks. Members lik
cartoon123 2015-12-08
no replies yet

Coffee Smell in Office antidotes my remedy
I am a firm believer in homeopathy. My homeopath gave me nux vomica . It did great work fo

cartoon123 2015-06-08
61   cartoon123 last year

is there a remedy that antidotes all remedies?
like a master antidote? thanks, Brian
brianMP 2015-12-08
2   yogiram last year

pl. clarify - nixocid syrup - using diabatic patients
is Nixocid syrup sugar free. My uncle is using the syrup for gastric and indigestion, who
ujv108 2015-12-08
no replies yet

Left Upper Eyelid- Ptosis
Hi about 13 years ago a doctor accidentally tore my eyelid muscle while trying to remove s

glodivina 2015-04-14
16   glodivina last year

right l4-5 pivd
A 66 yrs male. He is suffering severe right leg pain. Aggravating during walking. Better
jilesh tank 2015-12-07
no replies yet

right l4-5 pivd
A 66 yrs male. He is suffering severe right leg pain. Aggravating during walking. Better
jilesh tank 2015-12-07
no replies yet

Anybody Knows Where is Rishimba
If anybody knows where is Rishimba. He has not been at this forum since 26/11/2015.
cartoon123 2015-12-07
2   rishimba last year

Tumor size increased after taking medicine
Hello doctors. I have a small tumor on my neck (left side) without any pain. From differen
Khurshid23 2015-09-14
12   Khurshid23 last year

Lower Abdomen Pain/ Pelvis Pain/ Mild Anus pain ( Possible Prostate Issue)
So i am 27 (Unmarried), 3 years ago i had a slight case of non-bacterial prostatitis. No
uzair1998 2015-10-16
4   uzair1998 last year

is Nixocid syrup sugar free. My uncle is using the syrup for gastric and indigestion, who
ujv108 2015-12-07
no replies yet

Age 59, BP90/150 ,sugar level 110 fasting, 160 random, creatinine 3.7 heart bypass urine c
mna sethee 2015-12-04
1   kadwa last year

cardialgia with pain radiating to left arm finger
Please let me know some remedies related to Acid Reflex, GERD, cardialgia (or pain left hy
dhundhun 2015-12-06
1   0antivirus0 last year

Polycystic ovarian syndrome Urgent help needed. Profuse hairfall. Re: Dr. Dinesh / Dr. Reshamma
Greeting Drs. I am a 27 yr old female suffering from PCOS since 2011, when I was diagnosed

curiousseeker 2015-11-07
17   curiousseeker last year

Moon. i have fast groing grey hair.kindly suggest any remedy for it.
i have fast growing grey hair.kindly suggest any remedy for it
falah 2015-12-03
1   falah last year

Got homosexual feelings at age of 28 years- can someone advice me for any homeopathic cure on this
I am in high grief & depression. My age is 30.now. I was a normal male till 28 years

akkish 2015-09-13
75   mani_jee last year

3.5 year cronic cough morning rissing
Hi, following a laringits treated homeopatically more than 2 months ago my daughter remai
bayard 2015-12-05
2   mnaari last year

Chamomile is not working..for anger
dear friends, my husband was nearly for 2 months taking chamomile 30ch but is not working.

fresa 2015-12-01
22   mnaari last year

inquiry about medicines my doctor gave me
what are these medications are for 1.hep 1lm 10ml 2.hep 1m 5gr 3.sulf 3lm 10ml 4.sulfur 1m
Ehudso 2015-12-06
no replies yet

GERD problem with asthama
Dear Doctors, I am 29 years male patient.I have chronic asthama problem with GERD. Someti
mounish 2015-12-06
1   Mahfoozurrehman last year

potency of phosphoric acid
my wife has been suffering from hypothyroidism for the past five years. many homeopaths tr
pcthahir 2015-12-05
1   Mahfoozurrehman last year

skin reaction after allopathic drugs
my five year old daughter was treated for acute bronchitis by allopaths using oral antibio
pcthahir 2015-12-06
1   mnaari last year

Results of Excessive Masturbation
Hi Sir, I am Nadir from Pakistan. My age is 23 years and my weight is 59 Kg. I have done
The Thinker 2015-12-06
1   mnaari last year

Problem with Allergy
Dear Doctors My Mom is having a skin problem on her legs. Her age is 49. Height around 5&
Soumick Basak 2015-12-04
1   Soumick Basak last year

Dr.Akshaymohl please help me.
I have anxiety disorders like anxiety, excess fear, tension, depression, over thinking, ra

looser1991 2015-09-02
62   akshaymohl last year

Dr Nawaz ..pl help ..Fissure... My life is miserable
Dear Doctor, I have been suffering from this problem for last 5 years and have tried all

snc123 2015-07-26
86   nawazkhan last year

Ear Infection
Sir, I have ear infection inside on the ear wall . Now I use Ear drops (Antibiotics Drops
dassanjay44 2015-12-05
1   radu_costache last year

left ovarian cyst
Hi i am suffering from left ovarian cyst since 4 yrs n the size is 3.1*3.2*3.4 n i have sc

Priya93 2015-09-03
22   nawazkhan last year

my medical details
I have sent my details as per your 24 questions. please let me know my details. thanks aru
arumugham 2015-12-05
no replies yet

Any doctor please help joint pain , sinus and sleep problem
i am 35 male , height 5.5 , weight 72 . My problem is - 1. since past 8 years I have sle
karan100 2015-12-04
3   sabkamalik1 last year

Kidney Stone
Assalam o Alaikum i had an ultrasound, and it diagnosed a stone in left kidney. most of ti

Firdoux 2015-08-26
41   0antivirus0 last year

Expert help needed please
Age 26 yrs old sex male weight 60 kg height 5'8" i started masturbation when i
Ithui 2015-12-04
1   Ithui last year

Swollen nodules on right side of neck
respected Doctors I am male, 50 years old in August 2010. Height 5' 6', weight
I.H Mughal 2010-07-14
8   I.H Mughal last year

Recurrent UTI please help
I am 24 year female. I have a histrory of UTI since 2012. for past one year it had not ocu
prachi21 2015-12-04
1   mnaari last year

dandruff / seborrheic eczema
hello, I have for more than 10 years mild dandruff.It mainly covers the hair line, temple

bayard 2015-10-21
19   bayard last year

I am vijay from india.. age 25 male.. I suffered hypothrodism disease.. My tsh level 16 in
vijaymagaji23 2015-11-14
11   akshaymohl last year

weakness in old age (59 years) after antibiotic medicine treatment of anal fissure
Dear Doctors recently my father has gone through allopathic antibiotic medicine treatment
ankit111 2015-12-02
3   telescope last year

masturbation from childhood and now too at the age of 20years
Sir I have been doing masturbation from childhood. I had the habit from childhood from nur
sagarsanchita 2015-10-31
5   sagarsanchita last year

Second Trimester miscarriages
Dear Team, One of my friend suggested to use homeopathic medicine 'Caul Q' for s
Trieyaivia 2015-12-04
no replies yet

I can not open my mouth properly due to chewing gutkha plz help me.
only one finger insert my mouth...as your website saw i take some homeopathic medicine 1.b
arvind1505 2015-12-02
3   arvind1505 last year

Doc, I am a 50 yr old lady from India. I have met many homeo docs and one doc's medic
mayfairy 2015-12-01
5   nawazkhan last year

medicine consumption issue
I opened medicine with hands and liquid touched my hand. Second time i drank medicine in
cartoon123 2015-12-03
3   nawazkhan last year

Need Hemopathic Medicine for Weight Loss & also needs to cure myself from male boobs disease
Hi Doc, I am 23 Year old from India and my weight is 125kg right and also suffering from
om3171991 2015-12-04
no replies yet

Aurum met 200
Doc. Kindly tell how much dosage should one get of Aurum met 200 for depression ,anxiety,l
falah 2015-12-04
2   falah last year

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