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3 years old congestion?
My son has been congested for a few days. He just had a stomach bug we got rid of with hom

bluesky77 2016-06-13
76   John Stanton 2 years ago

Spayed Kitten
My 8 months kittens has been spayed yesterday, any fast healing remedies for curing incisi
yoga2000 2016-06-17
8   John Stanton 2 years ago

for dr mohla
My sister aged 42yrs have mental retardation since childhood during an eye check up which
rashid.af 2016-06-19
1   rashid.af 2 years ago

eyes iop
Sir, the IOP of my left eye has fallen as a result my vision is blurring. I have had retin
Summy Agrawal 2016-06-18
3   John Stanton 2 years ago

For Dr. Kadwa
I am sorry but my finger sent my post off before completing. I hope you will be able to r
Hahneman2 2016-06-19
1   John Stanton 2 years ago

post on 6/19/2016 - for dr. kadwa
I did 2 posts on 6/19/16? Does anyone know why it has disappeared off the list (it was th
Hahneman2 2016-06-20
no replies yet

piles itching & uneasyness
Sir, Last few days I am suffering from pilesitching and also uneasiness and gas & aci
dmitra59 2016-06-20
1   nawazkhan 2 years ago

Indigestion acidity - vagus nerve
Hello I am suffering from acidity indigestion anxiety palpitations nervousness giddiness l
Panudh 2016-06-17
6   nawazkhan 2 years ago

Chronic sinus, for dr Nawaz Khan
Reference to your emails, yes, he can be helped. But, the following additional informati
Rolls_s 2016-06-19
3   nawazkhan 2 years ago

F**k ds homeopayhy
I visited at dr batras 15dsys back for acne , they give dome capsules, they charge lots of
Shatufn 2016-06-19
2   sabkamalik1 2 years ago

low sperm count
my age is 31 . I am taking allopathic medicine since 1 year , but still my sperm count is
mohit24885 2016-06-16
3   mohit24885 2 years ago

Acute sinusitis after nose job
I have acute sinusitis.it developed after I had a nose job. My face swells up really bad,
Kanza 2016-05-31
7   homeo_helper 2 years ago

left neck swollen
mAJOR problem: left neck swollen 1 year.AND ITS APPEAR AT ONCE. coldness feel in head n
shahzad1 2016-05-04
7   shahzad1 2 years ago

HSV2 Treatment Plan?
Hoping to find a way to eradicate this! Any help you can provide would be wonderful. Sex:
misspoco 2016-06-20
1   anuj srivastava 2 years ago

hospital psychosis/sundowner syndrome
My (elderly) folks have problems when they are in the hospital after a surgical procedure.
LisaT 2010-12-12
2   ruth45 2 years ago

i want to learn homeopathy
Hi I am a student of biomedical engg. From Kolkata since I have already completed my gradu
rashid.af 2014-10-19
10   John Stanton 2 years ago

Psoriasis in groin area
Hello. I am 22 years of age, male. I had psoriasis in the groin area about a year ago. Aft
Srood 2016-06-18
3   fitness 2 years ago

60yrs/right side paralyzed due to brain hamrage
Can any1 suggest anything for a patient paralyzed due to brain hamrage? Paralysis is on th
Gaurav504 2016-06-18
2   ChristinaMu 2 years ago

I am suffering from IBS last 25 years. Too much gas on left lower abdomen, noise, cramping
baruactg 2016-06-14
8   John Stanton 2 years ago

Completely exhausted after 2-3 days of exercise
Sir, I was in habit of chronic masturbation. But 1 year has elapsed since i have stopped

Ayush1 2016-06-05
33   John Stanton 2 years ago

I have floaters in my left eye which moves left to right and from up to down on moving the
Amit1683 2016-06-17
5   John Stanton 2 years ago

Not able to heal again Dr mohl Dr deoshlok kadwa any homeopath
I had felt miracle effect after taking baryta carb for low confidence. Took different reme
Aks000 2016-06-17
1   Aks000 2 years ago

Sir,1. Age. 272. Male 3. Single4. weight. 64 kg.5. Height. 5 feet 6 inch6. c

riyazahmad5 2016-05-25
14   riyazahmad5 2 years ago

bleeding piles, intestinal gas, sleepless ness
Dear sir, I am 32 year female. following are my problem. Bleeding piles bowel is not prop

gudiya123 2015-08-17
93   gudiya123 2 years ago

Madhav_D 2016-06-19
no replies yet

Peptic Ulcer
I am providing below the symptoms, which I feel are matching the patient with Peptic Ulcer
Jitendra1960 2016-06-18
1   fitness 2 years ago

Sir, I am male 59yrs.from 2006. Suffering from spondylosis.lefthand and fingers haveles
skd50 2016-06-18
1   fitness 2 years ago

alopecia areata
I had alopecia areata since 14 that after, white hair grew instead. I went to an homeopath
jill o 2016-06-06
8   jill o 2 years ago

Burning tongue syndrome
Hi. A 70 year old woman has suffered from burning tongue syndrome for years. It feels like
Leah 2016-06-18
1   John Stanton 2 years ago

Burning tongue syndrome
Hi. Sorry for duplicate post. I didn't think first went through.
Leah 2016-06-18
1   John Stanton 2 years ago

Can any doctor share their successful treatment link?
I have read so many posts. But nobody was cured by anyone. I did not read all the posts in
agriz 2016-06-18
2   John Stanton 2 years ago

Acidity indigestion - vagus nerve
Acidity indigestion anxiety palpitations nervousness giddiness loss of appetite loss of we
Panudh 2016-06-18
1   nawazkhan 2 years ago

Acne, lethargy, dizziness,vaginal discharge
I am a 30 year old woman. I have been suffering from extream weakness,dizziness, acne and
Kanza 2016-04-07
3   Kanza 2 years ago

2 years old girl afraid from sounds - Dr. Kadwa
My 2 years old daughter afraid from high pitch sounds and darkness since long. She also af

fizspace 2016-04-07
13   fizspace 2 years ago

Hair loss! which remedy?? pls help
Im a 23 year old female who has been losing hair drastically for the past 2 years. I ignor

starlet 2004-11-07
48   Aishwarya1 2 years ago

Fibromyalgia? Peripheral neuropathy
y friend is a 46 year old male with severe achy generalized pain in legs, hands, feet, bac
Leah 2016-06-18
1   anuj srivastava 2 years ago

Teeth sensitive after filling.Please Help!
I am experiencing severe sensitivity in Central Incisor Teeth after I had done cavity fill
samyadav 2016-06-17
2   anuj srivastava 2 years ago

restlessness genital syndrome/ persistance genital arosal syndrome
I m suffering a disease ...name : restlessness genital syndrome or persistance genital aro
power40 2016-05-23
10   anuj srivastava 2 years ago

Red colour moles type boils are coming on the body
Red colour moles type boils are coming on my body for the last 3 to 4 years. They do not
gpa8150 2007-11-02
3   Chariklo 2 years ago

potency for post herpetic pain due to zoster virus
Dear Medics, Something people hate from homeopathy is to carry several bottles with you i

renu92101 2016-06-17
25   renu92101 2 years ago

Seeking Classic Homeopath
I'm looking to get an assessment for constitutional remedy. Due to religious beliefs

rom109 2016-06-13
42   alaskamom 2 years ago

Dog that's Bad With Kids
I'm on the fence as far as just finding my dog a new home or dealing with her until m
rom109 2016-06-17
3   John Stanton 2 years ago

Enquiry(Rishimba kadwa Evacuationer)
Sir can anyone tell me how long a 30 potency be given to a patient assuming that the remed
gopal18 2016-06-17
2   gopal18 2 years ago

Ruta G overdose....Plz Help!!!
I was prescribed 4 pills of Ruta G 200 every 3 days....While taking my first dose I accid
phoenix751 2016-06-17
11   John Stanton 2 years ago

digestion problem
Hello, my problem is that i have probleme in digesting wheat. When i eat wheat i feel disc

Nitin Kumar 2014-03-21
19   John Stanton 2 years ago

cat with fungal sinusitis
13 year old Tonkinese cat, spayed female. She has developed a chronic blocked nose, no dis
JenK39 2016-06-17
1   John Stanton 2 years ago

Tobacco and alcohol addiction
Sir I m chewing tobacco in regularly 7 times in per day 8 years and use alcohol in at nigh
srajasekaran 2016-06-17
1   John Stanton 2 years ago

Please help! Extremely itchy and redness
My leg becomes extremely itchy and redness after I have applied undiluted rhus tox tinctur
Gloria1 2016-06-16
7   John Stanton 2 years ago

mastubration and depression of 18 yrs boy
Atten: R Akshay mohal, My son is 18 years old and is doing mastubration for last 4 years
madhuri2 2016-06-16
4   John Stanton 2 years ago

Hepar Sulph Overuse?
I took Hepar Sulph about a month ago at 30c for sinusitis but took for about 3 days longer
greyhawk 2016-06-15
3   John Stanton 2 years ago

Gout problem to TB patient
Female is 30 years old. Pulmonology TB treatment is going on. And its 2 & half months.
vidhaan 2016-06-01
11   vidhaan 2 years ago

drooping eyelid
i am 28 years old female. i have drooping eyelid problem in my right upper eyelid.i have b

annu85 2007-10-25
13   lorein0688 2 years ago

for dr kadwa
Sir pls reply on this forum. http://www.abchomeopathy.com/forum2.php/512111/
Ayush1 2016-06-17
no replies yet

Sir, As advised by Dr. Uday Kumar I am taking Bryonia 30 and Antim Tart 30 (if and when n
Sunnyahmed 2016-06-11
7   Sunnyahmed 2 years ago

Celiac disease
I am suffering from gluten intolerance and on gluten free diet. Is homeopathy can cure thi
Nitin Kumar 2016-06-15
5   fitness 2 years ago

Regarding dose
Hi Please clear me about wet dose & split dose . How will I prepare it ?
Subhadia 2016-06-16
2   John Stanton 2 years ago

Low motility treatment
Dear Mr/Mrs, I am suffering from low motility. I am married last 2 years till no baby, I
Kifar 2016-06-15
5   anuj srivastava 2 years ago

Sciatia pain-severe
My fiancee has had some sever sciatica pain down his left leg for close to a year now and
bblaedow 2016-06-09
6   nawazkhan 2 years ago

Muscular pain in upper back and shoulders afetr heart bypass operation
I had a triple bypasMuscular pain in upper back and shoulderss graft over 5 years ago and
gerryo 2016-06-16
1   deoshlok 2 years ago

Burning sensation in throat when i take any homeopathic medicine
I have burning sensation in my throat on the side of the liver on the day i take any medic
Ayush1 2016-06-09
4   Ayush1 2 years ago

Medical_Student 2014-07-30
14   madhuri2 2 years ago

Low libido level
Hi, I am a 44 year male, unmarried and not sexually active. Tall, no bad habits and a veg
frequrination 2016-06-16
1   kadwa 2 years ago

Corneal occlusion
Hi, Hoping someone could provide some guidance on a potential remedy that may help. I had
smitty1 2016-05-01
8   kadwa 2 years ago

Hyperthyroid with Grave Disease Heat Intolerant
Dear Sir, Iam 38yrs old male.. Iam suffering from Hyperthyroid with Diplopia taking Neo
masajith 2016-06-12
4   kadwa 2 years ago

genital herpes
Dear Doctors, I have been diagnosed with herpes. it was located around my anus. I did not
watermelon1 2016-06-15
3   handlehard 2 years ago

Need help son has been diagnosed with vernal keratoconjunctivitis
Hi, My son who is aged 2 yrs and 10 months, has been suffering from one eye problem after
shalsjbp 2008-07-03
6   Bamby 2 years ago

multiple problems
I m 26 years old. Stated masturbation at the age of 14 about 20 times per month. Now im su
rizwansaleem43 2016-06-04
5   rizwansaleem43 2 years ago

Sexual PRoblem
Dear SIr, I have to try hard to get an erection and after achieving it i am unable to mai
abhishek0808 2016-06-14
1   rizwansaleem43 2 years ago

Lower back and left legs paining
My age is 35 , befor 6 month i feel pain on lower back and left legs when wake up morning

Zaheertech 2015-06-24
63   Zaheertech 2 years ago

Hahnemann Homeopath ??
Can someone please take over my thread? http://www.abchomeopathy.com/forum2.php/512435/
rom109 2016-06-15
1   rom109 2 years ago

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