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Information given in this forum is given by way of exchange of views only. It is not to be treated as a medical diagnosis, and should not be used as a substitute for seeing a qualified homeopath or physician. In most cases, advice posted here is not given by a medical expert.

If symptoms persist, consult a medical professional.

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scabies and psorinum dosage?
Hello I've had scabies for 5 months now and i...
0jx12304:35 13 Jun 15 by
Dear Doctor , I will appreciate if you kindly gu...
9davendrak01:13 13 Jun 15 by davendrak
Wart or dpn?
When I went to homeopathy doctor he said it was wa...
0Abhere22:14 12 Jun 15 by
Simone717 Or anyone available please
Hello again! I write to you here to request help f...
2Nataliesammi21:42 12 Jun 15 by Nataliesammi
helo dr help me
Dr my wife is pregnant around 5 months , Dr has ad...
0raj2420:45 12 Jun 15 by
trigeminal neuralgia
I have been in severe pain on the left side. Sensi...
5calwill19:59 12 Jun 15 by calwill
scalp itching
Scalp Itching only at night since a few months; M...
6davendrak16:57 12 Jun 15 by simone717
congenital afibirogenemia
Hello joe sir , i wanted to ask wat is the proper ...
0zohaan khan16:17 12 Jun 15 by
Chronic Urticaria (Doctors thought it was Crohn's)
1. Age,sex,weight,country,occupation. 17 years... [LAST PAGE]
13Jolyon15:20 12 Jun 15 by 0antivirus0
Please help... Chest Pain and Other Chronic Issues
Looking for some help with chest pain for the last...
9Withering32215:12 12 Jun 15 by 0antivirus0
Dr.Fitness-Need solution for my ED problem
All the people should be careful before trying to ... [LAST PAGE]
58BMTY123413:46 12 Jun 15 by BMTY1234
Congested baby and ongoing sleep problems
I guess my post is really two fold. My 7 1/2 mont... [LAST PAGE]
71RenaLittauer12:15 12 Jun 15 by tulika22

[message deleted by BMTY1234 on Sat, 13 Jun 20...
0BMTY123412:11 12 Jun 15 by
abdomen worm

[message deleted by 123maria on Fri, 12 Feb 20...
1123maria09:17 12 Jun 15 by rishimba
Vaginal dryness
Hi doctor, im lavanya age 23, wgt 82 bp normal im...
1lavanya Rajagopal08:08 12 Jun 15 by Parakletos
hyper pigmentation on face and neck and arms
I am 21 yrs old and a female. It has been 4 years,...
3divya938806:48 12 Jun 15 by rishimba
10 month old refusing all food
We have a 10 month old(7 and a half months old adj...
1Twobabygirls05:45 12 Jun 15 by telescope
3 year and 4 months - Adenoid problem
Hello Rishimba, My Son is 3 year and 4 months o...
11kranupam04:09 12 Jun 15 by kranupam
Dogs seizures grand mal
I posted earlier regarding my dogs seizures and th...
0sydney15401:08 12 Jun 15 by
high bp
My BP use to be 130-136/92-96 and I started taking...
5rad7523:20 11 Jun 15 by nawazkhan
Possible Unintentional Proving of Cenchris 1M
Hello Everyone, On 6 May 2015 a homeopathy gave m...
5Withering32219:26 11 Jun 15 by Withering322
Sulph. & Caust. can be took together?
Can I take Sulph . & Caust . together? for v...
4aguy12317:32 11 Jun 15 by simone717
[grid]67340 67345 71888[/grid]
1vinay Sharma 200617:20 11 Jun 15 by simone717
Need Urgent Help & Advice
I am 29 years single guy. Facing such issues. 1...
2DO DO17:17 11 Jun 15 by simone717
need help regarding masturbation
hi Simone i consulted u abt my masturbation habit ...
2rohitdr14:18 11 Jun 15 by rohitdr
Attn: Kadwa/Rishimba: Suffering from Acanthosis Nigricans on Forehead
Hello, Need your kind help in resolving the Iss...
1parshuram13:07 11 Jun 15 by parshuram
My wife (41 yrs) weight 70 kg is dibetic. Please s...
1babu_0413:05 11 Jun 15 by 0antivirus0
khalil khan
Hi i am 24 year i have a sexual weakness...
0khalil khan11:19 11 Jun 15 by
khalil khan
Hi i am 24 year i have a sexual weaknesses...
0khalil khan11:19 11 Jun 15 by
Scalp yellow pustules acne
I am a July born guy 27 years old male PROBLEM ...
3netwiz8710:30 11 Jun 15 by 0antivirus0
Hot/Red /Itchy Scalp and Hair Loss
Newbie here...found this site due to becoming so v...
3H300010:21 11 Jun 15 by rishimba
numbness of fingers
dr. kadw ji, my wife is diabetic since 19 ...
10suba ram08:03 11 Jun 15 by suba ram
Scalp Pustules/pimples
I am a guy 27 years old PROBLEM Acne on the ...
8netwiz8706:46 11 Jun 15 by homeo_helper
Glutaric aciduria1 & Dystonia
Hello, i am gautam my 8month son is suffering from...
1Gautam jain02:07 11 Jun 15 by 0antivirus0
remedy of hypothyroid
i am 47 y male my t3 t4 normal but tsh is 15.29 do...
1shammu02:05 11 Jun 15 by 0antivirus0
Respected dr, I am 22 years old and i am sufferin... [LAST PAGE]
186shikha verma 01:54 11 Jun 15 by 0antivirus0
constipation piles skin problems
good evening sir about myself- my name is prakas...
1prakash21:23 10 Jun 15 by fitness
Carotid artery blockage-is there a way to thin or break up the plaque?
Due to blockage in the carotid artery(2.5 level),...
1leela.mk21:22 10 Jun 15 by fitness
Life after Birth Control
After being on the birth control pill for 6 years ... [LAST PAGE]
106rom10917:48 10 Jun 15 by rom109
Frozen shoulder - right
a patient was suffering frozen right shoulder for ...
12senthilkumar15:08 10 Jun 15 by simone717
pilodinal sinus
Hi My son is 15 years old. He has having pilodin...
1chengdu14:52 10 Jun 15 by nawazkhan
Alopecia Barbae Issue (moustache)
Hi, I am having Alopecia on the moustache ar...
2mp878710:28 10 Jun 15 by mp8787
Dark Lines at both side of Penis
I have multiple dark Lines on both side of the pen...
1vcpkamalraj06:42 10 Jun 15 by kadwa
Over masturbation
I am suffering from night falls , testical pain an...
1Sagar.jassal06:39 10 Jun 15 by kadwa
overdose of rhus tox 200 and pulsatilla 200 for chicken pox
I have got my first chicken pox boil on saturday...
1subina06:26 10 Jun 15 by kadwa
Kidney Disorders
Though a naturopath myself ,am controlling my pred...
1kumar505:56 10 Jun 15 by Nikkie
Swelling in left vocal cord
My son 9 years is having hoarse voice and have bee...
2DeepRastogi03:19 10 Jun 15 by DeepRastogi
evocationer, please read my case
ear evocationer : i have been dealing with thi... [LAST PAGE]
75love and peace00:30 10 Jun 15 by simone717
Egg Retrieval homeopathic support
Hello, In a few days I will be undergoing hormo...
3sulisa21:42 09 Jun 15 by fitness
I want to share a recent experience with a patient...
3tahoejohn15:28 09 Jun 15 by fitness
For Dr. Kadwa Only
Hi Doc, Lycopodium affect greatly as per ur p...
2aguy12306:13 09 Jun 15 by aguy123
cold with headache
i am suffering from cold with sickness, headache, ... [LAST PAGE]
58bikramdutta84505:35 09 Jun 15 by bikramdutta845
18 month old with whooping cough
Hello all, My 18 month old daughter was recently ...
2Homeopathic Newbie03:05 09 Jun 15 by simone717
Chronic Sinusitis
Personal: I am 46 year old male, lives in Califor... [LAST PAGE]
18uspeed02:52 09 Jun 15 by 0antivirus0
nux vomica lm 1
I took Nux Vomica LM 1 for impotency. Method...
4cartoon12320:51 08 Jun 15 by cartoon123
(Dr. Evocationer only) Chronic Urinary disorder
Dr. David , Request you to please take a look at ... [LAST PAGE]
190bk12318:19 08 Jun 15 by bk123
Belladona dose
So I did the symptom tracker to see which homeopat...
1Homeopathic Newbie16:11 08 Jun 15 by simone717
Tinnitus Patient - For Gaintrox
I am 38 years old suffering from disturbing tinni...
2approacher13:26 08 Jun 15 by gaintrox
pain in ovaries
Hi, Here are my details : -Female,32 yrs,105kg ,... [LAST PAGE]
14shubhas10:41 08 Jun 15 by nawazkhan
Blood too thick
I just had a blood test and the result is that my ... [LAST PAGE]
36Snowyday09:21 08 Jun 15 by 0antivirus0
sex time issue and ed
My age is 26 years. i was been married 6 months. m...
2abdurrahman198806:17 08 Jun 15 by simone717
I am 25 yrs. old and suffering from myopia (-2.5) ...
4abyduva06:14 08 Jun 15 by abyduva
Tinnitus Patuient - II
I am 38 years old suffering from disturbing tinni...
2approacher04:24 08 Jun 15 by approacher
Question regarding potency
Could anyone tell me (or point me in the direction...
1wyatt41504:03 08 Jun 15 by telescope
Attn:Evocationer. Help needed pls with sleepless, teething 7m baby
Do you have a different questionnaire for babies t... [LAST PAGE]
124JMalik00:44 08 Jun 15 by JMalik
My 4.7 year son is affected with worms
His history is available in the previous posts of ...
6Piyabhattacharya18:13 07 Jun 15 by rishimba
Horse with uveitis
Hello, I hope someone can help me with my horse wh...
1Bondre16:22 07 Jun 15 by fitness
Attention : Evocationer
I have posted one thread for seeking advice from E...
1sundara_8115:59 07 Jun 15 by simone717
urethra soreness just inside the penis glans
i am 24, msc student. i have been masturbating si...
1SUBHAJIT15:56 07 Jun 15 by SUBHAJIT
Remedy for anger in 11 year old.
Attention Dr. Evocationer, I am looking for rem...
5sundara_8115:55 07 Jun 15 by rishimba
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