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Information given in this forum is given by way of exchange of views only. It is not to be treated as a medical diagnosis, and should not be used as a substitute for seeing a qualified homeopath or physician. In most cases, advice posted here is not given by a medical expert.

If symptoms persist, consult a medical professional.

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TopicPostsStarted byLast Post
Large adenoids and tonsillitis with frequent cou
Dear Dr . My son is 4yr and 8 month old and is hig...
4Sharma_as0805:12 06 May 15 by Zady101
ent problem
Dear, I am suffering from nasal block and i lo...
5jaimeng03:03 06 May 15 by 0antivirus0
Remedy for a torn meniscus
My Mom has a torn meniscus in her knee and is in a...
1aprilm02:56 06 May 15 by telescope
Urgent- Possibly need antidote
Hello, my homeopath prescribed me Pulsatilla Nigr...
1olivvyxo00:41 06 May 15 by telescope
homeopathic alcohol dilution
Hello I wanted to know which type of liquid dil...
3raavi_zc17:13 05 May 15 by simone717
Tooth abscess leading to a root canal but the abscess still continues!
Hallo! I would like to ask you what to do, concer...
1SirVidya16:55 05 May 15 by fitness
Nephrotic syndrome
HI there, My Daughter (3.5 yrs old) is sufferin... [LAST PAGE]
40raj_Delhi16:36 05 May 15 by raj_Delhi
Homeo Detox Help Required
I am 27 years old male. I have lingered on this fo... [LAST PAGE]
26awaisnaz16:31 05 May 15 by gaintrox
rheumatoid arthritis
a woman of 50 yrs old suffering from RA since 7 ye...
1sivasakthi05:49 05 May 15 by gaintrox
Dog Degenerative Bone Disease
Too Kadwa My Rat Terrier/Chiwawa developed deg... [LAST PAGE]
18cjsva03:49 05 May 15 by simone717
Curing inguinal harnia through homeopathy
Kindly advise if Inguinal Harnia can be cured thro...
5anujsinha4u03:14 05 May 15 by telescope
Treatmet of Harnia through Homeopathy
Kindly advise if Harnia can be treated through Hom...
6anujsinha4u03:09 05 May 15 by lal_anar
Case for Evocationer. Sores and Paranoia -classic homeopath opinion.
I would like help finding constitutional treatment... [LAST PAGE]
14NathanRay00:43 05 May 15 by NathanRay
for all the docotrs
a question to all the doctors is there a way to...
2123kid22:26 04 May 15 by 123kid
migranes usubg arncia q?
hello everyone i have been using joepathy arni...
3123kid22:05 04 May 15 by simone717
Guttate Psoraisis triggered by Stalph Infection
I have been struggling with guttate psoraisis for ...
1DP18:11 04 May 15 by rishimba
Dr Kadwa plz see ( Meniscus Tear, Meniscus Cyst & Bakers Cyst in Knee) 48 Female
I am 48 year old female. 51KG weight. 5' 4&qu...
2LethaK17:48 04 May 15 by LethaK
Chronic Infection, Rotten Skin after Injection
About two and a half months ago after lunch my fat...
3rockerhell15:50 04 May 15 by fitness
hi, i have been diagnosed with Cholesteatoma - a ... [LAST PAGE]
24deepon15:01 04 May 15 by deepon
Incomplete evacuation
hi, for the past sort of 9 months, i ve had this ...
3vyas_dixit13:46 04 May 15 by 0antivirus0
Chest problem
I'm 18years old. my chest like as a breast so...
6Noor Mohammad13:41 04 May 15 by fitness
Dr MOHLA please continue my treatment.
Dear sir,please continue my treatment. I had trie... [LAST PAGE]
64mentalstress12:27 04 May 15 by mentalstress
lack of desire
Dear Doctor, I am a 60 year old male. For the... [LAST PAGE]
78aEdward11:00 04 May 15 by kadwa
Lower Abdominal Pain on Right side since 3 years
Hi, I am 27 years old and suffering from lower ab...
4pankajgoyal1510:49 04 May 15 by pankajgoyal15
For Simone: Has evocationer left the forum?
Hi Simone, just wondering if you have any idea wh...
2bk12308:55 04 May 15 by bk123
Chronic diarrhea, no pain, comes and go.
Hello everyone, I'm a 24 years old man. ...
4rahman_hope07:22 04 May 15 by homeo_helper
My Current Remedy-Evocationer Pls suggest
Kindly share the link to form , that I need to fil... [LAST PAGE]
50HoneyKhanna06:58 04 May 15 by HoneyKhanna
regarding Errection
few things are troubling me and though to discuss ...
1praveen2010p02:15 04 May 15 by 0antivirus0
getting nightfall for last 6 yrs
sir, I Mario martis from goa, getting nightfall ...
1mario martis02:08 04 May 15 by 0antivirus0
Bronchopneumonia in 80yr old woman
My mother is 82. She has advanced stage Alzheimer&...
1elle2502:05 04 May 15 by 0antivirus0
Hair thinning-Dr. Please help
Hello, I am 39 year old women. For the past two y... [LAST PAGE]
17Simran2501:31 04 May 15 by homeodr
11 month old sleep issues
Greetings I am seeking help for my 11 month old da...
5AYoung22:57 03 May 15 by AYoung
FAO Dr evocationer
Hi Dr, I have been loosing hair for the past 7 ...
0123kid21:36 03 May 15 by
Pic-Ac Antidote?
I can't seem to find an antidote to Picricum...
0franion17:44 03 May 15 by
Hormonal imbalance - LH is less and Testosterone is high
Hi I am having hormonal imbalance and was prescri...
9Jayachitra12:33 03 May 15 by r arpitha
4 month old baby not pooping
MY four month old baby has not had a bowel movemen...
11jfgutfreund11:09 03 May 15 by Halleyleong
Att, Dr. Sabadra
Hi Dr Sabadra, I wanted to update you on my cond... [LAST PAGE]
17joedal06:44 03 May 15 by simone717
Writers cramps
I am 55 years now. Got the writing problem on righ...
2R waqar06:44 03 May 15 by R waqar
Lost desire from Nux Vomica?
Hey, This is my first post so bare with me plea...
1kay2525 01:06 03 May 15 by simone717
Thuja & Silicea dosage for pre/post pet vaccination?
I have a 16 week old puppy that has had zero vacci...
3Brianosaur20:32 02 May 15 by simone717
Chronic back pain/possible arthritis/chronic cough
My mother is 62.5 years old. She had lower back pr...
3op.201417:00 02 May 15 by rishimba
Irreversible or reversible pulpitis
I got filling on lower left back tooth (2nd from b...
3op.201416:53 02 May 15 by rishimba
Dr. prescribed me psorinum 200 for one day only..is it enough?
manish.. age 20+ male weight 55kg from last t...
1manish chakraborty15:48 02 May 15 by simone717
tooth decay in 3 1/2 year old boy
Dear Dr, My son , who is three and half years h... [LAST PAGE]
67venus074315:41 02 May 15 by simone717
Hello. What is the relationship between KALI- Hyd ...
3franion12:16 02 May 15 by franion
Excessive sweating underarm with very very bad smell and also excessive sweating on palms and feet
Hi, I have excessive sweating in feet, palms and u...
6npbharathi11:47 02 May 15 by npbharathi
Dose of a medicine
1Jamia09:57 02 May 15 by nawazkhan
Ataxia 3 year old, shaking, urgent.
Hello doctors, My niece is 2 years old and 10 m... [LAST PAGE]
16rahman_hope09:49 02 May 15 by rahman_hope
Message to Antivirus - Hypothyroid Female
Hi - I could not post, forbidden by moderator and ...
1Wizzo02:27 02 May 15 by 0antivirus0
Hi, I'm a 41 yr old female and found out that...
3Wizzo02:26 02 May 15 by 0antivirus0
Vagnosis - Need to know what remedies
Burning, stinging feeling at opening of vagina. Wh...
1Indigosky01:14 02 May 15 by nawazkhan
Possible aggravation or proving from belladona 30 and 200
Dear Uday, My sister had dry cough for which she ...
1maggarwa20:50 01 May 15 by simone717
ADHD symptoms and Chomamilla
My kid was showing the symptoms of ADHD . We su...
3sachinhyper20:41 01 May 15 by simone717
cyst in knees: Dr Kadwa plz see
Dear doctor One of my friend has cyst in his low... [LAST PAGE]
31ahila19:19 01 May 15 by LethaK
fitness cold acute
My mother has an acute cold. She's had a ling...
2bwill1318:53 01 May 15 by bwill13
Hi all, I'm a 34 year old male with ITP ,...
2paul1980be17:11 01 May 15 by paul1980be
premature ejaculation
My age 25 year old.my weight 68kgs.my Height 5...
1shail74315:23 01 May 15 by fitness
Hi Dr, am an addict of mastubation 4 d past 17yrs ...
1adinoyiben15:22 01 May 15 by fitness
eustachian tube problems or ototus media
My right ear feels clogged and there is clicking ...
2chhapolika14:30 01 May 15 by simone717
Poor appetite low weight
Hello, my 5 yo daughter with low weight birth wt w...
2sadmom13:39 01 May 15 by sadmom
Premature edjaculation

[message deleted by Manny0013 on Thu, 07 May 2...
2Manny001313:20 01 May 15 by Manny0013
Reactive Arthritis Auto-Immune Sero-negative
Patient ID: Sex: Age: On behalf of Purna/F/40 yrs ... [LAST PAGE]
21csouba08:48 01 May 15 by rishimba
Early hair greying
I have noticed that a strand of my hair has turned...
2baby308908:45 01 May 15 by BMTY1234
20 year old cat with heart murmur
Hi, was wondering if i could have some advice. ... [LAST PAGE]
134kirsty2808:40 01 May 15 by kirsty28
Hepatitis B
I have been suffering from Hepatitis B since 2003/...
1imran78708:05 01 May 15 by 0antivirus0
Breakouts on chin, lower jaw, bloating, constipation etc.
Hi there, Hoping you can help. For the past ...
6o_zell04:49 01 May 15 by 0antivirus0
HELP, no answers for my questions
I started a Thread named SULFUR on the first day...
5Edsol1203:40 01 May 15 by Edsol12
I have checked Sulfur' ;s properties and it s... [LAST PAGE]
45Edsol1223:15 30 Apr 15 by nawazkhan
Female low sex drive
Hi Dorcor, I am 31 years old working woman.I have...
3cpl.hothot20:37 30 Apr 15 by fitness
excessive nightfall from 3 months
I'm. 22 yr male suffering from nightfall from...
5akas0758 15:45 30 Apr 15 by simone717
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