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Information given in this forum is given by way of exchange of views only. It is not to be treated as a medical diagnosis, and should not be used as a substitute for seeing a qualified homeopath or physician. In most cases, advice posted here is not given by a medical expert.

If symptoms persist, consult a medical professional.

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TopicPostsStarted byLast Post
suffuring from psorisis
my wife 34yrs old suffuring from psorisis since 2y...
1sonalz12309:03 08 Mar 15 by Zady101
Penis broken vein valve
Hey I relay need help! Its now 5 months wh... [LAST PAGE]
22Pixel 15:21 07 Mar 15 by Hans200
Breast Reduction (Attn Joe De Livera)
I am 31 years old, married and mother of a 4 years...
1komalnuna15:16 07 Mar 15 by fitness
need remedy for sinus
hi.. i've been suffering through sinus probl...
3soumyajyotim15:14 07 Mar 15 by fitness
Pilonidal cyst
I am male , have suffered for about 07 years from ... [LAST PAGE]
43analyst04 13:06 07 Mar 15 by analyst04
dry cough in 9 month old baby
Hello all, My son is suffering from dry coug...
3trishan13:04 07 Mar 15 by trishan
Sexual problem, Penis size, ED, PE, going to marry, Plz help me.
I am 24 yrs old and unmarried. but i am going to b...
8himalaya12304:26 07 Mar 15 by himalaya123
Itching Skin
My skin has recently begun to itch. Acute conditi...
2seattleskye23:06 06 Mar 15 by seattleskye
Increase Potency after healing crisis?
Hello, I posted a while back about myself. I am a... [LAST PAGE]
54LifeisMagic21:47 06 Mar 15 by LifeisMagic
Hi I am taking nucoxia mr , an allopathic medicin...
1artist2321:44 06 Mar 15 by simone717
Bartholyn Cyst
Hello, I have had a golf ball size cyst for a lit...
4Luna2120:42 06 Mar 15 by Luna21
Weird Breast Pain
I started experiencing a strange pain in my left b...
1Hoathie20:02 06 Mar 15 by simone717
Patient ID: sex: female Age:29 Nature of work: une...
3Charlie1319:41 06 Mar 15 by simone717
Batch Flower Remedies
Does batch flower remedies homeopathic medicines? ...
2jaffer12318:32 06 Mar 15 by jaffer123
Del [message edited by girl2010 on Tue, 24 May 201... [LAST PAGE]
42girl201018:15 06 Mar 15 by girl2010
Fits in dog
My 8 year old boxer has begun having fits. This is...
4Roxie17:50 06 Mar 15 by simone717
hyperacidity severe
suffering from hyperacidity probblem for the last ...
9kosher116:46 06 Mar 15 by kosher1
plz help me
Hi, I have navel displacment problem from when i ...
4daarain15:28 06 Mar 15 by gaintrox
lady with white-yellowish leucorhoea thick and pro...
1sivasakthi13:40 06 Mar 15 by 0antivirus0
Child cough and breathing difficulty
Hi, My 5 year old son is having symptoms of cou...
5vats_rahul8212:58 06 Mar 15 by 0antivirus0
How to increase breast size with out any side effects
Hi I am 26 years old, I want to increase my breast... [LAST PAGE]
16sisa123in11:24 06 Mar 15 by sie.zwishen
Hi sir... I am 16 years old boyand my height is 5...
2Farhan 0807:07 06 Mar 15 by Farhan 08
Potency in medicine
Hello sir I have been practising homeopathic m...
2eddiesteve05:54 06 Mar 15 by Evocationer
High Lipid Profile
Assalam-o-Alaikum, Dear Dr. Sahib, Hoped my th...
9Yaquob05:07 06 Mar 15 by Yaquob
Fair Complexion
But I read many people's discussion over hear...
1Azharuddinn04:44 06 Mar 15 by simone717
Homeopathy in Chile
We are in the US and looking to expat. Anyone know...
0ChristinB04:38 06 Mar 15 by
Fair Complexion
Hi am Azharuddin,ever since birth am having dark s...
1Azharuddinn02:47 06 Mar 15 by Evocationer
Dark skin face and neck
Hello Dr, My self Ajay, Me face and skin got ve... [LAST PAGE]
26rai.kumarajai02:47 06 Mar 15 by Azharuddinn
wifes hypothyroidism
ill do as good as i can for my wife, whom we belie... [LAST PAGE]
17matt8202:07 06 Mar 15 by telescope
Kadwa please advise - kitten with bladder issue
I was recently called out to catch a kitten, appro...
2SophieP23:49 05 Mar 15 by SophieP
Kadwa please advise - Abused Cat
I have been recommended to re-post for more help w...
9SophieP23:46 05 Mar 15 by SophieP
cervical lymphadenopathy
patient has swelling of deep cervical lymph node (...
1sivasakthi22:34 05 Mar 15 by fitness
hypertension and mild left ventricular hypertrophy
My 37 year old husband is suffering from hyperten...
1ritu14s22:34 05 Mar 15 by fitness
hot red ears from 5 days
Hello i am having a strange thing that my ears...
4hotmail2417:52 05 Mar 15 by simone717
Protect from Swine Flu Dr. Deoshlok Sharma
At present there is no any good prevention is avai... [LAST PAGE]
28deoshlok17:46 05 Mar 15 by simone717
masturbation with no drive
hello, Im a 28 year old male, I've been m...
3dynojump15:41 05 Mar 15 by dynojump
get rid of masturbation
I m suffering of bad masturbation nd i want to get...
2abdul hanan 13:26 05 Mar 15 by abdul hanan
severe internal back injury.
Hi, I am a 38 years male. I have heavy build ty... [LAST PAGE]
32Tweener12:38 05 Mar 15 by 0antivirus0
Sexual problem, very easily excited, sensitive penis, Penis size, ED, PE, Plz help me.
I am 24 yrs old and unmarried. but i am going to b...
3himalaya12310:27 05 Mar 15 by KARANKUMAR2010
vericose veins
patient with large vericose veins on right lower e...
1sivasakthi09:32 05 Mar 15 by kadwa
Waiting for rep
Hello, I am 24 years............. I have navel d...
2daarain 09:20 05 Mar 15 by daarain
To Dr. Kadwa
Sir, How r u , I am suffering from serious weaknes...
1khangstc09:08 05 Mar 15 by kadwa
Anyone Help....Fever with normal temprature
Hello My Self Mandeep Kumar Male'27 Heigh...
1Mandeep4u 09:04 05 Mar 15 by kadwa
Fequent Urination,Dry Mouth,Excess thrist
Hello I am male 27 year old Weight-60 kg Height-...
1hotmail2408:39 05 Mar 15 by simone717
homeopathy combinatios
what are the best homeopathy combinations for sne...
1hspabla08:31 05 Mar 15 by simone717
problem in digestion
sir, i am suffering from gerd + m having probl...
1sunny555 08:22 05 Mar 15 by kadwa
Stomach & Sexual Health Problems

[message deleted by friends55 on Mon, 16 Mar 2...
5friends55 08:11 05 Mar 15 by mani_jee
Iam 42 yrs old, slim body, height 5.7', weight... [LAST PAGE]
32swapnil patel 08:03 05 Mar 15 by kadwa
L4/L5 Cercumferential Posterior degenerative Disc Bulge causing Lower Back Pain
Hello, One of my aunt is having pain in the But...
3Muhammad Asad07:29 05 Mar 15 by telescope
To Dr Kadwa: Hair re-growth needed
My younger sister (21) had to take allopathic tabl...
5Aromatic07:18 05 Mar 15 by kadwa
Bird breeding problem
I have two Badri bird.. One male & one female....
5deep0907:08 05 Mar 15 by kadwa
Wart like excrescene in mouth.
Hello Dr. I am facing a wart like excrescence i...
4sapmuk 07:03 05 Mar 15 by kadwa
very confused re. remedies
Hi, I am hoping someone can help me figure this ou... [LAST PAGE]
19candra07:03 05 Mar 15 by candra
Penis Foreskin Cracking
I am having a strange problem for the first time i...
3akhileshmehta8506:56 05 Mar 15 by kadwa
dotors i am in chronic disease from last 4 years
Dear doctors, My name is Khurram,my age is 39 and...
12khurramkausar03:19 05 Mar 15 by telescope
please help evocationer im totally helpless..
hello sir iM 22 years of age and i am having prob...
2nick99903:12 05 Mar 15 by nick999
sex problems
Dear doctor, I am married at last 5 months. My pr...
1M.Shohag03:05 05 Mar 15 by deoshlok
rectal prolapse in 5 year old boy
sometimes at last of his potty red colour skin is ...
1anushavijish03:03 05 Mar 15 by deoshlok
5 year old adhd sympthoms
I have little experience with homeopathy (I have o...
5gglight02:20 05 Mar 15 by Evocationer
2 sons with itchy severe eczema
I was being helped by Dr. Flemming but he hasnt re...
6flourgirl12317:50 04 Mar 15 by flourgirl123
Itchy Scalp and Hair Loss
I am having hair loss for around 8-10 years now....
1ashutver16:54 04 Mar 15 by ashutver
Erectile dysfunction and early ejaculation
Patient is 45years old and unmarried.He is experie...
12avijitdas15:29 04 Mar 15 by avijitdas
hello dr nawaz
Hello I would like to take consultation from you...
0happyliving11:19 04 Mar 15 by
Premature Ejaculation ( Dr.Reva V-- plz help)
Dear Dr.Reva V, I have been doing masturbation ... [LAST PAGE]
28mukeshkeshav09:45 04 Mar 15 by Coookie
itching on upper tummy..
Hi there ..want help with.y.itching.that has been ...
12anaaa05:45 04 Mar 15 by rishimba
Issue with Masturbation
Hi Doctors I have been masturbating since 2006....
1Papai04:32 04 Mar 15 by Papai
Daughter not able to hear
My daughter has been having hearing loss.. When we...
1Nerveloss 03:59 04 Mar 15 by 0antivirus0
Is homeopathy more dangerous then we think
Hi and don't get me me wrong! I don't kn...
1cristtt623:06 03 Mar 15 by Evocationer
Slow learner
Hi doctors, My son is 17 year old and is slow in ...
3ramav16:05 03 Mar 15 by rishimba
very urgent/ dog stops taking food
Hello, We have 2 dogs. One is doing fine but ve...
1harshita 13:42 03 Mar 15 by deoshlok
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