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Nat phos safe during pregnancy ATTN joe
Im taking nat phos for GERD. It was Joe de livera's advice way back 2011. Anyway, il
jully 2016-05-26
1   Mahfoozurrehman 2 years ago

fear of bad news
I want to seek emergency remedy for my problem which is, whenever i hear bad news i feel c
fmsryp 2016-05-27
1   Mahfoozurrehman 2 years ago

Hernia surgery scar tissue
My father in law had hernia surgery about three years ago. They put in a mesh over the are
Shepherd1260 2016-05-27
1   anuj srivastava 2 years ago

best for chronic anxiety fear?
Pls any reputed forum doctor advice me a medicine for chronic anxiety and fear can under c
pkone 2016-05-27
1   anuj srivastava 2 years ago

girl2010 2016-05-26
1   anuj srivastava 2 years ago

Left temple headaches/vertigo/jaws
Hello, I am having headaches in my left temple mostly, sometimes it could be right temple
koshka 2016-04-30
4   koshka 2 years ago

Hashimoto's Thyroiditis
Hello, My background - I've had Lyme disease for 3 years and was diagnosed with Hashi
Lisette 2016-05-25
2   Lisette 2 years ago

elevated psa
my psa is 12.5 and i am bit concerned my age is 76 i do not have any urinary problems or s
arvindrokde 2016-05-26
1   anuj srivastava 2 years ago

Hi Doctor I have my face plagued with melasma (brown spots ) for 8 yrs. worsens with sunl
Rupa1970 2016-05-26
1   anuj srivastava 2 years ago

Development delay with stutus eplipsy
sir, My 1.5 year old daughter has devlopment deley she can't sit,stand,speak only ma
gaku779 2016-05-25
4   anuj srivastava 2 years ago

needs confidence and behaviour for a new life
Dear Sir, My friend is 35year female. Before marriage, from 19y to 24y she was involved in

rose8 2016-04-13
13   akshaymohl 2 years ago

Possible aggravation of Homeopathic medicine.
Hello Everyone, I was prescribed some honeopathic medicines after being diagnosed with bi
dibyendust 2016-05-23
8   dibyendust 2 years ago

Very lazy & careless with ADD
Sir, 13 year old boy very lazy & careless - even have to say bath & brush daily,

star1452 2016-04-28
16   star1452 2 years ago

Stopping the urge to masturbate
Hello all, namastey, I am going to ask an important question. I have been masturbating for
Ourkuemp 2016-05-26
1   kadwa 2 years ago

Feeling less urge for Sex
Hii, I am new in this forum, i have posted one more topic few weeks back and got response.

sandipan1 2016-04-01
15   kadwa 2 years ago

plz help me
I am a male, 19 yrs old and I have been suffering from very mild gynecomastia(glandular br
Opaurse 2016-05-23
1   kadwa 2 years ago

dr. kadwa please help me
I am suman from bangladesh.3 months back I operated my right side inguinal hernia with her
sumansakib 2016-05-22
1   kadwa 2 years ago

Attn.. Dr.Kadwa
Hello I am 23 years, male , suffering for serious hair fall since past 4 years please hel
shah yahiya 2016-05-22
1   kadwa 2 years ago

Is this a rational argument in homeopathy?
Hi, Homeopathy law states that if a healthy person takes any homeopathic remedy, he will
ramheight6 2016-05-25
2   ramheight6 2 years ago

my hand and feets gets cold
Dear Doctor, I am about 33 years of age. I having few health related issue. I have pointe

aftabuddin 2016-01-26
62   nawazkhan 2 years ago

Need help for old fistula.
Hello I am suffering from anal fistula from 2012. At 2013 after taking some medicine from
reza1976 2016-05-25
1   nawazkhan 2 years ago

medicine made with kadamb tree leaves which cures diabetes forever
JAIPUR: A medicinal composition for the cure of diabetes, prepared from the extracts of th
monny82 2016-05-17
2   debashishpaul 2 years ago

How to reduce weight and eat lust ?
Dear Sir, I am 02/02/1979 born having height 5ft 3inches and weighing 81 kg . I did body

Harkawalpreet Sing 2012-09-20
13   Dikshya1 2 years ago

thin liquid semen after urination
Hello everyone I have been through this problem around 1.5 years, I regularly go to gym b
amirsohail107 2016-05-25
1   anuj srivastava 2 years ago

weak intestines
Dear doctor , My age is 42 yrs and I am suffering from loosemotions time again for about 1
Aarti Gupta 2016-05-24
3   anuj srivastava 2 years ago

Anal fissure with itching and burning sensation along with wet discharge
Hii, Regular to this forum till 1.5 months, i have got many solution over here, from few
sandipan1 2016-05-25
1   anuj srivastava 2 years ago

female masturbation
hi its 34 year unmarried female here from Pakistan i want to advice about excessive mast
safiii 2016-05-25
1   anuj srivastava 2 years ago

Gout & Gallstone - Confusion
I was suffering from high uric acid for 6 months but now the level below 4 (first gout att
shaksingh 2016-05-04
12   shaksingh 2 years ago

Nas pe nas chadna in (Peroneus longus) area
Hi, My Name is Deepali. I have lot of pain in my peroneous area. Most of the time when i
Deepali Tomar 2016-05-25
1   anuj srivastava 2 years ago

I have leukoderma all over my body. It started when I was about 10 years old after I took
Sona 2016-05-23
3   Sona 2 years ago

having social anxiety plz help
i am 30 years old i have anxiety only when i have some function or presentation infront of
syed_razz 2016-05-23
4   akshaymohl 2 years ago

Save my baby from surgery! PLEASE help with perianal abscess!
Hello kind doctors!! In the middle of February, our (then) 6 month old son was diagnosed w
Malkah 2016-05-19
12   mnaari 2 years ago

Worm in brain
Can a condition like cyst in brain because of a worm treated by homeopathy?
dimple1 2016-05-25
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What is the antidote for sticta?
Can you please tell me the medicine which is the antidote for Sticta Q
agriz 2016-05-23
2   sadeqahmed 2 years ago

frozen shoulder
For the past 6 weeks I am suffering from frozen shoulder.I have taken allopathic pain kill

jsvirdi 2006-09-26
20   Randy1 2 years ago

Pregnancy - Iron overdose
my wife just got into second trimester and doctor tested her for hemoglobin, it came 8.9 s

fizspace 2016-05-21
14   sadeqahmed 2 years ago

increase height
My daughter is 17 yrs old , her height is 5 feet 2 inches . She wants to increase her heig
Aarti Gupta 2016-05-25
no replies yet

attn. dr. kadwa
Sir as ur advice I take nux com 200 for 3 days. I stopped it 3 days ago. But my vertigo pr

pkone 2015-12-08
22   pkone 2 years ago

Dr. nawaz khan pls help
Sir, with this forum I try severely but no body can cure me. My main problem is chronic ve
pkone 2016-05-22
1   pkone 2 years ago

Increase penis thickness
Hello Dr. I m 30 yrs old guy..height 5'7" Weight 68kgs. My penis is 3.5" while ere
sadsagar 2016-05-25
no replies yet

Reflux in Infant
Hello. My daughter is almost nine weeks old and weighs almost ten pounds. She has been dia
andrea.k 2016-05-20
4   Jackie1 2 years ago

Hi, I am 27 yrs old male who has been stammering since age of 3-4 years. I am stammering h

gaudeep 2008-06-15
29   Jahangir mallick 2 years ago

different suggestions for same problem
Hello Dr, I m suffering from no erection, quick ejaculation if touch and rub (forget abou
sadsagar 2016-05-01
9   sadsagar 2 years ago

4 year old struggling with nasal environmental allergies
Hi My 4 year old son is suffering from severe nasal allergies to dust mites and pollen. He
Karenio 2016-05-23
3   anuj srivastava 2 years ago

Please advice me.
Someone told me that pellets used in homeopathy absorb liquid medicine in a day/few hours
Sterfo 2016-05-24
1   anuj srivastava 2 years ago

Involuntary Urination
My father aged 87 years a case of old AWMI taking cardiac medicines regularly such as .1.A
ISHA9 2016-05-24
1   anuj srivastava 2 years ago

low sperm count
My sperm count is 10 billion , please suggest some good medicine to boost sperm
mohit24885 2016-05-24
1   anuj srivastava 2 years ago

I am suffering from hairloss sinc two years. I have done everything,followed proper diet,
Trusenpa 2016-05-24
1   anuj srivastava 2 years ago

How to use Cydonia Vulgaris 200 instead of 30C
i was in need of cydonia 30c which is short in these days that is why i bought cydonia vul
Qasni Phool 2013-12-07
3   amit.uprofft 2 years ago

Premature ejaculation problem and lack of confidence
Hello sir, I am 27 year old and facing problem of premature ejaculation and lack of confid
luckyboy 2016-05-24
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Creatinine 2.78 bun 54 -lupus
Can anybody pls help for ckd3. Both kidneys shrinked. Diagnosed with sjorgan syndrome Me,c
jyotikamadan 2016-05-24
2   jyotikamadan 2 years ago

Dr Mahfooz please help me
Hello sir, my name is yahiya. I am 23years old and suffering through a serious hair fall,
shah yahiya 2016-05-23
1   Mahfoozurrehman 2 years ago

critical situation assistance req!!!!
Dear Seniors and docs, please into my matter, within last 6 months severe memory weakness
DO DO 2016-05-24
1   Mahfoozurrehman 2 years ago

Creatinine 2.78 bun 54 -lupus
I am 44 yrs old female suffering from ckd 3. I was wrongly diagnosed and given atbiotics a
jyotikamadan 2016-05-24
no replies yet

Creatinine 2.78 bun 54 -lupus for Dr fitnes
I am 44 yrs old female. Due to wrong diagnosis of lupus I was on antibiotics and tuberculo
jyotikamadan 2016-05-23
no replies yet

Plz help me to get rid of tinea. I have been suffering from tinea on my thigh and groin ar

riyazahmad5 2016-05-17
13   mnaari 2 years ago

I need help my 4 month old baby eczema
My son developed eczema about a month ago.it started with him having a bad case of cradlle
Sadafmk 2016-05-21
3   fitness 2 years ago

Reaction to Saw palmetto - Sabal Serrulatum
I took Nestmann remedy Sabal Serralutum about six months ago for 3 weeks (one bottle) to t
zenplay 2016-05-22
1   fitness 2 years ago

Hi, I have melsama below my eyes for 4.5 years now. I have developed it just before my pre
renu2 2016-05-23
1   fitness 2 years ago

oral submucous fibrosis
Sir I'm 20 year old boy. I have been suffering from this disease since 1year. My mout
neel kamal1 2016-04-25
1   anuj srivastava 2 years ago

discharge pus
hi i m 34 year old sexually active, month ago i had sex with my friend after week i felt p
guy 2016-04-26
1   anuj srivastava 2 years ago

hyperacidity and burning
one week ago saw in these forum postings remedy for hyperacidity, GERD etc and started tr
plodhi 2016-05-07
1   anuj srivastava 2 years ago

Pain on right scrotum - Epididymitis
I am 24 years old. 60 days ago i have affected orchitis right side scrotum. I take thuja f
rodro 2016-05-05
1   anuj srivastava 2 years ago

Ear Itching - White or Pale Yellow Discharge
Ear Itching; White or Pale Yellow (Not coming out of ear. Inside the ear.) I am taking si
agriz 2016-05-10
1   anuj srivastava 2 years ago

med for acidity and repeated motions
male 50 yr.undergoing motions thrice a day since last week.high acidity..used NORFLOX but
andy_65_in 2016-05-11
1   anuj srivastava 2 years ago

maneek01 2016-05-23
1   anuj srivastava 2 years ago

DVT (Deep Vain Thrombosis) in Left Leg from Calf to Thigh Joint
My wife (Age 45)had DVT after 12 days of Plaster done for Tendon rupture in Ankle. From 21
Anuyami 2016-05-23
1   anuj srivastava 2 years ago

Skin Allergy
i have skin allergy and asthma for almost 35 years. but i came to know the severity in my
ashirna 2016-05-23
1   anuj srivastava 2 years ago

Fragments in knee
Hello, I wondered if anyone could recommend a suitable remedy for fragments (possibly bone
chispas 2016-05-22
3   nawazkhan 2 years ago

tightness in left ribs
I have a problem of tightness in left ribs below the armpit which comes and goes and I onl
fmsryp 2016-05-20
1   kadwa 2 years ago

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