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Information given in this forum is given by way of exchange of views only. It is not to be treated as a medical diagnosis, and should not be used as a substitute for seeing a qualified homeopath or physician. In most cases, advice posted here is not given by a medical expert.

If symptoms persist, consult a medical professional.

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TopicPostsStarted byLast Post
4 year old sick
My four year old is on day three of fever, congest...
1cosmochess03:06 16 Mar 15 by 0antivirus0
autism spectrum and Carc
Hello, I started seeing a homeopath for my2 year ...
11tippy00:53 16 Mar 15 by Evocationer
broken rib cartilage
hi : i broke my rib cartilage,in the front right s... [LAST PAGE]
30love and peace00:19 16 Mar 15 by Evocationer
9 weeks of pregnant and having gerd.
Hi I am having gerd and now I am 9 weeks pregna...
2ashishrathi111112:27 15 Mar 15 by ashishrathi1111
Psoriasis for long time and now pre diabetes
I am 54 years old male and have been suffering fro...
1sudershan6006:45 15 Mar 15 by 0antivirus0
high blood pressure
Need help with high blood pressure , hypothyroid ...
1mary khan06:43 15 Mar 15 by 0antivirus0
ephurasia tincture for cataract
My grandafather age 65 is suffering from cataract ...
2ansarishoaib05:31 15 Mar 15 by ansarishoaib
Boost Immunity
aboutmyself Name-abhijit,sex-male,5.8ht,slim,fair...
1serampore 02:12 15 Mar 15 by serampore
boost immunity
is there homeopathic remedies that boost the immun...
3healthyliving01:46 15 Mar 15 by serampore
Severe pain both knees over a month and above
I am 34 year old and I am having severe pain in bo...
3fakhruddin.mota11:37 14 Mar 15 by rishimba
Head vertex burning
Dear Sir I am 36 yrs old male. since 3 yrs my top...
8Raj197907:48 14 Mar 15 by shouse_nsk
polycystic ovaries help plz plz
I have polycystic ovaries sinc. When I was 17 year... [LAST PAGE]
13mimiee06:40 14 Mar 15 by 0antivirus0
To Evocationer
Sir My wife is suffering from hypothyroidism.At p...
4gopal1806:10 14 Mar 15 by gopal18
Excessive masterbation
Hi i am searching for a remedy to cure my negative...
1Qasim11 21:43 13 Mar 15 by telescope
Gall Bladder stones (Calculi)
I am 39 years old male having Gall bladder stones ...
2irfantahir00820:14 13 Mar 15 by homeodr
depression and morning erection
i am 23 years old guy. i have been suffering from ... [LAST PAGE]
200morshed19:54 13 Mar 15 by simone717
Urgent Regarding fever and loose motionof new born
Hello Doc, I have one month 2days daughter,she ...
5amrita.macd18:40 13 Mar 15 by fitness
Burning sensation while erecting and ejaculating.
Hello Doctor Since a couple of days I am experien...
5contact_prasant16:39 13 Mar 15 by fitness
please help me
Maine apni girlfriend ke sath sex kiya aur unwan...
2sikhan15:55 13 Mar 15 by sikhan
my daughter has allergies
and we forgot to give allergy relief medication ...
8eshvarmannava15:35 13 Mar 15 by eshvarmannava
I have osteoarthritis of knees. The cartiledge h...
3AP Gupta15:16 13 Mar 15 by fitness
Retina haemorraghe
i am suffering from idiopathic retinal vasculitie...
5serampore 15:07 13 Mar 15 by serampore
bunch of diseases
First of all i thanks all doctors those are helpin... [LAST PAGE]
120altaf.shaikh14:57 13 Mar 15 by fitness
Severe Erectile Dysfunction and Premature Ejaculation
Hi, My name is Naveed and I am suffering from a se...
2naveed8410:53 13 Mar 15 by gopal18
length & thickness of penis
Hi, I m Atul Saxena from Delhi (INDIA) i m 32 yrs ...
1atul.saxena199405:35 13 Mar 15 by Evocationer
i have various lipoma throughout body i want to ...
1prakash rai04:09 13 Mar 15 by rishimba
left side paralysis after Strok
Looking for some remedy in homeopathy for left sid...
1akgda04:06 13 Mar 15 by rishimba
stone in gallbladder
Dear sir My mother has stone in her gallbladder a...
1comsion03:58 13 Mar 15 by 0antivirus0
hydrocele in right side testicle
I am 30 year old male from hyderabad. I had a pain...
6vijay123403:51 13 Mar 15 by 0antivirus0
Hello, I was seeking any advice on a remedy for &l... [LAST PAGE]
14matt8203:46 13 Mar 15 by 0antivirus0
My3yr old son has speech,motor and cognitive skil...
1priya2reddy21:47 12 Mar 15 by priya2reddy
higher potency (1M) gentler than lower potencies with oflaction!
Is it possuble that 1M can be less aggrevating tha...
1tj747200120:11 12 Mar 15 by simone717
Left eye cognitive ptosis
Hi, My name is Mithu and I am 32 years old. I wro...
5mithupcs17:27 12 Mar 15 by fitness
suffering with stammering i am 23 years old
please suggest the best medicine for stammering.i ...
10nagbabu16:11 12 Mar 15 by fitness
Emetine 200c for parasites?
I saw a listing recently about using Emetine 200c ...
1franion14:13 12 Mar 15 by fitness
diabetes with constipation.
I am 56 years old male. I am diabatic since 6 mont...
1SCS/195814:10 12 Mar 15 by fitness
weight gain
My mother is 55 years old .from last 6 months she ...
2misha0714:03 12 Mar 15 by misha07
[HELP] Eyelid growth
Hi there! 8 months ago I discovered (by touching) ...
7Balonez12:50 12 Mar 15 by Balonez
Remedy for thickenend utreus wall(endometrium)
I am in premenopause stage aged 53, recently got s...
6assivaram12:39 12 Mar 15 by assivaram
A Case Of Macular Degeneration
i start new blog on case study, So Send your case ...
0momaima4411:38 12 Mar 15 by
I want to get rid of masturbation tel me cant i us...
1abdul hanan07:30 12 Mar 15 by kadwa
Please help me i have Incresed estrogen
Hello. my name is Dr haseeb and i am PharmD.. i ... [LAST PAGE]
15drhaseeb07:24 12 Mar 15 by Joe De Livera
length&thickness of penis
1.im a male 30 yr old suffering from regular decre...
2mukaram07:14 12 Mar 15 by mukaram
urine problem and coughing
Doctor I am female (55 years). had coughing with f...
3M.A. Mansoor06:28 12 Mar 15 by M.A. Mansoor
sweet itch in the horse
hi, I have read in a forum that to take care of th...
3chiaradema06:20 12 Mar 15 by kadwa
Dr kadwa need your help on premature ejaculation
Iam a guy of age 20. Whenever I go for mastuburati...
4Anwar Ali 884406:18 12 Mar 15 by kadwa
Cellulite issue
I have a cellulite problem for many years. It appe...
7Eoja140706:08 12 Mar 15 by kadwa
Hypertension, migraine and mild left ventricular hypertrophy..please help
My 37 year old husband is suffering from hyperten...
3ritu14s06:01 12 Mar 15 by kadwa
Peridonal disease
I have a twelve year old cairn terrier for the pas... [LAST PAGE]
17McTavish05:41 12 Mar 15 by McTavish
Need some homeopath advices
Hi there, I already wrote a topic here but seem to...
2Balonez01:45 12 Mar 15 by Balonez
hearing voices of dead ancestors
Hi I am looking for medical advice for a female 47...
5rmohan00:10 12 Mar 15 by simone717
tmj pain
My 24 year old dtr was in a car accident 2 years a...
1dsrogers23:55 11 Mar 15 by telescope
attention mr zady...a case of chalazion.
my niece has a bump area on her right eye side...i...
8m.yahya22:40 11 Mar 15 by m.yahya
Coughing will not stop!
Hi I'm 32 years old and have this horrible de...
1Steelrfan1521:32 11 Mar 15 by simone717
Recurring Bartholin Cysts
I started getting these in 2008 and had it lanced ...
8neshamarks18:47 11 Mar 15 by simone717
Agraphis Nutans dosage??
Good morning, Just looking for a little insight ...
1joeshorette1216:25 11 Mar 15 by fitness
crashing after taking remedies
I have a long history of chronic health problems l...
6tj747200116:11 11 Mar 15 by simone717
A homeopath told me ...
She cant treat patients if she doesnt see them in ...
3bluesky7713:07 11 Mar 15 by Evocationer
Wife suffering from PCOS.- want to conceive 2nd baby
Hi All Presently we have 4 yrs old daughter an...
3earthangel 11:22 11 Mar 15 by telescope
can anyone give any suggestion ? erectile dysfunction, great sex desire , premature ejaculation
I am 22 years old . I have been doing masturbating...
0rahulsenn 10:57 11 Mar 15 by
Myelin sheath repair
My friend a tall male 44 yrs old has CIDP - Chron...
1Purple people eats10:37 11 Mar 15 by telescope
irregular periods: pl help
Dear Sir, My daughter is 17years old. she is suff... [LAST PAGE]
15sarma_ch08:14 11 Mar 15 by nalinishree
Need help got Irregular periods which seriously causing me weight gain and i am highly overweight now.
Age : 30 years Height: 5:2' Weight: 85kgs S...
10mjoshi 08:12 11 Mar 15 by nalinishree
HELP! hormonal imbalance after sepia
Please help! I am not able to see my homeopath. He... [LAST PAGE]
24Dora1405:11 11 Mar 15 by mani_jee
please help help me
dear sir, i am mizan rahman, age: 27, gender: m...
8ibs-mizan05:07 11 Mar 15 by mani_jee
Dust Allergy and Asthama Remedy Suggestion
Hello I am facing this problem for 5-6 years. I... [LAST PAGE]
98tanzib04:34 11 Mar 15 by tanzib
antidoting another remedy
When intentionally antidoting another remedy. How ...
1franion21:49 10 Mar 15 by Evocationer
Osteoarthritis knee
I have pain in both my knees, spl. the right kne...
1reba11120:57 10 Mar 15 by fitness
Plantar Warts
I have had a plantar wart for twelve years. I soug...
3AubreyK20:49 10 Mar 15 by fitness
Hello doctor.I got your address from web search..I... [LAST PAGE]
113karamjitkaur19:23 10 Mar 15 by karamjitkaur
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