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Information given in this forum is given by way of exchange of views only. It is not to be treated as a medical diagnosis, and should not be used as a substitute for seeing a qualified homeopath or physician. In most cases, advice posted here is not given by a medical expert.

If symptoms persist, consult a medical professional.

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TopicPostsStarted byLast Post
mag phos 6x overdose - baby
Hi, my daughter of 2 years has swallowed a handful...
1meetsd23:11 18 Jan 15 by Evocationer
White dots on my private part
Hello Everyone, I am Harish from India(small town...
3harish.bosle 18:42 18 Jan 15 by simone717
My friend is having ulcer...
Hello there, My friend is 39 years old. His che...
1khmedia16:21 18 Jan 15 by rishimba
Erection dysfuction help me out of it.
I am 32 year old. I had a bad habit of masturbatio...
0somfec198015:17 18 Jan 15 by
penile edema after vigorous masturbation.
sir, i am 22 years of age,male i am a chronic ma...
10nick99913:43 18 Jan 15 by akshaymohl
Loss of concentration during sex and no kids...
Hello There, I am 34 year old. During having se...
1khmedia12:56 18 Jan 15 by fitness
mucous cyst
I have a mucous cyst just under the nail of my mid...
1SJF1503 12:55 18 Jan 15 by fitness
Use of homeopathic medicines after galblader surgery
My Mom undergone Gallbladder removal surgery throu...
1khalid malik78612:53 18 Jan 15 by fitness
My 6 year old son has a frequent recurrence of urt...
1vee1012:45 18 Jan 15 by shouse_nsk
Acne on scalp, daily hair loss when combing, age 24
Hello, I found this forum really being helpful... [LAST PAGE]
15milepearl 10:39 18 Jan 15 by J MERITO
Serious procrastination and selfesteem issues
Sir, I'm 26 year old male. I have been havi... [LAST PAGE]
28fixmeplz 08:39 18 Jan 15 by homeo.mzp
case closed
Case closed. [message edited by livingdeadgirl on ...
6livingdeadgirl04:11 18 Jan 15 by homeo.mzp
mastrbution and erection problem
hello sir , I m 23 yr old unmarried. sir I m doing... [LAST PAGE]
23used5423:57 17 Jan 15 by akshaymohl
Please Attention-Serious Problem-Upset
Sir I'm 21 years old boy.I have done a lot of...
5Usman.Ali22:20 17 Jan 15 by simone717
Hepatitis B homeopathy medicine to cure to negative
Dear Sir I am having HBV-B,since 10 years. the ...
3G.Hari Prasad Redd20:54 17 Jan 15 by Evocationer
Dr. Nawaz: vision problem
I am 30 year female and have eye problem, my visio...
6MrAmin20:37 17 Jan 15 by nawazkhan
Alternative of root canal
I had pain in my upper back teeth. I checked w...
5skt_jims20:26 17 Jan 15 by nawazkhan
Weight loss
I am female 30 year old, my weight is 130 lb, and ...
0MrAmin19:22 17 Jan 15 by
I want to increase my height
I'm akshay i'm 18 year old my height is ...
3Akshay sawant16:51 17 Jan 15 by simone717
epididymitis and thickened spermatic cord right side
my friend has epididymitis(6mm size) with pain and...
0ansumanabhisek12310:32 17 Jan 15 by
Hi, I took kali brom 30, sulphur 200, Cupr...
5M77777710:26 17 Jan 15 by M777777
Hair fall and Grey hair
Hi, I am 36 year old man suffering from hair fa...
2thegr8guy09:21 17 Jan 15 by royaldrugstore
is Isopropyl Alcohol good for homeopathic base
Hi, is Isoproyl alcohol is okay for refilling h...
5khalid malik78608:58 17 Jan 15 by simone717
Acute advise on remedy for fever Please
My son age 5 has a high fever. The symptoms are a...
3pixie wood08:12 17 Jan 15 by shouse_nsk
Urgent Help for a 70 year old Woman
Sir, One of my friends mother-in-law is suffering...
1nnagamahesh 08:03 17 Jan 15 by shouse_nsk
l5s1 problem
I have severe pain starts from my right buttocks r...
1tsiva_405:44 17 Jan 15 by kadwa
Nose colges, dry cough
Nose clogs for 2 months, dry cough, upper throat b...
1bandyopadhyay.ayan05:28 17 Jan 15 by kadwa
Please help me! Advice required!!
Hi I am a 30 yr old male, never married. I ha...
1jessie_singh05:23 17 Jan 15 by kadwa
chalazion in a 2 year old
Hi, please help! I have a 2 year old daughter who ...
6stk1105:20 17 Jan 15 by homeo.mzp
androgenic alopecia with heridity
Dear sir I am suffering from androgeninc alopecia...
4asim.moqueet04:48 17 Jan 15 by kadwa
immune system
Sir Please advise the homeo medicine for increa...
0G.Hari Prasad Redd02:59 17 Jan 15 by
Hello, I have been suffering from Irritable Bo...
1chrisjenas02:31 17 Jan 15 by chrisjenas
A Sensitive Matter that I can't find advice on...
Hi to you you all, I have a slightly sensitive ...
7kitkat8101:00 17 Jan 15 by Evocationer
Sexual health - Remedy Advice required
Hi I am a 30 yr old male, never married. I hav...
2jessie_singh18:33 16 Jan 15 by simone717
Plz Help - Homeo.mzp
Hi, I am suffering from Hyperthyroid & some...
7thyroidprobs15:35 16 Jan 15 by homeo.mzp
Pain in right shoulder and back
I am 47 yr old male and experiencing pain in right... [LAST PAGE]
14mathewfbd15:20 16 Jan 15 by mathewfbd
Jaundice treatment
i have 5 month old kid and having jaundice level 1...
3vijaykum12306:04 16 Jan 15 by homeo.mzp
Bird breeding problem
I have two Badri bird.. One male & one female....
0deep09 05:32 16 Jan 15 by
Bird Remedies
Just thought I would share some notes from the won... [LAST PAGE]
13brisbanehomoeopath03:36 16 Jan 15 by mishelle76
How to reverse homeopathic adverse reaction
How can I halt the effect of a homeopathic formula... [LAST PAGE]
21Beebs1203:26 16 Jan 15 by Evocationer
Tried everything to cure vaginal infection, please help
Hello, I am a young woman caught with a bad case... [LAST PAGE]
13maya12302:51 16 Jan 15 by Evocationer
Mein bohut pareshan hon mujhe April 2012 mein lung...
1zehra ali 01:48 16 Jan 15 by gaintrox
allergic colds
hi, i am a great fan of homeopathy. i have been us...
2vilas.naik18:01 15 Jan 15 by vilas.naik
Kidney Stone size 1.6CM
Hi, Im suffering from kidney stone , since la...
10nadeem4u 17:01 15 Jan 15 by nadeem4u
Toddler throwing up!! HELP!
My 2 years old woke up from his nap crying and thr...
5bluesky7713:36 15 Jan 15 by bluesky77
Can anyone help me for all of these problems???
Hi, I am 31 yr old male from Delhi. I did lots ... [LAST PAGE]
23aguy12304:44 15 Jan 15 by aguy123
pilonidal sinus
hello i am 20 years old and i have had this condit...
3Dorjan9404:03 15 Jan 15 by homeo.mzp
Looking for John Stanton
Greetings all, Thanks for your time reading my ...
0jbedi03:40 15 Jan 15 by
hair loss from roots from last 1 year
Hi my name is Arpita I m 28 year old female. I am ...
6arpitasingh1986 03:25 15 Jan 15 by homeo.mzp
Hyper thyroid & emotions (for dr. kadwa, j.k mohla evocationer, fitness, deoshlok, simone & senior doctor) especially mental health
Hi, I am Daredevil, born on July 25, 1990. Below ... [LAST PAGE]
84daredevilv901:16 15 Jan 15 by Evocationer
Att, Fitness,, retention problem
My brain cannot retain information,when I read I a... [LAST PAGE]
36kindle16:42 14 Jan 15 by kindle
possible pyometra in 14yr old bitch
Hi, my 14 yr old jack Russell came into season jus...
1Delyth15:06 14 Jan 15 by fitness
I am hoping you can help me here: Male, 47 years ...
1modira13:37 14 Jan 15 by modira
I am suffering from this disease since 2002. I ha...
3NC Mishra12:02 14 Jan 15 by homeo.mzp
17month baby offensive stool 3 times.
Hi! My 17 month old baby has had 3 semi solid stoo...
2samur42010:00 14 Jan 15 by samur420
sir plz help..constipation and esophageal ulcer
Hello. Sir, i want to consult for someone here. ...
6homeopathy871609:47 14 Jan 15 by homeopathy8716
Over Masterbation and it's side effects
Age 20 years Sex Male Physical thin slam body ...
1Usman.Ali09:20 14 Jan 15 by kadwa
gall bladder polyp
dr KADWA I M suffering from gall bladder polyps... [LAST PAGE]
23zemy200709:15 14 Jan 15 by kadwa
Ankle fracture and ligament tear+Achilles tendinitis
Hi I broke my right ankle around 2 months back......
3Morgoth05:40 14 Jan 15 by homeo.mzp
Someone reply me please start my treatment

[message deleted by Nightfall on Wed, 14 Jan 2...
1Nightfall05:17 14 Jan 15 by homeo.mzp
Adrenal Fatigue
I have been struggling with adrenal fatigue for al...
1toothy05:15 14 Jan 15 by homeo.mzp
Case for Evocationer - 60 year old woman with knee pain
My mother is 60 years old about 167. She has had k...
6Am12301:20 14 Jan 15 by Am123
Hi, can anyone help me?
Hi, Happy New Year I suffer from dandruff, red ... [LAST PAGE]
14roycy17:51 13 Jan 15 by drsnehanshusaha
Hi doctor, my name is santosh. My age is 20, i wan...
1santosh manikumar 17:20 13 Jan 15 by fitness
Doctors must read
Hi i m 24 year,male , i want to increase my weight...
1babafooka17:19 13 Jan 15 by fitness
Protein in Urine and High Blood Pressure
My husband has protein in his urine and high bloo...
1tedmunds17:16 13 Jan 15 by fitness
need a doctor
any good homeopathic doctor in karachi for male se...
2desikarachi777 15:42 13 Jan 15 by rabbi124566
2.5 year old with severe, chronic CONSTIPATION...please help!!
My son is 2.5 and has suffered with constipation f...
2kako0515:15 13 Jan 15 by kako05
Dr Mahfooz Ur Rehman...Plz help.
A. Salam .Dr Mahfooz Ur Rehman.Please suggest some...
1thenewone9907:23 13 Jan 15 by thenewone99
hair loss plus fibronids in breast
Hi 1)I have got fibronids in my both breast. I go...
8surabhim 05:34 13 Jan 15 by rishimba
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