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Information given in this forum is given by way of exchange of views only. It is not to be treated as a medical diagnosis, and should not be used as a substitute for seeing a qualified homeopath or physician. In most cases, advice posted here is not given by a medical expert.

If symptoms persist, consult a medical professional.

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Dr Kadwa..stomach upset after having milk and milk products.pl help..
i m 33 year old unmarried woman. whenever i hav...
1monny8210:54 07 Apr 15 by kadwa
for nightfallness
I am very difficult problem...
1harish10:46 07 Apr 15 by kadwa
growth of new hair
here are the answer to some of the questions: 1. ...
3hellosingh10:09 07 Apr 15 by kadwa
Week eye sight
my 6 yr old daughter likes to watch tv n also love...
5priyabhi07:44 07 Apr 15 by gaintrox
I am 34 yrs male with 5.2 Feet height. Is it possi...
1prashkee07:42 07 Apr 15 by Evocationer
Married 7 Years and No Kids
Hello there, I am 35 year man and married 7 yea...
9khmedia06:13 07 Apr 15 by khmedia
hello , i was diagnosed with adenomyosis & tre...
0monikashyap05:35 07 Apr 15 by
Anxiety is back
Hello, Its been a while since last anxiety issu...
3cristtt601:07 07 Apr 15 by Evocationer
Child with tooth decay/demineralization
My 3 year old girl has few teeth being decayed. Tw...
1jacobsmom21:50 06 Apr 15 by simone717
Devic's Disease
Hello, I have a friend whose daughter has devic...
4seekinghelp12320:32 06 Apr 15 by Alexcy
DR. TONY ALMEIDA suggestion for diabetics
discovered a successful treatment for diabetes. ...
11rameshdiabeticcure19:51 06 Apr 15 by achakkilam
my father in law has fractured his right ankle is ...
9priyabhi18:55 06 Apr 15 by priyabhi
chronic gastric problem
Dear Doctor, I 40 years male, weight 64 kg and ...
9ajays0197517:42 06 Apr 15 by rishimba
Has anyone tried Confido by Himalaya
Has anyone taken this medicine for Premature ejacu...
0aamirshah200815:20 06 Apr 15 by
fda hearing - act now!
The FDA is preparing to hold hearings on homeopath...
6Alanheal10:24 06 Apr 15 by Alanheal
How do I reduce strength of remedy?
If I take a strong homeopathic remedy, say Ipecac...
2franion19:31 05 Apr 15 by franion
anxiety,panic condition
Hi sir i want some suggetion i am 28 years old sin...
1ali676716:02 05 Apr 15 by 0antivirus0
discharge before sex
This problem is related with PE. during inercourse...
1akhilesh_2014:09 05 Apr 15 by fitness
weight gain
i am 22 yrs old i want to gain my face mass and bo...
1umer bhat14:07 05 Apr 15 by fitness
Treatment for ataxia?
For years, I've been suffering from symptoms ... [LAST PAGE]
21Mr Ataxia12:12 05 Apr 15 by Mr Ataxia
Liver expanded problem
Dear Mem/Sir I am 51 years old female. I ... [LAST PAGE]
15gouri196408:13 05 Apr 15 by rishimba
Burning mouth syndrome
*Your age, height, weight and appearance please. ...
1D Reema 19:01 04 Apr 15 by homeodr
height to increase in puberty
sir i am 14 but i am 150 cm in am very short in my...
1sankethsunny18:58 04 Apr 15 by homeodr
Rishimba (?): Dental issues, gingivitis, periodontists
Hi Rishimba, Are you in a capacity to take an e... [LAST PAGE]
35bissi 18:14 04 Apr 15 by rishimba
blue tablets
recently when i went to my homeo dr he gave me reg...
1fmsryp14:57 04 Apr 15 by fitness
Cholesterol problem
I am seeking help I was suffering from high blo...
12sitara00:52 04 Apr 15 by simone717
hi to evry body
am greatful to be here cos dis same problem of pe ...
1samklif23:31 03 Apr 15 by simone717
Eczema and bleeding cuts in feet
Ever since a child, I have had dry eczema on my ... [LAST PAGE]
38sadhus21:49 03 Apr 15 by fitness
Lycopodium for Severe Public Speaking Anxiety?
Hello all! I recently began taking Lycopodium ... [LAST PAGE]
30LouLou121:07 03 Apr 15 by simone717
Hi every one I am new to this forum.I need some he... [LAST PAGE]
14353toja 19:23 03 Apr 15 by 53toja
Anal fissure / piles
I am having anal Fissure / piles . I had been und...
3mchandan16:48 03 Apr 15 by sac_sachingoyal
Aggressive dog
We have 2 dogs.Both females.Dog Y was brought when... [LAST PAGE]
16harshita 16:11 03 Apr 15 by harshita
Use of multiple medicines
Two different medicines of different potency , An...
1getsudhir0915:26 03 Apr 15 by simone717
about bad habit ,masterbation daily, sir please help me fast
mind; aversions, dislikes; company; mind; aversio...
2laiq ur rahman13:53 03 Apr 15 by laiq ur rahman
premature ejaculation
i am 24 years married man weight 60 kg. height 5&q...
1arshad14309:14 03 Apr 15 by kadwa
Serious Health issues

[message deleted by sitara on Sat, 04 Apr 2015...
1sitara09:02 03 Apr 15 by kadwa
Dr Kadwa Kindly i need help( Erectile dysfunction issue)
hello sir i am male 29 height 5.6 weight 82 no dri...
3ahmad88808:35 03 Apr 15 by kadwa
PUPPS - pregnancy hives like rash on stomach / back / chest
I am 27 weeks pregnant with my first. For the pas...
4elk13708:15 03 Apr 15 by kadwa
Renal parenchymal disease Remedy
Hi My father-in-law(Male,64 Years) is suffering f...
7elururajesh07:27 03 Apr 15 by rishimba
PLZ i need your assistance
hello sir i am male 29 height 5.6 weight 82 no dri...
2ahmad88806:13 03 Apr 15 by ahmad888
Cavity ,Doctor says need RCT .
I am having cavity in my tooth ,Doctor says he nne...
7rrgreat12305:38 03 Apr 15 by rrgreat123
My son is 15 years old and has started balding and...
12samrad05:22 03 Apr 15 by simone717
head injury
which remedies can cover sleeplessness after hea...
10girl201004:15 03 Apr 15 by beth88
Hyperhidrosis, Excessive Sweating , Perspiration
In homoeopathic it is complete psychosomatic ... [LAST PAGE]
121deoshlok04:14 03 Apr 15 by narinder1_singh
ddddd2 utc] [message edited by girl2010 on Sun, 12...
5girl201003:58 03 Apr 15 by beth88
Nerve pain in teeth
Every night my teeth hurt and I am not sure if it&...
1jacky01:00 03 Apr 15 by nawazkhan
Help with 4 year old abscess!
I have been trying to heal my sons cavities throug...
7dogtrainer3300:58 03 Apr 15 by nawazkhan
Stomach Pain lasting fror more than month
Hello Dr Kadwa/other, My 6-year old daughted is s...
4vbhattacharyya19:09 02 Apr 15 by simone717
EVOCATIONER: Super nausea and irritable bowls
This is a link to my case. I have the nasea aga...
9beth8818:45 02 Apr 15 by simone717
premature ejaculation
I am 41 yrs old and married. I have been masturb...
1punjwani 18:13 02 Apr 15 by DR. R. S. SABADRA
confusion in potency plz help me
i am 24 years married man weight 60 kg from india....
1arshad14316:27 02 Apr 15 by simone717
Patella dislocation in 11 year old girl Child
My 11 year old year old girl child had suffered a ...
5vbhattacharyya14:39 02 Apr 15 by fitness
Can Homeopathy Cure Gall Stone
Hi, I am 23 years old Female from India. Recent...
3madhuri10113:41 02 Apr 15 by nawazkhan
moderate piles
I am 36 and facing mild piles . Burning sensation...
3sakhuja12:20 02 Apr 15 by telescope
Which Alfalfa tonic brand is the best?
Hi! I an 37 year old with indigestion due to ibs...
0samur42009:18 02 Apr 15 by
Swollen, itchy toe 8-year old -doctor please help
Hello, My daughter who is 8 years old has had on...
6Simran2503:32 02 Apr 15 by telescope
Del [message edited by girl2010 on Fri, 06 Nov 201...
0girl201002:30 02 Apr 15 by
Shyness, Anxiety, lack of confidence, stage fright, public speaking fear, palpitation, Negative thinking, depression & Sex problem (Attention: Evocationer please help)
I just would like to inform you that I copied this...
3Anonymousmusam23:46 01 Apr 15 by Evocationer
Trying to conceive while breastfeeding
Hi, I am a breastfeeding mother of 8 months old b...
5Skristi20:52 01 Apr 15 by nawazkhan
Constipation Dr Rahiq / Dr. David , pls reply
[message deleted by honeykhanna on thu, 16 jun 201... [LAST PAGE]
1371HoneyKhanna20:08 01 Apr 15 by kde2012
Request urgent response.
please suggest a remedy for inflammation and water... [LAST PAGE]
260sanjay140109:24 01 Apr 15 by nawazkhan
am i incurable
i have taken sulphur in my itch in leg some two ... [LAST PAGE]
26Laserjet08:52 01 Apr 15 by Laserjet
Dosing and timing
hello i need some advise regarding doses and time.... [LAST PAGE]
15drgreen20306:08 01 Apr 15 by rishimba
My experience with Nitric Oxide
First of all, let me tell you Iíve been taking Nit... [LAST PAGE]
13yochingon05:52 01 Apr 15 by prakash8888
Am i cureable ? Dr Nawaz Khan plz reply
Hi, i really need help i'm suffering with ... [LAST PAGE]
28sweetsonu01:54 01 Apr 15 by nawazkhan
violent nausea feel like i'm going to vomit!
Hi, I dont know if this is part of my constitut...
10beth8801:31 01 Apr 15 by beth88
Constitutional Remedy for 7 year old son
My name is Bell . I am 30 and have three children...
4BellRichardson23:43 31 Mar 15 by telescope
Lichen planus skin
I am suffering from severest form of lechen planus... [LAST PAGE]
14skinrash19:05 31 Mar 15 by skinrash
bloating or flautance but no pain.
Dear Doc, I am 38 male with lean body hav... [LAST PAGE]
16CBS340018:12 31 Mar 15 by CBS3400
Age problem need sugestion
Im a male im 21yrs old n im newly married my...
1AJ Jisan islam15:51 31 Mar 15 by simone717
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