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Information given in this forum is given by way of exchange of views only. It is not to be treated as a medical diagnosis, and should not be used as a substitute for seeing a qualified homeopath or physician. In most cases, advice posted here is not given by a medical expert.

If symptoms persist, consult a medical professional.

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TopicPostsStarted byLast Post
chalazion removal
Hi anyone ever suffering from a large/little chal...
1mookie08:52 24 Apr 15 by 0antivirus0
Lichen Planus : Skin Problem
Dear Drs., I am Balaji and 35 years old... [LAST PAGE]
43abalaji06:12 24 Apr 15 by abalaji
Daughter coughing all night
Hi, my daughter will be turning three next month. ...
5Canadian girl02:55 24 Apr 15 by Canadian girl
Hi doctor please tel us medicin for Ringworm....
1Greatmonis02:48 24 Apr 15 by 0antivirus0
soy overload!! Breast Cyst possibly tumor!
I have realized that I have had most of my woman p...
2beth8800:14 24 Apr 15 by beth88
To Evocationer - Dry, painful cough
Hi Evocationer, I'm having a dry cough for... [LAST PAGE]
14aflorea23:36 23 Apr 15 by aflorea
Meddorhinum for Molluscum Contagiosum
Hi, I am going to be taking meddorhinum for a c...
4Alilove523:05 23 Apr 15 by simone717
Vaginal yeast, bacterial vaginosis in breastfeeding mother
Hi, I am suffering from recurring vaginal yeast an... [LAST PAGE]
16Skristi16:28 23 Apr 15 by simone717
Less periods
Hi, I got married a year ago. My period cycle ...
1Yojana14:20 23 Apr 15 by 0antivirus0
Premature Ejaculation
Hello Dr, I am married and 30 years old male. ...
0marirah12313:36 23 Apr 15 by
excess hair
i am a boy i have excess hair on body can anyone t...
2qadeer11:56 23 Apr 15 by qadeer
baby constipation
My 14 month old daughter has been dealing with con...
7bwill1311:43 23 Apr 15 by telescope
Genital inflammation and burning sensation
Hello dear Dr, I need help with my health condi...
4Naran11:28 23 Apr 15 by Naran
How Do Pathogens Invade Into Prostate Leading to Prostatitis?
The pathogens enter into man¡¯s prostat...
0sylvia071408:41 23 Apr 15 by
Dear Evocationer, would you please look my case.
1. Age,sex,weight,country,occupation. ANS. Male ...
0mhabib02107:43 23 Apr 15 by
dr Kadwa please look into my issue of stomach and help me
1. Age,sex,weight,country,occupation. ANS. Male ...
1mhabib02107:38 23 Apr 15 by mhabib021
need help to relief from breast abscess Left
My name is Nargis and I am around 45 years old. ... [LAST PAGE]
27nargis196907:06 23 Apr 15 by akhter1
skin rashes
My daughter, age 15 yrs, whenever she wear wrist w...
3skmangal07:05 23 Apr 15 by simone717
Remedy for severe cough in 5.5 yr old
My son is suffering from severe cough but that not...
1anil_reck05:28 23 Apr 15 by 0antivirus0
Evocationer: 9 weeks pregnant
Hi there, it's been awhile since I posted. I ...
0alaskamom04:29 23 Apr 15 by
Tense, depressed, anxious...
Hi, I'm a female, 29, unmarried, never pregna... [LAST PAGE]
13sugarbomb02:02 23 Apr 15 by simone717
which potency aggrevates...
I have had aggrevations to LM potencies and 30C po... [LAST PAGE]
23tj747200101:18 23 Apr 15 by Evocationer
I took ativan 0.5 for 2 or three days one a day. I...
3dolphin2200:24 23 Apr 15 by dolphin22
Growing taller at 19?
I'm 19 years old and 6ft, I want to be 6'...
2Bob32100:07 23 Apr 15 by Evocationer
2.5 years toddler gas issue in the night
Dear Doctor, You have helped me in the past so i...
1Malvika12320:53 22 Apr 15 by simone717
white tongue
my age is 25 yrs ,officer in army ,suffering from ...
1Humayunrajput 19:42 22 Apr 15 by nawazkhan
dear sir my wife is diagonosed with polycystic ovaries any dr please help ne
dear sir my wife is diagnosed with polycystic ovar...
11raj2419:38 22 Apr 15 by nawazkhan
Depressed - High BP, Blood Sugar & Cholestrol
Dear Learned Doctors,Self Practitioners.... I a...
4pimathew16:07 22 Apr 15 by telescope
bloating and discomfort in abdomen
As soon as I eat, I experience dull pain and disco...
7Iamhealthy14:59 22 Apr 15 by rishimba
Fingers - Numb and Stiff
I posted this topic in November 2014. At night tim...
4Jingle Bells13:04 22 Apr 15 by 0antivirus0
want to antidote agnus caustus and acid phos
Sir please guide and help antidote agnus caustus...
7homeopathy8716 12:53 22 Apr 15 by homeopathy8716
Fear of public speaking
Hi Im in the age of 30. When I was a little chi...
3mouminah09:46 22 Apr 15 by nawazkhan
Evocationer.. pl help. High BP - High Sugar - and swelling
ear Sir, I hope i am not over burdening you as ...
5dp198408:45 22 Apr 15 by GAYEN
High BP & high cholestroel
My father is 68. but from the last 1-2 years, he w...
2Martworld08:39 22 Apr 15 by GAYEN
Please help - Burning sensation on left foot
Hello Dr, I am 32 yrs 3 months old, male. I am fr...
3abhijit_bwn06:42 22 Apr 15 by adeena
Apple Cider Vinegar in Bangalore
Would anyone please tell me where I can find Apple...
4music_punkster05:51 22 Apr 15 by divsmiles1
Anxiety, Shyness, lack of confidence, stage fright, public speaking fear, palpitation, trembling, Negative thinking, depression; Any experience homeopathic plz help me.
1. I am very shy, timid, quiet, introvert, cowardi... [LAST PAGE]
26raodi 23:57 21 Apr 15 by raodi
I m suffering from acidity from last five years. I...
5mkh200023:47 21 Apr 15 by nawazkhan
my dad he always complain for leg pain
Dr my dad always complain for leg pain his pain st...
1raj2423:37 21 Apr 15 by nawazkhan
Dr reva's-Help required
I have following problems. 1-PE- few seconds,Lack...
5pradeep.y198617:31 21 Apr 15 by simone717
Azoospermia, please suggest medicine
Hi, I am 31 year male and married from last 2.5 ...
3ajit.baheti 17:15 21 Apr 15 by raj24
kindly suggest ramidy...
2mhabib02116:26 21 Apr 15 by mhabib021
My daughter has cholesteatoma All the suggestions ...
3tovia14:10 21 Apr 15 by telescope
Sexual weaknes
Dear sir, musterbation ki buri adat se pareshan ho...
0Greatmonis14:09 21 Apr 15 by
ulcerative cloritis
Please suggest me ur views...i am 28 years old guy...
1virajthakker13:48 21 Apr 15 by 0antivirus0
missed and delayed periods
My name is Nalini Married:from 3 years Sex:female... [LAST PAGE]
44nalinishree 13:47 21 Apr 15 by 0antivirus0
I need help. Something weird is happening
Please, I need serious help. I don't know how...
2SnazzySpartan10:02 21 Apr 15 by SnazzySpartan
Oral Submucous Fibrosis - Very Worried Please Help!
Hello Sir, Trust you will be fine. My wife is 3...
9kashif314 09:56 21 Apr 15 by manishmehraajm
Gas relief for 3 month old
3 month old who is exclusively breastfed seems to ...
2neshemmom07:24 21 Apr 15 by neshemmom
Gastircs,Constipation with soft,sticky stools,low appetite
hii i am having these problem from last 6 month...
9BMG14304:19 21 Apr 15 by telescope
Osmium oxydatum (Osmium tetroxide) compared to Osmium met.
Hello, I'm looking for more info on Osmiu...
1sinlight01:49 21 Apr 15 by Evocationer
Bipolar disorder - Evocationer pls help
Hello, actually I had an account, here it is. M...
1Gotham523:38 20 Apr 15 by Evocationer
Bipolar disorder - Evocationer pls help.
I am using my wife's account, please let me k...
5bluesky7723:10 20 Apr 15 by Evocationer
Evocationer help, Hair loss (I think silica constituent)
Hi Evocationer, I would like to consult with yo...
8coolme20:50 20 Apr 15 by coolme
Infamous (Side)Effexor
My wife is currently weening off of Effexor (ER I ... [LAST PAGE]
158superdave97218:02 20 Apr 15 by simone717
Suffering from Anal fissure
Hello Sir, I am suffering from anal fissure and... [LAST PAGE]
20sac_sachingoyal17:46 20 Apr 15 by homeodr
knee and heel pain
i have swelling and pain on my knees accompanied b...
1shahzadi15:58 20 Apr 15 by nawazkhan
Sulphur and Mag Phos
Can sulfur and Mag phos can be taken together...
1bhuptgu14:56 20 Apr 15 by simone717
To dr. Rishimba, Kadwa for candida/yeast
Hello, I need help for my nursing pain which I am... [LAST PAGE]
19diya12313:34 20 Apr 15 by diya123
Epilepsy and memory problem
I am suffering from epilepsy and I am taking all...
3rajeshagupta00707:53 20 Apr 15 by rishimba
Premature Ejaculation and ED.
I am 43 years old married and have one child of 4 ...
1aamirpk06:13 20 Apr 15 by kadwa
need replacement for clexane inj 40 mg daily !
my wife who had a child 7 years ago and 3 M/c 2 pr...
2baykamal04:50 20 Apr 15 by Evocationer
pain in left testies
I am feeling pain in my left testies from 10 days....
1md.ali01:18 20 Apr 15 by Zady101
Yet Another Pilonidal Cyst
Hi, Per my own reserch here Ive been on 1 dose ...
12pilogo01:13 20 Apr 15 by pilogo
Recent onset of Panic attacks while driving?
Hi all, I am a 46 year old female and over the ... [LAST PAGE]
13Heartland 16:44 19 Apr 15 by simone717
how cure diabeties
hi doctor iam M/32 weight 80 and hight 5.3 ihave d...
5nellore16:38 19 Apr 15 by simone717
Worried!! injury 2 weeks
We have given our cat arnica . I thought it was h...
1beth8815:33 19 Apr 15 by fitness
Lump above left ear
Dear Members , this boy is having a lump above lef...
2aman khan11:08 19 Apr 15 by nawazkhan
Having some problems with Natrum Sulpuricum and a head injury... Please help!
Hello kind healers! I was taking natrum Sulphuric...
10Samalee10:44 19 Apr 15 by telescope
My mother has been suffering from knee pain from s...
7mkh200008:07 19 Apr 15 by rishimba
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