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getting too many tiny flat moles
Hi am reshma . i am 26 yrs old .from past 3 months m getting tiny flat moles on my face..
reshad 2012-03-03
2   andy mark 2 years ago

any remedy for moles
hi every one i am a female 30 yrs old.i have around 12 black color moles on my face and on
banda 2006-06-30
11   andy mark 2 years ago

some dr plzz help. black mole on face
i am 20/m i have a black mole 1 cm below my right eye,it is negligiblrey above surface : *
coolsahil_08 2012-04-15
2   andy mark 2 years ago

Skin Moles propagation
Hi! I am a woman and 50y . Since last year I have some MOLES getting bigger. I had the big
Prisma22 2012-05-15
1   andy mark 2 years ago

31 year old female with Moles, warts and pimple marks..need remedial help
Hi, I am a 31 year old female with lots of skin problems... 1. Moles 2. Warts 3. Acne 4.

MSAS1007 2009-08-29
17   andy mark 2 years ago

Can I use Thuja mother tincture to remove fascial black moles...??
Hello doctors....!! Plzz suggest me can I use thuja mother tincture to remove black moles
Zonera 2012-11-01
2   andy mark 2 years ago

Mole Removal.
Hi, I have a semi-flat and brown mole on my nose. It has been sprayed with some sort of co

PurpleHue 2007-07-31
25   andy mark 2 years ago

mole on face n body
i have lots mole n warts on my face and body.I want to know homeopathy remedy.
rozidarling 2013-04-09
2   andy mark 2 years ago

Adult Acne, Acne Marks, Moles n warts and stretch marks
I have filled the questionnaire so that you have complete details about me. I need help a
JS100778 2013-07-05
6   andy mark 2 years ago

Mole on forehead
Is thuja 200 liquid is good for mole I am 54 male and have mole on my forehead and how to
aidasani 2013-09-25
2   andy mark 2 years ago

Need Guidance on Moles
Dear Doctor, I would like know that if I have a mole in my body is it harmful for health?
abhijitsarkar74 2014-01-07
2   andy mark 2 years ago

Facial moles/warts and Thuja gel
Hi, I am a 30 year old female with an extremely problematic skin. I usually had clear ski
Juzzfokix 2014-05-19
2   andy mark 2 years ago

moles on face
hi dr. i m 24 yrs old married girl i have many moles on my face some of them r big(a erase
tarannumfatima 2014-12-16
5   andy mark 2 years ago

Moles brownish black in color on face,neck and eyelid.
1. Describe your main suffering? Ans : I am suffering from Moles on my neck,face,eyelid.I
johnoun 2015-02-04
2   andy mark 2 years ago

Moles on face
Hi! Wondering if a homeopathic remedy can get rid of the 3 moles on my face -- I've s

olivia_b 2014-10-06
30   andy mark 2 years ago

Treating black raised mole on skin
How to treat old raised black mole on facial skin?
swalov 2015-05-18
3   andy mark 2 years ago

Flat black moles, help me
there are so many flat black moles on my face and body , nearly 16 on my face itself , bec
Rishi iam 2015-06-10
1   andy mark 2 years ago

black moles on face
Hello Sir please help me I have moles on my face how to remove the moles fastly I am 25 y
razasjp 2015-09-17
1   andy mark 2 years ago

black moles on my face
Sir I am raza I have moles on my face one is big and other are small in group sir I am 25
razasjp 2015-09-17
2   andy mark 2 years ago

Any help to get rid of or prevent moles?
ajo 2015-12-04
1   andy mark 2 years ago

Moles 11 year old
My 11 year old son has been getting lots of moles. Mostly on upper torso and face. He ha
ajo 2015-12-03
2   andy mark 2 years ago

black moles on face
My 15 years daughter has lot of black moles on her face. Plz suggest medicine.
surender 2016-01-12
3   andy mark 2 years ago

2 year old wake up every night at 11pm
Every night without fail, my almost 2 year old wakes up b/w 11pm-midnight. She also has ec
michelelee 2016-04-05
1   kadwa 2 years ago

Tennis Elbow
Hello...I've returned to playing tennis after 30+ years this last summer and now am s
eyewearinsight 2016-04-04
1   kadwa 2 years ago

Urgent Help- Constant Low grade fever child
My kid is suffering from low grade fever from last 5 days.Fever range(98-99-100).And sudde
Nikita D 2016-03-17
7   kadwa 2 years ago

Piles problem
Dears, I had open heart surgery in jne, 2015 for replacement of aortic valve. Now i am on

khuram89 2016-02-21
34   kadwa 2 years ago

chronic typhoid since last 2 year , plz help
S .typhi 'o' - 1/160 S.typhtyphi 'h ' - 1/160 But typhi dot - negat
manish1 2016-04-06
2   manish1 2 years ago

chronic typhoid fever since last 2 year
S .typhi 'o' - 1/160 S.typhtyphi 'h ' - 1/160 But typhi dot - negat
manish1 2016-04-07
no replies yet

Dr Mahfooz ur rehman...Low Sperm Motility Plz Help....
I am 30year old.I have low sperm motility.I am married for 1year but still no child.This i

thenewone99 2013-02-14
99   Talib1 2 years ago

cakkaushik 2016-04-06
no replies yet

Mother Tinture vs Pills - Which one to choose?
Are they both working in the same way?
agriz 2016-04-06
no replies yet

please help - allergic rhinitis
Need Help. I have allergic Rhinitis - my nose is blocked all the time. There is thick yel
ichbinVishal 2016-04-06
no replies yet

Tinnitus - How to know which sound it is?
Ringing, Roaring, Buzzing, Hissing , whistling, cracking , echoing. Is there any example f
agriz 2016-04-05
3   agriz 2 years ago

Throth pain extending upto right ear
Dear Sir, my wife 33, is suffering from throat pain from last two days. The pain is littl
harerama9714 2016-04-06
2   harerama9714 2 years ago

Pins and needles sensation when temperature rises
Hello , My name is Adams and I'm a Ghanaian from West Africa.I study actuarial scienc
Zequi 2015-08-29
9   ZEQUI1 2 years ago

Testicular Cyst
Hi, I am looking for advice regarding a testicular cyst that has been developed in my righ

Sujash 2015-07-10
112   Sujash 2 years ago

inner ear, dizziness, headaches
Hello, I am 49 y.o. female started to get dizzy since October 2015. It was whole day, non-
bliss49 2016-04-02
5   vk804 2 years ago

Request Dr Kadwa to prescribe for 9 months old son.
Hello doctor, request you to suggest medicines for my 9 months old son for the following a
Nehaaadya 2016-04-06
no replies yet

chronic typhoid since last 2 year
Widal report.. S .typhi 'o' - 1/160 S.typhtyphi 'h ' - 1/160 But typ
manish1 2016-04-06
no replies yet

Please help. Eczema
Hello , I have 17 month old daughter and she is having eczema for more than one year. Sin
theysee 2016-04-06
1   homeo_helper 2 years ago

Repost - Please someone?
Please Help - Depression, leg pain & swelling, water retention and inability to loss w
bestmomfl 2016-03-19
10   bestmomfl 2 years ago

suppressed gonorrhea
Hello, I have begun to study homeopathy and have learned about suppressed diseases. I was

gardenerd 2010-08-19
138   Friesteng 2 years ago

my hair and beardgetting white
24 yr height 5'8" Weight 60 kg My hair and veard getting white pkease suggest me sol
tejas1 2016-03-22
2   Friesteng 2 years ago

Low Testosterone and Obesity
Hello, Age: 38 Gender: Male Weight: 110 kgs Height: 5 feet 8 inches Ethnicity: Indian Cur
dexter78 2016-04-02
3   Friesteng 2 years ago

suppressed gonorrhea-a few more things
I am always thirsty and drink a lot of water-still thirsty I am usually constipated even t
gardenerd 2010-08-19
2   Friesteng 2 years ago

Ankylosing Spondylitis.. is there any permanent cure for this?
hello everyone myself Talwinder Singh am suffering from ankylosing spondylitis from last
TALwinDER 2015-12-13
11   TALwinDER 2 years ago

Bengaliji kindly stop flooding
You are requested not to flood messages into the forum as this a homeopathic forum and not
mitesh1 2016-04-05
no replies yet

Lower teeth very weak
I am 27/male. I have a teeth problem it feels like someone is pulling my lower front teeth
nk111 2016-04-04
2   nk111 2 years ago

Ptosis in right eye
Hi, I am a 32 year old male. Around 8 months ago, my otherwise normal right eye got som
Zorbee 2016-04-04
3   telescope 2 years ago

2.5 year old eat wall flakes, putti and paint.
Hello doctor, my 2.5 year old eats a lot of wall flakes which consist of concrete, putti a
Nehaaadya 2016-04-01
2   Nehaaadya 2 years ago

Umbilical Hernia
Hi I am looking for help with my daughters umbilical hernia. dr's are pushing surgery
jamiecastleberry 2016-04-04
1   homeo_helper 2 years ago

Nat Mur or Phos?
Everyone, I am just beginning in my study of Homeopathy and I am having trouble distinguis
Withering322 2016-03-28
1   bapu4 2 years ago

Post Nasal discharge
I am suffering from sinusitis. I have consulted many doctors and it is not cured. I am n
agriz 2016-04-04
no replies yet

Premature Ejaculation
Hi, I'm 26 year old and unmarried. I've the problem of premature ejaculation and
Shib1 2016-03-16
4   mochagenj75 2 years ago

For Telescope
Simone717 suggested I request you specifically in my post :) I am a 33 year-old female in

lvogel22 2015-08-25
98   lvogel22 2 years ago

Premature ejeculation
Dear Sir, I'm 38 years old, have two kids. my penis is not hard & stand right
Enamul1 2016-04-04
2   Enamul1 2 years ago

Lack of Libido depression anxiety stress
Hi, I am writing this mail in great desperation. I am a 32 year old male married for 2 yea

siddmale 2013-11-22
75   Colors 2 years ago

My mother is 76 years old. She has been suffering from enuresis (bed-wetting) from last 5
mkh2000 2016-04-04
1   kadwa 2 years ago

Severe hiccups
Dear doctors My father is 76 years old. Doctors cut some parts of his large intestine due
azade 2016-04-01
1   kadwa 2 years ago

Chronic Severe M<R
My Father AGE 66 is suffering from Severe Chronic MR, Parkinson’s , Paralysis Stroke
softdbayahoo.com 2016-03-31
1   kadwa 2 years ago

Enlarged adenoids (8-month-old) - Dr. Kadwa
Hello, our 8-month-old baby boy was diagnosed with enlarged adenoids and is up for a surge
yuliak 2016-02-08
7   kadwa 2 years ago

Satish Pasrija
A male aged 30 years. Is on anti epileptic medicines. Current problems are - that he ha
Satish Pasrija 2016-04-02
1   akshaymohl 2 years ago

Stroke/Paralysis and Behaviour Improvement suggestions please.
Hello Sir/Mam, My father suffered stroke about 45 days before, it is not haemorrhage but j
ABhi.MD 2016-03-26
2   ABhi.MD 2 years ago

please help , urgent nee of help , disc prolapsed , back pain
hello sir , greetings to all . here i m discussing the case of my father. he is having p

yawar 2016-02-18
19   yawar 2 years ago

LM Potencies
Hi All, I would like to know your experiences about using the same remedy in ch or L
seroquel 2016-04-02
no replies yet

Dear Dr, I am 32 years old.I did masturbate for past 6 years, and now i get problem of pr
malik25 2016-04-02
no replies yet

Hi, I having cold due to weather change, running nose, sneezing, Please suggest me the m
drai05 2016-04-02
1   mitesh1 2 years ago

help to choose among Pulsa,Ars and Sulp
Dear sir, as i checked my symptoms, it comes about equal pulsatila, arsenic and sulpher.
farsi_007 2016-04-02
2   farsi_007 2 years ago

I would like to know the source from which folliculinum is made. I read, it is from ovari
Davrp 2016-03-30
1   Davrp 2 years ago

Child Cranky , irritable, not eating
Dear doctors, My daughter is 4 yrs old. She is generally in good mood when her stomach is

sfreya 2010-04-10
13   forfeit 2 years ago

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