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is this homeopathy?
Respected Doctors, I am looking for a advice. I was having the problem of premerure eja

advice2 2016-08-10
66   advice2 4 days ago

ACL s/o sprain / Partial tear
HI, This is my first post. Actually I have two issue but want to ask 1 st issue.2 yea
IamKunal 2017-08-03
9   IamKunal 5 days ago

seek classical homeopath
seek classical homeopath to suggest me the treatment 1. Name Rajiv Bakshi 2. 56 years

Niiev161 2017-07-20
25   Niiev161 5 days ago

excessive sweating
hi, doctor i m 32 years old. i m facing this problem last 10 years. sweating too much wh

kalyan24 2016-03-11
62   akshaymohl 5 days ago

Oily scalp and hairloss
Hi, I'm 22 years old and im suffering from extreme hairloss , my family has MPB but
sensesx 2017-08-12
8   sensesx 5 days ago

Homeopathic remedy for intense skin itching for daughter 18 months old
Hello, This is my first time posting here. My daughter is 18 months old and she gets in
RahulK1 2017-08-14
3   RahulK1 5 days ago

FOR DR.NAWAZ - Perianal abscess returns :(
Dr. Nawaz, It is with great fear I return to this thread nearly exactly one year from
purplecat44 2017-06-23
2   moni1 5 days ago

Weight gain & feeling bloated
Several years ago I was diagnosed with fibroidsn i'm in my late 40's and perimen

theseasidegirl 2017-05-03
20   simone717 5 days ago

Help with Molluscum
Need your help. I am 53 year old female. I have attached the image of my forehead, which I

suna711 2017-07-26
16   suna711 5 days ago

Homeopathy/Antibiotics compatibility
Hi guys, I have to start a homeopathic treatment next week, but I also need to take ant
rahman_hope 2017-08-13
6   jawahar 5 days ago

Facing nightfall problem.
Good morning sir I myself Harsh kumar from bihar I m facing Nightfall problem since 5 ye

harshkumar7711 2017-01-25
97   jawahar 5 days ago

Hearing loss due to nerve weakness
Hi Myself had a hearing loss due to nerve weakness (as per Doctor after seeing all the te
Urexowrb 2017-08-15
1   jawahar 5 days ago

chronic hives
I have chronic hives and would like to learn all I can about controlling this problem. I
teddie 2017-08-14
1   0antivirus0 5 days ago

Is this aggravation?
I am suffering from schizophrenia. I am taking solian 200, olimelt 10, and sizodon forte.

avito009 2017-07-27
17   avito009 5 days ago

Acne between temples and eyebrows
hello, i am 26 year old male , in good state of health. having problem of acne betwe
freaking 2017-08-15
1   drthoufeequebhms 5 days ago

Urgent Dr Thoufeeq!!
I will work on this..please fill in the below questionnaire where you have not described i
dr toufeeq1 2017-08-10
10   drthoufeequebhms 5 days ago

Bad smell from penis ruining my life
Hi.... I'm a 50 years old male and I have this horrible smell coming from my penis

chharo 2016-11-23
14   JAK888 5 days ago

Hives in summer
hello, i am 26 year old male , in good state of health. having problem of hives from las
freaking 2017-05-09
7   freaking 5 days ago

hypothyroidism (plz plz plz help me)
Gender: Male Age:44 Body Type: Over Weight Height: 5'7" Weight: 86 kg
Peer G 2017-08-15
3   akshaymohl 5 days ago

cervical spondylosis and allied vertigo
Respected friends, I a male, 59, 5'5'', 70 kgs, fair complexion,by profe
sandy3 2017-08-15
1   akshaymohl 5 days ago

over masturbation since childhood plzzz help to recover...
Sir, I suffered from over masturbation.and it ruin my life and my carrier. I don't
Uirtaufok 2017-08-15
1   akshaymohl 5 days ago

swift234 2017-08-01
18   swift234 5 days ago

5-yo girl, constipation, encopresis, bedwetting
My daughter very much dislikes going to the bathroom. She's much too busy to be bothe
Spinny 2017-08-14
5   sameergupta1 5 days ago

Suffering from Anal Fistula.
Dear Doctors, This is Sai from Hyderabad. Working as a software engineer. I am sufferi
sai1322 2014-03-03
3   sameergupta1 5 days ago

High blood sugar
Hello dear drs, I am 47 yrs and my husband is 62 yrs. We both recently dignosed with high
Rupa1970 2017-08-14
1   Nikkie 6 days ago

which is more powerful 200c or 12x or Q potentcies??
Hi all, 3 times/day of a particular remedy in 200c ,12x or Q potency is taken. which
ganapathi1 2017-08-08
6   maheeru 6 days ago

Magnetis polus australis 1M - granules
Hello, I have received a small bottle with granules of Magnetis Polus Australis 1M .
Sabotela 2017-08-14
3   Phanuel 6 days ago

Depression problem
Hey all, 4 years ago I had an incident with laced marijuana which has messed me up to this
Driven 2017-08-04
6   Zady101 6 days ago

excess urination
Hello Doctor i am 84 years female, diabetic type 2, suffering with excess urination for th
anasuya1 2017-08-14
1   drthoufeequebhms 6 days ago

Im Shovan from India and im 31 years old. Im a in telecom support always full of stress
shovan18 2017-08-14
1   drthoufeequebhms 6 days ago

drthoufeeqbhms need help
Hello drthoufeeqbhms I am posting this new post , sir you have previously replied to all m
Sweety3 2017-08-08
4   Sweety3 6 days ago

Need Some urgent Suggestions Pls
Doctor, I am 43 yrs. old. I had DVT on my right leg in 2006 and recently about 5 months b
Lakshmi3 2017-08-14
1   0antivirus0 6 days ago

Seborrheic Dermatitis and Excessive Earwax
Hi everyone, I am new to these forums and seeing what has been posted. I would like to
BrokenIntentionz 2006-10-25
11   Joeyoj9 6 days ago

Tired of Hand Eczema
Greetings. I have been experiencing a rash on my hands for about 6 weeks. It started wit

superdude 2011-09-16
20   Joeyoj9 6 days ago

Mastuburation and chewing tobbaco addiction
I am doing mastuburation since 10 years due to which I feel very weak mental and ph
Mree 2017-07-03
11   DrManojVEDI 6 days ago

need help with psoriasis please...
viktor87 2017-08-07
2   jawahar 6 days ago

Hypertension and Tinnitus
My blood pressure became high about 6 years ago. I am now 58 years old. It now averages an
SevenFeathers 2017-05-14
12   jawahar 6 days ago

Premature Ejaculation
dear doctor I am 35 years old married having 3 child. suffering from premature ejaculatio
xain 2017-06-12
4   lerit 6 days ago

Oleum Jecoris Q ( Mother Tincture) for Excess hair ?
I have read that Oleum Jecoris reduces excess hair I started taking Oleum Jecoris 3 tw
amazingsoul 2015-11-26
1   mampu 6 days ago

Acne/pimple problem for my teenager son
My 14 year old son is breaking out with acne / pimples on his forehead and nose. Pleas
bb_mom71 2017-07-26
9   drthoufeequebhms 6 days ago

Hello I am 63, on Lenalidomide chemo to reduce leaky platelets for myeloma which affects
Ratio 2017-08-12
1   kadwa 6 days ago

Very Serious ,Low Libido , Low serum testosterone , 28 Years .
Hello . this is my first ever post to any forum, i am a business man and sportsman fac
Rocky5 2017-08-12
1   kadwa 6 days ago

DR.Kadwa -lab with hip dysplasia
Dear Sir, My 10 years old labrador dog is suffering from tremendous leg pain on left sid
ghoshdastidar1980 2017-08-10
1   kadwa 6 days ago

eustachian tube defect
dear sir, I am 25 yrs old and i have some ear problem in both ear i thought i have w
rajivtripathi3 2017-08-06
4   kadwa 6 days ago

Sir,I am 63 yrs old man.Diabetic from 5yrs.sugar is in control.From 1 month I feel burning
Bhogeswararao 2017-08-12
5   Reva V last week

how to take caladium seg
i am using caladium seg. (liquid form) for premature errecation self after reading about
AMIT18 2017-08-14
no replies yet

Filaria , Filariasis , Elephantiasis , -Cure permanently - Try it Now Dr. Deoshlok Sharma
Filaria Filaria is a long, thread-like roundworm called Wuchereria Bancrofti that lives a

deoshlok 2007-02-25
27   Gsquarzoni last week

22 month old not walking
Hello I feel that the right remedy could greatly help my daughter. She has no desire to
veron1 2017-07-30
3   akshaymohl last week

pnemonia critical situation
Hello , My father (74 years old) is diagnosed with Pneumonia as per doctor it is 3rd st
msingla 2017-08-13
3   Zady101 last week

Pre ejaculation nerve problem
Whenever I perform sex, I feel sensation in the nerves of my vests causes premature ejacul
Pradeep0412 2017-07-26
1   Pradeep0412 last week

New Forum Issues
Anybody having any issues with the forum? If so, please post below. Or abchomeopathy.com/c

moderator 2017-05-30
14   jawahar last week

acne and oily skin
Hello everybody!! I know that my condition doesn't count for a serious one but I wou
flowrtobloom 2012-06-05
6   IvethFonseca last week

potency selection
i have selected sepia for menstrual problems and other things. But I have no idea what
cbatta9 2017-07-02
2   jawahar last week

fear of being alone
Hello, guys, How are you? I've been treating a case and the patient has improve
mhtboaventura 2017-07-03
2   jawahar last week

Cure for Squint Eye
My daughter is 9 years old she has squint in left eye more and a slightly in right eye. Sh
jag_abchomeo 2017-07-04
2   jawahar last week

Nose blocked
One side of the nose is blocked the other side is free. Blockage changes from left to wrig
Casino94 2017-05-26
7   jawahar last week

Insomnia - please help
Hello, My mom has been taking " kali phos 6X " at night. She has been taki
Wierc 2017-08-13
3   jawahar last week

pink eye? Please help:)
My daughter who is 23 years old has trouble with her eye for a few weeks now. Her right e
penny3 2017-08-12
1   akshaymohl last week

Constipation with Piles
Hi, I am severely suffering from digestive disorder since last 3 years. Main problems a
Glassy99 2017-08-10
3   jawahar last week

For Nikkie
I have been following you Doctor Nikkie and I find your approach to treatment very good as
Pelt20sce 2017-08-09
10   Nikkie last week

Inverse Psorasis
Hello, I am suffering from psorasis since my childhood. Just after 6 months of my born

Tejal1 2017-08-07
22   Zady101 last week

sourabh16031998 2016-12-08
2   SevenFeathers last week

Would a homeopath be able to take my case?
Hi, would a homeopath be able to take my case? If so can you send me the questionnaire to
Ad1234 2017-08-05
10   jawahar last week

Cure for high platelet count
1. Age/Sex/Country/Climate: 33/male/USA/4 seasons - Was living in India until 4 years ag
sbaradia 2017-08-12
2   sbaradia last week

ingrowing toe nail numbness
Doctor, Please help me. I m suffering from a severe pain in my both ingrowing toe
sucheta basu 2017-08-12
1   drthoufeequebhms last week

to 0antivirus0 plz respond
Need medical astrology solution. 1. Age,sex,weight,country,occupation. ANS. 24,40,Ind

bhrtbhrdwaj 2017-06-22
18   0antivirus0 last week

Kind attn Antivirus
Hello Doctor, Kindly advise if you could take my case below. I am really in need of your

mentally upset 2017-06-20
32   0antivirus0 last week

When a doctor prescribed Arsenic Album 0/1- 16 doses what does it mean ? Thanks.
PARTHA RAY 2017-08-10
2   Nikkie last week

Help required ( Constipation / High TSH / Liver issue)
Dear Doctors, I am a 33 yrs old male. I need some help from some of the issues I am fac
alok.20jan 2017-07-26
6   alok.20jan last week

homyopathy diplona in distance mode
hello i am govind narayan shukla i had passed bsc in 2007 i need distance mode homyopathy
gnshukla 2017-08-12
1   PARTHA RAY last week

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