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Information given in this forum is given by way of exchange of views only. It is not to be treated as a medical diagnosis, and should not be used as a substitute for seeing a qualified homeopath or physician. In most cases, advice posted here is not given by a medical expert.

If symptoms persist, consult a medical professional.

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TopicPostsStarted byLast Post
poor sperm cout, infertiality ,Premature Emmesion
Hi sir, I am 22 years old .I used steroids (testo...
3Muhammad Rehman109:39 24 Feb 17 by mnaari
Dizziness,Headache with swelling under eyes
Hi, My husband faints few days back then he has...
3Agusain09:12 24 Feb 17 by Teupne
Hello sir my name is ariz and i m 21 year old,,and...
1Arizzafar 09:12 24 Feb 17 by josh9500
I want to increase my height.
Gender-Male Age-20 year Height-5'10" ...
6Vick08:15 24 Feb 17 by Vick
Seems like i have insomnia and cannot sleep at a...
1Lakshmi505:08 24 Feb 17 by homeo_helper
8 month old teething
Hi, Thank you for your site. I've looked at ...
7p31smith04:30 24 Feb 17 by simone717
Acne Scalp/folliculitis
I am a July born guy 27 years old male PROBLEM ...
9netwiz8701:09 24 Feb 17 by homeodr
Need some guidance on Ignatia Amara 30c
I just bought this since my sister had seen a home...
5analilia00:28 24 Feb 17 by simone717
help!!! 5 week old chronic acid reflux
My 5 week old has sever acid reflux . He projecti...
2mekamouse3021:45 23 Feb 17 by sameervermani
living imagination world
Age 22 height 5.4 weight 54-60. i'm very... [LAST PAGE]
17akhilsharma117:01 23 Feb 17 by simone717
Piles from last 2.5 yrs
Dear sir I am suffering from piles and and f...
12vikash.patel116:00 23 Feb 17 by akshaymohl
Acute Epilepsy with retarded growth
I need help for my son who is about 7.5 years toda... [LAST PAGE]
18ashochha14:15 23 Feb 17 by ashochha
abdomen and back right pain
Good day!HELP! I am 60.Have abdomen right side pa...
4marisha12:29 23 Feb 17 by marisha
Dry skin, dry eyes dry mouth
Hello I had taken 2 dose of nat mur bio chemic ...
2princess310:34 23 Feb 17 by princess3
Dr. Kadwa......Please advice
Age: 25 Height: 6’ Weight: 76 Kg Marita...
7faizy12332107:22 23 Feb 17 by kadwa
Eustachan tube dysfunction
Hi, For the last 3 months I am fighting another b...
1waw07:17 23 Feb 17 by kadwa
vegus nerve disfunction
Has anyone heard of this problem? I have been suf...
1toberedeemed07:15 23 Feb 17 by kadwa
Weak Erection
My penis erection is too weak. It last only 120-16...
3faruq060206:59 23 Feb 17 by faruq0602
Dr Kadwa.. Partially Retroverted and bulky uterus
Dear Dr. Kadwa, My Sister aged about 30 years, ... [LAST PAGE]
26kolkata12306:58 23 Feb 17 by kadwa
Caged bird proper breeding
Sir have any medicine / supplement for proper bree...
1Samaresh Das06:50 23 Feb 17 by kadwa
Help Needed for PE
I am a 38 yrs married male, height 5'10"...
4illperson06:49 23 Feb 17 by illperson
sex problem
Sir, My age is 40 years i am india and my probl...
9Goirdau06:44 23 Feb 17 by kadwa
Question, only for Doctors
Taking Multiple Remedies Together is allowed? ...
5RobertW06:26 23 Feb 17 by kadwa
9.5 months baby suddenly stopped eating solids
My 9.5 month old baby suddenly stopped eating soli...
2Tushina05:29 23 Feb 17 by Tushina
Multiple problems
I am looking for a cure for masturbation problem. ...
2Utsav Sharma05:04 23 Feb 17 by jawahar
Headache during masturbation
Sir im masturbating 7to 8 times a week and befor 2...
3Dhruv105:04 23 Feb 17 by jawahar
Psoriasis since 2003. Requesting Dr Sameer Vermani's help
I have had psoriasis since 2003, I think. It was...
10Wadia105:03 23 Feb 17 by jawahar
All Vital Organs Weak & Under Performing !
- I am 36, Never Married, Weigh 63Kg, Height 5...
7Ardos04:58 23 Feb 17 by jawahar
kidney stones of 4.4mm and...
1sadaf200:06 23 Feb 17 by homeo_helper
Less facial hair growth especially moustache
Hi, I am 22 years old,5'11", weight 78,...
4Halfblood20:57 22 Feb 17 by Halfblood
Nat.sulph 30x
Sir, I was advised by Anuj sir to contact SIMONE m...
4bhavanarayana20:18 22 Feb 17 by simone717
Hello, looking for treatment for hernia, please ad...
1Water123119:38 22 Feb 17 by deoshlok
Please Help
Hello Reader, Hope you are well. Second time wr...
1Zali_198219:33 22 Feb 17 by deoshlok
low hdl level
Few days ago, i got my results of test Lipid Profi...
1engr_ghilzai13619:32 22 Feb 17 by deoshlok
Baldness, Acute Constipation, Phlegm, Headache
Respected Everyone. I need your help. From last ...
1Jeerce19:30 22 Feb 17 by deoshlok
endometrioma cyst
Dear Dr. I am a female age 24. I have been mar...
1dina m19:27 22 Feb 17 by deoshlok
The colour yellow, Noble metals and miasms
I'd like to discuss the sycotic, syphilitic a...
0veryadjustable19:23 22 Feb 17 by
Fordyce Spots
Hi i have got fordyce spots on lips, penis shaft a...
1irahman9518:55 22 Feb 17 by mnaari
Less interest in sex
I am a 38 year male i have found that day by day i...
1kashifkbr18:02 22 Feb 17 by mnaari
skin problem
sir, i have been suffering from skin problem sinc...
4Tamanna115:07 22 Feb 17 by Tamanna1
Yeast overgrowth on my dog's skin due to which there is itching all over his body,licking and biting,pawing at face and shaking his head,recurrent ear problems
tell a remedy please to help my dog...
1sourabh1603199814:28 22 Feb 17 by NoHarm
chronic case of Allergy.. Need help terribly !
Hello there!Im 25 year old female suffering from c... [LAST PAGE]
85bhama12:13 22 Feb 17 by bhama
Please help ...... Is it peyronie or phimosis?
Dear sirs, Age:28. Weight:65kg. Height:174cm....
3Midhu08:58 22 Feb 17 by jawahar
Premature ejacuation#
Hello sir my age is 26 and I started Masturbation ... [LAST PAGE]
22Stupid_k08:52 22 Feb 17 by jawahar
Does Nat Mur 3X Help with Language development
Hi Experts, I wanna know if anyone have experie...
4Homeopathy198006:07 22 Feb 17 by bapu4
Does Nat mur cause you to be sleepy?
Does Nat mur cause you to be sleepy? I've b...
4jj779801:31 22 Feb 17 by simone717
Nailbed Inflammation
I am 50 year old female. The nailbed of my 3 left ... [LAST PAGE]
13suna71122:09 21 Feb 17 by suna711
Schizophrenia and help... please
My son been on Anacardium 30 c wet dose for 5 mo... [LAST PAGE]
25Down16:12 21 Feb 17 by Teupne
Severe ADHD, Procrastination, Lack of Focus, Inactive reading/listening
Dear Doctor, My name is Neetigya Saxena, I am ... [LAST PAGE]
21Neetigya16:09 21 Feb 17 by Teupne
Premature Ejaulation
Hi Doctor, Thank you in advance for your help. ...
5Zali_198214:24 21 Feb 17 by Zali_1982
Recently i was diagnoised for the following. Left...
2rajarammohan10:39 21 Feb 17 by rajarammohan
Unwanted hair below chin and neck
I am 27 years old.My chin, neck region and some ot...
1akansha26garg10:34 21 Feb 17 by homeo_helper
Sulphur and Nux Vomica effect
Hi i am 20 years old. i masturbates 5 times a week...
3Teja09:29 21 Feb 17 by Teja
Gall stone removal with homeopathy
My wife has gall stones . Can they be removed/dis... [LAST PAGE]
29RKS56708:09 21 Feb 17 by ishtiaqueahmad
Severe rheumatoid Arthritis please help
My mother is suffering from Joint stiffness,joint ...
8Vikas307:03 21 Feb 17 by Vikas3
Gastritis and Sinusitis
Hi Doctor Kadwa, I'm 40 years old. Female.I h...
2priyasuresh1101:26 21 Feb 17 by priyasuresh11
9 year old son wetting bed
My 9 year old son is a very deep sleeper. He has ...
5b00gl3000:50 21 Feb 17 by b00gl30
Psoriasis relapse. Requesting Dr Sameer Vermani's help
I have had psoriasis since 2003, I think. It was...
1Wadia120:53 20 Feb 17 by deoshlok
Explicit Tuberculinum Case Potency and Type
Hello Experts, I have a child who is tuberculi...
1Homeopathy198020:49 20 Feb 17 by deoshlok
Dr. sharma- lost faith in my self.
Age 22 wieght 54-57 kg height - 5.3/4 problem i...
4akhilsharma115:35 20 Feb 17 by simone717
hyperacidity & constipation...
Hello Sir, From 2007 am facing acidity and consti... [LAST PAGE]
26Jirf14:29 20 Feb 17 by akshaymohl
Scabies help
Family member has scabies since Oct 2016 taken Ive...
8Edgeargere12:01 20 Feb 17 by Teupne
CHillness in the body
During evening and night hours chillness in the bo...
1sivasiva4510:28 20 Feb 17 by deoshlok
Homeopathy help for food intolerance and eczema
Please can I get expert help on eczema and food ...
1Eczema8410:26 20 Feb 17 by deoshlok
Parotid Swelling
Dear Sir, I am facing Gland problem.This is on ... [LAST PAGE]
38asimumer10:22 20 Feb 17 by Teupne
Clarification required on bartya carb 3x
Dear Sir, I read so many forums for 30c and 200...
2Midhu09:51 20 Feb 17 by Midhu
I am 31, short and slim, not married. I am suffer... [LAST PAGE]
27Doobourbui09:00 20 Feb 17 by Doobourbui
Request Dr Kadwa to prescribe.
Hello doctor, request your guidance to help me ove... [LAST PAGE]
13Nehaaadya08:28 20 Feb 17 by kadwa
Epileptic seizures in my cat - please help
Hello My family has been using homeopathy for y...
1Dideebop08:15 20 Feb 17 by kadwa
Anyone, righteye problem
I have shortsightedness in right eye. A feeling o...
1eyepain108:06 20 Feb 17 by kadwa
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