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height growth problem
I am 20 yrs old. My height is 161cm i want increase my height at least 170cm. Is it possib
Priyangsu 2015-07-23
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Thyronorm alongwith Homepathy medicine
Need one urgent and very temporary advise. My mother 66 years is being treated by a hoome
dave_brijesh 2015-07-21
2   dave_brijesh 3 years ago

Wisdom tooth problem -need help
The gum around my wisdom tooth is swollen and the dentist calls it pericoronitis. Need a h
Iamhealthy 2015-07-21
5   simone717 3 years ago

Distended abdomen/bloating with Silica 1M
Hello everyone: I am hoping to get some advice here. I have long thought that I might be
ngtoronto 2015-07-20
7   telescope 3 years ago

Kadwa - Need remedies for lipoma
Dear Dr.s, I am Arun and 31 years old male.I have 2 lipomas in my head scalp and they are
Arunn 2015-07-21
3   kadwa 3 years ago

Dear Dr.Kadwa Thank for your kind and sympathetic reply of my post dated 18-7-2015.Sir,at
Hussain20 2015-07-22
1   kadwa 3 years ago

i am trying to get pregnant
i am a 22 year old girl and im trying to get pregnant with a baby im on treatment for high
ineedadoctor1234 2015-07-22
1   kadwa 3 years ago

At the age of 5 years i got a high temperature and after taking injection my body temperat
patil.jaydeep015 2015-07-21
1   kadwa 3 years ago

Can some Homeopathy expert please help me with a remedy for pericoronitis- swelling of gum
Iamhealthy 2015-07-21
1   kadwa 3 years ago

Red Rash on Penis
I am 43yr old male and recently I noticed that I have red rashes on my penis. I used thrus
psm72 2015-05-20
7   Arunn 3 years ago

Hives breastfeeding
Hi I have started getting hives after 7 weeks postpartum... I sometimes take Claritin... B
dp999 2015-06-23
7   kadwa 3 years ago

piles with haemorrhoid
hello, I am 35 years old male, suffering from chronic pilesfrom the last 6 years , having

amagan 2015-06-02
38   nawazkhan 3 years ago

nerve pain
My brother met an accident on 26th jan 2007 and had fractures in both arms and one leg. he

rschaudhary 2015-07-02
13   rschaudhary 3 years ago

duration of homeo medicine
Sir, on Aug'2013, one of the homeo doctor recommended one drum of Nux 30c for 3 days.
tapa100 2015-07-22
1   AsadGhumman 3 years ago

roughness in throat
feel roughness in my throat. Started yesterday afternoon I ate lunch hurriedly while my th
Mawuli 2015-07-22
1   AsadGhumman 3 years ago

I am a patient of Vitiligo
Sir i am from karachi pakistan. I have been suffereing from vitiligo for 5 years. My finge

Invariableimran 2015-07-21
19   nawazkhan 3 years ago

To DR. Mahfoozurrehman
Hello I need urgent ASsistance regarding my case .Are you still active in forum.?? thanks
taj2015 2015-07-22
1   simone717 3 years ago

need homeo medicine for brain tumor
Hello doctors, can anyone help me?My mother is more than 70 years old. he has been sufferi
iftikhar ahmed 3 2015-07-22
1   simone717 3 years ago

lower sprem count
Dr sb ma me ap Jo logon ko advice kertay hain ptk 40 . WO khai hai aur report kerwai tu me
zaingill363 2015-07-22
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Use Of Homeopath
Homeopath is a types of alternative treatment for long term use this treatment and cured
taylorros12 2015-07-22
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One patient is suffering from severe dribbling and premature ejaculation.Also with great t
Aslam13 2015-07-22
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People waiting for my advice....
...please link your case here. I want to make sure that on the days I don't access th

Evocationer 2015-02-19
112   yogiram 3 years ago

Remedy of blood sugar,Bp,weakness
Hello, My mother age 65 Years she is suffereing from Blood sugar and high blood pressure ,

muneeba daughter 2015-06-12
13   fitness 3 years ago

Please please help focal seizures every 2 hours
my friend has seizures and her allopathic meds aren't working for her. She is on Vali
sydney154 2015-07-20
1   Zady101 3 years ago

ed & premature ejaculation
i am 44 year old and undergone angioplasty at 42. i am facing the problem of ed and premat
JAGASH 2015-07-22
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K.Atttn. Rishimba, Its Urgent Pls help Chronic Pills & Signs of Artherities
Hi Rishimba, My mother in law is suffering from pilessince 6-7 years and some signs of ar
aguy123 2015-07-22
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sexual & health dieases
1. i'm 21 years old ,cause of bad habit (mustrublation).i’m doing mustrubrate
ank70 2015-07-22
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i have easy bruising but feel fine
im a 22 year old girl ive have been taking tons of fertility herbs and i bruises keep app
ineedadoctor1234 2015-07-22
1   simone717 3 years ago

My kid's Reflux issue
Hi, My son is 5.6 years OLD. He is diagnosed with mild reflux when he was 3.5 years. Sinc
aarav.misra 2015-07-21
1   0antivirus0 3 years ago

Inflammatory bowel disease
Hi, I am suffering from Inflammatory Bowel disease while going to motion the blood get di
chethan 2015-07-21
1   0antivirus0 3 years ago

Seeking Homeopathic help - hypoglycemic conditions
Hello, Thank you for considering my case. I am 28yrs old, 175lbs. I am hypoglycemic. Latel
pauljohnson 2015-07-14
3   0antivirus0 3 years ago

Regarding medication
I am experiencing problem in passing urine in one go. i have to exert pressure for the sam
amitsingh16 2015-07-22
2   Arunn 3 years ago

Severe hair fall :( fitness, Dr. Joe, anyone please help
Hello everyone. I'm new to this forum. My family believes strongly in homeopathic med
BengaliHomeopathy 2015-07-09
7   BengaliHomeopathy 3 years ago

face, mesta, increased by sun, irregular mense
resent-25/7/15 Dear doctor, my relative face got mesta (local name) and it increased by s
mati 2015-07-22
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15 month ear infection
Hello My 15 month old boy has had 5 ear infections since November. He's been on 4 dif

Am123 2015-02-25
15   0antivirus0 3 years ago

Help for my son
My son is 11 years old. He is a smart boy that understands everything and learns quickly b

Melvill 2015-03-06
52   telescope 3 years ago

Attention: rishimba please take this case
Please take a look at this thread and help me further http://abchomeopathy.com/forum2.ph
Am123 2015-07-21
no replies yet

Severe pms help!!
Hi there, Am totally new to this but have read a thread about someone with pmdd, am also

Curlylocks 2015-07-14
17   Curlylocks 3 years ago

For Simone-Evocationer case: Chronic Urinary disorder
Hi Simon, I was being treated by Evocationer for past one year. But unortunately, he is no
bk123 2015-07-21
4   bk123 3 years ago

Fitness travelling till Aug 05
I will be travelling till Aug 05 and may not have regular access to internet so might not
fitness 2015-07-21
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Dear Doctors/Expert members my main body illness is as follows: 1. stomach pain 2. Pain o
DO DO 2015-06-05
8   DO DO 3 years ago

hair loss
plz hlp dndruff and hair lose
dabhi99 2015-07-21
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Help in weight reduction
Sir i am just 21 years old my weight is 75 kg. I do exercises but there is no change even

Apoorva bangroo 2015-07-19
23   sabkamalik1 3 years ago

Attn: Rishimba, please help :water retention and fullness/heaviness in breasts
I am a 49 year old lady,who has begun menopause a while ago. Of the last 2 weeks or so, I

Iamhealthy 2015-04-21
46   Iamhealthy 3 years ago

8 year old has an ear infection.
My son has terrible ear pain. It started in the left ear and now it is in his right. He i
jazmine7 2015-07-20
4   jazmine7 3 years ago

Mental Tension / Cramping - What do I have?
Hi, I am a 24 year old male from Sydney, Australia, currently positively diagnosed with L
juliancamethrough 2015-07-20
5   telescope 3 years ago

Memory hearing Glucoma vision lambar
On drinking/swallowing esophagus Barrett. Severe Momory loss, hearing loss 2khz since 1995
Logon0101 2015-07-20
1   telescope 3 years ago

sepia dosage for mildish depression?
hi there- i have 1 M sepia pellets given to me by a homeopath a couple years ago. he felt
hvnlystarz 2015-07-14
5   telescope 3 years ago

usa people- sign up to petition on your right to see if food is GMO
Hi- This site is doing a good job with petitions set up to go to your representatives in
simone717 2015-07-20
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Vitamin D deficiency
My 12 years son was diagnosed to Vitamin D deficient last year in November, 14 when his vi
ravi2 2015-07-20
2   simone717 3 years ago

[message deleted by Arunn on Mon, 20 Jul 2015 16:11:00 UTC]
Arunn 2015-07-18
3   Arunn 3 years ago

weight gain,pain in legs,back bone and muscle stretch
Hello, My sister age 38,unmarried having problem of weight gain .her weight now 90kg,pain
muneeba 2015-07-20
1   telescope 3 years ago

left testicle vericocele + premature ejaculation
hello , I am 37 years old male, having left testicle vericocele, have slight pain most of
amagan 2015-07-20
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is there homeotreatment for mvp?
sir,are there cases that were cured with mitral valve prolapse through homeopathic medicin
abchomeopathylogin 2015-07-20
1   telescope 3 years ago

mouth ulcers
I am not anxious this is not a routine phenomenon my digestion is awesome, as my appetite

dpnctl 2015-07-11
13   dpnctl 3 years ago

Sexual Problem:Urgent help needed
Hi Knowledgable souls , I am a male aged 24 years who used to masturbate on alternate day
khanazhar 2015-07-17
2   khanazhar 3 years ago

genital herpes and ovarian cysts
Hi, i have had lots of inflammation and burning sensation inside my body (from mouth to ge
maryam 2015-07-20
1   rishimba 3 years ago

erectile problem
At present I could not make myself happy ... due to erectile dysfunction problem. ..pls HE
rajak74 2015-07-20
1   kadwa 3 years ago

for increasing height
My daughter is 9 and half years old. Period is start now in this age. I want advise from u
adv leena 2015-07-19
1   kadwa 3 years ago

[message deleted by Moorty2014 on Mon, 20 Jul 2015 09:21:23 UTC]

Moorty2014 2015-07-09
25   Moorty2014 3 years ago

Stains from dental fluorosis
Hello , excuse anyone know if homeopathy can remove stains from dental fluorosis.
zapolupe 2015-07-19
1   kadwa 3 years ago

Doctor.After cataract operation & Implantation of IQ Lens my eye sight Dim,Blurred and
Hussain20 2015-07-18
1   kadwa 3 years ago

Pregnancy monitoring - help Required from Maheeru
Hi Maheeru, My 33 years old wife is pregnant since 2.5 months Your kind attention is requ
mahmoodjnu 2015-06-02
9   mahmoodjnu 3 years ago

How to clear the effect of Nat Sulf 200
Hi, My son 16 yrs has a bad dust allergy - sneezing, watery discharge from nose and eyes,
bhavamalinijps 2015-07-18
6   simone717 3 years ago

Please help me! itchy scrotum all of the time
Hi,For the past 7 years i have been constantly itchy around my genitals.I have been to the

budtoka 2005-10-26
63   MikeyStevens2012 3 years ago

[message deleted by Moorty2014 on Mon, 20 Jul 2015 09:19:37 UTC]

Moorty2014 2015-07-11
31   simone717 3 years ago

silent reflux in 8.5 weeks old baby
Hello, My daughter suffers from silent reflux. She eats well but cries after every burp
delaneyrose 2015-07-18
4   delaneyrose 3 years ago

Honourable and valuable Doctors,Deolok Sharma,Kadwa and Nawas Khan: I personally request t
Hussain20 2015-07-19
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Never take dr.Batra's medicines
I have taken medicines for wards in my face and neck.Itwas stupid decision.I only had one

bolton 2006-05-08
18   ronit_493 3 years ago

Diabetic with ED, hair fall
Hello Doctors, I am 41 year male recently diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. I am obese and w

amit74 2015-07-01
29   sabkamalik1 3 years ago

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