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Information given in this forum is given by way of exchange of views only. It is not to be treated as a medical diagnosis, and should not be used as a substitute for seeing a qualified homeopath or physician. In most cases, advice posted here is not given by a medical expert.

If symptoms persist, consult a medical professional.

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TopicPostsStarted byLast Post
Flat wart on right side of right hand second fingure
Two years back,I had genital warts ,after one yea...
10amit143mishra17:41 05 Aug 14 by amit143mishra
Eye floaters from last 2 years
Hello Doctors, I have been suffering from vario... [LAST PAGE]
49piyusharora78617:00 05 Aug 14 by piyusharora786
Hand, Foot, Mouth disease in toddler
My toddler is in daycare and one child was sent ho...
1ellyn15:40 05 Aug 14 by simone717
Nitricum Acidum, Rhus tox, Silicea, Sulphur or Phosphorus
delete [message edited by nikoletayu on Fri, 07 No... [LAST PAGE]
20nikoletayu13:17 05 Aug 14 by nikoletayu
Chalazion!! epsom salts?
This is the second chalazion ive had this year a...
2jaybird10:18 05 Aug 14 by jaybird
Worst feeling, panic, agoraphobic, fear of dying.
I am Male, 22 yo. Main suffering: Fear of fear... [LAST PAGE]
14feysal 09:52 05 Aug 14 by rishimba
Hepatitis B advice
Respected sir, I am suffered with Chronic Hepatit...
1kr.yadav07:28 05 Aug 14 by bapu4
hormone imbalance/hair loss
I am having many symptoms of hormone imbalance aft...
1atljla06:23 05 Aug 14 by rishimba
New Case
Hello - I would like to fill out the form and subm...
3magicandmiracles100:44 05 Aug 14 by magicandmiracles1
Itchy scalp with white discoloration of skin
I have itching on head worst on uncovering it. The...
1mohindersingh4800:26 05 Aug 14 by akshaymohl
Cyst on my vocal cord
Hello, I'm Carlos Vallejo. I would apprec...
4Carvall23:17 04 Aug 14 by Evocationer
My husband has suffered from warts on his feet f...
1atljla21:19 04 Aug 14 by Evocationer
leaky gut
Has anyone here successfully treated leaky gut wit...
1atljla20:58 04 Aug 14 by simone717
Dosage of Hypericum Perforatum
Dear Doctors, I am a 31 year old male and have fo... [LAST PAGE]
104yogafreek18:29 04 Aug 14 by simone717
Skin trouble
10 year old boy developed pimples under and above ...
1simple17:59 04 Aug 14 by rituraj
Mild to Moderate Acne 20 years old
Hello, I am 20 years old male from India. I have b...
1believer_9417:56 04 Aug 14 by rituraj
excessive saliva
Hi, I am 24 male . I have excessive saliva prob...
7anjan4215:56 04 Aug 14 by anjan42
Itching in the legs
I have severe itching in the calf areas for last f...
2itsangshu 14:56 04 Aug 14 by itsangshu
orchitis epididymo and hydrocele :swellon partiod gland under left side ear and under tongue
dr my left side under ear partiod gland and left s...
1demdeodev 08:38 04 Aug 14 by shouse_nsk
Breast refusal in 2 month old baby
My 9-week old baby is refusing to breastfeed for t...
5jfgutfreund07:41 04 Aug 14 by simone717
4 months old baby suddenly not sleeping properly and crying before naps and sleep with spit up
Hi, My 4 month old is getting fussy during her ...
1spattnayak07:16 04 Aug 14 by kadwa
Sir I am 19 years old. I am suffering from severe... [LAST PAGE]
20uday12305:19 04 Aug 14 by uday123
kidney problem
hi, i am suffering from kidney problem.my creteni...
1mikki7603:54 04 Aug 14 by rishimba
sinus problem
dear sir my friend is suffering from nose block an...
1parmod4ever 03:53 04 Aug 14 by rishimba
delete please
. [message deleted by nikoletayu on Sun, 16 Nov 20... [LAST PAGE]
15nikoletayu02:59 04 Aug 14 by nikoletayu
Is this a right remedy? - Saccharum officinale (Sacc)
Hello, I have a 3 year 6 months old daughter wh... [LAST PAGE]
36PJ579101:01 04 Aug 14 by Evocationer
help me d....
2azmies 23:07 03 Aug 14 by Evocationer
nightfall problem
sir, i suffering from nightfall problem which hap...
1VINAY SHARMA19:56 03 Aug 14 by fitness
hair fall, graying hair, male pattern baldness
Dear Dr. KADWA or Dr Flemming and All senior Dr. ...
1Arif saifi19:55 03 Aug 14 by fitness
Hi, I'm 37 years old female. I have a very ... [LAST PAGE]
74amandy18:42 03 Aug 14 by anuj srivastava
crackling sound in knees without pain(age is 23
sir, i have crackling sound in knees for past 2...
10xyzsmithvikram13:14 03 Aug 14 by anil822
eat brinjal curry, my skin is started itching
When I eat brinjal curry, my skin is started itchi...
3elururajesh11:11 03 Aug 14 by bapu4
Need help for anxiety hypertension etc.
Dear all, i am swapon i am suffering by anxiety a...
3Lacking 09:19 03 Aug 14 by Lacking
Teething, not eating, spilling
Hi, I have a 10 month old baby. He had silent re-...
7nellie.eng09:07 03 Aug 14 by nellie.eng
abdomen stomach restlessness uneasiness
after eating my abdomen stomach is feeling restles...
6elururajesh08:11 03 Aug 14 by elururajesh
Remedy for serious premature ejaculation and strong erection
I Gobinda seriously suffere from premature ejacul...
4gobindamula07:14 03 Aug 14 by mikem65
3-yr-old nail biting
Hello, My 3-yr-old daughter is chewing her nails a... [LAST PAGE]
14enviromom05:13 03 Aug 14 by enviromom
problem of frequent urination.plz,help dr.badar
Sir, i like to draw your kind attention to fo lo...
1ansrhmn14:09 02 Aug 14 by simone717
plz,help dr.
i like to draw your kind attention to fo lowing f...
1ansrhmn14:08 02 Aug 14 by simone717
genital Mucosal Papillae
Dear Dr. I am a 29 year old healthy female. I de...
10adcany2508:51 02 Aug 14 by rishimba
Baby's cold and cough problems
dear all my daughter aged about 2.2 years she ...
1smitaranjan01:42 02 Aug 14 by shouse_nsk
Mirena IUD and hair loss
I have had the Mirena IUD for 2 years come April. ... [LAST PAGE]
20Mirena_hater 23:42 01 Aug 14 by passion3flower
Safe before surgery?
Hello, My neighbor is having hip replacement surg...
2DukSliprs19:45 01 Aug 14 by DukSliprs
For KADWA or Dr Flemming
My son has a headache could you please advise. He...
3pixie wood18:37 01 Aug 14 by simone717
Kidney Disease , CRF , Nephritis , cure case
One patient name is purshotam chand age 58 , he wa...
3deoshlok17:47 01 Aug 14 by simone717
Sessional Asthma
I am 55 years old and suffering from asthma duri... [LAST PAGE]
103iqbal030716:31 01 Aug 14 by iqbal0307
toenail fungus
i saw a yellowish spot under my big toe the other ...
5love and peace16:18 01 Aug 14 by love and peace
lipoma problem
i am 29 year male.. i have 2 three fatt balls in m...
0aly.irshad16:15 01 Aug 14 by
Breast Increase
I want to increase my breast size.i am 34 yrs old....
1Ambrita Roy14:30 01 Aug 14 by simone717
So much phlegm int throat, choking on it.
I have this sticky post nasal drip. Just so much d...
5Esharmony11:09 01 Aug 14 by nawazkhan
Dr.Mehfooz,Dr Kadwa - Kindly Help - Antidote for Cuprum Metallicum CM
Dear Doctor, I am 45 year old male. I was given ...
2bobby.homeo07:35 01 Aug 14 by bapu4
ejaculation problem
Doctor, my penis is small and thin.My precums com...
1ganesh240407:24 01 Aug 14 by kadwa
cure for effect of masturbation
Plz,i need medicine to cure the effect of masturba...
1agyemangphillip06:44 01 Aug 14 by kadwa
Subcutaneus worm suspected
My son,27, spent a week in hilly areas, tracking a...
1borte06:42 01 Aug 14 by kadwa
I AM 60 yrs male with 5'-2' ht and 72 kg ...
1kansal06:38 01 Aug 14 by kadwa
Over Masturbation
Dear Sir Due to over masturbation my testicles p...
3ranger06:07 01 Aug 14 by kadwa
Insomnia, libido lost, high blood preasure, alergy
I am 52 white man with 3 years of insomnia histo...
10goodwillsir05:57 01 Aug 14 by goodwillsir
Adult Acne
I have adult acne for about 12 years. I am 28 (m... [LAST PAGE]
13jbluzb 04:53 01 Aug 14 by simone717
Severe problem of Premature Ejaculation.Help Me Please.
Hi there,,,I'm Dev Narayan,,,I am 27 years ol...
12Dev Narayan04:41 01 Aug 14 by Dev Narayan
Bile Duct scarring and hardening
My daughter has had high liver enzymes and IBD for...
1MarMcK8800:32 01 Aug 14 by shouse_nsk
how can i become virgin again
helo dear sir or mam plz help me i m going to marr... [LAST PAGE]
14lovsandy23:12 31 Jul 14 by jamie2015
penis veins problem
[removed by moderator - discussed already elsewher...
5umer677919:31 31 Jul 14 by fitness
Penis Thin From Base Errection not straight
Dear experts please suggest any permanent remedy.....
5DO DO17:10 31 Jul 14 by simone717
Bleeding piles
Dear there is bleeding since long time about 12 ye...
5anweraleem12:49 31 Jul 14 by akshaymohl
Digestive Issue
I am suffering from digestive issue, In past whene...
4ibrahim111:49 31 Jul 14 by nawazkhan
Is Cerebral Palsy (Diplegia) Child Treatment is possible in Homepathy
Dear Doctor My niece 12 year old girl, born ...
2jayab197105:31 31 Jul 14 by jayab1971
Administration of LM confusion
Hi there, I am just wondering whether the administ...
6emdunster23:59 30 Jul 14 by emdunster
Chin hair and body acne
1. Name cottagemama 2. Age 33 3. Sex F 4. Singl... [LAST PAGE]
27cottagemama23:53 30 Jul 14 by cottagemama
premature ejaculation and argentum nitricum
Hi, I have taken argentum nitricum 30 c , onc...
1kick12323:45 30 Jul 14 by Evocationer
Brain fog, lassitude
Symptoms: Debilitating brain fog, inability to co...
3Musojules22:51 30 Jul 14 by Evocationer
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