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Information given in this forum is given by way of exchange of views only. It is not to be treated as a medical diagnosis, and should not be used as a substitute for seeing a qualified homeopath or physician. In most cases, advice posted here is not given by a medical expert.

If symptoms persist, consult a medical professional.

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TopicPostsStarted byLast Post
For Kadwa, Mohla, Zady & Joe de Livera
Is it possible to treat hyper thyroid (possibly gr...
2thyroidprobs04:59 23 Jul 14 by thyroidprobs
Dr.Maheeru or anyone ,need your advice and recommendations please! medicines for a non complicated birth?
Im on my 35th week right now and I want to know if...
1homeoashwas01:12 23 Jul 14 by Evocationer
homoeopathy in trauma cases
In reply to one of my posts wherein I have reporte...
5Dr. V. Krishnaamur00:46 23 Jul 14 by Evocationer
2 year old twin boy
dear doctor, i am having twin babies, 1 boy ,1 gi...
5liseena20:45 22 Jul 14 by Evocationer
why are more women losing their hair?
Hi I am a 49 year old female who has been losing h...
1lorr101919:48 22 Jul 14 by fitness
[message deleted by adyfrandes on Sun, 03 Aug 2014...
1adyfrandes19:46 22 Jul 14 by fitness
small white spot inside cheek
I am 45 years old having chronic constipation prob... [LAST PAGE]
16behera_raj19:20 22 Jul 14 by fitness
Acid reflex
Hi, My daughter is now 5 months and she has been o... [LAST PAGE]
35takhtar 18:38 22 Jul 14 by takhtar
Labrador Suffers from Liver disorder..Need help
Sir..My dog is of labrador breed and 5 yrs old and...
1sobhan14:37 22 Jul 14 by simone717
sexual disorders(thin penis PE)
hi sir my name is vinodkumar, i am 23 male, i am...
2T.vinodkumar 14:32 22 Jul 14 by bapu4
worse tinea cruris problem - need help
Dear Doctors, Please help. I am suffering from t...
10ashu.in07:58 22 Jul 14 by ashu.in
homeopathic companies
Bhargava Phytolab is one of the top most homeopath...
0bhargavphytolab07:02 22 Jul 14 by
abc- class room
Dear All, Question : It is good practise to kn... [LAST PAGE]
48Nikkie06:17 22 Jul 14 by bapu4
Pilonidal cyst after surgery
I don't want to make this a long post. But I... [LAST PAGE]
13ZillaGod 05:09 22 Jul 14 by nawazkhan
Wrist pain problem
Dear Sir,I am 21 years old male weight 64 kg and h...
1RidziRox12303:40 22 Jul 14 by telescope
Urgent problem in internal right carotid artery
Im a male, 47, 58, 170 lbs. I exercise regularl...
1lamfilms03:15 22 Jul 14 by telescope
paralysis after spinal injury
one patient falling from height 3 yr ago now he is...
1dr rohit03:01 22 Jul 14 by telescope
I was reading about Arnica and it's amazing...
2ghaffar320:27 21 Jul 14 by Evocationer
toddler not eating and getting cranky
Hi, 2 yr 9 month old, not eating food and gets ...
3coolme18:50 21 Jul 14 by simone717
Scalp Acne and Hair Loss
In my scalp, am getting scalp acne /bumps over mo... [LAST PAGE]
27Sungod16:41 21 Jul 14 by fitness
avascular necrosis head of femur
i am suffering with AVN please suggest me .is ther...
11mahesh.gandoori1216:21 21 Jul 14 by bapu4
For Simone 717
Hi I directing this to your for your advice as I ...
7hemeoseek10:14 21 Jul 14 by hemeoseek
skin problem
Black patches under arm...
1aniltmd10:00 21 Jul 14 by bapu4
halitosis, sebhorrheic dermatitis
Female, 41 years old, 5ft 5inches about 129lbs. ...
1belinda207:22 21 Jul 14 by bapu4
how to remove lung tar
hi, i smoked for last 8 years. i stope...
4kvnagendra07:10 21 Jul 14 by kvnagendra
How can strong my penis. plz help me....
1maneek0107:01 21 Jul 14 by bapu4
Creatinine level 3.1 urea 69.0
My father's age is 70 years. he is chronic pa...
1alimdey104:57 21 Jul 14 by bapu4
sensitive penis
hello i m under treatment and thread to that t... [LAST PAGE]
37earth03:23 21 Jul 14 by sonics
2 year old abcess
My 2 year old daughter is having a abcess/uclear w...
1priyabhi02:08 21 Jul 14 by shouse_nsk
inner child
Do you have inner child kit&#65311;...
9Takako01:04 21 Jul 14 by simone717
3 mo baby with reflux- please help!
I have a 15 week old boy, who I believe suffering... [LAST PAGE]
119Toma2416:09 20 Jul 14 by fitness
Avascular Necrosis
Hello every body This is Akhilesh Tiwari from Ja...
2akhiileshtiwarii13:28 20 Jul 14 by simone717
Avascular Necrosis
Friends, I have recently been diagonised with AVN ...
2raghuram srinivas13:27 20 Jul 14 by simone717
bilateral avascular necrosis of femoral head
I am 31 Yr Old Married Man having a Son 3 Years Ol...
2harishvrm11:33 20 Jul 14 by saritmohan
Avascular Necrosis of the Femoral head
I have recently been diagnosed with stage II of Av...
6sumeetc11:25 20 Jul 14 by saritmohan
avascular necrosis
I have been diagnosed last week with avascular nec...
2srinivas9911:23 20 Jul 14 by saritmohan
Curing Avascular Necrosis
is posibale homeopathy medicine Avascular Necrosis...
4vipulshah11:22 20 Jul 14 by saritmohan
Avascular necrosis of the head of famur
Please doctor what are the medications to treat th...
3vicwifey201211:22 20 Jul 14 by saritmohan
cracking voice
Dear brothers, i am worrie about my cracking or p...
1Sajidullah11:14 20 Jul 14 by kadwa
Avascular Necrosis stage-II
I am diagonsed with AVN ( its between stage-1 and ...
3sachin7811:10 20 Jul 14 by saritmohan
increase sex time
i m 35 years old. and i m suffering from premature...
0mdrohman34006:10 20 Jul 14 by
physical stamina & strength booster
I am Sheryl 33 male, 5'8' 79kg, i am doin...
4sheryl1906:06 20 Jul 14 by sheryl19
Attn: Zady, carcinocin remedy
Hello zady, In researching carcinocin for my litt... [LAST PAGE]
15melissafox2220:17 19 Jul 14 by melissafox22
Hyper Thyoride (Need Help)
I am having hyper thyroid problem., and using Thac...
1Sameeha20:07 19 Jul 14 by fitness
Heel irritation
hi.. my mother is having irritation in her left he...
12aly.irshad17:42 19 Jul 14 by aly.irshad
Kindly confirm rauwolsan by Pfluger and rauwolsci... [LAST PAGE]
13Miray13:55 19 Jul 14 by simone717
urine inf and kidney stone
Sir. i have a very small stone in kidney ultrasou...
10Anil khanna07:53 19 Jul 14 by bapu4
scarce and short period
Hello, from last 4-5 months my menstruation is o... [LAST PAGE]
14L_M_K21:31 18 Jul 14 by L_M_K
child ppd/autism ??
We are in USA and I have a 4 year old son who is g... [LAST PAGE]
19parthasas20:31 18 Jul 14 by simone717
Constipation in child
A child age 3 years has chronic constipation. Som...
1Satish Pasrija19:55 18 Jul 14 by fitness
weight loss
I am 40 yrs old. i hv hypothyroid from last 18 yrs...
1Harsh Khanna18:34 18 Jul 14 by fitness
hair loss
My hair has been falling since last 2 years I was ...
1manoj198718:31 18 Jul 14 by fitness
Lipoma on arms legs and stomach
Male age 26 has lipoma on arms, legs and stomach. ...
1Satish Pasrija18:22 18 Jul 14 by fitness
Hello, i am 29 year old female. As a child a ha...
2lony2915:43 18 Jul 14 by telescope
bone pain
dear doctor, i am rafiq from pakistan age, 41 y...
2asiantex15:27 18 Jul 14 by simone717
Who is making remedies?
Where and who is making remedies? I would like to ...
3Takako14:05 18 Jul 14 by bapu4
i am 43 years old. i am facing with stammering sin...
2manaskumar10:23 18 Jul 14 by manaskumar
Sulphur A great remedy for Psoriasis!
Psoriasis is a obstinate ... [LAST PAGE]
82shamid06:23 18 Jul 14 by bapu4
Scar endometrium at LCSC
Hi I have a 1.5 cms scar endometrium at my LCSC l...
9laddumadhav14:47 17 Jul 14 by bapu4
Divergent Squint Eye - Infant
Dear Team, Need help for my 15 months old daughte...
2prabhatkumar8214:14 17 Jul 14 by prabhatkumar82
Hyperhidrosis- its unbearable !
Hello everyone, I am new to the form and looking f...
5mdmom12:59 17 Jul 14 by bapu4
post radiation problem
pl help me. Details as below. Age-61,sex-F,colour... [LAST PAGE]
23abha ayan09:23 17 Jul 14 by shouse_nsk
gynecomastia problem
I have been suffering from gynecomastia for long t... [LAST PAGE]
53sagor sen06:18 17 Jul 14 by kadwa
lax les -hypotensive les
I am having heart burn since last 8 months. It sta...
8prakat1306:03 17 Jul 14 by kadwa
Any homeopathy to avoid side effects of alopathic medicine?
My doctor prescribed my with antibiotics and stero...
5Fahdb03:16 17 Jul 14 by Evocationer
no deep sleep
I am currently taking neuroleptica olanxipin and a...
8ohnegedanken 01:35 17 Jul 14 by simone717
Seeking Treatment for Lichen Planus
28 year old female Condition started 8 months ago...
3Glynn77201:00 17 Jul 14 by Evocationer
Dr anuj srivastav, sir i need you on this one
Sir i have my case with a respected doctor of th...
1abhimanyu1419:32 16 Jul 14 by simone717
Help me to increase my height
i am a 19 yr old boy living in India. i am 5 ft 6i... [LAST PAGE]
88charmprince18:54 16 Jul 14 by princess doll
Acid reflux
my 5 month old baby has acid reflux started at 3...
3sgsgs16:59 16 Jul 14 by Joe De Livera
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