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Doctor.After cataract operation & Implantation of IQ Lens my eye sight Dim,Blurred and
Hussain20 2015-07-18
1   kadwa 3 years ago

Pregnancy monitoring - help Required from Maheeru
Hi Maheeru, My 33 years old wife is pregnant since 2.5 months Your kind attention is requ
mahmoodjnu 2015-06-02
9   mahmoodjnu 3 years ago

How to clear the effect of Nat Sulf 200
Hi, My son 16 yrs has a bad dust allergy - sneezing, watery discharge from nose and eyes,
bhavamalinijps 2015-07-18
6   simone717 3 years ago

Please help me! itchy scrotum all of the time
Hi,For the past 7 years i have been constantly itchy around my genitals.I have been to the

budtoka 2005-10-26
63   MikeyStevens2012 3 years ago

[message deleted by Moorty2014 on Mon, 20 Jul 2015 09:19:37 UTC]

Moorty2014 2015-07-11
31   simone717 3 years ago

silent reflux in 8.5 weeks old baby
Hello, My daughter suffers from silent reflux. She eats well but cries after every burp
delaneyrose 2015-07-18
4   delaneyrose 3 years ago

Honourable and valuable Doctors,Deolok Sharma,Kadwa and Nawas Khan: I personally request t
Hussain20 2015-07-19
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Never take dr.Batra's medicines
I have taken medicines for wards in my face and neck.Itwas stupid decision.I only had one

bolton 2006-05-08
18   ronit_493 3 years ago

Diabetic with ED, hair fall
Hello Doctors, I am 41 year male recently diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. I am obese and w

amit74 2015-07-01
29   sabkamalik1 3 years ago

Eid Mubarak
AOA, Eid Mubarak to muslim members and visitors of this forum. At the same time, my praye
nawazkhan 2015-07-17
5   sabkamalik1 3 years ago

Too much saliva.
My father age 92. Throat tumor patient. Throat completely block. For breathing tracheostom
ctcenter 2015-07-12
8   telescope 3 years ago

Left vocal cord paresis
I have been diagnosed with left vocal cord paresis. I first noticed my voice changing in S
bbk76 2015-07-19
1   0antivirus0 3 years ago

No sign of periods
I am having very irregular periods for the last 5 months. In the past i used to have pcos
npffirst 2015-07-18
3   nawazkhan 3 years ago

Sir Rishimba & Kadwa - please consider the case!
These questions are designed to get the following information from the patient My condit

electronics.143 2015-05-08
13   simone717 3 years ago

Treatment for Hypoxic Brain Injury
Dear Dr's, Is there a treatment for Hypoxic brain injury in Homeopathy.My Wife has s
Rajesh76 2013-07-07
4   simone717 3 years ago

hyperpigmentation in antecubital fossa(Acanthosis Nigricans)
Hi I am 27 years old married female. I have severe black color hyperpigmentation in many p
homeo_gg 2015-01-04
9   homeo_gg 3 years ago

11 wk old infant with severe gas
Hi, I'm looking for help on homeopathic remedies for my 11 wk old son. He get seve
syang62 2015-07-17
3   simone717 3 years ago

self treatment for constitutional?
I do not identify with any homeopathic remedy any homeopath perscribes. it never fits my s

tj7472001 2015-07-10
21   telescope 3 years ago

29yrs Male from Mumbai I observed first lipoma on my forearm in 2006-7. It was very small
blrmaratha 2015-07-18
1   deoshlok 3 years ago

A case of high Cholestrol & Triglycerides
On July 15, 2015 12:45 PM, "Sulagnaa Upadhyaya" wrote: Dear Dr Deoshlok, I'm deli
deoshlok 2015-07-18
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1:00 am waking indicative of any remedies?
Hi, Our son wakes up at 1:00 am and according to Chinese medicine that is indicivite of i
kaunhe 2015-07-18
2   kaunhe 3 years ago

kidney stone with hydroureteronephrosis
I have been diagonised with a stone of 5.1mm in left ureter with hydroureteronephrosis. I
d.007 2015-07-15
5   0antivirus0 3 years ago

achondroplasia Achondroplasia is a disorder of bone growth. It is the most common form of
deoshlok 2015-07-18
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Dental Fluorosis
An 8 year old girl has been diagnosed with mild Dental Fluorosis. She lives in a city wi
Holli 2007-12-28
2   MiriamB 3 years ago

Dad with Shingles
hi, My 65 year old dad got shingles a couple of weeks ago. He got out-brakes on the left
Crikee 2015-07-18
3   simone717 3 years ago

Dark circles on eye
Dark circle under my eye about six month
dabhi99 2015-07-17
3   simone717 3 years ago

High Cholesterol plz Help
Hi My age is 29 and my cholesterol level is 204 plz suggest me homeopathy medicine plz
dabhi99 2015-07-15
7   nawazkhan 3 years ago

sex problems
age 27 male unmarried sir I have been mastubration since 12 year now I am facing these pr

ask74 2015-01-23
22   munishahmed 3 years ago

subcortical vascular dementia
My mother, 78 yo developed subcortical vascular encephalopathy. Her main symptoms: high bl
larisa 2015-07-17
1   kadwa 3 years ago

i am 23 years ol. i had my biopsy last year.from that time i have been loosing my hairs ve
munnaravi121291 2015-06-17
5   kadwa 3 years ago

Is it possible for children to experience a healing crisis from a single pellet dry dose a
kaunhe 2015-07-17
5   simone717 3 years ago

[message deleted by kaunhe on thu, 16 jul 2015 22:57:56 utc][message edited by kaunhe on T

kaunhe 2015-07-16
16   kaunhe 3 years ago

Treatment for lattice degeneration
I hav undergone valve replacement and a bypass at the same time in Oct'15. I already
arukan 2015-07-01
3   akshaymohl 3 years ago

Schamberg‘s disease
Manchas rojas por capilares rotos, estás manchas rojas se convierten en oscuras. Pr
uliseso 2015-07-16
2   simone717 3 years ago

[message deleted by Moorty2014 on Thu, 16 Jul 2015 20:45:25 UTC]
Moorty2014 2015-07-16
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Help needed
Are homeopathic medicine safe during pregnancy.can anyone provide the list of homeopathic
chutki 2015-07-16
1   mani_jee 3 years ago

is hepatites b cured or not..?
hii..suffring from hepatites b since 3 years..what i do for cure it..
sonumallick 2015-07-14
12   mani_jee 3 years ago

Could you please provide me with a treatment for Gynecomastia?
imsulabhverma 2015-07-16
no replies yet

homeopathic medicines aggravates symptoms`
I am suffering from CNS Vasculitis, i went to a senior homeopath in CR park in Delhi who g
khurana76 2015-07-16
5   telescope 3 years ago

6 Month Old with Weeping Eczema
My 6 month old son is suffering from weeping eczema on his outer lower legs and on his out
MB0910 2015-07-15
5   telescope 3 years ago

Chronic Constipation in my 2 year old toddler
hi there my two years old daughter is suffering from constipation since she was eight mont
chultim 2015-07-16
1   telescope 3 years ago

Burning Mouth! Please help me.
I have been suffering from a burning mouth. Most of the discomfort in on the roof of my m
gicki 2015-07-16
3   telescope 3 years ago

Impotency in Diabetes By Dr. Deoshlok Sharma
Impotency in Diabetes In Diabetes the impotency is very common. Generaly a good medicines
deoshlok 2007-08-18
7   ashraful76 3 years ago

My 3.5 years old son having cough for a long time
My son is 3 years and 10 months old. He has cough for last 7 months and took lot of homeop
ashraful76 2015-07-15
4   telescope 3 years ago

Itchy rash/hives after swimming and difficulty in breathing after shower
Hi! I have been swimming for the last 7 years, but since the second half of 2013 I start

shivanigupta1 2015-05-29
57   shivanigupta1 3 years ago

Height Increase
Hello everyone! I want to ask if there's any hope of height increase of 2-3 inches at
Fanatic 2015-07-12
6   sabkamalik1 3 years ago

[message deleted by Moorty2014 on Wed, 15 Jul 2015 18:12:57 UTC]
Moorty2014 2015-07-15
1   Moorty2014 3 years ago

Fanatic 2015-07-15
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Suggestions And Reason
Good Evening Sir, My son, who is of 1 year(12 months running)baby is suffering from vom
Hema J D 2015-07-15
1   telescope 3 years ago

Premature Ejaculation
HEY DOC. I am suffering from this problem ma arousal takes very less time, back pain is no
Cruiser 2015-07-02
10   Cruiser 3 years ago

mucus in stool
Sir , Bihar sharif me TRINGASAV nahi mil raha hai.
Kumarbrajesh 2015-07-14
2   0antivirus0 3 years ago

Scalp psoriasis
Hi, I have Scalp psoriasis from past 3-4 years and it is going away when i take allopathi

aniket.gimt 2015-05-15
21   rishimba 3 years ago

Retinal haemorrhage
My wife was diagnosed with Typical Retinal Haemorrhage recently. Doctor told us that ther
tvrwarrier 2015-07-15
1   homeo_helper 3 years ago

28 years old diagnosed with chocolate cyst. I am married for an year not having kids still.... seeking for homoeopathy treatment
Respected sir, I have been diagnosed with organized chocolate cyst in my right Overy... m
papiya 2015-07-11
8   papiya 3 years ago

Quick Ejaculation and emission After Kids
Premature Ejaculation and emission After Kids From Veer7661 on 2015-02-03 7 replies Hel
Veer7661 2015-06-26
4   sabkamalik1 3 years ago

simone717 - Haemophilus influenza
Hello Simone I just got a call from the ENT who said I have Haemophilus influenza. Is ther
Nataliesammi 2015-07-14
6   Nataliesammi 3 years ago

I have two questions on my mind right now. Question one : Can One eat chocolate while und
cartoon123 2015-07-13
9   cartoon123 3 years ago

Simone717 / mani jee ?15 weeks pregnant - acid indigestion/reflux
I have been dealing with nausea these past few weeks and although it has gotten better bet

Nataliesammi 2015-07-06
28   simone717 3 years ago

Extreme bloating in abdomen & and pain in right side of body
I look 9 months pregnant and my muscles hurt from foot to neck on the right side only. I a
LeonRussell 2015-07-12
6   LeonRussell 3 years ago

Abdominal Issues
I have had issues with bloating for some time now. No matter what I eat, I feel terribly
gphypno 2015-07-14
1   gphypno 3 years ago

Back Acne
Last Issue...Back Acne. I barely ever get pimples on my face yet I get outbreaks all over
gphypno 2015-07-14
1   simone717 3 years ago

Nail Fungus
I have had nail fungus on my right thimb as well as both big toes. My toe nails are also
gphypno 2015-07-14
2   simone717 3 years ago

Dry Eyes
I have been suffering with Dry Eyes for 1-2 years. I normally wear contact lenses but hav
gphypno 2015-07-14
1   simone717 3 years ago

seek remedy to cure long standing problems
hello, i am 33 yr male unmarried, since childhood i was allergic to cold and always tend

ahmedja 2015-07-08
48   simone717 3 years ago

Remedy wanted
My son is 4 years old suffering from stomach infections,having loose motion since 2 weeks
shalesh 2015-07-13
3   fitness 3 years ago

For Simone- Regarding Evocationer
Hi Simone, Did you hear anything from Dr. David Kempson yet? I have tried all mediums to c
bk123 2015-07-14
2   bk123 3 years ago

Hydrocele and cyst in left testis
Sir, From last Sep 2014 I came to know about the mild hydrocele in side of left testise an
ppbordoloi 2015-07-14
3   telescope 3 years ago

Dr. Khadwa can you suggest something
Dear Dr. I am 32 year old unmarried. from Previous one week i am having a problem of fluid
jahan8585 2015-07-13
2   jahan8585 3 years ago

Satish Pasrija
Patient has fatty lever. Therefore there is always a mild pain after taking food. Which go
Satish Pasrija 2015-07-12
1   kadwa 3 years ago

External hanging fleshy lump in innerthigh
Dear Doctors, Recently I developed an irritating problem in my right inner thigh - a painl
sbmmit487 2015-07-12
1   kadwa 3 years ago

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