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Information given in this forum is given by way of exchange of views only. It is not to be treated as a medical diagnosis, and should not be used as a substitute for seeing a qualified homeopath or physician. In most cases, advice posted here is not given by a medical expert.

If symptoms persist, consult a medical professional.

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TopicPostsStarted byLast Post
Help with internal anal warts, please
I a a 30 year old female suffering from internal a...
4NE198319:01 27 Apr 14 by fitness
Floaters in eye vision
Dear Dr I have some vision problem in my right ey...
1Krish7474 17:23 27 Apr 14 by fitness
weight gain from thyroid
What remedy can be taken for hypothyroidism ? I ha...
1dempress17:23 27 Apr 14 by fitness
can we mix homeopathy and ayurveda for same disease
Dear sir My brother is taking homeopathy medic... [LAST PAGE]
18avinsetia17:08 27 Apr 14 by avinsetia
Ankylosing Spondylitis
Dear Sir, Came to know you through http://www...
3pawanmishra8115:23 27 Apr 14 by hporwal
For Simone please
Hi Simone You recommended a good probiotic for ...
4pixie wood14:27 27 Apr 14 by pixie wood
BALD patches in 30 year old man.
hi all im posting on behalf of my 30 year old husb... [LAST PAGE]
23kirsty201413:29 27 Apr 14 by fitness
fungal infection in penis
I m 28 years old. It is a fungal infection in my p...
2akhileshmehta8508:46 27 Apr 14 by akhileshmehta85
Pain and constipation.
My mom whose age: 56 is having pain in the kidney ...
4Akshay_oct04:59 27 Apr 14 by simone717
4 year son- multiple issues
Need help and will be grateful. My son is born in ...
5Ramsunder04:43 27 Apr 14 by rishimba
Joepathy - Nuisance or What ?
Nesha-India, REQUESTS and invite all forum member... [LAST PAGE]
31Nesha-India 01:24 27 Apr 14 by amkbsc
Beloved feral cat with renal failure
I have a feral cat family (mom and one son and one...
2lgb22214:07 26 Apr 14 by lgb222
Skin allergy especially in Palm area and sole
Hi, I am suffering from skin allergy from pas... [LAST PAGE]
14R4vis13:14 26 Apr 14 by fitness
Cronic Fissure with skin tag
Hello Doctors, Pls. help me to cure cronic Fiss...
7homeocurehope11:51 26 Apr 14 by homeocurehope
elderly man with need for the correct remedy
angry, stubborn, opinionated, venous ulcer on ri... [LAST PAGE]
23divinci11:06 26 Apr 14 by susandanak
dosage for a constitutional remedy
dear sir, i have chronic gastric problem (more...
3SreenivasanC11:06 26 Apr 14 by Evocationer
Nerves & Sexual Problem
Hello Doctor I am look forward your valuable su...
6dearazeem10:52 26 Apr 14 by drkashif
Dr kadwa : Help mom swollen body joint pain
Name : Archana Age : 57 My mom is suffering from...
4cotton123409:41 26 Apr 14 by cotton1234
Damaged Vein Valve
It has been diagnosed by a Dr. that I damaged my v...
1FLOWERFAIRY2309:30 26 Apr 14 by kadwa
Kitten with loose stools
One of our rescue kittens is slower than the other...
3Maddies08:32 26 Apr 14 by kadwa
Calc Carb for 11 month old
Hello. My baby has always suffered from bouts of c...
4tatesmomma03:26 26 Apr 14 by tatesmomma
pls help for wet armd rt eye
AM 67 years old have developed wel ARMD in right e...
1prashanta02:51 26 Apr 14 by prashanta
I have had anxiety all my life but have been able ... [LAST PAGE]
59Carmel01:13 26 Apr 14 by Carmel
Remedy Use
Hello, I have been prescribed by a homeopath w...
7gammyjam 22:48 25 Apr 14 by Evocationer
16 Months old reluctant to eat
Hi Doc, My 16 month old baby boy doesnt eat he ...
1Rehan78620:40 25 Apr 14 by simone717
Vocal cord problem?
Hello friends. I am a Teacher. For all time teachi...
7michael11119:39 25 Apr 14 by anindya384
how to use lycopodium CM
Dear Sir, i am 34 years old i have read about L...
7sahirashh17:35 25 Apr 14 by Md. Zahid
Please advise my husband has been poisoned by Cipro & Levaquin & me....Lupron
My husband was given Cipro thorugh an antrax vacci... [LAST PAGE]
41RAMCS17:16 25 Apr 14 by RAMCS
Uterine Fibroids
Hello :) i'm 32 years old, female and i'... [LAST PAGE]
15leahpeeps16:46 25 Apr 14 by leahpeeps
face and head as if blushing
hi doctor, since past one week, i have been feelin... [LAST PAGE]
19abcmurals15:01 25 Apr 14 by simone717
3 Yr Old Snores/Constantly Congested
My 3 year old has been snoring for years and every...
1beepr13:56 25 Apr 14 by fitness
tonsils, cough & fever every year in march & november in india
i have tonsils, bad throat, fever every year since...
6choldevi11:26 25 Apr 14 by choldevi
Constipated Breastfed Baby
My daughter is 11 months old. She was exclusively ...
4tatesmomma11:17 25 Apr 14 by anindya384
How I cured my Bartholin Cyst
I'll try to keep this as short as possible. D...
1Moosk09:54 25 Apr 14 by nawazkhan
Hair Loss-Please reply fast
Respected Sir,I'm 20 years old and suffering ...
1HamzaMehmood106:11 25 Apr 14 by anindya384
over masturbation help
Sir,i am a chronic masturbator.i am24 years old I ...
2arunrai05:52 25 Apr 14 by anindya384
seeking remedy for my son,s symptoms
Dear Dr. Sameer, My son is 14 years old and he... [LAST PAGE]
210Marika05:42 25 Apr 14 by sameervermani
Dr. Kadwa please advise (non-stop bleeding)
Hello Dr. Kadwa, I have gone thru homeopathy for...
0mrm152703:38 25 Apr 14 by
Chronic Sore Throat... Possible Mono?
Hi, I'm a 19 year old Female and for the pas... [LAST PAGE]
25xokatjanicolexo03:17 25 Apr 14 by anuj srivastava
lump left
hey... I have had a chalazion surgery about 2we...
1namankhera 20:57 24 Apr 14 by simone717
dark yellow urine always
Hi I see most of the times my urine is yellow .......
1s.arun31620:53 24 Apr 14 by simone717
hair fall after pregnancy
hi iam 36 year old and i have two kid one is 8 yr ...
7qazwxe20:35 24 Apr 14 by fitness
Fever with headache and bodyache in 12 yr old girl
Dear Doctors , My daughter , 12 years old , wei... [LAST PAGE]
15venus074320:26 24 Apr 14 by fitness
Help! Severe Obstructive Sleep Apnoea in Toddler
Hi my 2 year old has had recurrent viral infection...
6palaeoberry18:42 24 Apr 14 by palaeoberry
over masurbation issue...
Hi.. Im 24 years old and i started masturbating fr... [LAST PAGE]
28s.arun31617:48 24 Apr 14 by s.arun316
Histiocytoma in dogs
My West Highland Terrier has a Histiocytoma on his...
2gisela17:03 24 Apr 14 by armanidauk
Wish to remove gay feelings in me
Sir I am 28 years old man with normal weight. I ve... [LAST PAGE]
43gaurav.sharma01018 14:05 24 Apr 14 by fitness
My Current age is 30 years and I am a married man....
3mc06040101913:38 24 Apr 14 by akshaymohl
PLs urgent reply
The patient, a female, 51 years,non-diabetics and ...
1nancy raheja11:09 24 Apr 14 by rishimba
Red itchy dry bumps on scalp
I had these since 8 years. These are extremely itc... [LAST PAGE]
24shomail ahmad09:43 24 Apr 14 by shomail ahmad
3 week old infant and acid reflux
Hi, I was wondering if anyone could tell me the do...
11elliemess06:12 24 Apr 14 by Joe De Livera
i have been on it for the pass ten years now, afte...
3Paul john04:47 24 Apr 14 by simone717
200cc thuja
Took 200cc Thuja and have had insomnia . The r...
9nalanomis02:26 24 Apr 14 by nalanomis
Urgent Help for General Anxiety Disorder
Hello all, I have found this forum after my Hyp... [LAST PAGE]
20esrushka 18:08 23 Apr 14 by esrushka
Medical Advice
My name is Chandram Vishwakarma(Age 30Yrs). I am s...
1siwaji16:28 23 Apr 14 by rishimba
Dear sir, my age is 34 male I am suffering from ...
12kumar1214:52 23 Apr 14 by kumar12
wart on finger: urgent
My 2 and half year old son is having wart on his r...
3roshan25314:37 23 Apr 14 by fitness
For Kadwa
Hi Kadwa, Please take a look at http://www.abc...
0simone71714:03 23 Apr 14 by
Eye Floaters and poor vision
Hi, I am 27 years old. I have a big problem for...
1vizayadurga14:03 23 Apr 14 by fitness
My self Manohar kothari having problem of Lipoma s...
1Manohar Kothari14:01 23 Apr 14 by fitness
Cervical Spondilitis and Disc Herniation at C4-C5
31 - MALE - INDIA - HOT AND HUMID 2. Current c... [LAST PAGE]
15jitenvithlani13:57 23 Apr 14 by simone717
need suggestion to control diabetic
I am suffering from Un Controlled Diabetic, i have...
3skraj_hyd12:31 23 Apr 14 by fitness
Ankylosing Spondylitis
Hi All, My name is nitin, I am from Gurgaon and ... [LAST PAGE]
16nitinsharma10:13 23 Apr 14 by hporwal
Lachesis - impact on blood (HLA B27)
i read that lachesis has affect on b lood and it...
7hporwal09:55 23 Apr 14 by hporwal
Am faceing problem with Hyperherosis
Hi , Am rana am 24 years my child wood onwards am...
1RanaReddyHyderabad07:02 23 Apr 14 by kadwa
I require homeopathy safe drug for premature ejacu...
1ss_d206:48 23 Apr 14 by kadwa
lost test and smelling sense...
Dr.Kadwa i am a big fan of your remedies .i am in ...
1ashutosh srivastav06:43 23 Apr 14 by kadwa
dr.kadwa plz advice..........
Dear Sir I have read ur so many blogs so plz kin... [LAST PAGE]
57faiz68506:24 23 Apr 14 by kadwa
reumatic artharities
I am a patient of RA, i am 32 yrs old. my hlab27...
1skylarkz 01:09 23 Apr 14 by simone717
persisting postnatal conditions
my daughter 34yrs age,has two boys both by c-secti...
10lil sis00:58 23 Apr 14 by anuj srivastava
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