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Information given in this forum is given by way of exchange of views only. It is not to be treated as a medical diagnosis, and should not be used as a substitute for seeing a qualified homeopath or physician. In most cases, advice posted here is not given by a medical expert.

If symptoms persist, consult a medical professional.

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TopicPostsStarted byLast Post
Infant Reflux (GERD)
My 2 1/2 month old son has terrible reflux. He ha...
9TLS201415:50 01 Jul 14 by simone717
Traces of blood in stool
Doctor, Recently we have noticed that there are...
1raja00715:21 01 Jul 14 by akshaymohl
Sentinel Pile with Slow Bowel Movement
Dear Doctor I am a new member in this forum.Pre...
9deearora14:39 01 Jul 14 by shouse_nsk
Gum surgery and bone graft ; how to avoid
A periodontist examined my teeth and has recommend...
1pprakash2214:36 01 Jul 14 by fitness
Stone gall bladder
My mother age 54 is having stone in gall bladder. ...
3prashant_kum14:36 01 Jul 14 by shouse_nsk
Glomus jugulare tumer growing in left ear
Hello, I'm 29yrs old male, my problem is Glom...
1Romy khan14:27 01 Jul 14 by fitness
Salty Mucus Expectoration
Hi, My mum has had this lingering cough for a whi...
2dove2113:50 01 Jul 14 by dove21
salty mucus
Hi, My mum has had this lingering cough for a whi...
2dove2113:49 01 Jul 14 by dove21
white spot on skin
My mother aged 50+ have white spot on one leg from...
0sagarvrindavan 11:40 01 Jul 14 by
High Blood Pressure
My BP rises when i take my meal and dinner. My ...
4rahmanm11:32 01 Jul 14 by rahmanm
about musterbarating
hi, i am rohit from bihar, i am 29 year old, and...
2rohitksharma08:56 01 Jul 14 by rohitksharma
hair loss
Hello nawazkhan Sir, Please suggest some medicine...
8sibupanda07:25 01 Jul 14 by sibupanda
prolong use of catheter
my mother is bed ridden patient prolong use of cat...
1sainisundeep04:34 01 Jul 14 by shouse_nsk
please help with diabetes
hello, i was recently diagnosed with diabetes, hi...
6DAS196504:30 01 Jul 14 by DAS1965
Heavy bleeding with hyperechoic area in uterus
Hello I am 31 year old female, my husband and hav... [LAST PAGE]
16aTK706 04:13 01 Jul 14 by rishimba
Anosmia the inability to perceive odour
Any insights or remedy suggestions please for a la...
1nickynoodle10000:41 01 Jul 14 by Evocationer
Arthritis in my dogs - question
Hello, I am looking for a remedy for my two elderl... [LAST PAGE]
23beepsandclicks18:22 30 Jun 14 by tahoejohn
Salty Mucus Expectoration
Hi, My mum has had this lingering cough for a whi...
1dove2117:05 30 Jun 14 by simone717
Meaning of symptom
0Dr. V. Krishnaamur13:44 30 Jun 14 by
Advanced homoeo practice
0Dr. V. Krishnaamur13:36 30 Jun 14 by
Kidney Disease due to Hypertension
I am aged 45, male. My creatinine is 9.1mg/dl, Ur...
10sanlike10:29 30 Jun 14 by sanlike
sore throat + Hyperacidity
I have sore throat due to cough running inside. Al...
1naveen gupta09:53 30 Jun 14 by shouse_nsk
Anybody willing to take this case? Sperm motility.
I am trying to find a remedy for my husband to imp...
12Mika8009:05 30 Jun 14 by rituraj
androgenic alopecia
Sir, I am 25 years old male.I am a medical studen...
3sonu00705:33 30 Jun 14 by simone717
Dosage recommended for 10 month infant
Hi, My child has trouble sleeping, she is 10 month...
2samur42022:51 29 Jun 14 by Evocationer
no baby after three years of merrage
Sir one of my friend has this problem hope you can...
5saluman20:34 29 Jun 14 by saluman
which are same remedies?
which are same remedies in there work in the foll...
5jawwad55519:21 29 Jun 14 by simone717
Echinacea Q Dosage ?
I'm taking Echinacea Q as a blood purifier,...
2Akshay2118:28 29 Jun 14 by Akshay21
Hypothyroid with diabetes and cholesterol
Hi Am 36 yeas old. I was diagnosed with hypothyr...
5akhowala17:27 29 Jun 14 by fitness
I'm 19 years old... I was a normal man... But...
1Kamran Abbasi 17:20 29 Jun 14 by fitness
Penis Enlargement require
I am posting my one friends's issue. Age-30 ...
1amit143mishra 15:29 29 Jun 14 by fitness
4 yr old with eczema
Hi, I'm hoping someone can help me please. I ... [LAST PAGE]
31aks99912:20 29 Jun 14 by aks999
Homosexual Mind.
my name is Sri. my thoughts are about homosexual. ... [LAST PAGE]
15ramsri80007:45 29 Jun 14 by samur420
Plz help me with premature ejaculation
I have this problem of prematureejaculation.i star... [LAST PAGE]
90olakh 06:32 29 Jun 14 by daniel cardoz
Premature Grey Hair
Dear Sir, I am having this problem of premature g...
1tapand5506:21 29 Jun 14 by Usehomeopathy
Infected gums/bone loss
Dear Simone, Yesterday I had a total of 4 bone...
3declan22:42 28 Jun 14 by simone717
5 yr old having cold every morning
My 5 yr old daughter is suffring from cold every t...
4priyabhi19:22 28 Jun 14 by priyabhi
please help me.
I’ve followed the directions form Dr. Kudwa which ... [LAST PAGE]
259fameshow 17:20 28 Jun 14 by fameshow
Hi my 9 years old daughter is very short; her aun...
1azade13:55 28 Jun 14 by fitness
Cold that turns into headache
I am a 54 year old male. I catch cold that begi...
2ashoksangita 13:13 28 Jun 14 by ashoksangita
FOR RISHIMBA ( case retaking) Harmonal issues
1. Describe your main suffering? State the correct...
11mishal adnan 11:12 28 Jun 14 by rishimba
I am shazia from Pakistan. female. age 29. unmarri...
3shazianoreen10:18 28 Jun 14 by shouse_nsk
stiffness in hamstrings
i used the tool and the grid is pasted below any ...
2closepet 07:33 28 Jun 14 by Evocationer
hair problem
Hi! I am Boota Singh a male of 34 years from Punja...
1Boota Singh06:50 28 Jun 14 by kadwa
Erectile Dysfunction & Premature Ejaculation
Dear Doctors, I m 40yrs old with 15yrs of martia...
6Shahzad1906:02 28 Jun 14 by kadwa
Dry mouth now joint ache but sjogrens negative
Hi All, I am 27 male. I have been suffering fro...
3Unknown2305:46 28 Jun 14 by kadwa
Urgent: Need help for my father
Hello everyone I am from Varanasi and request H...
6anand14may05:07 28 Jun 14 by anoopkore
PMS, anxiety, depression .....Sepia 30c
Hello, I am 43, since a child have had anxiety a... [LAST PAGE]
23Jlee522:59 27 Jun 14 by simone717
Remedy dosage
Hello, I used two 30c pellets of Apis prescr...
8gammyjam 22:51 27 Jun 14 by Evocationer
I am interested if there is anyone who has success...
1Orlaworld22:16 27 Jun 14 by Evocationer
I am interested if there is anyone who has success...
1Orlaworld20:40 27 Jun 14 by simone717
Can I make my own homeopathic remedy?
Is it possible to make my own homeopathic remedy o...
5troja20:20 27 Jun 14 by simone717
Stubborn chronic acne
I am hoping to find a suitable remedy. I am 20 yea...
12Tomsnelling120:15 27 Jun 14 by Tomsnelling1
kedny stone
Hi, can someone please suggest me any medicine ...
1tehmer16:34 27 Jun 14 by anuj srivastava
Complementary remedy
I have to take Graphites for my thyriod problem ... [LAST PAGE]
54osik5216:31 27 Jun 14 by fitness
Hi Doctors, I am 32 years old and got married ...
1softlyricsofheart15:18 27 Jun 14 by simone717
usage of 'rite-hite'
hi doctors, There a medicine named 'Rite-H...
3mahmoodjnu14:29 27 Jun 14 by Usehomeopathy
need help surring frm virginal dicharge for more...
1helen g12:20 27 Jun 14 by rituraj
ereaction problem
sir im adnan my age 30 im unmarried sir i do hand ...
0dani653552312:06 27 Jun 14 by
looking for Dr. Nawaz Khan
Dear Dr. Nawaz Khan Assalamualikum. Bro I reall...
3reza197608:57 27 Jun 14 by reza1976
Cough and phlegm in early pregnancy
Hello, I have posted something similar during my p...
1rania140307:50 27 Jun 14 by shouse_nsk
Emergency : Tooth Problem
I'm 25 years old Male with slim body.I'm...
1Akshay2104:17 27 Jun 14 by simone717
Potency increase
Hello, I'm currently taking Aurum Metalli...
1AleemRDX02:10 27 Jun 14 by simone717
Has anyone tried this remedy: http://www.choosen...
6angelfatima01:01 27 Jun 14 by Evocationer
feet pain and sole burning
hi.. my cousin, who is of 13 and around 40 kg of w...
7aly.irshad23:58 26 Jun 14 by Evocationer
Improve sperm morphology and motility?
Is there a remedy to improve sperm morphology and ...
3Mika8023:30 26 Jun 14 by Evocationer
bruised toe?
Can anybody suggest a remedy for an extremely brui...
1Mika8021:18 26 Jun 14 by fitness
tumer in ovary
Tumer in overy is it cureable in homeopathy. age ...
1gudday19:13 26 Jun 14 by rituraj
Child with cough and fever
My 4 year old girl has had a loose mucousy cough f...
5rania140313:13 26 Jun 14 by anuj srivastava
sex problem.....
Hello sir I m 31 yr married man,I m suffering with...
1afzalathar09:41 26 Jun 14 by Usehomeopathy
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