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Information given in this forum is given by way of exchange of views only. It is not to be treated as a medical diagnosis, and should not be used as a substitute for seeing a qualified homeopath or physician. In most cases, advice posted here is not given by a medical expert.

If symptoms persist, consult a medical professional.

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Where to get abc homeopathy clinical dr. consult i...
1Zameer106:43 10 Nov 16 by kadwa
Lose your weight permanently, by ancient mystic method. Mystery of the color Red.
You will need some equipment 1. A metal lamp whic... [LAST PAGE]
68kuldeep04:40 10 Nov 16 by Teupne
Hair Loss
Hi to all doctors.. Please refer some remedy fo...
1Mr.Sheikh04:28 10 Nov 16 by DrManojVEDI
Looking to help my sons with homeopathy (ADHD?)
Hi all! I have scoured these forums and really ...
2Glamazon02:38 10 Nov 16 by cosmicweaver
morning erection.
iam immanuel raja. age 25, ht 168cm, wt 50 kg. I u...
4immanuelraja02:37 10 Nov 16 by DrManojVEDI
Correct selection of dream rubrics?
Just woke up from a nightmare. And I had an intere...
12cosmicweaver02:26 10 Nov 16 by simone717
Child fever and breathing problem
My child is girl. Age 3 years.fair, she has cough ...
3AMINUL ISLAM01:49 10 Nov 16 by gavinimurthy
Snoring/mild apnea/asthma/allergies
New to homeopathy approach. Trying to avoid surgic...
3advocate101:46 10 Nov 16 by gavinimurthy
does any medisine is there to make the body skin t...
1immanuelraja00:32 10 Nov 16 by gavinimurthy
So tired of being tired and in pain
I know exactly when everything in my life went wro...
1trrock00:07 10 Nov 16 by gavinimurthy
Chondromalacia patellae
Hi, I would be grateful for any advice regarding t... [LAST PAGE]
25Cat223:58 09 Nov 16 by gavinimurthy
my 5 yr old son
dear sirThis is reagarding my 5 year old Son. He i...
4gunhkv21:19 09 Nov 16 by gunhkv
Order Status of Order 162259
Please provide status of Order 162259, I have plac...
1akhil968520:00 09 Nov 16 by simone717
Calcaneal spur
Sir, I am suffering from calcaneal spur at both h...
4bithi17:42 09 Nov 16 by simone717
many symptoms and NF
I have sharp pain randomly in my body. It feels li...
3Sudeb117:16 09 Nov 16 by Sudeb1
help required for Constipation / Pain in left leg
Dear Doctors, PLease help me in below. I am ... [LAST PAGE]
21alok.20jan15:23 09 Nov 16 by alok.20jan
sexy time 1 second
dear sir mera age 29 yrs old hai meri shadi ku...
1mdalim14:18 09 Nov 16 by akshaymohl
for psoriasis patient
take crabapple,bach flower remedy for a month and ...
1nisha30112:56 09 Nov 16 by DrManojVEDI
Fed up with My life! Masturbation
I am 24 years old Male and i have been masturbatin... [LAST PAGE]
16harsh1507:24 09 Nov 16 by Teupne
Genitals and butt itching along with excruciating pain
I'm asking this question on behalf of my fian...
2mustangsaguaro03:57 09 Nov 16 by simone717
Increase in height
Im 20 year old, my height is 5'6 is there any... [LAST PAGE]
24Shahmir68617:07 08 Nov 16 by Shahmir686
3 week old with reflux
Hello, I have a 3 week old with reflux ( scream...
7Elttrut15:54 08 Nov 16 by simone717
White Discharge
Age 24 , very slim, fair complex, married, having ...
2Gruckoz08:43 08 Nov 16 by homeo_helper
Oftenly Excitement with running hands very fast
I used to think lot about good results of future e...
7Guddu107:52 08 Nov 16 by Guddu1
Lack of self confidence
Iam 36 aged man , married and having two boys. ... [LAST PAGE]
67Iorvithell06:05 08 Nov 16 by DrKulkarni
Dr kulkurni I need helps about anxeity
I m 36 year old and taking alopethic medicines fro...
7y_munib05:07 08 Nov 16 by DrKulkarni
hepatitis b cure..
little bit pain right side mid of the abdomen . (n... [LAST PAGE]
20mak200501:21 08 Nov 16 by simone717
Dr Murthy: Both my children are susceptible to cold
Sir my son aged 24 years and daughter aged 27 year...
1Ruchira00:51 08 Nov 16 by gavinimurthy
PCOS treatment
Hi, I wanted to consult doctor personally for PCO...
3Bousuerg23:31 07 Nov 16 by nawazkhan
First time hemorrhoids sufferer. Help needed
Hi all, I am going through some extreme pain an... [LAST PAGE]
217hproblem17:33 07 Nov 16 by hproblem
Ischiorectal Abscess - please help
Hello, I believe I have what may be the beginn...
3purplecat4416:31 07 Nov 16 by DrManojVEDI
Stomach Pain..
Hello, My Uncle is suffering from Stomach Ulcer... [LAST PAGE]
15xpert523316:11 07 Nov 16 by DrManojVEDI
Bald head.hairs are not seen on crown.But grows mo...
1gangadhar14:24 07 Nov 16 by nisha301
Adrenal fatigue/Low cortisol
Dear members, Thank you for allowing me to become...
1Fay7908:14 07 Nov 16 by kadwa
Seeking help for silent reflux for my 2.5 month old
Hi, I have a 2.5 month old that was diagnosed with...
1RMAAAA1708:06 07 Nov 16 by kadwa
Sextual Problem
Hi I am papai 36 years old , my sex time is very l...
1Papai107:57 07 Nov 16 by kadwa
Acidity and heartburn
Doctor, I am suffering from acidity and heartb...
7raja00705:34 07 Nov 16 by gavinimurthy
Can I take nux vomica 30c lycopodium 200 and ...
4Prateekmalpani04:19 07 Nov 16 by Prateekmalpani
5 YEAR OLD Inattentiveness
Hi, I would love some help with my five year ol...
4abuma03:04 07 Nov 16 by telescope
Nose Hump
Hi Sir, I have a nose hump which is particularl...
2nav00701:52 07 Nov 16 by DrManojVEDI
Dog with fluid in lungs
Is there anyone here who has any advice to give re...
3sanne22:24 06 Nov 16 by Mikul
having appetite but no feeling
For 3 months ,I am having a appetite problem that ...
4sheeraz121:10 06 Nov 16 by simone717
Allergic bronchitis
Hello Dr. My wife is suffering from allergic bro...
10amberansari20:42 06 Nov 16 by 0antivirus0
***Vertigo problem since 7 years***
Hello Expert, My sister is suffering from Verti... [LAST PAGE]
16asifkhan250019:16 06 Nov 16 by simone717
Dr Joe plzzz help!! Alopecia Areata
Last yr in march, I noticed 2 dime-sized bald spot... [LAST PAGE]
15cool_princess 14:31 06 Nov 16 by simone717
Migraine, Premature Ejaculation, Anger & Anxiety
Hello is there any single remedy for my problems....
3drgreen20307:07 06 Nov 16 by Teupne
i am 24 year old male. i have jaundice last year i...
8Sudeb106:59 06 Nov 16 by Teupne
Cold and cough
My name is Amber i have problem of sneezing, sensa...
11amberansari06:54 06 Nov 16 by gavinimurthy
High blood pressure out of control -- URGENT
I've been with high blood pressure for the ...
2MLorean03:08 06 Nov 16 by nisha301
Impotence, numbness right foot, sole (front area, by joints)
I m 58 year male, 6.1. ft, 200 lbs, have the foll...
5MLorean00:21 06 Nov 16 by simone717
Side effect of taking too much high potency remedy
Assuming my body is only a little sick. Instead of...
8cooperchien16:10 05 Nov 16 by simone717
Seeking help from Dr. Murthy
Hello Dr. Murhty, I have been treated by Nawaz... [LAST PAGE]
13dimple114:57 05 Nov 16 by dimple1
catharis side effect
I am 25 years My doctor gave me catharis for my p...
1tawhid14:42 05 Nov 16 by mnaari
sex problem
hi plz this my first post. iam 25 and i have pre e...
1johnrobert14:07 05 Nov 16 by yogeshrajurkar
Dr. Kulkarni; Shri Gaivini Murthy sir
This is Niiev16. it seems someone has hacked into ...
4Niiev16112:52 05 Nov 16 by gavinimurthy
increase hight
sir iam immanuel 25y (168cm). I went to a homeopat...
8immanuelraja10:48 05 Nov 16 by akshaymohl
Hashimotos and possible sinus infection
HI, Could someone help me out with some symptoms ...
1leighross09:06 05 Nov 16 by nisha301
Disc Buldge
Dear Doctors I have been diagnosed Disc Buldge ...
2SHANOON1200308:54 05 Nov 16 by SHANOON12003
Penis Problems
aoa. meri age 21 saal hy.mein pehly musht zani bo...
0Raja Waris08:52 05 Nov 16 by
GAS indigestion
The food stays in oesophagus even after 5 hrs and ...
0sdharmm197208:20 05 Nov 16 by
Dr.Nawaz - anal abscess problem
Hi dr.nawaz, In past you helped me recover from...
0purplecat4405:51 05 Nov 16 by
Toddler Behavior
Please help with my 23-month old grandson. He has...
1Rose_95901:01 05 Nov 16 by akshaymohl
To increase milk in cows
I just want to increase the milk capacity in cow....
1prashantkbhati00:56 05 Nov 16 by akshaymohl
Need advice/help from experienced homeopath!
Hi there, Im 35 years old woman. I have issues wi... [LAST PAGE]
16leeleee17:06 04 Nov 16 by DrKulkarni
Dr Kadwa kindly help
My dog a golden retriever of 6 years has a growth ...
3Ruchira16:51 04 Nov 16 by Ruchira
Fluid Retention Issue
Hi We have a 15 year old Daschound about 11KG i...
1subbu286115:35 04 Nov 16 by subbu2861
Attn : Kadwa
Dear Kadwa I saw your reference to Dr. Chandran...
3gavinimurthy14:52 04 Nov 16 by simone717
Finding remedy for depression
I have been suffering from depression for last 7...
6ahsan_kazmi09:57 04 Nov 16 by ahsan_kazmi
child nose discharge and hard potty problem
Respected drs With due regard i m ankit my 10 mon...
1akt33309:49 04 Nov 16 by kadwa
I have developed like syst (bump)on my left thigh... [LAST PAGE]
84Gavvala09:27 04 Nov 16 by kadwa
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