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Information given in this forum is given by way of exchange of views only. It is not to be treated as a medical diagnosis, and should not be used as a substitute for seeing a qualified homeopath or physician. In most cases, advice posted here is not given by a medical expert.

If symptoms persist, consult a medical professional.

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need advice of profeesional homeopaths
RESPECTED DOCTORS i have been advised following...
5rrgreat12315:18 12 Mar 14 by simone717
Sinus Headache, dry cold
I m in my 40s have chronic sinus problem, no runny...
2toketan13:18 12 Mar 14 by ironmaiden
body cramps pre & post periods
HELO! Iam facing body cramps before and after peri...
5javaria12:25 12 Mar 14 by akshaymohl
Breast reduction
I am very petite but I have large breasts, is ther... [LAST PAGE]
27ericstar2k11:12 12 Mar 14 by Jalpari86
Dear Dr. Jamil Ahmed Showrav, Please Help (Sexual weakness due to excessive masturbation)
Dear Dr Showrav, My detailed condition and medi...
0Ammar09:30 12 Mar 14 by
(Dr Mehfooz Rehaman or any one please help) I am only 21 year and 8 months old but my penis is very much curved toward left
Sir Mehfooz please help, I am only 21 year and...
2saluman 07:47 12 Mar 14 by saluman
please educate me
What is staphysagaria 200 and how effective it in ...
2deeohuocha01:08 12 Mar 14 by Evocationer
get fair skin
hi sir I want to get fair complex of my face... pl...
7luv sonkar00:50 12 Mar 14 by Evocationer
week erection and semen comes out
1`)My pennis is thin & less than 4 inch when...
1Homeo help00:20 12 Mar 14 by akshaymohl
Frequent urination.
I am having frequent urination due to too much mas...
1Akshay_oct23:55 11 Mar 14 by akshaymohl
sexual weakness
my erection is some what weak. What i can do. pls ...
1deeohuocha17:14 11 Mar 14 by Nitin Kumar
Natural cure of lattice degeneration
Hi All, I've been doing some research to... [LAST PAGE]
23victorvictor515:46 11 Mar 14 by vernjoh
dried up rectum or fissure or piles Dr. simone or Dr daktarsaab or Dr Zaidi
I have been under treatment here and the thread is... [LAST PAGE]
20earth14:42 11 Mar 14 by Zady101
my ten month old suffering from hydrocephalus
Hi, I am glad I can contact you people online bec...
12moskeda14:42 11 Mar 14 by Dr. Rakesh Km Lko
Looking for a Homeopath
I have posted elsewhere about all the problems wit...
2Snick194614:22 11 Mar 14 by Snick1946
dark circles around eyes
age : 18 years gender :male (seeking remedy fo... [LAST PAGE]
18S Faizan14:19 11 Mar 14 by S Faizan
Pain in calcaneus/Achilles_tendon bone
Hi I am having pain in my ankle bone. I am not ha...
8ishtiaqueahmad09:05 11 Mar 14 by rishimba
I had hysterectomy 5wks ago having hot flashes nig...
1royvanila05:08 11 Mar 14 by anuj srivastava
nat. mur brought new layer
I took nat mur for social anxiety and general fe...
2thosphoenix 02:35 11 Mar 14 by thosphoenix
Sudden unexplained urinary urgency/ oab
Hello, It's my first post here. I have bee...
2zaba11402:14 11 Mar 14 by zaba114
Persistent Pilonidal Cyst - Please Help
I hope you can help me. I am a 19 year old male. L...
2cg808022:41 10 Mar 14 by lucy1357
sperm problem
My sperm count report in March 2008 was following....
8samabb18:41 10 Mar 14 by Homeo help
Issues with my eyes
Hi I have been having issues my eyes for the last...
1govinda916:11 10 Mar 14 by akshaymohl
Juice recipe to detox body from metals?
Hi, I am new to this forum and I believe in the p...
1omarrod15:52 10 Mar 14 by simone717
chronic myelogenous leukemia (cml) problome
Sir mere brother ko (cml) ka problom hai. Unko har...
3jeetendra prasad15:30 10 Mar 14 by jeetendra prasad
stomach infection with hypothroid
Sir, I ate a roadside omelette some 3 months back....
1ssaj7613:46 10 Mar 14 by shouse_nsk
Lower Back Pain (Slip disc ?)
my wife suddenly start feeling strong back pain re...
3Santosh4413:11 10 Mar 14 by jerryacu
missed abortion, D&C, Retained tissue
I suffered a missed abortion with gestational age ...
1shehla11:39 10 Mar 14 by rishimba
My father has been diagnosed with Parkinsons 4 mon...
3Abdullahmw11:34 10 Mar 14 by rishimba
My problems in details (For Dr, Evocationer)
Complaints: -- A. My first problem is anal fissur...
2mohin111:13 10 Mar 14 by mohin1

[message deleted by friends55 on Fri, 19 Dec 2...
0friends5509:02 10 Mar 14 by

[message deleted by friends55 on Fri, 19 Dec 2...
24friends5509:01 10 Mar 14 by friends55

[message deleted by friends55 on Fri, 19 Dec 2...
7friends5509:00 10 Mar 14 by friends55
Keloids since 10 years ago
Dear Doctor, I was having keloids (pimples turne...
1ssravs08:06 10 Mar 14 by kadwa
To: Dr. Kadwa (Psoriasis)
Dear Dr. Kadwa, One of my collegue infomed me a... [LAST PAGE]
58rmasood07:42 10 Mar 14 by kadwa
Baby with sticky yellow discharge from eye
Hello, My baby is 11 month old and has recurre...
4milentie07:17 10 Mar 14 by mani_jee
high creatnine in liver cirossis with asctics
My 63yrsold Mother is suffering from liver cirosis...
6parulseth07:14 10 Mar 14 by kadwa
disc problem and navel discharge
MRI lumbar spine reveals L4-L5 diffuse disc bul...
3vinny8507:06 10 Mar 14 by kadwa
Fibromyalgia, Vaginal discharge, digestion probs
Hi please help me as I have a bundle Of health is... [LAST PAGE]
43Nitz701:30 10 Mar 14 by lycopodium
How to increase height
Hi,I am 24.I want to increase my height,Is it poss...
1avni verma17:27 09 Mar 14 by fitness
Teething, cough, runny nose 16 months old
Hello, my baby just started having cold symptoms s... [LAST PAGE]
15Mika8016:09 09 Mar 14 by Mika80
Jock itch since 10 years
hi, i have genital jockitch since 10 years ago...
1ssravs14:30 09 Mar 14 by anuj srivastava
Dr FITNESS plz help.Sperm Motility
Low sperm motility.I am married for 2year but stil... [LAST PAGE]
15fantasy12:54 09 Mar 14 by fitness
White hair in beard at age 24
hello, i'm a serious programmer by prof...
0ssravs10:43 09 Mar 14 by
We can't find any successful cure in this forum for our problems from last 2-3 years!!!
Hello everyone... Myself rehan & my beloved... [LAST PAGE]
31rehanbd09:48 09 Mar 14 by dineshzadav
How to increase height
I am 14 years old and my height is 4'6 I am t...
2fahimahmad 09:32 09 Mar 14 by fahimahmad
Sexual weakness
hello, i am suffering from sexual weakness my age ...
2google034506:52 09 Mar 14 by dr.nisha11142
medicine for psoriasis
I am 26 year old. I have psoriasis last 8 year. ... [LAST PAGE]
58ravi200714706:00 09 Mar 14 by ravi2007147
please do be kind enough to suggest any remedy ..
1. Age : 26 ( born in august ) 3. Sex : male 4...
4azzuro04:04 09 Mar 14 by azzuro
Please doctor help me I'm doing masterbation ...
2HamzaMehmood100:54 09 Mar 14 by HamzaMehmood1
Please suggest me for sty remedy
My upper eye lid is going to have a sty and its pa...
1Abhijit Dey00:23 09 Mar 14 by shouse_nsk
China side effects (30c versus 200c)
Hello, I recently started taking China (200 ...
1healthynow1423:56 08 Mar 14 by simone717
Cat with diarrhea
What would you use after giving a cat ALOE FOr d...
3starclipper17:43 08 Mar 14 by WTrotter
3 year old with cold

[message deleted by mich2010 on Tue, 18 Mar 20...
1mich201009:03 08 Mar 14 by mich2010
Hearing problem and I always hear lot of noise
Hi, I am Madhu Gupta ,48 years old. I am facing...
1madhugupta07:42 08 Mar 14 by anuj srivastava
chronic depression, panic disorder, moderate B.P.
Hello doctor, i am 32 yrs. old male, married for f...
1relson07:38 08 Mar 14 by anuj srivastava
Hi I am 35 yrs old, recently dignosed and taking d...
1nutanparkhe01:36 08 Mar 14 by shouse_nsk
blepharitis sufferers...
An online forum/support group for blepharitis has ... [LAST PAGE]
18blepharitis23:57 07 Mar 14 by lbe10
Lycopodium 200 and damiana MT combo?
36 year old married male. Two kids. No medical co...
5rizdagr820:38 07 Mar 14 by Evocationer
Chronic case not getting resolved
I am looking at a case of a 46 yr old male that ha... [LAST PAGE]
60fitness20:33 07 Mar 14 by Evocationer
I am taking nat phos 6 x and using arnica wet,...
2jimdeb651120:06 07 Mar 14 by jimdeb6511
Asalam-o-alikum ek masla han mery sth
Asalam-o-alikum ek masla han mery sth plzz plzz pl...
2farax112315:27 07 Mar 14 by farax1123
breast enlargment
I am 20 years old. height 5'.5' and weigh...
3siddhilata 15:04 07 Mar 14 by fitness
suffering from navel displacement
i am suffering from NAVEL DISPLACEMENT from the pa...
10shergill88 13:19 07 Mar 14 by drkashif
ringworm:Tinea cruris
Hi, I am suffering from ringworm in groin area fo...
5bk12313:04 07 Mar 14 by drkashif
Dear Doctors, My 5yrs. old daughter suffering i...
2virgo_197811:38 07 Mar 14 by virgo_1978
Hair loss due to Thyroid
Iam having Tyroid since 9 yrs. For that Iam taking... [LAST PAGE]
31reena gaur 09:10 07 Mar 14 by patra
Dr. Kadwa and Dr.Joe, Chronic gas bloating and indigestion.
Hi, I am female 24 years old from In...
1poornima kr07:37 07 Mar 14 by poornima kr
Latest for Alcohol Addiction Dr. Deoshlok Sharma
you can remove your addiction of alcohol, After ...
11deoshlok06:26 07 Mar 14 by Evocationer
Bleeding and swollen gums
Hello I have been having issues with my gums fro...
3mom6yearold05:37 07 Mar 14 by anuj srivastava
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