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Information given in this forum is given by way of exchange of views only. It is not to be treated as a medical diagnosis, and should not be used as a substitute for seeing a qualified homeopath or physician. In most cases, advice posted here is not given by a medical expert.

If symptoms persist, consult a medical professional.

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TopicPostsStarted byLast Post
sexual prob
hello doctor !It feels grt to become a membr of th...
0Shagulhameed 03:32 30 May 14 by
Weakness of Memory
I'm 30 years old male suffering from weak mem...
4faateh102:11 30 May 14 by Evocationer
Combination Remedies - Duration
Despite the resistance by Classical Homeopaths, Co...
1drakezyber01:56 30 May 14 by Evocationer
Penis pain.
Dear sir, My name is ali and my age is 24 year... [LAST PAGE]
121 Piarabox 17:30 29 May 14 by Piarabox
Increase my height at 24 years
My height is 165 cms. Age reaching 24 want to incr...
1Vetsharoo14:46 29 May 14 by fitness
my mother is ill :( swelling on body
My mother age 46 has been suffering from swelling ...
8awaisilyas78914:38 29 May 14 by yogeshrajurkar
Nat Phos 6x
I'm looking for the correct dose for a 2 mont...
0ChrissyShorley11:09 29 May 14 by
my mother having a swelling
my mother (age 46) having a swelling in legs ankle...
2awaisilyas78909:00 29 May 14 by awaisilyas789
my mother having a swelling
my mother (age 46) having a swelling in legs ankle...
2awaisilyas789 08:54 29 May 14 by awaisilyas789
my mother having a swelling
my mother (age 46) having a swelling in legs ankle...
2awaisilyas78908:52 29 May 14 by awaisilyas789
black spot
Gud evng sir, I m 20 yrs old having light black sp...
10silpi chk08:22 29 May 14 by silpi chk
breast enlargment problem
dear sir im 29 yrs old mother and im feeding my da...
1nazminshaikh06:50 29 May 14 by kadwa
Staghorn calculi in kidneys
Do anybody know how to get rid of staghorn calculi...
1Emana02:01 29 May 14 by shouse_nsk
Using Nat Mur 30C for depression
Hi, I have been taking the above for a couple of w...
5Mogsy01:16 29 May 14 by Evocationer
selected calc, what next?
I have a patient, who is really a relative, who ha...
8ckcu801:11 29 May 14 by Evocationer
Remedy for bee pollen allergy
Hi, I have bee pollen allergy and I'm look...
7powerball22:52 28 May 14 by Evocationer
Need your help & guidance required - Depression or schizophrenia
Dear All, My cousin is suffering with depressi...
2max43222:48 28 May 14 by Evocationer
remedy for left sided ovarian cyst and fibroid
Hi, I am a 25 year old working woman.i am not mar...
2smita2521:31 28 May 14 by sachinsaini1919
PCOS - Please help
Hi All, I am Soma Roy. Aged 27 years. Married... [LAST PAGE]
43SomaRoy 20:58 28 May 14 by sachinsaini1919
English Mastiff - Humerus Bone Issue and Ligament Tear
My 11 1/2 yr old English Mastiff, Hershel-Hooch hy...
0sjeme20:15 28 May 14 by
Sharp Pain above elbow
My mother is having a sharp pain (like one that oc... [LAST PAGE]
22mp878718:41 28 May 14 by mp8787
bartholin cyst - please help!
I have had a recurring bartholin cyst for 7 years.... [LAST PAGE]
87michelle717:02 28 May 14 by Tahotie
cold and feverish.
It's summer season here. but i took bath in h...
1Akshay_oct15:15 28 May 14 by simone717
Help please 11 week old baby sleeping troubles
Hi Please can I have some advice? My son is 11... [LAST PAGE]
37Logansmummy15:04 28 May 14 by rishimba
plzz help.....i realy need a professional advice . plz any professional homeopath help me . i realy need it.
hello sir i m 19 years old student suffering f... [LAST PAGE]
68.solanki12:27 28 May 14 by akshaymohl
poor erection and 2 month to get married
Respected doctors, I am male 30 year old. I am mas... [LAST PAGE]
67rrameez032108:56 28 May 14 by drkashif
How to reduce constant need for sex?
I am a 50 year male, and have a very high sex driv...
1Homeo buff07:09 28 May 14 by deoshlok
Acute Sinusitis
Hello, I'd really appreciate your advice ... [LAST PAGE]
23Vitjana01:38 28 May 14 by Evocationer
SIR, I am on your aka joepathy for my GERD for ...
1Anil khanna01:25 28 May 14 by Joe De Livera
Attn: Joe De Livera - 3 month old Acid Reflux
Our son was born 2/16/14 at 9.1 lbs and 21.5 inche...
1devoe1701:23 28 May 14 by Joe De Livera
prescribing for weak vital force
I've been reading Homeopathy: Medicine that W...
1ckcu800:44 28 May 14 by Evocationer
Please Help
I am a 25 years old female and suffering from * ... [LAST PAGE]
14goldeneagle7500:42 28 May 14 by anuj srivastava
pcos problem
I have been suffering pcos problem since eight yea...
1subhashree sahu08:24 27 May 14 by rishimba
Body pain in old age
My mother is 63 years old and she has a thyroid an...
1sahdeep07:46 27 May 14 by rishimba
Acne, impulsiveness and muscle spasms
Hello, I have been suffering from acne since ... [LAST PAGE]
95prajkta07:44 27 May 14 by rishimba
Sir, I am an Engineer by profession and am suffer...
2kashif197307:07 27 May 14 by kashif1973
Hair lose problem
hi, My name is ali, my age is 23, i am a student ...
3ali535106:24 27 May 14 by ali5351
study question: Tourettes Syndrome
I am exploring homeopathy. I accept the philosophy...
9ckcu823:22 26 May 14 by Evocationer
puls and coffee: agg and amel
I was exploring pulsatilla , and I noticed that i...
1ckcu823:14 26 May 14 by Evocationer
fungal infection mouth
I have been diagnosed with a fungal infection in m...
2SJF150322:44 26 May 14 by Evocationer
heel pain with heel spur
A lady age 40 year suffering from heel pain can�...
3deoshlok17:50 26 May 14 by rituraj
dr akshaymohl pls help
dr i have been addicted to masturbation like 10 ye...
3cesc717:24 26 May 14 by cesc7
My wife is not well, pls help!!!
My 31 yr old wife is suffering from pain in hands ...
6aguy123 14:50 26 May 14 by simone717
Chronic Sinusitis & GI Disturbance
Male 55 years, thin-to-medium built HISTORY 1.... [LAST PAGE]
22sanjeeevbatra12:18 26 May 14 by sanjeeevbatra
urinary problem
age 32female weatish complexion 5.1 height SING...
3mariajjj 11:37 26 May 14 by Usehomeopathy
pemples/acne on face prblm
age 20, height 5'8', weight 55kg, have a ...
3hammad31311:34 26 May 14 by Usehomeopathy
some diseases to be cure.
Dear respected doctors, hi all, I have some dise...
2jawwad55509:16 26 May 14 by jawwad555
Remedy finder Results Confirmation
i worked out following medicines with Remedy Find...
5jabeer08:54 26 May 14 by jabeer
what if patient refuses to give up coffee
Since coffee is such a popular beverage, and since...
1ckcu808:16 26 May 14 by Evocationer
nasal polyps
A pat name is x age 28 is suffering from Nasal pol...
0deoshlok07:28 26 May 14 by
acne cure
Mr. M birla age 26 was suffering from acne from ...
1deoshlok07:22 26 May 14 by deoshlok
nocturnal emission problem?
age 20, height 5'8', weight 55kg, have a ... [LAST PAGE]
13hammad31306:44 26 May 14 by anindya384
dr. kadwa , my grand daughter 8 yr old is ...
1suba ram06:36 26 May 14 by kadwa
conceptualizing the layers of a case
I'm trying to think about how one conceptuali...
12ckcu806:29 26 May 14 by Evocationer
PVCs in my 3 year old child
My 3 year old child has been diagnosed with PVCs i...
3vishalsag06:26 26 May 14 by kadwa
wound on nose with watery pus
Dear sir my son is 10year old. yesterday he had...
1Nitesh Kamal06:15 26 May 14 by kadwa
200 cc thuja bad and long aggravation
Had henia surgery about 3 months ago. Normal recov...
4nalanomis02:13 26 May 14 by Evocationer
severe acne
Hi there. I would briefly describe my history fir...
4mariam sohail02:01 26 May 14 by Evocationer
Thyroid problem
Hello I am 31 yr old lady and my thyroid level... [LAST PAGE]
24Rbaku02:01 26 May 14 by shouse_nsk
acne and masturbation destroyed my life !
hi i'm really depressed right now, nothing se... [LAST PAGE]
18bahi01001:51 26 May 14 by Evocationer
how to increase dose
dear sir, i have got the simillimum for my cond...
5SreenivasanC00:46 26 May 14 by Evocationer
effect of security machines on remedies
Are people of the general opinion that airport sec...
1ckcu822:57 25 May 14 by Evocationer
Dog kidney disease
my doghas elevated creatinine 13.4. doctors say h...
11kvgopaly2k22:20 25 May 14 by Dr. Showrav
Early ejaculation problem
my age 30. iv passed 2 yers married life. from fir...
2almamun 19:42 25 May 14 by escapesouth
A rare an un-understandable problem !! Please guide me
Aoa Sir From the last year i have a problem tha...
7alferd19:28 25 May 14 by Dr. Showrav
I have excess mucus in the throat that causes me to hawk and cough and gets in the way of talking at times. This began in Spring 2010.
What other physical sufferings do you have in your... [LAST PAGE]
31Rayalakumar18:42 25 May 14 by Rayalakumar
Nocturnal Emision, Night Falls
I am 25 years old male.I am suffering from night f...
1depress_patient14:50 25 May 14 by drkashif
Nux Vomica aggravation ?
I have been taking Nux vomica for four weeks at ...
6Johnsonsyard12:25 25 May 14 by Johnsonsyard
Chronic Constipation
Hello From the last 5 month..i am suffering from...
8saber123 12:13 25 May 14 by fitness
i a 39 yrs old. Last few months I m suffering from...
9patrali10:34 25 May 14 by rishimba
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