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Recently my left eye check-up showed elevated pressure of nearly 27. I also have slight bl

GlorY 2006-06-17
28   selim818 2 years ago

Mixing antibiotics with supplements for pyometra (Dog)
Hello, Is it harmful to give both prescribed antibiotics (Clavamox) with a homeopathic
jennynny 2014-08-31
no replies yet

Pain And Swelling
Sir 20 days back my mother had ankle crack,done x-ray, 15 days plaster has been done,

babu123abhi 2014-08-06
17   rituraj 2 years ago

Overdosing and Detoxing.
Hi I am a sufferer of Hemmoroids and Fissure which are extremely painful and discomfort
sanjay1401 2014-08-29
5   sanjay1401 2 years ago

Vertigo simptoms with Conium
I'm male, 43 years old. I was doing fine, doing homeopathy health maintenance. I star
clorurodesodio 2014-08-30
6   simone717 2 years ago

my moustache is not growing
my moustache and body hairs are not growing after 0.5 mm, it was stunned after, i can'
aswinkumar007 2014-08-30
no replies yet

Another Over masturbation Case Help!
Hi, This is jimmy age-26. I have been masturbating from 16 yrs though not very frequent
Jimmy777 2014-08-28
3   daktersaab 2 years ago

help me frds
hi,i m simin n 19 yrs old. My height is just 4.7 feet.I want to increase it by at least 5
simin shaikh 2014-08-29
2   simin shaikh 2 years ago

Lower Spine Pain
Dear Doctor(s), I am Vinay and I am suffering from lower back spine pain since last we
snorkel4u 2014-08-27
6   fitness 2 years ago

stuttering/stammering- belladonna 1m
Hi I am a 20 year old female, and i have been stuttering since age 5-6. My stuttering star
roserad 2014-08-29
4   Evocationer 2 years ago

hair regrowth
My hair has been falling since last 4 years. I'm losing hair mostly on the crown a
vipin007008 2014-08-29
1   fitness 2 years ago

pms knee and foot pain
my daughter 38 yrs is having the pms as knee and joint pain. increased at night.nagging he
arumugham 2014-08-28
1   fitness 2 years ago

ear migraines and anxiety and fatigue
Hello. I am suffering from ear pain and migraines.. known as vestibular migraines... Also

tomthumb123 2014-08-13
22   Evocationer 2 years ago

Acid Reflux in Infants - Attn Joe De Livera
hi joe! I've skimmed some of the posts that you've participated in regarding
kkmimi 2013-06-03
6   cokamoka 2 years ago

Masturbation habit
I am a 27 year old unmarried male.I am doing masturbation from the age of 14. It is almost

aries27aries 2009-12-08
28   simone717 2 years ago

Alternative to birth control pills
Hello I am a 31 year old woman, with a 3 year old baby. I have always had normal periods
chinha 2014-08-29
1   Evocationer 2 years ago

a post from daktersaab
Dear friends on forum, I am very much eager to know from all our fellow docs & prat
daktersaab 2014-08-25
2   daktersaab 2 years ago

heavy cold and cough with nasal closed
Dear all please advice for my mother-in-law aged about 60 years suffering heavily fro
smitaranjan 2014-08-29
1   shouse_nsk 2 years ago

Bladder and vagina problems
Hi, I am 21 years. I have a problem with my bladder since i've started my sexual act
MMMihaelaMMM 2014-08-28
3   simone717 2 years ago

Subserous myoma
Hello, I need help. I have been recently diagnosed with subserous myoma, left side. Ini
Mo Than 2014-07-28
11   rishimba 2 years ago

Please suggest treatment for sinusitis and sore throat
Hi I am 33 years old and have been suffering from sore throat and sinus issues issue for a
rdg1981 2014-08-28
4   daktersaab 2 years ago

Tissue Salts and Pregnancy
Hello, some homeopatics suggest the following Pregnancy Tissue Salt Programme: Months

Andorinha 2011-02-18
105   maheeru 2 years ago

Backbone Disc Slip
Dear Doctor, My name is Ali, Yesterday i came to know that i have a disc slip problem, i
ali254592 2014-08-27
4   simone717 2 years ago

acne,pigmentation and red patches
Hello doctor I am 22 year old male and I am suffering from acne for last one year.I'

rahul48 2014-07-12
22   rahul48 2 years ago

night mares
Hi My son turned 3 and right after he is having night mares. He is taler than his age

navedsha 2013-11-25
44   navedsha 2 years ago

lycopodium potency - correct? - stomach problems
Dear Doc, I am a 40 year old female. I have started having digestion problem recently.
Berry2014 2014-08-08
3   Berry2014 2 years ago

for dr.kadwa
Hi, i have been suffering from low libido and muscular weakness for last two and half
jaalib 2014-08-20
6   jaalib 2 years ago

sir; i am on arnica 30 and nat-phas 6x for my gerd problem; in first 40 days there w
Anil khanna 2014-08-28
no replies yet

Meditation /twilight / deep relax FEAR
when i was a children i was always worried of ghost , presence and monster and had to have
kahunaneo 2014-08-27
1   kadwa 2 years ago

What`s that?..
Hello, Anybody, please, help me. I have strange health condition. I get worse after
Jinai 2014-08-25
2   kadwa 2 years ago

Possible genital Herpes/help
I have filled out this questionnaire for you so you can help me out. I'm pretty sure
jy1390 2014-08-25
1   kadwa 2 years ago

severe sexual problem........i need advise from Dr. kadwa.
Respected dr. Kadwa, i am suffering from very serious issue since some years ago.i will
ryanrozario66 2014-07-21
4   sabithzone 2 years ago

Medications for 3 year Global development delay kid
Hi, I am a mother of a 3 yr old boy who has developmental ,speech and motor skills dela
priya123 2014-08-26
7   priya123 2 years ago

Quick Discharge / Premature Ejaculation
Hi, I have been suffering from premature ejaculation since almost 6 years now when I

alilly 2014-08-09
38   Evocationer 2 years ago

Masturbation Problem
Dear Sir Assalam O Alaikum My name is Muhammad Ali Shahzad I am 31 year old and Star
comsion 2014-08-11
8   akshaymohl 2 years ago

Help with Weak Digestive System /loss of apetite
It has been almost 5-7 years that I have very weak appetite for food. I try to eat meal th

Danial98 2014-07-12
20   hymeleya 2 years ago

Autism and speech delays
This is regarding my son 5yr old severe speech delay,diagnosed with Autism ,hyper functi

Reenakap 2013-10-16
17   simone717 2 years ago

My daughter is 21 years old. She has warts on face & abdomen. She had Thuja 200 fo
cijigeorge 2014-08-27
1   fitness 2 years ago

sex problem
hi dr. sb. i have problem of surate anzaal. drops come because of sex tlk. plz prescribe

musman 2014-03-25
74   musman 2 years ago

Dr.Mahfooz ur Rehman need ur advice
Hi Doctor, Age :31 Years Sex :Male Weight:78kg hight :5.5 i am married from la
malik82 2014-01-24
7   simone717 2 years ago

evocationer (cure my problems)
Dear Evocationer, since ive got multiple concerns so ive assumed that you will cure them i
thundercracker 2014-08-26
3   simone717 2 years ago

problem related to sex
Dear sir I am 25 years old.I am Unmarried. my Penis is small and erection length is smal
skn24 2014-08-26
1   bapu4 2 years ago

To Dr Joe Delivera
Sir,can you pls describe the uses of Coffea Cruda200
chutki 2014-08-27
1   simone717 2 years ago

Please Help with abcess
I have a friend with an abcess on her hip. It happened after being in hospital for car acc

tahoejohn 2014-06-11
65   fitness 2 years ago

aconite info
Can this be taken daily for anxiety ?
tomthumb123 2014-08-26
7   tomthumb123 2 years ago

gerd,stress and stool
Sir, I have first written referring to joe sir with my above problem on 19th aug seeking
Anil khanna 2014-08-26
1   rishimba 2 years ago

What have I got? My symptomes are so varied.
I started out with a diagnosis of 'ataxia' but my doctor quickly shanged his mi
Flyboy 2014-08-24
2   bapu4 2 years ago

attn evocationer
I recieved the opium lm1 and lm2. what dose do i give him?

fierflie 2014-08-05
34   Evocationer 2 years ago

Weight Gain
Dear Sir, I am 25 Years Male and Working under a job which involves lot of mental exertio

Raunak_India 2014-07-18
13   simone717 2 years ago

low facial hair growth plz help
I am 21yr old I hardly have beard, I hv quite good moustache but no hairs on beard I am ve
jackyy 2014-05-13
2   Grow Beard 2 years ago

Burning Mouth
Dr Kadwa I have been having tongue burning sice past 8 months with a repite of 2 months i
chinkytiger 2014-08-15
2   simone717 2 years ago

Incomplete Bowel Evacuation
Dear Doctor, Mostly my bowel is not completely evacuated in the morning inspite of 2/3
DA1975 2014-08-26
1   shouse_nsk 2 years ago

Cold,cough runny nose
I have been suffering with the above symptoms,since 4 days, tried ferrum phos 30 for cou
bharati_srini 2014-08-26
1   shouse_nsk 2 years ago

Chronic Headaches and Sensitivity
I am a 29 year old female and have had debilitating headaches since I was 12. I had heada
J12345 2014-08-24
12   rishimba 2 years ago

To: Evocationer
Hi Evocationer, I have been trying to contact you since days for my problem. I have b
alilly 2014-08-26
no replies yet

[message deleted by murthy2014 on wed, 27 aug 2014 09:36:33 bst] [message edited by Murthy
Murthy2014 2014-08-26
no replies yet

Huge sexual problem
Hi, I am 26 and I have been masturbating since the age of 11 or 12 and I dont use hand to
javaheed 2014-08-22
4   javaheed 2 years ago

Extremely urgent help required - head injury
I slipped in bath room last night. We wil later go into details on what exactly and why it
dp1984 2014-08-22
6   dp1984 2 years ago

nat phos 6x and 9 week old - help
I have used NP6x in the past with my toddler when he was an infant and had severe reflux a
katyh 2014-08-24
7   Joe De Livera 2 years ago

a. severe itching all day and night. b. on face, neck ,abdomen ,chest, between the legs,
rosa happen 2014-08-25
2   Joe De Livera 2 years ago

When to stop a remedy?
How do we know when to stop an anti-psoric remedy that is being given, which is improving
homeo1 2014-08-22
4   homeo1 2 years ago

Dr Evocationer's opinion
Sir i had my case with some respected doctor , I request you to plz treat me , I need you

abhimanyu14 2014-07-13
31   Evocationer 2 years ago

Wet trousers
Can somebody please tell me that why my trousers are wet from the center when i wake up in
kkhan 2014-08-25
2   akshaymohl 2 years ago

How to use Phosphorus?
There is a note in Boericke’s materia medica under Phosphorus saying it should not be gi
homeo1 2014-08-25
1   simone717 2 years ago

Severe Pile and Fissure
Hi , I have got bleeding pilea with too much pain along with fissure. Please suggest g
surabhi niranjan 2014-05-13
11   simone717 2 years ago

Natural ways to treat this condition.
Simone2 2014-08-25
6   Simone2 2 years ago

low b.p.
dr. kadwa ji, i am 63 male.daily in morning time my bp goes down.but only sys
suba ram 2014-08-15
5   suba ram 2 years ago

sex problem
I have read above article throughly. below are my problems regarding sex. 1. i mastrubat
ajeeb 2014-08-22
3   kadwa 2 years ago

gall stones
sir I am 57 years. I have gall bladder stones of 4 mm sizes and gall bladder is full. Pl
harpalsahi 2014-08-24
1   kadwa 2 years ago

cure effects of masturbation
Hello, i am shiran. I started masturbating since i was 15 and now i feel alot tired, my pe
sheran 2014-08-21
8   kadwa 2 years ago

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