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Information given in this forum is given by way of exchange of views only. It is not to be treated as a medical diagnosis, and should not be used as a substitute for seeing a qualified homeopath or physician. In most cases, advice posted here is not given by a medical expert.

If symptoms persist, consult a medical professional.

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TopicPostsStarted byLast Post
Need help with undescended testicles
Dear Doctor,  My three and a half year old s...
2aborowczak13:44 25 Jan 14 by Zady101
Is that true that homeopathy will takes more months to cure?
I am taking homeopathy for years without any impro...
3agriz12:30 25 Jan 14 by AsadGhumman
Eye Drooping Problem: Ptosis
From the last 2 months, I am finding that: * my...
5Martworld11:24 25 Jan 14 by rishimba
anti ageing
Hello dr. M just 22 years old but m looking now 35...
1avanti10:32 25 Jan 14 by rishimba
right side knee pain
I yogesh baijal 64 years of age was only suffering...
12yogesh baijal 10:26 25 Jan 14 by rishimba
Unwanted hairs
Dear sir, I am 28yr old female from india.i notic...
1Nikit06:37 25 Jan 14 by manicmpf
Quality Control?
I'm considering homeopathic remedies for vari...
1Karen778802:25 25 Jan 14 by simone717
Hydrocotyle Asiatica Q ????
Please tell me can Hydrocotyle Asiatica Q can be...
0chowdary 02:24 25 Jan 14 by
Doctor in China
Anyone know of a doctor in china and have contac...
5juanee162500:11 25 Jan 14 by juanee1625
re- herpes
Hi there! I took two doses 12 hours apart, as sug...
2Gemstar21:57 24 Jan 14 by Gemstar
Retained products of conception
Please help!!! My stepdaughter has sadly suffered ...
1Madmidwife20:43 24 Jan 14 by simone717
Facial warts : Finally receding? healing advice please
I posted on this forum about this before, and I fi...
7john1418:49 24 Jan 14 by john14
Nasal Polyps with Sinusitis
Dear Doctor, I have a problem of polyps in my lef... [LAST PAGE]
31hmfarooq17:36 24 Jan 14 by razzak
Chronic Fatigue/Fatigue/Post Virual
I have been suffering from Chronic Fatigue since l...
1november17:32 24 Jan 14 by anuj srivastava
facial warts getting worse after supplements
Hello, I have posted previously and someone named ...
3john1416:46 24 Jan 14 by simone717
Neuro weakness(stomach/Premature/Erectile/Ankle weakness
History: Spin surgery from L1 to L5-S1. VP Shunt i...
10nstomar09 15:07 24 Jan 14 by rsatish
Problems of Adult with down syndrome
My Brother,38 years old,had down syndrome.Currentl...
8KakoliG14:29 24 Jan 14 by anuj srivastava
Weight Gain
Dear Sir, my name Gopal Nayak, i am from Mumbai...
8gopalsn9014:10 24 Jan 14 by fitness
Erectile dysfunction
Sir i suffered from erectile dysfunction from last...
0Lazil 13:42 24 Jan 14 by
Post Deleted - No longer req
post deleted [message edited by aus360 on sat, 2...
6Aus360 10:21 24 Jan 14 by Aus360
sex problem need help urgent (spum not going into the hole)
age 28 male, i got married in 2012 and still now i...
0aadhar354509:02 24 Jan 14 by
my 5 years son
My son who is 5 years old has tooth decay. tooth d...
1altaf.shaikh08:11 24 Jan 14 by altaf.shaikh
old bruise?
In September a heavy mirror fell on the back of my...
1bluesky7708:07 24 Jan 14 by rishimba
Hello, I wanted to ask about my son's bedw...
9Praji07:54 24 Jan 14 by rishimba
Multiple Problems(Don't know whether its due to same cause or not)
I am 22 years old male i m too skinny and easily t... [LAST PAGE]
177Muhammad Rafay06:52 24 Jan 14 by Muhammad Rafay
Hepatitis B vaccination for new born baby
Dear Doctor, Hepatitis B vaccination for a new ... [LAST PAGE]
46mati05:51 24 Jan 14 by mati
Very Urgent
I am suffering from swelling in feet from 10th mon...
10amitsharma8505:04 24 Jan 14 by amitsharma85
Hi Doctor, Age : .my semen analysis : vo...
5malik8221:46 23 Jan 14 by fitness
Help for Rufus
My dog has what appears to be a superficial pyoder...
3DaisyFrank21:22 23 Jan 14 by fitness
3 years old autistic and non verbal.
Hi My son is 3 years old and from 12 months reg...
3cajunjay2720:07 23 Jan 14 by simone717
Homeopathy to boost childs immune system
This past month has been a terrible one health wis...
9rania140318:07 23 Jan 14 by fitness
sepia overdose - how to antidote sepia ???
I have taken too much sepia too often and now I ... [LAST PAGE]
23ellahansen17:56 23 Jan 14 by awaisnaz
2 month old possible reflux
My 2 month old has been experiencing some symptoms...
3Tlpark17:51 23 Jan 14 by fitness
memory problem
i am male 28 and have got some very serious proble...
2amit111415:47 23 Jan 14 by amit1114
i want to sleep
hello sir/ma'am, i am suffering from insomni...
8yogesh.882114:29 23 Jan 14 by anuj srivastava
Dosage of remedies 3x every day?
hi we are following a protocol for reversing a...
6cajunjay2713:37 23 Jan 14 by fitness
one & half year baby have worms in stomach
dear sir my son is one and half year old. yest...
7Nitesh Kamal13:33 23 Jan 14 by fitness
To,Dr Mahfooz..Female Un-wanted Hair problem.
Respected dr Mahfooz i am 28 years female unmarrie... [LAST PAGE]
14teriwal09:17 23 Jan 14 by teriwal
Upset Stomach, Lethargy and Low grade fever
Hi For last 3-4 days I am having these all sympto...
2gul051109:08 23 Jan 14 by gul0511
needle like pain
Which medicines would cover pain like needles and ...
3dani1108:50 23 Jan 14 by Mahfoozurrehman
Over masturbation, going to marry.. P.E ane E.D
Dear Dr. Im a 25 years old boy.. Height 6.9 inchs,...
1Maseehzama 07:33 23 Jan 14 by kadwa
suffering from effect of excessive masturbation
hello, i am a male of 32 yrs.i have been masturba...
11esoteric06:27 23 Jan 14 by esoteric
Question for Dr. Kadwa
Hello Dr. Kadwa, I was recommended to you by a ...
3karma201306:12 23 Jan 14 by kadwa
Bbach flower for BP patient.
Stressed result oriented always in a hurry and tho...
0akshaymohl05:58 23 Jan 14 by
Please help, facial hair loss
Hi, I'm recently experiencing patches of faci...
12Isequ05:17 23 Jan 14 by Isequ
Just bumped into this article
...that scared the crapola out of me ... http://...
1bluesky7704:55 23 Jan 14 by rishimba
Over Masterbation
I am 19 years old.I started masterbation at 15 yea... [LAST PAGE]
13HamzaMehmood102:33 23 Jan 14 by akshaymohl
Microfracture surgery on right knee
I will be having microfracture surgery on my right...
3Maricharco02:14 23 Jan 14 by anuj srivastava
Hair Loss Remedy
I am 24 years old and starting to experience hair...
2nivisi601:30 23 Jan 14 by dhomeor
remedy manufacturing
Dear friends I had a query that if have 30c dilut...
0hpathyisgr800:05 23 Jan 14 by
vestibular nuirities
hello, i am 42 years old women with vertigo and go...
1lmeruva23:35 22 Jan 14 by fitness
Going from Phosphorus 1LM to 6C for chronic problem?
I have taken Phosphorus 30c split dose watery me...
2serabella0920:15 22 Jan 14 by serabella09
remedy for childhood benign atonic epilepsy
my daughter-now 4yrs .since 3yrs she has drop atta...
6sankar1118:28 22 Jan 14 by sankar11
Hello Dr, I am 30 yrs old, weight 67kgs height ...
10m228118:22 22 Jan 14 by m2281
Alternatives to Oscillococcinum
Are there any alternatives to Oscillococcinum , I...
2bluesky7717:27 22 Jan 14 by bluesky77
My mom is suffering from chronic anal pain
My mother has been suffering from anal pain for th...
1AmLav17:26 22 Jan 14 by anuj srivastava
staphysagria increases ejaculation intensity
while using staphysagria i have noticed that it ...
1gossip_khan17:02 22 Jan 14 by simone717
Deleted [message edited by vendetta2014 on Fri, 24...
1vendetta201416:59 22 Jan 14 by simone717
gas problem
I am suffering from gas problem. symptoms are as u...
1babu_04 14:52 22 Jan 14 by anuj srivastava
where to go from here?
I suffer from chronic headaches of migraine /hemi...
1homesteader14:19 22 Jan 14 by anuj srivastava
suffering bad pre ejaculation
Masturbation since very long. 5-6 times in a stret...
2jameel_a712:48 22 Jan 14 by jameel_a7
acne..pimples age 47
What remedies can be used in what potency for pimp...
1dani1111:30 22 Jan 14 by rishimba
2 1/2 year old with lingering
hello everyone. my 2 1/2 year old daughter has had...
6angelcryssy09:36 22 Jan 14 by rishimba
any dhms plz help me(chronic disease)
abdomen bloated after eating. dr. mahfooz plz stud... [LAST PAGE]
246musman 07:35 22 Jan 14 by musman
Inreased urea, creatinine, urine albumin
age 35y, male suffering from few years, presents c...
1drdmc06:10 22 Jan 14 by rishimba
Pain in Left forearm some times left Leg calf.
I am 28 F. Pain in Left forearm pulling towards in...
3Gargigaud04:30 22 Jan 14 by rishimba
frequent urination with bladder pressure
sir,I am suffering from frequent urination from la...
1nur01:44 22 Jan 14 by anuj srivastava
Dr. Akshaymohl help me
Referring to this thread I have taken Staphysagari...
0HamzaMehmood123:32 21 Jan 14 by
home made remedy?
i have been using eye drops for allergic irritatio...
0bumblebean21:22 21 Jan 14 by
Scalp psoriasis
I am 48 years old. A few years ago, I noticed a sm...
10Pattysammy200420:00 21 Jan 14 by fitness
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