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Information given in this forum is given by way of exchange of views only. It is not to be treated as a medical diagnosis, and should not be used as a substitute for seeing a qualified homeopath or physician. In most cases, advice posted here is not given by a medical expert.

If symptoms persist, consult a medical professional.

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aaaaa [message edited by christian85 on sat, 04 f...
3christian8511:20 23 Feb 14 by kadwa
how to recover from over masturbation
I am a 17 yr male suffering from hell weaknesses ...
3aquibn810:54 23 Feb 14 by kadwa
arnica for seizure, anyone?
Hi, Ive just started using homeopathic remedies, ...
3Jane7705:44 23 Feb 14 by rishimba
Severe Asthenozoospermia
Dear Dr. Mahfooz ur Rehman Assalamu Alaikum I h...
1abdullah197404:57 23 Feb 14 by libra981
Headache a few hours after running
I am a 58 year old male, in good health. I get wh... [LAST PAGE]
16dlneilsen04:39 23 Feb 14 by hemant.ayyappan
Gastric reflux 8 month old baby
I have a two month old baby girl and I'm pret...
4Soleyl01:11 23 Feb 14 by Soleyl
41 months old boy with speech regression.Help me plz
My son is who is 41 months ,has not started to tal... [LAST PAGE]
62simkhan0615:06 22 Feb 14 by fitness
2 years old girl not sleeping through the night and hyper
Hello My daughter is 2 years 4 months old. She ... [LAST PAGE]
71rizdagr814:01 22 Feb 14 by fitness
Cure for Melasma
I'm beginning to think that there is NO cure ... [LAST PAGE]
288Faithfully1013:52 22 Feb 14 by decentdubai75
Can I Combin This with Same Potency
Can I Combin (or Mix)This with Same Potency 1) Ar...
5Rajumbraj13:20 22 Feb 14 by nawazkhan
Remedies for Canker Sores
Dear doc, My kid age 5 and half year having 3-4...
6amitymahajan09:13 22 Feb 14 by amitymahajan
Medicine for ligament / nerve injury in foot
Hi I had injured my right foot while playing crick...
12rdg198106:15 22 Feb 14 by rishimba
Gd morning sir...
0shiplu04:34 22 Feb 14 by
Attn: Dr Joe 2 year old has GERD
Hi doctor, My two year old son has GERD . He c... [LAST PAGE]
16Floridawaters23:24 21 Feb 14 by Floridawaters
Severe canine pemphigus
Hello, I have a dog that was diagnosed back in ...
3gabrielaann7722:32 21 Feb 14 by fitness
Erection problem
I am 19 years old and masterbating for last 6 year...
12awaiszia01217:08 21 Feb 14 by awaiszia012
Help me With Vitiligo
Hi My age 21 Male.i have Vitiligo from 3 years r...
3chowdary 16:39 21 Feb 14 by chowdary
Chronic ear infection 5 year old girl
Hi Dr. My 5 year old daughter has had five ear in...
4dvega1716:09 21 Feb 14 by dvega17
penis enlargment
Dear Doctor, Thank You very much.Please can you ...
1mazidbinsadaqatali15:56 21 Feb 14 by fitness
Age:39 yrs Marital Status: married with a single ...
11whoami15:48 21 Feb 14 by rishimba
Blockage of heart valve.
Please suggest a suitable homeopathic remedy / rem...
4M. Mazharul Quader14:19 21 Feb 14 by Dr Zaair Husain
Umbilical Hernia Homeopathic Treatment by Homeopathic Dr Mumtaz Ali Riaz
Umbilical Hernia treated with homeopathic remedies...
0drmumtaz201212:47 21 Feb 14 by
Dental nerve pain
Hi Can someone please advise. In 1982 I had an ...
2Johnsonsyard12:33 21 Feb 14 by drmumtaz2012
Lower back pain and Left Heel Pain
I have had lower back pain for last 3-4 months on ... [LAST PAGE]
15whoru1810:51 21 Feb 14 by rakshita
Children Testicular Hernia Homeopathic Treatment by Homeopathic Dr Mumtaz Ali Riaz
Parents of real patient children may put case of o...
0drmumtaz201209:07 21 Feb 14 by
Goiter Homeopathic Treatment By Homeopathic Dr Mumtaz Ali Riaz
Homeopathy can cure most of the types of thyroid ...
0drmumtaz201206:02 21 Feb 14 by
A Post from Daktersaab
My Dear friends on forum, I am logging in after...
11daktersaab 06:00 21 Feb 14 by mohin1
Itchy rash from being in sun
We are on vacation in Florida. Red day here and my... [LAST PAGE]
16petcanu05:42 21 Feb 14 by Evocationer
Advice on potencies
Hi, I am a 42 year old female who has been expe... [LAST PAGE]
50Lindsay05:36 21 Feb 14 by Evocationer
general question
can anyone examle some cured cases of depression ...
8ITEFAQUE03:02 21 Feb 14 by Evocationer
dosage of baryta carb, please help
Hi, I am feamle, 22 years old, wanting to grow ta... [LAST PAGE]
29annamia2202:27 21 Feb 14 by Evocationer
Oversensitive upper body.
Hello. I have a problem with my upper body whic...
3Dufte01:58 21 Feb 14 by anuj srivastava
homeopathy is helping but need advice
Hi, I'm a late twenties female with who has h... [LAST PAGE]
66brook2921:06 20 Feb 14 by simone717
weak Health.
I am male from Pakistan. from the age of 15-16 i w... [LAST PAGE]
65sultan2620:05 20 Feb 14 by fitness
3 yr. old rattling cough without expectoration
My son is 3 year old and he gets this recurrent co...
2sameer20617:05 20 Feb 14 by sameer206
Help needed on PCOD
I am currently 35 years old and diagnosed with PCO...
9Sapna414:49 20 Feb 14 by fitness
Pain and stiffness after ACL reconstruction
Sir, I am 34 year old male. I had ACL Patella tend...
3Tapan Kumar Dash10:35 20 Feb 14 by rishimba
Help with my skin problem
Hello! I'd need help with my eczema (at ... [LAST PAGE]
27stadi10:25 20 Feb 14 by kadwa
E d problem
HEllo DOCTOR i am 44 years old male , living in ch...
3vinupdy10:16 20 Feb 14 by kadwa
PLease HElp .. Or My Life will get ruined
I am 18 year Old male suffering from acne and ac...
3akz6910:11 20 Feb 14 by kadwa
Re: Lipoma From Mahfoozurrehman on 2014-01-15 L...
5jetnee123 06:44 20 Feb 14 by jetnee123
brain aneurysm, plz help my wife
Hello My wife had brain aneurysm in feb 2004, lu...
9deepug3606:09 20 Feb 14 by yannibenji
Sever Dandruff
Sir, I am 35 yrs old and i am overweight per... [LAST PAGE]
13NIRALI05:57 20 Feb 14 by rishimba
Deep Depression
I'm in a deep depression as I'm taking...
1awaiszia01204:34 20 Feb 14 by simone717
how to post on joe delivera's website?
I have questions on nat phos 6x dosage amount t...
1cbcj201404:20 20 Feb 14 by Joe De Livera
generel question
in a chronic desease (10 years) there is a littl...
2ITEFAQUE02:39 20 Feb 14 by Evocationer
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Hi, I thought I would present my case on here as i... [LAST PAGE]
44argylejim20:51 19 Feb 14 by Zady101
Non-Allergic & Allergic Rhinitis
Hi I am 35yrs old suffering from non allergic ...
5Alvika18:22 19 Feb 14 by simone717
erectile dysfunction
sir i m 22 year old male i m suffring from ed fro...
1honeysingh12345 14:07 19 Feb 14 by libra981
Blockage of heart valve.
Please suggest appropriate homeopathic remedy (sin...
2M. Mazharul Quader09:55 19 Feb 14 by M. Mazharul Quader
Need a good solution
Dear sir, again I post this topic Age. - 33 �...
1kanhaiya_soni09:27 19 Feb 14 by mani_jee
Sweating in pubic area
Hi! I am looking for help with this embarrassing p... [LAST PAGE]
26DanielaE02:34 19 Feb 14 by akshaymohl
increasing weight
My weight is increasing at a fast rate. I have swe...
1ganpati22:52 18 Feb 14 by simone717
baby boy
My sister has a 3 yr old daughter. this time she w...
2ganpati21:02 18 Feb 14 by Dr Zaair Husain
silent reflux in adult
I am 43 yr old female and am currently waiting for... [LAST PAGE]
14shazholb240819:38 18 Feb 14 by shazholb2408
Request cure medicine for HSV2
I contracted herpes 3 years back and found the s... [LAST PAGE]
22karan72 16:12 18 Feb 14 by simone717
Very Old Anxiety/Depression
Hi , I am 39 yrs old and suffering fro depression... [LAST PAGE]
20whoami15:54 18 Feb 14 by whoami
Severe back and knee pain along with stiffness
Hi there, My wife is 24 Yrs old, she is sufferi... [LAST PAGE]
21Rehan78615:11 18 Feb 14 by fitness
Popliteal artery (left leg) complete obliteration 2.1cm for last 18 months,
Hello there, I am 40 years, male from India. ...
4amitaussie14:35 18 Feb 14 by shouse_nsk
Blocked Right Ear
Hello I have a problem of blocked right ear sin...
3bhatsachin14:07 18 Feb 14 by anuj srivastava
Hi all. My son has been diagnosed with Cholesteato... [LAST PAGE]
13JAlexander20:46 17 Feb 14 by JAlexander
Spinal Cord Tumor -- pilocytic astrocytoma
Hello i need advice about my younger brother (19...
1avinsetia20:12 17 Feb 14 by simone717
Dr. Tahira transient congenital hypothyroisdism
My son was diagnosed with congenital hypothyroidis...
1seWanti17:39 17 Feb 14 by simone717
Acne Losing Confidence Hates Life ..Film Audition Near
Hi I am 18 year old male from Kerala...I have been...
3akz69 15:40 17 Feb 14 by rishimba
i am 25 years old and my weight is 137 kg,i am us... [LAST PAGE]
13forman12:55 17 Feb 14 by fitness
eye stye problem since last 3 month
Hello Sir , i am 30 year's old and facing ...
9sanjuec12:54 17 Feb 14 by fitness
sore throat
My 5 yr old son had fever around 99.5 for 2 days a...
2Shenoy07:25 17 Feb 14 by kadwa
To all the readers
Hi everyone, with love and respect to every reade...
7ahmed_198407:08 17 Feb 14 by ahmed_1984
Allergies - For Dr. Kadwa
Hello Dr. Kadwa, I would really appreciate your ad...
1karma201306:58 17 Feb 14 by kadwa
Leucorrhea Whitish like spilt milk