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Information given in this forum is given by way of exchange of views only. It is not to be treated as a medical diagnosis, and should not be used as a substitute for seeing a qualified homeopath or physician. In most cases, advice posted here is not given by a medical expert.

If symptoms persist, consult a medical professional.

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Homeopathic remedies for Lupus (SLE) or Butterfly
Lupus: Lupus is an autoimmune disease affecting mo... [LAST PAGE]
15shamid08:55 20 Apr 14 by ahmar236
PCOD causing Infertility
Hi, Anuja here, Im a media professional with hect...
8Anujakapoor05:01 20 Apr 14 by rishimba
Penis Pain, plz helpppp
HI, Any doctor plz help mee!!! I feel like suic...
1johnpunto 04:05 20 Apr 14 by johnpunto
Attn Pls-Dr. Joe: Silent /Acid Reflux in 5 week old baby
Hello Doc Joe, I was blessed with a baby girl on 1...
7Ana shri 23:36 19 Apr 14 by simone717
general question
If a person has mixed symptoms of Arsenicum Album...
3ITEFAQUE23:35 19 Apr 14 by fitness
Large growth in dogs mouth- please help!
Three weeks ago I noticed a large growth in my dog... [LAST PAGE]
17Lexie040719:57 19 Apr 14 by yodaj
Excessive Nightfall
Sir I'm 19 years old guy.My body is thin and ...
8saad.ali2718:06 19 Apr 14 by saad.ali27
Anal fistula help
Hi I am female age 34 and currently 32 weeks p...
2Rudeyjudey3216:53 19 Apr 14 by Rudeyjudey32
6 week old with possible acid reflux!! HELP PLEASE
I have a 6wk 2 day old baby girl. She is 10lbs and...
8Aschneider15:43 19 Apr 14 by rishimba
If Homoeopathy can cure hernia,I am interested in treatment
1. Age/Sex/Country/Climate: Male/58/India/Ahmeda...
7bharatk815:26 19 Apr 14 by fitness
Multiple uterine fibroid
Usg reports; 54*44 mm anterior, 15*15mm post, 71*4...
4jilesh tank13:10 19 Apr 14 by jilesh tank
Non Bleeding Piles & Dysentry
I have been facing burning in the anus during pass...
10smarty10012:44 19 Apr 14 by fitness
For sound sleep
My age is 35. Married. Male. sleeping not well. ...
1maneek0110:09 19 Apr 14 by rishimba
warts on and around nails
I am C Roshan 29 yrs old suffering from warts fo...
1roshan253 07:26 19 Apr 14 by rishimba
Sinus Problem
Gender: Male Age: 48 Body Weight: 65 Kg Height:...
1kamalnasir06:05 19 Apr 14 by rishimba
for docter showrav,help for depression
Respected Docter thanks for your quick respon... [LAST PAGE]
50INHOPE03:38 19 Apr 14 by INHOPE
about sexual problem
dear sir i am a man of 38 years i have a problem ...
1manas pal21:03 18 Apr 14 by fitness
thighs pain
Hi, my wife complains of severe thighs pain whenev...
1jaikeshen21:00 18 Apr 14 by fitness
For Kind attention of FITNESS
It is about my daughter. She is 12 and half yrs ol...
8Seeking Remedy20:58 18 Apr 14 by fitness
Help with remedy for four year old
My four year old son is incredibly smart but has s...
7Natural mom 19:40 18 Apr 14 by anindya384
S**t forum-No one replying to mr
1saad.ali2718:49 18 Apr 14 by simone717
Right Leg Pain
1.Age 35 2.Sex Male 3.Pain behind the right knee...
9Nitesh Kamal15:10 18 Apr 14 by Nitesh Kamal
many diseases remedy
Hello Dr. Simone, As per ur direction,form is fill... [LAST PAGE]
94suba ram14:14 18 Apr 14 by Zady101
hair loss/itchy/yeast infections..etc
The reason i am here is for my most recent symptom...
2dmar025 14:12 18 Apr 14 by dmar025
childhood asthma
Hello, my son is 3 years old and has recently bee...
9tulipiagupta12:47 18 Apr 14 by Joe De Livera
Otosclerosis treatment ?? please help
I am 32 yr old male suffering from Otosclerosis of...
6ajitup 12:31 18 Apr 14 by vasanthkt
Irregular menstrual cycle problem help
Dear sir My wife is 25year old. From past two mo...
1Nitesh Kamal09:39 18 Apr 14 by shouse_nsk
Availablity of hecla lava 3x
I live in the United States of America and I need ...
9peerajmeri05:58 18 Apr 14 by hoorain
impotency in men
I was prescribed damiaplant for my impotency. Kind...
0h.tonpe04:25 18 Apr 14 by
possible cure for MS
a close friend of mine has been diagnosed with MS....
1msknhyd02:25 18 Apr 14 by simone717
Lachesis & Alcohol
Is it safe/okay to drink after taking lachesis ? ...
2melpalm3420:13 17 Apr 14 by melpalm34
Super stuffy nose
Last night I had a low grade fever and stuffy nose...
5jazmine715:21 17 Apr 14 by rishimba
pilonidal sinus
i m suffering from pilonidal sinus from last 10 ye... [LAST PAGE]
259soniamirg14:37 17 Apr 14 by nawazkhan
compounding of medicines
dear sir, i would like to compound cal .carb....
3SreenivasanC14:20 17 Apr 14 by drkashif
fitness...Please Attention
Dear I am masterbating for 5 years now I stooped i...
4saad.ali2711:51 17 Apr 14 by fitness
over masturbation
hello DR. Showrav please help i have read your f...
3kamal0511:18 17 Apr 14 by siddahara
Flat warts and skin tags on neck and torso.
Good day to all. I need some help. My current ...
1faerry2811:01 17 Apr 14 by rishimba
Permanent cure for hypothyroidism
My wife has been diagnosed with hypothyroidism sin...
2rmahesh09:49 17 Apr 14 by anindya384
Mild fever with weakness and migraine headache
Sex - Female Age - 24 Body built - Normal Comp...
7sonu_cemk06:37 17 Apr 14 by anindya384
heache giddiness and gloomy vision
Hi Doc, my aunt is having headache problem she ...
3Rehan78606:21 17 Apr 14 by drkashif
sore throat
Stickyness,cough, sore throat, tonsils [message ed...
1naveen gupta06:20 17 Apr 14 by kadwa
Hello, I am 29/M, facing occasional pain in sto...
1anirban198406:08 17 Apr 14 by kadwa
Throat and Headache Problem
Dear Sir , I am male , age 39 , fair color ,...
1Naresh Kumar Gupta06:06 17 Apr 14 by rishimba
plz suggest
sir rescently i suffered with fever and i wen...
1avanth06:01 17 Apr 14 by kadwa
Doctrs Plz help about night fall and drops after urination
I am 23 yrs old unmarreid boy height is 176cm and ...
1saeeda05:44 17 Apr 14 by kadwa
Adinoid and tonsil
I have a 4year old child.My child is affected byt ...
6fa_dina05:37 17 Apr 14 by kadwa
sir.mujhe pichle 1 year se constipation ka problem...
2nknirala05:06 17 Apr 14 by anindya384
Use of cal. carb with aloe or lyco
dear sir, I am 38 years old male suffering from...
5SreenivasanC04:06 17 Apr 14 by simone717
How to antidote remedies
Hi, Ever since my homeopath took a sabbatical l...
3klara300502:22 17 Apr 14 by Evocationer
Heart Afib Atrial Fibrilation
Does anyone suggest a remedy for Afib? Do you thin...
3HOMEOPATHYRULES01:15 17 Apr 14 by Evocationer
Men and Sex The Myth vs Reality
Its surprising to see how much misinformation exi...
7fitness16:18 16 Apr 14 by fitness
collitis and celiac
Hello everyone, Greetings to all !! I'm...
5raviji3413:45 16 Apr 14 by fitness
HiDoctor, I am 26 year old working female...we...
1triptik12:24 16 Apr 14 by fitness
Doctors plz help for night fall and drops after urination
I am 23 yrs old unmarreid boy height is 176cm and ...
1saeeda12:24 16 Apr 14 by fitness
Male chloasma or melasma
Hi I am male 29 years and suffering from melasma ... [LAST PAGE]
16nidhishsingh12:11 16 Apr 14 by fitness
Levothyroxin substitute
Hello, I am a 53 year old male. 2 years ago, I w... [LAST PAGE]
15joegumbo11:20 16 Apr 14 by rishimba
Need remedy for rheumatoid arthritis
Hi, I am a 46 old woman suffering from rheumato... [LAST PAGE]
22sant06:17 16 Apr 14 by pnag4u
3 year old Girl suffering from Asthma and severe Allergy
Hi my daughter is suffering from severe allergy ... [LAST PAGE]
20Ganeshm6900:37 16 Apr 14 by Evocationer
dog got stung by something poisonous
Help. My little dog got stung by something poisono...
2nature_girl19:01 15 Apr 14 by nature_girl
A hindi website on homeopathy explaining the theory and practice of low cost plan of medication for masses.
please visit http://hindi-homeopathy.blogspot...
5kadwa12:24 15 Apr 14 by akshaymohl
To Dr.Akshay Mohl
Sir I'm new here and I listen a lot about you...
8kamran.1234 10:57 15 Apr 14 by kamran.1234
Laryngopharyngeal Reflux - Please help
I searched in internet for my symptoms and found t...
0agriz10:22 15 Apr 14 by
kidney stone
Ihave been having kidney stone 4 times,now by 24 ...
1kamalgmk 06:15 15 Apr 14 by rishimba
Dr Mehfooz Plz help me about Night emission
I am 23 years old saeed from pakistan, i had a pro...
3saeeda06:14 15 Apr 14 by saeeda
sir i am 22 i have more masturbation addiction fro...
5faisal14905:10 15 Apr 14 by anindya384
increase high
my daughter is 8 years old and her high is the low...
1rasomon23:18 14 Apr 14 by Evocationer
a.a doctor .. i have a problem.i have to do ...
0love78618:52 14 Apr 14 by
Grey Hairs in Eyebrows + Hands
Hi Doctor & Team, I am 36 yrs old male with...
11user197818:46 14 Apr 14 by Armaan006
acne at 29; due to overuse of cosmetics

[message deleted by phulwari on Mon, 14 Apr 20...
9phulwari11:48 14 Apr 14 by phulwari
tinea cruris serious problem...
Dear doctors, kindly advice a remedy for tinea Cru... [LAST PAGE]
37miftas11:02 14 Apr 14 by miftas
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