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Hyperpigmentation around mouth...
Respected Dr.. I hav been suffering fr hyperpigmentation around mouth since 10 years.it st
jayab 2017-12-16
1   healer21 5 months ago

Erectile dysfunction treatment
common homeopathic remedies used for erectile dysfunction treatment or allopathic medicin
gbt25 2016-02-22
2   john8998 5 months ago

Long masturbation history, need advice
Dear Homoepath, Age: 30 I want to state my condition and want your opinion on how to pro
nahom25 2017-12-15
2   nahom25 5 months ago

Pee (Unrination) while bathing is good or bad does it a disease? If What Kind Of Treatment
suman10 2017-12-15
1   healer21 5 months ago

Help for chronic digestive issues
I have chronic digestive issues (gas, loud gurgling noises on lower left side); Mostly low

xploreorganics 2017-12-12
13   healer21 5 months ago

Im thinking of buying the 100 remedies Kit how much doses should I take of each treatment
soniaatoms 2017-12-15
1   maheeru 5 months ago

substitute of calcarea carb
Vkg, age 54 All my main points meet with Calcarea Carb, But the nature of calcarea carb is
vkg1 2017-12-13
3   maheeru 5 months ago

Kidney cyst
Hii...My baby is 1.5 years old....he has cyst in his left kidney...wht the treatment for t
Pashu222 2017-12-15
1   homeo_helper 5 months ago

Hair loss and Oil skin.
Hi. I am Male 33. My body is too much oily. Even I take bath and shampoo my hair after 4-5
seoulite 2017-12-14
1   drthoufeequebhms 5 months ago

3 years old with hypotonia
Hi my daughter is 3 years old with hypotonia. She had enlarged right ventricle during the
orlina 2017-12-12
5   0antivirus0 5 months ago

Enlarged turbinates
Hi, age 34, male I suffering from swollen/enlarged turbinates in the left nostril. I am

adnan012 2015-06-16
22   adnan012 5 months ago

Help for chronic anal fissure with sentinel pile without having surgery?
Chronic anal fissure with sentinel pile. No bleeding; Some pink mucus discharge; Sometimes
xploreorganics 2017-10-26
7   xploreorganics 5 months ago

Memory problem.
Hi. I need help. I am loosing ability to remember. Also have problem concentrating. I am
johnd1 2017-12-14
1   healer21 5 months ago

germanium metallicum
what is this remedy used for? does anyone know or have any literature on it?
misslmodest 2005-08-13
3   kwgrid 5 months ago

Mental & physical problems
Hello, I suffer from few problems like stage fright, anxiety, disappointment from people,

Moonstone 2016-11-12
32   Moonstone 5 months ago

Anuj shrivastva, read about your help regarding tinnitus, can you plz, help me as well..
Gubbu 2017-12-14
no replies yet

weak erection
i am kunal 21 yr boy..i am doing masturbation from last 5-6 years due to which my penis be
kunal2 2016-03-22
6   john8998 5 months ago

cure eczema and acne
I used to suffer from acute eczema. But i got 95% cured after using Himalaya drug company&
asbking 2006-06-05
10   removeacne 5 months ago

Sir , I want to know if tinnitus is curable in homeopathy? Has anyone been cured ? Plz. I
Gubbu 2017-12-13
1   kadwa 5 months ago

Regarding Obsessive compulsive disorder
Sir, which remedy we can give to Obsessive compulsive disorder with anxiety.
habib86 2017-12-12
1   kadwa 5 months ago

Deworming cats using Homeopathy medicine
Hi, I am from India and it's kinda difficult to get a hold of Homeopet clear WRM. I
Jhelum 2017-12-11
1   kadwa 5 months ago

Stretch marks
Hi I have quite a few stretch marks on my upper thighs, and more seem to be appearing all
Leanne20 2008-06-24
7   ERICKY 5 months ago

i am 17 years old and am suffering from nightfall like from 2 -3 years and i really want
sachin7 2017-12-11
3   kadwa 5 months ago

Dr Mohla pls help - Acidity and headache problem for my daughter
Dr Mohla, My daughter, age 10 years is having severe acidity problem due to which she exp
vjhos 2017-12-14
no replies yet

5 yr old night terrors
1. Describe how he react after he wake up?(explain this maximum u can) She doesnâ&e
Mariarico 2017-12-12
6   Mariarico 5 months ago

Which Carbon Remedy ?
I am a 41 year old female, was seeing a homeopath that used a radionics machine to prescri
Babylemonady 2017-12-12
7   akshaymohl 5 months ago

Best Treatment for Right Side Arm and Leg paralysed due to stroke
My mother-in-law, 76 years old, is paralysed due to stroke on right side arm and leg sinc
Muhammad Idrees 2017-12-13
1   healer21 5 months ago

I have read about some of the members suffering from 'ear-noises' or tinnitus. Bei

Karim 2006-07-10
19   Gubbu 5 months ago

Tinnitus (constant noises in both ears)
Hello,I have been suffering from constant Tinnitus, anxiety, depression for the past 4 mon

schandra 2005-09-27
89   Gubbu 5 months ago

Sir, I'm 61 yrs. old female.patient of high b p , & diabetic, but under control w
Gubbu 2017-12-13
1   healer21 5 months ago

Pilonidal cyst
Hello, I have being suffering from pilonidal sinus from last 12 years and I have four op
akfootballcrazy 2017-12-13
1   healer21 5 months ago

Mother Hand get Numb in air conditioner ?
my mother 62 yrs old. her hands get numb if she sits in front of an air conditioner for 1
sameergupta1 2017-12-13
1   healer21 5 months ago

ADHD child
A boy age 6 year declared ADHD child, having following problems: Not listening to parents
marana 2017-12-13
1   healer21 5 months ago

Body Jerks
A boy age 11y suffered from high fever about four years ago. Allopathy treatment was taken
marana 2017-12-13
1   healer21 5 months ago

Treatment of tinnitus
Dr.deshlok Sharma, Can you plz. Help me in treating my tinnitus? I'll give details
Gubbu 2017-12-13
1   healer21 5 months ago

3 Month Old Baby Boy - Colic + Acid Reflux + Sleeplessness + Gas + Bad Wind
About baby: Gender - Male Age - 3 months exactly Birth weight - 2.91kg, Present weight - 3
joiesd.nishanth 2017-12-13
2   healer21 5 months ago

piles pain
i am 36 year Female.From last week i am suffering from piles pain. i am having tremendous
Nikita D 2017-12-13
5   healer21 5 months ago

Cured Anal Fissure Homeopathy medicines
ok i am about 80% cured from Anal fissure which started in 1st week of Aug 2017.and i took
sameergupta1 2017-12-13
no replies yet

sir , my frend sweta age 30 , female height 5"4 . . she dont have a sexual desire
vicks1 2017-12-13
no replies yet

sexual problem
1. I Mustarbated since early age. now i am suffering from frequent nocturnal emissions at
vkstomar 2017-12-12
4   healer21 5 months ago

Assalaamaleikum I stay in Jeddah , Saudi Arabia and during me vacation last month i start
Asif6 2017-12-12
1   Asif6 5 months ago

Meningioma brain tumor
How to stop its growth
alyssa0818 2017-12-12
1   healer21 5 months ago

Please give a grid for remedy potency; possibly; ie, 1c to 500M , in order of lowest to st
quietstorm 2017-12-12
1   healer21 5 months ago

Meningioma brain tumor
Hello I was diagnosed with a brain tumor the size of a nickel it is called a meningioma I
alyssa0818 2017-12-12
2   healer21 5 months ago

my 4yr old kid suffering for continuous cold and cough
Hi everyone, We are staying in bangalore. my 4yr old daughter is suffering from cold and c
oysterzzz 2015-01-27
5   irham 5 months ago

Treatment for OCD?
What is the best treatment for OCD obsessive thoughts and can't focus particular poin
suman10 2017-12-12
2   suman10 5 months ago

Dr. Akshay Molha please help
This is for my nephew. ..he is 8 years old ....body weight 27kg... male. He is getting fea
Santu15 2017-12-09
2   Santu15 5 months ago

Tinnitis Whistling in Ears
Dear Doctors I have problems of hearing loss and tinnitis in both ears. Tinnitis is like w

zaffar_consfela 2017-12-06
13   zaffar_consfela 5 months ago

Under eye dark circles
I have under eye/above eye dark circles. It has been there from a very very long time. I
c_arora 2017-07-18
10   c_arora 5 months ago

Enlarged Adenoids
Hi My 5.5 years old son has enlarged adenoids. In winter or dry season he feels slight di

zulqarnainhabib 2013-11-18
26   maheeru 5 months ago

If no Nat phos, can just combine Nat Mur AND Phosphorus?
Hi, It's like my husband's symptoms of belching is nat phos... however I don
Jane77 2017-12-07
5   maheeru 5 months ago

arm pit sweating
i suffer arm pit heavy sweating problm even in wi nter also i feel so ambressed in public.
shahidr446 2017-12-11
1   healer21 5 months ago

Constipated baby 6-7 months old
I have written a post nearly 20 days ago, my baby had frequent bowl movements 3-7 per day
YanaDi 2017-10-26
3   YanaDi 5 months ago

Severe hairfall for years and lack of continuos sleep, weight loss from chest
Hi, I’m a 35yr old female, weight 69kg, height , 163.5cm I’m have severe hairf
kitkat123 2017-11-29
7   healer21 5 months ago

Suffering from multiple lipoma
Doctor please help me ,I am suffering from multiple lipoma from last 9years . I took homeo
Harishhari 2017-12-11
1   kadwa 5 months ago

Save me from Metabolic Problems
MAIN PROBLEM- Metabolic Problem Age- 59 Profession- Professor How long patient got m
sandy3 2017-12-11
1   drthoufeequebhms 5 months ago

Thuja toxicity?
Hi, I've been applying Thuja essential oil (Healing Solutions therapeutic essential
silver_strand 2017-12-09
1   kadwa 5 months ago

My aunti has been suffering from kidney problem since last two months Present pathology: H
vijaymahajan1962 2017-12-09
1   kadwa 5 months ago

spirit possession
Hi is there homeopathy medicine for spirit possession. it's been 9 month my wife su
rawi 2017-11-27
5   kadwa 5 months ago

Hi sir i am 25 unmarried.i masturbates From last 9 years.now some times my body heat up
optimistickk 2017-10-13
5   kadwa 5 months ago

Tinnitis Whistling in Ears and Hearing loss
Dear Doctors please see my details and please advise me Remedies for hearing loss and Tinn
zaffar_consfela 2017-12-11
no replies yet

problem with nodules on face
I had very severe acne few month ago. I went to homeopath and he gave me hepar sulph 30 an
mehurahil 2017-12-10
2   mehurahil 5 months ago

do need a cure for hepatitis B contact Doctor favour many have been cured with our natural
favour1 2017-12-11
no replies yet

Can not read book for long hours with full concentration and patience
Hi Xperts I have an issue. When I am trying to read books(either hard copy or soft copy f
Soumick Basak 2017-12-01
11   Soumick Basak 5 months ago

infant cough
Hi my daughter is 14 months old she has yet another cough. She seem to get cough regularly
vee1 2017-12-09
4   drthoufeequebhms 5 months ago

Hello my post is addressed to drthoufeequebhms. You gave me advice about 6 months ago rega
Vegmom 2017-12-09
1   drthoufeequebhms 5 months ago

Toddler - eczema and dry skin on legs
I have a 21 month old boy with eczema. Main problem:Eczema patches on thighs and redness /

dragonsaur 2005-03-14
20   Megan Holman 5 months ago

Osteoarthritis and knee bending problem for my father
Hi, My father aged 75 years has osteoarthritis in both legs. Pain is observed in both kne

vjhos 2017-06-25
31   Reva V 5 months ago

pain in bladder after urinating
please help i have complete urethra soreness from last 3 year adn there is a great pain in
yasir riaz1 2017-12-10
1   homeo_helper 5 months ago

infant cough
infant cough Hi my daughter is 14 months old she has yet another cough. She seem to get co
vee1 2017-12-09
1   healer21 5 months ago

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