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Information given in this forum is given by way of exchange of views only. It is not to be treated as a medical diagnosis, and should not be used as a substitute for seeing a qualified homeopath or physician. In most cases, advice posted here is not given by a medical expert.

If symptoms persist, consult a medical professional.

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Erectile Dysfunction
Dr Kadwa Hi again n how are you, I hope you ...
3Nomi Nomi06:53 18 Jun 13 by kadwa
Hello, How are you guys doing?
I get occasional e-mails from patients and physici... [LAST PAGE]
18rishimba05:32 18 Jun 13 by anky2010
Del [message edited by girl2010 on Fri, 06 Nov 201...
1girl201001:27 18 Jun 13 by anuj srivastava
Premature Ejaculation and erectile dysfunction
I am suffering PE for a long time. I am married 32...
1abedinamcl 23:46 17 Jun 13 by akshaymohl
Fluid in Abdomen
Hello - I am new to the forum and a new (and proud...
4NewKittenOwner18:26 17 Jun 13 by NewKittenOwner
additictad of masterbating thus cut my penis
Dear all, i am adicted of masterbating since 15 ye...
1r_shekhar 15:00 17 Jun 13 by anuj srivastava
For Dhundhun's attention
I am Female. 46 years old. I have been on homeopat... [LAST PAGE]
38mahindaj12:50 17 Jun 13 by mahindaj
pain in left shoulder
myself 40 male having lt shoulder pain sometime se...
3fateh11:17 17 Jun 13 by Mahfoozurrehman
Fistula in Anus
Hello, am having Fistula in Anus and am taking ...
3AAV141107:37 17 Jun 13 by shouse_nsk
lomg standing vaginal infection
Currently, It is 9 months after my delivery and no...
1anigoks07:27 17 Jun 13 by kadwa
Advice please on yellow sweat and skin!
Hello, I hope you could advise myself and my husba...
3Sarrobbo21:23 16 Jun 13 by simone717
Child with Nephrotic Syndrom
Hi, My son was diagonised with Nephrotic syndrom ... [LAST PAGE]
66Pereira20:31 16 Jun 13 by sal160us
head circling
1) My head is circling when I am going to bed or w...
1ybas12314:14 16 Jun 13 by akshaymohl
curious habit
My son was oompulsively scratching his head and sm...
2freena11:23 16 Jun 13 by kadwa
BoooBooo : Hypertension And High Blood Pressure
A blood pressure of 140/90 or higher is considered...
8booobooo 11:22 16 Jun 13 by arnadeem
Would Hypothalamus be a good remedy to reset the...
1angelfatima10:37 16 Jun 13 by kadwa
Anal Fissure help!!!
I am a 24 year old female, unmarried and just fini...
7kaushi10:14 16 Jun 13 by kadwa
black/brown clots..
hi... i skipped my periods. (due on 15th May) ....
5m3rriam09:49 16 Jun 13 by kadwa
Infertility due to PCOS
i am 29 years old female from Pakistan, married si... [LAST PAGE]
25narshad08:56 16 Jun 13 by abda786
internal injury-ribs
my wife is 32 yr. she have pain in ribs, i.e. min...
3sanzoy07:41 16 Jun 13 by anuj srivastava
Pain in Left thigh bone
Dear Sir, My Mom having pain in thigh bone. wh...
3sahityalahari06:26 16 Jun 13 by anuj srivastava
height increase please help
hello sir, my age is 19 and i am 5'6, i wa... [LAST PAGE]
16nomaan01:57 16 Jun 13 by simone717
Sex problem
Sir,i have sex problem,penis is short,sextual time...
0Salim sk00:41 16 Jun 13 by
Very coward person
I'm very coward and have speech impairment, s...
1masoodali23:03 15 Jun 13 by simone717
6yo w/ recurrent ear pain & blockage
hello, my son has had recurrent ear pain and bl...
4ebuzzle20:25 15 Jun 13 by Zady101
Dr kadwa pls advise
Dr kadwa pls help me out on this issue n oblige...
0khatija18:32 15 Jun 13 by
Mitral Valve prolapse
Dear Dr, My daughter of aged 8 had a tonsillectomy...
7praveenryd16:56 15 Jun 13 by Joe De Livera
5 month baby spitting up milk
Dear Dr Joe I have a 5 month baby who was born 3 ...
5Horizon12315:11 15 Jun 13 by Joe De Livera
lung caancer - stage iv - fluid on lungs
First I want to thank anyone who takes the time to...
1johncarter_oz14:41 15 Jun 13 by anuj srivastava
scare marks on face
i am from mumbai and my age is 30 i have been suff...
1hopeasif12:04 15 Jun 13 by faisal qureshi
i m 25 male, i m having small scars (post acne ...
2pranshu10:58 15 Jun 13 by pranshu
Female genital herpes help
29, Female Please answer the following questio...
1inwaves06:40 15 Jun 13 by shouse_nsk
Help me please....L5-S1 Disc herniation...
Hello There !!! I've been suffering from low... [LAST PAGE]
27getthehype 06:26 15 Jun 13 by getthehype
Preemie with reflux
I know there have been many posts about infants an... [LAST PAGE]
17Kbuch04:01 15 Jun 13 by simone717
Lipoma on my neck
age 29 food : all Muslims foods apatite is low bu...
3SAQ8303:57 15 Jun 13 by SAQ83
need help with obsessive thoughts
I constantly worry about my adult children and try...
3patiano02:20 15 Jun 13 by anuj srivastava
Joe De Livera on Prostate
I am 64&have mild prostate.I took Sebal Serr f... [LAST PAGE]
17ramakaushik02:15 15 Jun 13 by ramakaushik
Natrum Muriaticum dose for anxiety
Natrum Muriaticum descr...
71guyver223:48 14 Jun 13 by simone717
SEX Problem "need solution to increase SEX power"
Age : 32 years old Problems are stated below.....
1nimlhamu 23:05 14 Jun 13 by akshaymohl
Please Experienced doctor help me
Hello Dr., I am ramesh from india. my age is 22 ...
2ramesh57 16:49 14 Jun 13 by ramesh57
sexual problem
Hi doctor I am 40 yrs old man and suffering wit...
2abhi2100215:33 14 Jun 13 by abhi21002
sensations--may sound funny but important for right selection of the remedy.
SENSATIONS (Note: - Sensations are also important...
0anuj srivastava14:55 14 Jun 13 by
Trigeminal Neuralgia
I am trying to get a homeopathic remedy for my wif...
11vnayak14:54 14 Jun 13 by vnayak
Down syndrom and low iron
Hello, I am new to homeopathy. I have started usi...
2milabura13:42 14 Jun 13 by milabura
Acne and Menstrual problem
Hello Doctor I am suffering from acne and scant...
7nehasinha2100212:53 14 Jun 13 by Joe De Livera
I am now 59 but since I got my period at 12 I have...
4arkie09:08 14 Jun 13 by arkie
Dry Eye
My mother eye sevearly got infected due to medecin...
1smartneeraj08:41 14 Jun 13 by kadwa
Trigeminal neuralgia - left side pain
My mother - aged 69 - is suffering from left side ... [LAST PAGE]
23sapatwardhan08:23 14 Jun 13 by kadwa
Palindromic Rheumatism
I am suffering from Palindromic Rheumatism since l...
2ankitankit 07:51 14 Jun 13 by ankitankit
Homeopathic human growth hormone
Has anyone tried Homeopathic Human Growth Hormone....
3arkie07:25 14 Jun 13 by kadwa
Cholestrol Problem
I am 64 yrs old.For last 25-30 years my cholestrol...
3ramakaushik06:33 14 Jun 13 by Joe De Livera
correct way of giving symptoms
1 The success of the prescription depends largely...
0anuj srivastava06:12 14 Jun 13 by
Can I take Pulsatilla and Silicea together?
I am taking Pulsatilla 30C at the moment. Can i...
6flower805:22 14 Jun 13 by HoneyKhanna
toddler wakes up yelling/whining in the night
What can I use to help my 2 1/2 year old sleep. He...
3bananagirlforever04:36 14 Jun 13 by simone717
Spider veins and varicose veins
Hi, I would like some advice on what I can take fo...
2StephK23:19 13 Jun 13 by akshaymohl
PCOS, Hydrosalpinx and Hypothyroid
Hi, My sister is suffering from PCOS and Hypot...
1vinothvsbe20:18 13 Jun 13 by Zady101
overeating, weight loss, depression
hello, I am hypothyroid and it is hard to take of...
4Renee819:26 13 Jun 13 by Renee8
Need help with 30 years of serious digestive problems
I am a male a little over 50 years old. Here is m...
2baddiver19:02 13 Jun 13 by baddiver
postintg queries in new account ,reply mr kadwa,
DEAR MR. KADWA, My name is Tarif. It seems like...
11robine15:03 13 Jun 13 by robine
Blood Sugar deected recently
Hi, Recently I had bloodsugar. My details are m... [LAST PAGE]
26sapatwardhan14:53 13 Jun 13 by sapatwardhan
Less Beared Disesse
I am 26 years old and have very very less hair gro...
0sparer14:48 13 Jun 13 by
Alopecia Excessive Hair fall
33 yrs old, sufferring from excessive Hair fall, ...
0Samiks14:27 13 Jun 13 by
Sir, While trying to getup either from sitting po...
4paraman13:21 13 Jun 13 by akshaymohl
i suffer from pcos and i am trying for a child for...
7abda78610:53 13 Jun 13 by faisal qureshi
Halitosis and reflux
OM to all and thanking in advance for the reply. I...
4ravi6509:13 13 Jun 13 by ravi65
sunburn- hypo pigment
I had a rash like patch (a month back) on my face ...
1ash030509:01 13 Jun 13 by kadwa
Kaliphos for sleeplessness? Kadwa/Maheeru sir please help.
Can Kaliphos be given for sleeplessness ? The lad... [LAST PAGE]
33sujisuji08:58 13 Jun 13 by kadwa
throat infection.
Sir, I suffer from throat infection frequent...
1manas6808:49 13 Jun 13 by kadwa
Loose motion (baby)
My 9 month is having loose motion(LM) for last 2 d...
2faridanwar08:48 13 Jun 13 by faridanwar
Loose Motions -- need help
My 9 month is having loose motion for last 2 days,...
3faridanwar06:44 13 Jun 13 by Joe De Livera
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