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Information given in this forum is given by way of exchange of views only. It is not to be treated as a medical diagnosis, and should not be used as a substitute for seeing a qualified homeopath or physician. In most cases, advice posted here is not given by a medical expert.

If symptoms persist, consult a medical professional.

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TopicPostsStarted byLast Post
Bartholine Abscess. Dr Nawazkhan please help
Respected Dr.Nawaz, I read a lot of your post rega...
9mlally19:56 16 Jul 13 by nawazkhan
where to buy
Does any one know any uk website or shop where i c...
1harris16:42 16 Jul 13 by simone717
Help Sought - Excessive Masturbation prblem -
Hello Doctors, Myself is Male, 29 yrs. I have b...
6sumitgupta1683 15:01 16 Jul 13 by anuj srivastava
Excessive precum when i am with my GF
Hi , I am 25 years Old, facing excessive precum...
5Md Imran 14:44 16 Jul 13 by Soyon
premature ejaculation Worst Stage
Hi, Please help me as my premature ejaculation ...
4tehmer 14:42 16 Jul 13 by Soyon
hi i am 30 years old and have married 6 months be...
5jhangirkhan614:39 16 Jul 13 by Soyon
i m 23years old girl.. n m taking sepia200 by su... [LAST PAGE]
13avanti10:32 16 Jul 13 by anuj srivastava
recovery of diabetic nephropathy
Is there anyone here who got treated for his/her d... [LAST PAGE]
29sukshma23908:03 16 Jul 13 by bgmor
many diseases remedy
DR. ZADY, my friend lives in a village.h...
1suba ram07:54 16 Jul 13 by Zady101
PLEASE HELP. Constant, Debilitating Urinary Pain & Cystic Ovaries
Hello, I have been suffering from recurrent U...
3milkmilk 05:20 16 Jul 13 by anuj srivastava
Homeopathy for psoriasis
Hi I'm looking for the best doc in mumbai...
2yshashidhar03:49 16 Jul 13 by yshashidhar
i m 23 years old. my dr. suggest me sepia200 (ma...
2avanti02:12 16 Jul 13 by avanti
PDD/Mild autism/Speech Delay in 3 year old dd
+ Toilet trained but - wont tell me, will do it he... [LAST PAGE]
26Danmom 17:50 15 Jul 13 by A_dad
Concern liver toxicity
Hi I hv multiple fracture on my rt. foot above ank...
3amrutaum17:33 15 Jul 13 by simone717
erectile disfunctioning
well i am very upset and depresed as i have been s...
1imperial_max 17:14 15 Jul 13 by Zady101
Dr. Zady please help
i am a young boy,age 21 years, losing hair alot. s...
2luffy8916:02 15 Jul 13 by Zady101
dr.nwaz please take my case
Dear sir please help me -+ Age. - 35 ' 52kg -...
1ppsingh15:32 15 Jul 13 by ppsingh
Homoeopathic home doctor book
Hi, I'm frantically looking for the book H...
1ravi2014:35 15 Jul 13 by simone717
I hv multiple fracture above ankle on rt. foot sur...
1amrutaum14:25 15 Jul 13 by simone717
many disease remedy
DR. SIMONE, i have filled the form.now ...
1suba ram14:24 15 Jul 13 by simone717
short height
Hello sir, My height is 5'2 and age is 21.Pl...
0nikhita13:17 15 Jul 13 by
Hi, I am 30 years old female and have a baby.Plz...
4bhanuuddanda12:10 15 Jul 13 by Desh Raj Jakhar
My skin problem
Hello! I'm 35 years old male.I'd need ...
0amandy10:20 15 Jul 13 by
penis enlargement & instantly Sex
Dear Sir, Thank You very much.Please can you giv...
4funenjoy606:25 15 Jul 13 by frozenashes
discharge of semen or prostatic fluid.help me.
I am 22.suffring from depression .currently on tw...
9nachiii01:57 15 Jul 13 by akshaymohl
irregular periods
I am 28 yrs old woman and i have irregular periods... [LAST PAGE]
17fareen21:53 14 Jul 13 by Zady101
High Functioning Autism
Dear Doctors, My 5 year old son is diagnosed wi...
8cpatil21:16 14 Jul 13 by Zady101
extra thread
dr. simone, pl. tell me what is----extr...
1suba ram18:34 14 Jul 13 by simone717
Dr Shahid Shamsher Reviews
I had been losing hair for quite sometime now. Inf...
2kamu2917:13 14 Jul 13 by ramu.kunta
treatment for lipoma
hi doctor i m suffering from lipoma disease since ...
1harish1234516:15 14 Jul 13 by anuj srivastava
?? abdominal koch's
a 23 yrs female. she had suffering abdominal pain ...
5jilesh tank14:39 14 Jul 13 by anuj srivastava
high cholestrol
I am male, age 38. sensitive by nature. I am hyp... [LAST PAGE]
17Sajidullah14:08 14 Jul 13 by Sajidullah
does marijuana interfere with homeopathic treatment?
I've just seen a homeopathist and he prescrib...
6ccone13:28 14 Jul 13 by maheeru
Pre Mature Ejaculation a Serious Problem of consideration
Dear Respected Doctors of this forum! My name is ...
3frozenashes09:02 14 Jul 13 by frozenashes
plz help me get rid of allergy caused by parthenium
Hello Sir, I'm suffering from allergy (sne...
2babu_0407:53 14 Jul 13 by Joe De Livera
Infant Silent Acid Reflux- Help Joe!
My 7 week old daughter has silent acid reflux . ...
2I like pink07:18 14 Jul 13 by anuj srivastava
Chronic stuffy nose all of a sudden
Hello everyone. I'm a 23-year-old boy and for...
5rahman_hope04:06 14 Jul 13 by simone717
prickly heat in summers from 6-7 yrs
Hi All I am 29 yrs old male. I am suffering f...
4earthangel 03:24 14 Jul 13 by earthangel
Pernicious & Chlorosis Anaemia
My horse as been was given Penicillin and has had ...
1sissygirl02:37 14 Jul 13 by anuj srivastava
Receding gums
Can a homeopathic expert please recommend to me a ...
1dempress01:02 14 Jul 13 by akshaymohl
Asthma/pollen allergy (help brisbane) or anyone having command over it
SYMPTOMS OF ASTHMA : - During asthma attack, I fe... [LAST PAGE]
54thundercracker21:23 13 Jul 13 by thundercracker
Endogenous depression or anxiety
I am ahmer gender male age 39 height 5'8&#...
10ahmer.kazi16:23 13 Jul 13 by faisal qureshi
sour foods vs homeo
Hello forum, please let me know if sour food item...
3mentalstress16:15 13 Jul 13 by mentalstress
plz help to reduce my weight urgently with some accurate remedy.
is there any sure shot remedy to cure obesity .i... [LAST PAGE]
23chillgal 10:59 13 Jul 13 by chillgal
injury in leg
I faced a bike accident 2 years ago. my left leg b...
2pav8509:35 13 Jul 13 by pav85
Intolerable Life
I'm 36 Male.Height 5'4'. Weight 54 K... [LAST PAGE]
37nillohit09:01 13 Jul 13 by Zady101
Various allergies.
Dear Dr.Zady, My son Yohann regularly suffers f...
1cpatil08:59 13 Jul 13 by Zady101
Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome
Dear Doctors, I had been diagnosed with POS in 20...
6cpatil08:50 13 Jul 13 by Zady101
very less beard and moustache
sir my age 26 .very less beards on cheek ..and lig...
0tony123406:51 13 Jul 13 by
Premature Ejaculation
thanks for reply Dr. Showrav. i do not live in Ban...
10SHAK1L05:15 13 Jul 13 by m6k4d
Hair loss, scalp pain, drug side effects, painful menses, acidity
I am suffering from hair loss and acne since 1... [LAST PAGE]
31greoqi 04:13 13 Jul 13 by greoqi
Dr Mohla Nat phos 6x ki antidote bataiye jaldi plz
Nat phos ki anti dote b...
2Akshay2122:58 12 Jul 13 by akshaymohl
How to detox from a lifetime of homeopathic remedies??
I would like your input to detox from a large list...
7Albert21:57 12 Jul 13 by Albert
many diseases remedy
dr.simone, u asked me to fill the form....
1suba ram20:52 12 Jul 13 by simone717
Maheeru - Would you please help my mother?
My mother is having a crisis of labyrinthitis . S... [LAST PAGE]
36abcjoana20:26 12 Jul 13 by abcjoana
severe nasal polyps
Hi, I hope I can find a cure from you. I have had... [LAST PAGE]
20denizbilge18:41 12 Jul 13 by anitac
Dr.Mohla Or Dr.Kadwa need ur help..Indigestion & Poor appetite
Dr.Mohla..I m 24 years old..Mujhe bilkul bhukh nah...
11Akshay2117:33 12 Jul 13 by Akshay21
is there any medicine in homeopathy for thelassemi...
1ikrmakhan17:18 12 Jul 13 by anuj srivastava
allergy caused by parthenium
Hi doctors I'm 40yrs old male,a teacher by p...
1babu_04 17:09 12 Jul 13 by anuj srivastava
Spinal injury and post traumatic syringomyelia
Hello everyone, my son aged 25 met with a road acc...
1senkuma6917:02 12 Jul 13 by anuj srivastava
Low blood preasure
Hello sir. I'm 38 years old female.I have a ...
0amandy16:00 12 Jul 13 by
brown spots on face
Hello sir. I am 37 years old and I have brown spot...
0amandy15:37 12 Jul 13 by
Hair Fall and Baldness from last 4-5yrs
Hi , My name Kishan from New Delhi , India . My ha...
0krisshpal14:04 12 Jul 13 by
re: sleep apnea and Diabetes
I am anxiously seeking natural approaches to treat...
7cat in the cradle13:20 12 Jul 13 by cat in the cradle
low testosterone
Suffering from low testosterone levels since 2 yea...
2sanju11112:43 12 Jul 13 by akshaymohl
Throat pain.
My niece is having severe throat pain without any ...
1Landi11:13 12 Jul 13 by Desh Raj Jakhar
Weakness of Penis
Dear Doc, My penis is not as much hard as normal ...
1p_mit10:58 12 Jul 13 by Desh Raj Jakhar
good singapore doctors
Looking for a specialist who can give answers to a...
0Kavincarlson10:21 12 Jul 13 by
Hair loss problem from last 4 -5 yrs
Hi , My name Kishan from New Delhi , India . My ha...
1krisshpal08:10 12 Jul 13 by kadwa
Low blood presure
Since 3 weeks i was having a slite headache , i th...
1ograpankaj08:02 12 Jul 13 by kadwa
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