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Parosmia (smell disorder)
Anybody have a remedy?
michele k 2013-11-06
1   kadwa 3 years ago

Neck Pain & Head
Dear Doctors, I am suffering in neck pain and vertigo as well for last two years. Name:
virgo_1978 2013-11-02
5   virgo_1978 3 years ago

hair loss
for a hair loss treatment wiesbaden is perfect but wanted to know this dilutions can be ta
poonam mittal 2013-11-04
3   simone717 3 years ago

vertigo with cervical pain
last seven days i am suffering vertigo all the times day or night(i feel all things spinni
ribhupanwar 2013-11-01
11   simone717 3 years ago

Treatment of Diabeties Type 1
I am suffering from diabetes type 1 and taking injections of insulin. i wants to know whet
caankitgarg 2013-11-06
3   Joe De Livera 3 years ago

red spot on end of my son's nose
I am looking for a remedy for a spot on the end of my 7 year old son's nose. About 1
amurphy 2013-09-12
9   amurphy 3 years ago

red spot on end of my son's nose
A couple of months ago, I asked about a spot on my sons nose and was suggested to take Thu
amurphy 2013-11-07
1   simone717 3 years ago

Kids getting sick often
Hi There, my 2 girls (4.5 and 7 years old) get sick often. I believe they catch it from s
Lemifi 2013-11-06
7   fitness 3 years ago

Infant sowllen lymph nodes
Dear all, my son had enlarged lymph node behind his both ears at about when he was only 4
Fazaab 2013-11-06
5   fitness 3 years ago

Fibroids and goiter
1. Describe your appearance & age I am 39 yo woman, 5' 10', 150 lbs; slende

dgriggs 2013-10-20
23   fitness 3 years ago

Answered all questions.. Waiting for your Help
1. Your age & sex Ans: Age: 26 Sex: Male 2. Describe your appearance i.e. weight,
elvis_asia 2013-11-06
3   mani_jee 3 years ago

Paralysis after brain hamredge
Hi, My mother 60 years old , has undergone with brain hamredge, after that her left part o
amitkhe 2013-11-06
1   fitness 3 years ago

1 yr Baby is having stomoch ailments
Hi Doctor, My baby is 1 yr old now. From the begining, it seems that she has gastric prob
sahityalahari 2013-11-06
1   fitness 3 years ago

Chronic bronchitis severe cough & cold
Hello,i am 22 yrs and for the last 3 yrs i hv had coughs and cold everyday. It involves ha
paresh.b 2013-10-23
11   fitness 3 years ago

Son 9 years old having cough and cold
Doctor my son is having cold and cough since yesterday we stay in delhi and at present th
yaallah786 2013-11-05
6   fitness 3 years ago

I have 14 years old daughter monolucleosis very dry cough little temperature no eating fel
Ondrejko 2013-11-06
1   Zady101 3 years ago

New remedy case
Hello everyone, I just discovered this apparently french website homeo-box.fr. They only
mariaelisa19 2013-11-06
no replies yet

My 16 years old daughter has vasculitis i.e inflammation of blood vessels. She has followi
majidkhan339 2012-10-13
2   irfan26 3 years ago

lymphocytic vasculitis ..any info ??
Dear all my husband is suffering from this lymphocytic vasculitis in legs from past 10 ye
TMUSKAN 2005-10-14
3   irfan26 3 years ago

Heal Thyself Magzine Archive - free subscription
Have you subscribed to the Heal Thyself Archives? If not, why not take advantage of the f
similitude 2013-11-06
no replies yet

Remedy detoxifier
Is any remedy or any substance which is used for detoxification. I have a multiple remedy

Sonu82 2013-02-20
18   Daniellie 3 years ago

Kali Sulph Daily okay?
I've taken the tissue salt Kali Sulph (12X) for a couple of it's listed cures.
Daniellie 2013-11-06
2   Daniellie 3 years ago

Congestive Prostate - Spermatorrhoea Urgent help please
I am 26 years old , I started masturbation at the age of 15 accidentally.. Earlier i didnt
Roger Kay 2013-11-05
1   fitness 3 years ago

Burning throat and gastric problem
Hi i am 7th month pregnant. i am having acidity problem from past 4 years. but now i am ha
sahityalahari 2012-09-10
7   Joe De Livera 3 years ago

Eczema on arm folds - 10 year old
My daughter has the same problem as the 6 year old Priya. I looked at the pictures and bo

SomChow 2013-07-27
70   Zady101 3 years ago

GERD 4months old baby
I am the mother of a 4 months old son suffering from severe GERD. Since birth he used to c
gabriela11 2013-11-05
4   simone717 3 years ago

Bed Wetting and teeth grinding
Hi, My child who is 6 years has the following problems,dont know if they are all related.
Vishva 2013-11-04
7   fitness 3 years ago

Infant gas/colic
My sisters new baby he is 7 weeks old. He is soley breastfed and suffers from much gas pai
Lj2013 2013-11-04
3   simone717 3 years ago

treatment for alopecia on my head two patches and left eyebrow is there any treatment
yaallah786 2013-11-04
2   simone717 3 years ago

Question for curiosity's sake
Hey all, so I was thinking, and maybe this question has already been asked--- If homeopath
alaskamom 2013-11-04
2   alaskamom 3 years ago

Psoraitic Arthritis
Dear Sir, I am suffering from Psoriasis Arthritis since last eight years and tried many me
shailesh_tiwari 2013-10-03
1   fitness 3 years ago

Remedy for Penis enlargement?
Hi everyone I am facing problem of too short penis. I am not able to perform proper inter

Cool boy 2011-01-08
14   fitness 3 years ago

Acne Treatment from Dr. Pranjal Shamsher, dr health clinic, bangalore
I had acne since 10-15 years. Earlier I took dermabrasion treatment and it also helped me
Meerarangan 2013-10-04
2   fitness 3 years ago

mensus problems
Sepia 200 2 drops and +kreosotum 200 2 drops in half glass of water IS it that the above
poonam mittal 2013-11-04
1   Mahfoozurrehman 3 years ago

needs help.. Plz ggive suggestion
hello. I am 23 yr old girl. I am having a sensitive skin but oily. Sometime get pimples al
anubha 2013-11-04
no replies yet

left side hemiplegia
dear redears my uncle is a hemipligia patient with following symptomsHe,after strong depr

malik_123 2006-04-18
31   agwilson 3 years ago

Remedy for my sons brain injury
Hi I am looking for remedies, my son was born 6 weeks ago and during the labor the umbilic
Niko1244 2013-11-03
5   Joe De Livera 3 years ago

Growth of height
Sir, i want 2 grow my height 2 inches more.. Sir plz give me the details of tablets 2 inc
Ramsingh9494 2013-11-03
no replies yet

Hi Sana Kindly solve my problem
Dear Sana, I am getting breast Enlargement problem actually my age is 37 and my problem i
khilji 2013-11-03
2   fitness 3 years ago

Fluid leakage
Hi i am suffering with a white fluid leakage from near abt six years . Now i am married st
Jag46 2013-11-02
2   cpowell 3 years ago

Pain Management for Elderly Cat after Tooth Extractions
Hello, My elderly cat (aprox. 13-15 yrs) had 6 teeth removed 3 days ago. He now has none
Snickerdoodle 2013-11-02
3   simone717 3 years ago

Penis pain
Hello,i am an existing patient of this forum undergoing treatment from sexual disease due
mentalstress 2013-11-03
4   mentalstress 3 years ago

Medicine to lower serum phosphorus
What medicine in homeopathy is used to reduce serum phosphorus where kidneys are impaired
Bozo1 2013-11-02
1   kadwa 3 years ago

effectiveness of ramdevs divya muktavati
is ramdevs divya muktavati really effective for high bp.i was in it for a year plus and my

andy_65_in 2009-03-09
15   kadwa 3 years ago

at age of 42 height will increase
Dear Doctor at the age of42 height will increase, my father is 165cm and mine is 152cm and
rajpenta25 2013-11-03
1   fitness 3 years ago

High Uric Acid, High B.P., High Cholestrol and Obessity
I am 32 yrs. Suffering from hypertension, high uric acid. Whenever i checked my BP, i foun

ASHISH32 2013-09-25
38   Zady101 3 years ago

Suffering Low teststrone since 9 month
Hello Doctor, Since last 9 month i m suffering from very low sexual drive. Before that i w
sap1171fico 2013-10-31
10   rishimba 3 years ago

Dear Advisors Since a long time ,I have been observing a portion of meat over the anus i
mahajan.deepak 2013-10-12
6   shouse_nsk 3 years ago

Low level of testosterone
I have got medical checkup. According to medical checkup, My testosterone level is low. I
createforgood 2013-11-03
1   mani_jee 3 years ago

weak errection and premature ejaculation
Hi i am male 20 years i have very low penis erection and premature ejaculation only 15 sec
Abbasjaan 2013-11-03
1   mani_jee 3 years ago

Finger Fungus Solution, Help
In my right hand, finger next to the smallest finger seems to be growing black. The black
ayeshashah 2013-11-02
7   ayeshashah 3 years ago

Dr. Kadwa pl help me
Diabetes & Sex Poblem Patient ID: Anirban Ghosh Sex: Male Age: 39 Yrs. Please answe
anirbanghosh 2013-08-16
10   anirbanghosh 3 years ago

OWIE! Worst Bladder Infection Ever!
I just had a 2nd trimester miscarriage 9 days ago. It was all very sad. Last week after th

Happytobehere2007 2013-10-31
31   fitness 3 years ago

Acne Problem
Dear Doctors, I am having problem of acne. I am 30 years old and I am suffering from Acne
Jignasha 2013-10-20
10   fitness 3 years ago

Fitness, Irregular periods and acne
1. Your age & sex : female age 22 2. Describe your appearance i.e. weight, height, bo
SSJohnson 2013-11-01
9   fitness 3 years ago

6 month old infant with reflux
Hello all, I have a 5-month and 3 week old baby, who is my second child. He is breastfed,

alaskamom 2013-10-29
20   alaskamom 3 years ago

Brain Tumor - glioblastoma multiforme
Dear All, I need some urgent advise from experienced homeopath doctors. A quick backgr

neetu05 2011-06-29
14   totapuri 3 years ago

my brother in law is 48 yrs old suffering from parkinson decease from last 10 years. earli
rohitassachan 2013-08-15
7   Joe De Livera 3 years ago

Week Erection from last 2 years
I have observed that i had erection problem during masturbate in 2011 September his reason
rbrbk 2013-11-02
1   mani_jee 3 years ago

Baby Reflux and Eczema
Hi all, I am in need of some real help. My beautiful 5 month old daughter is really strug
NewDadYusuf 2013-10-31
3   Joe De Livera 3 years ago

Baby Reflux
Hello My child is 4 months and has reflux. She has been through many different formulas an
Mum828 2013-11-02
2   Joe De Livera 3 years ago

Urgent : Merc Sol. Plz advise.Salivation
Hi, I am male,27,single,job holder,5-5 tall . I have so much extra saliva in my mouth .
destro 2013-11-01
2   simone717 3 years ago

baby's teething troubles
What do the great doctor's suggest for a three month baby who is nervous, cries a lo
don-bosco 2013-10-31
5   simone717 3 years ago

Vaginal Thrush
Hi, I am 36 yrs old married woman with two kids...last yr in feb after the delivery of my

farahali349 2013-08-04
43   farahali349 3 years ago

height Increase?
Hi, my name is Pankaj and I am 22 years old. I am 5'8, and I am looking for ways to g
coolpankaj91 2013-10-06
10   akshaymohl 3 years ago

homeopathy pharmacy review
Could someone please give a review of HAHNEMANN LAB.(USA)homeopathic medicines.I am thinki
hpathyisgr8 2013-11-01
1   simone717 3 years ago

kadwa, bz's thread
Hi Kadwa, question on http://www.abchomeopathy.com/forum2.php/382291 Hope all is well wi
simone717 2013-10-28
2   simone717 3 years ago

Inducing labour with homeopathy
I'm 39 weeks pregnant. My OBGYN scheduled an induction for me in 10 days, in the case
Baba123 2013-10-30
4   anuj srivastava 3 years ago

Right Inguinal Hernia
I am 35 years old gentleman who have right inguinal hernia(reducible) in my groin for ab
tankoyk 2013-10-30
2   anuj srivastava 3 years ago

chronic prostate infection
i have been treated with antibiotics for a prostate infection for the last six months. th
THYMEAGAIN 2013-10-31
1   fitness 3 years ago

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