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Information given in this forum is given by way of exchange of views only. It is not to be treated as a medical diagnosis, and should not be used as a substitute for seeing a qualified homeopath or physician. In most cases, advice posted here is not given by a medical expert.

If symptoms persist, consult a medical professional.

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serotonin reuptake inhibitors
I sajjad memon, age 39, height 5'7''...
6sajjadmemon21:09 03 Jul 13 by Dr. Showrav
Hi everyone, i'm new here and have just redis...
2Theladygarden 19:00 03 Jul 13 by Theladygarden
hydrocele problem
Hi.i am 26 years old.i have been suffering from hy...
9rahul2417:36 03 Jul 13 by anuj srivastava
dr please help me, tried many homeopathic medicines
Sir I am feeling following problems from past 6-7... [LAST PAGE]
28ashujha727616:38 03 Jul 13 by Zady101
How to know that 1M potency stopped working and which is the next potency to be taken
pls suggest...
12HoneyKhanna14:40 03 Jul 13 by simone717
severe endometriosis and infertility
Hi, i am 31 year old and suffer from severe endom...
6endo_help 14:09 03 Jul 13 by anuj srivastava
Need remedy to improve Low height , poor appetite and behavioral problems of over-sensitive kid
My daughter is 9 years old who has Lower height wi...
12amersown14:06 03 Jul 13 by amersown
Dear Sir, My wife aged 45years, complains of pass...
6kailash.barick13:49 03 Jul 13 by shouse_nsk
hi i am looking for a homeopathic remedy to help w...
6neurofibromatosis313:12 03 Jul 13 by neurofibromatosis3
Severe Osteoporosis
My mother has severe osteoporosis , it was confir...
6kash-mala11:35 03 Jul 13 by Zady101
abscess in the root of a tooth
I am noticing a dot type swelling in the gum just ...
Hair fall in Summer every year..:(
I want to know cure of my problem, my hair start t...
5kash-mala10:54 03 Jul 13 by anuj srivastava
Serotonin boost supplement
Do u have serotonin boost supplement in homeopathy...
0sumit85609:59 03 Jul 13 by
fear and anxious about future.extreme apprehensive...
1apumithu07:36 03 Jul 13 by kadwa
pilonidal cyst
hello i am having a serious problem with a pilonid...
1rootz07:28 03 Jul 13 by kadwa
Toddler Sleep Issues Help
Hello there I have a 2 year old daughter that we c...
5tamnz3507:12 03 Jul 13 by kadwa
Loss of hair and drandruff
I usually have a lot of drandruff when i take bath...
1akshaygupta 06:47 03 Jul 13 by anuj srivastava
pilonidal cyst
Hello Doctor, My daughter has just been diagnosed ... [LAST PAGE]
197Framboise 04:26 03 Jul 13 by rootz
For better errection & for better sex life
I am 40 Male, married for the last 12 years. Now m...
2Jonee04:05 03 Jul 13 by simone717
small boils
since last 6,7 years I have small boils on my fore...
3shekarraj03:55 03 Jul 13 by simone717
how to recover from over -masturbation side effects after quitting it?
i am 24 years old,weight is just 47kg.i am masturb...
4sk790400:01 03 Jul 13 by akshaymohl
Wart on middle finger
Good morning. I've tried every commercial me...
7bscott123819:13 02 Jul 13 by Zady101
five phos 6x or 12x for pragnancy?
Dear all. My wife has used five phos 6x during ...
0sixthsense00717:18 02 Jul 13 by
Hyperacidity problem from approx 10 to 12 years
1. What exactly happens? Acidity, Constipation, ...
3madhugupta13:48 02 Jul 13 by madhugupta
Triglyceride & Cholestrol level
Dear Dr. I am Krish 45 yrs Today i have checked...
1Krish7474 10:46 02 Jul 13 by libra981
Help with OCD, erectile dysfunction, depression, tonsils e.t.c.
Hello everybody 1) I'm 20 years old 2) Male... [LAST PAGE]
22Ipohondric07:16 02 Jul 13 by aquafresh
sebaceous cyst
I have one on my right knee. It will not communic...
9blumtnmama04:36 02 Jul 13 by blumtnmama
Years later might I need the same remedy?
About 7 years ago I went to a homeopath and starte...
1violetray21:17 01 Jul 13 by Zady101
Overthinking - Adhd - Anxiety - Fear
Hello - I just recently found this website, it... [LAST PAGE]
25loveshomeopaths21:08 01 Jul 13 by Zady101
Hairloss,Hypo. thyroid, migraine, wt. gain
Dr Kadwa this is ur patient.ref 382725/1 [message ...
0patient20:47 01 Jul 13 by
stretching and piercing pain in the leg
My wife 58,non diabetic,is suffering pain in the w...
6KAMAL KUMAR GUPTA18:46 01 Jul 13 by Zady101
Bartholin's Cyst
Experiencing with a Bartholin's Cyst for the ... [LAST PAGE]
20~Blanca18:06 01 Jul 13 by anuj srivastava
Increase the Penis Bigger, harder, longer lasting and Thickness
Dear Mahfoozurrehman, Thank You very much.Also t...
0funenjoy616:56 01 Jul 13 by
Ashwagandha & Avena Sativa Q ...New thread
I have already posted in another thread but did no...
9om_prakash14:45 01 Jul 13 by anuj srivastava
Irregular bowel movement, Acidity and Pimples
Hi Friends/doctors.. Irregular bowel movement a... [LAST PAGE]
32kt78014:35 01 Jul 13 by anuj srivastava
Hi, I am new here, but I hope someone can help ...
3Cinnamon222 13:57 01 Jul 13 by Cinnamon222
12days old infant: swelling between skin and head scalp
Dear Doctors, baby boy born out of normal delivery... [LAST PAGE]
20srinupeddiraju13:07 01 Jul 13 by srinupeddiraju
hairloss in patches
hi doctors, i am a male,31 yrs old and am sufferin...
1singhrana12:23 01 Jul 13 by libra981
Constant Jumping out of bed to chase robbers, Ghosts etc.
Hello to all, my brother(25) is in great trouble. ...
2madhusome09:18 01 Jul 13 by madhusome
Hirsutism - regular periods - no obese
Hello! Could you recommend a homeopathic remedy...
1soilesolange09:09 01 Jul 13 by kadwa
Baryta Carbonica (a query on differences)
This seems to be best medicine for height growth a...
7badshah1908:46 01 Jul 13 by sanskriti
Increase the Penis Bigger, harder, longer lasting and Thickness
Dear Mahfoozurrehman, Thank You very much.Also t...
0funenjoy607:13 01 Jul 13 by
Prolonged Menstrual Period
I have a menstrual cycle of 32-35 days span(ovulat...
1ninadgac06:36 01 Jul 13 by anuj srivastava
Excess of Gastric problem and Smell in Urine.
I am 30 Year Old, Single. I am feeling excess o... [LAST PAGE]
18rohit030204:15 01 Jul 13 by Zady101
Anybody pls. help me Depression / Anxiety / Sleepless
Male , 35. Weight 54, Height 5'6' I'...
10brajagopal01:58 01 Jul 13 by anuj srivastava
Mother's Hypertension and Onset of Vascular Dementia
Dear Dr. Kadwa and Dr. Nawaz Khan, I had a prev...
1narwal4600:56 01 Jul 13 by narwal46
sir i have smallpink coloured patches on corona wh...
0himanshujee16:39 30 Jun 13 by
Hypothyroid-Plz reply
I would like a homeopathic cure to my hypothyroid.... [LAST PAGE]
16justagirlx 15:14 30 Jun 13 by justagirlx
hello sir i am suffering from stammerig from early... [LAST PAGE]
15munnaravi121291 15:13 30 Jun 13 by akshaymohl
16 month baby with low immunity
I have a 16 month old baby girl who has low immuni...
1kbalani15:08 30 Jun 13 by anuj srivastava
I had Itching in fore glands of penis for the past...
2adisara201315:00 30 Jun 13 by akshaymohl
easily ejaculate during intercose due to musterbation
I started musterbation at the age of 14 and am 23 ...
5xtell14:58 30 Jun 13 by akshaymohl
Cholesterol Medicines
Respected Sir, I am an old man 65 ye...
2kghosh4714:37 30 Jun 13 by nawazkhan
Pre Cum Drops
Dear Doctor, Nowadays every 3rd guy is having p...
1Sahil714:29 30 Jun 13 by akshaymohl
eruption on penis
4yrs agodoing mastrbtion for6month left after know...
1himanshujee14:26 30 Jun 13 by simone717
Repeated dream & violent behabiour in sleep !!
Hi all, I have this suffering for last 2-3 years.d...
5mahitosh14:21 30 Jun 13 by anuj srivastava
Increase the Penis Bigger, harder, longer lasting
Dear Mahfoozurrehman, Thank You very much.Also t...
0funenjoy610:15 30 Jun 13 by
Low Testosterone Count
I m taking Dr.Reckwegs R41 for sexual problems lik...
10Akshay2109:28 30 Jun 13 by Akshay21
Allergy question
Dr. Joe De Livera you were so helpful with my s...
04stewies04:16 30 Jun 13 by
Weakness after homeo medicines
i am feeling weak after taking two homeopatic medi...
1ankitdutta04:02 30 Jun 13 by libra981
bradycardia withe hypertension
dear doctor, I am 53 years old ,recentry I have ...
2asifgem5603:31 30 Jun 13 by akshaymohl
loose motion with cramp and bad smell
dear doctor I am having Diarrhea from last five da...
1harry490 03:26 30 Jun 13 by shouse_nsk
Help for Recurring Bacterial Vag/Yeast
Please advise on remedies for recurrent bacterial...
10momof3angels02:12 30 Jun 13 by momof3angels
tuberculinum for skin eczema and right eye styes
I found out that 'I am' the Tuberculinum ...
1Vera Barata00:53 30 Jun 13 by akshaymohl
accidental dosing and proving silicea
Hi, A couple weeks ago I was misting my plants ...
6anabanana19:27 29 Jun 13 by anabanana
premature ejaculation
hi everyone. im 25 years old and had the problem...
4akuobara18:51 29 Jun 13 by welldonefabric
Ringing in right ear & Head ache right side
Dear Dr. There is a ringing sound in my right ear ...
1Krish7474 18:22 29 Jun 13 by anuj srivastava
Gynecomastia problem
I am suffering from gynecomastia for 8 years. I am...
0Shah g15:59 29 Jun 13 by
bartholyn cyst
Hello Dr. (1) I am having a bartholyn cys...
3shalini201314:05 29 Jun 13 by shouse_nsk
bartholyn cyst
19.yes. 20.- 21.none 22.i am a housewife. 23.h...
0shalini201313:25 29 Jun 13 by
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