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mr dhillon
I am 66 and have type 2 diabetes since 1993. I was advised metformin since 2009. I have
Jarnail197 2017-10-13
1   0antivirus0 last week

ratinal injury
Dear sir, sir i am 24 year old when i am 8 years old due to injury i have lost my left eye
nk sharma 2017-10-13
1   0antivirus0 last week

pc muscle problem
My pc muscle has weakened and lost tightness. now I am doing kegel exercise. plz suggest
Shemul 2017-10-13
no replies yet

vocal chord papilloma
im 33 year old female i had vocal chord papilloma on left vocal cord was removed in 2014 t
anushavijish 2017-09-14
3   DavidF last week

sugar bear ahir
sugar bear hair contains many vitamins that helps to improve the quality of hair and also
sugarbearhair 2017-10-13
no replies yet

Erection problem and Non-stop urination
Dear Doctors, I have write down few posts earlier. However, due to my adverse healt
atharkhan185 2017-09-22
5   0antivirus0 last week

Dr. Battra and baldness
If you have any kind of baldness. ..alopcia. ..hair fall and if you go to Dr. Battra clini
balindra 2017-10-12
4   balindra last week

Irregular scanty and Absent periods please need help.
Hello I am Looking for a homeopath who can help me I am 34 yrs old female and I am having

Amala 2017-09-09
50   healer21 last week

How to Quit masturbation and recover
I Damn care for all. i am against masturbation as it destroyed me and my carrier. I lost m

signature 2009-02-16
65   Dead_body last week

over masturbation destroy me pls help to recover
I am 24 yr guy,I did over masturbation during 15 to 19 so sooo much,after 18th i noticed t

jaydipkumar 2007-04-02
43   Dead_body last week

over masturbation since childhood plzzz help to recover...
Sir, I suffered from over masturbation.and it ruin my life and my carrier. I don't kn
Uirtaufok 2017-08-15
8   Dead_body last week

SSRI damage
I am wondering if anyone can recommend something to reverse damage done by SSRI medication
Klq36363 2017-10-11
2   Klq36363 last week

can gray hair reverse black
how can i reverse my gray hair in to black
adrija dilip 2017-10-06
1   Homoeopath Amir26 last week

White chest hair
Hi I am 32 years man and completely healthy. Doing job in shifts. My facial hair and chest
Froaxou 2017-10-12
1   Homoeopath Amir26 last week

No help from nux vomica
I was suggested to use nux vomica 30 c for severe constipation and nightfall problems.Afte
Rahul23 2017-09-13
6   Rahul23 last week

Sudeshu 2017-10-12
no replies yet

full body weakness
i am 23 years old , i've been masturbating since 13 and because of that my body gradu
Oujejoo 2017-09-21
7   Oujejoo last week

Problem with Urine stream and drops
Hi All, My Issues and symptos are as following 1. Constipation - Chronic some times its
sa.ahmedr 2017-10-01
11   healer21 last week

I am starting to get varicose veins, ahhh!
Two days ago, I started noticing some tight squeezing and pressure in my right leg (only r

Dollymaniac 2012-02-24
26   johanna2 last week

Dr. Antivirus Please spare little time for case about hair fall and physical weakness
I have been suffering two times from typhoid fever past 10 years. Now there is no chronic
baby 2017-10-10
2   baby last week

Dr Kadwa pls help
The age of the my wife is 30 years, weight 95kg, hight 5 feet 7 inches. Bothered by obesit
indarjeetstomar 2017-10-12
1   kadwa last week

Cannot stop masterbation please help
Hello i am 19 years old. I masterbate sience 8 years. This makes me very weak. I am watc
Baib 2017-10-11
1   kadwa last week

Itching hands...pls help...
i am 33 year old female.my hands itch on touching chicken and banana.it subsides after som
chutki 2017-10-10
3   chutki last week

Hello , I am a 45 year old female. 7days now I have been experiencing chills and sweats.
Fatigued 2017-08-05
10   kadwa last week

dr. kadwa need your help please
I need to end my suffering please help
saish 2017-10-09
3   kadwa last week

early ezaculation
Sir I am jitender my age 31 length 5.4feet I mausterbation since early age12 year my bai
jitender1 2017-04-09
3   jitender1 last week

Anal Fissure
I am suffering from anal fissure from last week.I used to suffer with this at-least 2-3 ti
dippoman 2017-10-09
3   kadwa last week

Anxiety public speaking
Hi im new to this forum..i have to do public speaking 2 days a week and i get very very ba
Zainnelson786 2017-10-10
6   maheeru last week

Polycystic Kidney Diesase
Hi I am inherited with Polycystic Kidney disease with multiple cyst on my kidneys. The lar
Chrisng 2017-10-11
1   0antivirus0 last week

Digesion problem , underweight
I am suffering from stomach disorders from last 4 years..now i am under weight .my weight
Chanpreet 2017-10-11
1   0antivirus0 last week

Myofascial pain syndrome
im a 50 yrs old female. I have chronic myofascial pain syndrome in low back, hips and left
aalia123 2017-10-11
1   0antivirus0 last week

VERY URGENT: Severe migraine type headache for my child - Dr Mohla or any other doctors pls help
My daughter, age 10 years is having severe headache since last 2 days. Headache is observe
vjhos 2017-10-10
4   vjhos last week

Confusion between Merc bin Iod and Merc Iod rubber.
Merc Bin Iod and Merc Iod rubber are the same medicine?? What should i take in oder to eli
Steanp 2017-10-10
2   Steanp last week

Incredible fear and anxiety after sex
I had been dealing with severe clinical depression and seeing a homeopath for 4 years. My

Quail Neer 2017-08-09
34   Quail Neer last week

Life is getting harder
rheumatism and stiffness and great weakness in the body after long erections , masturbatio
Oujejoo 2017-10-10
1   simone717 last week

Knee pain, acid reflux
I am 55 years of age, weight around 76 Kgs. Leaving in Kolkata. I have knee pain in both
Sushil Agarwal 2017-09-06
4   simone717 last week

Loose stools baby
Hello, My almost 6 months old baby has frequent stools, by frequent I mean from 2-5 stool
YanaDi 2017-10-09
6   razaraza last week

Antidote Bryonia
Hello, The story is a bit longer because my 7y old daughter has a pain in her ankles for
IvaBor 2017-10-10
3   drthoufeequebhms last week

I hear ringing sound in both ears regularly. It's high in left ear compared to right.
dave_brijesh 2017-09-14
4   drthoufeequebhms last week

ACL s/o sprain / Partial tear
HI, This is my first post. Actually I have two issue but want to ask 1 st issue.2 year

IamKunal 2017-08-03
15   drthoufeequebhms last week

ibs diarrhea
I am looking for medicin for ibs diarrhea. It all started a year ago when i overdose Aceta
saish 2017-10-09
3   saish last week

IBS Diarrhea
Need help, please someone take my case
saish 2017-10-09
3   simone717 2 weeks ago

Sudden Hearing loss
Hello, I am very new to this forum and to homeopathy. Can anybody who is knowledgeble pl

Praveen 2004-09-28
2615   brokenear 2 weeks ago

Irritation in urinary tract
Suffering from this issue since abt 2 weeks.am a 52 yr male.ultrasound for prostate and ki

andy_65_in 2017-10-07
15   simone717 2 weeks ago

Sarsaparilla for kidney stones and no symptoms UTI in pregnancy
Is Sarsaparilla the right remedy for kidney stones and no symptoms (not burning nor pain)
bluesky77 2017-10-01
7   maheeru 2 weeks ago

Hello, I have diabetes for last 20 years and it was in control before. Since last few mont

Abdul72 2017-07-21
19   drthoufeequebhms 2 weeks ago

Allergies, Stuffy Nose, Irregular Periods, PCOS, Hypothyroidism
1. Age:37 2. Sex:Female 3. Built up:obese/moderate/slim - Moderate HT 5'3 / 158 Pound
Abdul72 2017-07-27
7   drthoufeequebhms 2 weeks ago

PCOS with menorrhagia
Can you please suggest homeopathic medicine for PCOS with menorrhagia? Following are the d
hiba84 2017-10-01
7   healer21 2 weeks ago

Menopause befriend
Hi! I'm 50 and I have menopause symptoms, hot flashes especially when go to bed at ni

Ambra1 2017-09-08
32   healer21 2 weeks ago

Please Help! Intolerance to Cold is unbearable.
Every Fall winter and Spring. I am cold every day. I wear my jacket or a long heavy housec
Veggielover1 2017-09-10
4   drthoufeequebhms 2 weeks ago

saliva/water in the mouth during sleep
Age 43, height 5ft.6', weight 65 kg I. My problem is under:- When I slept lot of sal

kumar_rakesh4 2017-06-07
44   drthoufeequebhms 2 weeks ago

Anal fissure healed but still pain in hip and burning while passing stool
Hi, I am 37 years Male. I was having anal fissure 2 years back. It healed but soon afterw

utk400 2017-08-24
14   utk400 2 weeks ago

Erectile Dysfunction and watery semen (25 yo)
Im 25. Currently studying for an exam a year away. There is no stress on myself. These ar
Lurlow 2017-10-08
1   kadwa 2 weeks ago

Papilloma wart in dog's mouth
My 8 month old Rottweiler currently 80 lbs got a papilloma wart on the lip from another do
JustDee 2017-10-08
1   kadwa 2 weeks ago

bartholin cyst
How to treat this?
jenbooks 2017-10-07
1   kadwa 2 weeks ago

Suffering from ibs
I am 54 years old and height 5ft 6inches,weighed only 45kg as I am suffering from ibs for
anandy63 2017-10-07
1   kadwa 2 weeks ago

Hello, I am concern with the spaces between my back teeth. When I flossed before it was h
penny3 2017-10-07
1   kadwa 2 weeks ago

Patchy Beard , Beard Baldness , Alopecia
Hello Doctors My age is 22. I have beard patches. I tried all home remedies but of no us
Hemanth Sharma 2017-10-06
1   kadwa 2 weeks ago

Allergie in both thighs
I am suffering from allergy in my both thighs at lest 3-4 months.at first i have used some
Sourav Biswas1 2017-10-05
1   kadwa 2 weeks ago

retinal pigment
Sir my name is Vasiuddin Khan 36 aged and I am suffring from retina in my right eye Kindly
wasikhan 2017-10-06
1   kadwa 2 weeks ago

Fatigue, psoriasis, sneezing etc.
Hello, I'm looking for some help with a health problem I've been battling with f
SHurt 2017-10-03
5   kadwa 2 weeks ago

Premature ejaculation & erectile dysfunction, semen leak
Hello Doctor, I'm 27 years old. 185cm(6.1ft) height, 86kg weight. I used to masturba
Arjun4 2017-09-20
4   Arjun4 2 weeks ago

I am suffering from nearsightness
I am a 16 year old boy I am suffering from nearsightness from past one year but when I wen
Aryan Raj 2017-10-01
5   kadwa 2 weeks ago

Dr please read my symptoms
I am male single. Age 31. Weight 78 kg. 5.10 height. I feel thirsty every 30 minutes. And
Imran30 2017-10-05
3   0antivirus0 2 weeks ago

Painful vericose with cramps on calf muscle. Having BP and am a diabetic also. Please do s
Gord 2017-10-08
3   Gord 2 weeks ago

I have hydrocele. Recently I have taken Arnica 200 (globules) more than 15 days, no chang
tajem 2017-10-06
5   tajem 2 weeks ago

pain in shoulder
Yesterday i lift heavy weight in the gym and because of that i feel stiffness and pain in
ali27 2017-10-08
1   akshaymohl 2 weeks ago

Difference between 200c and 200ck?
My doctor recently requested a script for a homeopathic at 200c which is what I specifical
Bellina 2012-07-07
8   dddiam 2 weeks ago

addiction of medicine
Please suggest me to the right solution. .. I am using an ayurvedic medicine from reputed

balindra 2017-09-06
15   balindra 2 weeks ago

Wet dose
Can wet dosage made from any homeopathic dilution
Gord 2017-10-08
1   maheeru 2 weeks ago

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