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weight issues
Dear sir/madam, i weight 83kgs, my height is 5 feet 4inches, female. my weight has been in
sinu2 2013-08-06
2   sinu2 4 years ago

Sunken Eyes and Digestion Problem
Due to excess masturbation my health digest problem and eyes are gone inside with dark cir
snathan 2013-07-24
11   snathan 4 years ago

brain tumor
dear doctors,i am too much worried about my mother,she is 53 years old, has a brain tumor
drsajid 2005-10-03
10   alsid12345 4 years ago

Dear kedwa,nawaz or joe de livera ,any help me for gastrointestinal disorder
I am hassan from pakistan.age25y. Suffering gi disorder for four year.main symptoms,,,, un
hassni 2013-06-29
6   shouse_nsk 4 years ago

Corneal erosion
I have been diagnosed with recurrent corneal erosion. I have no eye injury, and no evide
Krokerjo 2013-06-25
8   shouse_nsk 4 years ago

Diabetes help
I am looking to help my mother in law she is a 51 yr woman ,5'2' tall, 141lbs. Sh
Lj2013 2013-08-05
no replies yet

Is there any remedies that can be taken as a tetanus immunization?
Hawaiianmommy 2013-06-04
5   simone717 4 years ago

husbands complaining wife giving to much attention to kids?
Hi I am just curious if anyone would know in what kind of remedies the husband would comp
helpme1 2013-08-05
3   simone717 4 years ago

Breast enlargement advice
I am 28 years old. I want to increase my breast size. Currently it is 32.I would really li
atinay 2013-08-05
1   anuj srivastava 4 years ago

peripheral vascular disease
My grandfather, 72yrs, old is being treated for Peripheral Vascular Disease for the past 4
hari16200 2013-08-05
1   anuj srivastava 4 years ago

dark circle and sexual problem
im 24 years old, unmerried and healthy. the only problem i have is dark circles around my

yogesh652 2013-05-27
16   simone717 4 years ago

any HIV+ cases cured? i
hi there,does anyone know of some homeopaths who claim that they have successfully cured H

apprentice 2005-11-16
20   ptiwari 4 years ago

My Daughter Teesha is suffering from Seizures since birth. Have tried almost everything bu
TeeshaBarar 2013-06-06
4   H/Dr.SFA 4 years ago

cracking sound
Sir, Whenever i try to pass urine/stool/ in sitting position with folded leg i hear '
paraman 2013-07-05
4   harry490 4 years ago

Low platelet count
Dear All, My father is patient of CML since 2000. And he is on Imatinib(Zealata 100mg x 4)
nnrastogi 2013-08-05
1   H/Dr.SFA 4 years ago

over masturbation
sir, hello i really need your help...i am doing masturbation since 5 years...and i really
nomi334 2013-06-20
10   nomi334 4 years ago

Colour Weight Loss
I happened upon the forum for colour weight loss on this website. I bought and read Linda
Antaresana 2013-06-23
6   Antaresana 4 years ago

Tuberclosis help
Hi , The daughter of my kaam vali bai has severe tuberclosis . She has chest pain and co
pundir 2013-08-05
1   Zady101 4 years ago

Hair fall
I am 36 yrs old male...married..from last two three years my hair are falling very fast..m
aghajan27 2013-08-04
1   anuj srivastava 4 years ago

Fluid in the lungs
Hi, My 90 year old great aunt has recurring fluid in her lungs/pnuemonia that she cannot g
homeopathicmom 2013-08-05
1   kadwa 4 years ago

Very hard pain is Testis (Testicular pain)
I have so much pain in my testes for 2 Months specially in left testes I go to many genera

Fritz 2013-07-27
20   Zady101 4 years ago

Please Help:Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus
Hi, My father is suffering from NPH from past one year. Details mentioned below Age: 58
imrant 2013-07-27
8   imrant 4 years ago

Hyperacidity problem from approx 10 to 12 years
1. What exactly happens? Acidity, Constipation, swelling , Less urine and gas 2. Describe

madhugupta 2013-07-08
14   anuj srivastava 4 years ago

Infant Eye Surgery, need advice!
My 18 week old daughter is having eye surgery this week on both eyes. Muscle will be cut

stacythetrainer 2013-08-04
13   anuj srivastava 4 years ago

Can this forum help with leukemia, the condition which may not be mentioned in this forum
Hawaiianmommy 2013-08-04
1   simone717 4 years ago

Sore soles and burning stomach problems
The bottoms of my soles hurt and are very tender. I cannot walk on hard surfaces without

Anniee 2007-09-19
28   Anniee 4 years ago

Please help me! I used the software on this site to find the remedy that I'd need to
lalady 2008-06-30
1   amcollins 4 years ago

Cyst on palm of hand
I have developed a fat cyst on the palm of my hand. It is about the size of a pea, is not
Adioch 2013-08-03
6   Adioch 4 years ago

joe de livera need urgent help with old problem
I have been suffering with a problem for the last 13 yrs which is constantly increasing in
Chintu G 2013-08-04
1   simone717 4 years ago

need fibrinolytics for dissolving blood clot
hello all homeopathic physican, i am searching fibrinolytics in homeopath that can dissol
justin99 2013-08-04
5   justin99 4 years ago

toothache after RCT
Dear Doctor, I am 28 year old male. one year ago i suffered from toothacheon my lower prem
pav85 2013-08-04
1   anuj srivastava 4 years ago

need help for 13 yrs old problem
I have been suffering with a problem for the last 13 yrs which is constantly increasing in
Chintu G 2013-08-04
3   anuj srivastava 4 years ago

Help me for my elevated uric acid and liver symptoms
I have filled the queries as prescribed in this forum. Hope this will help doctors diagnos
susjay 2013-07-24
5   kadwa 4 years ago

Hi I was diagnosed with sever ADD, Major clinical depression and general anxiety disorder
Klily 2013-08-04
1   anuj srivastava 4 years ago

Post-nasal drip, severe sore throat.
Hi all, I am looking for a remedy for a rapidly developing cold. The cold began with a c
potniatheron 2013-07-31
10   anuj srivastava 4 years ago

Help with smoking / stress / depression please?
Hi, I would like some advice on what to take to help me to stop smoking. I don't smo
StephK 2013-08-04
2   simone717 4 years ago

my son's cold
My son has is suffering from cough and cold. I went to alopathy Dr who prescribed some med
K Maya 2013-08-02
4   Joe De Livera 4 years ago

dark spots on face beside parts of nose below eyes
sir i am 18 years old,i am serious about this because it whole heartedly hurts me all the
nani161194 2013-08-03
1   akshaymohl 4 years ago

How to fall out of love
To be short. I am married with child and unwillingly fallen in love with the girl at work.
apewl 2013-08-03
2   akshaymohl 4 years ago

Gout and high Uric Acid Levels
I am 42 year old with Gout for last 5 years and flares once or twice a year. I do not have
sur0117 2013-08-03
1   Zady101 4 years ago

Need help for gastritis
i have suffered from gastritis since (2010 year),between the (year of 2010) to (april 2013
Molex 2013-07-26
7   Zady101 4 years ago

3.5 yr old frequent cold and cough
My daughter is 3 and half now and frequently gets cold , when she was small till 2 there w
MahiRam 2013-08-03
2   Zady101 4 years ago

Nitricum Acidum and Alcohol consumption
Hi Everyone. I started taking Nitricum Acidum 30x a couple days ago and haven't seen
otterable 2013-08-03
2   otterable 4 years ago

celiac sprue
hello....this is danish 18 yrs nd according to my doctors i am suffering from wheat disord
danishparvez 2013-08-03
4   danishparvez 4 years ago

Kadwa-email alerts?
Hi Kadwa, bz on http://www.abchomeopathy.com/forum2.php/382991/1 posted his report on 8-1
simone717 2013-08-02
2   simone717 4 years ago

dry sinusitis
male 25 years. from the last one i am suffering from dry sinusitis problem. the following
ramesh UPADHYA 2013-08-03
3   anuj srivastava 4 years ago

Mouth Ulcers
Hello, I have a friend who is suffering from ulcers in the mouth for over 10 years. It st
ndz79 2013-08-03
1   shouse_nsk 4 years ago

Please tell me the homeopathy medicine for height increase
Dear Sir, I am a 25 year Male and my height is 5' 5' and I cleared written Exams
hi2shashank 2013-08-03
5   1995.rahulrocks 4 years ago

Re: Increase your height
Hi, I am 26 year old can any one suggest me the correct doses of Baryta Carb 30,Silicea 1
manishvrm 2013-07-06
2   9888568857 4 years ago

i am a 40 years old working female and i am having hyperpigmentation on my face and neck a
sugandha 2013-07-17
7   anuj srivastava 4 years ago

attn joe de livera
My daughter will be 8 wks old on Sunday and she had been having very difficult feedings. S
mommasanders 2013-08-02
2   Joe De Livera 4 years ago

diagnosis from weakness, bad health, headache, leg joint pain, weakness, lazyness and tiredness
sir, i am suffering on above subject, some times do master bation since last 6 to 8 y
RUPANKSHA 2013-08-03
1   mani_jee 4 years ago

calad 1000 or 200
you advised me to take calad 100 every week. that wasn't available so I took calad200
john cash 2013-08-01
3   simone717 4 years ago

Scalp Psoriasis in 12 year old
My daughter has moderate scalp psoriasis. She has also discovered mild patches on her knee
Pamelyb 2013-08-02
5   simone717 4 years ago

i hve got weaknes
hi, i m sufring from bad health since last 4 , 5 years due to having alot of masterbation
ezeenasir 2013-08-03
1   akshaymohl 4 years ago

Dr Simeone, Please Help
I have dandruff/dryness/white outbreak on my skin at moustache area and in beard area chin

ahmedtahir 2013-07-24
13   akshaymohl 4 years ago

breast and hips reduction
Hi doctors.... im 32yrs single lady. my menstruation cycle is disturbed since years... it
adviceseeker 2013-08-02
1   akshaymohl 4 years ago

About Marriage
My marriage in next month but my past is not a good I masturbate many years. Now the day I
Razi Shah 2013-08-01
3   akshaymohl 4 years ago

Help for my 6year old
I am looking for a drs assistance regarding my 6 year old daughter. I was reading tha cell

Lj2013 2013-07-10
27   simone717 4 years ago

Hives (urticaria)
Dear doctors i have been a patient of Chronic urticaria/ hives for last 10,12 years. I hav

xeeshan 2013-07-27
20   simone717 4 years ago

my fingers are swollen now started from scalp
Hello JOE, Am suffering since last 4 months,started with oozing scalp / left ear and was o
natasha13 2013-08-02
1   simone717 4 years ago

help kashif advise plz
fast breathing,red eyes, dry cough & fever this kind of symptom is in my niece she
Nitesh Kamal 2013-06-27
8   libra981 4 years ago

I'm 69 years old and feel hot all the time. Started menopause at 45-hot flashes from
barb.chadha 2013-08-02
1   anuj srivastava 4 years ago

Bleeding from anus,(piles)
sumit856 2013-08-02
1   anuj srivastava 4 years ago

dose of cydonia vul q
Hello doctors , Today I have purchase CYDONIA VULGARIS Q . I want to increase my sex org
animesh9985 2013-08-02
1   animesh9985 4 years ago

Drying up fistula
Hello, I have Crohn's disease. I've had it since I was 10. I'm a 37 year o

Mitch76 2013-05-23
20   kadwa 4 years ago

Buzzing sound in both the ears !
Dr Kadwa, Hope you are doing fine ! Around 8 months back, my mother accidentally hit her
shabnamansari40 2013-08-02
1   kadwa 4 years ago

Help with Mental State
Hi, I am suffering the following problems from past 5-6 years. 1) Extremely nervous all

nervousguy1 2013-07-29
23   anuj srivastava 4 years ago

help kashif headache
Dear sir My farther has headache eyes red & fever plz advise
Nitesh Kamal 2013-08-02
no replies yet

Problem in mouth help kashif or sagheer
Dear sir my sister in law is 30 years old she has a problem in mouth where tongue ends
Nitesh Kamal 2013-07-31
1   Nitesh Kamal 4 years ago

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