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Information given in this forum is given by way of exchange of views only. It is not to be treated as a medical diagnosis, and should not be used as a substitute for seeing a qualified homeopath or physician. In most cases, advice posted here is not given by a medical expert.

If symptoms persist, consult a medical professional.

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TopicPostsStarted byLast Post
Multiple problems. Dr. Nawaz please help.
1. Name: Preeti 2. Age: 22 3. Sex: Female 4. Ma...
3goodhealth003 00:38 31 Jan 13 by nawazkhan
Anal fissure from 2-3 weeks
I m suffering from anal fissure from 2-3 weeks. I ... [LAST PAGE]
341shreekantk17:54 30 Jan 13 by shreekantk
How to increase height while being and adult.???
hi....m 26 years old....and 5'4 inches height...
4krish6714:51 30 Jan 13 by krish67
need advice for friend
my friend 25 years old is suffering from following...
7abhi_lko09:51 30 Jan 13 by abhi_lko
please help me the problems i have
i am 55 years old femail .the main problem i have ...
5tahiryasmin707008:56 30 Jan 13 by kadwa
Upper Joint Pains & Abdominal Pains
My shoulder pains started about a month ago, but I...
9HumairaS 08:42 30 Jan 13 by kadwa
1 year old ear fluid/congestion/bronchiolitis/sore throat
My now 1 year old (weighs 25 lbs) has had recurren...
1connellv08:33 30 Jan 13 by kadwa
Bronchial asthama
Hi. I'm 16 yrs old.I used to have bronchial a...
5dbsheta08:12 30 Jan 13 by Joe De Livera
Homeopathic Medication Question
Is it possible to get diarrhea after taking Suphur...
1RajanTX08:03 30 Jan 13 by kadwa
Black spot on right cheek for more than 10 years
Please help me. my age is 27 years. about 10-11 y...
1arvind00x07:38 30 Jan 13 by kadwa
follow up on my previous post.
Hi Kadwa and THANKS so much for your replay. I sta...
1fameshow 07:30 30 Jan 13 by kadwa
hair loss
Hi Dr. I am 32 yrs - male with 5'11 height...
5viki250 07:10 30 Jan 13 by kadwa
Stammering Issue
I have been treating an 80 year old man with Stamm...
8Sephera06:56 30 Jan 13 by kadwa
Piriformis syndrome - Can homeopathy medicine help ?
I am suffering from left leg pain from past 3 mont...
2kiran_87_reddy06:12 30 Jan 13 by kiran_87_reddy
Replaying to a post?
Hi guys, I've tried to replay to the moderato...
0fameshow04:10 30 Jan 13 by
Please help suggest a constitutional remedy
Hello experts, Please help suggest a constituti...
4advantis00:18 30 Jan 13 by advantis
We are lookiu ng for pure Classical homeopathy treatment
We have improvements from Homeopthy. We dont want ...
2peacelover199823:38 29 Jan 13 by peacelover1998
Medical testing during "aggravation"
If a person who has took remedy has hypothiroidism...
0dramar21:18 29 Jan 13 by
m suffering from this problem of likoria for last ...
1isha arora18:24 29 Jan 13 by doctorbadar9
penis size
i want to increase my penis size upto 2 inch.pleas...
0SUJAL_GREWALL12:32 29 Jan 13 by
weak health
hi,how r u dr. sb. i m male.And my West 23 inch ch...
pain and burinig sensation in the urethra
I m having pain in the urethra (continuous, little...
1sunilium10:00 29 Jan 13 by Mahfoozurrehman
eye problems
I have been having problems with my eyes. Symptoms...
4govinda9 09:11 29 Jan 13 by Mahfoozurrehman
homeopathic medicine
which amongst SBL, SCHWABE,DR.RECKEWEG is best ,...
1smurfs07:59 29 Jan 13 by kadwa
silent reflux in 5 month old infant
I am writing to seek additional help in dealing wi...
1rockhousemom05:55 29 Jan 13 by Joe De Livera
Sameer att:
hi david, i tried to do exactly in the manner you... [LAST PAGE]
339Paki101:18 29 Jan 13 by sameervermani
Yeast treatment for baby and mom
I think my son and I might have yeast. He is brea...
6itchy hands17:16 28 Jan 13 by simone717
pain in teeth
my mother's teeth paining due to hole in the ...
1Nitesh Kamal17:04 28 Jan 13 by simone717
some serious health problem please advice
my I am 26 yeras old. Male. I am vegetarian . I ha...
4hotasha11:53 28 Jan 13 by deepan4155
trigeminal neuralgia
I am 33 male from india,I am suffering from trigem...
1dbiswas8109:29 28 Jan 13 by kadwa
male pattern baldness
Dear Sir, i m rahul gangrade,37 years, with effec...
1rahul gangrade09:20 28 Jan 13 by Mahfoozurrehman
numbness in both thigh and feeling weakness,depres...
2sumit85609:15 28 Jan 13 by Mahfoozurrehman
I am using Kali Carbonicum as per the symptoms a...
1anuragsare09:13 28 Jan 13 by Mahfoozurrehman
Low sperm count
Hello doctor, I have low sperm count, Ultras...
1brouthu09:06 28 Jan 13 by Mahfoozurrehman
kidney failure
sir, i have given my sister's report. urea 1...
1v.karthikkeyan09:03 28 Jan 13 by Mahfoozurrehman
help my child is ill
hi i m nitesh kamal my niece who is 7 years old...
1Nitesh Kamal08:58 28 Jan 13 by Mahfoozurrehman
I am suffering from back pain help me drs
Dear Dr. I am a man aging 34, height ...
1Harkawalpreet Sing08:57 28 Jan 13 by kadwa
Weakness in Hind legs German sheperd dog
My German Sheperd is 5 years old. It seems to drag...
7dhanista12307:48 28 Jan 13 by kadwa
Dr.NAVAZ aswk, Foot oedema
Navaz sahab aswk, Remember you treated my mother ... [LAST PAGE]
28bapu406:07 28 Jan 13 by bapu4
Please help me! Scared after homeopathic remedy!!
Hello, This is my first post. I am hoping some...
2kaidenkeeva00:10 28 Jan 13 by Sephera
disc herniation problem
sir simone727, first of all thank u so much for r...
0sonu baghel21:18 27 Jan 13 by
50 y/o male suffering from gout for about 10 years...
2brownbird13:55 27 Jan 13 by Joe De Livera
Detox from homeopathic medication
Hi All, I would like to know what will be t...
1Albert13:45 27 Jan 13 by Joe De Livera
i am 61 years of age. facing this deficiency of f...
1ramanuja raso13:40 27 Jan 13 by Joe De Livera
inguinal hernia
for last one year i am patient of inguinal hernia....
1ashooke13:29 27 Jan 13 by Joe De Livera
Seeking remedy for my son of 7 years
•He is borne out of IVF.DOB is 8th Jan’ 2006. Born...
3prkund0112:22 27 Jan 13 by kadwa
chronic depression & low self esteem
dear doctor, i am 18 year old male. i am suffe...
1priyadeep974812:02 27 Jan 13 by kadwa
Terrible Emotional Eating Problem
Hi, I have the problem of emotional eating from...
6Gautham11:56 27 Jan 13 by kadwa
Advice Needed Please
Hi I'm looking for some advice on which re...
3flutterby7911:48 27 Jan 13 by kadwa
Please help * TM
hope you peoples are fine,i an new to this site so...
3geoanjum10:12 27 Jan 13 by kadwa
right side hydrocele size increased
i m 25 year old male my right side hydrocele size ...
2Nitesh Kamal08:19 27 Jan 13 by Nitesh Kamal
Premature Ejaculation
I am 36 Years old Male, well build, 5 ft 8 inch, 7...
0duttasanjib200306:05 27 Jan 13 by
Teenager w/ headaches/allergy/insomnia
I have taken my daughter to many doctors. She has ... [LAST PAGE]
33Piranhica01:42 27 Jan 13 by Charles Nelson
Stress and Depression
Dear Doctor, Hey Im Kobir 33 years old man. I ...
4funenjoy621:31 26 Jan 13 by simone717
shortness of breath caused on physical activities and talking
Hi.... I have just joined this forum in hope of f... [LAST PAGE]
18anaaa18:29 26 Jan 13 by anaaa
Mr.Rao Naveed
Kindly advise on top priority please.......
0raonaveed18:21 26 Jan 13 by
crack lip with yellow pus
i m 27 year male in every winter my lip crack a...
1Nitesh Kamal16:53 26 Jan 13 by dhundhun
Mr.Rao Naveed
Respected Doctor, My father and mother both are...
0raonaveed16:16 26 Jan 13 by
Severe pain in legs after driving
I am 45 year old female. I drive my car for about ...
5dhanista12316:15 26 Jan 13 by dhanista123
Cervical tumour
Hi, I've just been diagnosed with cervical...
5mirald08:25 26 Jan 13 by mirald
Dr. Kadwa : Feeling lazy, yawning and fear
I am nowadays feeling very lazy disinclined to wor...
1sdharmm1972 08:13 26 Jan 13 by kadwa
upper right abdominal pain
Hi All I am 40 years old and suffering since al... [LAST PAGE]
15samurainan07:28 26 Jan 13 by samurainan
rash wosened by hot water
i have a rash that is worsened by hot water, it ge...
1motherofone03:18 26 Jan 13 by dhundhun
For Professional Homeopaths
Hello Everyone, I had a question for any experien...
0Fernando02:38 26 Jan 13 by
Aneurysm in Foot
Hi! I'm relatively new to posting on the for...
0funkletrum19:37 25 Jan 13 by
Salmonella since a month
Dear homeopaths, please help me on this . About 1 ...
11scarlett19:05 25 Jan 13 by Dr. Showrav
HELP ME can i take stress & anxiety homeopathy med during pregnency...
hi, i am 38 years old woman. one year back i got p...
0mohan48117:39 25 Jan 13 by
Height issue
Sir, I am 18 years old. My height is 4'11 and...
0Macie Khan15:29 25 Jan 13 by
Height gain
Can homoeopathy help in boosting hgh hormone produ... [LAST PAGE]
24dbsheta14:24 25 Jan 13 by dragonfly1976
Homeo in Chennai, India (Homeocare International) Good or Bad?
Homeocare International Pvt Ltd Is it good? I ...
2agriz11:12 25 Jan 13 by agriz
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