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Information given in this forum is given by way of exchange of views only. It is not to be treated as a medical diagnosis, and should not be used as a substitute for seeing a qualified homeopath or physician. In most cases, advice posted here is not given by a medical expert.

If symptoms persist, consult a medical professional.

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TopicPostsStarted byLast Post
Retina Detachment...
I had retinal detachment with macula off. Surgery ...
3sharmakaushik06:14 20 Mar 13 by kadwa
Increase Our Pleasure Time
Dr. Deoshlok Sharma, Your suggest medicine Muira...
5funenjoy606:08 20 Mar 13 by funenjoy6
Pain while going to stools
I think I am suffering from Amebeasis. when I got ...
3rameshb4u05:42 20 Mar 13 by kadwa
Treatment for Acalasia
Hello, Is there any treament for Acalasia Cardi...
7gankulk04:44 20 Mar 13 by bapu4
Is phosphorus suitable?
Dear friends, i'm almost sure that my homeopa...
2fox200003:58 20 Mar 13 by bapu4
Hair loss with itchy, burning scalp.
I am a 29 year old woman and for the past year my ...
5schalphador01:22 20 Mar 13 by schalphador
Teeth Sensitivity
I am suffering from Teeth Sensitivity for one of m...
1rameshb4u 00:57 20 Mar 13 by shouse_nsk
back side upper joint right side of spine
MY wife has been suffering from headece(right side...
1hemanta chak20:03 19 Mar 13 by simone717
Low Sperm Motility
Hi, I am 28 and suffering from low sperm motili...
0khurram4u18:37 19 Mar 13 by
precum with pain in testicles
Hi, I m 26 years old male, n I remember that i h...
4bugmenot 17:51 19 Mar 13 by bugmenot
Dr. Mehfooz please help me
I am having problem of premature greying for 2-3 y...
3furqanchachar17:26 19 Mar 13 by furqanchachar
oligospermia and azoospermia
Dear Sir, Along with oligospermia / azoospermia...
0khurram4u17:12 19 Mar 13 by
Stomach is not working well??
I have problem of last seven month Dyspepsia, Acid...
5Razi Shah12:13 19 Mar 13 by Mahfoozurrehman
difference between 30c and 30
hi everyone kindly tell my is arnica 30 is sim...
1telep11:28 19 Mar 13 by Mahfoozurrehman
Diabetes Joetherapy
Dear Joe, I have seen your recommendation on this...
5gayatri_rajendra07:21 19 Mar 13 by Joe De Livera
vitiligo in hand
i m suffering from vitiligo last 4 yrs white sp...
0anshu20j06:35 19 Mar 13 by
Hello I am from Bangladesh and 19.5yrs old... I am...
1cycle1106:26 19 Mar 13 by kadwa
Nawaz,simone,kadwa,shourav any one pls respond hsv2
pls go thro this page and give u r advice ...
1homeopathylover05:48 19 Mar 13 by homeopathylover
Gastritis,Constipation,High cholesterol,High uric acid,and cervical spodylitis
Hi, I am 32 year male from Bangalore suffering fr...
6anand.hegde198104:45 19 Mar 13 by rishimba
Cat with Feline Hyperesthesia Syndrome
I've had this male neutered Siberian Forest c...
7Curious203:32 19 Mar 13 by Curious2
growth of 10 month old kid
Hello doctor samir my son is 10 month old and m...
2riteshsharma197703:26 19 Mar 13 by simone717
testise problem
if i am using this medicine which are you suggest ...
0jeetsingh00:23 19 Mar 13 by
kent met & rubra met??
Sir pls help me to know whether there are any reme...
4Mr.Kishan17:25 18 Mar 13 by simone717
Att: Dr Sameer - allergy
Hi Sameer, I am so impressed by your skills th... [LAST PAGE]
111Maria&boys11:39 18 Mar 13 by Maria&boys
Nawaz,simone,kadwa,shourav any one pls respond hsv2
pls go thro this page and give u r advice ...
0homeopathylover10:43 18 Mar 13 by
Heel pain in left foot..help
Hi I am 31 years, 6 feet, 97 kgs computer pro...
7earthangel 09:37 18 Mar 13 by shouse_nsk
Bed wetting
My 10 years old son still wet the bed most nights....
11SH.Sanwal06:32 18 Mar 13 by kadwa
Dr.Kadwa plz help ...Wife is losing her mind.
Dr.Kadwa plz help, I am really tense and scared...
8SH.Sanwal06:30 18 Mar 13 by kadwa
dose for infant
My baby is 12 weeks old now. He is suffering the ...
1waymandy06:26 18 Mar 13 by kadwa
testise problem
sir day by day i feel my left testise small big ca...
1jeetsingh05:45 18 Mar 13 by kadwa
ibs d & c
Loose stools alternating with constipation pain u...
10bijup05:09 18 Mar 13 by shouse_nsk
External Hemorrhoids
I am suffering from external hemorrhoids for pas...
3sudharshan201304:07 18 Mar 13 by sudharshan2013
Stammering - 18 year old
I'm 18 years old and I've been stammerin...
10Pumpuras03:05 18 Mar 13 by bapu4
pls help-Both shoulders pain
I am 23 years old.I am suffering from shoulders pa...
3St.chandu02:54 18 Mar 13 by simone717
vagina fistula
from last 2tears 35 yers old lady suffering with f...
2dr pg19:18 17 Mar 13 by dr pg
squamous cell carcinoma of tongue
one of my patient got tongue carcinoma stage 1 .op...
10DR SAF16:48 17 Mar 13 by Joe De Livera
Fibrocystic Breast Diseases
I have been diagonzed Multiple Fibrocystic Disease...
7anuprav16:43 17 Mar 13 by Joe De Livera
baby with colic
My almost 4 month old baby has colic and have do...
4Lunasa1016:41 17 Mar 13 by Joe De Livera
Seeking Remedy for Bladder Neck Contracture
I am 53 and a male. I am married. I underwent a su...
2sohidul116:37 17 Mar 13 by Joe De Livera
Dog problem
Hi, Where shall i start ? Maybe take his case and ...
6Eיוג16:25 17 Mar 13 by patad
Piles Problem
Dear, My name is Debashish, Age-24. I am suffe...
4Debashish14:14 17 Mar 13 by Debashish
chronic kidney failure
My sister is suffering from chronic kidney failure...
1Sundus11:03 17 Mar 13 by shouse_nsk
Anal Fissure
Have been treated for hemorrhoids via laser and ... [LAST PAGE]
39cjsva09:10 17 Mar 13 by cjsva
Shingles in pregnancy
My daughter Age 28 is pregnant first time she is h... [LAST PAGE]
17dawnv508:51 17 Mar 13 by kadwa
Penis Enlargement and remedy
Dear Dr. Showrav, AOW. as a child hood uneducated...
0 khan #108:30 17 Mar 13 by
Increase Sex Drive
Dear Doctor, cydonia-Q power is not available in...
4funenjoy606:51 17 Mar 13 by sweet.boy
mineral salts and chamomilla together
Just wondering if its ok to use these together for...
1Lunasa1001:21 17 Mar 13 by simone717
Repeating cyst near toenail...
A little background about the cyst although that i...
6shanti2013 23:42 16 Mar 13 by shanti2013
6 month old with excema
Hi everyone, My son is 6 months old and he has ...
8Liyah21:08 16 Mar 13 by simone717
Tight/stiff ligament behind the left knee
I have a 16 year old son. When he stretches his le...
4suna71120:58 16 Mar 13 by simone717
Pilondial cyst help..
I have a pilondial cyst and I want to get rid of i...
1jayembe20:29 16 Mar 13 by jayembe
homeopathy professional help please
i have three artery blocked please advise remedie...
3Dsingh119:46 16 Mar 13 by Dsingh1
Increase Sex Drive
Dear Doctor, cydonia-Q and Muira Puama Q power ...
0funenjoy618:03 16 Mar 13 by
Hello, A blood test has shown that I have a hypot... [LAST PAGE]
18Helen313:45 16 Mar 13 by Helen3
plz help me(watery seamen)
may nay ap say pehlay watery semen k liay medicine...
3maya khan09:48 16 Mar 13 by maya khan
sexual Weakness
Hello Dr J.K.mohla i wanted to tell u that i m ...
3muptushar08:40 16 Mar 13 by libra981
how to protect health after diabeties ....& how to manage it via homeopathy
3muhammad saaud01:56 16 Mar 13 by Joe De Livera
Beginner..few questions
Hi all. I have been atending a homeopath for a num...
1Lunasa1022:29 15 Mar 13 by simone717
My child Adenoid problem
My son aged 4 years suffering from nasopharynx S/o...
1kommuravi17:01 15 Mar 13 by rishimba
Hepatitis B and C
Dear Doctor Kindly send me a complete Prescriptio...
0Dr. Jameel Ch.11:33 15 Mar 13 by
Sir, What is the remedy to gain calcium in body. ...
1acsguntur 10:46 15 Mar 13 by libra981
hair loss
hi, hairs on the back side of neck, means on the ...
5pranshu07:15 15 Mar 13 by hindiko
fat abdomen
i am female of 22 ,my weight is 60kg,height is 5fe...
2saraadan07:11 15 Mar 13 by hindiko
Dizziness/Presyncope when driving
I have mild dizziness and vertigo during regular t...
3Health201206:25 15 Mar 13 by simone717
calcium deficiency?
i am getting pricking pain in the centre of my ste...
5andy_65_in05:15 15 Mar 13 by simone717
Should I just Take Nux Vomica?
seems like it cures everything, why overthink it r...
1Health201204:59 15 Mar 13 by simone717
can i take benifits of thiosinaminum for weight ...
3arpitM04:47 15 Mar 13 by simone717
Help Dr Joe de Livera
I have tried to attract attention on different thr...
1gayatri_rajendra 04:36 15 Mar 13 by Joe De Livera
Styes eye
Please remedies for stye in left upper eyelid, tha...
3Gioango03:12 15 Mar 13 by bapu4
P.E problim
Honourableabc homeo, dear sir doc akshymol was re... [LAST PAGE]
16Agha sb 02:56 15 Mar 13 by Agha sb
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