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Information given in this forum is given by way of exchange of views only. It is not to be treated as a medical diagnosis, and should not be used as a substitute for seeing a qualified homeopath or physician. In most cases, advice posted here is not given by a medical expert.

If symptoms persist, consult a medical professional.

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TopicPostsStarted byLast Post
Premature Ejaculation/not having child
let me explain me and my problem in short..... ...
4Neel115:55 30 Nov 16 by simone717
Obat Penghilang Beaks Luka
0rxliquid15:36 30 Nov 16 by
premature graying of hair
Hi i am 28 with a lot of grey hair and also thinni...
5uday108:47 30 Nov 16 by HealthyWorld
high sgot and sgpt level in blood
i have high sgot and sgpt level in blood , for thi...
1Babai2106:00 30 Nov 16 by deoshlok
Panis skin destroyed
I am 24 years old. My panis skin is destroying day...
1rodro05:32 30 Nov 16 by Inkoors
Hi At early age(14yrs)My semen was thick But now...
1abchomeo405:31 30 Nov 16 by Inkoors
Can Arsenicum Album and Ignatia be taken together?
Hello, I have taken Arsenicum Album at 200C wit...
1mannyvanz05:30 30 Nov 16 by Inkoors
Seeking help on gradually progressing pains in the body starting from soles to head.
I would like to seek a second opinion on this foru... [LAST PAGE]
20novicehomeo04:35 30 Nov 16 by 0antivirus0
prickly heat kind of itchy surface on elbow skin
my wife has this problem since few months, she has...
2dpnctl03:20 30 Nov 16 by dpnctl
Old shoulder injury not healing
I am 53. My 6 year old daughter rested her head ... [LAST PAGE]
18advantis00:41 30 Nov 16 by gavinimurthy
Bad smell from penis ruining my life
Hi.... I'm a 50 years old male and I have ... [LAST PAGE]
13chharo00:29 30 Nov 16 by shyam11
Antidoting by MRI scan?
I have been taking hemopathic meds for severe OCD...
1phoenix75118:11 29 Nov 16 by simone717
Umbilical hernia - protrusion - colic - URGENT
What are the homoeopathic mother tincture and Bio...
1Medicostudent18:01 29 Nov 16 by simone717
Neck Pain
Hello- I am under the care of a homeopath and s...
5emeraldbridges17:37 29 Nov 16 by emeraldbridges
4week old fights sleep
Hi there I have a 4 week old that fights his sl...
7Mariarico14:21 29 Nov 16 by simone717
extreme diabetic weakness
My father, 66, was diagnosed diabetes in 1999. Sin...
5uday114:16 29 Nov 16 by Teupne
Chronic stomach pain plz help
I have always had trouble with my stomach .... Ibs...
1hema7913:52 29 Nov 16 by 0antivirus0
Lycopodium proving
I have always had trouble with my stomach .... Ibs... [LAST PAGE]
39hema7912:28 29 Nov 16 by hema79
please help me out from sex weakness!!!
Dear dr. I am 27 years old & having mustarbat...
5sandipeu9010:02 29 Nov 16 by sandipeu90
Anxiety!!! Sleep disorders. Dr. Kulkarni / Dr. Kadwa / Homeo Dr.. Please help!!
I am 28 year old Boy unmarried, 5ft 7 inch with 90... [LAST PAGE]
42Ausuiph07:35 29 Nov 16 by Ausuiph
vomiting while sitting in the car
I am female 38y,I can't travel in the car.whe...
4umar07:26 29 Nov 16 by gavinimurthy
dear sir my brother is taking allopathic medicine ...
11as106:24 29 Nov 16 by simone717
Offlate I have been observing a lot of hairfall. ...
5insv197104:53 29 Nov 16 by simone717
Paranoid Fears / Any doctor experienced in mental health?
Dear All, I seek help online because up ...
5seroquel02:02 29 Nov 16 by Teupne
Help for my 3 year old daughter
I need some help please for my daughter. SHe'...
4dwx8821:06 28 Nov 16 by simone717
Hello ..m suffering from typhoid last 3 month and ...
4Riya318:40 28 Nov 16 by simone717
Syphilis positive
Hello, Male 23 europe I have done a HIV and ... [LAST PAGE]
52syria17:15 28 Nov 16 by Asas
azoosparmia ; vercocele ; testes temp. mouth dry .
hello. i have azoosparmia ; vercocele moderate ...
1idvjy09:00 28 Nov 16 by kadwa
"Ailments from" rubrics - study question - can someone clarify?
I am not sure how are these applied properly. What...
1cosmicweaver08:56 28 Nov 16 by kadwa
Ignatia Dosing After Traumatic Incident
Hello, I am taking Ignatia for physical sympt...
1mannyvanz08:13 28 Nov 16 by kadwa
green tea with tulsi in it
can i consume green tea containing 40% tulsi? im o...
1saranaaz08:03 28 Nov 16 by kadwa
Erection Pain on panis
I am 24 years old. I feel pain on erection into m...
5rodro07:46 28 Nov 16 by kadwa
Having horrible bleeding internal piles, Please help me.
Sir, I have hemoroids from last 8years. From... [LAST PAGE]
37Sandipan07:31 28 Nov 16 by henri
I am suffering from.typhoid since 3 months..now i ...
10Riya306:07 28 Nov 16 by mnaari
peri rectal abscess
i have crohns disease since 2004 and had a peri-re...
8sai36504:10 28 Nov 16 by shyam11
Anger and sexual problm
Tobaco habit anti depresant taken fr 10 yrs.now if...
1mubeen pangal01:31 28 Nov 16 by akshaymohl
for sisir
Why no response? Did you open your mail?...
0shyam1109:40 27 Nov 16 by
please help
Hi, my probleme is that i can't tolerate glut... [LAST PAGE]
17Nitin Kumar03:54 27 Nov 16 by 0antivirus0
Turtle with swollen eyes
I have a classroom turtle - Slippy Jr. who is a 13...
1kt80801:47 27 Nov 16 by kt808
Mood swings, jealousy, doubtful of spouse
Hi, I am 30 years old and having some kind of psy... [LAST PAGE]
17ayesha322:05 26 Nov 16 by simone717
Need help - suffering severe anxiety (homeopath I saw may have been a scam)
Hello, I am a 30yr old female. I recently went... [LAST PAGE]
15reb2515:32 26 Nov 16 by reb25
h. pylori and ibs
My age is 31 One month ago I have been diagnosed ... [LAST PAGE]
15Ashu148514:17 26 Nov 16 by homeodr
Ammonia Smelling Sweat
I am a 39 year old female, overall I am fairly hea... [LAST PAGE]
56nataliescott0009:35 26 Nov 16 by nataliescott00
Hlo sir,my sex timing is very less it takes less ...
5Sijietow08:15 26 Nov 16 by shyam11
premature ejaculation
i m 32 years old male. i m suffering from prematur... [LAST PAGE]
14pspawan08:15 26 Nov 16 by shyam11
Premature Ejaculation
Hello, I am Neel. I am 31 years old. I got marr...
2Neel108:13 26 Nov 16 by shyam11
Bedwetting in 11 yo with congenital disorder - getting exhausted
Child's First Name: Linda Age: 11 years H... [LAST PAGE]
21kattie_b22:59 25 Nov 16 by telescope
prickly heat kind of rash
my wife is infected with some kind of rash, itchy ...
1dpnctl19:59 25 Nov 16 by Teupne
Dr. Kadwa pls help
Dear Sir, My sister age is 51. Weight 54kg. Hight...
2busa200719:40 25 Nov 16 by kishor1
Remedy for moving tooth after chronic disease.
After a relapse of my chronic urticaria I am again...
6developer19:24 25 Nov 16 by Teupne
Which remedy do you believe suits me
Warning. This will be a bit long post. I will prob... [LAST PAGE]
231cosmicweaver19:04 25 Nov 16 by Teupne
Chronic renal failure
My wife aged 33 years has been diagnosed with CKF.... [LAST PAGE]
56dharmesh09:49 25 Nov 16 by Bijit88
excessive sweating
hi, doctor i m 32 years old. i m facing this pro... [LAST PAGE]
46kalyan2414:03 24 Nov 16 by shyam11
post nasal drip going on 9 months now
I moved to New Mexico 18 months ago and since Marc...
3melenz4812:32 24 Nov 16 by nawazkhan
Hashimotos disease
Hi, I wonder is there any remedy which cure Has...
1snowtxt09:12 24 Nov 16 by kadwa
Recurring Aphthous Stomatitis (Mouth Sores or Chhale)
Dear Doctor, i keep suffering from Chhale or what ...
2Roy109:08 24 Nov 16 by Teupne
Can I take planting major and arum triphyllum ...
1Zameer108:49 24 Nov 16 by kadwa
Stinky...really stinky cat
I have a 6 or so year old Orange cat ,rescued fro...
1rynldss08:43 24 Nov 16 by kadwa
Plz help: growth in the eyelid of my dog
Been trying to seek help since long. My dog, a gol... [LAST PAGE]
15Ruchira06:01 24 Nov 16 by anuj srivastava
Arsenicum and Ignatia
Hello, I would first like to thank anyone who res...
3rileymeagan12302:23 24 Nov 16 by rileymeagan123
Plz help ...Girl child poor performance in exams...
My brother's daughter aged 15yrs, studying in...
1sureshjai01:29 24 Nov 16 by akshaymohl
Hi there, so this is for me. If you would like me... [LAST PAGE]
84alaskamom23:54 23 Nov 16 by alaskamom
dog skin ulcers
Please help me to find a homeopathic remedy for bl... [LAST PAGE]
30rupert16:38 23 Nov 16 by sourabh16031998
Hi I am male 26yrs. Started developing gynecomas...
6rashid.af13:15 23 Nov 16 by DrManojVEDI
epididymitis right testicle
Dear Doctor, I am suffering from right testicle e...
10agnisiddhanta12:51 23 Nov 16 by siddique0786
post mammogram remedy
I had a mammogram and a call back mammogram (I kno...
2vheishman11:27 23 Nov 16 by simone717
Early Cirrhosis.
In this october, I had been diagnosed with early c...
3Xerxes10:17 23 Nov 16 by Teupne
Hi I was suggested ratanhia 200 for my anal fiss...
1Irfan505:55 23 Nov 16 by shyam11
12 yr boy with Atention Disorder (ADAH) and sleep problems.
I am looking for help for my son who suffers from ... [LAST PAGE]
23Bondre04:56 23 Nov 16 by 0antivirus0
pulsatilla for a 9 month old and a 28 month old
Hi both my babies 9 month old and 28 month old suf...
10stepsinthesand20:21 22 Nov 16 by homeodr
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