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Information given in this forum is given by way of exchange of views only. It is not to be treated as a medical diagnosis, and should not be used as a substitute for seeing a qualified homeopath or physician. In most cases, advice posted here is not given by a medical expert.

If symptoms persist, consult a medical professional.

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TopicPostsStarted byLast Post
Swelling in cast . Kind attention Dr Mahfooz Dr.Srisri
I had an accident driving a scooter and sustained ...
8homeolearner22:41 11 Sep 16 by nawazkhan
Help out plz
I'm 25 years old.. And I'm habitual of m...
1Vicky31306:45 11 Sep 16 by DrKulkarni
Painful menstruation with vomiting
Good evening, i have been having very painful p... [LAST PAGE]
30clara h06:28 11 Sep 16 by clara h
Dr/patient please help me- masturbation effect
Hello, my age is 27 weight 50 kg only. anyone of y...
1sk790405:58 11 Sep 16 by 0antivirus0
Watery semen & Semen leakage after Urine, Urine comes in two track
Hi, I am MZA, Age: 26 Height:164cm Unmarri...
1MZA05:46 11 Sep 16 by DrKulkarni
How to increase female sex desire(libido)
is there any medicine to raise sexual desire of wo...
3Hhteem00:57 11 Sep 16 by Hhteem
severe hair fall
hair is falling in extreme... while shampooing,oi... [LAST PAGE]
14piu8019:50 10 Sep 16 by piu80
Feeble Penis/Premature Ejaculations
Hi, I am a 50 year old man, 5ft 9 inches tall, a... [LAST PAGE]
19S.Taqi19:23 10 Sep 16 by Dridop
Galstone 11 mm
My wife is having galstone of 11 mm in size. Any h...
4MCKAUSHAL17:07 10 Sep 16 by DrKulkarni
Excessive Hair fall
Hello . Age 28 Female Married B.p normal ...
1Zashir15:45 10 Sep 16 by nawazkhan
Serious case of UTI /Cystitis cured in cat
Hi again. I posted two days before about my cat wh...
7ajtriva14:55 10 Sep 16 by RustyRiver3
Adult-Hormonal Acne/Comedonal Acne?
Hello all, I've been curious about trying to ...
7Ocha14:33 10 Sep 16 by gavinimurthy
Remedy help
I have read that plumbum met for " Abdomina...
3drsameer113:51 10 Sep 16 by DrKulkarni
problems of masturbations
Dear Dr. i m aasif aged abt 20 yrs.wt abt 55 kg,...
6Querejiex11:30 10 Sep 16 by harry250513
Make it a closed loop!
I am new on this forum. I have been going through ...
3radhey150409:35 10 Sep 16 by gavinimurthy
Gavinimurthy - On using high potencies
Gavini, Is it right to take remedy of potency ...
2Kamal108:54 10 Sep 16 by gavinimurthy
Red /Black spot and marks due to chicken pox
My Daughter was suffering with chicken pox few d...
3mmgupta_nd08:44 10 Sep 16 by gavinimurthy
Deep Healing for the Arising of Suppressed Issues
I think I might need some help in terms of balanci...
4roses08:36 10 Sep 16 by roses
Right testicular pain, frequent urination and burning
Doctor i had turp surgery one year ago due to pros...
1Mansoor304:14 10 Sep 16 by nawazkhan
Recurring Bv - please help
Hello, Ever since 2013 I have suffered every si... [LAST PAGE]
52purplecat4418:25 09 Sep 16 by purplecat44
ovarian cyst on the left side
Respectable doctors, I m a 45 year old female. I s...
5housewife117:41 09 Sep 16 by nisha301
Chronic Sinusitis
I have been suffering from sinusitis from 7-8 year...
4Eellou17:25 09 Sep 16 by nisha301
white patches on skin
how do you remove white patches on skin?...
0noel16:59 09 Sep 16 by
Transverse myelitis due to viral infection in spinal cord
1. Describe your main suffering? I fell sick v...
7Cricketislife16:54 09 Sep 16 by anuj srivastava
hi, my 2.5 yo started having tonsillitis since ...
8mogul16:22 09 Sep 16 by anuj srivastava
Help recognising Tincture
Hi, I need to get Echinacea purpurea mother t...
0Jinku16:02 09 Sep 16 by
Help recognizing Tincture
Hi, I need to get Echinacea pupurea tincture ...
0Jinku15:55 09 Sep 16 by
for all homeo docs its a challange take up my case
Hello doc., age 26 height 5'10 weight 70 ...
9hp199015:30 09 Sep 16 by nisha301
Meet Dr. Douglas Barker
Hello, my name is doug barker and i am a professio...
0dougbarker13:26 09 Sep 16 by
Need remedy for my Father - age 76 running - recently had prostate surgery
Hi, I am looking for help for my Father, partic...
2vishwaka12:26 09 Sep 16 by DrKulkarni
Dizziness with high BP and high diabetes
Hi, My mother have dizziness problem from some ...
1Manoj Dutt12:05 09 Sep 16 by DrKulkarni
Hair loss remedy
Hi,I am a 26 years old female facing terrible hai...
2mrinal112:01 09 Sep 16 by DrKulkarni
Calendula Q for deep scar of chikangunia
Hi I have scare on my face for last 20 year of...
4ajaypanchwal09:35 09 Sep 16 by ajaypanchwal
Low self esteem/lying/stomach problems
My 14 year old daughter has always had problems wi...
4Knb109608:53 09 Sep 16 by radhey1504
Watery Semen, PE , Precum Discharge and stomach Issues
My age is 30 Sex : Male Weight : 65 Height : 5-... [LAST PAGE]
13lifeseeker07:39 09 Sep 16 by Vicky313
non pigmented spots on skin
hi, i have a small white patch on my back that has...
0noel07:20 09 Sep 16 by
Radiation proctitis & flared hemorrhoids
I was given 38 radiations to prostate . I complete...
5pantald04:05 09 Sep 16 by nawazkhan
Wart virus in 6 year old son
Hi there, my son has recently been diagnosed with ...
2MrsKJsings21:51 08 Sep 16 by winnie1
Plz Dr. Jamil Ahmed Showrav, Help Required (Erection Problem))
1. Name: Sameer 2. Age: 29 Years 3. Sex: Male 4...
3sameers 18:22 08 Sep 16 by AnubhavBang
Toe Nail Fungus
Hello everyone. I caught toe nail fungus from my... [LAST PAGE]
22IvanE18:02 08 Sep 16 by mnaari
Harmonal imbalance
My wife age 46 has harmonal imbalance problem. She...
3Toakou17:59 08 Sep 16 by mnaari
Remedies for epidemic Chikungunya & Degue
In several Indian metropolitan cities the two mosu...
4DrKulkarni13:34 08 Sep 16 by DrKulkarni
Cat with horned paw
Hi, I noticed my cat has what I beleive is called ...
9bwill1311:12 08 Sep 16 by anuj srivastava
Calcendula for Chickangunia scar on face
Hi I have scare on my face for last 20 year of ...
0ajaypanchwal09:27 08 Sep 16 by
I have PCOS (insulin resistance, obesity and hir...
4jay107:22 08 Sep 16 by jay1
Hi I'm 30 year old female. Married 5 years ...
9Am12306:36 08 Sep 16 by anuj srivastava
Seeking help dealing with hpv/genital warts outbreak along with other urinary symptoms
Greetings, I'm male, 26 dealing with hpv/gen... [LAST PAGE]
61littlebee082106:32 08 Sep 16 by littlebee0821
Wheezy chest, blocked nose, mildly feverish and cough
Dear Experts, As Male/42yrs, slighly obsese, th...
2falcon7406:25 08 Sep 16 by kadwa
This is for DR kadwa or Gavinmurthy
Good day Sir' I've be previously helped ...
0littlebee082106:07 08 Sep 16 by
Zero sperm count
Hello, I have found zero sperm count in my report... [LAST PAGE]
17Sameer Mehta05:36 08 Sep 16 by Sameer Mehta
Dr Kadwa.. Shooting and unbearable pain in various part of the body.
Dear Doctor, 1) This fellow is is about 66 year...
4kolkata12305:31 08 Sep 16 by kadwa
Recurring ProtienUrea - High Blood Pressure
Hello ! I am 35 years old Male with a history ...
3Gaurav305:28 08 Sep 16 by kadwa
Radiation Proctitis & flared hemorrhoids
I had 38 radiations of prostate completed on 2nd S...
1pantald05:20 08 Sep 16 by radhey1504
For Dr. Kadwa / Akshay Mohyl
Hello doc., age 26 height 5'10 weight 70 ...
0hp199005:09 08 Sep 16 by
for Antivirus
Hello doc., age 26 height 5'10 weight 70 ...
3hp199003:52 08 Sep 16 by 0antivirus0
Pre cum and pre ejaculation
I'm a 50 year old man, I had spinal surgery 6...
2Djranman6502:18 08 Sep 16 by Djranman65
Elderly woman with delusions
My 84 year old mother has been suffering from memo... [LAST PAGE]
39ruth4517:45 07 Sep 16 by ruth45
Severe Acne near Jawline
Hi, I always had some issues with acne since ... [LAST PAGE]
61Jinku14:37 07 Sep 16 by Jinku
Lower potency works for temporarily
I am using medicine in lower potency which works b...
2agriz09:25 07 Sep 16 by gavinimurthy
Arnica helps a Chronic Smoker to QUIT
I am copying below a post made by a patient on: ... [LAST PAGE]
36Joe De Livera08:50 07 Sep 16 by Yevi
51/2 year boy , speech delay, still not able to make sentence..
hi , My son has diagnosed with mild autism at...
1sapna206:28 07 Sep 16 by akshaymohl
Feeling Fragile & Sensitive, Please Help :)

[message deleted by beth88 on Tue, 09 Dec 2014...
141beth8802:10 07 Sep 16 by beth88
Dr.Arshad Ali Saeed homeopath
BHMS University Of Peshawar Postgraduate homeopa...
3Ali00700:25 07 Sep 16 by Hussayn
Worms in Child
A boy child 4 yrs old syffering from following ail... [LAST PAGE]
67lovely18:06 06 Sep 16 by shilpa481
Sciatica & Back Pain
Sir/Madam I am a professional mountaineer.It was... [LAST PAGE]
54abezbaruah16:37 06 Sep 16 by abezbaruah
Using bach flower remedy with homeopathy???
Hello, I have very simple question to ask.. ...
5xpert523313:44 06 Sep 16 by gavinimurthy
Sir/Madam, I want any remedy for a particular s...
3shnzhl13:02 06 Sep 16 by homeo_helper
blocked fallopian tubes
HI, please can you help me, what can i use for blo...
2Baff11:26 06 Sep 16 by RIZWAN2
toenail fungus
hello. Please suggest a remedy for my toenail fu...
2mkrt109:33 06 Sep 16 by kevin39
brown marks on sclera (white of eye)
hello to remove brown spots from the white of ...
0noel07:27 06 Sep 16 by
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