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Information given in this forum is given by way of exchange of views only. It is not to be treated as a medical diagnosis, and should not be used as a substitute for seeing a qualified homeopath or physician. In most cases, advice posted here is not given by a medical expert.

If symptoms persist, consult a medical professional.

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Skin Allergy
Hi , Can any help me to get rid of this skin al...
1ngrj02606:56 23 Nov 12 by kadwa
common cold
caught common cold for last 2 weeks.I met a do...
1sujit4uwbslg06:49 23 Nov 12 by kadwa
smal size of penis
dear sir. i am facing a problem which is the smal...
0229829605:07 23 Nov 12 by
6 year old boy bedwetting
My 6 year old is still bedwetting. He was dry from...
2junick02:31 23 Nov 12 by junick
My Order is not dispatched - (2 working day delivery)
Hello Admin, We have not received My Order (11480...
1sgowdra20:46 22 Nov 12 by simone717
aortic stenosis
dr. faizal your give gidance started crcinosin 200...
0jilesh tank18:57 22 Nov 12 by
Please can anyone help?
Hi, I was told that my spinal nerves are being ir... [LAST PAGE]
17ships118:06 22 Nov 12 by nawazkhan
Attention to any Doctor for Cough and Chronic Tonsils
Gender : Boy Age : 8 yrs Co...
4Hannah Hannah17:45 22 Nov 12 by Hannah Hannah
Another one with this problem :S Please advise ... [LAST PAGE]
13spela.sunflower11:13 22 Nov 12 by spela.sunflower
Recommendation for Baryta Carb
All, I am still looking for assistance for my M...
1narwal4611:02 22 Nov 12 by kadwa
Learning Homeopathy
Hi, I want to learn homeopathy.I am really inspi...
6kizersouzay09:37 22 Nov 12 by sujisuji
stomach flu
3Cynthy09:28 22 Nov 12 by kadwa
Frequently sore throat,fever
I am 30 year Female and frequently suffering from ...
2Nikita D08:52 22 Nov 12 by Nikita D
Ars-Alb and other heavy metal dilutions
Can Ars -Alb and other metal dilutions like Argen...
2sujisuji07:55 22 Nov 12 by sujisuji
Sex problem
my age is 25 years.my height 5'2' and my ...
1MONA692 07:37 22 Nov 12 by MONA692
59 yr female. K/a/o type 2 dm last 7 yr. On treatm...
4jilesh tank07:12 22 Nov 12 by jilesh tank
Frequent cold, mostly due to dust allergy
Hello Doctor, I am 27 years old and I am experien...
1ashwininarvekar06:27 22 Nov 12 by Mahfoozurrehman
Bronchiolitis in 11 month child
Dear Sir My child age 11 months He have Bronchio...
5choncholjrozario06:15 22 Nov 12 by choncholjrozario
enlarged tonsils n blocked nose
my son is 8yrs n visually n speech challenged.he s... [LAST PAGE]
21anil k04:24 22 Nov 12 by daktersaab
Help: Anxiety, GERD, Gastritis, Acid reflux
Hi All, I am new to this forum and looking forw...
1jmdrocks02:47 22 Nov 12 by jmdrocks
flatulence and burping
Hi, The following additional information is re...
4quest9920:26 21 Nov 12 by ravi.ramireddy
fear of men - question for a homeopath
I was wondering if there are any homeopaths on thi...
8nature_girl18:19 21 Nov 12 by simone717
Filarinum-Filaria Nosode
Success of Filarinum-Filaria Nosode in treating Fi...
1rebel.sulphur15:59 21 Nov 12 by rebel.sulphur
paralysis of the brain
i have a case here with me, male 57yrs, old bwt ...
2oboch13:25 21 Nov 12 by AsadGhumman
Please share ideas and experience regarding Filariasis, Filarial Hydrocele and Filaria NOSODE
Hi all, Please share your ideas regarding Filaria...
0rebel.sulphur13:14 21 Nov 12 by
Homeopaths in Pakistan
Can anyone pls recommend a good homeopath in Islam...
6Skhan11:24 21 Nov 12 by thundercracker
Dr.Kadwa, please help iam in need of your advice...
Hi,DR.KADWA My age is 22yrs.married, iam suffering...
2jyothirmayi10:13 21 Nov 12 by kadwa
petit mal epilepsy case, age 7 years child
my son is suffering from petit mal epilepsy for ...
1curative10:11 21 Nov 12 by kadwa
Attention issues in 7 year old.
Dear Dr.Kadwa : I would like to post about my s...
10ADD4adult09:57 21 Nov 12 by kadwa
Please help me to recover
I am suffering from weakness,dark circle near eye,...
0reyunk 09:53 21 Nov 12 by
fever, cough and sore throat
My 10yo DD has had a low grade fever (100F-101F), ...
1fathersjoy1109:11 21 Nov 12 by kadwa
Dr.Kadwa,Plz help me
Hi Dr.Kadwa Im 32 male suffering from severe an... [LAST PAGE]
25sachinram23007:48 21 Nov 12 by kadwa
my symptoms are as follows: tongue-slimy white co...
1Neel161907:44 21 Nov 12 by kadwa
3 1/2 year old girl with bad Tinea Capitas
My 3 1/2 year old daughter has been suffering from... [LAST PAGE]
15mark197207:27 21 Nov 12 by kadwa
Suffering from PCOS and Vitiligo
Hello Dr. Nawaz or Dr. Kadwa or Dr. Reva I am ... [LAST PAGE]
19deeps8402:25 21 Nov 12 by deeps84
Need Help with Candida Problem
Candida issue seems to be on an upswing again. I c...
2clairemc00:07 21 Nov 12 by simone717
Feedback about Dr Dr. Subrata K. Banerjea
Anybody has worked with Dr Subrata Banerjea?, he r...
1janecita22:51 20 Nov 12 by MathMom
Remedy for piles
Dear All Greetings I have been detected piles...
2rkmusmade17:04 20 Nov 12 by Ahmadkh
profound hearing loss
my friend age 31 yrs , female isuffering from pro...
2dharminderk14:04 20 Nov 12 by dharminderk
pcos - for 12 years now!
Hi... im 25 yrs old. 5.3' tall with 80kg we...
2m3rriam12:37 20 Nov 12 by m3rriam
anal itching after antibiotic
Need help: 3 days after finishing Cipro (antibioti...
10jno1410:26 20 Nov 12 by kadwa
Persistent cough
I get a bad cough about once a year, trouble is, i...
1awatson104 10:00 20 Nov 12 by Mahfoozurrehman
dr kadwa please answer
which medicines are best for stomach heat and also...
1ladoo09:51 20 Nov 12 by kadwa
help - cure my mother (Brain atrophy, brain shrinkage)
Dear Doctor, I got through this site during searc...
2janzee78609:45 20 Nov 12 by Mahfoozurrehman
Bartholin Cyst- still draining
I'm hoping someone can help. I had a bartholi...
6vgrl8507:36 20 Nov 12 by kadwa
Nasal polyp, running nose, very sensitive to cold please advise the medicine
Dear Doctor, My son is 23 yrs old, height 5�...
4Ritarita04:40 20 Nov 12 by Ritarita
Clarke's Prescriber iPhone app
A new arrival on the iPhone app store is 'home...
0similitude01:58 20 Nov 12 by
2yr old unwell please help
hi, my 2yr old has been unwell since fri, started ...
3alexa1218:24 19 Nov 12 by doctorbadar9
cervical and back pain-rajesh varma
sir, iam RAJESH VARMA, civil contractor. i have ...
2raavarma14:33 19 Nov 12 by raavarma
Cold head
My head only feels colder generally but to make it...
1Balwinder09:33 19 Nov 12 by kadwa
Gilbert's syndrome
Hi i am Suresh 26 M, i am had jaundice in 2007, af...
0sureshreddy18809:27 19 Nov 12 by
Palpitations after Lunch
I am 36 years old 5 feet 8 inches and weighing abo...
4Hari00708:53 19 Nov 12 by Hari007
Masturbation in bed for getting sleep.
Dear Dr. Please advise me remedy for stopping ...
2hyper08:52 19 Nov 12 by kadwa
8 year boy bedwetting and frustrated
Dear Sameer, I have a child that seem to be unbal... [LAST PAGE]
253Tintintin03:39 19 Nov 12 by sameervermani
facial cyst
I have a facial cyst altough not sore it is unsigh...
2suz196502:40 19 Nov 12 by Balwinder
Saliva :(
Hi all. I must say there is some real positivity o...
7M_ire00:21 19 Nov 12 by M_ire
sebaceous cysts
Hi! I have had cysts on the sides of my face (just...
9jodi6303622:40 18 Nov 12 by rstubberfield
Mild Pilonidal cyst/sinus - can I get rid of it ?
I'm 22 female, i've had a pilonidal cyst... [LAST PAGE]
31Krawling22:37 18 Nov 12 by rstubberfield
Epididymis Cyst
Hello! I have a weird heavy feeling in my left tes...
1bisw200822:35 18 Nov 12 by rstubberfield
Severe cystic acne advice needed!
Hello! I need some advice for acne remedies. Fr... [LAST PAGE]
26firstacoustic 22:32 18 Nov 12 by rstubberfield
Ganglion Cyst - Foot
Hello - I have read every post that has to do w... [LAST PAGE]
131JChoisnet22:30 18 Nov 12 by JChoisnet
Diabetic & cystic acne
Hi there, I'm 21 years old and have had cyst... [LAST PAGE]
3473CT7322:30 18 Nov 12 by rstubberfield
Sebaceous scalp cyst +hairline hairloss
The cysts (2) began so tiny about 30 yrs. ago at a... [LAST PAGE]
34texastee22:28 18 Nov 12 by rstubberfield
Another Pilonidal Cyst - 53yo Female in Pacific Northwest on WA State, US
Brief history of the pilonidal cyst.. Initial outb... [LAST PAGE]
45SeattleGrandma22:26 18 Nov 12 by rstubberfield
Buritis/ Baker's Cyst
Hi, I noticed a week ago that the back of my knee...
1Omphalie22:21 18 Nov 12 by rstubberfield
Sudden cystic acne on chin?
Sorry to make a new post but the first one is very...
7CMTor22:17 18 Nov 12 by rstubberfield
Hi,I am very worried about Pilonidial Cyst from last 5 years.Didnt got any surgery Done.Any help would be highly useful.
Doctor has suggested me of Surgery,but after readi... [LAST PAGE]
33Silvia12322:15 18 Nov 12 by rstubberfield
Ganglion cyst on ankle
My brother has been diagnosed with a ganglion cyst... [LAST PAGE]
35sonjasha22:12 18 Nov 12 by rstubberfield
Sinus cyst and sinusitis and migraines
Hello, I have bee suffering from migraines for ...
6ashka22:09 18 Nov 12 by rstubberfield
Pilonodial Cyst
Hi My son first got a sinus/cyst when he was 14. ... [LAST PAGE]
48Adam.T22:07 18 Nov 12 by rstubberfield
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