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Information given in this forum is given by way of exchange of views only. It is not to be treated as a medical diagnosis, and should not be used as a substitute for seeing a qualified homeopath or physician. In most cases, advice posted here is not given by a medical expert.

If symptoms persist, consult a medical professional.

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TopicPostsStarted byLast Post
almost 2 year old recovering from croup
My almost 2 year old daughter is recovering from c...
2jazmine715:43 18 Dec 12 by jazmine7
which one, strength, liquid or pill?
i'm a 37 year old male. a few years ago wart...
0ohv7514:26 18 Dec 12 by
premature ejaculation
suffering from day 1, That I had sex, now im 63 yr...
1august0113:35 18 Dec 12 by tariqrashid
degeneration of the cartilage
dear sir m 44 and have problem in bthof my knees.h...
2lalasita12:31 18 Dec 12 by ayurvedacharya
Premature ejaculation and night falls
Name- ajit age- 20 yrs body- skiny eye- very se...
0Ajit sharma 06:41 18 Dec 12 by
nodules on feet..??
hello i'm a 24 yr old female whose had these ...
1amandav306:40 18 Dec 12 by kadwa
Nasal Drip
I had a flu which started with throat pain and t...
1naushadakhtar06:34 18 Dec 12 by kadwa
Maxillary Sinus and Frontal Sinus
My Uncle aged 68 has been diagnosed with maxillary...
5nabhi23:03 17 Dec 12 by simone717
emergency help needid
Dear Homeopaths, i'm going on umrah next wee...
7selfhelp 122:14 17 Dec 12 by selfhelp 1
Reg darkcircles below eyes
Pl suggest some medicine for dark circles below ey...
10ashraf9921:45 17 Dec 12 by selfhelp 1
Causticum 30c - self medicating for anxiety - question about dosages
hello. i have recently decided to look into homeop...
4estherm20:59 17 Dec 12 by estherm
Dr kadwa pls help
Age : 28 Male problems : *Renal stones for...
0sushilmar16:02 17 Dec 12 by
38 weeks pregnant.
I am 38 weeks pregnant and went to the Dr. on Frid...
0caseymiller_0915:36 17 Dec 12 by
Is ginseng herbal extract good for health?
I had been taking ginseng herbal tablets before ...
2sushilmar15:09 17 Dec 12 by sushilmar
Simone please...do you know a Reputable Classical Homeopath in the UK?
Hi, i was wondering if you or someone could point ...
4IAMn00614:20 17 Dec 12 by IAMn006
Chronic Diarrhea - Please help me!
Hello! My name is Sofia and I have a significant i...
3sofiahp14:03 17 Dec 12 by shouse_nsk
Premature greying. Please help
Hi. Im 27 years old make. Started greying like 4...
0shahidukok09:30 17 Dec 12 by
Increasing height
hello dr deoshlok, I am a 19 yr old boy with ht5&#...
0affan.s94 08:35 17 Dec 12 by
Toe nail injury..pls suggest a remedy
Hi can some one suggest a remedy for.my child sinc...
7anaaa08:30 17 Dec 12 by anaaa
Overdose rhus tox , gelsemium and lachesis
I recently got viral fever with severe throat pain... [LAST PAGE]
41Pmold 07:14 17 Dec 12 by yodamani
weakness through excess masturbate
sir because of excess masturbate for (8 or 9 ) yea...
1vijita06:49 17 Dec 12 by kadwa
Warts on face
I have developed warts on my face. First it was ...
2anamikachaudhuri06:03 17 Dec 12 by PARTHA RAY
Very urgent : fatigue after masterbation
Age : 25 years weight: 69 kg height: 5'10 fe...
3rogeroctober05:59 17 Dec 12 by kadwa
Type-1 diabetes cure/control
Hi, I am a new member to group. My 3 year old ... [LAST PAGE]
39ykgupta05:21 17 Dec 12 by Joe De Livera
PLEASE HELP with intense back pain
hello my husband has had intense back pain for ove...
8heidi46704:51 17 Dec 12 by Joe De Livera
too much masturbation causes madness it mks your p...
0derick50001:58 17 Dec 12 by
Tail bone pain ...radiating to right hip...any remedy suggestion
Hi... I have started with this pain rigt at th en...
1anaaa01:57 17 Dec 12 by shouse_nsk
young Multiple Polycystic Kidney Disease Patient
How are you All : I hope you all fine and good ...
1Ahsaan 22:51 16 Dec 12 by Ahsaan
hairloss and dandruff
I am 27 year old. I am having dandruff problem sin...
0akarun18:21 16 Dec 12 by
masturbation problem
I am a 20 year old boy and have been involved in s...
8Anchit14:32 16 Dec 12 by vijita
Unsatisfied with sex drive
Hello, From : India Currently : 34 Years Male ...
0rajsinghania 14:14 16 Dec 12 by
pilonedol sinus
sir , i am suffering from pilonedol sinus from las... [LAST PAGE]
91puneet.kumar6213:20 16 Dec 12 by nawazkhan
roughness and pain in throat
this started from yesterday.... i think it is beca...
2samira9913:16 16 Dec 12 by samira99
how to increase height after 25 years
hi doctor... my height is 5.4 and my age is 25... ...
0shahzadazeeshan13:04 16 Dec 12 by
re sex related roblems along wid abdominal pain
the prob is I was having sexual excess (masturbati...
1innocent dream11:58 16 Dec 12 by kadwa
Genital warts & Nitricum Acidum 10M
Hello, my name is martin. I have been dealing with...
1mill199211:09 16 Dec 12 by kadwa
Hi, I have hernia in my abdominal and I have no pa...
1pkaur610411:05 16 Dec 12 by kadwa
Coughing toddler
So 2 weeks ago I bought my daughter of 3 to a home...
1Laradunne10:57 16 Dec 12 by kadwa
Reg swelling in liver
sir my son age 6 yrs had loss of appetite and was ...
1ashraf9910:37 16 Dec 12 by kadwa
Acute Tonsilitis
I m 27 yera old man I m suffering from acute tonsi...
0Nitesh Kamal09:48 16 Dec 12 by
Dr. Sameer I need advice about stomache
Dr., My son has had a stomach ache since this M... [LAST PAGE]
140sindym09:14 16 Dec 12 by Nitesh Kamal
left abdominal pain that radiates to back(left side of back)
Dear Sir, I am experiencing pain in left side o...
10ishtechmech 06:26 16 Dec 12 by ishtechmech
Need Help Unborn Baby and Pyelectasis
Hello. I'd really appreciate someone helping...
8Mrsmac13:57 15 Dec 12 by maheeru
psorinum 10m
i had taken 2 doses of psorinum 10m 1.5 months a...
0Neel161913:52 15 Dec 12 by
Argentum Airtricum
I would like to know about this as I am a nervous ...
1opalniceone12:50 15 Dec 12 by bapu4
Night emission problem
1. Name muna 2. Age 28 3. Sex Male 4. Mar...
8narahari12:02 15 Dec 12 by XYZAB
eyelashes fallin at alarming rate
Dear dr. Kadwa, My eyelashes have been fallin a lo...
1VVS08:29 15 Dec 12 by kadwa
Radionic Computer
Hi, patients, I am Dr. A.H. Gondal using Radionic ...
0Dr. A.H. Gondal08:28 15 Dec 12 by
Muscae Volitants (Vetreous Floaters problem)
Dear All, My mother has been suffering from a p... [LAST PAGE]
37Racna08:26 15 Dec 12 by Racna
breast enlargement
well can any one suggest me pills for breast enlar...
1radhikasingh08:17 15 Dec 12 by kadwa
BPH, Frequent Urination
Dear Joe Ihave gone through your posts on the sub...
0inderjit1940107:53 15 Dec 12 by
left shoulder frozen,arm painful
dr. kandwa ji, as per your presciption,i took sil...
1suba ram07:53 15 Dec 12 by ayurvedacharya
i m 52 yrs old male suffering from gastric problem...
1desai dipak07:46 15 Dec 12 by ayurvedacharya
left shoulder frozen
dr. kadwa,as per your direction,i took 3 doses of ...
1suba ram07:27 15 Dec 12 by kadwa
50M Dosage & frequency
Hi all, I am currently on a homeopathic remedy,...
3Derek M06:33 15 Dec 12 by kadwa
need help for social anxiety reply soon mr.kadwa or any other expert there
Hello Sir, I have a query.Could you please help m...
3tariff06:02 15 Dec 12 by kadwa
12 week old "colic"
Our son is 12 weeks old. Since 10 days old he has...
3Kattie8905:31 15 Dec 12 by kadwa
I have abdominal pain
It,s been two days I have abdominal pain ,I get r...
0imran65504:57 15 Dec 12 by
Precum problem
Dear Doctors, its very usefull site as i have r...
3rajasaifikhan04:39 15 Dec 12 by Paki1
Chronic Allergic sinusitus
Hello,my age is 60 and i have been suffering from ...
3rajveer2502:18 15 Dec 12 by simone717
Premature Ejaculation and other problems !! Senior Doctor Please
Patient ID: Salim Sex: Male Age: 26 weight: 51 KG...
0saambd18:19 14 Dec 12 by
low sperm motility and volume
Hi, I am 35 years old male, I used to masturbat...
0ksenthil7717:56 14 Dec 12 by
Mr.Kadwa are you sure about Lachesis for social anxiety
Dear Mr.Kadwa, My name is Ronit. You suggested t...
0tariff16:37 14 Dec 12 by
errection problem and no desire of sex
dear doctor, I am 50 years old.Since 10 days I ha...
0sabihakhtar15:57 14 Dec 12 by
sexual weakness
hi .. this is my first post .. the prob is I was...
0innocent dream 14:29 14 Dec 12 by
Ringing in left ear
I am suffering from continuous whistle in left ear...
0imix6014:13 14 Dec 12 by
help..cough .fever and ear pain
Can some one guide me what are the common remedies...
1anaaa10:02 14 Dec 12 by kadwa
Graphite sexual problem
Hi All, After guided by my therapist to take G...
4ismwe2109:25 14 Dec 12 by ismwe21
spinalcord spodilosis ,fingers foot and hand are numb and involuntery movements and tremmers
total spinalcord spodilosis ,fingers foot and hand...
1HANMANTH08:24 14 Dec 12 by ayurvedacharya
dr badar baigdont leave in middle of the oce0n
this is not fair leaving in troubles...
1HANMANTH08:20 14 Dec 12 by ayurvedacharya
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