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Information given in this forum is given by way of exchange of views only. It is not to be treated as a medical diagnosis, and should not be used as a substitute for seeing a qualified homeopath or physician. In most cases, advice posted here is not given by a medical expert.

If symptoms persist, consult a medical professional.

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TopicPostsStarted byLast Post
TMJ and Scar tissue in sinuses
Hi there, I just left the ENT and he said that ...
0maddie37 20:10 29 Nov 12 by
Please can some one help - Tracheal Collapse in dogs
Is there any treatment for tracheal collapse in do...
11sujisuji18:37 29 Nov 12 by maheeru
sex oroblem but take only BC 27
Please note: This is an internet forum. Posts are ...
0n k gupta17:43 29 Nov 12 by
lower back pain left side only ... since 2 weeks
Hello Doctors, I am having lower back pain on l... [LAST PAGE]
29imtiyaz.ansari17:33 29 Nov 12 by imtiyaz.ansari
short height
hi, i am 21 yrs old.i want to increase my height...
6shradha 17:04 29 Nov 12 by drhomeo2003
PCOS - Problem Conceiving
Hi I am 33yr old and have diagoned with Pcos. I ... [LAST PAGE]
31Preet Dhanjal 16:30 29 Nov 12 by nawazkhan
Lizzie Velasquez - could homeopathy heal her system?
I only recently learnt that homeopathy works, espe...
1sujisuji14:18 29 Nov 12 by maheeru
left shoulder frozen
dr.kadwa,i tried yograj guggulu for 15 days as per...
2suba ram11:17 29 Nov 12 by Parakletos
Health Anxiety worse on specific times
Dear Doctors , It would be great if some one can h...
4bilalamd10:30 29 Nov 12 by kadwa
Scratching on the back and shoulders
I write about my elderly father who is feeling ver...
1operatingsystem10:26 29 Nov 12 by kadwa
Rapid Hair Loss
Dear Sir, I am experiencing rapid hair loss i...
12gauravlal07:49 29 Nov 12 by kadwa
erectile disfunction and eraly ejaculation
Hi, I am 44 years old married for 9years and I ha...
0suvochatterjee200006:24 29 Nov 12 by
I am a diabetic and have many complicatiöns t...
0M. Alam05:53 29 Nov 12 by
height growth
sir, i am of age 20 with 5.5' of height i wan...
1zilani 04:31 29 Nov 12 by Anshi sinha
Urine Drops Problem
Dr. sahib. I am 44 year old,I am suffering from ur...
6kbashir01:27 29 Nov 12 by atifjunaid.khan1
Are there any specific remedies for Restless Leg Syndrome?
Hi, Does homeopathy have any specific remedies for...
12samur42000:43 29 Nov 12 by silveroakfaerie
Help/Suggestions requested for postpartum depression in one of my patients
Hi Everyone, I need help/suggestions from exper...
6AsadGhumman17:08 28 Nov 12 by doctorbadar9
scanty periods and weight gain
I am following your forum from quite a few time an... [LAST PAGE]
57NKCheema12:40 28 Nov 12 by NKCheema
Skin allergy - Eczema
Hi I am 27 years old, male, and is suffering fr... [LAST PAGE]
28cashekhar09:49 28 Nov 12 by Joe De Livera
Un-health and Under Weight of my height
Hello Dear Doctor. I am in 25 years old and my ...
0zasr198709:29 28 Nov 12 by
i have cold and sour throught
i never had throught problem before few days ago i...
1tahiryasmin707007:31 28 Nov 12 by kadwa
bladder nerves waekness
i tokk vigroura 5000 it reaction on my bladder and...
0sanjay9107:29 28 Nov 12 by
urine retension
i took vigroura5000 of repl and it effected my bla...
0sanjay9107:18 28 Nov 12 by
Hearing loss
Hi, My son Ayush 1yr 3 months old was not respond...
1ravi707006:13 28 Nov 12 by deoshlok
sexual desire totally gone
For the past few weeks i noticed: no erection ...
4ashrafmukhtaar 04:19 28 Nov 12 by vishnu5
Anxiety and Sexual Problem
Hi Im Adil 31 yr old im masturbating since when i ...
4sheikadil04:16 28 Nov 12 by vishnu5
sexual weakness
dear docotr, my name is waseem and i am 26yrs o...
4waseem04:14 28 Nov 12 by vishnu5
sexual health
i am getting married in few months and i am worrie...
4waulan04:13 28 Nov 12 by vishnu5
Sexual And Physical Health! Seeking Guidance
Hi to all..Well actually I am a becholer..masturb...
4illuxion0804:11 28 Nov 12 by vishnu5
Over masturbation and sexual effect on me..
I have been masturbating from my childhood stage (...
4PVargh04:10 28 Nov 12 by vishnu5
please someone experienced help me to get rid of this phobia, depression, anxiety and sexual weakness.
Dear ABC, Please suggest me to get rid of this ...
4roddur04:07 28 Nov 12 by vishnu5
Sexual Problems
Dr. plaese help me i am 27 year old i have sexual ...
4ansaris04:01 28 Nov 12 by vishnu5
Sexual weakness.. help me
Hello, I am 21 years old , I strated mastubrat...
4mougheeshussain03:59 28 Nov 12 by vishnu5
loss of sexuality,
Hello, I don't know if it will work out for ...
4boony 03:58 28 Nov 12 by vishnu5
sexual problem
age=25 sex=male premature ejaculation problem...
4kunal8503:57 28 Nov 12 by vishnu5
insomnia and sexual weakness
Dr , My name is deepak. I am 27 Years Old and I ...
4pawar8203:55 28 Nov 12 by vishnu5
please help me from sexual weakness
hello, i am 25 year old unmarried .i am very upse...
4ggurdeep03:54 28 Nov 12 by vishnu5
no sexual intrest
i am 45 years old diabetic now a days i am not int...
4maxim_nunes03:51 28 Nov 12 by vishnu5
Sexual Problems
Hi doctors, I am very tensed disappointed and u...
4ahmedahmed03:49 28 Nov 12 by vishnu5
Sexual dysfuction and Depression
Hi, My problem is in regards to Sexual dysfunction...
4Kingarthur2403:47 28 Nov 12 by vishnu5
Sexual Exhaustion
Hello, I am 23 years old. I think that i am suff...
4Barbaros03:43 28 Nov 12 by vishnu5
high sexual desire
dear doctor i want to reduce my sex desire bcoz iv...
4yaqeen03:40 28 Nov 12 by vishnu5
regarding sexual problem and burning pain in spine doctor pls help me
doctor i am 33 yrs old guy fair complexion , my pr...
4vinodag03:38 28 Nov 12 by vishnu5
I am 39 yrs and i have erection problem since last...
4ajit.kumar03:37 28 Nov 12 by vishnu5
dr.kadwa,dr.nawaz plz.help-side effect of alopthic mediine-hetrazan -lost sexual desire
i am 41 years old, i had been treated by doctor f...
4xiang03:33 28 Nov 12 by vishnu5
Doctors I beg for your help !!! Sexual identity problems
Itís hard for me not knowing who I am or which roa...
4miracle_believer03:30 28 Nov 12 by vishnu5
Attn:Is there any Dr listening,please help::::sexual weakness
I have answered most of the question format please...
4guardian06 03:21 28 Nov 12 by vishnu5
Urine Problem and Sexual Weakness
I am 26 year old male with a problem. I have bee...
3naveed200603:17 28 Nov 12 by vishnu5
Loser dying from sexual problems
hi, Kindly help me, if there is no medicine that ...
3Loser 03:15 28 Nov 12 by vishnu5
How To Increase Sexual Intercouse Time
Hi, All Respected Doctors my name is Shakeel i m ...
3Studentofhomeo03:13 28 Nov 12 by vishnu5
Prostate Related Sexual Side Effects???
I've had the WORST time finding a doctor who ...
3preza9903:12 28 Nov 12 by vishnu5
sexual weakness
hi im suffering from sexual weakness and premature...
3hasanali8703:09 28 Nov 12 by vishnu5
Doctors Plz... help in Sexual Problem
Dear Doctors, I am 32years Married male, Height...
3remington7803:07 28 Nov 12 by vishnu5
sexual problem..please help.
i have a problem with masturbation..i am 23 male. ...
3Tommys03:06 28 Nov 12 by vishnu5
Overcome Sexual desire
Hi I am 23 year old male.My problem is that Many a...
3vini21203:04 28 Nov 12 by vishnu5
sexual disorder
Hello.. Am 27 years old. Am having sex from 2002 ...
3habib_dcc03:01 28 Nov 12 by vishnu5
Sexual Thoughts in Mind but Erectile Dysfunction
Dear Drs, I am 33 years old and have the problem ...
3sumit7703:00 28 Nov 12 by vishnu5
Extreme sexual desire
Dear Doctors, I am 17 years old male. Suffe...
3Cool boy02:59 28 Nov 12 by vishnu5
Sexual weakness due to anxiety disorder
Hello doctor, I am suffering from anxiety disor...
3Nishant128302:56 28 Nov 12 by vishnu5
Unwanted sexual thoughts and masturbation habit.
I'm 18 years old guy suffering from unwanted ...
3Cool boy02:55 28 Nov 12 by vishnu5
Anxiousness and Sexual Problems
Hi, First of all, my regards to all those wh...
3rajeshkkr02:53 28 Nov 12 by vishnu5
sexual power
I am around 48 years of age. Weight 81 kgs. I am h...
3hafeez4602:52 28 Nov 12 by vishnu5
Dear doctors Abc forum pls help me with latestet discovery of homeopathic medicines that can enhance sexual desire and can remove errectile dysfunction.
Dear participating doctors of this forum please gu...
3Dr.Haran ch malaker 02:49 28 Nov 12 by vishnu5
sexual weakness, profuse sweating
assalamualaikum sir, im 28 yrs old married man w...
3h2mza2 02:47 28 Nov 12 by vishnu5
Suffering with severe Sexual Exahustion
Dear Sir/Mam Kidnly go through my sympotms help...
3ammazer02:39 28 Nov 12 by vishnu5
Sexual Problem
Dera Dr. i am 37yr old married male.I live with...
3aahil02:36 28 Nov 12 by vishnu5
psychological and sexual problem plzzzz help
heloooo sir age = 23 height = 5 feet 9 inch ...
3babarali02:32 28 Nov 12 by vishnu5
Post sexual abuse problems
I'm 30 year old, female. My problems, to ...
3S.Fenn 02:26 28 Nov 12 by vishnu5
Severe sexual thoughts(male)
Doctor, I'm a 26 year male. I'm gettin...
3sandhigrandhi02:15 28 Nov 12 by vishnu5
Sexual general weakness
One of my friend told me that he has very much wea...
3nizamani02:11 28 Nov 12 by vishnu5
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