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Information given in this forum is given by way of exchange of views only. It is not to be treated as a medical diagnosis, and should not be used as a substitute for seeing a qualified homeopath or physician. In most cases, advice posted here is not given by a medical expert.

If symptoms persist, consult a medical professional.

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TopicPostsStarted byLast Post
Can any homeopathic remedy stop a status migraine
Has anyone used a homeopathic remedy to stop a sta...
3Cupcake300:04 11 Oct 12 by simone717
Does Homeopathy really work
I was seeing a Homeopathy Practioner a couple of m...
1astra123:32 10 Oct 12 by simone717
Shoulder pain
I am 75 yrs old person, having controlled by medic...
2davendrak20:18 10 Oct 12 by davendrak
Scar tissue on scalp
Dr Sharma My daughter aged eight, has a 12cm long...
0Riumar18:35 10 Oct 12 by
how long Bellis Per 30 can be continued
for my mother age 70 started bellis per 30 for i...
1dkpateria17:49 10 Oct 12 by srisri
please answer
is there any quick action medicine in homeopathy f...
1ladoo17:42 10 Oct 12 by srisri
Rectovaginal Fistula
I am suffering from RVF by birth.I had been operat...
9monikasgra 16:58 10 Oct 12 by monikasgra
Pilonidal Abscess
Patient ID: fahadiii Sex:Male Age:32 1. Desc... [LAST PAGE]
13fahadiii16:40 10 Oct 12 by nawazkhan
Chronic Cystitis
Hello! I have a chronic cystitis and I have trie...
12california16:36 10 Oct 12 by simone717
Does homeopathy work?
Hi,I am a student from Spain who is doing a projec...
10clarkenels16:31 10 Oct 12 by AsadGhumman
breast lump
I wanted to shrink my breast lump through the raw ...
5moppyo14:29 10 Oct 12 by Reva V
dr jehanzeb hair loss
CompositionAcid Phos D5, Arnica Mont D7, Ars ...
0jehanzebo12:29 10 Oct 12 by
Back Pain
I am 70 years old male suffering from back pain (l... [LAST PAGE]
18jagdishmalik09:34 10 Oct 12 by judimaria
do u have any treatment to enlarge penis for permanently
Respected doctor I am Yaseen Ali from kerala . i a...
0mohammedfaa 08:07 10 Oct 12 by
Attn KADWA! Reporting after 15 days! Hair Loss as a result of grief
2 years ago, I went through an emotional trauma of...
12pixielove07:44 10 Oct 12 by pixielove
Low Back pain--disk collaps
Hi Doctors, My wife(age 30) suffering from low ...
2srinivasu1307:43 10 Oct 12 by sarim kashmiri
overy cyst case in history
unsual menses after and bef0re marriage. before m...
0jilesh tank07:37 10 Oct 12 by
primary amenorrhea
Hello, I am 27 years old woman with primary amenor...
9Vilte07:30 10 Oct 12 by kadwa
warts - high bp
Dear Kadwa, as per your suggestion I have taken on...
1insv197107:21 10 Oct 12 by kadwa
consumption of Nux Vomica Mother Tincture Poisonous??
Hi, I have been recently prescribed to take Nu...
1avishek 07:14 10 Oct 12 by kadwa
Migraine due to barometric pressure changes
I am a 59 year old woman who has been suffering fr...
2conniep07:12 10 Oct 12 by conniep
Lichen Planus
One of my patient aging 70 years is suffering from...
1sarim kashmiri07:03 10 Oct 12 by kadwa
right knee pain!!!!!!!!!!!
1. Name: Fatima Zeeniya 2. Age : 33 3. Sex : F...
0fatimazeeniya06:37 10 Oct 12 by
homeo for dog - allergies
Hi, I have a Dachshund who moved from Southern ...
3homeo for us06:34 10 Oct 12 by kadwa
I m 21yr old married female and a mother of one 2y...
3LoveRed 06:34 10 Oct 12 by LoveRed
Extreme Stress And Anxiety
This stress and anxiety thing started 2 years ag...
4mohdimran3200003:51 10 Oct 12 by mohdimran32000
Hand bones and hand figures
Dear sir I am in problem for my son. My son is ...
1M.abdullah ksa21:22 09 Oct 12 by nawazkhan
Prevent Hair loss
Hi, I am 28 years old,female.I am experiencing ... [LAST PAGE]
13pink12319:16 09 Oct 12 by pink123
Trapped Nerve in neck
I'm currently in absolute agony with a trappe...
1kohler19:01 09 Oct 12 by bapu4
Having high heart bit rate with low blood pressure
Hello, abc homeopathy, I am a boy. My age is only...
0Crookbud 14:46 09 Oct 12 by
Hi, i am 30 year old male, suffering from Heredita...
1Abdullahi Ibn Muha14:41 09 Oct 12 by Reva V
red bumps/pimples
Hi I m 25f. From last 6-7 days I am suffering from...
1arpitasingh1986 14:23 09 Oct 12 by Reva V
dent in ribs cage
I am very worried about my dent.I am 17 years old....
0hamzabalouch 13:22 09 Oct 12 by
Pain in Both legs while walking
Dear Sir, I am 35 year old, weight 83Kg having ...
1sushil_150812:51 09 Oct 12 by nawazkhan
numness in both legs
r/ doctor shahib ji there is numnessin my bothlegs...
1kuldipmengi12:50 09 Oct 12 by nawazkhan
Bleeding Piles
I am suffering with piles for the last 15 years....
1Sanjeev Khanna12:46 09 Oct 12 by nawazkhan
Ovary cyst patient history
While I was small I was very naughty . I had to p...
0jilesh tank11:31 09 Oct 12 by
Childrens immune system
Hello, I am looking for a help to my children. My ... [LAST PAGE]
47EgleJ11:25 09 Oct 12 by EgleJ
Posterior pons infract
his case is my father. He is tobbco chewer since ...
0jilesh tank11:20 09 Oct 12 by
Follow up overy cyst
Sir my overian cyst pt Is very restless black disc...
0jilesh tank11:19 09 Oct 12 by
Low sperm count & motility-Please help Dear Doctors- Semen Analysis Report Attached
I am a 32 years old man and my wife is 23, she is ...
0cool0097707:39 09 Oct 12 by
Nasal Polyp, Allergic Rhinitis& DNS
I have been suffering from Allergic Rhinitis , na...
1krisdas06:18 09 Oct 12 by kadwa
child health
my 4 yr s old child has worms in stomach , and his...
4ridhimaawasthi05:56 09 Oct 12 by simone717
problem with my throat
Dear sir For the last few months I have been faci...
8sudiptoc05:56 09 Oct 12 by kadwa
Swelling in Gums
Hello doctor, I am 51 yrs old lady.My Gums are ...
2SHILPY000903:42 09 Oct 12 by SHILPY0009
Constant crackling sound in ear with heaviness in head and forehead
Hi I am a 26 year male weight 69 Kg Height 5...
7INSTRU2601:29 09 Oct 12 by simone717
Erectyle dysfunction
Patient ID: Sex: M Age: 31 1. Describe you...
0avipat80 00:48 09 Oct 12 by
Hairloss, Eczema, Acne, Endometriosis
Gender: Female Age: 28 Body Type: Slender - Ave...
7Anna688419:06 08 Oct 12 by Anna6884
Post closed

[message deleted by daniel.1980 on Tue, 22 Jan...
0daniel.198016:25 08 Oct 12 by
i am 22 yr old, belong to delhi. i am suffering fr...
2radzgemini16:08 08 Oct 12 by radzgemini
empidimal cyst with hydrocele
i am rajinder my age is 25 year my problam is my l...
0rajinder01114:35 08 Oct 12 by
hepetitis b positive
pls say how to protect from hbsag +...
0bobby934614:16 08 Oct 12 by
1,5 year old kid coughing
Hello, I need some advice about a cough my kid ha... [LAST PAGE]
48spela.sunflower13:22 08 Oct 12 by nawazkhan
nawazkhan traveling back home to U. S.
Hi, It seems that I will not be able to reply f...
2nawazkhan12:55 08 Oct 12 by nawazkhan
Mosquito bites & Malaria
2 questions. We live in South Africa and my son h...
1Snowi_d12:41 08 Oct 12 by srisri
Piles problem

[message deleted by khalid malik786 on Wed, 25...
0khalid malik78611:49 08 Oct 12 by
Chronic Constipation
Dear Sir, Suffering from Chronic Constipation. ... [LAST PAGE]
277Vaskar2007 11:42 08 Oct 12 by SHILPY0009
Spider remedy???
My son is currently working with a homeopath to he...
0Tilcon2210:36 08 Oct 12 by
hepetitis b cure
dear sir iam 33 have been suffering from hep- b ,m...
0bobby934608:58 08 Oct 12 by
Infertilty: Plese help
dear doctors, i am a 32 years old man and my wife...
0cool0097708:28 08 Oct 12 by
baby sick-any advice
everybody has been sick at home, including my midd...
1janecita08:05 08 Oct 12 by kadwa
Dr. Kadwa please advice( Ulcerative Colitis)
I am 29 yrs old female suffering from ulcerative ...
0userpriya08:03 08 Oct 12 by
Chronic Enlarged Adenoid - looking for guidance please - thank you :)
This is my first time to post to this forum, pleas... [LAST PAGE]
14mnmama07:58 08 Oct 12 by kadwa
knee pain....
I am 33 years old female since 2 month's I ha...
3fatimazeeniya07:56 08 Oct 12 by fatimazeeniya
Posterior pons infract
This case is my father. He is tobbco chewer since...
0jilesh tank07:04 08 Oct 12 by
Attn Kadwa: please guide
Hi Kadwa can you look into this case please. s...
0nefertiti03:43 08 Oct 12 by
Gelsemium 200 with Silicia 200??
Can we use gelsemium 200c and silicia 200c simul...
2tcdserver22:38 07 Oct 12 by simone717
Im 28 years old female from Slovenia (Europe) and ...
5pupika22:14 07 Oct 12 by simone717
For obesity, high blood pressure
Hi, looking for some prescription. I am 35 yrs ...
2madhudale22:06 07 Oct 12 by simone717
21 year old female with rash
I have a rash that at times has covered most of my...
1motherofone 18:54 07 Oct 12 by motherofone
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