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Information given in this forum is given by way of exchange of views only. It is not to be treated as a medical diagnosis, and should not be used as a substitute for seeing a qualified homeopath or physician. In most cases, advice posted here is not given by a medical expert.

If symptoms persist, consult a medical professional.

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TopicPostsStarted byLast Post
desperately need help for my MOM!!!!!help plzz!!Dr Kadwa,Daktersaab...or any other experts
Patient ID: Sex:Female Age:52 Please answer the...
0akki9409:13 07 Nov 12 by
22 month - Toddler - Nasal Congestion
Hello I have a 22 month old toddler who has be...
5harip08:47 07 Nov 12 by harip
Carcinosin LM1
Hello- I'm trying to find Carcinosin LM 1 ... [LAST PAGE]
32magicandmiracles108:10 07 Nov 12 by pushi1
Pegmentation on face
Dear sir For the last 3-4 year my face has become...
1gopal148607:49 07 Nov 12 by kadwa
Dr Kadwa sir please help skin inf.
Res sir' my friend was suffering from some...
11raj1107:43 07 Nov 12 by kadwa
Squint/strabsmus - left eye going outwards --upwards
i need your valuable advise on my case as below: ...
1mohshanu07:39 07 Nov 12 by kadwa
Root Canal/apicoectomy (Infection in Gum)
My cousin had a root canal recently which did no...
3gochmari06:58 07 Nov 12 by kadwa
Which way round
Hello All, I had been prescribed Sepia Officin...
2FredAt 04:55 07 Nov 12 by FredAt
I am male,25 years,weight:65kgs, height 5'6&#...
1agnisiddhanta04:47 07 Nov 12 by bapu4
Cat Behavior Help
Gracen is a cat with some issues. She had a hard ...
0anita8jp02:48 07 Nov 12 by
hi i am 27yr male having complaint of hypertensio...
1sandeep67818:52 06 Nov 12 by doctorbadar9
Can Homeopathy can treat Hydrocephalus ?
Hi Varun, My 3.5 Years old son, had hydrocephalus...
1SA Kulkarni16:33 06 Nov 12 by simone717
dream about stairs?
I dreamed that at the top ( at a rather high heigh...
2starface15:13 06 Nov 12 by amylee
Can Ars-Alb and Bryonia be given one hour apart
Hi, my dog is under homeopathic treatment for live...
9sujisuji11:28 06 Nov 12 by sujisuji
Body Pain .
After 50 , sitting in AC offices. Pls advise prope...
1Gopala09:14 06 Nov 12 by kadwa
Going to the toilet and gas problem soon after eating?
dear Dr my age is 25, i am working in IT.i am suf...
1amitrana75209:13 06 Nov 12 by kadwa
ejacultae even at sight of vigina
i am though 67 but have strong sexual desire stil...
1jayvie5008:03 06 Nov 12 by kadwa
Hello, So my question is, have I read corre...
6kirsty2808:02 06 Nov 12 by kirsty28
i just feel this in winter?
ASSALAMOALAIKUM And Hello Everyone I hope you all ...
1Rj Sahib Zada 07:53 06 Nov 12 by kadwa
left shoulder frozen,arm painful
left shoulder feels icy in cold since five years.l...
4suba ram07:31 06 Nov 12 by suba ram
severe leaf mold allergies
Hi! I've an avid gardener, but I found out t...
3barb.chadha07:27 06 Nov 12 by kadwa
I took a bad fall off my bike last July -- landed ... [LAST PAGE]
25pervasive07:09 06 Nov 12 by kadwa
erectile dysfunction
I am 55, suffering from high blood pressure for ...
3vikas.vaswani06:46 06 Nov 12 by AlvisWilson
I am raising this topic simply because I have a fe... [LAST PAGE]
43badshah1906:19 06 Nov 12 by Reva V
Mild Obstructive Sleep Apnea (327.23)
Dear Dr. 1. ID or Your Name: Naaadei 2. Age :...
0naadei17:03 05 Nov 12 by
Retinal detachment & vitrectomy
Greetings! I underwent a vitrectomy on my right...
0kapilsweetkapil14:15 05 Nov 12 by
Silicea antidote plz shouse nsk
I have a silicea proving symptoms from the last ...
3Sonu8213:52 05 Nov 12 by Sonu82
Short height and Large male boobs
i am male, 18 years old.Height- 5'5.5 My brot...
0ZaynMahalik13:04 05 Nov 12 by
Aural Haematoma
My dog has had a haematoma on his earlobe for abou...
1foodie09:37 05 Nov 12 by kadwa
Dr saumya can u plz help me
Asthma = pollen thundercracker
09:34 05 Nov 12 by
Allergic problem
I am 30 years old and suffering from allergy sin...
1manu001 09:33 05 Nov 12 by kadwa
Is pcod curable in homeopathy?How long the treatme...
0Stephi08:18 05 Nov 12 by
Urinary Incontinence & oedema
Pl help me. My mother has HIGH BP. to treat tha...
0Hema Raj08:12 05 Nov 12 by
stomach problem?
Sir I have stomach problem acidity problem Indige...
11Razi Shah08:05 05 Nov 12 by Razi Shah
I suffer from insomnia for 4 years. I fall aslee...
1georfil08:02 05 Nov 12 by kadwa
Dr- Reva, or other Doctors -Please advice - Potassium Deficiency
Yesterday, Doctor diagnosed me with the deficiency...
10shanskool07:25 05 Nov 12 by shanskool
A 28 YEAR FEMALE SUFFERING unusual menses after an...
0jilesh tank07:03 05 Nov 12 by
Need your help
I am 51 y old lady, with a stressful job. I recogn...
6Sara6104:30 05 Nov 12 by Bipin5
Mr. Nawaz Khan - My son needs help to increase his height. and his appetite.
ASA Nawaz Uncle. I was hoping you could help with...
9Seema Taufiq04:01 05 Nov 12 by nawazkhan
Mr. Nawaz Khan - My daughter needs help to increase her height
ASA Nawaz Uncle, I was hoping you may be able to ...
11Seema Taufiq03:59 05 Nov 12 by nawazkhan
Pulsatilla 1m dosage
please any one suggest how many days can pulsatil...
0jyothirmayi 03:29 05 Nov 12 by
Infantile Spasms?
My son is 19 months old and suffered a birth injur...
10DillonsMommy23:33 04 Nov 12 by simone717
Men's Baldness in young age
Patient ID: s.arun316 Sex: Male Age: 24 ...
1s.arun31616:34 04 Nov 12 by akshaymohl
sperm volume
Hi, my question would be is there any remedy that ...
1redbilberry16:31 04 Nov 12 by akshaymohl
does anyone deal with Bach flower remedies on this forum
Does anyone deal with Bach Flower Remedies or know... [LAST PAGE]
71pixie wood15:06 04 Nov 12 by akshaymohl
&#2360;&#2352; &#2350;&#2376;&...
1ashishmedia 13:00 04 Nov 12 by kadwa
eczema on body and constipation
my age i 26 and i am a boy. sine winter season has...
1ahmed66612:48 04 Nov 12 by kadwa
attention dr.s kadwa and simone
Respected dr.s, shall i start with CICUTA...
0xpensia12:14 04 Nov 12 by
Treatment for allergy and frequent cold
Hi All, I have twin daughters, aged approx. 5 yrs...
4ibm12312:03 04 Nov 12 by Joe De Livera
Foreskin problem
Sir, I am Male,52 yrs,5-4' wt.65kg. For last...
3Bipin511:43 04 Nov 12 by kadwa
lower back pain and left shoulder pain from last two year
sex male age 36, weight &#8326;0kg height 5 ft...
2subratasili 07:16 04 Nov 12 by subratasili
Urgent! Infant Wilm's Tumor
Hello all. I am new to this forum, but have been ...
1maalima8105:48 04 Nov 12 by bapu4
Depreesion /asthma (Plz help)
i am so perplexed which doc to go for on abchomeop...
2thundercracker05:35 04 Nov 12 by thundercracker
Fear of Lizard
Dear Members, Any body who can tell specific reme...
0bapu405:26 04 Nov 12 by
Hii, My daughter named tannu is totally deaf by bi...
4kamal123403:17 04 Nov 12 by kamal1234
Hi I m 20 yrs old girl and my height is 4ft 11in ...
0Adita22:11 03 Nov 12 by
pain after dental crown
I am 58 year old healthy female. On Oct 3 I had a ...
1illume16:45 03 Nov 12 by nawazkhan
can Origanum M. Q be taken with Arnica M. 200? ?...
0creolve14:23 03 Nov 12 by
I want to reduce my weight. please help me
I am 78 born female having two children normally b...
0junkfd10:28 03 Nov 12 by
Severe hair fall. Please help :'(
Hi there, I am 21, female, weighing 52 kgs, hei...
1divya28 08:32 03 Nov 12 by kadwa
Aconitum dosage for panic attack???
Hi, I am male 29. Since child hood, I have a pr...
1daniel.198007:37 03 Nov 12 by kadwa
increasing immunity
Need help: My son is 3 yrs old,he was started day...
1Ruchi Raj07:33 03 Nov 12 by kadwa
19 month old boy suffering from green runny nose
Hi there Was wanting some help. For the last t...
4VenessaM 07:07 03 Nov 12 by kadwa
Advice please for stuttering child
Hi, Id be very grateful for any homeopathy sug...
8Paloms06:42 03 Nov 12 by kadwa
I am going through heartbreak :(
I have broke up with my bf few days back and i am...
3indiangirl03:03 03 Nov 12 by bapu4
Dr Nawazkhan help
I have corhn ,s diease. I have this diease one and... [LAST PAGE]
74Fatimah01:57 03 Nov 12 by nawazkhan
My husband was diagnosed with gallstones 2 years...
2Happythoughts15:33 02 Nov 12 by Happythoughts
Strength of Spigelia anthelmia for parasites
Hello, I took this remedy (6X) at three-four hou...
5Daniellie 13:47 02 Nov 12 by Reva V
depression Dr Reva and Simone
Simone would you please suggest the best doc in my...
0thundercracker13:06 02 Nov 12 by
cirrosis of liver with k/c/o dm
patient is arround 60 yrs and he has suffer dm and...
1jilesh tank09:44 02 Nov 12 by Dr. Showrav
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