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Information given in this forum is given by way of exchange of views only. It is not to be treated as a medical diagnosis, and should not be used as a substitute for seeing a qualified homeopath or physician. In most cases, advice posted here is not given by a medical expert.

If symptoms persist, consult a medical professional.

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I am married with 3 kids. Age 36. Is there any rem...
10mdhero200102:24 14 Sep 12 by vishnu5
To Dr Reva Spermatohorrea, premature ejaculation, penis small..
Hello Sir, I m 27 years old now I got the habbit...
10avena 02:23 14 Sep 12 by vishnu5
Serious Premature Ejaculation-Help
Greetings! I am 28 year old man. Got married 8...
10pranavshah02:22 14 Sep 12 by vishnu5
dr ,sameer, gavinmurthy ,,, premature ejaculation
dear doctor , when ever i talk to a girl ,my some ...
10awdhesh02:21 14 Sep 12 by vishnu5
Early / Premature Ejaculation
Dear Homeopaths! I have gone thru your site and...
10ovaisbaig 02:19 14 Sep 12 by vishnu5
premature Ejaculation
Hello!! I would like to try PHosphoricum Acidum ,...
10silent storm02:18 14 Sep 12 by vishnu5
Gas,Acidity,Dark Circles, Nearsightedness,Premature ejaculation
Dear Doctors My Name is Parveen Age :27 years S...
11parveen00702:15 14 Sep 12 by vishnu5
Bilogical Reason - Premature Ejaculation
Dear All, This is Saurav. I am 28 years , 5.8 hei...
12Uttam02:14 14 Sep 12 by simone717
Remedy for Premature Ejaculation
Hi, Dear doctors on this forum, can any body sugg...
11cnbdxb02:14 14 Sep 12 by vishnu5
premature ejuculation
I am suffering from premature ejaculation.I have v...
12mk_jm02:12 14 Sep 12 by vishnu5
Weak Erection, Loss of Erection and Premature Ejaculation
I have been suffering from loss of erection, weak ...
12abcd12302:09 14 Sep 12 by vishnu5
Male: Migraine, Premature Ejaculation, Grey Hair, Acne.
Dear Sir, Starting with my details: Age: 26 ... [LAST PAGE]
13coolvap 02:06 14 Sep 12 by vishnu5
Chronic Premature Ejaculation ( I have tried everything)
I am married from past 6 years. its been like almo... [LAST PAGE]
14zeeshan123 02:04 14 Sep 12 by vishnu5
weak erection and premature ejaculation.
I am 37 years old male and for as long as I could ... [LAST PAGE]
14heynow2009 02:02 14 Sep 12 by vishnu5
premature ejaculation,(dr kadwa pls)
respected dr kadwa,i am a 36yr married male.i star... [LAST PAGE]
15garg76001:57 14 Sep 12 by vishnu5
Premature Enjaculation
Hello, I am Kamal, now at USA for few years. I ... [LAST PAGE]
15mdhero200101:55 14 Sep 12 by vishnu5
premature ejaculation
i m 32 years male,height 6 feet and weight 90 kg,m... [LAST PAGE]
15manpreet01:54 14 Sep 12 by vishnu5
premature Ejaculation
Dear Sir, I am 32 years old. when i feel aroused, ... [LAST PAGE]
16rockyr01:49 14 Sep 12 by vishnu5
premature ejaculation
I m a 40 year old married man. I have premature ej... [LAST PAGE]
17Riaz Muhammad01:41 14 Sep 12 by vishnu5
Pl Help:Getting Married/Premature ejaculation
I am 29 yrs old. 5'11' weighing around 7... [LAST PAGE]
18anivesh01:40 14 Sep 12 by vishnu5
want to cure premature ejaculation ,quick release of prostatic fluid
sir i am rehan i am suffering from problems of p... [LAST PAGE]
20REHAN ABDUL RAB01:37 14 Sep 12 by vishnu5
Premature Ejaculation, lack of sexual desire
Hi, I have been married for three years. For two y... [LAST PAGE]
25atifakbar 00:50 14 Sep 12 by vishnu5
premature ejaculation
i m 30 year getting married on feb 2008 . i have s... [LAST PAGE]
31Daanial00:33 14 Sep 12 by vishnu5
Premature Ejaculation
I was involved in masturbation since 10 years of a... [LAST PAGE]
34eusaphzaee00:29 14 Sep 12 by vishnu5
Premature Ejaculation
Dear All, I m 28 years, 5.8 height . 76weigh heal... [LAST PAGE]
36Uttam00:26 14 Sep 12 by vishnu5
J.K Mohla please advice, (Premature ejaculation, Poor memory, anxiety, stage fright, excessive sweating of palm & feats.)
J.K Mohla, You had advised my to take acid pho... [LAST PAGE]
39Aamir_Shah00:23 14 Sep 12 by vishnu5
erectile dysfunction and stiffness trouble
hi i have been suffering above described problems ...
0Slikelane21:03 13 Sep 12 by
PLEASE help with insomnia,depression? memory loss
I am a 45 year old female. Have always been hypoth... [LAST PAGE]
18heidi46719:39 13 Sep 12 by heidi467
stuffy nose, sore throat, tonsil stones, for a yr and anger
Hi.. 16 yr old boy. Suffering with sore throat, ... [LAST PAGE]
33jdc0218:26 13 Sep 12 by jdc02
common cold -2 years old
My 2 years old daughter is sneezing a lot today. I...
1ritu14s10:49 13 Sep 12 by Joe De Livera
Cyst, Ascitis & Tuberculosis in the abdomen with pain
Dear all members Please advise some appropriate...
0Spicey10:18 13 Sep 12 by
2 Months before Marriage
I am 29 years old. Going to marriage after a coupl...
0ahamaham 09:35 13 Sep 12 by
Horrible smell - Stool and Gas
Dear Doctor, One son 20 months old having probl...
2anish_anirudh09:14 13 Sep 12 by anish_anirudh
Wisdom Tooth Pain
Hello i have pain in my right side of jaw, just ...
2ashish841908:57 13 Sep 12 by ashish8419
difficulty in breathing,glue ears
Hi!I am 21 I underwent a septoplasty to get my dev...
1siddhant199108:51 13 Sep 12 by kadwa
Frequent hunger and quick/sharp stabbing paing near heart area
31 year old male. 5'11' tall, 155lbs. Had...
3Buff392207:54 13 Sep 12 by kadwa
Pain in the abdomen-Right Ovary bulky, Cyst, and Ascites with free water in abdomen
1. ID: rani9 2. Age 30 yrs 3. Sex Female ...
2Rani905:49 13 Sep 12 by Rani9
Is it safe to take Natrum Mur during Pregnancy?
I've been told by someone that Natrum Mur c...
1pawajee05:31 13 Sep 12 by daktersaab
I have a rashes on my face, hands and legs only. Those are red, itchy and bumpy
Hi, I got rashes on my hands, face and legs f...
12suvvi03:51 13 Sep 12 by saurabni
small white dots on my legs
i m a female,28 yrs old and since last 15 days , i...
0saurabni 03:47 13 Sep 12 by
Hair Fall
My age is 34 years(male)and my hair is falling in ...
1Akhoon_khail03:31 13 Sep 12 by varun gupta
Severe period pain
Hi everyone I'm wondering if you would be abl... [LAST PAGE]
145Yellow3601:30 13 Sep 12 by nawazkhan
Chalazion in 3 year old girl
Hello, I desperately need help in healing the cha...
7slord17:41 12 Sep 12 by simone717
Frontal Lobe Syndrome
Dear All, I got the reference of this site whil...
12satija16:39 12 Sep 12 by simone717
kidney problem
my wife had a pacemaker which was infected after4 ...
1sbksinha14:42 12 Sep 12 by Joe De Livera
Dengue Virus Awareness Campaign
For 'High Fever' and 'Severe Body Pain...
3shamid14:37 12 Sep 12 by Joe De Livera
remedy for wart in finger
Hi, I have a wart in my thumb(finger) since last ... [LAST PAGE]
36Achuta13:05 12 Sep 12 by nawazkhan
Hi I am suffereing from piles since last one ye...
1jacky4u12:50 12 Sep 12 by nawazkhan
Hydrocele 8 month after varicocele surgery....
Dear doctors, first of all thank you for reading t... [LAST PAGE]
120Pablo Sardon12:42 12 Sep 12 by nawazkhan
Difference in power
Please any Dr. tell me difference between 6 and 6x...
6inland10:26 12 Sep 12 by inland
bone hyperplasia/cervical spondylosis
Hello. I'm asking for a friend. She is 28...
2clairedelune09:16 12 Sep 12 by clairedelune
congenital heart defect and homeopathic medicine
My son is a 2 year toddler with congenital heart d...
1sreenuv 07:20 12 Sep 12 by kadwa
chronic stomach problem
1. I am 40 year old . 2.i am suffering from probl...
1ROHP0QS107:14 12 Sep 12 by kadwa
Cystic acne before ovulation
Hi, I'm 37 and about a year ago started getti...
4kranberry07:09 12 Sep 12 by kadwa
Please any doctor can help for hand writing difficulties
Dear Assalamu alaikum. I have no control over ...
0Akhoon_khail06:41 12 Sep 12 by
Toddler girl with no appetite
Hello dr and every one on the forum; I need to ...
6Tayyba_anwar06:03 12 Sep 12 by daktersaab
Constant cough...need help
My mother age 51 is suffering from cough Symptoms...
6akki9405:52 12 Sep 12 by daktersaab
stomich problim,and High Blud presure.
The honourable doctor, sir iam telling u about my ...
3Agha sb 05:49 12 Sep 12 by daktersaab
whta's the difference between Baryta phos and bartya carb?
can you please tell me what's the differences...
1mareno05:40 12 Sep 12 by srisri
for run fast
res. sir i am interested in join army,police so ...
3deepakkumar1205:25 12 Sep 12 by AsadGhumman
is there is no cure in homeopathic for difficulties in hand writing?
Dear Assalamu alaikum. I have no control over ...
0Akhoon_khail04:49 12 Sep 12 by
***1st timer: did i choose the right tx for my toddler???***
In my attempt to go the holistic route I have purc...
1karenhny03:47 12 Sep 12 by simone717
6 week old with reflux issues
Hello, I'm looking for suggestions for our a...
8lward9701:31 12 Sep 12 by Joe De Livera
excessive urination, sexual weekness and night emission problem
i m 26 years old boy. my problem is excessive urin...
6ahmed66601:12 12 Sep 12 by akshaymohl
Skin rashes
My daughter is 6 years old and quite petite. Sh... [LAST PAGE]
43Simran2501:01 12 Sep 12 by Simran25
Anal Fistula - Very Painful
Hi, Long story short, I had an abscess in periana...
6nbhadra00:56 12 Sep 12 by nawazkhan
Hello Dr, I am facing alopecia from last 8-9 ...
12arvindharitus12:49 11 Sep 12 by nawazkhan
Homeopathy in sport.
A champion's appraoch to sports medicine ...
0Parakletos11:22 11 Sep 12 by
Difficulties with handwritting
Dear Assalamu alaikum. I have no control over t...
0Akhoon_khail10:01 11 Sep 12 by
Hair loss/regrowth - Please help Joe De Livera
Hello: I am a 28 year old female. I have lost my h... [LAST PAGE]
19indy027809:09 11 Sep 12 by Joe De Livera
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