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Information given in this forum is given by way of exchange of views only. It is not to be treated as a medical diagnosis, and should not be used as a substitute for seeing a qualified homeopath or physician. In most cases, advice posted here is not given by a medical expert.

If symptoms persist, consult a medical professional.

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TopicPostsStarted byLast Post
Filaria ,Elephantiasis
A girl is suffering for it what are the test which...
1rajkumar123110:44 05 Oct 12 by maheeru
Acidity and Gastric
Doctors, Kind Attn. I am suffering in problem ...
5Sharma Naveen10:33 05 Oct 12 by Sharma Naveen
warts on Neck & Head
Warts on the neck & h...
0Sharma Naveen10:20 05 Oct 12 by
i am 39 year 5 foot 10 inch 70 kg i go to stool 3...
0manishbatish09:53 05 Oct 12 by
Leg problem for my Father
Hi Doctors, I need your help for my father'...
1srinivasu1307:44 05 Oct 12 by kadwa
trigiminal neuralgia
my brother's wife aged about55years suffering...
1sbksinha07:37 05 Oct 12 by kadwa
Waking up in the night
I have two children a boy 4.5 yrs old and a girl 3...
1mommyof207:26 05 Oct 12 by kadwa
The terror of Stramonium
Hi All, I would like some input about reme...
1Albert07:23 05 Oct 12 by kadwa
pain in tonsils and voice loss trouble respiration
hi, doctor my wife 34 year old suffering from nodu...
1sajid123407:19 05 Oct 12 by kadwa
agraphis nutans 30c dosage
My son is 4 years 2 months old. He had fluid behin...
1pandaman07:07 05 Oct 12 by kadwa
left thigh staph infection
dr, i have been operated at left thigh and dghs d...
3pradeepbunty06:54 05 Oct 12 by kadwa
Hair loss and premature greying
Hello i am 24 year old guy i am facing a problem o...
0achillies06:12 05 Oct 12 by
nephrotic syndrome
hi please help my 4yr old son is suffering with ne... [LAST PAGE]
19salochna06:08 05 Oct 12 by kadwa
urgent from Africa
hello doctor i am AYISSI lionel from Cameroon (Af...
1lionel 705:06 05 Oct 12 by srisri
Parkinson's Disease diagnosis
I was recently diagnosed with PD at 49 years old. ...
7golfergal02:37 05 Oct 12 by golfergal
10 month baby with Eczema.
First of all I would like to tell our story. Our b...
9pavlosp02:21 05 Oct 12 by simone717
chronic atopic dermatitis
my daugther 18 months has atopic dermatitis . Sh...
1nm742701:51 05 Oct 12 by simone717
Auto Immune issues and The Transfer Factor
I have a dog who has auto immune issues. I am adm...
5Silent Raindrops16:47 04 Oct 12 by YuliaStore
Treating scar tissue after chalazion surgery
Hi, Its been ~2 weeks after my chalazion surgery... [LAST PAGE]
22311.horizon14:12 04 Oct 12 by maheeru
Hello sri. My new case a 60 yrs female. K/c/o; HT ...
0jilesh tank11:23 04 Oct 12 by
Use of Cydonia Vulgaris for Stomach improvement and after Jaundice
I had jaundice last year and after that my stomach...
0gopid10:46 04 Oct 12 by
weight reduction
Hi, I am a 45 year old female going through me...
0umr12307:53 04 Oct 12 by
weight reduction
Hi, I am a 45 year old female going through me...
0umr12307:53 04 Oct 12 by
cat front paw hurt
Hi, not sure if cat's paw is broken. He will ...
1congested07:36 04 Oct 12 by kadwa
Patient ID : F 33 1. Describe your main suffering...
1slakhwala 06:52 04 Oct 12 by kadwa
Chronic Non bacterial prostatitis for 7 years
I was diagnosed with chronic non-bacterial prostat...
4vohra2706:49 04 Oct 12 by kingbong
about sextual problem
Sir,i am 23 years age and unmarried.I have masturb...
0ratanok06:36 04 Oct 12 by
7 yo female with asperger's, visions of decaptitated body parts
Hi Forum, I'm hoping someone can present ...
3baltic_amber 05:33 04 Oct 12 by baltic_amber
Dear Simone please follow
Dear simone, sir Nawaz Khan requested you to help ...
0carebd05:25 04 Oct 12 by
My age is 28 yrs. My hair is gradualy thin and d...
0jilesh tank21:26 03 Oct 12 by
weight loss
hi..sir i am 22 year old & 79kg weight i want ...
0parani 15:56 03 Oct 12 by
White patches in Tonsil and Fever
Hello, I staying in bangalore for last 3 years. ...
3tapu197115:25 03 Oct 12 by vikas_grower
divergent squint
I was operated for divergent squint in both eyes a...
2seemamishra2611:18 03 Oct 12 by seemamishra26
Been on Sepia LM for 2 years now what?
I have been on Sepia LM potencies for 2 years no... [LAST PAGE]
14Melyna10:21 03 Oct 12 by Dr. Showrav
Breast enlargement
My age is 25.I m married, and having 2 kids! pleas... [LAST PAGE]
133Nasha09:55 03 Oct 12 by rockysharon1
HI,I am suffering from hyperthyroid from past 1 ye...
2mrs.Sunil08:38 03 Oct 12 by kadwa
sore throat
hello i have an acute complaint of sore throat, t...
1sandeep67808:29 03 Oct 12 by kadwa
My pug and I need help! At the beginning of this ...
1jbwhat07:28 03 Oct 12 by kadwa
Re: Knee Pain left leg knee
Hello Dr Kadwa, Last few years I am suffering f...
1radhekrishna07:12 03 Oct 12 by kadwa
Dr. Kadwa.request help for Allergy
Hello Dr. Kadwa,I live in Bangalore. The city is f...
2tapu197106:26 03 Oct 12 by tapu1971
Kid having heavy Cough in night due to weather change..pls help
Dear Doc, My kid age 4 years having congested c...
5amitymahajan04:40 03 Oct 12 by Reva V
mothers eyelid paralysis
very difficult to open eyelids, like shutter drop,...
5minikuti04:09 03 Oct 12 by Reva V
Social Phobia
i need help. i have been facing social problems si...
3sweetgrl 03:48 03 Oct 12 by shouse_nsk
Want to know the side effects of Derma Breast enlargement
Hi Everyone, My question is that has a...
0Adam Jhon23:30 02 Oct 12 by
Phlegm or Catarrh
Looking for a remedy for what is either Phlegm or ...
5cathod22:57 02 Oct 12 by BernieH
Suffering from Costocondritis.
Hello, Can anybody help me? I got this inflamatio...
4max2920:59 02 Oct 12 by max29
PHPV and congential cataract with high myopia.
This is about my nephew. 1) He is 4.5 years old n...
0deepakt17:46 02 Oct 12 by
Follow up
My pcod patient follow up; patient take regular mo...
1jilesh tank15:52 02 Oct 12 by simone717
seeking help from Pankaj Varma for pilonidal cyst/sinus
Dear Pankaj, I have been researching this forum...
2r3dw00d15:23 02 Oct 12 by r3dw00d
Pegion chest in adult female.
My wife has pegion chest since childhood. She does...
0kingbong12:44 02 Oct 12 by
Need help my help of my 4 months baby for Cough
Hello all I am facing a great Problem with my smal...
12britishidol11:45 02 Oct 12 by maheeru
mental disterbence
after my breakup. i m not to do study can someo...
8kkwon07 08:54 02 Oct 12 by kkwon07
Varicose Veins
Hello dr, I'm a housewife aged 55, mother of...
1kundan_mala08:31 02 Oct 12 by AsadGhumman
Acne on back for last 8 yrs.
Dear Doctor, Patent Details: Name : B.Kundu A...
1u2bkundu07:45 02 Oct 12 by kadwa
asthma in 18 years girl
my sixteen is having an attack of asthma at morn...
1maxim_nunes07:37 02 Oct 12 by kadwa
Hair Loss
Hi Sir, I am 24 year old Student, Recently from...
1bhavnesh 07:16 02 Oct 12 by kadwa
Pilonidal cyst draining
Hi, I'm 18 years old female. I have had back ...
1zestymeatballs07:14 02 Oct 12 by kadwa
face warts
hello, i have a multiple flat warts in my face, ...
1rackelrocks06:48 02 Oct 12 by kadwa
Premature ejaculation & EARLY DISCHARGE
hello sir, how are you? i am 32y old married man...
6redlove06:45 02 Oct 12 by kadwa
I cant seem to lose fat off my face. I dont kno...
1fgm198806:20 02 Oct 12 by kadwa
help...holes on face!
Hello doctors, Im 27 and I have had pimples and b...
3Jassy198501:26 02 Oct 12 by Joe De Livera
Lungs allergy and mild asthma
PERSONAL DETAIL Name: M. Sharif Anjum. Gender:...
1M.Sharif Anjum18:03 01 Oct 12 by AsadGhumman
I need urgent help pl....
Dear Homeopaths, My daughter-4 yr old is suffer...
3bhavamalinijps15:43 01 Oct 12 by bhavamalinijps
LM vs low potencies hypersensitive
I have got help here before but did not turn out w... [LAST PAGE]
15Sanicula15:25 01 Oct 12 by simone717
I just had a Lapscope done to remove a cyst on my ...
1liezelseager11:55 01 Oct 12 by Joe De Livera
My age is 28 yrs. My hair is gradualy thin and dev...
0jilesh tank07:28 01 Oct 12 by
semen dribbling
Hi all ,Im 23, I stopped masturbating 1 year befor...
3newlybadly05:54 01 Oct 12 by newlybadly
may mother age 70 is unable to sleep till 5 am the...
1dkpateria03:59 01 Oct 12 by srisri
Weakness & B.P Low : Making my life difficult
My friend faces problem of less weight weakness an...
5Rapunzel03:19 01 Oct 12 by Reva V
Hair loss
I am suffering from acute hair loss . I was suff...
3arumugam02:10 01 Oct 12 by Joe De Livera
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