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Information given in this forum is given by way of exchange of views only. It is not to be treated as a medical diagnosis, and should not be used as a substitute for seeing a qualified homeopath or physician. In most cases, advice posted here is not given by a medical expert.

If symptoms persist, consult a medical professional.

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TopicPostsStarted byLast Post
penis weekness problem : less of erection
when i was 14 year old i started the masterbation ...
3fahimsaqib20:48 26 Aug 12 by jameswatt
Left Ovarian Dermoid Cyst
Respected Dr. I am suffering from Left Ovarian C...
1archanagupta12:31 26 Aug 12 by nawazkhan
Can anyone suggest me the medicine for Tinnitus ...
7Gabhi2112:24 26 Aug 12 by nawazkhan
Dr. Kadwa plz help.....PE problem
Dr. Kadwa i am 30 years old Male married since pre...
5homeo_geek09:52 26 Aug 12 by kadwa
Swelling in left testicle
Dear Doctors, I am suffering from swelling in m...
1Purshottam Nigam 05:11 26 Aug 12 by Reva V
Problem of Herniated Disc
Dear Doctor I have been suffering fro...
1kanjilalkousik05:05 26 Aug 12 by Reva V
hello dr nawaz
1 id taiga8282 2 52 3 femail 4 married 5 135 ...
10taiba8282 03:21 26 Aug 12 by nawazkhan
[message deleted by lovehunt1111 on sun, 26 aug 20...
0lovehunt1111 01:25 26 Aug 12 by
Weight Loss
Hi Dr Nawaz ji... During my pregnancy and lacta...
1Guddus20:29 25 Aug 12 by nawazkhan
Need Help With Swelling Please
Hello, I am 42 years old and I had a baby 3 month...
4Sidney15:27 25 Aug 12 by Sidney
Scalp psoriasis
Need suggestions. Here's what I'm exper...
3gigimac13:42 25 Aug 12 by Reva V
regarding argent met plz for joint pain
dear doctors, can argent met 30(if yes what dos...
2abcd000012:16 25 Aug 12 by abcd0000
Polysysthemia vera
My son 41,suffers from above disease.The symptoms ...
1jsvirdi07:17 25 Aug 12 by kadwa
In pain.
Hi, My name is Vera . I'm 32 years old, I�... [LAST PAGE]
112veralucia198004:13 25 Aug 12 by simone717
Skin allergy in 2 year old
My daughter woke up this morning with a type of ra...
1rania140303:26 25 Aug 12 by shouse_nsk
My fife who is 41 yrs old has serious constipation...
8snc559502:47 25 Aug 12 by nawazkhan
Anal Fissures
Dear Sir, I am 21 years old and have been suffe...
4Titli9201:47 25 Aug 12 by shouse_nsk
chronic kidney disease( ckd)
iam muhammad saeed suffering from ckd . my serum c...
2Muhammad Saeed00:21 25 Aug 12 by ldavid
Polysysthemia vera
My son 41,suffers from above disease.The symptoms ...
1jsvirdi00:17 25 Aug 12 by ldavid
Chronic Pain
I am having low back pain ( Waist area along with ... [LAST PAGE]
13devendrachaubey18:13 24 Aug 12 by Nikkie
Remedy for Healthy Sperm & improving low sperm count???
Dear all, can any one help me for this problems...
3amarami15:58 24 Aug 12 by amarami
Main concern Hair growth

[message deleted by 17jo05 on Tue, 17 Feb 2015...
917jo0514:43 24 Aug 12 by 17jo05
Sepia Constitutional Remedy 2 years hairloss
Hello! I would like to report that I have been tak...
0sun2734214:28 24 Aug 12 by
Migrane since 3 years
Hi, I am suffering from Migraine since last 3... [LAST PAGE]
51hyderabad07:07 24 Aug 12 by hyderabad
never well since______?
Never well since Typhoid, Do we have a remedy ?...
2hisam06:42 24 Aug 12 by AsadGhumman
initial emergency remedy recommendation
Hello . . .could you give advice please for an eme... [LAST PAGE]
34Michelle Maria06:16 24 Aug 12 by Michelle Maria
I continue to have noises in both ears contunously...
6Jingle Bells06:11 24 Aug 12 by kadwa
Dr. Kadwa please help - Grey hair problem with my 11 yrs son.
Dear Dr. Kadwa, my 11 yrs old son has got grey hai...
11sam210505:55 24 Aug 12 by kadwa
asthma,hayfever, anxiety and depression
i will be posting the complete details of my case ...
0thundercracker05:20 24 Aug 12 by
height problem
hi, i am 21 years old male.my height is 5'7.my...
1mrkhan3203:54 24 Aug 12 by deoshlok
lachesis side effects what to do
Hello, i took one dose of lachesis 30c 6 days ...
1dutchy03:54 24 Aug 12 by Reva V
Knee Pains
I am 74 years old and enjoying good health. Since...
1Jingle Bells03:51 24 Aug 12 by deoshlok
hair loss at young age
hi there all. I am a 24 year old female who has re...
1shanlee03:49 24 Aug 12 by deoshlok
tooth abcess before and after root canal treatment
Hi. I had root canal treatment on my top left-si... [LAST PAGE]
41alfie1203:42 24 Aug 12 by ramesh_krs
Chronic Gastritis and Erectile Dysfunction
Hello Doctor, I am diagnosed...
2SamAlpha00:34 24 Aug 12 by SamAlpha
cartilage muscles swollen...
can anyone help me with what remedy should be take... [LAST PAGE]
13PISCEANK18:45 23 Aug 12 by nawazkhan
Dear Moderator, Can you please email me Dr. S...
2snc559518:15 23 Aug 12 by snc5595
Medicine for cough-19 weeks Pregnant
I am 9 weeks pregnant and have got dry cough, as I...
3Shivani201216:46 23 Aug 12 by Nikkie
Please doctor,i need ur help
Am a guy of 24 years nd i have the problem of quic...
0endurance116:37 23 Aug 12 by
Hey!Doctor I need Help
0RidziRox123 15:54 23 Aug 12 by
Skin getting black with Sea water
Hi friends, I go to beach at least ones in every t...
2newlyborn14:12 23 Aug 12 by newlyborn
Sperm Drops
I am 25 years old. having problem of sperm drops. ...
5mmailer14:03 23 Aug 12 by newlyborn
Tissue salts and hypermobility
Male / 32 yrs I have varied problems such as -P...
1soft_guy13:59 23 Aug 12 by soft_guy
My 3.5 year old son with ADHD
He's my first born, and is very hyper active ...
1iffi2113:35 23 Aug 12 by Reva V
Kidneys long-term problem
I am a 54 year old (born 1958) female and have had...
3Pickleplan613:19 23 Aug 12 by Reva V
i had an abortion plz help me get out of mental stress and physical weakness
i had an abortion.it was almost 3months pregnancy....
10smartmom12:56 23 Aug 12 by smartmom
Reg bedwetting problem
My daughter 10 yrs old , bed wets everynight , sin...
5samira9910:19 23 Aug 12 by nawazkhan
bad breath and teeth yellow
kindly help me regarding bad breath n teeth whiten...
11heenal10:05 23 Aug 12 by nawazkhan
0Agha sb09:16 23 Aug 12 by
Need help and advise
Dearest doctor, I am a male age 47 and having a l...
7kytan2k08:09 23 Aug 12 by shouse_nsk
Homeopathy is being redefined
Homeopathy is being redefined right in front of yo...
3JBoulderstone07:38 23 Aug 12 by kadwa
Continuous Weight Loss due to Vomets & Loose Motions
This is the problem with one of my Friend. Please ...
1gaurav.gigras 07:16 23 Aug 12 by kadwa
Unable to Urinate
I am a 26 years old male experiencing discomfort w...
1mukesh400507:06 23 Aug 12 by kadwa
Stricture urethra
Hello Sir , Firstly introduce my self , My name...
3mukesh400507:05 23 Aug 12 by kadwa
Please help
Dear Doctor's I have seen your forums and ... [LAST PAGE]
18humble906:53 23 Aug 12 by kadwa
sepia 30c
hello, my homeopath/gynecologist considered I'...
1sabnet06:35 23 Aug 12 by kadwa
about postal courses in homeopathy
I am house wife with master degree holder, I want ...
7lakshmisrinath06:24 23 Aug 12 by kadwa
Corn on right feet
Hi, I have a black spot on the Middle right par... [LAST PAGE]
15saratmande06:16 23 Aug 12 by kadwa
hi iam 19yr old iam suffering with gynacomastia.s...
0berry239 06:03 23 Aug 12 by
For breast reduction
Hi,we are twins of 28years old.Both of us have enl...
3imreks 05:07 23 Aug 12 by Joe De Livera
Bothrops lanceolatus
Hello everyone! I am about to take bothrops lanc...
6kat_kia05:01 23 Aug 12 by kadwa
Restless leg syndrome and insomnia
Will someone answer to my post for my Restless l...
1snc559503:52 23 Aug 12 by Reva V
Looking for alternate/homeopathic remedy for Otosclerosis
I am a man in my mid-30s. Diagnosed with Otosclero... [LAST PAGE]
16cgsea02:23 23 Aug 12 by bettinab
is homeopathy safe for infants
is homeopathy safe for infants...
1needyou 02:01 23 Aug 12 by Joe De Livera
Contact info for Dr. Sawrav
Could I please have contact info for Dr. Shawrav a...
0snc559501:02 23 Aug 12 by
drug spiking attack
Hello . . . My name is Michelle Maria . . . And I ...
4Michelle Maria00:33 23 Aug 12 by Michelle Maria
Hashimoto's Thyroiditis
Gender: Female Age: 26 Body Type: hourglass Hei...
0usfstudent102715:36 22 Aug 12 by
Flu Bout
Dear Doctors, I just came out from a flu bout...
4pimathew15:12 22 Aug 12 by Joe De Livera
rigth shoulder pain
Female 49years old High 181 cm Wght 70 kg From...
0oboch 12:37 22 Aug 12 by
Hyperpigmentation Problem
Hi, I am male 35 living in Mumbai, Since last 6-... [LAST PAGE]
41deebor7612:29 22 Aug 12 by deebor76
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