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Information given in this forum is given by way of exchange of views only. It is not to be treated as a medical diagnosis, and should not be used as a substitute for seeing a qualified homeopath or physician. In most cases, advice posted here is not given by a medical expert.

If symptoms persist, consult a medical professional.

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Homoeopathy in the new Millinium
I have a question for the Homoeopaths of the World...
5BrisHom01:06 16 Jan 12 by BrisHom
Dr. Showrav .. High Blood Pressure & Obesity(Over-Weight))
Hi Doctor Showrav. My Aunt having a high blood P...
1sher56422:55 15 Jan 12 by Dr. Showrav
Baby Squint Eye
Dear Sir I have a 1 year four month old active ...
1babylover22:52 15 Jan 12 by Dr. Showrav
What remedy could this be?
Is it to little information? There is someone I...
1starface22:49 15 Jan 12 by Dr. Showrav
gestational diabetes
I am wondering if there is a remedy to help with b...
1nmpgordon22:45 15 Jan 12 by Dr. Showrav
8 Months baby with sezure
Hi, My baby(boy) have completed 8 months is suf...
1Amit Bansal22:40 15 Jan 12 by Dr. Showrav
Is it safe
Does any one know if its safe to mix's Casto...
1sharkbay22:33 15 Jan 12 by Dr. Showrav
Small pox
I was infected by small pox and it cured 10 days b...
1Rajesh1ization22:30 15 Jan 12 by Dr. Showrav
Unable to find Cydonia Vulgaris 30c , pls help
Have tried many homeopathic stores but unable to f...
1akrambilal22:15 15 Jan 12 by Dr. Showrav
Excessive unwanted beard hair on cheek and close to eyes
Dear Dr. Showrav I am male age 28 years, weight ...
1Harissh22:13 15 Jan 12 by Dr. Showrav
child with diffuse pontine glioma
hi i am a parent with a 5yr child that has been di...
1huggs4k22:09 15 Jan 12 by Dr. Showrav
My Husband 's Sexual weakness
Believe me, my husband was very weak sexually and ...
9sissu21:50 15 Jan 12 by sanarf
Acne - breathing problem - absent minded ness
Hello doctor, I am 22 male single, Here are ...
3vendet 21:40 15 Jan 12 by Dr. Showrav
Testicular problem
Hello doctor, i am 29 yrs old single. i have some ...
3Raju.raj21:30 15 Jan 12 by Dr. Showrav
Reoccurring fissures from last 1 year, sometimes very painful whole day..
I am a healthy Guy having everything normal except...
0happylucky333 20:51 15 Jan 12 by
Sweaty hands and feet
Hello, I have been experiencing sweaty hands an...
3sa198919:41 15 Jan 12 by sa1989
Needle-free Acupuncture ?
Needle-free Acupuncture ? Well, basically...
11ntuc198018:05 15 Jan 12 by ntuc1980
Please someone help-my 9 month olds acid reflux!!
I keep getting the same response from doctors.. Me...
4Greenanimallady17:54 15 Jan 12 by Greenanimallady
Regarding results of phytalocca berry with intake of other homeopathic medicines simultaneously.
Hello, I am very upset regarding a confusion that ...
0akashds 16:39 15 Jan 12 by
consultation for palpitation at night
i had palpitation after eating food problem.my con...
0ahmed66615:51 15 Jan 12 by
somebody has written that the following will rever...
1chandru14:42 15 Jan 12 by Dr. Showrav
ckd stage 5
Hi, My dads age is 62 yrs old he has been diagnos...
1teja40200014:40 15 Jan 12 by Dr. Showrav
celebral palsy treatment
I have a son completed 8 months.He was diagnosed i...
1aparna meda14:29 15 Jan 12 by Dr. Showrav
Sneezing in Morning
AS soon I leave the bed, I start sneezing with wat...
1rsmaan2 14:13 15 Jan 12 by Dr. Showrav
Laryngeal Paralysis / back-end weakness in Dog
Hi there,I am hoping for some advice. I have a ...
1DMac1713:55 15 Jan 12 by Dr. Showrav
Arseni Alb during breastfeeding
can i take arsenic alb duringbreasfeeding for ur...
1surabhi niranjan13:53 15 Jan 12 by Dr. Showrav
married and have to children
My name is Khan. I have two childrens and my age i...
1insiahozefa13:47 15 Jan 12 by Dr. Showrav
I'm 24yrs Male, I've been suffering from...
6fosterz13:35 15 Jan 12 by shouse_nsk
intercourse last only 25 seconds pls help me dr
dr i have a problem of premature ejaculation , my ... [LAST PAGE]
28vinodag13:18 15 Jan 12 by Dr. Showrav
Lichen planus
Please Provide Treatment of LICHEN PLANUS ...
1mdsharma12:59 15 Jan 12 by kadwa
cure of impotency
I feel myself impotence due to musterbation for la...
4jasvinder11:37 15 Jan 12 by kadwa
Advice on frequency
I was after some advice please. I consulted a Home...
3Derek M11:33 15 Jan 12 by brisbanehomoeopath
Stuffy nose .
My son has stuffy nose since yesterday . There is...
1nikkikumar03:02 15 Jan 12 by Reva V
Blushing, Clammy hands & feet
Evening all, This is my first post, and to be ho...
9Surf-Tiki02:16 15 Jan 12 by nawazkhan
Gain Weight
My age is 35 yrs and weight is 58 kgs. My problem... [LAST PAGE]
23skvvs3501:13 15 Jan 12 by nawazkhan
Over attachment /possessiveness
Dear Doctor, It is for my elder brother.He was ...
5sv373121:01 14 Jan 12 by Dr. Showrav
eczema/psoriarsis on palm on hand
Could you help me with a severe case of exczema on...
12nishpatel20:56 14 Jan 12 by Dr. Showrav
36 years old Rheumatoid arthritis
Hello, My name is Sean and I am 36 years old. W...
10Sean7518:12 14 Jan 12 by ebedlam
left side Radiating
My mother had an operation to remove blood clot in...
1babug14:47 14 Jan 12 by Reva V
Penis Girth Increase?
Is there any medicine in Homeopath which really wo...
1aahil14:16 14 Jan 12 by aahil
i want to take wet dose of arnica 6c . Where i ca...
0mizanmunni10:28 14 Jan 12 by
Sir i am 23 year old yet and have 5'.4' h...
0mirha09:52 14 Jan 12 by
hair is thin after taking isotretinoin an allopathy medicine
i have problem of hyperhydrosis . i sweat lot fro...
3prashantsharma904007:45 14 Jan 12 by kadwa
When taking hydrastis , even 6X, I start producin...
1Apistolla07:38 14 Jan 12 by kadwa
im hook with it
i dont really know how to stop it when im hook wit...
1rexme_18 07:23 14 Jan 12 by kadwa
tubercular miasm
what is the essence of this miasm? Is it that '...
1starface06:04 14 Jan 12 by starface
are high potencies safer compared to low ones like...
5starface04:03 14 Jan 12 by starface
Arnica for slipped disk
Would arnica work for helping ease a slipped dis...
1ethel3700:47 14 Jan 12 by simone717
Dr. do you think homeopathy can help me
Last year I used anabolic steroids ever since then...
12WilliamHolst00:12 14 Jan 12 by WilliamHolst
Right side headache
sir, i was having slight headache since morning ...
2vikassri13:57 13 Jan 12 by srisri
urine problem
mother aged 85 has problem in controlling urine at...
1chiraniara13:52 13 Jan 12 by srisri
acute osteo arthritis on both knees
Respected Dr. Nawazkhan, Sir, I am now quite ...
0sibabrata13:13 13 Jan 12 by
Tendinitis in my wrist
I am 40 years old female. For 5 months I have tend...
1mariagar08:44 13 Jan 12 by shouse_nsk
Vaginal discomfort for toddler
My almost 4 year old daughter,has been grabbing/ho...
3Forest Elf07:37 13 Jan 12 by kadwa
Please help with ADHD child
I have a 8 year old daughter who has been diagnose...
1Motheroffour07:27 13 Jan 12 by kadwa
my upper chest hurts both sides
I used a multiviatmin drug which makes me sleep an...
1doyin 07:06 13 Jan 12 by kadwa
Macular Distrophy
Hello, First of all, thanks for having this web...
1dnumdanielem06:54 13 Jan 12 by dnumdanielem
Dr. nawaz, Please help me
Dear Doctor, I described my ...
2bunteeman1804:01 13 Jan 12 by nawazkhan
Question about a Homeopathic Term
I was going through a Homeopathic Article on ONOS...
3sshussain03:17 13 Jan 12 by brisbanehomoeopath
Would this describe me? In below description is...
1starface02:18 13 Jan 12 by starface
Heal Thyself Magazine Archives
Archived copies of Heal Thyself (The Homeopathic W...
1similitude02:09 13 Jan 12 by daktersaab
what remedy has issues with unjust? staphysgari...
5starface00:29 13 Jan 12 by starface
Eye floaters: tooth braces as a possible reason
Please, I'm seeking for your help to solve my...
1enrico-f 21:58 12 Jan 12 by John Doe
Dry ,Scaly ,Skin with Winter agravation
I have a friend (educated well placed- now 40 year...
11naman12:19 12 Jan 12 by waqarshakoor
Awful taste in mouth.
From the past three months, my life has taken a tu... [LAST PAGE]
141nalrrr 12:04 12 Jan 12 by karjade
semen volume
I ejaculate only one drop during intercourse. PL T...
1paraman10:37 12 Jan 12 by sabakha
Increased heart beat with pain, Streess..!!
I want to get remedy for a problem that i m facing...
5Streessgetout09:37 12 Jan 12 by Streessgetout
Brisbane Homeopath
can i give u all my information and you look it ov...
9WilliamHolst08:42 12 Jan 12 by brisbanehomoeopath
how does one find out what miasm one is when there... [LAST PAGE]
31starface06:48 12 Jan 12 by starface
Addicted to rice eating
Dear doctor, It is for one of my cousin...
5sv373106:42 12 Jan 12 by brisbanehomoeopath
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