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Homeopathic vaccine
Hello, I am hesitating to vaccinate my child, esp with pneumococcal vaccine and hep b vac
Dididecho 2018-05-16
1   Tui last month

in fertility and mental stress
i m 28 years old. weight is 66 height is 5.1. shadi ko 8 saal ho gye.. 7 years ki ek beti
fakhra ahsan 2018-05-14
3   maheeru last month

Treatment for Weak eye sight
Hello, Name = maria Age = 24 Sex = female Married/un married = un married Weight = 55 lb
tejay5 2006-07-11
6   MahiDoll last month

LDL Cholesterol
I am 62 and had double bypass surgery 20 years ago. I am in good health, other than being
kw9255 2018-05-15
1   simone717 last month

Children 8.5 yrs old & 10 years old
Hi, I am seeking guidance- I have two children that are both experiencing hives all of a
momofx 2018-05-16
2   momofx last month

Sudden Sensoneural hearing loss 74 DB in right ear with vertigo since 3 years
Hi, I suffered sudden sensoneural hearing loss in right year. I have been experience ver
samba.moparthy 2018-05-16
1   Tui last month

Dr.Kadwa please help me
I am suffering from alopecia areata for more then 4 years. My age 28 , Male. I have hair l
Pcdas1 2018-03-19
7   Pcdas1 last month

not recoverd from Pneumonia from 8 months
my aunti 50 year old.. constantly cough .. she has not recovered from pneumonia yet .. so
uru121212 2018-05-15
1   Tui last month

Portal Vein Thrombosis/Mesentric Vein Thrombosis (PVT/MVT)
Hello, Greetings of the day! I was recently admitted in hospital for 10 days due to acute
Sharad2 2018-05-15
4   Tui last month

Liver enzymes elevated due to drug abuse.
Hello everyone, I'm 26 years old, man, and I went to Spain for 15 days where I did t

syria 2017-05-11
14   Buink last month

Please tell me daily dose of Medorrhinum 1M
I am 31 years old female.I want to use Medorrhinum 1M.I have purchased this medicine in li
cheema2020 2014-11-07
12   simone717 last month

about cure of hydrocele
sir i am suffering with hydrocele problem from 15 years, please suggest me how can i get c
Suryak1 2018-05-15
3   Suryak1 last month

For Strong Sexual Power
Hy i am Khanzada from Peshawar. Can anybody tell me the medicine for strong sexual power
peshawar_guy 2008-12-11
7   Lal deen last month

Suffering From Various Sexual Issues
Hi, Main 36 saal ka hun aur 7 saal se married hun. Meri sirf aik hi beti hai. Almost 12 s
SickandTired1 2018-05-08
6   SickandTired1 last month

Chronic Acne
Hi, I need help for my chronic acne. I am 33 and have severe acne for last few years. Ve
dimple1 2018-05-11
5   anuj srivastava last month

Hello, a few hours ago somebody somehow sprang from the window in the building i'm st
marcellina 2018-05-12
8   maheeru last month

Hi. My acne always gets worse from eating fatty, greasy, junk food, cholate foods. When I
unified 2018-05-14
1   anuj srivastava last month

Treatments For Sunburn
Sunburn is caused due to excessive exposure to sunlight. It is a common occurrence in thos
booobooo 2009-08-21
1   shashank1235 last month

help me
quick discharge problem and im not marriage my age is 22 thanks for the help give me compl
ROUF1 2018-05-14
no replies yet

Skin Lightening with Homeopathy
Is there any way i could lighten my overall skin tone using any type of homeopathy medicin
keygenx 2011-03-20
1   Engea last month

Delayed kid in speaking
Hey my son was born 8/11/2015.he is skinny with skinny legs.big tummy. He has curly thin
Mummy2 2018-05-02
11   Mummy2 last month

Chronic Shortness of Breath
I will try to make this as short as possible, but this has been going on for over 5 years,

gabrielm 2018-05-02
13   gabrielm last month

Underarm and breast tenderness and lymph nodes swelling
Hi, Last month i started feeling underarm and breast tenderness and took calc flour 6x. No
Chanap 2018-05-14
1   Tui last month

Fear in public place and anxiety, depression
Sir, I am 38 male. I have following symptoms. always nervous anxiety, restlessness at nig
abedin00 2018-05-14
1   kadwa last month

Thuja Occidentalis
Hi can I give my 8 lb dog the liquid form of this and how much and how often It is for a P
smarrs40 2018-05-10
1   kadwa last month

I am a long standing sufferer of PCOS for the past 7 years. USG showed both my ovaries are

Buink 2017-10-14
31   kadwa last month

Sir I have a prostatorreah drops problem....Kindly choose a medicine for me please
Mughal1 2018-05-13
4   Mughal1 last month

Englarged testicle & premature ejaculation problem
Assalam o Alaikum, Dr i suffering from varicocele on both the side & my left testicle
Shaneali 2018-04-23
5   kadwa last month

pain in lower abdomin of rightside
Dear Sir,i m 55 yrs now having pain in rightside lower abdomin constantly since childhood

v.kapoor 2011-06-22
317   kadwa last month

squint in left eyes and facial palasy
My son 10 years old gone through brain surgery in 2014, after surgery, in his
1   Tui last month

help about Sepia
Sepia can use for male ?
ROUF1 2018-05-14
no replies yet

pain in my right side of ribs
its has been over two weeks i have pain in my right ribs if i touch my ribs i feel little
imran655 2018-05-13
no replies yet

3 month old ingrown nail infection.
My 3 month old has an ingrown nail on both feet. One of them doct says there is an infecti
Annajoe 2018-05-12
2   maheeru last month

Pain in the Testicles
Aching pain in the Testicles , which lasts a few days . Problem from last few years . Phy
Dileep7 2018-05-12
4   Dileep7 last month

small bowel obstruction
Was diagnosed with small bowel obstruction due to adhesions in 2014. Underwent adhesiolysi
kolakkar 2018-05-09
5   anuj srivastava last month

Pain in Testicles
Hi, I am a male 38 years old. Was diagnosed with gardenella vaginitis 1 months ago and wen
Arsal1 2018-05-13
3   anuj srivastava last month

###cfs and ibs c###
Dear Expert, I am suffering from deep muscles pain, bone pain and nerve pain as well. I f
asifkhan2500 2018-05-13
1   anuj srivastava last month

Is Five Phos advisable in Diabetes and Hypertension?
I am 43 years male... My HbA1c is 8.5 taking Metformin SR 500mg twice a day and taking B.
Anir98154 2018-05-13
1   shahji last month

I am 24 year old woman .. i have dandruff problem since 8 years .. they are very big round

pri121212 2018-04-18
16   Dr R Basu last month

Severe Heat intolerance
Hi Doctors and experts, I have a chronic problem of heat intolerance specially during sum

nadeemawan 2018-05-02
33   anuj srivastava last month

lymph nodes
i have 1-1.5 cm like nodes from 1.6 yrs and they didn't get away still there like fir
aryan_chatz1 2018-05-09
4   aryan_chatz1 last month

3.7 Years Daughter AVM
Hello all I have a daughter 3.5 years old. On February 8th 2013, my wife told me that she
James2576 2013-03-12
11   Gowriarjunan last month

Expiry date on homeopathic remedies
My reply to the question Do homeopathic medicine expire is If kept carefully, away from su
Dr afridi 2018-05-12
1   simone717 last month

16 months boy unable to expel phlegm, suffocating cough
my son is having cough which is bringing up phlegm but he takes it back and he sort of ch

fizspace 2018-03-29
26   simone717 last month

Weak Immunity
dear doctors....my daughter is 9 year old and weight will be 22-Kg. she is very weak and i
manish_22111 2018-05-12
1   Reva V last month

Bad throat and blocked ears
Pls suggest something for bad throat and blocked ears due to mucus. There is no fever.
RashidMunzur 2018-05-07
6   Reva V last month

Fluid formation and swelling around knee area
I have psoriasis which affected my skin, nails. I am on otezla 30 mg (2 times a day) which
manoharhs 2018-05-09
9   manoharhs last month

Rathkey cleft cyst
Hello My mother is suffering with rathkey cleft cyst.lost vision in one her eye.just want
pramodkumardubey 2018-05-11
1   Tui last month

depression.. anxiety stress irritation
my sis is 27 year old unmarried female, working in bank. as officer all her life she had a

pri121212 2018-04-28
29   Tui last month

my lil bro problem
Hello Everyone I have burning sensation while Urinating And urine colour is dark yellow
ROUF1 2018-05-11
3   anuj srivastava last month

Toddler cough
Hello My son is 18 months Can someone please help?? Which remedy can help my son—
Mariarico 2018-05-11
1   anuj srivastava last month

Weeping as there is no erection and just urine pressure
I have now married in April, unfortunately, i have no erection and my wife waits for erect
atharkhan185 2018-05-11
1   anuj srivastava last month

My disease
Sir, my penis internal part is red spot
Ramnivas 2018-05-11
1   anuj srivastava last month

azoospermia of testicular failure
Sir my age is 25. Height 5 ft 11 inch. Weight 82 kg. Unmarried.from 2 years I was having p
harry250513 2017-08-16
5   harry250513 last month

Sir when my dick going tight he flow drops so much same like water colour....when I think
Mughal1 2018-05-11
no replies yet

Dogs eye not healing after deep corneal abrasion
I have a 12+ year old,12 pound little Min Pin mix who is recovering from conjunctivitis an
Dogmomma 2018-05-11
2   Dogmomma last month

How to stop hair fall
Dear Sir/Madam, My wife is suffering from hair fall issue. It starts happening after post
Vikash_83 2018-05-10
5   Adele2 last month

Dog, Thuja, & Non-Papilloma Warts
I am having a bit of a time figuring out how to best treat our foster dog with thuja. She
xfileluv 2016-12-15
4   Adele2 last month

Can use Lycopodium 30ch and Alfalfa both for constipation and weight gain
I have very weak physic. Constipation Problem and poor diet from long year. I always have
Aradhana1 2018-05-09
4   Aradhana1 last month

carbo vegetabilis for stomach problem
I m usong carbo veg for my stomach problem and got some relief it is in low potency like 6
zaman-pro 2009-10-19
2   NiniM last month

About Dosing
Can I take five phos 6x with nat mur 6x daily for 15 days. Is it safe to mix nat mur with
Oujejoo 2018-05-10
1   simone717 last month

Cydonia Vulgaris
Dear Dr. Mahfooz I am taking Cyd as discussed a month ago for increasing the thickness of

maruti 2010-01-21
22   Mk.1982 last month

I am a diabetic & b/p patient since last 15 years . I am taking medicine for these ail
Parth64 2018-05-07
3   Reva V last month

Dosage of Thuja for dog with warts
My 40 lb, mixed breed dog has a seriou problem with warts. I have purchased Thuja pellets
tibbymay 2009-06-18
2   smarrs40 last month

Help for depression
I started masturbating when i was 14 and now i am 16.Can it harm my body and future marria
AJ ADITYA 2018-05-10
1   anuj srivastava last month

Help For Depression
I have been feeling depressed for about a month now. Is there a remedy that can help me wi
Veggielover1 2018-05-10
2   Tui last month

My mother got a stroke in May 2016 and it was aneurysm .She got operated immediately her a
savitha1 2018-04-14
4   Adele2 last month

Medicine to stop habit of masterbation
Hello, I am masterbating from the age of 15 and I masterbate 2 times a day daily. I am 26

anils 2010-09-30
17   Adele2 last month

Kidney Problem
Dear Sir My Father is suffering from Kidney problem and the Serum creatinine is 9.45mg/dl
same.abuzar 2018-05-09
2   Adele2 last month

Have any Complete Online Repertory?
ABC Remedy Finder cover 80% of our symptoms, which is helpful repreterization of our physi
sadeqahmed 2018-05-09
1   Adele2 last month

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