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sensitive penis & premature ejaculation Kind Attention Dr. Kadwa
I m 43 yrs old and suffering from PE from early age Pl help. What details u need, pl. ask.
Kumar7 2018-02-15
3   kadwa 3 weeks ago

Cat passing Loose stools with traces of blood
My 2 year 4 months old cat Sheru suddenly went quiet 3 days back. she is otherwise quite a
krritikks 2018-02-15
3   kadwa 3 weeks ago

colon blockage
My mom has been suffering for the last 7 months with bowel issues. She has had 3 cat scans
freeliving 2018-02-10
6   freeliving 3 weeks ago

I have severe ocd, hypercortisolism, joint problems, reflux, insomnia, nerves, etc. can some one PLEASE HELP ME!
HI, I have tried homeopathic remedies and have not had success. I also have a light heart
veryill 2018-02-17
4   veryill 3 weeks ago

late memory
I have Can't remember the names of the persons or the places on time, later I recall
vkg1 2018-02-21
1   healer21 3 weeks ago

later recall
I have Can't remember the names of the persons or the places on time, later I recall
vkg1 2018-02-20
1   healer21 3 weeks ago

About increasing height
Sir im 19 years of age and I joined the modelling and my height is 5.7 feet/173cm and my w
Owais3 2018-02-20
1   healer21 3 weeks ago

I Suffering From Narcolepsy.
Which Medicine Should I Use To Stay Fully Alert During The Day Without Fatigue? Which Medi
arsalanr 2018-02-21
1   healer21 3 weeks ago

How to Quit masturbation and recover
I Damn care for all. i am against masturbation as it destroyed me and my carrier. I lost m

signature 2009-02-16
71   ankit199kumar 3 weeks ago

height increase
I took bryta carb 200c on alternative days empty stomach 2 drops in water in the morning f
ankit199kumar 2018-02-21
no replies yet

over masturbation destroy me pls help to recover
I am 24 yr guy,I did over masturbation during 15 to 19 so sooo much,after 18th i noticed t

jaydipkumar 2007-04-02
45   sixface1 3 weeks ago

Non Bleeding Piles
Dear Doctors I am a patient of non bleeding piles. I am 38 year old and do office job. I
Patient Piles 2017-08-24
8   jawahar 3 weeks ago

Sensitive Plantar wart on both the feet
Hi, i had quite a few warts on palm of my hands. the same were removed using RF treatment
Scorpio1980 2018-02-15
4   jawahar 3 weeks ago

Vitiligo in 10 year old Boy
Hello Doctor and Experts, My 10 year old Nephew is suffering from vitiligo from the age o

nadeemawan 2017-03-06
61   nadeemawan 3 weeks ago

Left hip pain and cervical neck pain
I have left hip pain. Doc did xray and said there is spurring along the acetabulum and fem
123dana 2010-10-05
5   ATUL CHOPRA 3 weeks ago

Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth and potential fungal growth
Hi, I am dealing with stomach indigestion issue since September 2017. This started when
Meenu2 2018-02-21
1   healer21 3 weeks ago

Erectile dysfunction problem
Hi, I am male of age 43. I am facing erectile dysfunction problem since last 3-4yrs. My p
kish24 2018-02-20
1   healer21 3 weeks ago

lack of desire for sex
I m 39 years male...feeling no desire for sex now a days.. I am diabetic and taking insuli
teenariz 2018-02-19
1   healer21 3 weeks ago

Chronic bad breath due to low stomach acid/LERD
I have chronic bad breath due to silent reflux from low stomach acid. An ENT has diagnosed
azur07 2018-02-18
3   healer21 3 weeks ago

A remedy to bring liver tests down quickly?
Hello, I have a long post on this forum regarding my hepatitis A which is now completely
syria 2018-02-15
3   syria 3 weeks ago

Remedy Finder App
Is there any simple but most appropriate Remedy Finder app?
sajidnazir 2018-02-19
6   moderator 3 weeks ago

Dear Sir
Hellow I am 18 year old. I am masterbating from the age 15 . I have nightfall problem
Gopal jadhao 2018-02-19
1   healer21 3 weeks ago

8-year-old EXTREME clothing sensitivity - please we need a solution!
Since she was a toddler, my daughter has not been able to tolerate the majority of pants a
Destiny323 2018-02-17
7   healer21 3 weeks ago

brain fog (Drunk feeling all the time)
hi..im a healthy 40 year old male. i have had this brain fog now since April 2017..my brai
mrsam 2018-02-10
8   healer21 3 weeks ago

Bioplasma cell salts
Can you take a homeopathic remedy ontop of taking this for a multivitamin? And I'm co
Mommamisty 2018-02-19
6   simone717 3 weeks ago

optic nerve LM4
Please help me locate where online I can purchase this product. Thanks.
sammi11 2009-01-14
1   srinivas933 3 weeks ago

weak erection and premature ejaculation.
I am 37 years old male and for as long as I could remember I have had a problem with a sof

heynow2009 2010-09-16
15   ojare 3 weeks ago

Hi , My kid diagonised with mild autism and adhd at the age of 2 yrs now he is 4.5 yrs.
Oxo 2018-02-16
1   kadwa 3 weeks ago

Torn Meniscus of Left Knee and Pain in the Left Knee
My wife aged 39 years is having Torn Meniscus of Left Knee and Pain in the Left Knee. her
gslalwani 2018-02-19
1   kadwa 3 weeks ago

Dr Kadwa, I am completing the fifth treatment as advised by you and have seen improvem
john doe1 2018-02-19
1   kadwa 3 weeks ago

Kidney stones
I am 25,male suffering from renal stones. Yesterday only i felt pain in my left side of my
Pawan007 2018-02-19
1   kadwa 3 weeks ago

Overmasturbation pain (Please Help)
To anyone reading this please I need help. My name is Bryan and I am 18 years old. For the
BryanBonilla 2018-02-18
1   HealthyWorld 3 weeks ago

Expert Opinion Required
I am a smoker since 30yrs, Can I smoke 1-3 cigarette per day during taking remedy. May re
sajidnazir 2018-02-15
1   kadwa 3 weeks ago

Osteoarthiritis throbbing pain - Dr Kadwa pls help
Dr Kadwa, My mother, age 69 years has problem of osteoarthritis in both her leg knees. He
vjhos 2018-02-13
3   kadwa 3 weeks ago

Love hearts & endorsements
Some of you may notice that I've added love hearts (yes, I know, valentine's day
moderator 2018-02-15
2   moderator 3 weeks ago

Penis enlargement and erectile dysfunction
Respected doc, This is my first time on your page, i am suffering with erect
nashnasty 2018-02-19
no replies yet

Potency Replacement in Homeopathy
Can homeopathic medicine be replaced with other potency such as C or X, If mother tincture

SMA 2017-11-27
30   maheeru 3 weeks ago

Typhoid fever
Hello doctor! My aunt is 38 years old lady she is suffering from typhoid fever since 2 y
Oblivion_17 2018-02-09
7   healer21 3 weeks ago

viraam 2018-02-14
6   healer21 3 weeks ago

sir I am 26 year old and I m suffering from night fall before 10 years most of the time er
rajat91 2018-02-18
no replies yet

Weaning off from SSRI efect, Dr. Kadwa please help
Hello Dear Doc I myself am under your treatment. This post is for a relative of mine who
sandy3 2018-02-18
no replies yet

I m 24yrs old...my weight is 45kg.. now a days i get tired easily...simple walking or doin
susmitagorai94 2018-02-17
1   healer21 4 weeks ago

HLA-B27 positive...suffering from associated problems (arthritis, dry eyes, psoriasis, IBS, Eczema)
Dear Doctors, I am 33 years old male diagnosed with HLA-B27. I am suffering with a number
ahmedali25 2018-02-17
1   healer21 4 weeks ago

Blue balls
Pain in left testicles after long erection, I had masturbating habbit for laat 8-9 years..
Iockich 2018-02-17
no replies yet

Is It really Erectile Dysfunction?
i m 25 years male from India, i work as Web Developer. From past 3 to 4 months i m facing
ackin 2018-02-17
1   healer21 4 weeks ago

Intend to take advice for homeopathy medicine
I am 38 years old and am suffering from sperm count decrease gradually.that is why in 5sec
Tanwir Alam 2018-02-17
1   healer21 4 weeks ago

Addiction to masturbation
I toukeer khan of 17 years old and I have an habit of maturbate once Ai do masturbation si
Priovo 2018-02-17
1   healer21 4 weeks ago

Chronic warts and skin problem
Chronic warts and skin problem From childhood warts started(age10 years) ,later disappeare
amit143mishra 2018-01-28
5   healer21 4 weeks ago

Adverse reaction to ssri
In August last year I went to the drs as I had been suffering from chronic insomnia for 6
Johawaii 2018-02-14
9   simone717 4 weeks ago

Hi every one.i m sarita 34 years old gitl.i am suffering from psoraysis since I was 5 year
Sarita kumari 2018-02-17
1   Sarita kumari 4 weeks ago

Does Antimonium Crudum antidote Hydrastis Canadensis?
Will Antimonium Crudum antidote Hydrastis Canadensis? I know that Sulphur does and I thin
franion 2018-02-17
no replies yet

Re: Genital wart
I am experiencing re-occurrence of genital wart in penis area with lesion and burning sens
kailash.barick 2018-02-16
1   healer21 4 weeks ago

I am suffering from hyper acidity. Even I am not able to take vegetarian foods even like r
kailash.barick 2018-02-16
1   healer21 4 weeks ago

Please Help! Frozen Shoulder.
I took causticum 30c for a month, i showed some relief at the begining, but after 10 days,
ceaser555 2018-02-16
1   healer21 4 weeks ago

Non stop e-coli UTI
I am a 60 yr old woman who has had a recurring e-coli UTI for over 4 years (always confirm
Juniorcat 2018-02-11
7   Juniorcat 4 weeks ago

Remedy aggravation (need urgent help)
I am suffering panic attack from last one year but panic attack used to be happen once in
saml 2018-01-01
3   healer21 4 weeks ago

Lymphoedema in left leg
I am a 65 years old female. I have LYMPHOEDEMA in my left leg for about an year. I was ask
abha ayan 2018-02-16
1   healer21 4 weeks ago

Does humanity exist
Hi, Childhood-had eczema with pus on hands feet Allopathy treatment Eczema dried up b

Chanchal1 2017-12-11
42   0antivirus0 4 weeks ago

hearing loss
1, i've never had the best hearing 2, was sickly till age three 3, had tonsils remov
katricesmom 2006-06-10
2   yugeshmani 4 weeks ago

Leukorrhea Problem
I have Leukorrhea problem. My doctor advise me to take Pulsatilla 30. Is it ok to take thi
yasir9398 2018-02-15
2   jawahar 4 weeks ago

Uses of acid phose200
Hi, I am taking acid phos200 for nightfall. With great weakness and debility. Please ass
singh9292 2018-02-16
1   jawahar 4 weeks ago

Kindly reply Dr Kadwa
Kindly reply https://www.abchomeopathy.com/forum2.php/240077/ This was my previous histo
venusonearth 2018-02-15
2   venusonearth 4 weeks ago

Panic attacks while driving
Please advise me on what homeopathic remedy to take for panic attacks (while driving) and
RockinRobyn 2018-02-09
2   RockinRobyn 4 weeks ago

throat fungus and irritation
i am male 39 suffering from throat irritation for last three months. started with dry and
anaaa 2018-02-03
3   healer21 4 weeks ago

Kadwa, Drthoufeeqbhms, maheeru, Dr. Showrav help please
I know that chronic cases are best treated in person. There are no homeopaths where I live
Mel 2018-01-20
8   Mel 4 weeks ago

31 brands of dog food/ laced with euthanasia drug
In news today- google the story and toss any Of these brands you have. Some of the compan
simone717 2018-02-15
no replies yet

200c to 30c????
Is it possible to make 200c hypericum into 30c
Bgallagher420 2018-02-15
1   simone717 last month

Lower back pain
Hi I pulled something in my lower back after doing a sprint while I was running. My physi

crabcanc 2009-10-12
69   simone717 last month

Re: Blood sugar levels
Correction: Lower extremities. In lieu of owner.
bhavanarayana 2018-02-15
no replies yet

Maxillary bone infection (infection w/pus after dental implant)
Dear ones, I am looking for a homeopathic remedy to cure the infection in my maxillary bon
henriquelawrence 2018-02-14
2   henriquelawrence last month

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