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low platelet count
I am 20 years old(female),medium built,wheatish colour, 60 kg weight,5'3' height.
priyaas 2011-10-25
2   garg760 6 years ago

Urge Incontinence
I have suffered urge incontinence for fifteen years.I have been to four urologists,had all
kumasundance 2011-10-25
1   deoshlok 6 years ago

Nasal Bones Injury - For Homeopathic Doctors , dr.deoshlok sharma and others
Please someone advice me if a bony bump on the bridge of the nose and a very slight deform
joemorales 2011-10-25
1   deoshlok 6 years ago

Proof that my nose changed ?
I think it is visible here that my nose got straighter, more refined, wider... well made i
Platina 2011-10-26
1   Platina 6 years ago

could not consumate my marriage
any one plz save my marriage.i m married for 2 years but could not have sex with wife du
qwertty 2011-01-20
11   usmanskp321 6 years ago

excessive skin
is there any remedy good enough in realigning excess skin , especially in the area of the
joemorales 2011-10-25
1   deoshlok 6 years ago

injury to nasal bridge
Please someone advice me if a bony bump on the bridge of the nose and a very slight deform
joemorales 2011-10-25
1   deoshlok 6 years ago

boils on private parts
hello, can you please give me medicine for boils accuring frequently on private parts and
SHARON22083 2011-10-25
1   nawazkhan 6 years ago

md raziuddin
last one and half year sinus track seen in site of scar in abdomen lower after scar endome
Razikadyal 2011-10-25
no replies yet

Palm psoriasis
Hi My name raghu. i have pal psoriasis. Three year i am taking homeopathy treatment but n
raghuraman_26 2007-09-10
7   viroj 6 years ago

please help for my headace problem
dear docotor i m also doctor but seeking treatment for myself i m felling heaviness on for
rakesh pandiya 2011-10-02
1   deoshlok 6 years ago

Headache+Pain in Legs+Asthma
Hello Doctors, I am a 26 year old married women having 2 kids. Still lactating my 7 month
Smiles2Much 2011-10-25
1   deoshlok 6 years ago

erectile dyfunction
I am 52 years old. During 2008 hernia operation in the right side was done. After that som
rajalu 2011-10-25
1   deoshlok 6 years ago

Dear Sir, I am 30yrs old female, suffering from PCOS and my main intention is to get pregn
vamsisravani 2011-10-24
3   deoshlok 6 years ago

Can AnyBody Help about Sexual Passion
Asslamu-alikum MY name is Waqas and I am 49 yrs Old married man. I have three Childrens.
waqasadeel 2011-10-24
2   waqasadeel 6 years ago

AzoospermiaTtreatment for Dr Mahfooz
Hi Dr Mahfooz I am married and no childrens and trying for last 4 years. After lab test
anaveed786 2011-10-25
1   Mahfoozurrehman 6 years ago

my daughter 11 years pass urine in her cloths
my daughter 11 years of age pass urine in her cloths in day time. there is no bed wetting

skmangal 2011-07-19
37   kadwa 6 years ago

Hi doctor i was diagnosed with PCOS.. i am married and trying for baby...my gynae gave me
dishearted 2011-10-25
1   kadwa 6 years ago

itchy skin
i get itchy skin when the temperature rises ,i get blisters can i take mercurus sol 30ch i
smahindra2009 2011-10-24
1   kadwa 6 years ago

crack foot.hand problem by hederitary
hi i am nunabi.bangladeshi.my problem is my foot.heel crack now i fell to very tension tha

nurnabi 2009-09-13
44   nawazkhan 6 years ago

Cervicitis for my sister
Dear Doctors, My sister aged 33 year has white vaginal dischage from a long back in the mi

pradeepx28 2011-09-01
78   nawazkhan 6 years ago

high bleeding
Hi I am aged 25 having 2 children&got the family planing surgery. My menses period is
mahanitha 2011-10-24
3   shouse_nsk 6 years ago

A homeopath for help with dosing?
Is there anyone willing to guide me with dosing or is everyone against me on here?
vitamin.X 2011-10-25
1   vitamin.X 6 years ago

Why am I so dramatic?
A remedy for this would be appreciated David. You told me you believe I want to be the do
vitamin.X 2011-10-23
12   vitamin.X 6 years ago

sprained ankle/ankle pain
My daughter is a competitive swimmer. About 2 years ago she sprained her ankle falling do
nmpgordon 2011-10-16
12   brisbanehomoeopath 6 years ago

Deleted post
brisbanehomoeopath 2011-10-24
no replies yet

Want to increase Height.
Hello doctor,I am 20 years old girl. My height is 4.9,it didn't increase since i was
jaweria 2011-10-24
no replies yet

Mucle aches and weakness a result of Nat Phos?
I am a 56 year old woman who began taking Nat Phos as a way to get rid of stomach pain, un
MaryLynn7 2011-10-24
3   brisbanehomoeopath 6 years ago

bleeding piles&pain
hi Dr. I am suffering bleeding piles since 7 days. stool comes three to four time daily fi

liaquatali 2011-09-29
19   nawazkhan 6 years ago

I just got my Blood Glucose Report and it says I have diabetes. My Plasama Glucose Results
aqibone 2011-10-24
2   aqibone 6 years ago

hi, my son now 9 years old has been suffering with chronic asthma ever since he was 1 year
shivas 2011-10-24
1   Nikkie 6 years ago

Respected Sir/Madam, I am a 50 year patient suffering from filaria for the past 5 years.i
shivana 2011-10-23
1   deoshlok 6 years ago

Sudden cough - pls help me diagnose
Hello, I am trying to address a nagging cough that has been an on-off problem with a colle

aske123 2008-06-30
19   bitzygirl 6 years ago

Please help: child with constant sniff
Hi, I sent this post (see below) a couple of weeks ago but as have not yet received any a
Florinda 2011-10-09
5   Florinda 6 years ago

Please Mere Madad kaen apko dua dongi
Mein Pakistan me rehti hon awr shaadi shuda hon. mere umar 26 saal hai awr mere do batian
waqasadeel 2011-10-21
3   waqasadeel 6 years ago

Kidney Failure Help
My relative (male, aged 42) who is a Diploma Holder in various alternative medicines incl.
arulamudhu 2011-10-24
2   arulamudhu 6 years ago

DOCTORS: loss of erection (need ur expert advice plz)
Asalaam u alaekum. I am a 31 year old male ,married and living in karachi pakistan,5'
citizen00 2011-10-24
no replies yet

To the Doctors on this site: Advice needed for Eczema on 18 month old
My daughter is 18 months old. My daughter is a twin, they were born prematurely at 32+5
Rozyy 2011-10-23
1   Joe De Livera 6 years ago

Please help
Dear sir, I am 22 years old and have been suffering from acne since the age of 18 yrs aft
jo1989 2011-10-24
no replies yet

help with making body more feminine
Hello, I was wondering if anyone could recommend a remedy to increase breast size and red
ottergirl 2011-10-24
no replies yet

Thyroid & Sleep.
I have Thyroid, and i so often get sudden attacks of sleep. Like, when i'm driving, t
asif1466 2011-10-24
no replies yet

Message to Pinkapple
Our local network security loves to occasional block my access to particular threads on he
brisbanehomoeopath 2011-10-24
no replies yet

GERD/Acid Reflux
Hello, I am a 33 year old female and have been suffering from Acid reflux from a year, but

shahuja 2010-09-16
66   notme 6 years ago

Dr. Joe De Livera - Natural GERD Remedy Help Please
Hi Dr. Joe Livera, I am a 34yr old male living in the US. I am 5'9' and weigh

AbundantLife 2010-03-03
23   notme 6 years ago

Over indulgence
Hi, I am 29 year male from B'lore. I used to masturbate for almost 14 years now. At
gssmy 2011-10-24
no replies yet

Treating eczema with diet
Hi, my name is Abdul and I am 29 years of age. For the past 2 years I have been trying to
slick_horsie 2011-10-23
no replies yet

Broken leg in dog
I have a 7 year old male Sheltie that broke his hind leg just above his hock 8 weeks ago.
oliver99 2011-09-18
3   oliver99 6 years ago

Dr.David Kempson I am in deep trouble
I am having penile pain also in testis. I have been excessively involved in hand practice
kam88 2011-10-23
no replies yet

Vitreous man made fibers
Is there a remedy for symptoms of exposure to fiberglass insulation?
Valzar 2011-10-23
no replies yet

Low testosterone, please help!!!
Hi All, I have very low testosterone levels Total = 276 ng/dL normal range 249-836
Billu41 2011-10-23
1   Billu41 6 years ago

arsenicum album 200c
My son has anxiety. The doc prescribed Ars album 200c. But my fear is that if I give the m
talkpeace 2010-11-12
6   rizwan130 6 years ago

central serous retinopathy
i have the problem of central serous retinopathy from past 2months. is there any effective
benani 2011-10-23
no replies yet

How to develop man organ?
Hi doctor, I m 30 year old married man. I want to develop my man organ by homeopathic medi
Irfankhan 2011-10-23
no replies yet

organ developing
Hi doctor, Wish you best of luck. I very eager to thicken my man organ by homeopathic medi
Irfankhan 2011-10-22
1   drahmedaslam 6 years ago

20 months old baby - eczema
Hello, I have 21 months old son and he has been suffering from eczema since he was 5-6 mo

Homeopathy_fan 2008-09-11
16   Homeopathy_fan 6 years ago

Migraine Preventive Sought
I have a 10 year old son who has had migraines since he was a toddler. We have tried almo

cindyb1969 2011-10-20
13   brisbanehomoeopath 6 years ago

Storage re: Temperature
Greetings, Can anyone tell me what range of temperatures homeopathic remedies can be expos
Spring53 2010-10-21
5   brisbanehomoeopath 6 years ago

Require a Tissue Salt Remedy for IBS
Hi, I would like the experts here to recommend a tissue salt rememdy for IBS for my friend
samur420 2011-10-04
4   shouse_nsk 6 years ago

Dr. David/ brisbanehomoeopath, Please cure stubborn colitis
Respected sir, I am a male of 37 years from India. I have been following Dr. Nawaz khan&

vikram_ahuja 2011-08-31
70   shouse_nsk 6 years ago

Another anacardium progress for David
Anacardium progress. First of all I feel improvement. I am less inhibited. In “low key” s

vitamin.X 2011-10-21
24   vitamin.X 6 years ago

small muscle protruding during passing stool
I have got a problem since the last 10-12 years. While passing stool one small muscle like

sandeephalder 2011-08-15
73   nawazkhan 6 years ago

Patient ID: Sex: F Age: 51 Please answer the following questions in a descriptive manner
goldengirl123 2011-10-22
9   goldengirl123 6 years ago

My wife has been suffering from ITP for over three years now. Her platelet count was at on
prash1410 2006-12-16
5   pinkapple 6 years ago

Hi, the homeopathic remedy for you is for your entire being . However my daughter had hpv
pacifick 2011-10-23
no replies yet

stress induced acne
I have taken melotonin in the past as I have a tough time falling asleep due to stress, wh
luckydogchance 2011-10-22
2   sameervermani 6 years ago

sex drive boost
Dear Doctos tell me the medicine.r, at time of intercourse , i have ejected at 5 mins and
ashrastogi1981 2011-10-22
no replies yet

nasal bones
Hello, my name's joe and i had a terrible accident. I got hit on my nose playing foo
joemorales 2011-10-21
2   joemorales 6 years ago

Increase height in 15 year girl
Dear doctor, my niece, 15 year old is of 5' height and 37 kg weight.She does not like
redlotus31 2011-09-15
1   Mona Usman 6 years ago

excessive anxiety, depression, any advice is greatly apreciated
I am a young female who has struggled with depression and anxiety, bulimia anorexia, and a
luckydogchance 2011-10-22
no replies yet

shingles like pain without rash
Hi I started a week ago having cystitis like pain upon emptying my bladder which I treate
elstrom73 2011-10-20
1   kadwa 6 years ago

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