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Information given in this forum is given by way of exchange of views only. It is not to be treated as a medical diagnosis, and should not be used as a substitute for seeing a qualified homeopath or physician. In most cases, advice posted here is not given by a medical expert.

If symptoms persist, consult a medical professional.

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TopicPostsStarted byLast Post
Please help its heavy Hair Loss/baldness
Dear Dr's iam 25 year old boy suffering ...
0greyhorse27 06:02 08 Nov 10 by
Hylands Calms Forte 4 Kids anyone?
Hello all, I am travelling from U.S to India short...
2princess10005:40 08 Nov 10 by brisbanehomoeopath
Dr. Sameer, case of chronic Psoriasis.
Hello Dr. Sameer, I've been following man...
0lhesabi03:26 08 Nov 10 by
I have had IBS like symptoms for a good few year...
6Samia Rida15:00 07 Nov 10 by Samia Rida
Materia Medica Book
Hi friends, I have original Materia Medica book of...
5samur42012:03 07 Nov 10 by samur420
what is known about the reaction of lupus on the m...
0millytea08:32 07 Nov 10 by
Natrum Phosphoricum Interactions
I urgently need to know the interactions of Natru...
3Sataria07:52 07 Nov 10 by Joe De Livera
what is everyone's opinion on homeopathic vac...
11some_gurly07:21 07 Nov 10 by brisbanehomoeopath
injury on penis
i have a swelling around a foreskin due to scar re...
4sunnykhann06:26 07 Nov 10 by sunnykhann
Arnica 6c 5ml
All I can find is Arnica 6c 15, 30, or 50ml in ...
5dmartin05:10 07 Nov 10 by Joe De Livera
Bach Flowers and Homeopathy
Dear All, Is it posible to became sensit...
6Albert01:05 07 Nov 10 by Albert
Epilepsy Case. Joe and Kadwa help please
Age 5 year Boy EEG REPORT Patient is sedated wi...
1ridha8900:20 07 Nov 10 by Joe De Livera
Celiac Disease
Dear Dr.Tahira My daughter 35 is allergic to wh...
3libra23:49 06 Nov 10 by brisbanehomoeopath
First aid for dog
My neighbor's dog got away from him on a walk...
3ruth4521:01 06 Nov 10 by Homeopathy International 1
Jaw/TMJ problems
I am having alot of popping and sometimes locking ...
23konrkids18:46 06 Nov 10 by 3konrkids
pain in right testicle
3 months before i have started a pain in right te...
2faheem_bhat4118:38 06 Nov 10 by faheem_bhat41

[message deleted by girl2010 on Thu, 28 Jul 20...
5girl201018:01 06 Nov 10 by girl2010
Sore eyes
My son has a sore eyes and it is already his 5th d...
1mammoe17:20 06 Nov 10 by nawazkhan
urine remain inside
After i pass urine,i feel that some urine still re...
2ken166817:16 06 Nov 10 by ken1668
Homeopathy effect
I have a friend. He has anxiety. He was alright in...
4talkpeace15:50 06 Nov 10 by talkpeace
help with homeopathy books in mumbai
Hello friends, Can anyone help me by suggestin...
3samur42012:55 06 Nov 10 by samur420
Feline Aggression
Hello, my name is Victoria and I am looking for ad... [LAST PAGE]
31vrnav01:50 06 Nov 10 by sherkatz
Parotid Gland - Need professional advice
Need professional advice, please help! 34 years o...
7nenufar 01:28 06 Nov 10 by brisbanehomoeopath
silica...what is the dose for fibroids?
I read on site that silica is good for making fi...
1kegva01:23 06 Nov 10 by brisbanehomoeopath
Natrum Phosphoricum or Natrium and Phosphoricum separately?
Hello, I have a question, maybe somebody can help ...
3Karpo23:54 05 Nov 10 by brisbanehomoeopath
Suffering from gluten allery,
Dear Sir, My nephew is suffering from glu...
2radheygiftian23:08 05 Nov 10 by bidwell
best homeopathic pharmacy in india
This question is mainly for mr. murthy. Please ar...
0hpathyisgr819:26 05 Nov 10 by
How are Combination remedies made?
Hi, I have been to many homeopaths who use the ...
7samur42014:00 05 Nov 10 by samur420
calling all homeopaths - question regarding potentcies
i am very ignorant about potentcies. i have tried ...
2samikirk13:25 05 Nov 10 by samikirk
Weight Loss with these remedies
1onyxgroup10:32 05 Nov 10 by onyxgroup
Skin Affections
It must be realised that the treatment of a so-cal...
1siloutec10:01 05 Nov 10 by Dawnnoelle1045
bed wetting
my daughter is 8 yrs and she has aproblem of bed ... [LAST PAGE]
13kanika mann09:28 05 Nov 10 by kadwa
akshaymohl please reply.
Re: night fall, sexual weakness, masturbation... s...
0mustafarshi07:50 05 Nov 10 by
Dr.Brisbanehomeopath, help please.
I am a victim of masturbation. Can you please help...
2Parimal_N07:08 05 Nov 10 by Parimal_N
10 Months old baby girl suffering from cold
Dear Pankaj Verma Ji, My Daughter is 10 months ...
0ram_k06:04 05 Nov 10 by
Kidney stone, Fibroid and blood sugar
Hi I am 28 years old, unmarried and suffering from...
2preetib03:12 05 Nov 10 by kasly
kidney disease
dear Dr. sharma, I just wanted to ask your opionio...
1soli95803:08 05 Nov 10 by kasly
Kidney failure- Creatine level 11.7(please reply)
Ny brother of age 27 recently got to know that he ...
1nidhijasmine03:05 05 Nov 10 by kasly
kidney function
SIR I have a stone in my left kidney at P U juncti...
1realfun502:54 05 Nov 10 by kasly
Help kidney stones for over four years now
They stones were smaller earlier only in the left ... [LAST PAGE]
35hellzing 02:38 05 Nov 10 by kasly
Low Kidney Function
I have to keep having tests taken because they say...
1onyxgroup00:38 05 Nov 10 by nawazkhan
Social Anxiety
Deal All, I have the following disorders.Please...
6Rao_N21:06 04 Nov 10 by Homeopathy International 1
Ankle injury.
My left side an ankle got twised 3 weeks ago ,in ...
2nikkikumar20:26 04 Nov 10 by Homeopathy International 1
night fall
i am suffering from nightfall since last 6 years a...
0anjan904018:59 04 Nov 10 by
Seeking any remedy suggestions for a 5 year old with Alopecia universalis
My daughter is 5 years old will be six in Dec. Sh...
1jaime40917:07 04 Nov 10 by sameervermani
Suggestions for best book on Mother Tinctures/
Hi, All Doctors & Homeopath enthusiasts, can y...
6samur42015:04 04 Nov 10 by samur420
please help!!!!!! cannot sleep
I'm extremely troubled by a foot rash on top ...
2slashragnarok14:16 04 Nov 10 by slashragnarok
sir ive a problem of constipation n im using nuxvo...
3hiadeel11:59 04 Nov 10 by cancerian007
nerve pain
I have a trapped nerve in my left elbow.The pain i...
4billyboys11:06 04 Nov 10 by kadwa
During Coughing few URINE drops come out
Hello Doctors. My wife she is 44 years whenever s...
3RKGupta10:37 04 Nov 10 by kadwa
This infectious disease, involving especially the ...
0siloutec10:10 04 Nov 10 by
Piles or Haemorrhoids
This is a fairly common condition and may cause co...
0siloutec10:09 04 Nov 10 by
Surgical and Dental Operations
These events hardly come under the category of acc...
0siloutec10:09 04 Nov 10 by
This infectious fever, also known as Morbilli, sho...
0siloutec10:03 04 Nov 10 by
This term denotes disorder in the digestive functi...
0siloutec10:02 04 Nov 10 by
This curious and unpleasant affliction is due to a...
0siloutec10:02 04 Nov 10 by
Herpes Zoster
The common name for this complaint is ' shingl...
0siloutec10:01 04 Nov 10 by
Herpes Labia lis
This affection, commonly spoken of as ' cold s...
0siloutec10:01 04 Nov 10 by
Heart Disease
The heart is a very remarkable and a very wise org...
0siloutec10:01 04 Nov 10 by
Headaches which persist, grow worse and incapacita...
0siloutec09:59 04 Nov 10 by
This term has for long been a favourite diagnosis ...
0siloutec09:58 04 Nov 10 by
The fact that the temperature of the body is raise...
0siloutec09:58 04 Nov 10 by
vitiligo, Anti vitiligo oil, vitiligo skin patients in USA, Uk , Canada , Australia
Anti vitiligo oil is famous product in all over ...
0vitiligooil4709:55 04 Nov 10 by
Eye Affections
Any serious trouble in connection with the eyes mu...
0siloutec09:53 04 Nov 10 by
As mentioned in the section on accidents, ears mus...
0siloutec09:53 04 Nov 10 by
DiphtheriaŚ(see Sore Throat) Dysentery
This term is used when stools are extremely freque...
0siloutec09:53 04 Nov 10 by
Sudden twists and turns may wrench, disrupt, or da...
0siloutec09:52 04 Nov 10 by
Spinal Injuries
The spine may be jarred or jolted by a fall and th...
0siloutec09:51 04 Nov 10 by
Normally by the time the contents of the digestive...
0siloutec09:51 04 Nov 10 by
This alarming suffocative attack occurs in young c...
0siloutec09:50 04 Nov 10 by
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