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References to Kingdom Classification of Remedies by Old Homoeopaths
brisbanehomoeopath 2010-11-15
no replies yet

Example of the deeper chronic remedy curing ailments from an injury
brisbanehomoeopath 2010-11-15
no replies yet

Some interesting symptoms from unusual/new remedies
brisbanehomoeopath 2010-11-15
no replies yet

Materia Medica Fun!
brisbanehomoeopath 2010-11-15
no replies yet

Lump under nose
Two years back I had a small cut on my upper lip due to shaving,which gradually became lik
Aggypoonia 2010-11-15
no replies yet

Teeth grinding problem in sleep
Dear Dr. Im a 29 years old Male, from Asia, since last 2.5 years It has been reported t
nadeem4u 2010-11-14
1   nadeem4u 6 years ago

I think that every one , the consultants and the patients, are aware that this forum was c

davendrak 2007-10-27
13   nawazkhan 6 years ago

can you help please
is there a remedy that can help me i am very sensitive emotional cry easy,let people upset

sunnyj 2010-09-19
17   maheeru 6 years ago

Palpitation & burning sensation in brain
I am 27 yrs old female.I had been in depression which was 5/6 yrs back due to some perso
Shehzeen 2010-11-14
3   maheeru 6 years ago

skin allergy
i am 60 and am felling skin allergy by my childhood.some time by food some time without
khan80 2010-11-15
no replies yet

Retinal Detachment
Is there any cure for retinal detachment or low vision. Please help
dhaval80 2010-11-15
no replies yet

Dr. Deoshlok Sharma: divorce and serious depression
My best friend is going through a rough divorce... I see she desperately needs not only me
miaki 2010-11-15
no replies yet

autism, apraxia, and aphasia
my son is 3 no speech yet, lots of sounds and he tries very hard to talk. the problems is
smithasd 2010-11-12
7   sadeqahmed 6 years ago

sulphur after calcarea iod
as we all know there is harm in giving sulphur after calcarea carb. likewise, is there
pcthahir 2010-11-09
11   sadeqahmed 6 years ago

Severe case of Acne
I desperately need help with my acne problem that i have had for over 10 years now. I am
rockaholiciam 2010-11-09
6   Joe De Livera 6 years ago

Whenever I have chillies or Deep Fry I go through a severe headache and gastric problem ..
Hasnain 2010-11-14
3   Joe De Livera 6 years ago

Alopecia Treatments
I received for recommendations for treatment for Alopecia . 1. Alumina 30c 2. Ly
jawanstw 2010-11-13
3   brisbanehomoeopath 6 years ago

urgent help for Cantharis side effect
hi i am 30 years old married person. i have choronic history of urinary tract infection. f
aloowala 2010-11-13
2   brisbanehomoeopath 6 years ago

Rash on Forhead - Acutre flare up
Hi Forum, Hope you are doing well. I have been under stress lately and normally wh
apprentice 2010-11-14
no replies yet

Scalp Psoriasis (plaque)
Hi i have been going to a Homeopathic doctor for my plaque psoriasis & red patches o
Natureways 2010-11-14
1   brisbanehomoeopath 6 years ago

Pain and fatigue in legs after driving
Hi I am 29 yrs old male, overweight (96 kg) with a ht of 6 feet. I feel very muc
earthangel 2010-11-12
5   Joe De Livera 6 years ago

Stool Problem
I am 40 years old. I am following problems/symptom for three years. Brownish color sto
umar929 2010-11-14
1   Joe De Livera 6 years ago

Getting marriage this year
hi doctor mehfooz! this ali here my problem is that im going to get married in jan 2011 a
naveed136 2010-11-14
no replies yet

Sebaceous Cyst on nose
Hi, I am a 21 year old female. I have had a Sebaceous Cyst on my nose for almost 7 to
asmahakim 2010-11-06
3   asmahakim 6 years ago

clarify doubt for caulophyllum ...urgent
dear doctor/s i just need some clarification regarding my doubt. my wife is pregnant s

hs2010 2010-11-10
13   kadwa 6 years ago

inflammatory bowel disease
sir i am suffering from inflammatory bowel disease i go to toilet for 2-3 times in the mor
veeragoni 2010-11-13
1   kadwa 6 years ago

Scabies in my dog
Hi I had posted a question few weeks ago. Dr Kwara had resposnded to my query advising S
deepali 2010-11-13
1   kadwa 6 years ago

upper abominal pain with loose motions
Iam 34 years old and just had a baby 2 months back.I was suffering from severe constipatio
sonalika 2010-11-13
1   kadwa 6 years ago

11 month old with eczema...
Hi, My son is 11 months old and has suffered with eczema since he was 2 months old.
Dispatcher30 2010-11-13
3   Joe De Livera 6 years ago

low sperm count
hi, im a boy of 18yrs. I frequently masterbate. And i hav too low volume of sperm. I get
ahmed khaled 2010-11-14
2   ahmed khaled 6 years ago

remedy required for travel sickness
Hi, I am a 31 year old and every time I travel to hill stations I have severe nause, head

samur420 2010-11-01
28   samur420 6 years ago

Masturbation excessive!! hairloss and other severe after affects.
helo, i already posted a similar topic, but there is nobody to reply! i think abchomeopa
jk2401 2010-11-14
no replies yet

girl2010 2010-11-09
24   girl2010 6 years ago

BIochemic Remedy Query
Hi, I have a few questions regarding biochemic , answers seeked. 1)Are biochemic ta
samur420 2010-11-13
2   samur420 6 years ago

LEAD and BARIUM very elevated leval.
Toxic metal urine test report shows elevated level of Barium and Lead.Which may be the mai
M.Saleem 2010-11-07
1   M.Saleem 6 years ago

kidney diseases
hi,everyone. Can homeopathy cure PKD ?
kasly 2010-11-13
no replies yet

sperm antibodies - need remedy suggestions
my husband has high amounts of sperm antibodies (86% MAR IGG) after 2 vasectomy reversals.
kjackel 2010-11-13
2   vera5 6 years ago

please suggest something!
Hi, I am not a believer in homeopathy, will it work for me? I have these symptoms: *
vera5 2010-11-13
2   vera5 6 years ago

5 month old not sleeping
Help! My 5 month old is a very restless sleeper and is constantly waking. Her head i
Tuffy 2010-11-13
no replies yet

Caulophyllum- to induce labour,... not working... any idas?
Hi there, I have the Helios Childbirth Homeopathy kit and have taken Caulophyllum 200
Stief 2010-11-13
1   brisbanehomoeopath 6 years ago

Antidote to homeopathy...
I've been reading about the antidotes etc like Coffee, Camphor , Menthol etc... but
Stief 2010-11-13
1   brisbanehomoeopath 6 years ago

sexsual impotancy & ejaculation problem
hi doctor, i,m 44years old male i got married, have a past history of masturbation 20year
welldonefabric 2010-11-13
1   welldonefabric 6 years ago

Tiny wart s on face and neck
Hi, I am 32, female- have been noticing some tiny dark brown warts on my face and nec
homeoloyal 2010-11-13
no replies yet

Sex Problem
Hello Doctor, Age : 29 years old. 1) I have masterbated since 15 years. 2)My penn
SHAMAN 2010-11-11
2   SHAMAN 6 years ago

From Punkaj Varma
I have been down with viral fever since 21st Oct. I am better now. Will respond to all

PANKAJ VARMA 2010-11-04
17   PANKAJ VARMA 6 years ago

remedy given, question
hello, i bought a remedy from a non-classical homeopath that runs her own pharmacy, said
some_gurly 2010-11-12
9   Parakletos 6 years ago

Dear Dr Kadwa ji , I am 61 yrs old and is suffering from asthma . Prior to 2002 i was

ghanshyam49 2010-05-03
27   ghanshyam49 6 years ago

Medicine which can make breast milk degistive for baby???.
our baby 45 days is facing problem of colic pain and gas and some time she takes and vom
libra981 2010-11-12
no replies yet

arnica 50m
I accidently bought 4oz. of arnica 50M and will never use it in ten lifetimes. That bein
clarajean 2010-11-10
9   clarajean 6 years ago

I am 28 yrs old male suffering from Impotence It all started Two years ago when i took t
supreet 2010-11-12
no replies yet

hi..i just registered to this forum I am 28 yrs old male suffering from Impotence It all
supreet 2010-11-12
no replies yet

urgent attention : any dr pls rply
My father 57yr old is having right lung pleural effusion and is suffering from chronic cou
pratik20990 2010-10-26
10   pratik20990 6 years ago

anxiety dep help needed urgent
My son is suffering from anx, dep. he is 9 years old. We are really suffering. Can anyo
talkpeace 2010-11-12
no replies yet

homeopathics in bristol uk
hello, can somebody suggest a good homeopathic doctor in Bristol,UK? I'm a student
rishita 2010-11-12
no replies yet

5 years ago needle like fleshy growth seen near opening of vagina. Thuja and nitric acid
pkprathibha 2010-11-12
no replies yet

my right sided ailments
hi, i am 23 yrs old and i have noticed a few probs on the right side of my body. firstly m
Michelle_chick 2010-10-18
10   sameervermani 6 years ago

Joe Please Reply.
Age: 50years Male Married. I have suffering from backache. My X-Ray Report is:
mustafarshi 2010-11-11
4   Joe De Livera 6 years ago

Suffering from PCOD,.......no menses without medicines
Iam 25 years old, working and unmarried suffering from PCOD having no menses without medic
archi 2010-11-11
1   Dr.Saravanan 6 years ago

chronic nocturnal emission
Dear Dr. Rewa Sir, Sir, i was just 14 when i start to do masturbation,i did a lot of han
pkshrma 2010-04-12
10   Hector_Shah 6 years ago

Hi, I am 24.6 yrs old, my ms started on 10.6yrs. I was diagnosed with PCOD at the age of
Shruti86 2010-11-11
1   Dr.Saravanan 6 years ago

Can a const remedy prevent arthritis?
Hi, Arthritis is common in my family and obviously I am concerned that I may inheri

JMalik 2006-09-02
13   Joe De Livera 6 years ago

Erection Problem
Hello Fellows, I came a cross this website with hope if some one can help me out, I am 40
hostwithtoast 2010-11-11
1   sajjadakram635 6 years ago

Contacting ABC Homeopathy Moderator?
Is there a way to contact the moderator of this forum privately either by email or web for
Homeopathy International 1 2010-11-11
1   gavinimurthy 6 years ago

Cincuentamilesimal Scale
Dear All, Is it posible after a patient has doing well on the centesimal scale b
Albert 2010-11-11
no replies yet

stem cell transplant
Hi, everyone. Have u heard of stem cell transplant? Share your experience.
kasly 2010-11-11
no replies yet

Night Bedwetting - 5 yo boy
Hi, My son just turned 5. He was fully day toilet trained by 2 1/2 yo. I was hoping he wo
winuby 2010-08-08
5   winuby 6 years ago

Educational Homoeopathic Website - patients on this site take a look!
Actually this site is so good I thought I would create a new post for people. David Little
brisbanehomoeopath 2010-11-11
2   nawazkhan 6 years ago

My present state of health
I am 37 years old female. I need advice for my following condition Sleepless nights an

KKNMUS 2010-10-26
13   nawazkhan 6 years ago

Need Educational Info for Allopathic Doctor
I am scheduled for an eyelid surgery to improve my peripheral sight. When I mentioned usi
pjlohse 2010-11-11
2   brisbanehomoeopath 6 years ago

to all respected doctors, please help.
Hi My name is sophia and i am houswife. I have one daughter who is 2 year and six months
sophiaahmed 2010-11-08
6   sophiaahmed 6 years ago

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