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Information given in this forum is given by way of exchange of views only. It is not to be treated as a medical diagnosis, and should not be used as a substitute for seeing a qualified homeopath or physician. In most cases, advice posted here is not given by a medical expert.

If symptoms persist, consult a medical professional.

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a [message deleted by astral171988 on Sat, 16 Jul ...
3astral17198815:53 27 Oct 10 by nawazkhan
Seeking remedy for multiple problems
Hello, I have been seeing a local homeopath in an ...
3yuive2315:43 27 Oct 10 by yuive23
Severe Ankle pain after fusion surgery.
Hi there, I am actually posting for my brother ...
1sampige15:26 27 Oct 10 by maheeru
PCOD Treatment
I have been taking Pcod Homeopathy treatment from ...
1Chaitu21 15:23 27 Oct 10 by maheeru
Shingles on face w/neuralgia
Hello, I'm hoping someone can offer a sugg...
3maddie3715:20 27 Oct 10 by maheeru
Need help treating the cause of Adenoca
62 Yrs. Male (5ft 10inches | Weight: 58kg) Bx. re...
0vater14:36 27 Oct 10 by
Pain from shoulder to arm
Pain around right shoulder; moves downward to wris...
11aremmisra10:28 27 Oct 10 by aremmisra
Nux M (moschata) and Dry mouth
Hello Everyone, Could anyone tell me how authenti... [LAST PAGE]
31himabindu09:59 27 Oct 10 by kadwa
Glaxo to Pay $750 Million for Sale of Bad Products
New York Times October 26, 2010 Glaxo to Pay $...
0Joe De Livera08:50 27 Oct 10 by
dear dr mahfooz sb
my name is muhammad and i have a obstructive azoos...
4zubair muhammad07:48 27 Oct 10 by zubair muhammad
Blood Suger. Please help me.
Hi, My father (age 45) has blood suger. The bl...
2treatment2005:22 27 Oct 10 by Joe De Livera
High Intra Occular Pressure
I am dignosed patient of High IOP (max. 26 in both...
4shivamagarwal04:31 27 Oct 10 by shivamagarwal
avena sativa and alfalfa
Can avena sativa and alfalfa trinctures be use...
3bruceleeroy03:47 27 Oct 10 by nawazkhan
6yr old - hyperactive/aggressive when needing to urinate.
Hi, my Son is 6 yrs old now, he's a good boy ...
1tzulo03:19 27 Oct 10 by brisbanehomoeopath
Fluid on the elboe - Burstitis
I developed a lump on my elbow which appears to be...
0guy berridge00:16 27 Oct 10 by
pain over lower abdomen
I have undergone orchiopexy for right and variocel...
4viruz16:44 26 Oct 10 by viruz
My present state of health
I am 37 years old female. I need advice for my fol...
1KKNMUS 15:20 26 Oct 10 by KKNMUS
attention doctors fertility problems!
hello,my name is gulraiz and my age is 19.from pa...
4gulraizhassan13:07 26 Oct 10 by nawazkhan
lichen planus on legs,around wrists, now spreading to other parts
i am 47 year old male suffering from lichen planis...
0ymrnellore213:04 26 Oct 10 by
Vaginal/Vulva Dryness and pain
Is there any remedies to address this problem? I...
5GSHPR12:47 26 Oct 10 by GSHPR
Paint in Chest. and tingling in left arm.
For last 3 months I get sudden pains in my left bo...
2acoolgem12:13 26 Oct 10 by Info.rahiq
Fissure in Ano and Hip Pain
I am patient of Fissure in Ano for last 1 year. I... [LAST PAGE]
13mrmfa12:05 26 Oct 10 by Info.rahiq
nail infection
I am suffering from nail infection / Paronychia (b...
2vidyawati197011:19 26 Oct 10 by mguptapdil
One particular symptom
dear colleagues I would like your input/guidan...
3Mahfoozurrehman10:44 26 Oct 10 by Mahfoozurrehman
urine smell like old herring
5 years, urethritis with interstitial cystitis o...
8ferranti 05:26 26 Oct 10 by ferranti
Cure for diabetes (enclosed)
0ProMorgan05:02 26 Oct 10 by
Cure for herpes (below)
morgan kingston 1000 se 160th ave dd242 vancouve...
0ProMorgan 04:38 26 Oct 10 by
Nasal Congestion, Skin Infection,Headache
Hi I have been suffering from nasal congestion...
5nklnarayana04:37 26 Oct 10 by nawazkhan
Enlarged Spleen, Low blood platlet count, diabetes.
New to forums not sure where to post. This is a fi...
0jc197603:47 26 Oct 10 by
over masturbation
Hello doctor I m 26 years old guy since last 5 ye...
4sky_blues14303:42 26 Oct 10 by nawazkhan
Hair Loss and Thinning
Please advise on treatment to stop hair loss and...
0Leen2001 00:31 26 Oct 10 by
Stress/Shoulder jaw pain
I have TMJ and wear a mouth guard when sleeping as...
0new2town22:52 25 Oct 10 by
Rescue Cat w/ Chronic Sinus Infection
Our 6 yr. old male, rescue cat 'Buster' ha...
0BusterTheCat22:06 25 Oct 10 by
Broken cyst?
I have a wound on my face from having popped what ...
0tigertigerca21:41 25 Oct 10 by
joe de livera - allergy to pollen in 6 year old
Hi, Can I give Ars Alb 200 an hour after Ars...
0tanya33319:44 25 Oct 10 by
Ars Alb 200 half an hour after Ars Alb 30 for a 6 year old
The boy breaths on his mouth, has nasal congestion...
0tanya33319:17 25 Oct 10 by
28 F, 4feet 9 inches. increase height
I am 28 yrs old and sadly my height is 4'9. M...
6varun jain19:04 25 Oct 10 by nawazkhan
Pankaj Varma's treatment for pilonidal cyst
Hi Pankaj, I am starting a new thread regardin... [LAST PAGE]
26jorbri151318:58 25 Oct 10 by jorbri1513
eye problem
from the previous one month i have involuntary eye...
0manojpuri20098118:34 25 Oct 10 by
Brain tumor due to injury caused by brick/stick
Dear Dr. My grand mother, who is about 80 years...
4nadeem4u 18:32 25 Oct 10 by nadeem4u
Explosive Diarrhea
Hi I will give some history to my difficulties. S... [LAST PAGE]
21redmoon 18:25 25 Oct 10 by Parakletos
Praveen Tale for you
Can't find your post...pl. push it up. Mea...
4PANKAJ VARMA17:01 25 Oct 10 by pravin tale
Severe Piles problem..Dr.Kadwa plz help
Dr Kadwa...As per yous suggestion i have taken the...
0sonalika14:16 25 Oct 10 by
wheezing problem
My nephew suffering from wheezing, he is 4 years o...
1jyothy kumar12:08 25 Oct 10 by Dr.Saravanan
Dr. Joe & Arnica
Hi there Joe De Livera, I have been reading out...
7Daniellie 11:39 25 Oct 10 by brisbanehomoeopath
Morning Sickness
Woman 28 yrs expecting her third baby (2nd month o...
10nahmed6911:19 25 Oct 10 by Mahfoozurrehman
CranioSacral therapy
Is it okay to have a craniosacral tx coincide with...
0Daniellie09:56 25 Oct 10 by
anal fissure and anal fistula
Hi, i have had severe constipation for years, an ...
3jamieson09:10 25 Oct 10 by Joe De Livera
MS cure
I have MS since 2006. I am a woman, 41 years old. ...
4Rintu07:37 25 Oct 10 by Parakletos
Pain in elbow
My elbow got injured probably while carrying a hea...
1raja00707:13 25 Oct 10 by kadwa
cysts in left kidney
hi my wife is suffereing from kidney cysts in left...
2tarzon05:50 25 Oct 10 by tarzon
Iam 34yrs. I have neurofibromosis all over the bod...
2sbabu05:22 25 Oct 10 by sbabu
For My Sister
Age :38 MRI of the Lumbosacral spines and s...
0vettath03:56 25 Oct 10 by
So im a 25 year old male. I always had these 4 bum... [LAST PAGE]
30whatthehell02:49 25 Oct 10 by Homeopathy International 1
What the different Potencies mean in Homoeopathy
When you just dilute a tincture, the effect will b... [LAST PAGE]
34brisbanehomoeopath00:05 25 Oct 10 by brisbanehomoeopath
Homeopathy and its use in multiple sclerosis
Hey there, im a 3rd year medical student doing a s...
4amna_uk22:47 24 Oct 10 by david36
dermatitis itching with eruption
any person like to get information for skin itchin...
1Dr.abrar Hussain 20:20 24 Oct 10 by pegasusest
Chronic eye twitch and facial spasm
About 4 yrs ago my left eye started to twitch. Ove...
4BSchafer13:41 24 Oct 10 by BSchafer
nasal polyps
72 years old my mother, who suffring with sanus al...
2BABAGEE09:59 24 Oct 10 by BABAGEE
Remedy Relationship - Need Advice
What is the relation between Conium , Arnica , ...
3sadeqahmed07:26 24 Oct 10 by brisbanehomoeopath
Still suffering from IBS
Dear Dr Joe, Please help me. I am 29 years old ...
3bajaj.mayank06:14 24 Oct 10 by bajaj.mayank
Fibroid Uterus, Can you realy shrink them?
I am 45 and I have a multi fibroid uterus. I disco...
8seen44404:41 24 Oct 10 by pbedi
acid reflex and enlarged tonsils
My 6 year old son has been having breathing, snori...
2MALAIK03:34 24 Oct 10 by MALAIK
How to tell if your remedy is working
Being a good consumer is important for the homoeop...
5brisbanehomoeopath23:04 23 Oct 10 by brisbanehomoeopath
complicated problems
hi there, i am 35 years old male and i have foll...
7fana47721:32 23 Oct 10 by Homeopathy International 1
Hello, I took psychiatric medications and basicall...
1tedde21:32 23 Oct 10 by Homeopathy International 1
Tonsils Removed 35 years ago and still get stones
Can anyone help me out here? I get these stones o...
0noopie19:46 23 Oct 10 by
Nonobstructive Azoospermia
Hello Doctor Mumtaz, I have read a lot about your...
0manumadhavan3513:30 23 Oct 10 by
painful tooth extraction
Please help if you can, I had an infected root fil...
0aries4210:32 23 Oct 10 by
0nksiddhant06:01 23 Oct 10 by
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