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Information given in this forum is given by way of exchange of views only. It is not to be treated as a medical diagnosis, and should not be used as a substitute for seeing a qualified homeopath or physician. In most cases, advice posted here is not given by a medical expert.

If symptoms persist, consult a medical professional.

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watery stool for 2 days in a 15 month old
hello, My son recently had been going watery ...
2vidrathi14:55 30 Dec 16 by simone717
Weight gain in new born baby
My baby having 4 month age is suffering from loose...
3Anish114:46 30 Dec 16 by simone717
Happy new year 2017
Wishing all doctors and patients visiting this for...
1akshaymohl14:37 30 Dec 16 by simone717
Need help for Weight Loss & Breast size reduction
Sir, My age 35 weight 90 kg. Want to reduce my...
2star145213:12 30 Dec 16 by star1452
ABC Homeopathy- Remedy Finder-2
Extremely Impressed with the hard work put in for ...
1vermaashok37912:51 30 Dec 16 by simone717
Suffering from recurrent tonsillitis
Dear Sir, I need medicine that can cure my tonsil... [LAST PAGE]
68Gockoars10:55 30 Dec 16 by Gockoars
light nad scanty periods
hi, I have been facing this for quite some while ...
5Pies09:57 30 Dec 16 by jawahar
Premature ejacuation
Hi, I am male 32 yrs old, height 5'2. I h...
2MikeM06:55 30 Dec 16 by Ootoofo
Wrinkles on Face
I have wrinkles on fore head and below my eyes. Pl...
1Ana206:55 30 Dec 16 by Ootoofo
hi, i masturbate an average of 45 times in a month...
2unknown290806:54 30 Dec 16 by Ootoofo
Cough 4.7 year old
My child is having fever since last 5 days. And no...
1vidhaan06:45 30 Dec 16 by HealthyWorld
Perianal warts that bleeds
pls suggest me the best homeopathy medicine for tr...
2matifsyed105:50 30 Dec 16 by matifsyed1
Masturbation Addiction
Hello Doctor, I have been masturbating when I ...
11Aj1991199102:21 30 Dec 16 by as1
Genital Herpes
i am male 26 , sexually active , 3 days back i hav... [LAST PAGE]
19Maij21:32 29 Dec 16 by simone717
Attn Murthy Sir: Mom's Insomnia
I am writing this for my Mom. My mom is sufferi...
6HelpwithLP15:47 29 Dec 16 by HelpwithLP
Male Infertility
My Semen Analysis Report color= grey white visco...
3noorkhooharo14:15 29 Dec 16 by jawahar
Male infertility
I am 32 years old.i have married for 2 years ago b...
3Gooz14:14 29 Dec 16 by jawahar
Emergency please. Avena sativa proven wrong.
I took avena sativa 3 days ago. It got my stomac...
5baniya13:58 29 Dec 16 by baniya
dear HealthyWorld i am "AS1" i a...
7as112:06 29 Dec 16 by HealthyWorld
Dosage question
The instructions I am trying to follow says - &quo...
7sheryljo08:41 29 Dec 16 by HealthyWorld
Dr Plz Suggest
Sir I am Male 43 Years old mera problem ye hai kay...
2emranulhaq07:00 29 Dec 16 by kadwa
Constant watery eyes caused by allergies
For one year Now i have been suffering constant t...
2Shannel-solo06:52 29 Dec 16 by kadwa
Fever with weakness and choked voice
Sex : Female Age : 26 Body built : Average S...
6sonu_cemk06:19 29 Dec 16 by telescope
dr.mahfooz/Dr Kadwa pls help (Liver Fibrosis)
Hello Sir I am 41 years old male and suffering fr...
3gul051105:45 29 Dec 16 by kadwa
Restless legs Syndrome
Hi Dr , i have restless legs syndrome at nights ...
2Ana204:40 29 Dec 16 by Ana2
penis hardness
I am 29 year old. my penis very soft. I want marri...
2M Hashim 04:27 29 Dec 16 by HealthyWorld
IgA nephropathy - Kidney Issues
I am a 70 year old woman. I have been having seve...
11Anneysha03:01 29 Dec 16 by sara7
Chronic Eczema (Atopic Dermatitis)
HI, i am a 30 year old male who is living with chr... [LAST PAGE]
67ndp7719:01 28 Dec 16 by simone717
Is this drug correct?
I am taking Mercusol 200...and Sulphur 30C for...
1mtak1234518:46 28 Dec 16 by simone717
Lower than 6C?
Hello, my baby is 16 months, and we are trying to ... [LAST PAGE]
13Rosy Momma16:20 28 Dec 16 by Rosy Momma
Multiple Lipomas
Hi Doctor, I'm suffering from multiple lip...
1rishi216313:39 28 Dec 16 by deoshlok
Thick beard and moustache
Hai sir my name is Pavan age 26 but I didn't ...
6pavan11113:09 28 Dec 16 by pavan111
Dr.Kadwa Please Help me/Heel Spur/planter facitis
I would like some help with Heel spur in my right ...
0bhavnas9011:13 28 Dec 16 by
Psoriatic Arthritis
Hi, I am 34 years, male, married & have child... [LAST PAGE]
67aksun10:39 28 Dec 16 by Janine1
Nodular-cystic acne
Im suffering from severe nodulocystic acne all o...
1Ramneek07:29 28 Dec 16 by telescope
Cervical Myelopathy - Pins and needles
Dear Doctor , I have been diagnosed as cervical my...
2vsnikhal7207:21 28 Dec 16 by telescope
Development/global delay
I have twin baby. Twin one is absolutely ok but tw...
1ghoshdastidar198001:36 28 Dec 16 by telescope
All doctors save my life please please please
Age-24 Hight-5.4" Weight-63 Colour-fair H...
5Shemul00:52 28 Dec 16 by simone717
Is there any remedy..?pls suggest me
Dear experts please suggest any permanent remedy.....
6Shemul14:50 27 Dec 16 by jawahar
Homeopathic Medicines in Jeddah
Dear Sir, May I know if Homeopathic Medicines are...
0Dr_Saheb10:53 27 Dec 16 by
is this homeopathy?
Respected Doctors, I am looking for a advice. I... [LAST PAGE]
55advice209:49 27 Dec 16 by advice2
Gallbladder stone...
Hello, My Uncle, Age 50 is suffering from Gallb...
1ansarishoaib05:45 27 Dec 16 by ansarishoaib
End stage open angle glaucoma
I am myself an ophthalmologist.My father was compl...
8Erpo05:27 27 Dec 16 by Erpo
Attn: Gavin Murthy Sir
Respected Sir, I am 22 years old. Sir, i am... [LAST PAGE]
28tapasvi03:33 27 Dec 16 by gavinimurthy
For Simone171
Simone, recently saw this information on making y...
1timechange12323:58 26 Dec 16 by simone717
Baby screaming all night, peaceful all day.
Starting about 1-2 weeks ago, my 5 week old starte...
3Tgaruccio32122:01 26 Dec 16 by sameervermani
sexual problems
m really tired of running after doctors,homepaths ...
1asad317:26 26 Dec 16 by harry250513
please help!!! bartholin cyst !!
Please help me. I have a bartholin cyst that comes... [LAST PAGE]
39bluesky7716:43 26 Dec 16 by nawazkhan
For murthy
Hi, I want to ask your opinion on what I am telli...
5simone71715:46 26 Dec 16 by simone717
nervousness, general anxiety, social anxiety, depressive feelings
I am 47 y.o. male. I want to know if there are...
4Susheelin15:37 26 Dec 16 by simone717
Weak Erection,nightfall and semen leakage
Helo to all...am reading all posts..anybody pls.cu... [LAST PAGE]
92SinghNK13:14 26 Dec 16 by DrKulkarni
How to recover the effects that suffer from over masturbation,
I have 18 years old, i regularly masturbate last f...
1Rakesh310:22 26 Dec 16 by HealthyWorld
hair fall
Hello My age is 20yr but my hair is falling very ...
5manish52110:17 26 Dec 16 by jawahar
Ars Alb for Ulcerative Colitis
I have just started taking Ars Alb 6x for a burn...
1Maryruth07:30 26 Dec 16 by kadwa
Hii. My mother is suffering from blepherospasm(dia...
1maestroasif07:23 26 Dec 16 by kadwa
dr kadwa pls help to cure heavy menstrual bleeding
My sister aged 22 yrs ,unmarried has been diagnos... [LAST PAGE]
83momo9407:19 26 Dec 16 by kadwa
Eating in sleep, sleep walking somnombulism remedy
Can someone please suggest an appropriate remedy f...
1taz5507:11 26 Dec 16 by kadwa
for my pet dog
My pet dog Raja, 9 yrs,weight 9.6 kgs, male, Germ...
1Sanjib107:01 26 Dec 16 by kadwa
Abdomen Pain afrter sex
I am 20 years old. I am married and want to be...
1asmaakter06:58 26 Dec 16 by kadwa
Severe itching and bone and muscle pain
My mom suffers from pain in the back of the neck a...
1bunnylake06:48 26 Dec 16 by kadwa
testicular problem
sir my agr is 23...height 6ft...weight 76 kg. si...
3harry25051305:59 26 Dec 16 by kadwa
continues ringing in ear
Hi I am 32 year old. I have problem in my ear. ...
5jigspat05:21 26 Dec 16 by HealthyWorld
Herniated disc
I have herniated disc issue in lumbar L4-L5 3 mont...
2Nira03:34 26 Dec 16 by Nira
Reverse voice deepening caused by steroids to women?
I'd like to ask whether homeopathy can revers...
3Linda401:06 26 Dec 16 by telescope
Hair thin and hair fall
i am facing hair fall and my hair becomes very thi...
1abj00:33 26 Dec 16 by jawahar
Ulcerative Colitis
Could you please tell me the best remedy for Ulce...
4Maryruth00:12 26 Dec 16 by homeo_helper
Painful Symphiolysis during pregnancy
Hi there, I'm 30 weeks pregnant and am str...
3maddie3718:33 25 Dec 16 by sameervermani
Eye infection and allergic reaction to medication in toddler
Hi there! Our 18 month old daughter was diagnos...
3maddie3718:25 25 Dec 16 by sameervermani
Fistula In anal Region
Dear Sir, I am suffering from anal fistula from pa...
4sanjm13:57 25 Dec 16 by jawahar
Attention dr Asad. Genital herpes
Dear Asad. I would like to receive yr help to reso...
0divinci12:52 25 Dec 16 by
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