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Information given in this forum is given by way of exchange of views only. It is not to be treated as a medical diagnosis, and should not be used as a substitute for seeing a qualified homeopath or physician. In most cases, advice posted here is not given by a medical expert.

If symptoms persist, consult a medical professional.

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Dr. Nawaz please help
The following additional information is required t...
0Ra_dhanraj10:45 05 Mar 17 by
Chronic Bartholin Cyst
Hello, I have been reading all the forum posts ... [LAST PAGE]
14angelaTchavez09:03 05 Mar 17 by Ra_dhanraj
Bartholin cyst
I have suffered a bartholin cyst in past 1 year ba...
3Ra_dhanraj08:19 05 Mar 17 by Ra_dhanraj
Suffering from recurrent tonsillitis
Dear Sir, I need medicine that can cure my tonsil... [LAST PAGE]
69Gockoars06:57 05 Mar 17 by Gockoars
Please help: Dr akshaymohl ,Dr deoshlok Sharma & antivirus
Weak erection and premature ejaculation: My penis ...
0faruq060206:39 05 Mar 17 by
Anal fistula
i am suffering from burning pain after boil moveme...
1Sourav Biswas106:21 05 Mar 17 by Sourav Biswas1
Nat.sulph 30x
Sir, I was advised by Anuj sir to contact SIMONE m...
5bhavanarayana23:59 04 Mar 17 by bhavanarayana
ESR and C Reactive Protein
usually ESR and Reactive protein are the referred...
3hporwal22:45 04 Mar 17 by Jerry1
Chalazion how to get rid of it fast?
Hi, I am a 24 year old female. I have what seems t...
3Sarahh1992319:20 04 Mar 17 by simone717
frangaria vesca.Q is it good or not
I am 26 year old.I have use it for fair complexion...
1jyoti416:26 04 Mar 17 by simone717
Acute dysentery for an year
My mom is about 55 and suffering from acute dyeria...
3Meera115:57 04 Mar 17 by Meera1
Sexual and Uro-Genital Problems
I have been suffering from sexual weakness, prosta...
0sadeqahmed13:47 04 Mar 17 by
control over nightfall problem
any one can help me,how can i control over nightfa...
1esar0111:34 04 Mar 17 by Dr.Rohit
Acne problem
For my acne solution, in Remedy Finder , Caust...
1Ammy109:38 04 Mar 17 by Ammy1
chronic phyringitis
how to cure chronic phyringitis .iam 35 yrs old. i...
2ridhimaawasthi08:22 04 Mar 17 by ridhimaawasthi
Son suffering from Allergic Rhinitis- help required
Pls find details below. Allopathic doctors term h... [LAST PAGE]
89kumarsids05:48 04 Mar 17 by gavinimurthy
Autism apraxia of speech
Hi, I'm hoping to find a remedy to help my so...
1fierflie03:43 04 Mar 17 by akshaymohl
Severe acne on cheeks
Hey .. I m 26 yr old female ..suffering from acne...
0Ammy117:41 03 Mar 17 by
Heavy Sweaty Palm & Feet (Tried Different Homeopathy Remedy but Not recovered)
Hii, I am again Here to raise a topic on my proble...
3sandipan113:56 03 Mar 17 by akshaymohl
Unwanted facial hair!! __Question for sajjad
hello everyOne! I have read here about Oleum jac... [LAST PAGE]
14sketchate10:09 03 Mar 17 by zeeya2326
Soft erection and Premature Ejaculation
Sir,I am 34,Male and have been suffering from 1....
9Solfinder201706:06 03 Mar 17 by akshaymohl
sex problem
Dear sir, I am 34.now I have a problem,my sparm c... [LAST PAGE]
19jhunuapon05:22 03 Mar 17 by jawahar
please help to cure high b.p, e.d & p.e
I am a 45 years old male with 6 ft. Height & W...
7kbeg05:09 03 Mar 17 by jawahar
excessive hair loss
Patient ID: Sex:female Age:20 1. Describe your...
5noor_9705:07 03 Mar 17 by jawahar
DR.Badras worse treatment lost 95% hair when i got their meso therapy
i remitted rs 20000 total for so called meso thera...
0Aithirg04:46 03 Mar 17 by
Social anxity feel nervous and shy in frount of peoples.
Dear homeopaths Please suggest me something. I f...
4Dikshya903:58 03 Mar 17 by Dikshya9
Can Homeopathy Cure Diabetes?
My fiancee is a juvenile diabetic for about 8 year... [LAST PAGE]
40oommachi01:31 03 Mar 17 by daktersaab
Remedy for chronic back pain
Hi. I am looking for help finding an appropriate r...
3LMR21:29 02 Mar 17 by simone717
8 month old teething
Hi, Thank you for your site. I've looked at ...
9p31smith21:17 02 Mar 17 by simone717
perioral dermatitis plus scalp folliculitis chronic itching - need homeopathic treatment
Long story short. Since 1,5 years i ve been suffer...
3pronttto19:43 02 Mar 17 by pronttto
panic attack night/constitutional remedy
Hi I am looking advice for my daughter who is 18....
6nanou19:24 02 Mar 17 by daktersaab
chronic pain
I found this on another forum and thought it may h...
0clifford115:19 02 Mar 17 by
Having very tight calf muscles and burning at knees in morning
Hi, I am 36 year old male. For last 3 weeks I h... [LAST PAGE]
19ramaswamy0114:10 02 Mar 17 by 0antivirus0
urinary and genital problem
I am 23 years old.I work in a public sector organi...
1jabal13:28 02 Mar 17 by sadeqahmed
cure hypothyroid permanently
0singh311:05 02 Mar 17 by
Dry cough
Doctor, I am suffering from dry cough for the l...
3raja00710:38 02 Mar 17 by HealthyWorld
surat anzal
meri age 39 years hy, aur 3 betiyan (girls) hain...
5khanjikhan09:58 02 Mar 17 by khanjikhan
Suffering from Anxiety!!! Dreaming Alot... Require help pls...
I am 28 year old Boy unmarried, 5ft 7 inch with 90...
2Ausuiph09:17 02 Mar 17 by Ausuiph
Urgent help! Spot menses, cold feet
I'm single female, 34.I've habit of dela... [LAST PAGE]
40Meera108:15 02 Mar 17 by Meera1
How to continue the treatment of depression and anxiety using homeopathy? Need advice.
Hello all. I am suffering from depression and...
1Manushya07:56 02 Mar 17 by kadwa
Dr kadwa please help......I need your advice
Doctor m suffering from acne very painful acne p...
1noor_9707:41 02 Mar 17 by kadwa
Back pain and shortness of breath at the same time in physical activity
Hello I am 60 years old and suffering from backp...
2Kirtidagar12306:59 02 Mar 17 by kadwa
Upper feet front is swellig
My mother aged 80 having diabetic and having kidne...
1Nooy06:54 02 Mar 17 by kadwa
Positive rapid Strep test without sore throat
16 year old with 12 days of illness, very weak and...
1robby2406:22 02 Mar 17 by kadwa
chronic constipation and dicharge of white mucus from mouth
(1) i have constipation, gas problem from last 3... [LAST PAGE]
294provision06:17 02 Mar 17 by kadwa
liver haemangioma
I have multiple (Two) haemangioma in right lobe of...
8smd.hannan06:00 02 Mar 17 by kadwa
Urge incontinence and strong smell urine
Hi i had uti symtomps ( burning, pakn, pressure o...
4Eve05:22 02 Mar 17 by Eve
Teen Acne
My daughter is 15 years old, she has pimples aroun...
1Eve00:06 02 Mar 17 by homeo_helper
Angry and high blood pressure
Hi, I am a 38 year old male. I am feeling angry ...
5kashifkbr19:37 01 Mar 17 by kashifkbr
I have been experiencing digestion problems for lo...
7uday117:32 01 Mar 17 by uday1
chronicrunning nose & then two days latter cough starts & post nasal drip in toddler of one & half year boy
my boy sneezes every morning & evening. his o...
1Ourlin17:30 01 Mar 17 by Ourlin
GERD and dizziness post eating killing me!!!
Dr Joe, I am 33 years old female.. I am sufferi... [LAST PAGE]
17111716689215:07 01 Mar 17 by 0antivirus0
Antivirus - Please Help (Erectile Dysfunction and Pain or Discomfort in sexual and urological organs)
I am describing my symptoms and conditions as foll... [LAST PAGE]
36sadeqahmed15:00 01 Mar 17 by 0antivirus0
Chronic nasal blockage due to swollen turbinates
Hi Doctors, I am suffering from chronic nasal b...
3imtiyaz.ansari111:58 01 Mar 17 by HealthyWorld
chronic constipation
Sirs, I am 69 year old male. I am a working profe... [LAST PAGE]
13prasexclusive05:34 01 Mar 17 by jawahar
chornic kidney failure
dr kadwa hello my father age is 68 no sugar lit... [LAST PAGE]
14zemy200704:23 01 Mar 17 by zemy2007
What is Q potency - for doctors kadwa / mohla / darshini
conflicting answers by some here and on some websi...
1Oohia03:39 01 Mar 17 by akshaymohl
Help for PCL Torn ligament
Need your help. My 17 year old son was diagnosed ... [LAST PAGE]
78suna71103:36 01 Mar 17 by suna711
Nailbed Inflammation
I am 50 year old female. The nailbed of my 3 left ... [LAST PAGE]
14suna71103:30 01 Mar 17 by suna711
15 months baby-conistipation
15 months baby.she was born with umbilical chord...
5nagender nath03:08 01 Mar 17 by nagender nath
Suffering from 3 year long depression, panic and axiety. Can it be cured?
Age: 27 Sex: Male Weight:63 kg. Height: 5'... [LAST PAGE]
16Manushya01:53 01 Mar 17 by Manushya
Melbourne - Dr. Deoshlok Sharma
Dear Friends, I am in melbourne and stay for two ... [LAST PAGE]
24deoshlok21:49 28 Feb 17 by asaxena
Ferrum Metallicum 9ch dosage?
Will any tea prevent Ferrum Metallicum from work...
2DIYer21:45 28 Feb 17 by simone717
When can I switch pellets?
How much time do I have to wait until I can try F...
2DIYer21:43 28 Feb 17 by simone717
arnica in wet dose
This post is for Dr Uday Kumar and Do Joe Delivera...
10john2918:40 28 Feb 17 by simone717
can any one provide me Folliculinum 30C.
Hello Please can anyone provide me Folliculin...
0human112:38 28 Feb 17 by
Constipation, very shy and quiet 13 yrs old
Hi, I have a 13 yrs old daughter, she passes st...
1pooja_b07:58 28 Feb 17 by telescope
Boyfriend's issue
Hi, So here its is, My Boyfriend cums so quickl...
10Aisha_k21:12 27 Feb 17 by detail oriented
sexual problem dr. deoshlok help me
Is i write my problem in Hindi?...
0vishal617:42 27 Feb 17 by
Ginkgo Biloba
I would like to use Ginkgo Biloba for Tinnitus ...
0raghavanar15:52 27 Feb 17 by
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