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Reflux and constipation for the past 8 month
Hello, my little son has suffered from reflux ever since he was little. It started after
n4d 2017-07-31
1   mnaari 2 weeks ago

Need help on ED issue
Dear forum, I'm male, age 33. I am facing ED issues for last 6 years or so. I had m

Lost45505 2017-04-28
40   Lost45505 2 weeks ago

Swelling of left leg
I am 63 years of age female.My left leg gets swelled when ever I stand for an hour or so.

abha ayan 2017-06-02
35   abha ayan 2 weeks ago

Homeopath in Delhi for Goodpasture's syndrome
Hello everyone, I badly need to know experienced, good homeopathic practitioners in Delhi
bhondor 2012-09-20
2   Soni3 2 weeks ago

how to recover from over -masturbation side effects after quitting it?
i m 16 now and over-masturbating from last 4 years,everyone said that it was good for heal

jeah walia 2011-08-12
65   anonyous malik 2 weeks ago

pain and height problem
Age: 19 Sex : Male Built up: height 5"3 " and weight 52 kg I have habit of do
Ueherl 2017-07-30
1   drthoufeequebhms 2 weeks ago

Penis foreskin infection
Sir, I suffered from a penis foreskin infection. I m 32 yrs old and married. When i make
akhileshmehta85 2017-07-31
1   drthoufeequebhms 2 weeks ago

Need help
I am 27 yr old Indian girl.I'm suffering from pcos for past 2 yrs. And I'm gaini
Serene1 2017-07-22
3   Serene1 2 weeks ago

tighten and hardness of penis
Sir I am 25 by my age, unmarried. my problem is that I am very much addicted with porn I o
isolated 2017-07-30
1   kadwa 2 weeks ago

Regarding pain and height
Sir I m 19 years of age with 5.3height and with weight of 52 I feel ashamed of my height a
Ueherl 2017-07-30
1   kadwa 2 weeks ago

Herbal Cure for Sexual Debility and Male Infertility. A comprehensive description of Swami Ramdev's method.
Swami Ramdev has also designed a wonderful Package of Herbal Products for Sexual Debility

kadwa 2009-01-31
23   kadwa 2 weeks ago

Dental Osteomyelitis
My sister had severe tooth pain so she went for a tooth extraction. After the extraction,
Husrash 2017-07-31
1   kadwa 2 weeks ago

Spleen cyst
Hello, I was found to have a large cyst on my spleen about 8 months ago. I've been g
Motherofadarling 2017-07-29
1   kadwa 2 weeks ago

Hello I have history of left convergent squint and nystagmus since birth. After surgery of
Vouv 2017-07-21
3   kadwa 2 weeks ago

Years of Over Masturbation affecting now my Married Life.
Patient ID: Sex: Male, Age: 35 1. Describe your main suffering? Due to Over Masturb
youandme123 2017-07-24
6   HealthyWorld 2 weeks ago

erectile dysfunction
Hi every body my name is Adnan my age 33 years location sharjah home land pakista

chand1 2017-07-13
21   HealthyWorld 2 weeks ago

Respected Dr.Kadwa,Simone717,Nawazkhan,i need your assistance.
Being the most senior and respected doctors of this forum, can anyone of you take my case
Lost45505 2017-06-05
6   Lost45505 2 weeks ago

Suffering from Vitreous Hemorrhage in her right eye
Dear Dr. Deoshlok Sharma My wife Mrs. Saira Bhatty is suffering from Vitreous Hemorrhag
wkbhatty 2017-07-19
6   wkbhatty 2 weeks ago

Lone predominent mind symptom through out my life(Fear of Death and after Death)
Is there any homeo medicine which can make a person fearless from death.I remember when i

gogakumar 2017-07-25
32   gogakumar 3 weeks ago

How to re grow hair?
Sir i'm having male pattern baldness.. I'm using finastride.. Bt i found here w
Suroneel 2017-07-25
2   Reva V 3 weeks ago

Chronic Epidiymituis
I have been diagnosed with epididymitus and was given 2 rounds of Augmentin anti-biotics.
Ithu 2017-07-29
1   maheeru 3 weeks ago

Insomnia, Food cravings
I am 55 yrs old female. Post menopause .. Is on thyroid medication for 100 mg. I have
bhavnas90 2017-07-30
2   bhavnas90 3 weeks ago

venous malformation
i am 17 years olf and ii had a malformation in my right hand i recently went chennai Apoll
taufique123 2017-07-29
5   drthoufeequebhms 3 weeks ago

Scare at night
I'm 35 female single. I've very disturbed sleep. I sleep late like usually about
Meera1 2017-07-30
4   drthoufeequebhms 3 weeks ago

Low Blood Pressure- Ignore last post please
I am a 28 year old male. Constant fatigue . Born C section. Toenail fungus since I was
Treerg 2017-07-29
3   0antivirus0 3 weeks ago

Horribile acne and acne scars on face and back
Hello, My name is Shruti. I am 24 years old and last year June 2016 I was diagnosed with a
pammsuri 2017-07-30
2   0antivirus0 3 weeks ago

Acidity , Burning in stomach area
Been suffering from Burning and Hyper acidity in area where probably esophagus and stomach

ZS Zee 2017-07-21
25   ZS Zee 3 weeks ago

Lost Libido, Premature Ejaculation, Weakness, and IBS
Hello, I am male with age 28 years, height 5-6, weight 63 kg. I had been masturbating s
Kaka2 2017-07-29
3   drthoufeequebhms 3 weeks ago

My mother age 75 years has been suffering from insanity for last 30 years. Previously it o
mkh2000 2017-07-29
3   drthoufeequebhms 3 weeks ago

Lost of Libido, Premature Ejaculation and Weakness
I suffer from extreme weakness. I do not feel strength in hands, limbs, arms and legs. Whe
Kaka2 2016-08-14
2   Kaka2 3 weeks ago

Stubborn Psoriasis/dosage-potency advice
I have suffered from Rheumatic Psoriasis for many years. And for years I searched for a
johncaduk 2009-06-08
2   JimenaCanavesi 3 weeks ago

Treerg 2017-07-29
1   Treerg 3 weeks ago

Need remedy for inflamed pancreas in cat
For Kadma if she is available: My cat Emma 14 y.o. became ill after eating some possi
sozo 2017-07-21
5   Reva V 3 weeks ago

Severe toddler constipation
My 15month old daughter has horrible constipation. She cries uncontrollably, she often sha
Ieffous 2017-07-28
3   0antivirus0 3 weeks ago

I need a remedy for multiple issues, can someone please help?
I am a 56 year old post-menopausal woman that has been on the losing end of a growing numb
Dena 2017-07-27
6   Dena 3 weeks ago

Excessive masturbation since 12 year old now i am 21
i had very bad history about my past masturbating since 10 year old, was so healthy at my

igna 2017-06-15
13   0antivirus0 3 weeks ago

kidney stone
I have 4mm kidney stone in right side kidney. Please suggest medicine
rvdsh 2017-07-28
1   drthoufeequebhms 3 weeks ago

Any body help me about lever problems.
Khuram3 2017-07-28
1   drthoufeequebhms 3 weeks ago

Hello .. I am 17years old my weight is 53 and height is 5'3". Im having specs
Pavitra1 2017-07-28
1   drthoufeequebhms 3 weeks ago

Sevior caugh, hooping, low fever, head turn to bed, vertigo.
My self 37 years old, female, suffering from fever last 7 days. After that, I couldn&rsq
9903890938 2017-07-28
1   drthoufeequebhms 3 weeks ago

How to Quit masturbation and recover
I Damn care for all. i am against masturbation as it destroyed me and my carrier. I lost m

signature 2009-02-16
63   youandme123 3 weeks ago

please help!
I'm 22 years old suffering from PCOS and I have not got periods since 2 months. Ple

Pelt20sce 2017-07-09
25   Zady101 3 weeks ago

An Extremely Thorough Guide to Homoeo Practice
Dr. V. Krishnaamur 2013-06-08
3   Nic M 3 weeks ago

Chikungunya Treatment:
I have used EUPATORIUM PERFOLIATUM and cured many Chikungunya patients. Dr. Akbar
Dr. Akbar 2017-07-28
2   maheeru 3 weeks ago

Hi, I am suffering from Gynecomastia for more than 20 years. Some required details a
vikas.ag7 2017-07-28
no replies yet

An acute left sided ovary pain
Hi there, I'd appreciate some guidance :) I have had a left sided ovary pain for abo
Aujuez 2017-07-28
1   drthoufeequebhms 3 weeks ago

I'd appreciate some direction, please! I have rosacea and have been under the care
Roxanne 2003-12-29
8   AnnalenaAlice 3 weeks ago

Calcaneal heel spur & Plantar fasciitis problems from past more than 1 year
I am having Calcaneal heel spur & Plantar Fasciitis from more than one year... I am

Alfa 2017-07-27
13   drthoufeequebhms 3 weeks ago

Orbital Myositis, Imflammation of the Superior Rectus Muscle
I have been suffering from Non specific Orbital myositis, imflammation in the right superi
AshutoshR 2017-07-28
1   drthoufeequebhms 3 weeks ago

high cholesterol
I have high cholesterol (217), high ldl (160) abd low hdl (56). Trigleveroid is normal (11
rvdsh 2017-07-28
1   drthoufeequebhms 3 weeks ago

wrinkles on face.
m 37 yrs old, fair complexioned woman but have too many wrinkles on face, hence face look

heenal 2013-07-21
48   Lyzbeth 3 weeks ago

chronic amebiasis and unrecognized diseases
i am bacheolar male of 31 i am having chronic amebiasis , 3 years back i got anal rash,i

tietie 2006-09-26
40   Vinit Kumar 3 weeks ago

dr akshay mohla plz plz help.me
Sir plz tell me any medicine for fairness m losing my self esteem my neck to toe is very f

sherya 2016-06-13
21   akshaymohl 3 weeks ago

Mum123 2017-07-18
2   Mum123 3 weeks ago

Zero Erection
i have zero/no erection and no feeling of erection No Nocturnal Ejaculation. I am deeply w
atharkhan185 2017-07-11
4   atharkhan185 3 weeks ago

regarding hairloss
I m 23 year old suffering hairfall from last 3 months ,but recently started homeopathy tre
priyasingh1 2017-07-27
1   Nikkie 3 weeks ago

Acidity problem
Hello doctor I have acidity problem from chilhood . I have done many treatment for this pr
biswasmousumi 2017-07-17
5   biswasmousumi 3 weeks ago

Hair fall
Sir, I am suffering from male pattern baldness is there any perfect remedy over this?. I
akshaydeshpande77 2017-07-27
1   drthoufeequebhms 3 weeks ago

Help me to get rid of phobia
This is to inform you all expert fellow related to homeopathy pharmacy that I have been su
sandy3 2017-07-22
9   drthoufeequebhms 3 weeks ago

8 months old baby - flu
my 8 months old son is having cold and fever 100.2 since last 2 days. i consulted a doctor
fizspace 2017-07-27
3   drthoufeequebhms 3 weeks ago

Girl of age 22 yrs has excessive Hair fall at front side of head Pls suggest medicine
Dear Sir, My sister of 22 yrs have excessive hair fall please suggest medicine to stop
dkverma 2017-07-27
1   drthoufeequebhms 3 weeks ago

Dr Kadwa Please advice on Hayfever
I am a 24 year old in UK and about to start work after completing university. I am sufferi
pestan1 2017-06-12
7   kadwa 3 weeks ago

I have guilt and self condemnation.
earth 113 2017-07-27
1   kadwa 3 weeks ago

Seizures after Rabies Vaccination
I am Nil from India. I have an Indian Dog who got Vaccinated in April 15th with Parvo, dis
niltush 2017-07-26
1   kadwa 3 weeks ago

Pillow Paw Disease in Cats
Looking for holistic treatment for pillow paw disease in cats. Has anyone used any of the
bobbiestoy 2017-07-25
1   kadwa 3 weeks ago

Dr Kadwa
Hello, I am looking for guidance on reduction of gall bladder polyps > 1 cm. I am a
T1Dwarrior 2017-07-24
1   kadwa 3 weeks ago

Hi sir, me and my husband we both are having dandruff in scalp. It is white flakes. This
SunnyB1 2017-07-27
1   SunnyB1 3 weeks ago

Abdominal fluid of a 13 years old female dog
HI, can anybody please guide me. I have a female dog aged 13 years, she is detected with a
Truek 2017-07-24
1   kadwa 3 weeks ago

About Proteins
My Friend's Protein P16 and P14 increases and doctors are saying he will be died soon
Mrpolice 2017-07-24
1   kadwa 3 weeks ago

food allergy and misc
Hello community, i have done a hair analysis for food intolerance and the following cam
foodallergy123 2017-07-26
1   drthoufeequebhms 3 weeks ago

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