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please help
Respected Doctor. During ultra sound doctor has noted a 2 mm cyst in right thyroid love
ansari271 2017-06-03
1   kadwa 3 weeks ago

Extreme fatigue, adrenal fatigue.
For the last year I have been suffering from (what I've been told is ) adrenal fatig
Tgaruccio321 2017-06-03
1   kadwa 3 weeks ago

Enlarged Adenoids and Tonsils - Dr Kadwa
Our son is 3.5 years old. He was diagnosed with enlarged adenoids a year ago and recen
jsweden2 2017-05-27
3   kadwa 3 weeks ago

thick skin on hand fingres and foot
Hello Doctor, i had followed the steps in Remedy Finder and got one grid. i had saved

harerama9714 2016-01-29
161   kadwa 3 weeks ago

Request Expert opinion
Remarks : 82/M No comorbidities No prior sx Referred from Thoracic JC Was evaluate
Mihir1520 2017-06-04
1   kadwa 3 weeks ago

Hello, i m suffering from facial pigmentation sonce last12 yrs. Pigmentation area is incre
saumyaa 2017-06-04
1   kadwa 3 weeks ago

Swelling, clotted and painful hand veins after injection cannula remaoval
My wife got hypergastric and problem last month.. we went to hospital in emergency..In hos
ankit111 2017-06-02
1   kadwa 3 weeks ago

Seasonal Allergies
Hi, Can anybody somebody suggest me something for winter allergies . I normally take l
Sulatha 2017-06-02
1   kadwa 3 weeks ago

a home made nasel spray
hi can anyone recommend a home made nasal spray to replace those over the counter sprays?
thejazzman 2017-06-01
1   kadwa 3 weeks ago

DR.Kadwa please help me on osteoarthritis remedy for 10y OLD dog
Dear Sir, My 10 yesrs old labrador dog is suffering from tremendous leg pain on left side
ghoshdastidar1980 2017-05-31
3   kadwa 3 weeks ago

sinus problem
Respected sir, I am a 22 years old boy .... it's very first time I am facing this pro
fujayel 2017-06-04
1   akshaymohl 3 weeks ago

Heat and sun problems, fear of summer:(
Dears, I would please welcome your suggestions for inability to manage sun and heat, whic
Adri28 2017-05-30
2   akshaymohl 3 weeks ago

Plz help for masturbation
Hi ,i m 29 years old ...i have girlfriend...wife...do sex very well...but i got indulge in
bickybha 2017-06-04
1   akshaymohl 3 weeks ago

Fatty liver (None Alcholic) gallbladder removed last year.
Hi, I seriously need some help with my ongoing issues. I got removed my gallbladder d
Diya 2017-05-27
3   akshaymohl 3 weeks ago

crohn's disease
i have been suffering from pain in the lower quadrant abdominal from past 1 year . Upo
vijaya2lakshmi 2017-06-03
2   Tgaruccio321 3 weeks ago

Can i take two homeopathics the same day?
Hello. I have started taking Rhustox 30 ch on the wet dose daily for my back and it is ve
Kelly1 2017-06-04
2   Kelly1 3 weeks ago

Sexual weakness
Dear sir Myself Ajay thakur my age 21yrs and unmarried. I'm suffering f
ajaysky6 2017-06-04
no replies yet

Phytolacca Decandra Mother Tincture
Hi Everyone, where can I buy this? It doesn't seem possible via eBay or any other pla
xenawena 2017-06-03
1   xenawena 3 weeks ago

What I have learnt as a student of Homeopathy
Dear colleagues, I want to share some very important factors I discovered during my cli
Dr Tahira 2017-06-04
no replies yet

Att Dr Mohla
Dear Sir, My age is 42. Height 5.7. Weight 65 KG. I have Testicular pain on right si
manaser2005 2017-06-03
2   busa2007 3 weeks ago

Multiple System Atrophy
My father has been diagnosed with the MSA disease. currently he has been suffering fr
Kamran Sheikh 2017-03-31
5   Kamran Sheikh 3 weeks ago

Cervical disc degeneration
Dear Homeopathy experts, I have been suffering from neck pain from past four years
vijaya2lakshmi 2017-06-03
1   sameervermani 3 weeks ago

Food allergies and leaky gut
Hello, Anybody, please, help me. I have strange health condition. I get worse afte
Jinai 2017-06-02
8   Jinai 3 weeks ago

Sir This is Arun 32 yrs male. Recently I am diagnosed with gallstones of max size 7.7
arun25135 2017-06-03
1   akshaymohl 3 weeks ago

Burning feeling after eating spicy food
Hi, Iam 53 male. I want your help for my problem its very old previously i had heart bu
Vsalian 2017-06-03
2   Vsalian 3 weeks ago

Loss of Appetite and Taste Sense
Hi.! I am Siddharth Jain, Age~ 26 Weight 53kg Only. I am very depressed,(Due to Underwe
siddharthjain0792 2017-06-03
1   0antivirus0 3 weeks ago

Very hard stool like knots
I'm 33 single female. I'm experiencing very hard knotty stools for few month now
Meera1 2017-05-31
5   Meera1 3 weeks ago

Social Anxiety, Depression, OCD
I have Obsessive compulsive disorder , Depression and Social anxiety. I am 27 years old
Urbou 2017-06-01
5   Dr Tahira 3 weeks ago

New Hope in Parkinson’s disease - Dr. Deoshlok Sharma
Parkinson’s Disease… Every body knows about this disease. This disease is incurable t

deoshlok 2008-02-21
53   Breempou 3 weeks ago

Joepathy for gynecomastia
I am going to start my treatment via Joepathy by the end of this week. I will keep post

badshah19 2011-11-02
72   simone717 3 weeks ago

Can old forum members tell where is drthoufeeque?
Can old and regular forum members tell where is drthoufeeque? And when will he be joining
Lost45505 2017-06-02
1   simone717 3 weeks ago

Research on Immune System
Dear patients and students, In accordance with my research carried out on 'Immune
Dr Tahira 2017-05-26
3   Dr Tahira 3 weeks ago

Arthritis, back, vericose veins
I have back problems as well as with veins in my feet bursting such that my feet are all b

vtechy1 2017-03-27
24   vtechy1 3 weeks ago

How to reduce the intensity of Lachesis
I took lachesis 1m 15 years ago. It was the right remedy, but way too strong. It did cle

Iquirfeeg 2017-05-28
13   Dr Tahira 3 weeks ago

Attention to Dr.Rishimba! Request from a hopeless father
Would you like to take the case of my Boy who is diagnosed with PDD-NOS(Pervasive Developm
moheb 2017-06-02
no replies yet

Bad eczema on fingers and palm - homeopathic doctor pls help
Bad eczema on fingers and palm - HOMEOPATHIC DOCTOR PLS HELP My mother aged 68 years

vjhos 2017-05-14
20   0antivirus0 3 weeks ago

night fall, sexual weakness, masturbation... suggested treatement - first draft
From a Homeopathic Practioner.... Problem Statement: ================== Good doctor

Reva V 2009-11-28
34   ayushgupta 3 weeks ago

No empty bladdar and urine
I have done my ultrasound and found out that the bladdar retains urine (60ml post). I have
atharkhan185 2017-06-02
1   Dr Tahira 3 weeks ago

Chronic Lip/Cheek Biting
I am looking for some advice on which remedy to take when it comes to biting my lips and
Greta G 2017-06-01
3   Dr Tahira 3 weeks ago

plz help... chronic constipation and ill digestion
dear doc ... plz help me .... personal information: ------------------------- fu
hemant_1993 2012-04-26
7   anubhava8gmail.com 3 weeks ago

Habit of biting my cheeks and lips
I am looking for some advice on which remedy to take when it comes to biting my lips and c
Greta G 2017-06-02
1   dips 3 weeks ago

dr kadwa please help
mera naam manish hai aur mai 25 saal ka hu mai student hu mujhe 1 saal se zyada se dep
manish7857 2017-05-18
3   dips 3 weeks ago

Labia Cyst / Bartholin cyst
Hello, I have an uninfected labia cyst. Does not pain at all but is the size of a grape
Tnkrbell 2017-06-01
4   Tnkrbell 3 weeks ago

homoeopathy for lymph node
My son, 31 years old is now suffering from Supraclavicular lymph node, right side of the n
danvantri 2017-05-27
6   danvantri 3 weeks ago

Acidity and acid reflux (drthoufeequebhms)
Hi, I have a some GERD issue going on. Looks like acidity/ acid reflux to me. Becaus
Sulatha 2017-05-30
2   Sulatha 3 weeks ago

Need help on ED issue
Dear forum, I'm male, age 33. I am facing ED issues for last 6 years or so. I had m

Lost45505 2017-04-28
38   Lost45505 3 weeks ago

I have had vulvodynia for 7 years now. It is a prickling, raw sensation that goes from m
Ioxuedgai 2017-06-01
1   0antivirus0 3 weeks ago

pain in right backside of the head
My husband is suffering from pain in backside of head..it is only on right side at back of
teenariz 2017-06-01
1   0antivirus0 3 weeks ago

Stomach burning and pain
I have this burning pain in the center of my upper abdomen that radiates to the back. I ha
ABCDXYZ 2017-06-01
1   0antivirus0 3 weeks ago

Rheumatoid Arthritis for 11 years
My girlfriend (age 25) is suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis for 11 years. Rheumatoid

Jmm07h 2016-12-04
16   Jmm07h 3 weeks ago

Extreme fatigue
Can anyone suggest a remedy or combination of remedies for extreme fatigue ? I wake
theonecloned 2017-05-30
2   drnasir1 3 weeks ago

Hair problem
My age is 24years. I want to increase my hair length. Suggest me something.
srawat 2017-05-29
1   kadwa 3 weeks ago

bad hair colour reaction
Hi all, Please can someone help me? I recently used Loreal Prodigy hair colour and had
Mom 2017-05-31
1   kadwa 3 weeks ago

Erectile dysfunctuion and Premature Ejaculation
i am looking treatment for Erectile dysfunction and Premature Ejaculation i am male 35
Srog 2017-05-31
1   kadwa 3 weeks ago

No menses for years
My friend is 22 single. She's having scanty periods for about an year now. Previo
Meera1 2017-05-31
3   kadwa 3 weeks ago

New Forum Issues
Anybody having any issues with the forum? If so, please post below. Or abchomeopathy.com/c
moderator 2017-05-30
4   moderator 3 weeks ago

5 Month baby startles from Sleep at least noise
Hi, My 5 month baby girl startles from sleep at least noise. Any guidance. Thanks
cartoon123 2017-05-31
2   kadwa 3 weeks ago

Incomplete erection, loss of sexual desire
I am 37 years old man with height 165cm, weight 65kg. Recently I feel lack of sexual desir
unish 2017-05-31
2   unish 3 weeks ago

homeopathy remedy reqd for my ailments
My name is Sundararajulu. I am 43 years old. I have several ailments. 1.First I have two
sundarraj27 2017-05-31
1   sundarraj27 3 weeks ago

get fair skin
sir i have very dark skin cam i het a little tone fairer if possible select me ways ,medic
Izeeminp 2017-05-31
1   simone717 3 weeks ago

Erectile dysfunctuion Premature ejaculation and Chronic Gastric ulcer
i am looking treatment for Erectile dysfunctuion Premature ejaculation and Chronic Gastric
Srog 2017-05-30
3   Srog 3 weeks ago

dr mohla plz help with gallstones
I am having muktiple gallstones largest 5.2 mm.i found out 2 months back when i was 7 mo

ishu1 2017-04-14
13   akshaymohl 3 weeks ago

Screaming in sleep
Hello My brother in law screams in his sleep. Since his childhood he always used to wake
Am123 2017-05-31
no replies yet

Vulvodynia+Interstitial Cystitis
Please help. Need homeopathic remedy advice. I have had vulvodynia for 7 years now. I
Ioxuedgai 2017-05-31
no replies yet

Hair growing under skin on legs
Dears, could anyone advice please on issue of leg hair, which grow under skin after epila
Adri28 2017-05-30
1   healthyguy70 3 weeks ago

Chronic rheumatoid arthritis
My Wife age 53 year is suffering from Chronic rheumatoid arthritis affecting big and
qureshi1960 2017-05-16
8   0antivirus0 3 weeks ago

Genital warts
I had genital warts long back,chronic warts was in childhood,later genital warts appea

amit143mishra 2017-02-14
41   mnaari 3 weeks ago

Exhaustion, adrenal fatigue
For the last 9 months or so I have been experiencing severe fatigue , lack of energy, and
Tgaruccio321 2017-05-29
no replies yet

Congenital trigger thumb
My 20 months twins one boy and one girl whose thumb is partially bent. Girl's both t
fohaid 2017-04-22
2   fohaid 3 weeks ago

Pcod trying to conceive
Hi Am suffering from pcod from last 14 yrs,kindly help.me to conceive and am trying in a
sharinvino 2017-05-27
2   kadwa 3 weeks ago

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